The Salt Lake Herald from Salt Lake City, Utah on September 17, 1893 · Page 1
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The Salt Lake Herald from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 1

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1893
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1 r c t y J > f Z < t l r r J e J x Tho FORTHEJIASSES HERATjI is the paper THE SUNDAY HERALD I Arc THE the BUYERS People The j Its Want Columns are un Herald reaches the people L rivailed in the great west V Merchants need the people A VOL1 XVI SALT LAKE CITY UTAH eJ UAY SEPTEMBER 179 1893 TWELYE PAGES NER 90 E VS POLITICS LITERATURE TRAE AND COMEI3E3UI FIRST OF AJUJLt9 TXIJ NEwS GORBERS IS IN i A HURRY Teller and Others However r Cant Be Pushed ALLISONS SILVER VIEWS The Seignorage Now in the Treasury Should Be Used iI I i Parly Prejudices Aside Ho bays and the Time Would Soon Come When Gold and Silver Would Travel Side by Side WASHINGTON Sept 16This morning Senator Voorhees again sought to obtain from the opponents of repeal some information as to when a vote could be had on tho repeal bill Tho effort elicited no more information than did the former one although Senator Teller said later I their opinion on tho subject would be i given i As Allison was desirous of proceeding 1 with his speech the discussion ended but another effort will probably be made early next week I unsuccessful Voor hees will then ask that night sessions beheld held Pcffer offered a resolution which went Pefer ofered resoluton over instructing the committee on interstate commerce to inquire whether any and i so what legislation was necessary t prevent the interruption of the interstate railway traffic by lawless persons p and punish persons guilty of robbery and murder committed on interstate railway trams The resolution offered by Manderson Republican of Nebraska yesterday calling for information whether land offices in Nebraska had been abolished or consolidated was taken up After an amendment so as to include all the land oflices the resolution was agreed to The repeal bill was taken up Voorhees asked unanimous consent for the general debate to close on the 25th itiet amendments to be debated until the 27th under the five minute rule Teller objected Allison Republican of Iowa addressed the Senate on the bill Allison said he voted for the law of 1S90 with great hesitation as he did not believe in the policy of piling up bullion in the treasury and holding it there unuued He favored the coining of every dollar of silver in the treasury as soon as praticafale He favored vored the use of the 60000000 seign iorage now in the treasury to maintain the parity between the two metals He said the United States could not continue the purchase ot silver without seriously endangering the standard established in 1873 and bringing the nation with all its opportunities wealth labor and production to a silver standard Allison was Questioned about the recent monetary conference at Brussels He said the Brussels conference made more progress respecting a solution of the silver question thau was made at all prior conferences I the United Slates would undertake the policy of restoring silver by an international arrangement it would be accomplished within a reasonable time The parity between the two metals would bo restored and silver would practically be rehabilitated That was the solution of the question Hi of New York asked whether the repeal of the purchasing clause of the Sherman act would facilitate or hinder the perfection of such an international agreement of Allison judgment replied that was only a matter George of Mississippi asked whether there was any sentiment in Europe in iavos of reassembling the monetary conference Allison had no doubt the public opinion In Europe was that a conference of the nations should be assembled t deal with the question and in that statement he did not exclude England He believed if 4 patience were exercised and the question dealt with in a statesmanlike way i the I renators would dismiss from their minds prejudices and party leanings and deal with the problem as a great question involving the whole country its integrity and its interest the time would soon come when silver and cold would travel side by side Upon the conclusion of Senator Alli sons speech Senator White of California introduced a resolution commemorative of the life of the late Senator Stanford of that state Speeches in eulogy of Mr Stanford were made by Senators White Dolph Peffer Mitchell Daniel Stewart and Perkins They spoke in high terms of the personal character Senator Stanford and dwelt without exception upon his career a < a philanthropist mentioning many instances of the display of this characteristic None failed to refer to J bis work as the originator of the Pacific I railroad system nor did they neglect to refer to his career in politics but all dwelt especially upon his magnificent endowment of the Leland Stanford jr M university There were also frequent references t the sad deprivation he sustained in the loss of his son and l dwelt upon thE sorrow of his widow and her loss Senators Peffer T Mitchell and Daniel referred at some length to Mr Stanfords land loan bill and while all except Mr Peffer condemned the scheme they agreed that in the idea was seen a disposition which characterizes his life namely his sympathy for the poor To Senator Perkins ilr Stanfords successor was fittingly awarded the distinction of the close of the eulogies He spoke at some length upon his predecessors career in business and 7 > ohtics and referred eloquently to his character as a man and as a Dhilantropist Perkins closed his remarks with a motion to adjourn in honor of Stanfords memory which was adopted and the Senate adjourned TUE Quorum AGAIN BROKEN Republicans and Others Still Refuse to Vote WASHINGTON Sept Filibustering against the Tucker bill repealing the federal election law lasted only long enough today t demonstrate that the i Republicans are still capable of breaking a quorum The Democratic leaders being convinced that nothing could be gained by continuing the deadlock therefore submitted to an adjournment They feel assured when the House meets on 1 I STuesday that a majority of their own f LTill bo present and they will be able to 1 cro ahead irrespective of the wishes of the Bepnbican majority English asked for the immediate consideration of a resolution reciting the frequency of train robberies endangering the transmission of the United States jnailsand providing for an investigation by the committee on commerce and a report i by bill or otherwise Kilgore objected The filibustering against the Tucker bill led by Burrows of Michigan was resumed The tactics of the two previous days were followed forcing a vote ou them lion to dispense with the call sf committees ands before ths Republicans und administraiiontDeniocrats refusing to vote broke a quorum Adjourned Another Utah Postmaster WASHINGTON C > Sept It TJie president j J has sent to the Senate the following nominations Postmasters J Wylie at Nogales Ariz Mrs l1 J Gardiner Anaheim Cal John Patterson Hoi hater Gal Henry G Tandy Hartford Cal JedediahM Blair Logan U T John Harwege Davenport Wash STILL TALKING TARIFF Manufacturers Before the Committee on Ways and Means WASHINGTON Sept 16The hearing before the Ways and Means Committee was begun today by Mr SchIess who argued for the retention of the present duties on braids William J Matheson was in favor of continuing the protection on dye stuffs manufactured here He also desired to have coal tar placed on the free list M W Skiddy remonstrated against any change in the tariii on dyes Thomas Smith of New York did not want the tariff on porcelain disturbed J R Montgomery argued for the retention metal of the tariff on bullion and metl W G Dalzell objected the inequality of the tariff on different classes of axles and urged the committee to place an ad valorem duty on carriage axles E R Morse of Vermont claimed a reduction of duty on marble would diminish the production and increase the price of marble used by the mass of the people J Craig of Tennessee urged the necessity of duties being imposed on marble After recess R Burgner of Pittsburg was heard He wanted the present tarin rates retained on polished drill rods The remainder of the day was devoted waf I to the pottery industry and several arguments I were made pro and con the tariff I FIRESWEIT WISCONSIN J Millions of Dollars Worth of Timber Being Burned MILWAUKEE Wis Sept 16While reports from Northern Wisconsin are somewhat reassuring and fires in the forests are not abating the great danger to the threatened cities is past for the present at least The people at Marsh field begin to feel more secure as the high wind of the prevailing past twelve or fifteen hours has gone down Rain was never prayed for with more fervor than it has been for the past three weeks For a month the forest fires have been burning and standing timber worth millions of dollars i sacrificed while hundreds of poor settlers lose not only their homes but all their possessions are swept away That there will he widespread suffering and destitution there can no longer be any doubt Time will it is believed show many persons perished this year although it may be weeks and perhaps months before the full extent of the loss of property and life is learned Some idea of the immense extent of the burning forest can be obtained when it is known that the fires extend from Shaw ano Lincoln and Portage counties in the south to Lake Superior in the north and westward from Marinette and Oconto counties to Sawyer Barron and Chippewa counties I THE SITUATION UNIMPROVED No Sign of Rain and the Prospects Decidedly Gloomy i MARSHPIELD Wis Sept 16 The situation as to the forest fires is unimproved except that the wind has somewhat subsided The firemen and troops fought the fire all night 4 Many families packed their goods and left by the train this morning Reports are hourly received of burning dwellings in other sections The needy are being carea for by the citizens There is no sign of rain and gloomy prospects confront the inhabitants of Northern Wisconsin Twelve Business Houses and Three Dwellings MANISTIQUE Mich Sept 16Fire tonight destroyed twelve business houses and three dwellings Loss 5150000 The situation at Marshfleld Wisconsin is unchanged The additional families burned out at McMillan are still safe Neillsville Clark county is in danger Grain men have to bandage their faces when they pass through the fire district The entire region is enveloped in a suffocating smoke The inhabitants are ter I rorstrcken 1I 1 I I BREAKERS AHEAD Prospective Trouble Among the IronWorkers PrrrsBURa Pa Sept 16The vote of the Amalgamated lodges on the question of accepting the 10 per cent reduction in the bar guide and ten inch departments were counted tonight To the surprise of the national officers who advocated an acceptance of the reduction it was unfavorable The manufacturers insist upon a reduction and many particularly in Sheraugo and Mahoning valleys want an all around cut of 20 to 2 per cent They will start the mills nonunion and the Amalgamated association will be confronted by the greatest struggle since its formation i i Merely a Discrepancy I INDIANAPOLIS Sept 16The Supreme lodge of the Knights and Ladies Honor today refused to reelect Treasurer McBride He is not charged with corruption but the committee of experts reported a discrepancy 7 of 59300 Fearful Hallway Wreck I LONDON Sept 16In a tunnel on the Great Western railroad near Bath the express train was derailed and the passenger train crushed into it causing a fearful wreck The number of killed is unknown but is large Many those rescued alive verelatally injured A Neat Little Bonus NEW LONDON COn Sept 16Late this afternoon the naval board announced the corrected time made by the new gunboat Castine in its speed trial yesterday I I is6032 knots entitling the builders to a bonus of 60000 l To Go to Russia i CHICAGO Sept 16Monroe Salisbury I today sold the mare Vic H to Captain Ishmaeloii of St Petersburg for 2500 The mare is to be taken to Russia with the Orloff stable now at the Worlds fair for breeding purposes The Britannia Wins ISLE OF WIGHT Sept 16The Britannia won the race for the Cape May cup Floated Though Designed to Sink Admiral Tryons dispatchbox which was found foatng after the Victoria had foundered was specially made to contain I the code of signals Of course iti wcs desired I t keep this code a secret so in order to provide agains t the risks of accidents the box was lined with lead and perforated with many holes to insure its at once sinking to the bottom of the sea i it happened to come into the water It would be interesting to learn who were the designers of this box which being specially constructed to sink floated safelyand i now at thesdmiralty a most practical proof of the fallibility of our ex I perte London Truth d tT I I I i BKLLED TIlIE AND AGAIN The Garrison at Rio Compelled to Surrender l MUCH DAMAGE WAS DONE The President and the Government Driven Out Largo Additions to the Ranks of the In surgeiits Almost Hourly Tend to Show That the Government Will Be Surely Overthrown BUENOS AYRES Sept 16 Official advices announce the expected bombardment of the past few days of Rio Janeiro Nichetroy was shelled time and again and the garrison was finally compelled to surrender after a gallant resistance It is reported that after the surrender the garrison and the civil guards joined the insurgents who have received large additions to their fleet The president and the government were driven out of Rio and are now encamped with the loyal troops at Santa Ana twelve miles from Rio awaiting the rebel attack Nevertheless the president is not disheartened Congress has passed a bill sustaining him The rebel fleet now numbers nine vessels The rebels were reinforced by the naVal forces of Cabras island in Rio bay Fort Cabras was one of the principal defences of Rio prison on the island in which most of the high class and political prisoners were confined They have been liberated and joined tho rebels Villegagnon is neutral but i is probable the garrison will soon join the insurgents Other advices say they have already done so and the rebels are having everything their own way Fort Santa Cruz is till loyal The insurgents are incensed at its resistance and propose to reek vengeance on the garrison when it sunrenders moderation of the insurgents so far is largely due to the fact that the foreign war ships are a restraining influence The garrison at Fort Santa Cruz must soon surrender being short of provisions Private advices go further and say the rebels have lauded strong forces and taken possession of the custom house The insurgents are getting reinforcements from all sides money add provisions being placed at their disposal They are confident of ultimate success President Peixotto has endeavored to make torms with the insurgents but received the reply that nothing but unconditional surrender would be accepted The damage done by the bombardment of Rio and Nichetroy much greater than at first believed The insurgents are now preparing to march upon Santa Anna and try to capture the president PEIOXOTO IN A BAD FIX Many Men Were Killed During the Bombardment NEW YORK Sept 16 A Heralds Buenos Ayres dispatch says news was received from the Brazilian revolution today unfavorable to President Peloxoto I I is reported the naval squandron sent to help the revolutionary uprising in the Rio Grande Do Sul has rebelled The officers I refuse to take orders from anyone except Admiral Hello who is in command of the rebel fleet The bombardment of Nictheroy is concluded The ships revolting squadron attackeds and silenced the forts President Peixoto threw many officers of the army into jail to prevent them joining the revolutionists The revolutionists now control the arsenal and the custom house Reports of the secession of the states of Bahia and Pernambuco are confirmed Admiral Mello now has a squadron of thirty war ships and merchant steamers which are all well supplied President Peixoto it is reported retired to Santa Ana with tn troops still loyal to him I is expected he will join Castilhas in Porto Alegre where he will make a final stand for the retention of power The damage resulting from the bombardment was much more serious than heretofore reported Many persons were killed including an Italian sailor for whom the government paid 5000 indemnity One German was also reported killed In repulsing the attempted landing Nictheroy twenty policemen were killed Admiral Mello proposes to blockade the Rio and starve the capital into submission by cutting off all supplies The forts answered the fire from the vessels vigorously Many rebel officers and men were killed The attitude of the foreign warships cannot be understood The Tint dentes still remains outside of Montevideo no one aboard is able to manipulate ner guns The United States cruiser Charleston will sail from Montevideo for Rio on Monday The Actual Bombardment WASHINGTON Sept 16Last night Secretary Gresham received the following message from Minister Thompson dated at Petropolis a suburb of Rio Janeiro II have been advised that all merchant vessels have been ordered by the revolutionary squadron to move further up the bay apparently to give the rebels a chance to bombard the city without damaging the merchant vessels This is thought to indicate that tho actual bom bard nent of Rio will begin today In the Hands of the llobcls 1a1ds BUENOS AYRES Sept 16 Private dispatches announce that the sailors from the rebel warships have practically cap tured Rio Janeiro and driven out President Peixoto and the government The arsenal and custom house and the town of Nitcheroy opposite Rio are in the hands of the rebels WAR CLOUDS OK THE HORIZON The Actions of All Europe Indicate Serious Trouble Ere Lone BERLIN Sept 16 Emperor Francis Joseph left Vienna this afternoon to attend the Hungarian army manoeuvres which take place in the presence of the Duke of Connaught This is interpreted in certain quarters in Germany to mean a consolidation of the existing ntento between Great Britain and the driebund This is especially so as the dukes visit to Austria wIl soon be followed by a visit of the British Mediterranean squadron to Italy In anticipation oi the visit of the Russian fleet to Toulon the large towns of France are already making preparations for the reception of their Russian allies Russia is not pleased at the extent to which the Frenchmen are going to demonstrate their affection for the czar and his subjects It is claimed by Russian statesmen of opinion that too much demonstration would be irritating to Germany and as tho new rifles for the Russian army are not finished and anew loan has yet to bejaised Russia is I desirous oi not angering Germany but U > < j r France and Russia are n alone in the demonstration business Emperor William has his share at Metz Strasbourg Carlsruhe and elsewhere Emperor Francis Joseph is pow doing his little demonstrations Italy through Crown prince has done hers and Jrince Great Britain not to be left entirely in the cold Is sending her Mediterranean fleet to the Gulf of Toronto where the Italians are preparing a demonstration in Englands honor as an offset to the demonstration in France in honor of Russia Thus is all Europe demonstrating there are war clouds on the horizon lore Lives Lost at Madrid MADRID Sept 16Rain continues to pour down in New Castile Much damage has been done and many more lives lost In addition to the Villa Canas the villages of Tenblacque Lillo Romeral and other places are flooded The inhab 4tants fled to theheights Those drowned in the caves of Via Canas number more than fifty AUTUMN CROPS DESTROYED Disastrous Floods Whore a Famine Already Existed WASHINGTON Sept lbActing Vice Consul l of the United States C D Tenny at Tien Tsin north China reports that disastrous floods prevailed in northern China A large part of the country to a distance of 3 miles south of Tien Tsin is laid waste Autumn crops are totally destroyed and many houses have been swept away As a famine already existed the present floods will bring untold miseries upon the people A TRIPLE CELEBRATION I Texas New Mexico and Railroad Day at the Fair CHICAGO Sopt16Thls is i Texas New Mexico and railroad day at the fair The weather is delightful the sun shone brightly and a crisp breeze made the outdoor exercises exhilaratling The day was given over to appropriate exercises New Mexicos building was the scene of festivities Some of the most prominent citizans of New Mexico lent their presence to make the day a success The opening address was made by Governor William T Thornton and he was followed by exGovernor Bradford Prince who sang the praises of hiS territory Captain Jack Crawford the poetscout gave several recitations and short talks were made by Henry W Warren MigUel Otero S Rodney Howell L Hicket Frances Downs and others A reception was given by Governor Thornton following the exercises The total admissions today were 233010 of which 199321 paid The railroads made the railroad men and their families welcome at the White city and arranged pleasant bits of travel for them and sundry entertainments The formal exercises of the railroad men took place in Festival hal whera after music by the Iowa band Director General Davis madean address ot welcome Several other speeches were also mtide Tonight fireworks were sent off on the lake front Professor Baldwin made a balloon ascension and Jean Witzman gave ah exhibition of high rope walking Michigan captured the honors among the states for the forestry exhibit The report of the jury on awards was made public today Oi the medals awarded Michigan gets 21 Illinois 10 and other states from 7down to 1 or2 each Briggs Gets a Rousing Reception CHICAGO Sept 16 Professor Briggs of heresy trial fame was given a rousing welcome today in the parliament of religions and his liberal sentiments were accorded the heartiest applause His speech was an eioquentpreparation of the well known views of the eminent divine on the fallibility of the Bible Among other speakers were Mgr Seton Rabbi Gothiel and Rev Manger Edward Everett Hale presided at the congress of the Unitarians Tne Theosophists Seventh Day Adventists and Sweden borgians are also in session The Yellow Fever Victims SAVANNAH Ga Sept 16At Brunswick this morning two new cases or fever were reported It is thought now the fever will assume an epidemic form Governor Northen has issued an appeal to the people of the state to furnish money and provisions for the destitute and suffering of Brunswick BY INHALING USA Hebreiv Banker Endeavors to Cross the Dark River NEW YORK Sept 16Dispatches which were received today from Washington show that Bernhard Weinberger tlio tIo missing east side banker who deluded i several hundred Hebrews who were his deoositors attempted to kill himself in a small hotel by Inhaling gas He is now in the Emergency hospital in Washing ton and will be brought here to face the people whom he defrauded ARE STILL AT LARGE No Clue to the Fellows Who Plundered the Michigan Train CALUMET Mich Sept 16King Schellew and Gorman or Butler as the name is now given was arrested yesterday on suspicion of being the train robbers are still held John Coe who was also detained as a suspect was released having proved an alibi Several detectives are now on the grounds and nearly 100 deputy sheriffs are scouring the country One of the officials learned yesterday afternoon of a small slooprigged boat seen out on the great lake making north it having evidently left the shore a few miles west of Calumet A terrible sea was rolling and the theory is that under ordinary circumstances no one would venture out in such a storm with so small n boat Therefore itis fearedthe robbers have already evaded pursuit A BATTLE WITH BANDITS Three Dare Devils Do Considerable Mischief in Georgia SANMERVILLE Ga Sept 16 This morning three men forced tho conductor of the Georgia Central train to let them ride They got off at Racoon Mills and the marshal with a posse started in pursuit A man named James was killed by the bandits Mayor Arrington was shot in the face Marshal iMnrphy shot through the hip and several others wounded The sheriff with an armed posse has gone to the scene Hanged by a Slob RICH HILL Mo Sept 16 William Jackson colored 25 years old was hanged by a mob this afternoon for a criminal assault upon the 11yearold daughter of William Davis ra farmer Jackson confessed and asked the mob to pray for him The CiUzeJs Temperance Iarty DES MOINES In Sept 16The executive committee of the Citizens Temperance party today nominated Rev Bennett Mitchell of Crawford county for governor i to fill the vacancy made by the declination nation of Hon L S Coffin It is thought the third Prohibitionists party will endorse him J l f Il < > o I > f I WAS A WILJIAD RUSH PellMell HelterSkelter and HurryScurry ON TO THEm NEW HOMES Exciting Scenes on the Strip When tileS Guns Were Fired Two Hundred Thousand Human Beings 3IaIte Run for Real Estate Such as Was Never Before Seen jn the West ARKANSAS CITY Kas Sept 16Five minutes before noon 75000 men and woman gathered on the north and south boundaries of the Cherokee strip awaiting breathlessly the signal which ohould announce the arrival of tho hour when tho possession of the laud of that modern Eldorado should pass from the ownership of the government into that of its individual citizens Some were mounted on thoroughbred racers some on less fleet but surerfooted cow ponies some on bicycles others were in buggies and wagons The throng was made up of all classes from the shrewd financier and real estate speculator to the sturdy young farmer bent only on securing a homestead for himself and family As the minutes decreased to seconds reinS were tightened girths were cinched stirrups and straps looked after and every muscle intense with quivering excitement When exactly at high noon at a signal from the commanding officer the revolvers of commanding rang out the signal for the start pellmell helter skelter hurryscurry the great speculative army rushed across the lines and raced for home and fortune The shouting of men the cracking of whips tbe rattling of wheels the clattering of hoofs the explosion of firearms all combined to make a confusion of sound in keeping with the general disorder of the start to render it a scene of indescribable pandemonium I The serried ranks soon broke and the rushing boomers spread out over the strip Those best mounted were in the lead There were collisions and mishaps here and there break downs of vehicles dashing not only the boomers but their hopes to the ground horses refusing to cross deep gullies and the riders abandoning them continuing the race on foot or making long detours to avoid the bad ground Here was a neckandneck race between horsemen who had chosen the same town lot or a quarter section of farming land stumbling over rocks wading streams climbing precipitous banks on they go The chivalry which relinquished places in the line to women all disappeared in the scramble for the actual results the womenhad t take chances with the men in the race and it is to their credit that some of them made as good a showing in I the struggle as the alleged lords of creation reaching the goal in time to pre emptthe desired bits of mother earth The boomer trains loaded with town siters crept along being forbidden to exceed twelve miles an hour while the horsemen passed them waving their hate derision As the train pulled into the townsite the boomers swarmed out of the cars like ants and in fifteen minutes what was merely a wastecountry became a populous community Innumerable fights over lots resulted and in the absence of other means of settlement right of might carried the day The stronger took possession Tents went up town meetings were held officers elected and in an incredible short time a fullfledged municipality had sprung into existence Tn the meantime out on the prairies the farmers continue to race for homesteads leaving the women folks to follow in the slow moving prairie schooners bringing the household implements and shelter till such time as a permanent abode can be erected Enough people made the run to furnish each of the 37 600 homesteads with an occupant and give every town site 1500 inhabitants Over 125000 certificates were issued but as a large number took both homestead and town site certificates the number of certificates does not represent the number of boomers It is estimated that 30000 raced from Arkansas City 15000 from Caldwell 25000 from Orlando 10000 from Hennessy 10000 from Stillwater 3000 from Kiowa 3000 from Hunnewell 5 000 to 8000 from other points In all nearly the double number which raced into Oklahoma The weather was all that could be desired the sky was clear with a cool north wind The greatest rush is in the eastern strip which contains the most fertile land in the entire reservatien Perry on the Santa Fe is the most favored town site and Milfords and Pond Creek on the Rock Island are all objective points of hundreds who made the rush from Caldwell Arrived in the strip the throng found a desolate waste Most of the hay had I been cut off and what remained was either burned off by prairie fires or scorched brown by the drought and sun The creeks had run dry and the Arkansas and Cimarron rivers nearly so There will be great suffering fora lack of water In some places it was almost impossible to obtain any and in others it had to be hauled many miles and then it is of poor quality probably entailing much sickness The work of digging the wells in the sandy soil is very slow and they will have to be put down from 100 to 150 feet to secure water The fact that in the towns the survey was only by blocks not by lots has caused much confusion and numerous disputes The strip contains nearly 6j400000 acres and in estimating the families of the boomers who will follow todays rush it is safe to say this will make a total of 200000 souls The strip has been added to Oklahoma which now therefore has ample population to justify its demand for statehood The engineers of the trains were instructed to run carefully as it was feared the track would be tampered with A discovery was made yesterday that the straps and spikes had been removed from some of the bridges consequently the trains were so slow that those on wagons I and horseback easily outstripped them THE FIRST TRAIN I Was Composed of Thirtyfive StockCars Cats CALDWELLSopt16 all stations between Caldwell and Wichita on the Rock Island road hundred of boomers are left because of the inability of the trains to carry them I became necessary to lock the car doors and leave the unfortunates to shirt for themselves The first train into the Cherokee district was run by J Z Colburn who has been thirtythree years in the service ol the Rock Island road The train was composed of thirtyfive stock cars and every foot of space was taken After mu h puffing and snorting the train moved slowly out one minute after the gunswere fired e I was alive with people cheering wildly and waving hats handkerchiefs I nnd5isiru Tlip ttmn was run at the rate I of fifteen miles an hour and slowed up every five miles to allow those who wished to jump off Pond Creek will probably be the largest town on the Rock Island line The population is over 5000 DEAD ON THE PRAIRIE Three Bodies F und After the Rush Was Over ORLANDO Oklahoma Sept 16 Twentyfive thousand men and women started into the strip from here today Hundreds went in on the trains which were jammed but the grand rush was by horse and wagons Among those who were witnesses of the run were Governor Renfrew of Oklahoma A P Swineherd inspector general of the land office Judge Wollack special examiner of land offices and Judge Lowe secretary of the territory The Santa Fe special trains got almost an even start with horsemen and pedestrians Five thousand made the trip by rail Wharton and Perry were the favored townsites and tonight each has a population of over 5OCO Following the excursioa trains the freight trains hauled great quantities of household goods and lumber to the new towns Temporary residences and shops were made of tents but the canvas houses will soon give way to wooden structures Judge Wollack special agent land office has advices showing that tho number of people who made the run into Cherokee strip exceeds all expectations Fully 100000 started in the race and estimating the families of married men at one to each certificate bearer the Cheorokee strip tonight has a population of 200000 Advices to Judge Wollack show the racers were divided about as follows among the border towns Arkansas City 30000 Orlando 25000 Caldwell 15000 Hen nessey 10000 Stillwater 10000 Kiowa 3000 Hunnewell 3000 other points 4000 Near Blackbear northeast of here the body of James Reardon of Milford Mass was found on the prairie after the rush He had been stabbed to death and the weapon was left sticking in his breast Farther north the body of W D Blake supposed to be from Gainesville Tex was found shot through the heart It is not known whether he nas murdered or was shot by accident The body of Madeline Granger of Terre Haute Ind was also found on the prairie There were no marks of violence and it is believed she died from natural causes INTO THE HANDS OF SOONERS Two Hundred of Them Take Possession I of Perry O T II PERRY O T Sept 16This town the county seat of county 0 J and the principal townsite on the Santa Fe road I f l into the hands of sooners Seven I minutes after noon horsemen were seen riding in this direction from the Flint hills over towards the east and five minutes I later 200 horsemen under the leadership I of Jim Mastorson mounted on Bill Daltons famons horse occupied lots i surrounding the land office where the I business portion of the town will doubtless I be built That they were sooners I who had been hiding in the Flint hills was absolutely certain for they could not ride nine miles in twelve minutes At 1245 the honest boomers began to come in They tco were mounted on horses and beat the Santa Fe excursion trains eight minutes Early this moraine tho troops discovered a score of boomer among them Mrs Silver known all over the west as the proprietress of dance halls in mining camps and border towns The troops brought them to the guard house here and kept them until late this afternoon GUTHBIE DESERTED Armed i Men Guarding the Banks to Prevent Looting GUTHRIE OT Sept 16be city is nearly deserted Scarcely 100 people are in town The remainder have gone to the strip including 500 women Men the armed with Winchesters are guarding city against the bandits that have threatened to loot the town A report has just been received that the band is ten miles from town in camp and they are suppssed to be members of the DaltonStarr gang ATTACKED BY A LION A Thrilling Experience Which Colonel Boone Had in Africa Colonel Daniel Boone the well known performer with trained lions wan a member of the French soldiery in Africa during the 70s His regiment was stationed just outside of one of the worst jungles known in that part of the country and had G number of very thrilling adventures In 1876 said he while our regiment of CnasseursdAfrique was quartering in southern Africa a lion hunt was organized by some of the officers Accompanied by the native beaters and necessary accouterment we started into the jungle Several lions had been killed and we were on the point of returning when a lion was started as I thought back of mo I turned and waited for him to come out of the jungle when I heard a cracking of twigs in the rear and I turned just in time to see a tremendous i fellow about crouching for a spring I i threw my gun up and gave it to him right I between the eyes A lions skull instead of being round is angular with the forehead more or less pointed A ball striking full in the face will glance either one side or another Thats just what mine did It ran along under the skin and cut the skin at the neck I knew that my last chance was gone and dropping my gnu I tel into a position kneeling on one knee with my left arm thrown up to shield my face When he came at me all I could see was a brown streak and then he struck He caught my arm just above the elbow and braced as I was he turned a complete somersault over my head He held on chewing and growling while I tried to reach my hunting knife Suddenly with a lightning Jke motion the lion let go my arm and throwing me on I my back opened his huge jars and gripped me on the left side 1 felt the ribs give way Then I gave myself up a A goner7 I The other members of the party had come up in the meantime but the lion and I were so closely mixed up that a shot was impossible Finally when I had lost consciousness ono of the party sneaked up and placed the muzzle of his gun at the lions ear and let her go killing him instantly I was three months recovering and then three of my ribs were crushed and this arm was a reminder The lion weighed 900 pounds and measured over seven feet Could Not Be Matched A wellknown musicball comedian I once entered a hatters establishment in Regent street to have his hat ironed While standing bareheaded in the shop a certain bishop cams in and mistaking him for one of the assistants handed him his hat with the remark Have you a hat like that7 comedian took the hat which was f the shape usually worn by bishops and aftr turning it about and apparently well examining it he handed it back I No he sid but i I had Id b hanged i Id wear it7TiLBits ALIX WEAR THE LAUREL The Grand Freeforall Trot Won by Him VERY POPULAE VICTORY The Majority of the Hear Betters Were Badly Caught Amateur Athletics Far From Satisfactory Yesterdays Bal Games Trade NeTs from St Louis Gravesond and tatonla WASHINGTON PARK Sept 16Alix this afternoon won the ninth and deciding heat of the great freeforall trot in 209T the fastest ninth heat ever made The usual hard scoring preceded the final heat today but the horses were finally sent away to a start good for all but Alix and Nightingale whd were a length behind Piley had the pole but Alb through the pinch and clung to the leaders flank The half mile made in 105 Alix gained and was head and head with Pixley at the threequarters At the distance flag Pixley broke and Ali had the race The crowd went wild with excitement as the victory most popular but in the betting ring it was different as the books reaped a harvest and the majority of the heavy betters were badly caught Cartridge had no trouble in winning the 220 trot in straight heats but Coast man had to fight for the victory in tne 217 pace Bellevara 2OS i was sent against the worlds trotting record of 201 but could only make 209K Columbian exposition stake freefor all trotting purse 16000 Alix won Pixley second Nightingale third The others finished in the order named Lord Clinton Walter Kyland T Little Albert Greenleaf Hulda Alvin Time20Th 210 210 2llX2lltf 209X 212k 215l4219i 222 trot Cartridge won Alphington second Alorlta third Time 217 < i 217 pace Coastman won Jack Bowers second Rocker Time 212t Consolation stake trotting Koy Wood won Tyranus second jlme22S14 Foal of 1S90 trotting Dan Court won Helen K second Tim4958 ON THE FAIR GROUNDS The Amateur Athletics Not Very Entertaining CHICAGO Sept 16The Worlds fair championship events under the auspices of the Amateur union were held here this this afternoon A feature of the competitions was the breaking of the record by putting a sixteen pound shot George E Gray N Y A C making 47 feet exceeding his own record by 5i inches The two milo bicycle race was won by Zimmerman Banker second and Barrett third 55715 The other events resulted as follows Hundred yard run Stage Cleveland 10 15 Mile walk Shearman New York 64415 120 yards over ten hurdles Puffer B J A C 16 minutes S 440 yard run Allen New York 5025 Mile run Orton Toronto 432 45 Three mile walk S Liebgold New York 234435 880 yards ran T B Turner Philadelphia 210 45 Five mile run W D Day 258 25 220 yards run final heat C W Stage Cleveland 2215 220 yards hurdle race final heat T C Peffer Bergen Point 2525 High pole vault C T Bucholz Philadelphia 10 feet 6 inches Pole running high jump M F Sweeney New York five feet 11 inches Pole vault for distance A B Green Chicago 27 feet 5 inches Record broken Bad Track at Gravesend GRAVESEND Sept 16The track was in a vile condition Mile and a sixteenth Highland won Strathmeath second Terrifier third Time 1 49 > i Six furlongs Stonenell won Annie Bishop second Pedestrian third Time 117Mile Mile and a furlong Bed Banner won Orchis second Martyrdom third Time 148 Mile and a quarter Lamplighter won Cadmus second Time 213Ji Two starters Five furlongs Eama won Hartford second Long Book third Time104i Mile and a furlong Kirkover won Marshal second Forerunner third Time 157 Att Louis ST Louis Sept 16The track was fast Six furlongs Warren Leland won Royal Flush second Loftin Jr third Time 116 Five and a half furlongs Lottie Mills Watchie won School Girl second Time 109 Five furlongs Cass won Senita second Alcinor third Time 103 > Mile Gazette won Francis Pope second First Chance third Time 144K Mile Elery won Lisbon second Kit dare third Time l43 > i Mile and a hundred yards Chimes won Hotspur second Kenwood third Time 5 150 At Latonia LATONIA Sept 16The track was stiff Six furlongs Baby B wonBlue McHenry second Mollie Gray third Time 122 Fifteensixteenths of a mile Marie Kwon Espanita second Bed Cap third Time 142 Free handicap sweepstakes mile and a furlong Kinsem won Bessie Bisland second Moravia third Time203 Newport stakes mile and seventy yards Elizabeth L won The Sculptor second Forest Rose third Time 152K Five furlongs Selica won The Kitten second Ohio Bell third Time 1C6 On the Diamond CLEVELAND With the score standing 15 to 11 in favor of Cleveland Umpire Hurst gave the game to Cleveland 9 to 0 because the Baltimores would not play any longer LouiSVD LE Tho Colonels and Bridegrooms played even in two games Louis viLla 3 Brooklyn 11 Louisville 12Brook Iyn9 CHICAGO The Colts managed to find Casey in the sixth and > eihtfa innings Chicago 8 Philadelphia f PirrsBUHO Rank errors gave the game to Pittsbursr Pittsburg 3 Boston 1 CINCINNATI The wildness oi Parrot and Sullivan lost the game to the Giants Cincinnati 7 New York 11 ST Louis Both clubs played well St Louis 7 Washington 6 Ho Has a Scheme NEW YORK Sept 16 Charles Noel president of the Crescent City Athletic club of New Orleans is in the city Noel says he has a scheme whereby he hopes to secure the Corbett and Mitchell fight Just what the scheme is the southern president would not divulge

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