The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1898
Page 5
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THE OFFER DBS MO1KE8: ALdONA. IOWA. DJBOlMBfiB 81, 18W. TIME CARDS. OttlOAGO, MlLWAIIKlCll! A ST. PAUL. IGdAt TJUmg WJjOf. ***? M ...................... 0:OBam arts at ............. . ........ 3:5Spm — o. 63 departs ftt .................... 10:46 pm No. 71 departs ftt .................... 3:20pm No.65 departs at ......... . ..... . ..... 8:30 pm TAAIS8 HASt. No. 2 departs at ...................... 10:45am No. 4 departs at ...................... 0:28 pm Freight* that carry passengers— No. 7f departs at .................... 10:10 pm No. 94 departs at .......... . .......... 3:20pm R. F. HRDTIIOK, Agent. Dodge hta been doing. Nori&An 18 learning rapidly and there *rlllbet>d CHICAGO * NOHTHWSSTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m pass 7'.05ain Mixed 12:1B p m Mixed ... 7!B4ptn Norttf- Mlxotl 7:30 a m freight 12:15 pm Pass '2:40 pm Mixed 10:60 pm XUXBU. •.. . • i. I >u-z I* ui JUAAOU ...... AU _ — Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:1S p. m., 0:i6 p. in., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Buy in Algona. The county agricultural society meets Jan. 14. The temperature has been mild the past week. Jan. 22 is the date set now for dedicating the new church. J. W. Robinson sells a warranted jack knife for 40 cents. Three weddings are likely to enliven the holidays In Algona. break to the service in 90 far as the the public is concerned. The Social union program Saturday night was excellent, tt Is unfortunate that judges were dot appointed for the discussion between Dr. Day and B. F. Reed on expansion, for both sides claim to have come out ahead. Earl Vincent, son of W. A. Vincent, drew the bicycle at the Long dramatic entertainment Saturday evening. The Long company gave good satisfaction during the week and had good patronage. It is a company of capable actors. There was a $1,000 fire at the Milwaukee depot Saturday night. The pump house caught fire, no one knows how, and the engine and pump were ruined, and the building burned. The loss is $1,000. A new engine and pump will be In today. Wra. Cleary has taken up a subscription to tnke a vegelnbln grower named Nestman to the Adventist sanitarium at Clinton. Nestman is in falling health and gets no relief. The sanitarium will care for him free if he can pay his expenses going. The Wigwam had space engaged in the big holiday edition last ween to announce a big line of new cutters, but the cutters didn't arrive. They are here now and it isn't too late to celebrate Christmas with a good sleigh ride in a good slolgh. kindly irolunteefea to . . Keaeflck says his too* 19 healing Mid that ibe skin grafting la * ««<**«*. Mrs. C. Session* has secured the agency tor a book that*l«*VU*eV ev- body r a OOOK »nn* w««i n«*,««v» «,It Is Clara Barton's own ao- The Presbyterians paid for their new church and had $80 over. Jas. Taylor's big bargain week Opened with over $600 sales Monday. D. A. Wallace is to have a big sale next Wednesday at his farm east of town. There will be a turkey shoot at Hobart tomorrow (Thursday), beginning at 1 o'clock p. m. There is no snow after ono gets 100 miles south. Farmers were husking in Illinois last week. Great bargains in shoes are to be had at Galbraith's. A lot of fine goods go ail a nominal price. Peter Winkel and Geo. Wright are getting out a lot of fine wood, and advertise it in this issue. The mother of the Tillotson boys died last week, and they have been away attending her funeral. A bouncing boy baby arrived at the Gardner Cowles home one day last week and is helping to make the holidays merry. J. J. Ryan is in town. He was put on the witness stand yesterday on a lot of Russ land cases. He will be here until Friday. Work will begin in about three weeks on the new steel bridge on the Milwaukee to replace the wooden one over the river. The Irvington fair was a big success, netting about $75.' L.' T. Griffen won the $25 quilt in the raffle. A big crowd was out. M. P. Weaver's sister, Mrs. Mae Newton, will probably be his deputy in ! the auditor's office. She will be a very 1 capable assistant, '' Charley Mathers, who was not ex- peeled to live, is about over his attack £ of typhoid in Irvington. Mrs. Mathers }' is also recovering. •i W H. Reed announces his ownership " /of the Cronin furniture store this week. He has a very fine stock of goods for "'*the holiday trade. c Married, at the residence of A. D. A-'flarr Dec. 15, 1898, Mr. Hall T. Carap- '^bell and Miss Rufflna Markla, both of '•'" Burt. A. H. Bryan officiated. -" ' Jas. On- is just up from four weeks in t jbed He fell while on a ladder at his ''•"Shop and strained his back,_ and has : .'been having a serious time of it. \ \ The drawing for the Buck's range ' .atDoxsee's comes Saturday afternoon '•" at 3 o'clock. Some one will have a '<i merry Christmas all right enough. f 'i Horace Mann calls our attention to 1 the total eclipse of the moon, which , comes next Tuesday evening just after . sunset. It will be visible in the early evening. \ W K. Ferguson sold the old ur. * Ban- place last week to theRicker boys „ who have lived there for the last three years There are 280 acres and the price is $10,000. If the Iowa Central cuts through Maple Park west of town, as it is surveyed, the park ought to be given, to it tor a depot site. That would be a good place for a new depot. F. L. Ranney moves to town this week and joins his family. He went Tut into Lotts Creek in 1872 and feels that he has a right to take a little va- • cation from farm work. Maro, the slight-of-hand man, comes SfilffSi^^ ot 5V-K tanmen as SlTever given in Algona, and he will get a crowded house this time. Marriage licenses have been issued to LT Clement and Daisy RWnebart, rAJ Amble and Susie Hattlestad, § Lewis Halvorsen and Lena Aman H. . Campbell and Rufflna M. Markla. Norman Hart is now in the B. P. Reed hns a card In this Issue announcing his office us attorney-at- law. He hns the rear rooms over Durdall's store, a convenient and desirable location. Mr. Reed is an attorney whom THE UPPER DES MOINES can heartily commend to all. Elmer Wilbur hns sokl his barber shop to Charlie Wooster and is going to California. Hia health bus boon poor and he hopes to pick up. His family will remain in Algonn until summer. Charlie hns been popular In the shop and will hold his trndo. Dr. Hudson hns received a very handsome tourist's guide through tho Hawaiian islands written by an old friend he know In New York titty years ago, Henry M. Whitney. Mr. Whitney has spent his life in Honolulu, and his book is said to be tho best there is. Dr. Hudson prizes this reminder or old days very highly. The electric light dynamo is set, and the foundations are in for the engine and one boiler. The boilers arc expected from Burlington next week, Then the only hitch will bo over the engine which Mr. Bigelow has not yot shown any intention of bringing up to specifications. The council is determined to hold him to his contract. The new pipe organ for the Methodist church arrived Saturday. It weighs a little over 0,000 pounds. The man came with it who will set it up and expects to put in a week at the job Work will begin at once as he cannot wait. The organ costs about $2,200, has 1,157 pipes, and is undoubtedly the best organ in northern Iowa. A little five-months baby in tho Whitson family smothered to death last Thursday morning. The little ono was left in the bed and got entangled in tho bedding after the family hud gone-to work. Its little face WHS burled in tho pillow and its bunds were hold fast by the coverlid so it could not move. Dr. Day conducted tho funeral Sunday and the babe was taken to Wesley for burial. The farmers' institute committee met Saturday. Those present were G. S Wright from West Bend, T. J. Julian Mrs. C. D. Ward, Mrs, Geo. Carroll, and C. C. Chubb. Tho preliminary steps towards a fine meeting in January were taken, and the program will soon be announced. One of the leading agriculturists will be secured to conduct the institute and special features secured. Harry Williams was' a little top heavy Sunday and fell in the mud. .He wanted to wash his hands in Jack Peterson's watering trough and Jack ordered him out of the barn. He slapped Jack's face with his dirty hand and Jack proceeded to attend to him. Harry was taken after'pome squabbling on his part to'Squire Clarke Monday and fined. He has now had Peterson arrested charged with assault, and the trial is set for Jan. 16. Last Sunday as Ancel McCall was standing in front of his homo another boy with a slingshot fired at him and struck him in the left eye with a small shot. The doctors have been working since and hope to save tho sight, but are not confident. The eye will be injured for life. The little boy is only eloht years old and the injury is irreparable. So much has been said about the outrage of parents allowing their young ones to carry slingshots and other fire arms that it would seem that such an accident could not occur. The skin grafting on Walter Jones' foot is being done along a little at a time as rapidly as conditions warrant. orvuuujfk *» «« v»w»«• .•-»»« -.7.. -- — -- — --count of the Red Cross toorettifent, Including her experiences tto the civil war, Hie Franco-Prussian war, the Turco-Russiftn war, and the late struggle in Cuba. The book is written by Miss Barton herself, and «H\ beftmem- orablB history ot a memorable woman and a memorable movement. Clara Barton has been a great figure in the world, and has had exciting experiences. The book le handsomely Illustrated and bound, and ought to have » big sale. With the new year Irving Dodge will quit the postoffice and accept a position with Gco. C. Call. The change is made because of the business advantage to Mr. Dodge both In salary and In the prospect of promotion, and Is one al his friends will congratulate him on however much they may regret hisi re ttrement from his present position After a year's intimate acquaintance It gives THE UPPER DES MoiNES pleas ure to commend him as one of Algona very best young men, capable, obliging, and reliable, and no position ho may secure will bo beyond his deserts. MONET TO LOAN On Improved I.nndB In Kosmith nmt Adjoining Countlos nt Ijow Hates of Intercut. Loans nro rantlo on 5 to 10 years' time In sums from $600 to $10,000. Annual interest', optional payments, In any amount and at any tlmo after ono year, will be received and intorost stopped on amount so paid. No GOLD CUAUSK in note. Farmers' mutual insurance taken and interest can bo \n\\A at any bank you may select. Call on or address IL HOXIE, Algona, la. SAMSON & PAINE, DKAI.KRS Kt Big Discount on Crockery. We pay the very highest prices for all kinds of grain, sell ground feed, which we deliver to any part of the city, and sell and deliver hard and soft coal at lowest prices. t*r*fc*avti orders at Si»mso«'» ataVrac In Opwrft llonso Mock. The Red Elevator, C. & N. W. depot, Phono 11. ALGONA. Switches Wnntod. For switches and hair chains call on Sotoholl & Setcholl, Algonn, Iowa, or write to W. J. Wells, Osago, Iowa, whoso work hero Is so well known and prices are BO low. All work is guaranteed to suit. 3210 MONEY— On first mortgages. Money— On second mortgages. Money— On short tlmo, Money— At lowest rates. Money— Goo. C. Call, Algona, Holiday Goods at James Patterson's The finest assortment of Fino Candies that I Imvo over bought; a nice line of Mixed Nuts ; •'Christmas tree candles, etc, I bought my Lamps direct from the manufacturers—will give customers the middleman's profit, A nice line of cups, saucers, and fancy plates of all kinds a complete line of groceries, Yours for business, also Cowloa' Hlook, No, 8. James Patterson. A Jack Knife Iowa. SANTA CLAUS .18 LOADKO down with turkoyH, ohloHons, Anown unrt Kuoso, boNlilos all ol-hwr ItlnrtM o[ froBh nnrt juloy moivt.H fur yo«r UUvtRtwun rtluuoi 1 , anrt ho rtolivorB tUmii nt oui- «ln>i> ovovy n«K»il. ^t)\i will want HOIHO, no romomlior whoro to « toltbMM< MOW nwos. MONEY to loan at 5 por cent. A. D. Cr,AniC)3 & Co. FOR time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. apply SHBKT music— nil Urn latest songs-— J off. DINGMSY & PUQII. a!- Your Buy your wedding ring of us, wo ways' make tho brldo a prosont. & PUGII. THE Mason City Brick and Tllo Co. makes tho host drain tile and hollow building tile in tho world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. Ilolldny KxoiirBloiiM. For tho Christmas and Now Yoiu- holidays tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company will noil tickets to stations within a distance of 200 miles at faro and one-third for tho round trip. Tickets on Halo Doc. 24, 25, 20, and 81, 1808, and Jim. 1 and 2, 1899; linnl return limit up to ami -In- eluding Jan. 4, 18IM). •>»« WE have u few nice lumps which wo will sell you cheaper than you were ever offered before. M. '/j. GHOVK& SON. IMlfH uml IlooHtorM for Hiilo. I have a couple of Poland China stock pigs for sale. Also nomo full-blood Plymouth Rock roosters, 391,2 W. F. JENKINSON. A FINE lino of chumhor wols to^ null till tastes and pockets at Grove & Son's. MONEY to loan ut ft por cent. A, D. CI/AKKK & CO, A MAN that wants Ma wife to tremble with pleasure and delight at his homo- coming should be utrong. Rooky Mountain Ton, brings now life to weak men. Auk your druggist. THE NEW WAY, \X70MEN used w to think " fern nla dlsetvsos " could only bo trealed odor "loc a 1 examinations" by physl- elfins, Dretid of suoh treatment kept thousands of modest women client about their suffering. Tholn- ^^^ troduallon of Wine of Cardul 1ms now demonstrated Ihut nine-tenths of nil tho cases of menstruiil disorders do not require tv physician 'a attention at all. Tho simple, pure taken In the privacy of a woman's own home Insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. V/Ino of Cardul requires no humiliating examinations for Its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under the head of "female troubles"—disordered menses, falling of tho womb, "whites," change oJ life, It snakss women beautiful by making them v/ell. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 at the drug store, For ndvlco In cao«5 reaulrlnir epecl»l dlroctlonn. adclroon, t'lvlnir uyrm/lom!}. tho ''Uiiloii' AilvltWf/ Doparlmonj," Tho Chattanooi:aM<sulclnoCo,, Chattanooga, Tenn, W. I. ADD1SOH, M.D., Cary, Vtlii,, ny*i Is not an absolute necessity if you simply want to cut a wide swarth, but it is a much-needed article for ovary-day use. And while wo are on the subject of jack knives let us suggest that we can furnish | them at prices ranging from $1.25 down to These are all guaranteed. If a knife is not satisfactory, bring it back and got another. ov- A f ^i-1 | """-*. VX J ," is not excelled thing made in of goods, by any- this lino It is i4-ouncc copper, triple plate nickel, We invite comparison with anything elso offered, If you BOO it you will I buy it—you can't help it,/. W. Robinson, J.I, Donahoo&Co. Minnesota Land onion over iMiMii)iiio», \Vrlto for dlrmilivi-H. From $6 to $16 per acre, A PAIR OK Patent Leather Shoes time as rapiu«j an ^u..u.v.^..... .---. — -Last week Jas. Nolan, Hardy Ricnrd, — } ,HMLi WOC« «*«*••»• *•—•• — "» v John Nolan, Martin Thornton, C Newman, and little J ar rvuuciou") *>«-••——i —— -• ' Norton came in and allowed the a -or to flake oflf skin grafts with a } -or. Robt. Norton is only 12 years o| , tho son of Henry Norton in town, he took a philosophical view. He said he miabt get scalded some day and need exactly that kind of aid. Walter Jonea wishes THE UPPER DES MOINES to extend thanks for him to all who have BO Mrs. Santa Claus |BWU«V «*•• ~<-— - • • c t somewhere, lor now couia nc be ^"^^^^SSSS^ ckdren of the earth unless wasaMrs-Santa^mewhere? DON'T fall to cull and got uomo of tho bargains this week at Galbralth's. FOR tho holiday vacation of schools located ut Algorui, excursion tickets may bo sold by the C., M. & St. P. to to teachers and uludontH presenting certificates signed by tho principal officer of the institution to uny point on their road ><> a faro and ono-thlru for the round trip, Will noil on DIM. 28 only, return coupon good until Jan. 4, 1899. ... _ ' IT nils tho arteries with rich, rod blood, makes now (lowli, healthy rnon and women, That's, what Bocky Mountain Tea will do; 35 corit«. Aak your druggist, _____ _ ,., DON'T be penmadcd into taking Home- thing said to bo just Hko Itocky Mountain Tea. Thfsru IB nothing rnado or sold Hko It, It alone IH rwlure'H wonder. Ask your druggist. To c<tJlforiil<*< Attention IB called to the excellent Bervlco of tho North western line to California and the favorable rate» which tmve been made for tdfigleand round trip tickets for thin soafion'B travel. Beat accommodatlona in first- cIaH» or touri»t Bleeping earn, which run through every di»y in tho year. PerBonally conducted lourlatcar parties every week to California and Oregon, Choice of a large number of different routes without extra charge. Partlc- ulara cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway or connecting Hne*<.-Mt# A» VMf Wwy to j'lty OIU J>i»t»t». anyone ami Ie0» mirinc't'H. We have thorn In lar^e t[na,..•••••» c ,.~.., „ it will pay you to call and nee them when you are looking IUMI receiving something new and VESTING TO? LACK SHOKS-tha latent and nohblcHt thing out, and coat you only and would bo a inoHt acceptable present, Remember we K lvc a pretty doll with every purehftio of $2.5001- over, BxoluBlvuly Uooto wid Lieut. Hobson The Hero of tlie " Merrlmac," Will tell ill* wonderful ttoty In Hire* number* of THE CENTURY MAGAZINE. Thl« will 1>« * full Account of ids sinking t>( the " Merrimsc " »t Kuntugu, and IW «*!><;»• enc«t of »ue writer ami life men lu HuiiiiMi tiriKiiJ*. ll will I* "'•><! ^ <"«'/ Awwrfcan u lti« land- 'J'liis is utly tutu of iniiny iMily In IKK *•*«' 'Ifaf »'<>' lit ilif «o- D'luo NSURANCE. of Ottrta/ H!tyi»1»i .'to 'away . v/ltl write /or na M«r Hiaginlnt, vcmUr C*»'fV* v ^fc' 1 " CAPTAIN SIOSBEU'S 5TORY Of the DentrucUon of the M MAINE," th« ut'nd in Hav»«» limbo', the l»»uji» w h CMfUlM.lfac vmtv&iH «M«J WMWfc; '«*« M^-«/lt.« dtMutfou <// C«r »« »'« ««• i w S7by Admiral* Haw p<>n »i«l JW' fount, Ca<SfUan 'fnylvr, If you do not taiV'l'iuf Cwwwinr IB Farm loan* on the aaforti»ernt*rjt plan, o». F. Cooke before making a See Tho» loan. with IsAni-fJX »»ft" —/"W .F«.«r --•--"- Fadelew) Dye» do vot, luAo, ara brig hter o H()(i ifoi', I'liitB Olass of Utu of J'), I'. Klll'l'll, 'Vine Ut. HVItUNUK, MwrrMf J. W WAIMWOIl'fJJ, The Farmers' Milling Co. (iNtiQtU'OUA'eiW.l AW0 ALGK3NA EOLLEE MILLS. HARDWARE. , , and will not stain if you »houla #pill vinegar or other fruit acids on tbeto, " * tor *' THE CENTURY CO., * Union &jM«re, New York. LOOK 'i'O vo0B mm, - 9,

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