The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 5
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THE tTPWMt MM MOMES: AtXaONA IOWA. WEDNESDAY ever See 9 snow hi summer? We never did; but we have seen the clothing at this time of the year so covered with dandruff that it looked as if it had been out In a regular snowstorm. No^tteed of this snowstorm. As the summer sun would melt the falling snow so will Draft of Peace Compact Is Finally Completedt PROTEST OF MONTERO RI08, He Asltg That Spnln'ft Contracts 111 Cntm, with GuarnntleB, Be Taken Over— America Will Investigate All Sncti Bnslnegg Denlluc*. melt these flakes of dandruff in the scalp. It goes further than this: it prevents their formation. It has still other properties: it will restore color to gray hair in just ten times out of every ten cases. And it does even more: it feeds and nourishes the roots of the hair. Thin hair becomes thick hair; and short hair becomes long hair. We have a book on the Hair and Scalp. It is yours, for the asking. If you do not obtain all tbo bonpflts yon expected from tho me of tho Vigor, writo the doctor about It. 1'robably there la some difficulty with your general system which may be easily re- movea. Address, DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell. Mass. We could acquire all foreign languages in the time given to gossiping in our own. A catalogue of 300 prizes suitable io every taste and condition mailed ou inquiry. Prizes given for saving Dia- 'mond "C" Soap wrappers. Address Cudahy Soap Works, South Omaha, Neb. The list contains many seasonable and suitable holiday gifts. Helieve in the badness .of men ami you will have charming surprises; believe in their goodness and you will have bitter deceptions. Michigan has 309 log school houses. $ Try Qrain=0! I Try Grain=0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show you a package of GBAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it -without injury as -well aa the adult. All -who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee , Insist that your grocer gives you GRAIN-O Accept no Imitation. Paris, Dec. 12.—Late Friday afternoon Secretary Moore, of the American commission, and Senor Villaurrutia, who is acting secretary of the Spanish commission during the absence of Senor Ojeda, the regular secretary, who is still suffering from the effects of hie cold, completed the drafting of the vrealy of peace by dividing some of the articles for the sake of clearness. The vreaty will consist of seventeen articles instead of fourteen, as was at one time contemplated. It will undoubtedly be signed today, the hour depending upon the completion of the engrossing. At the close of the last meeting of the joint peace commission Senor Montero Rios, president of the Spanish commission, made a statement, which, though not technically so, was virtually a protest against the rejection of certain propositions made by the Spaniards. Among the propositions he thus indicated was one for tho recognition of existing contracts for public works in the ceded territories, ami another Cor the delivery to the Spaniards of the sums deposited in the public treasury caja de depositions, as guaranties for the fulfillment of these contracts and other public engagements. The American attitude can be best described as a refusal to accept the contracts without Investigations, some of the Weyler contracts being possibly queer ones. It was declared that the United States government, In a spirit of justice, will return all guarantee moneys to the. persons legally entitled to the same. The material on which the treaty is based consists, first, of the articles indicated in the protocol; second, of subsidiary articles made up of a large number of Spanish proposals, and third, an American list accepting some of these articles nnd rejecting others, and a series of counter proposals from the Americans, which the Spaniards accepted en bloc. The number of articles resulting from a careful checking of the above documents proved to be seventeen. The American commissioners, while preserving strict secrecy as to the actual text of the articles of the treaty, ,are at no pains to disguise their gratification at the successful conclusion of their labors. As a matter of diplomatic etiquette the contents of the important document will not be revealed before it has reached the hands of the president and the senate. <Jueim Regent Officially Informed. Madrid, Dec. 12.--Premier Sagasta has officially informed the queen regent of the result of the proceedings of the Paris peace conference. The attitude of Senor Montero Rios, chairman of the Spanish commission, is lauded everywhere. It is considered that it is due to him that the Americans accepted documents which were rejected by them at a previous conference. Senor Sagasta appears to be satisfied with the political declarations of Gon. Weyler and Senor Romero Robledo. THE WEE ONE'S WISHES. I \visht 1 was n tlrate hip king, '' ^ The bigfres' ever seen! , 'En nights"»at wasn't Tris'mas eva I'd make 'em Hallowe'en. An' 'en I'd go an' tell my pa: ''See here, you. pa!" I'd say, "Now, yon just dare to call me in When I go out to play !' 1 I wisht A i was A king! I wisht I was a drate big king, I'd buy some tickets so 'At I eoiild seo the circus, an' I dess I'd let pn go. But ef he made me study ill My jogrgcrfy I jus' Would leave him homes 't:uise like as not- He'd asTRervatn an' fuss— I wish I I \Vi\S A king! I wlsht I was a drate V,;,' king, I know what I'd do with A l>oy that always chases mo, His mime is Bobby Smith: I'd buy a bip nwliccman's club, A dog. an' 'en a gun. An' 'en I'd say to Bobby Smith: ''You dasn't make mo run !" I wisbt I was A king! I wislit I was a drato bitf king, I'd brine my mamma here: I'n says she's up 'ore in the skies,' An' 'en he culls nio "near:" His eyes gets full of tears, too, 'En'be don't, speak at all; I doss I'd go nn' get my ma Ef I was not so small— I wish I I was A king! — Baltimore American. LITERARY NOTES. RUSSIA ABSORBING CHINA. toint Britlfth nml 'Atn»rlc«n Afctlcri t» Strongly t'j-geil. Shanghai, Dec. 10.—John Barrett, formerly United States minister to Slam, has returned here after visiting 'eking and principal Chinese ports. He says the situation in China is ol he most critical nature, and that Man- :huria is no longer Chinese, but Russian territory. He asserts that New- Chwang, the chief northern .port for the movement of American products, IK also practically Russian and is liable to he closed any day. The only permanent safeguard to the paramount American and British interests, Mr. Barrett says, is immediate and nnitetl action by tile Interested governments to dpfend the territory of the Chinese empire, to enforce reforms in the government, to prevent further cessions of ports and provinces and to insist upon the "open door" policy in all ports of China, including the spheres' of influence claimed by Russia, Germany, and France. Otherwise, Mr. Barrett contends, the impending partition of tho Chinese empire will seriously curtail the field of trade by disastrously affecting American and British Influence in Asia. she Wo«»t<l —If a rich old matt on the edge of the grave should propose tw yon, tvoviljl you throw him over? Marie—Not tihtil alter I had mar ried him. UK II con A Trains to fttin Slotvftr. Railroad officials claim that'll is very expensive to run their express trains, and are talking about reducing the speed. It is likewise expensive to the health to struggle nnd compete irt business affairs rts meti do now a' days. The whole system gives out. For restoring strength "Hosteller's Stomach Hitters is the proper remedy. Me who hesitates is last. He who never hesitates hasn't heen found, either. TO CUKE A COM) «T ONE DAT Tako Laxative tiromo Quinine Tablets. All clnigftlsts refund UIP money If it, falls to euro. 2Bc. Tho Rpriilnn 1'ii.x 1... H O. on each tablet. Chirac" Honril of Tr.»de. Chicago, Dec. 9.—Tho following table shows the range of quotations on the Hoard of Trndo to-day:: __ -Clbsing^— Dec.St.Dec.8. High. Low. It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup fl.H>H7ii WhnoninaCoudh. BroncnitijanuRsinma. A^rtSin cure for Consumption in first stages, 2nd a sure relief In adva n ced)uaes. Use at once. You will see the excellent eflect alter taking|th» first dose? Sold by dealers everywhere. Urge bpttleyjjBjeiits and 80 cents. ' n a VI* UT secured ormnrj nil Swell free. PATENT Coll»mer & Co. 1234 F et.,WMU. P.O. To Koleuse Spanish Prisoners. Washington, Dec. 12.— The navy department has received advices from Admiral Dewey and Gen. Otis showing marked improvement in the condition and growth of a better spirit among the natives of the Philippines. This fact is particularly gratifying, as the United States government is already giving consideration to the best means at hand to redeem tho pledge it will be placed under by the treaty of Paris to secure tho release of the Spanish prisoners held by the Philippine natives. There are about 500 of these clerical prisoners. _ •Culm niuy PK.V the llebt. Washington, Dec. 12.— It is reported nere that the Paris treaty will contain a provision pledging the United States to co-operate with France and Spain to compel the Cuban government when established to make an honorable and satisfactory adjustment of the Cuban war debt. It .is impossible to verify the report or to obtain any information on the subject from official sources. OrTKay's Renovator, itlputlon, liver and kidney diseases biliousness, liouduclies.etc. At druBB'^, 8S» undJUlU. ___ NEW DISCOVERY; Bend o ? quick relief nnd cures worst ook of testimonials and IO days' Getyqur Pension DOUBLE QUICK , O'PARRELL, Pension Agent, -. CURE YQURSElft Use Big O for unnatural discharges, iollimiuiutloua, Irritations of IUUPOUS wewtiranos. got W> iwi couiniou. Paiulcas, and »ot ttstdu THEEVAH8 CHEMIOfllOO. «o»t or poisonous apper. d, for .,.7a. Circular sent 011 r<xjueBb To <jult Cuba ,Jau. 4. Madrid, Dec. 12. — The government announces that it hopes to- finish the repatriation of the Spanish army in Cuba by Jan. 4. _ Second Illinois JCmbarkH. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 12.— The soldiers of the Second Illinois regiment left Friday night on the transport Michigan bound for Marianao, near Havana. Lieut. -Col. Hotchklss is in command, in the absence of Col. Moulton. Nineteen men of the command were left behind In the hospital. When they recover sufiiciently they will follow the regiment to Cuba on one of the transports. Uutvbery lu the Traiinviiul. London, Dec. 12.— -The Cape Town correspondent of the Daily Mail sends a telegram asserting that the Trans- vail troops have committed wholesale butcheries of women and children and unarmed natives i» the campaign against the rebel chief, Mpefu. No Cairo, Pec, 12,—A native newspaper says tUftt the government ha§ decided to prohibit the sale of aJcohpliy liquors in the Soudan. Theodore Koosevelt, to whom the American navy is so much indebted for the service he rendered it while assistant secretary of the navy, shows in the December number of the North American Review how the efficiency of the navy cnn be greatly enhanced. This is the first article' by Colonel Roosevelt published since his election to the governorship of New York. Ainslpc's Magazine for December u a Christinas number nt once seasonable and refreshing. Anthony Hope contributes the tirst dialogue, he has written since he finished bis famous "Dolly Dialogues." lion. Calvin S. Hi-ice furnishes a most instructive and interesting article under tbe, title, "An American Conquest in China." .).' 1/incoln StelVens writes with force and insight on "Tho Real Roosevelt." F. Hopkinson Smith contributes his new story, "A Kentucky Cinderella," to tbe Christmas Ladies' Home .Journal. It is a sweet little romance, charmingly told by an old-time colored "mammy," who. in her way, is as interesting and delightful a character as "Colonel Carter of Cartcrsville." another creation of Mr. Smith's graceful pen. i An interesting popular study on plant physiology, under tho title "Light and Vegetation. 1 ' will appeal- in Appleton's Popular Science Monthly for December. The author, Prof. D. MaeDougall, of the University of Minnesota, is one of the best known botanists of the United States. Herbert S. Stone & Company, Chicago and New York, have recently published "Gloria Mundi," by Harold: Frederic, author of ''The Damnation of Theron Ware," "In the Valley," ,"The Copperhead," etc. The recent death of Mr. Frederic has called forth • the unanimous praise of the critics for his work. "Theron Ware," or "Illumination," as it was culled in England, is ranked among tbe few i-eally great American novels. "Gloria Mundi" is Mr. Frederic's first serious work since tliis great success. It occupied his' attention almost until the. day of his death, and, therefore, represents his latest effort. Three large editions were Hold before publication. The books sell at Sl.f>0 each. Another book just issued by the same company is a second collection of the best short stories fiom the Chap-Book. Many well-known names arc included in the table of contents, nnd the volume will undoubtedly meet with the success which was accorded to the first volume of the series on its appearance two years ago.. Second series, JOmo. Cloth, S3.35. Some stories from the experience of a famous hunter, in hunting tigers on elephants; some stories from tho experience of a telegraph operator and train-despatcher; and a story of the men of the Government secret service, will give a good relish of sulventure to the •December number of McClure's Magarine, Outing' for December is up to the usual high standard of this justly popular magazine of gentlemanly sport and pastime. Notable features include: "A New Brunswick Moose." "The Yarn of the Tampa," "TheCollie and the Sheep Dog," "From the Selmylkill to the Potomac. Awheel," "With Quail Among the Cotton," and "Golf and the American Girl." The Christmas Number of The Art Interchange is an especially beautiful issue, and bears an appropriate and attractive cover showing Raphael's long lost "Madonna of the Candelabra." A fine engraving' of another great picture (serves us frontispiece, being tho little-known "Madonna of the Fish," from,the Madrid-Gallery, Then there is Murillo's charming picture of child life, showing "Christ and the Child St. John, 1 ' also from Madrid, as well as groups of pictures from the Munger bequest to the Art Institute at Chicago, and the prize pictures from the Pittsburg Exhibition. A physician (says the Chicago Times- Herald) had a patient, a womap, who was anxious to adopt a girl child. At last he found for her a little girl' who came of good, hardy peasant stock, the mother being a Swede. "Oh, I can't adopt a Swedish child," said the woman, ''for as soon as she grew big enough she wovild be sure to Kay, 'Veil, I tank I trow up my yob and go home.'" After Disraeli had become prime minister for the first time in 1874, his old traveling companion, Clay, tho whist player, met him in tho house of commons and said to him: "VVeil, Mr. Disraeli, when you and I traveled together, some years ago. who would have ever thought that you would be a prime minister?" "Who, indeed?" .? .1)3% $ .02% ?. .GBV4 .0-1% .33 .33% .34'i .26 .(>•!% .03% .32% .33% .34 .ti3% .ti5Mi .32% .33% .34 </s .25% .25% Articles— Wheat- Dec. . May . July . Corn — Dec. . May . July . Oats- Dec. . May . Pork- Dec Jan. . May . Lard— Dsc ............... 4.97'A Jan. .. 5.07'/j 5.05 5.07^ May .. 5.25 5.22^ 5.25 Short Ribs- Due Jan. .. 4.57V2 4.55 May .. 4.75 1.70 7.95 !).20 n.12Vi 9.20 9.421,4 D.37>{. 9.42V6 4.40 4.55 4.72M: .l!4Tfe .63% -33 .33% .34V3 7.90 9..17M: 9.40 5.00 5.07Vij 6.22V.. 4.40 4.55 4.72^ Sarah Uernhardt. in 1873, earned $HO a month. During the last five years her average earnings have been $100,000 a year. Soap that's all soap—Diamond "0" Soap. The capitol of Now York state has • been thirty-four years in process of construction, and is not yet completed. My doctor suid I. would die. but Piso's Cure for Consumption cured me.--Amos Kclncr. Cherry Valley, Ills., Nov. 'JH, '05. A woman's idea of real pleasure is to have two telegrams come in succession when the family next door arc all silling out on the" porch and they don't speak. a Vnncli'l-llp on Porto Itltio. New York, Doc. 10.—A dispatch to the Herald from Port Antonio, Jamaica, says: "AsHistant Secretary of the Treasury Vanderlip hus conic to Jamaica to make a comparative study. Jamaica being in the same latitude and the condition of the natives being similar ,this work will he easy. He found that the Porto Ricans are hardly capable just yet of .self-government. Outlaws will give .the American authorities much trouble. The Porto Ricans, however, welcome American rule. Mr. Vanderltp says tho tariff on foreign imported goods is too high, and he will recommend a reduction." ' Jv'mv .Sewor-I'ipo ComlHne. Slenhenville, Ohio, Dec. 10.—The scheme of V. L. Tappscott of New York to form a sewer pipe trust having failed, Col. W. H. Eastland of Toronto hay proposed a sales agency combine which shall have the handling of tho i in Ciinnot ]}<• (Jured by local applications, as they cannot reach tho diseased portion of tho oar. There IH onlv one wny to cxivo Deafness, and that Is iiy constitutional remedies. Deulucss Is caused by an inflamed condition of (lie mucous lining' of tho Kustiichiun Tube. AVhon tliis tube is inllnmcd you nuvi; a rumbling sound or Imperfect heaving, nnd when It is entirely-closed Dcufnctm IB tilts result, and unless tho Infliinimntion fiin bo taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out ot ton are. caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. \Vo will pivo One Hundred Dollars for any case ot Deafness (caused by cntnrrhl Unit cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Guru. Send for circulars, free. V. 3. CHENKY St, CO., Toledo, O. Hold by Druggists, 75n. Hairs Family Pills aro the host. You can't judge books by the covers -{•specially after the shortage has been discovered. The heart, of a wonitui never grows old: \vliiMi it has ceased to love it has censed to live Sweet and clean aro clothes washed with Diamond^ "C" Soap. A pneumatic corset, for the use of women learning to swim, has been invented. Lord TMeasington, the husband of the celebrated Conn toss of Blessingt.on, had a-horror ot a draught. Ho was able.—Count d'Orsay used to declare— to detect a current of air caused by the key being l«f t cross ways in the keyhole of the iloor. Mo nnd his wife and n. youth were one t lay walking n\\ the blinks of the Thames. The bov, skipping backward nnd forward, went several times dangerously close to the. edge, of the bank. "Take care, take care!" cried Lord BU'.s.s'mgton, exhibiting a degree of solicitude most unusual where another person was concerned. "For heaven's sake, mind wluit you are about, boy, or you'll certainly fall into the river." After two or three repetitions of his alarm this fashion for the lud, Lady TUB BXCEtBNCB OP SYRUP OF FIGS Is due Hot only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, bdt also to tho care atid skill with which it Is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALtFOhNiA FiO SrBtfP Co. only, and we wish to impress Upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA FIG ByBtfp Co. only, a knowledge of that fact Will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations tnamtfacturetl..^ other ties. The high standing -of the FOBNIA FIG SYHUP Co. with eal profession, and the satisfaction' which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes t)ic name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember tho Dame of , tho Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. SAN FKANOI80O, On!. LOIIMVIIAE. KT. TKVT YOUK.JN.Y. At this time MO great man feels thai his fame is complete until somebodj bus named a chrysanthemum aftej him. Own You Solvo TliU I'liKxIa Vori«? "A slmplo go-between am I, Without a thought of prldo: I part tho gathered thoughts of men, \ And liberally divide. 1 apt the soul of Bliakespcaro free, To Milton's thoughts slvo liberty, Bid Sidney speak with freor speech, br.t Spenser sing and Taylor preach. Though through all learning awlf.t I glide, No wisdom doth with mo abide." If you can solve the foregoing, ana send the correct answer to George H: Heaft'ovd,: General Passenger Agent/ Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, Old Colony Building, Chicago, together with a two-cent stamp, he wJU send yon what it calls for. Ittiltimorc clergymen, interviewed by the Sun of that city, generally agreed that the length of a sermon; should be from twenty to thirty minutes. '^ COO'H Cough Halmim . ' In I lie oiliest <iml hunt. It will break; jiji n c.pldflultfcM limn unyililnu clso. It In iilwnya viillttolo. ' Try It;"j i' A name is often but a shadow largOV than the man behind it. \ product of all factories, Including the fixing of prices. It Is likely the organization will be effected before Jan. 1. Manufacturers claim that sharp competition has brought prices dowu to a ruinously low figure. liiildwlii ]lnl.«l rlro Vli-tlm. San Francisco, Dec. 10.—Another body was taken from the ruins of tho Baldwin hotel late last night. Wreckers delving in the debris on the Market street side turned up a charred mass of flesh, which the morgue of- licials said was the remains of a human being. 'I here is nothing to indicate the Identity of tho corps, which • H believed to bo that of a woman. AVilllnir to Meot ftyiui. New York, Dec. 12.—Bob Fitzsimmons said Friday that he would accept Tommy Ryan's challenge to fight for the middle-weight championship if the latter would meet him at the middle-weight limit. Ryan in his defl wants to enter the ring at 154 pounds. This Fitz claims is not the limit, and he will not fight under 158 pounds. Diploma and Anu4«d Chicago Stile Co. far b«l( Slock and ll»j Scalon at Omaha *«p<M illlon. OBIelal Sealca Stock Pailllou,, Vblcato, 1808. Hnjolr« no pit. Steel Praam. Irani for Stock; ll.cUi. Stale, tor all purpout. Btl( Quality. fconcal Prleei. Warranted Angry Miidrlil ICditors. Madrid, Dec. 12.The Impflrcial publishes another 'inflammatory article on the subject of the Maine charges. The paper intimates that the explosion was the otitcome'of an intense desire "upon the part of certain factions in the United States to see the outbreak of war, which was unpopular with the majority of Americans." Treaty with Swiss Kndeil. New York, Dec. 12.—The treasury department at Washington has advised Collector Bidwell of the port of New York that the governments of the United States and Switzerland had entered into a reciprocal treaty similar to that effected between this country and France last May. nilliom Iillo at Mount Voriion. Mount Yernon, 111., Dec. 12.—Contrary to general expectations, the men employed in the Mount Vernon coal mines quit work Friday morning and refused to resume until existing differences were adjusted. The questions will be submitted to arbitration. The men demand the Springfield scale. Blessing'ton, losing patience, said: "Oh, let tho boy alone; if he docs fall into the water h« swims like a flsli." "Yes, yes," said his lordship in injured tones,'-that'sall very well; bul what, ahoni me? .1 shall catch my death of cold driving home in thu carriage with him." WESTERN CANADA PRAIRIES. Fiituro Wolfuro of tho Continent Lloa In Tliolr Fertile FleldH. Tho rapid progress that is being made in tho settlement of the fertile prairies of Western Canada is leading to the investigation of its resources by those interested in having provision made for those living in the crowded cast, for those who have been struggling for years on impoverished farms, for the renter who is unable any longer to bear up under the strain imposed by the landlord, and for the farmer who, unable to purchase farms for his sous in his own neighborhood, has to look around for lower priced lands. The investigation shows that it is impossible to meet these conditions successfully outside of Western Canada. Already millions of bushels of wheat are being grown there each year, while as many as 50,000 head of, cattle were shipped out this year. A representative of The Germania, Milwaukee, one of the leading'German papers in the United States, recently made a trip through Manitoba, Assiniboia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, where lie tho free government lands of Western Canada, and in a future Issue will appear extracts from flattering letters contributed to the Germania and other papers by their special correspondents. As an inducement for Immigrants to make their horaefMn c ana d a, tue Canadian government offers 160 acres of land frpe of cost to any settler. For further information apply to Canadian Government Agent, Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 300 Fifth St., Des Monies, Iowa. • The reason why most married men don't go out morn without their wives is because they always hate so to bti ^etl by themselves around, u, roomf ul of people and introduced to them all. Hi Wholimnli" I'rlcell UlaeUmlthn' Tooli,l'e« Setting lUelilnn, Slfei, BlejrelMt llU.Curii 8hclleri,KDglnei,DollBrt, Floiri,8eri|>fi», W In Kenre, Simon, Btddln, IInrnm«, IHlgtl'<>» Sleigh! and hundred! ofuBeful artlelei. Catalog trot, Addrtll SOiLB CO., 800 Jaebion Donletard, CblMje, 111. Atlas Company In London, Dec. 12.—-The Atlas Steamship company, believing the rights which it lias acquired ]n Nicaragua are menaced by the concession of said Disraeli; "but as they used to say I country tp the Qrace-Cragln sj when we were in the cast: 'Gad is I lias appealed to thd British, great, but now he's greater than ever.'" l w eut fw protection. Wheat Wheat Wheat "Nothing bul wheat as far as the eye could reach ou either side: what yon might call a sea of wheat," was what a lecturer speaking of Western Canada said while re« forriiig to that country. For particulars as to routes, railway fares, etc., apply to CANADIAN GOVERNMENT AGENT, ])opartmentlnterior, Ottawa, Canada,or to N. Bartholomew, Wesl Ninth Street, Des Moiues, Iowa. ONE GOOD DEALER WANTED In every town. NOXAbL, PURE MIXED PAINTS Finest and moat durable. Colors always uniform and guaranteed. ENTERPRISE PAINT MFG. CO,, i Maker*, Chicago. WHAT TO EAl 18 A SERIOUS QUESTION n ' FLOUR \ WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM, | t I, Abfolutelj P«r« Try It. It Speaks For Itself. Your Grocer Keep»i DRi KAY'S LUNG BALM »n' W, N, UV Pes Moln^B. Nosi.—l«98« When Htjvswcnnfl Advertisements Mention This Taper. As 0 Poker Stiff 9 As a Boil So PC — from a cold. Warm up with a rub of ST. JACOBS OIL. It drives out the Cold and Cures, •*WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE CiREAT 8AVIN0 PSSUJ-T8 FROM THIS USE QP

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