The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California on November 29, 1913 · Page 5
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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California · Page 5

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1913
Page 5
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The Call's Real Estate Section Story of Havenscourt Is Most Wonderful One of the East Bay McElroy memorial fountain, Lakeside park, Oakland. The story of the transformation of a 170 acre field right in the city of Oakland into a community of homes, with its own park, railroad station and civic center, is one of the business romances of the west. This is the story of Havenscourt. One hundred and seventy acres make a big piece of land. If Havenscourt were laid down in San Francisco it would extend from the ferry building to the St. Francis hotel, and from Alarket street to Bush street. The reason that this big piece of land in the heart of residential Oakland was not developed before is because it was owned by an estate —the Pope estate of San Francisco. This estate would not sell It except as a whole, and, naturally. It took a financially strong- organization to buy it. That is the reason that while Oakland has grown up for miles beyond Havenscourt. This property up to a little more than a year ago was simply a high lying level field. Then Wickham Havens, Incorporated, the largest real estate concern on the east side of the bay, tackled the proposition, and the transformation has been marvelous. "Within the boundaries of Havenscourt there are 21 miles of streets and sidewalks. Where a little more than a year ago a herd of cattle ranged over this fertile field, today are broad, well built macadam aver: led splendid concrete walks, beautiful homes springing up on every hand, little parks filled with brilliant flowers and well kept lawns. During the year the Southern Pacific railway, recognizing the tremendous future of this, the warmest, sunniest part of Oakland, has pushed forward at top speed its new electric line, giving the best possible express train service to San Francisco and the heart of Oakland. Eighty-one trains stop daily at Havenscourt sta- Around the Havenscourt station of Southern Pacific electric line is the civic center, where there will be banks, theaters, restaurants, groceries, markets —all the busy life reeded to supply the wants of 10,000 people who will occupy the surrounding district, which is entirely restricted to residences. Havenscourt alone is capable of supporting a population of 7,500 people, being a mile long and half a mile in width. Havenscourt is, in fact, a city within a city, being complete within itself and having within its borders all that Is necessary to make life worth while. No houses can be built there that ere ugly or unsightly. No African or oriental can live Within the boundaries of Havenscourt. The task of transforming 170 acres of land into a city of homes is a . stupendous one. Every day in the past months great gangs of men and teams, with all sorts of excavating machines, steam rollers and ditch diggers have been at work. Today there are four miles of the finest oil-macadam pavements. There are six miles of concrete sidewalks, seven miles of sewers, and seven miles of water mains have been completed—more than many large towns and county seats in California can boast. * And besides these there are other large engineering features. A concrete aqueduct eight feet in diameter and nearly a mile in length has been constructed by Wickham Havens at a cost of $40,000 to carry ofi* the storm waters of East creek. This shows the big, comprehensive way that this firm conducts its operations. Through Havenscourt runs one of the most famous automobile boulevards in California —the Foothill boulevard. And In order to give this a worthy companion Havenscourt boulevard, 80 feet wide and a mile '.vith trees and palms on each '>as been constructed to connect with Rast Fourteenth street. Considering the Improvements, transportation, climate and location, it is no wonder that Havenscourt is building up very rapidly with homes. Fifty houses are already built or building. Even a bungalow park of such proportions as Havenscourt can not last very long before the flood of eager buyers appears, which accounts for the action of Wickham Havens in placing on sale Havenscourt addition, which has the same desirable features as Havenscourt proper, and is right on the Foothill boulevard. In accordance with their custom, the developers of this property have put special bargain prices on many choice lots for the opening sale on Sunday, which will be the climax of The Call's free automobile trip to Oakland. Don't miss this trip, , Road making at Havenscourt. GOVERNMENT HAS AN OAKLAND PLAN Federal Officers Working Out Method for Big Improvement The government, recognizing that the great industrial development on the east shore of the bay required deep water facilities, ordered the engineering corps in charge of San Francisco bay improvements to make surveys and lay out a complete and comprehensive plan. This work is under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Rees, U. S. A. The cities of the east side of the bay. from Oakland to Richmond, that will be benefited by this plan, have all unanimously accepted and indorsed the project, and at the next session of congress an appropriation will be asked to carry out the work. The plan involves the dredging of a channel from 1,200 to 1,500 feet wide from near the end of the broadgauge mole in Oakland to Point Richmond, and the filling in of all the land behind this channel for purposes of warehouses and factory sites. At the present time a wide stretch of shallow water lines the entire east shore of the bay, which is the reason that in its present condition it is useless for purposes of water borne commerce. The channel proposed will give the east shore cities about 30 miles of docking space on the western water front, or enough to permit of almost unlimited industrial and commercial development. It may be thought that so large and comprehensive a scheme might require an unduly large sum of money, but on account of the use of suction dredgers, which mqye an immense quantity of earth at a cost of only 10 cents a cubic yard, the entire channel can be completed in the course of a few years. The cost of dredging the channel and building the outside dike which will protect it from winds and waves and from the deposit of silt is fixed by Colonel Rees at about 5,000,---000. Considering that there are more than $30,000,000 invested in the San Francisco water front, and that Los Angeles is spending $10,000,000, this is a very small sum. On the San Francisco water front the harbor is managed by the state, but Oakland and the other cities of the east bay shore have been given their water front by the state on the condition that they spend a certain amount of money. And as all the cities on the east shore from Oakland to Richmond will help bear the expense of this project, and the expense is divided, it is believed that with what can be secured from the federal government there will be no delay. At the present time manufacturers In some parts of Oakland send merchandise to San Francisco to be shipped by sea. With the development of greater harbor facilities on the east shore of the bay manufacturers can load their product right on the ship and a saving estimated at $5,000,000 a year will result. The government's confidence that Oakland will be one of the great cities of the world is indicated by the great plans for deep water development. No city is making such strides as Oakland and no where are the opportunities greater for the Investor and the manufacturer. THE SAN" FRANCISCO CALL, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1913 HERE ARE FACTS ABOUT EAST BAY Interesting Details of What Is to Be Seen Across the Water What do you know about Oakland, the thriving city across the bay? Do you know, for example, that Oakland's population has doubled in seven years? Do you know that over there they have a new electric line to the fertile valley of the Sacramento —the Oakland, Antioch and Eastern? Do you know that Oakland's Lake Merritt, once a mud hole, is now surrounded by green lawn and has become one of the beauty spots of the west? Do you know that Oakland has the third largest department store in the state, containng four acres of floor space? Do you know that Oakland has a number of new open air school houses, being in the forefront of modern cities In this respect? Do you know that Oakland baa It children's playgrounds, attended by more than 750,000 children in the last twelvemonth? Do you know that Oakland's building permits in 1912 were $9,087,248, a gain over 1911 of $2,017,471.35? Do you know that the Southern Pacific, the Western Pacific and the San Francisco-Oakland Terminal railways transport 31,600,217 passengers across the bay every year or about 100,000 a day? Do you know that Robert Newton Lynch, vice president and manager of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, says: "Oakland is one of the next cities of emphasis In California, She will parallel the past growth of Los Angeles?" Do you know that front foot values in Oakland have reached $6,000 a foot?" Do you know that Oakland's 500,---000 auditorium, now building, will be as large as the Coliseum in Chicago or Madison Square garden in New York, seating 13,000 people? Do you know that the United States government is spending $4,000,000 on the improvement of Oakland harbor, •in addition to $2,603,000 by the city of Oakland, and millions more by the Southern Pacific and the Key Route? Do you know that the C. A. Smith Lumber company of Oakland has the only electric cranes on San Francisco bay and that these cranes are capable of handling in 24 hours more tognage of merchandise than the entire harbor of Los Angeles? Do you know that the value of the cargoes handled In Oakland harbor during 1912 amounted in value to $154,224,950? Do you know that the Oakland bank deposits have increased 50 per cent between the years 1908 and 1912? Do you know that Oakland's building gain Is more than Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New Orleans and St. Louis? In total amount of building Oakland excelled Cincinnati, Baltimore, Denver and New Orleans. Do you know that the city of Oakland has one wharf which during the year 1912 was visited by vessels having a total tonnage of 1,223,889 tons, while during the same period 641,450 i tons of merchandise were discharged and takes on? These are some of the reasons why an investment in Oakland Is a sure money maker. Be sure to go to The Call's free automobile trip tomorrow and look over some of Oakland's opportunities. | Hospital Company Buying More Land! Kerner & Eisert report the following recent sales: M. S. Sullivan to St. Francis Hospital company, lot in east line of Hyde street, ,137 feet north of Bush, 50x 112:6. German Savings and Loan society to C. H. Walker, lot and improvements at 1615 Post street, leased to one tenant for $75 per month, lot 27x137:6 irregular. H. C. Nahman to Economic Supply company, lot In southeast line of Howard street, 150 feet southwest of Twelfth, 25x137:6. S. Hayden to Economic Supply company, lot in southeast line of Howard street, 175 feet southwest of Twelfth, 25x137:6. El Cerrito Terrace Is Great Show Place FJCHMOND, Nov. 29.—Visitors to Richmond are all struck with the beauty of the majestic hill that rises between the site of the inner harbor and the Pullman palace car shops, in a section of Richmond that is developing at a swift pace. Standing by itself in the center of what will be one of the leading business districts of Richmond —Potrero avenue running by its southern and Cutting boulevard by its northern base—this hill gives a majestic view of the bay and of the city of Richmond". El Cerrito is the name of the hill, and El Cerrito terrace is the name of the subdivision of which It is the cente —a subdivision of cream business 5 and residence lots. El Cerrito —the hill—is terraced with winding roadways and offers one of the most magnificent sites for fashionable residences to be found in Richmond. El Cerrito terrace is owned by Harry Ells, John Nystrom and other leading business men of Richmond, who are improving it at great expense. It is one of the leading centers of investment in Richmond. VS h \l WITH ALL IMPROVEMENTS* J I SSL. Down, $5 a Month { I No Interest or Taxes Until 1915 j |H The above is probably the lowest price at which such fine property will ever be offered for sale in the history of the Bay Cities. Improvements include macadamized \ m |H streets, concrete walks, sewers and water mains. The property is carefully restricted jl WL against shacks, and against Chinese, Japanese, Negroes or Filipinos. The $375 lots 0 |H have a southern exposure and are only one block from the famous Foothill Boulevard, % |H the finest boulevard on the east shore of the bay. They are two blocks from Havens- % |H court station, with all-steel electric trains to San Francisco every 20 minutes—Bl a day. m 0k They are only two blocks from the big Frick school, one of the finest in Oakland. Here yk pi is the spot where you can certainly make some money. It is a practical certainty that "a f|» every one of the $375 lots will be sold tomorrow. Mt, I TOMORROW IS THE BIG OPENING SALE 1 ! B/WENSCOUKT ADDITION I Look at this map! The meaning is, that if Oakland were surrounded by a wall, the growth toward A Havenscourt would be NO MORE CERTAIN than it is now. For the great growing City of Oakland can m P only expand in one direction—toward our Havenscourt properties. North of Oakland is Berkeley. West M P is the Bay. South is Alameda. Oakland MUST grow eastward—toward Havenscourt Addition. Buy J in Havenscourt Addition, just ahead of the advance of this big industrial city, and you CAN'T HELP p m making money. g« % Let NOTHING interfere with a visit to the opening sale of |z p Havenscourt Addition tomorrow. If you are not registered for ijj Take the Melrose Broadgauge Train. Get off at Havenscourt Station. { WICKHAM HAVENS INCORPORATED I

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