The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1898 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 20
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MOINB8: ALGONA, rnWA.' WEDNESDAY, DEOEMBBB 14. 1898. WILL BE THERE BY JAN, 1. THE »EW BAltifcOAD TO TlTONKA. Engineer Wanted to Stop Four Miles Short, but Titonka Said No— Other Cottntjr Netvs. Last week there was talk of letting the road to Titonka rest, and take the chance of getting the tax in Buffalo voted over again. The road was completed to within 4i miles and it was the talk to haul freight to Titonka by team. The civil engineer was bound to pursue this program, but Tftonka was bound not to, and the road is going in whether or no. Swca City Herald. J. P. Byson of Algona is here and has his machine on the ground for putting down the now town well. Mr. Byson expects to make headquarters at Swea City hereafter. Miss Bertha Hancock of Algona, a trained elocutionist and Impersonator who has been giving some very success- full entertainments in the towns of northern Iowa, will give an entertainment consisting of recitations and impersonations interspersed by music by local talent at the school house Friday evening, Dec. 16. Wesley Reporter. Mi 1 . Frank McCorkel of West Lake, Hancock county, has become an interested member of the Sexton bank and 5s now being initiated by Cashier Green. Remember the basket social at Grant Benschoter's north of Sexton on the evening of the 16th inst. B. H. Wepel, who recently went to the soldiers' home at Marshalltown where he would be able to receive better medical treatment than at his homo in the country, died at that institution on Monday, Nov. 28. Wesley News. G. L. Dalton of Corwith will manage the Farmers' Bank at Titonka. Nele Grant and Helen Ohinholt, who wore married at Algona, have gone to North Dakota to live. Win. H. .MeCutchen, son of an old settler, and Miss Bertha Johnson living two miles southwest of Sexton, were married by Rev. H. L. Case. Bancroft KeKlstor. A. J. Berryman has bought the local telephone exchange and will run it for himself. Will and Miss Hulda Barge have gone to Cholon, Wash., to make their home. Frank Richardson had a leg broken while scuffling with the guard in the Yeoman lodge. , G. F. Holloway and County Clerk Grose left Monday for Sun Prairie, Wis., to inspect a stock of merchandise for which the former has traded a piece of Mr. Grose's land. They go from there to Madison and Chicago on other business before returning. Postofflce ut Haima. A postofflce has been ordered established at Hanna, in the southeast corner of the county on the St. L., with Emil Johnson as postmaster. Hurt Monitor. Mrs. L. P. Ward of Union township went to Iowa City last week to have a cancer removed. chased Mrs. Adam Fisher's stock of goods and Store fixtures and took possession. He will soon put in a stock of groceries. . t Werner Eggerth is now the owner of an improved South Dakota farm, having purchased one of 160 acres within two miles of Mitchell, a fine town with a population of 3,500 and with railroads running in five directions. Gcriuanla Gleaner. Mrs. H. C. Reese died at her home south west of town Wednesday morning of quick consumption. H. M. Scovell is tho new cashier in Dunlap Bros.' bank at Ledyard. W. J. Smith, his predecessor, goes to Oklahoma to run a bank for the Dunlap Bros. Whittetnore Champion. A dancing school was organized Wednesday evening at the opera hall with a large class. Mark Boyle wont to Algona Wednesday and returned Saturday. He Is gaining strength and flesh quite rapidly. , . J. V. Wickler has moved several loads of goods to Algona this week and will take the balance today. It is hoped that Mr. Wickler and family will find their residence there both pleasant and profitable. JUDICIOUS ADVERTISING, TO BE DEDICATED SUNDAY ABLE SPEAKERS WILL BE HERE, The Presbyterians Will Hold Dedication Services All Day Commencing at 1O:3O. Lars Sorenson is buying out the Stock meat market at Algona and will run it himself. Lars is a good butcher and ought to succeed. Wm. Cooper of Portland had his sale yesterday, and they leave in a few days for the southwest. Their removal takes away one of the pioneers of the county and a good family. Thos. Hanna has bought the corner lot across the street south from Wm. Stockwell and will build as soon in the spring as possible, LuVerne News. L. D. Loyell is again numbered with our business men. Last Friday he pur- Nearly all kinds of advertising pays some, but to determine which of the various kinds of advertising^ the most judicious is indeed a knotty problem. A man who tries to do business without advertising is said lobe like one who winks at his girl in the dark. The girl never dreamed that he was really winking. Wo cannot afford to advertise in the dark, it is too expensive. The most successful business men have been extensive ad vertisore. For this reason the public has learned to avoid the man who fails to advertise. Newspapers are generally conceived to be the most effectual means of advertising, but it is possible even in a newspaper to use up a groat amount of space and printer's ink without any adequate results. Do not rely entirely upon big type which the public can hardly get around without reading nor the amount of space you occupy. The results of advertising! do not always follow closely upon the heels of an advertisement. Business is frequently brought to us directly through an advertisement which appeared years ago. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to define judicious advertising. We must therefore advertise for the future as well as for the present. What you most need is distinction, and the greatest field for distinction now open to advertisers is in simply telling the truth without ex- ageration, and in living up to your advertisement. This alone will distinguish you from nearly all advertisers and the results will be abundant and lasting. In our own advertising we have never lost sight of this fact. Yet it is surprising how slow the race has been in learning this simple truth. Look at the advertisements of today. What must the men who wrote them think their readers to be. Lying is bad. Lying is very bad. Everyone knows this by experience. The man who will lie when he can make nothing by it does wrong says Mark Twain. Another thing—do not keep in the old rut of constantly harping on big stock and low prices. It is generally understood that you buy all the stock you can get trusted for and that you do not make much profit, otherwise you would be rich. Do not be discouraged. Advertise often. Keep steadily at it. Be particular to pay the printer if you do not pay anyone else. Do not expect great results the following day after your advertisement appears. It is a good thing in advertising to arouse curiosity. Occasionally write an ad. like this one. You may thing it will not be noticed. You are mistaken. Everybody will read it through in spite of themselves. "You are doing it now." All of this has been written simply to remind you that J. A. Hamilton & Co. are anxious to do business. That they can sell goods as cheap as anyone and still make a good profit for themselves. That's all. The dedication of the new Presbyterian church will occur Sunday. The other protestant churches of the city will join in the services of the day, both morning and evening, and their pastors have prominent parts in the program. Before the dedication prop- per, a thanksgiving service will be held Saturday afternoon at, 3 o'clock led by Rev. J. B. Clapp. Tho program for Sunday mdrning is as follows, services opening at 10:30 o'clock: fhnli* Invocation '.'.'.'.'.'...'.'.'.'.'. .Dr. Day! M'.' E.' Church Anthem Choir Reading Scripture Rev. Stiles, Baptist Pnvvcr Rev. Suckow, Congregational n ue 1t ; Mr. and Mrs. Grove Sermon V Rev. Greene, D. p., Ft. Dodge g o l o Mr. W. Clarke Dedication of church. Dr. Bailey, Cedar Rapids Anthem,-" Praise Ye Jehovah''..... .. .-Choir Remarks Dr. T. S. Bailey Collection. Hymn 218 Congregation Benediction Rev. Dr. Day At 3 o'clock in the afternoon there will be a special service, the feature of which will be a story of the church by the pastor. The program is as follows: Song service Led by Mr. R. E. Vincent Story of the church Rev. Ollerenshaw Prayer and consecration service ' Led by Rev. Berry, Liverinore In the evening a number of addresses will be given, and music will be a feature. Prof. Leonard Smith of the Methodist church lias kindly consented to preside at the organ. The program is as follows: Doxology Choir and Congregation Invocation Rev. Nathan Fenther, Union Hvinn 212 Congregation Scrfpture... Rev. J. F. Berry Soloi . Miss Ollerenshaw Prayer Rev. Dr. Greene Address".'.'.'. '..'..' ..... ...Rev! Pressley, Hurt Address Rev. Clapp A11 Hi ft tn UilOir Address'':::::' ".:.. R°v. Dr. Bailey Collection. Hymn 172 ..Congregation Benediction Rev. Dr. Greene Dr. Greene of Fprt Dodge and Dr. Bailey of Cedar Rapids are both able men of the Presbyterian denomination of the state, and their coming will be an event. The public should assist in making this dedication notable. Don't Miss Seeing Display \ j -OF- A Bucket of Good Coal is worth two of cheap coal, for the reaso n t hat all cheap coal contains a far larger per cent, of slate, stone, and other impurities, therefore do not think you have made $2 when you buy a ton of Iowa coal for $3.60 instead of paying $5.50 for Hocking. We believe the best is the cheapest. Try some and be convinced. Orders given prompt attention. Telephone No. 30. F. S. NORTON, The Cash Coal Dealer. CHAMBER SETS, JARDINIERES, SALADS, CAMEO WARE, FANCY AND HAND PAINTED CHINA, We also have a. few lamps which we will close out at wholesale cost prices. Yours for holiday trade, M. Z. Grove & Son. The Wetmore Truss Silverware Free. From Dec. 15 to Jan. 1, we give one piece of will PROFIT BY EXPERIENCE. While stopping at Colorado Springs trying to regain iny failing ueaitu ana bearing, the resultofcatarrh andthroataffeotipn,llear»ed of Aerial Medication, which has since done for we what no other treatment could do, although I have hud the advantages of the best BkiU our larger cities afford. The bestspecial- ists in Louisville and elsewhere tried to cure me of catarrh, but gave me no relief. I spent thirteen piouths at Colorado Springs, but gained no benefit until 1 luckily heard of Aerial Medication. After using It only five days I had a remarkable experience. A bloody discharge passed from my head for two days, and from that time my head waa clear anil free from pain, the noises grew less intSnseftmUoon ceased entirely. My hearing improved so touch that I could hear ordinary wuvwation very well wud could bear a watch Well. Within tour months from the time I began its use my bearing, which had been fulling ten years, was jrestored, the fear- uwm - Blt Vd made ajweetntgWs sleep MEETINGS. Remember the social at Grant Benschoter's Friday, north of Sexton. The Epworth League will serve a New Year dinner on Saturday, Dec. 81. Benefit new pipe organ. This evening the Irvington ladies give their annual supper at the church. A $25 silk quilt is to be disposed of. The program for the W. L. A. S. meeting Friday afternoon is a paper on Napoleon by Mrs. M. A. Vincent, quotations on war, and current news by the members. There will be Sunday school at the Free Methodist church next Sunday as usual at 10 a m. There will be no preaching as the pastor, A. O. Damon, will attend district quarterly meeting at Armstrong, Iowa. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a.m., Wednesdays 3 p. m. Subject next Sunday; "Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?" All invited. The Congregational church at the morning service, 11 a. m., will observe Forefathers' day. The following addresses will be given: Puritanism in England, Prof, Koval Meeker; Influence of Puritanism in America, Mr. Milton Starr; The Religion of the Puritans, Rev. W. J. Suckow. The choir will furnish appropriate music. No evening service. Social union program for Saturday evening at 7:80 in the court house. All are invited: ' Song, May and Ruth Palmer; fifteen minute address on the social union, Dr McCoy; dumb bell exercise, Jessie Smith and Bernice Avery; song, Miss Mo- Intyre's pupils; recitation, SeeingThingsat Night, Fernley Nicoulin; debate,—Should our Standing Army be Increased?—yes, Rev. Day,—no, B. F. Reed; recitation, Helen Cowles; duet, Daisy Combs and Mamie Chapin; recitation, Addle Sohiohtl. THE BUET LINE FIXED. The Northwestern Will Go West to Foiitou mid Then North. The line from Hurt is fixed. The Northwestern will go west through Fenton and then north. Land Commissioner Cleveland and Mr. Brown were in Algona yesterday contracting right-of-way and' have gone to Burt. They will get the right-of-way at once. The plan is to go to Foi-sythe in Palo Alto and then turn north. Holiday lExclmnge. The Methodist ladies are arranging for an extraordinary proceeding this week. The date will be Dec. 15 and 16. It is settled that a holiday exchange will be conducted during these two days at the court house. Articles of fancy pattern as well as useful, every day household items will be offered for sale at very reasonable prices. It will be the aim to sell value for value. Dinner and supper will be served each day. They call it an "English kitchen." That smacks of smoking, palatable viands such as the Methodist ladies are adept in preparing. The dinner one day will be a " turkey dinner." and the other day a "New England dinner." The teas will not be "scraps," but fresh and appetizing. Of course every one understands the object. The proceeds go to aid the ladies to pay their part in furnishing the new church. It is hoped every article will be sold and every article of provision on the tempting menu consumed. A very interesting art exhibit of curios -will also be conducted. An Easy Way to Pay Old Debts. Farm loans on the amortisement plan. See Thos. F. Cooke before making a loan. THIS TRUSS MUKDEKS Mel Tlil*. \YtTMOKE IlitSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and sui'olv ' It stays just where it is placed. The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss* before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. Silverware Worth, fifty cents with every cash sale of Five Dollars. GROCERIES OR CROCKERY. Now will be the time to get Christmas presents free. Langdon & Hudson. B ALL WOMEN Ji^INE-TENTHS of all the pain andsicknessfrom which women suffer is caused by weakness or derangement in the organs of menstruation. Nearly always when a woman is not well these organs are affected. But when they are strong and healthy a woman is very seldom sick. Special- December Sale Now on at our store on the following goods which we have just received direct from the manufacturers: 2(JO Doz, Handkerchiefs. 25 Doz. Ladies While Aprons. 25 Doz. Fine Linen Towels. 25 Doz. Fine Lines Napkins. A large assortment of Hair Ornaments, Fancy Buckels, Ribbons, Kid Gloves, and Mitts. The above goods are all new and special good bargains at the Big Department store. JOHN OOEDERS. i !tfl ful noises tha aid also login s mmuttu WHUP w »*»»?>» *»•.$,*»• • »••»•*• of the past with me. disappeared, es lu and etopped-up feel. el It iny cUAy to request wblicaUoa of this, In order that othere head- ^.jatloa 944Pi *** V*wv» WMWV wwtwww experience. Mlee Helen For dBhojt time only I to send to sufferers and iWjf cUeeaM treatment, |fee, T To _,^. Attention is called to the excellent service of the Northwestern line to California and the favorable rates which have been made for single and round trip tickets for this season's travel. Best accommodations in first' class or tourist sleeping cars, which run through every day in the year. Personally conducted touristoar parties every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a large number pf different routes without extra charge. Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicagp & North western railway or connecting Unes.-84t8 Is nature's provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. It cures all " female troubles." It Is equally effective for the girl In her teens, the young wife with domestic and maternal cares, and the woman approaching the period known as the " Change of Ufe." They all need it, They are all beneflttsd by it, TURKEY IS ON TOP at this season of the yeav. The Thanksgiving feast would be incomplete without a fine Juicy bird. Ours is the place to get that kind, and meats of every descrip tion. Come and see. MQE BROS . 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE THOS, J, COOPER, Tupelo, MlM.,«ay*> " Uy sitter suffered from very Irregular tnd DilnfMl menstruation »nd doStori coultfnot relieve her. Wine of Cartful entirely cured tTer end alto heped ny metier through tho Change ol U«.» DAILY EXCURSIONS TO CALIFORNIA Through first-class and Tourist Sleeping Cars to points in California and Oregon every day in the year via the Chicago, Union Pacific and Northwestern Line, notice, without charge, Jn the A handsomely illustra eulfttlon Of any.eolen* I weekly. IpUtUt WVMvPj IM.V*»V»W *(**W*DV» *— *-~-r Scientific American. •—•-•- lowest clr. 'erme.tS a iwYol on, P.O. X&rtee. 033, V St., Washington, W ANTED—Local or traveling salesmen to sell our Oils, Greases and Petrolatum on commission exclusively, or as a Bide Hue. Goods guaranteed and prices Ipw. Penu Petrolatum Co., oil refiners, cwaopollss, Pa. Only route by which you can leave home any day in the week and J travel in tourist cars on fastest trains all the way. For pamphlet? 1 and information inquire of nearest agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway.

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