The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1898 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 6
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THE TJPPBK DflB ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1898. One copy, one yeat One copy! si* months One copy, three months -••:••• SentTt&lttfIHtattBB at above rates. Remit by draft, inoney order, or express or- Vertlsme sent oh application. PRESIDENT MOKINLEY ia going to visit Cuba and Porto Rico himself. Then he will know what to recommend for them. President McKinley shows the same level head in everything he does. _ THE Courier says it is always news when Judge Quarton is affirmed by the supreme court. The Courier should have said "news to Courier readers." It is no special news to those who take papers that publish the supreme court •decisions. It is a pretty frequent oc- ; currence, to them. PRESIDENT BEARDSHEAR of the agricultural college evidently does not agree with the late Review of Review's > editorial on the scarcity of men fit for college presidencies. In a recent Interview Dr. Beardshear says that Iowa twenty year* of their own financial legislation they ought to be fully informed of the details of this ideal currency system. Gov. Shaw Is a student of the subject, and a clear and incisive exponent 6f his views. No man could better enlighten the people. THESE REACH FOR TRADE. Avey From has plenty of material good enough for the'state university. Inasmuch as several colleges Including Yale are looking for men Iowa ought to prove a fertile field, if the doctor is correct. Or perhaps the doctor does not think that Iowa's school ought to ask for as good as the best. THERE are some who think that if greenbacks, which have been turned in at the treasury for gold, should only be paid out for gold a virtual retirement of our greenback currency would be accomplished. This opinion, however, is not shared by many. Under ordinary conditions'paper currency is preferred to metallic In all lines of business and while times are good every paper dollar would be drawn out In exchange for gold. It would only be in times of panic that gold would be held and the greenbacks retired under this plan. This would work, of course, a serious contraction of the currency at the very time when every dollar of legal tender should be available. But that is the defect of all schemes for keeping a credit money afloat. The only money •:.' that can be relied on in the times of distress is a money that does not have 1 to be redeemed. THE anti-scalping bill passed the lower house of congress on a close vote. What the senate will do with it is doubtful. If it becomes a law it will put a stop to what is known as scalping railway tickets, and make It illegal for anyone to sell tickets except the duly authorized agents of the companies. The regular business of scalpers is to ,.;'return",tickets, unused, mileage, then sell it to others at less than the regular rates. Besides this, however, the investigation by congress shows A Holiday Edition. THE UPPER DBS MOINES this week comes to its readers as a 20-page paper. That would not be an event worthy of mention in a dally newspaper office, but Is quite out of the ordinary In a country weekly office. It contains 120 columns of matter, about half of It holiday advertising for the merchants of Algona, the other half reading matter selected for holiday readers. The advertisements have been set up and the forms made up and this edition printed and folded by the regular UPPER DBS MoiNES force, without assistance, since last Thursday morning. Our contemporaries will appreciate that we have been " full of business." Copies of the issue will fall Into the hands of many who are not now subscribers. We commend It to their thoughtful consideration, with the suggestion that while every Issue during the year will not be as large, every issue will be equally as good. : Buying at Home. The philosophy of trading at home is very simple. The retail merchant whether he lives In Chicago or Algona makes a profit on what he sells. Tf he lives in Chicago that profit goei towards building sky scrapers in the windy city. If he lives In Algona the profit goes towards building brick bus- Itumboldter. Henry Durant's solution of the race problem is all the solution there is. Our Algona writer says " a white man is exactly as good as a negro as long as he behaves as well." Col. Rigby must have had as many as 100 people in all at his great Iowa " popular uprisings" for the Indianapolis currency reform movement. The Sioux Rapids Republican which made such a bitter fight on Judge Helsell has been sold. That Is the way all such organs of personal malice go. The newspaper cannot be successfully maintained as a club to redress private grievances. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Judge Blrdsall and family of Clarion are off for a visit at Tampa, Fla. The Emmetsburg Reporter notes the presence of W. P. Jones and G. F. Peek at a big ball over west. Britt Tribune: Miss Daisy Coombs is making an efficient clerk at Dingley & Pugh's jewelry store In Algona, Superintendent Hodge of the Northwestern railway has bought Homer Miller's fine home at Eagle Grove. It is an elegant residence. Humboldt Independent: Geo. E. Clarke, Esq., of Algona vvasaHumboldt visitor Friday last. George nearly always has business in our courts. Armstrong held a meeting last week and appointed a committee to find out If the Northwestern line from Burt could not be turned out far enough to reach the Emmet metropolis. F. E. Allen is back to Estherville, his health not Improved. He has been HAVE FAITH IN PRINTER'S INK. A Fine Array of Algona's Business Men Represented in Our 20- Page Holiday Edition. .This is THE UPPER DBS MOINES' holiday edition and we commend it to the careful consideration of everybody who has a present to buy. We feel a little pride in this display of advertis- ting. But the goods represented are better than the advertisements make them out, and no one will ever really know what Is In stock without visiting the stores. THE UPPER DBS MOINES has been in them all and can truthfully assert that the goods are better In quality than have ever before been offered In Algona, while the assortment is bigger, and the prices as arule lower. It will pay anybody well for his or her time to come to town just to look around "and see things." While in town it will do no harm to remember that THE UPPER DES MOINES Is on holiday display, costs but $1.60 a year, Is a pretty good all-the-year newspaper, and can furnish you a lot of papers at a very low price for your winter's read- Ing. Don't pass us by, while you are getting other things to make you feel good this winter. Taylor's Great December Sale. The fume of the Taylor special sales has gone out everywhere, and his announcements are svatched for many miles from Algona. He is going to add one of these big sales as a holiday attraction and beginning Monday he will cutter. That is the reason D. B. joins the holiday advertisers. being harness maker in the old Stough shop, Mr. Avey branched out with a shop of his own, and his business has grown steadily until now Avey is the authority on fine harness and horse trappings, because he is an expert workman and because he keeps the best stock and sells at low prices. The first thing to do for Christmas Is to fit up a fine cutter and let the sleigh bells jingle, and this is the winter that affords the chance. _ A Grand Holiday Opening. Monday afternoon and evening the orchestra played and everybody turned out to see the elegant display at Ehlers & Adams' and Dingley & Pugh's. The store had been handsomely decorated with evergreens and holly and was brilliantly lighted. Both firms have outdone themselves in bringing in new and elegant things for the holiday trade, and the same discriminating taste which has been displayed before is apparent this season in what they offer the public. On one side of the store is a line of elegant books, of all descriptions and prices, silver trimmed leather goods, handsome toilet sets, perfumes, etc. On the other is the biggest stock of sterling silver novel- candies, nuts, and other staples in the Santa Claus outfit. It pays our readers to keep an eve on Patterson's regular corner in THE UPPER DES MOINES and then to follow the interest his advertising inspires by straightway going to his store. Patterson will do the rest. The Spurbeck-Lnmbert Co. The new butter tub factory firm is now fully organized and J. A. Cronholm Is attending to his part of the business. The addition was made necessary by the growing territory our factory covers, too much for the original proprietors to attend to. No institution has grown more rapidly in A.I- gona than the butter tub factory and none is more deserving of Its prosperity. It now furnishes tubs to all the creameries in this part of the state, and is besides putting, in about all the new machinery. It has 17 men employed, can make 700 butter tubs a day, and has a weekly pay roll of $145. Laird's Kitchen Cabinets. The Elwell kitchen cabinet Is J. R. Laird's contribution to Algona's holiday display. It will hold more family groceries, dishes, and furnish more room for work than 10 cupboards, and costs but little more than one. It is the iness houses, stone homes in Algona. churches, and fine Now while it prob- ' that many railway companies quietly put their tickets into scalper's hands to he sold at cut rates, thereby beating ' competitors. Col. Hepburn stated that 95 per cent; ! bf i the ; 'pa88'enger tickets on some lines were disposed of to scalpers. The law will stop this kind of competition in passenger rates, but this is a kind of competition that benefits but few, and that does not go to the solution of the railway passenger fare prob- : 'lem. Dispensing with It will not only not injure the general traveling public, but will be a step in the direction of a general reduction in rates, if the public follows it up. The sentiment is growing that competition will not solve the problems of transportation, and that an enforced pool under wise public regulation is the only satisfactory outcome. The railway business should be given exclusively to railway men. • Then the public should set limits be> yond which charges cannqt go. >V *yf-' M,-: r^-V/. : M _^_ M __ MHB ^i > b^"J«ii^-^«^^! GOV. SHAW'S able speech at Rochest- • er, N. Y., is open to the criticism that - so many currency reform speeches are , these days, in that it fails to specify - exactly what currency reform the country ought to adopt. The public 1 hae.'gplten f.a_r enpugh along in the dis- • *•* t~*.:Kn'*Ma.'.t>iiaAv- fnn Bneolfic Ol'OPOB- ably benefits the residents of Kossuth to have a big fine city at the foot of Lake Michigan it benefits them immeasurably more to have a big pushing trading center at their own county seat. Everybody understands this, for if anyone could Insure every buyer in Kossuth a saving of 25 per cent, if they would all buy everything in Chicago not a man in the county would agree to do It. The value of land depends upon a live local market. The pleasure of living depends upon healthy local towns. But no one could assure the people of Kossuth any saving even if they would all agree to join together and buy in Chicago. The " low prices" of city bargains are a trick of shrewd advertising and a trick of shrewd selling. If a man knows what he wants and knows qualities he can get bargains in the city. But the average profits in the city are higher than in Algona, as anyone can readily see by reflecting a moment, and can readily find out by buying. A store room the size of our Algona stores costs Gunther for his candy business In Chicago$50,000 a year rent. Advertising in the Chicago dailies costs 40 cents a line an issue, over $5 an inch, over $600 a page. THE UPPER DES MOINES will guarantee to prove to anyone that better bargains are now offered in Algona than in Chi- falling for two years and can get no relief. He has been one of Estherville's leading business men for many years. Congressman Dolliver has appointed Geo. H. Lorreln postmaster at Humboldt. He was not an aspirant and the appointment was a surprise. It is said, however, that he will make a good Nasby. Judge Quarton held with the John Paul lumber company In Its appeal against the raise in assessment at Armstrong. The town authorities doubled the company's assessed valuation. The case will be appealed. Bailey says the Titonka railway can't run a train fast enough to ever catch a cow, and If they didn't have a cow catcher on both ends there would be specific propos ' als. The bankers at -Baltimore proposed a plan some years ago that was soon shown to be inadequate, and now Comptroller Dawes has disposed of the Indianapolis plan effectually. What is this new currency that will be sufficient in quantity and quality and that will 8tan,d the str,aln of such an export of -goi'd as marked the closing year of the Harrison administration without a tremor In the business' world? Gov. 'Shaw assured them at Rochester that with an ideal currency the American dollar would displace the English ppund sterling ae the money counter of •Bommeree. It is worthy of note that tbe English themselves credit the supremacy of their P»« Dd sterling to -their commercial policy rather than to - their monetary system, and it is also worthy of «Qte$at J&P S^W f ai ^ three years ago'tbat the currency eye- tern of t'fte United States io, with a few ***** . * «5 _ ^L ~_« " m* «/%*•! rtW '4f\ ^.VlO.f. oranges,' superior cago, and a lower average of prices for the same goods. The moral is "buy in Algona." If everybody will buy at home it will beat a new railway for a boomer, land within 20 miles will go up $5 an acre, everybody will be on the lump, and that alone makes and keeps good times. . And the more we boom the better the home prices will be and the better the goods will be that are sold. _______________ NEWS AND COMMENT. The Cedar Rapids Republican has gotten up a handsome souvenir edition of Congressman Cousin's address on Iowa day at the Qmaha exposition. Col. Rigby, the Iowa organizer of the Indianapolis bank money scheme, was able to muster SB people at the Des Moines "mass meeting." Even these 86 were not unanimous about what they wanted. The Emmetsburg Democrat is not easily cast down. During the campaign it said Anderson would beat Dolliver. Now it BaysJDolliver's majority of 7,403 is a virtual defeat. At this rate the Democrat can always win, with the cheerful acquiescence of all republicans. The Des Moines Capital offers a wise and timely suggestion: If Uncle Sam goes out of thejbanking business it would be well enough to keep the banks out of the by to nothing to hinder the cows from walking right Into cars and eating the passengers all up. Emmetsburg Tribune: Titonka, the new town In Kossuth county, Is supposed to be about the busiest spot in that big county just now. The sound of the hammer and saw is continually heard there. Every indication points to Titonka being a good business point. Hampton Recorder: Those from abroad In attendance at the funeral services of F. B. Marble were his brother, Geo. E. Marble, and brother-in-law, Mr. Toothman, of Burt, Kossuth county. Mr. Marble was with his brother during the last week of his sickness. Livermore Gazette: Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson were here from Algona over Sunday to visit at the Norton home. It was a sort of a farewell family reunion, as Mr. and Mrs. Norton may go to California soon. * * * Will Brunson and family of Algona visited with Glen Brunson over Sunday. Down at the Wright county tax sale Doug Filkins of Eagle Grove and M. H. Austin ran things up into the sky. On one piece from offering to pay the tax for the one-thousandth of the tract offered, the bidders jumped to billionths, and it was finally sold to M. H. Austin for one-eighth of one vigitil- lion—a particle too small to have any actual existence. put prices on his stock that will again jam his store. His big full page "ad." in this issue will not be missed by anybody and the prices quoted in It speak for themselves. THE UPPER DES MOINES is also printing 3,000 posters for Mr. Taylor to further announce what he is doing. Mr. Taylor buys right and buys what the people want. Then he had rather sell a lot of goods at a small profit than to sell a few goods at a big profit. Holiday visitors will not miss Taylor's. Doxseo's Holiday Hardware. Everybody has become acquainted with the Doxsee hardware store and knows that he keeps fine cutlery and such things that make nice holiday presents. Mr. Doxsee has been doing a big business the past year, first because he aims to get the best quality in everything and second because he tells the public about it. His Stransky enameled ware is one item. This is imported from Germany and is the best made and it will wear, as THE UPPER DES MOINES can truthfully testify for has tried It. .Doxsee has also been putting in a lot of the new heating plants this season and does fine plumbing. The new drawing for his $50 steel range is to come soon. ties', silver sets, watches, and jewelery which Dingley & Pugh have ever brought to Algona, and that means one of the biggest stocks in northern Iowa. It is needless to urge our readers to visit this store. They have already decided to do that. Perfumery at Studley's. Besides all the other novelties in the way of books and toys, etc., a complete line of fine perfumeries is the attraction at the Studley store. Every high grade perfume sold is represented in his stock and can be bad In bulk, or In bottles from 10 cents to as many dol- lurs. Many beautiful novelties In the way of bottles are shown, some of them very rich in Bohemian and cut glass, and some of them very attractive In the cheaper grades. Studley has_ centered his forces on an elegant line of perfumes, with their attendant bottles, atomizers, etc., etc., all of the most reliable makes, and it cannot fail to prove a great attraction to all who want something elegant and' useful for the holidays. At Norton's. There isn't much to be said for coal and storm windows as Christmas presents, but what after all would the holidays be In this country without both. It don't pay to put off getting either until the holidays. Get both in stock before the celebration begins and then the enjoyment of all the rest follows. And while one Is getting It it Is profitable and pleasant to look at Norton's advertisement which suggests some good bargains. Kraft's Seven Stores. The Kraft brothers started out to own seven big clothing stores in Iowa, the Alffona store being the fifth. Last ideal piece of furniture for the kitchen, and any woman who gets one will think she is having two Christmases in one. Besides this Laird is making a general reduction in the prices of all his large stock of furniture. Mrs. Galbraith'a Chicago Selections. Mrs. Geo. L. Galbralth is now in Chicago buying holiday novelties for the Galbralth store, and the new goods are arriving dally. The Galbralth store has been making some very low prices the past two weeks and has done a big business. During the next two weeks it will keep up Its cut rate sale besides offering the freshest and newest things to be fonnd in the city. The Galbralths have been in Algona so long that everybody knows the excellent qualities of their stock, and everybody will visit their store before buying. NEWS NOTES. are*t Britain, by ppinipn that* is versed in government business. We mean to say this that men who are selfish enough keep the endless chain going when the government is in distress trying to maintain the gold standard are not exactly the men to be trusted with everything pertaining to the currency. Congressman Dolliver and his brother Victor have opened a law office in Fort Dodge. Victor has returned from Minneapolis and will attend to the business of the firm. Al. Adams asks how, tf the average southern white Is as dangerous as THE Up- I'jsB DBS MOINBB says, the Charleston News ftu4 Courier could s»y what it did and es- pape being raided- The Charleston News and Courier is published in one of the larg er cities and is a big and influential paper. But »one pf the ftverftge weeklies of Carolina pr North Carolina either couW The school children of Iowa contributed about $1,500 to the fund for the erection In Paris of a monument to Lafayette. The executive committee of the state fair association will present a bill to the government for $2,942.50 for damages to the property while the soldiers were mobolized on the fair grounds. The Chicago Record says: Howard's theater is being crowded this week by people eager to see the Cherry sisters. They have emerged again from their rural home near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they have this season a variety company of their own, Including such performers as Harry Fitzgerald, Gushing and Merrill and Perry and Imhof. Their performance seems greatly to entertain the audiences. The postal clerk in a Philadelphia substation glanced at a letter a lady had just handed to him, smiled and turned to the reporter who was standing near. " I'll tell you a little fable," said the clerk. "Once there was a woman who wrote a letter to her dressmaker, who was then staying in a suburban town, asking her to come some time next week, and she put ' In haste' on the envelope, as women do, thinking she'd make Uncle Sam hitch up his breeches and get an additional move on him. The collecting carrier accidentally noticed the 'In haste' on the envelope, so he carefully placed It in the bottom of his bag, where it slipped into a hole in the lining and stayed there three days. When the clerk at the postoffice saw it he laughed painfully and elbowed the letter off his desk so that it fell into a basket and remained there three days. The postmaster of the suburban town smiled mournfully when be saw it, and then accidentally put it into the box of a farmer who drove to town for his mail once every three days. And when the dressmaker got the letter it was the week after next. Yes, It would, surprise you to know how many women put' Jn ftaste' pn their letters with the idea that Uncle Sam tben hitches up his breeches and gets a move on him." DON'T be persuaded into taking something said to be just like Rooky Mount tain Tea. There is nothing made or sold like ife. It alone ia nature's wonder. 4sk ypur druggist. Bowyer's Chicago Trip. E. G. Bowyer went into Chicago this season and picked out his holiday stock. He got the popular things that are selling in the city, and his sterling silver trimmed goods are his leader. He brought on a lot of cut glass pepper and salt and some salve boxes with sterling silver tops, that he marked at 15 and 10 cents each and that have gone like hot cakes. Mr. Bowyer prides himself on haying done business in Algona 21 years, with a growing reputation for handling good goods. He says u when you buy of Bowyer you know'it's right." The Vincent Novelty Store. T. J. Vincent has been doing a good business at his "Kash Savin Stor" eyer since he opened it and already he is recognized as one of the established merchants of Algona. He knew what was wanted in a toy and novelty store when he bought his stock, and he has added a fine holiday selection which fills his ample room. He has everything in the line of novelties that can be found in market and could make up a hundred typical Santa Claus packs without clearing his shelves. Mr. Vincent is a pleasant man to do business with and has the toys that will please the children. year Chas. Kraft told THE UPPER DES MOINES that the store here had done the -second best business of the lot, and they have their seven. By buying for seven stores at once in big quantities they get special bargains, and besides that they know the clothing business. Jos. Misbach, who manages the business in Algona, Is a popular salesman and is a partner in the business. He is adding a special sale as an inducement to trade in Algona, and his prices speak for themselves. Gunthor's Candles at Walker's. The Walker Bros, store is known everywhere for the elegant candies it keeps always. For the holidays it has a special stock. There is nothing better than Gunther's made, and 'you' can buy it as cheap as you can cheap candy. Walkers also have groceries fit for the holidays, and dishes fit to eat them in. Brownell's Dolls. The Brownell shoe store is giving away a handsome doll with every $2.50 purchase, and also putting a price upon a stock of fine goods that will sell, Mr. Brownell has given Algona an elegant city shoe store and crrries as complete an assortment as can be found In cities twice the size. It is said to be a feat to fit the foot but that is what Mr. Brownell guarantees to do, and well fitted feet will do more to make the holidays pleasant than more finery higher up. Free Silver at Langdon & Hudson's. TheLangdon & Hudson store is going to give away silyer ware. That will be an easy way for everybody to .have a Christmas present without being out of pocket. POLITICAL NOTES. at us- The Latest Books at Sheetz.' The fame of the Sheetz Holiday Emporium that it enjoyed so many years under Dr. Sheetz' management will not be lessened any during this holiday season, for both in fine goods and in toys the display beats that of former years. Under H. N. Moore's management books are the leader, and some beautiful editions of the standard authors are being sold at very low figures. But a specialty is made of the late books, those new this year, and everything worth while that has come out can be found. A big sale has been enjoyed already, but new copies are added constantly to the stock. Any book on the market will be got for anybody free of extra cost on three days' notice. Mrs. Sbeetz is assisting in the holiday work and her excellent taste is manifest as in past years in the selection of many of the fine goods for which people always go to Sheetz.' JDurdall's Bis Clothing Sale, When the Durdall clothing stock was put in Algona there were many predictions that so big a store could not pay in a town of this size. But severa" years have passed and Mr. Durdall has not only carried as la»ge a stock as he started out with, but has added to i and now has as big a stock of ready made clothing as can be found in Des Moines. He has been able to do this by drawing trade from a wide territory and the only way to do that is first to keep a high grade of goods and second to make low prices on them. Durdall'i big sales put bargains in the reach o the people they cannot better in Chi cage, and one of these sales will add to the inducements of holiday week. tar Christina*. Santa Glaus would be a fake withou sleigh bells, and, lap robes, and a nice Grove's Crockery Sale. The holidays also are observed Grove & Son's. Groye & Son's is ually headquarters for staple groceries cheap for cash, but the festivities of the season call for something extra and they have some handsome cameo ware, hand painted china, lamps, etc., etc., besides ornamental chamber sets, jar- diniers, anjl staple crockery. Hamilton's Timely Essay. The best piece of literature in this paper, and one of the best that has ever ppeared in any paper, is J. A. Hamil- on's little editorial on advertising. le says all that can be said, says it as vell as it can be said, says it from the ieller'8 standpoint. Everybody in Alona agrees with what he says, notice ;hese columns and be convinced. Of course judicious advertising pays, and "judicious" In our opinion means advertising In THE UPPER DES MOINES. Candles at Rosewall's. C. N. Rosewall in his few months in Algona has become the baker of the town and his bread is sold in all the neighboring towns. He also has candies, 75 varieties for the holiday trade, and cookies and cakes. Lamps at Gllmore's. Haviland china, Dresden china, cut glass and all kinds of new and stylish lamps are the leaders at Gilmore's corner grocery, and nothing makes a handsomer or more acceptable present than an elegant lamp. It will pay the readers of this column to include the corner store in their holiday circuit, and if they buy one of Gilmore's lamps they will never regret it for they will get the best goods at the lowest price. Goeder's Ble Sale. Three scattered announcements in this issue call attention to the special features of the big clearing sale at John Goeder's store. A $20,000 stock is being put on the market at special prices, and everybody knows that Goeder's goods are right and his reductions in price are bona fide. His show window is full of handsome ribbons that are all going for almost nothing. A special handkerchief sale is also a holiday feature. John Goeders began in Algona as a clerk for Earley, and he has come to be one of our lead- Ing merchants by keeping honest goods and by doing exactly what he says. Special Features at Patterson's. A big discount sale on crockery is Jas. Patterson's contribution to the inducements offered this week to trade in ,sual a full 'or Christ Carroll Herald: As we read the inside history of the Santiago campaign the ponderosity of Gen. Shatter grows beautifully less. As a character in history Shatter won't be as big as Tom Thumb. C. G. McCarthy, auditor of state, has announced that he will be a candidate for the republican nomination for congressman from the Seventh district to succeed Congressman Hull, who has announced his intention to withdraw. In Massachusetts they have no circle on the head of the Australian ballot, and at the recent election In the city of Boston out of a total vote of ( 72,000, 4,222 voters lost their votes because of mistakes made In marking their ballots. The Creston Gazette observes that the opinion of nine out of ten members of congress is that there is no occasion for an extra session, adding: But this does not seem to satisfy a great many of the statesmen out of congress who never will be and never ought to be in congress. The Sioux City Journal's Washington correspondent says: The Iowa delegation were all present in the house today. As a rule they are very well satisfied with the position which the president takes in his message on the financial question, and if any member of the delegation is anxious that an extra session of congress shall be held in the spring for the purpose of considering financial questions he has not yet expressed himself to that effect. "Currency reform is badly needed," said Representative Lacey of Iowa in Washington this week, "and this government should be put on a gold basis. I believe the next congress will do tins in the most flat-footed manner. While the sound money men are agreed on this proposition, there are many details which are yet to be decided. The question will be fully discussed and by the meeting of the Fifty-sixth congress in its first regular session some plan will be evolved on which a majority can unite, It will take time and many new schemes will be brought forward and cast aside, as was done in the case ol the Baltimore plan since some one fired a 13-inch shell through it. An extra session of congress is not-necessary to carry out this plan, and many people imagine because congress Is not in^sefj; sion no progress Is being made. Algona. Patterson line of candles andtr/ i Of as trees, on(1 »•' and tment of is not true, and during the summer tne members will have a chance to study the question and be ready to get down to work, as it is generally conceded that legislation of this character will be taken up at the regular session ol the next congress. It should be placed beyond the power of any chief executive to entirely disarrange the monetary system of the government, and while at present there is no danger oi this sort, because the country is m » healthy condition, and both the presh dent and vice-president are sound money men, laws should be passed whion would make it impossible for this government to be placed in a position where only one man stood between » and the upsetting of the monetary system, »3 was the case during the administration." ¥ if,

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