The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1898 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 1
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[HOLIDAY EDITION ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEOEMBEH 14, 1898 39, Begins Monday, Deo. 19, and lasts all week. A merchandise mover. SUITS-Ladies' Tailor-made LOT 5480. Two suits, sizes 36 and 40, strictly all-wool. Blk. storm serge Jackets, lined throughout with silk—well worth $15. Taylor's Holiday Sale price— .00 $5= LOT 404f Size 32. Black Covert- Jacket and skirt trm'd with braid; jacket lined with silk. Worth $9.00— $g.oo LOT 3540. Size 36. Scotch cheviot; jacket lined >ith silk, inlaid velvet collar, extension skirt, velveteen binding, taffeta lined; stayed seams, fully 5 yards sweep. Same suits sold for, $22.50. Taylor's Holiday Sale $5.00 clearing price...: LOT 854. iSize 38. Double-breasted box front jacket, inlaid velvet collar, 4 large inlaid pearl buttons, skirt fully 5 yards; full tailor made. Grey color. Made to sell for $12.50. $5.00 As a leader * LOT 332. Tan colored covert, lined with silk; blind buttoned, lap seams, very stylish; jacket 22 in. long; - skirt made with best taffeta lining, with outlet, 'c6rduroy binding. Worth $18.00. $500 ' Holiday Clearing sale price LOT 100. * One blue serge, size 36. Absolutely fast color- jacket lined with silk; skirt fully five yards sweep. Made to sell at $22.50. $500 ';Holiday Clearing sale price Separate Skirts. NO. 1239. • Waist 24, length 41, with extension bottom velveteen bound, black and white mohair; finest skirt in the house. Made to sell at $5^00 $12.00. Clearing sale price NO. 1233. .' Waist 26, length 42, navy blue, strictly all' wool, with belt; made up to sell at $3,50 > $7.50. Clearing sale price. Separate Skirts—Cont'd. NO. 302. Size 23—38, strictly all wool brocade, strp'd taffeta lining, bound seams, worth $5.00. Goes for.... $O Same thing in '-• size 22—41. NO. 312. Size 26-41, all bound seam s, taffeta lined, width 4 yds, black brocade, extension back, A., B. & Co.'s $5.00 skirt. Goes in this clearing sale at $*> QQ Also 24-41 and 25-41 in above skirt. "**^ NOS. 159 and 129. Sizes 26-43 and 26-42, fine wool brocade skirts, taffeta lined, 4^ yds. sweep, finished seam, corduroy binding, well worth $3-5O- $O 00 Taylor's Holiday Clearing sale price... "** NOS. 306 and 328. Sizes 28-40, 26-40. 24-41, 24-41. Finest silk brilliantine skirts in the house, all finished seams, corduroy bound, made up for a . leader at $5.00. Taylor's Holiday Clearing price.. Lace Curtains Here is a list of the f Lace Curtains we will offer at next week's sale. NO. 101. Ass'd sizes, ass'd colors, made to $Q gQ sell for $6.50. " -•---'- — "' navys, \i3J V» ^w**^-— | Clearing sale price. NO. 29. " . A 1 Waist 25, length 41, brown and black mixed; wool novelty; fully worth $6.50, $3.5O Holiday Clearing sale price C\C\ . W A Sro. 109. Black satin, lined throughout with nearsilk . . Clearing sale price 150. Sizes: waist 23, len th 42; waist trictly pure fc'thVf- waist 25, length 41. Strictly pure Kleta 4 lined, velveteen binding,^* X^ds assorted patterns, brocade. . $6.50. Go in this sale at only , u ,o-waist 23, length 43J waist 25, length 4?; . lined, pure silk brocade, made II for ^74»f» •}••-—• — f- •- - -. f Go in this sale at.. lan. jlalty. ne in- pleor 250 Ladies' Jackets 75 JACKETS. Realizing that the time to sell goods is when people want them, and having bought a manufacturer's samplesjine at 5oc on the dollar, we place on sale Monday, Dec. 19, and continue for one week—Taylor's HOLIDAY CLEARING SALE—take your pick of the entire lot at $10.00 All the leading shades, blues, cadet blues, castor tans, browns, greens, reds, and'black; trimmed and untrimmed; finest silk linings, big assortment of sizes from 32 to 40. Many of the above goods are worth $25.00, and nothing worth less than $15.00. ggp^Recollect it's $10.00 for your CHOICE. 50 JACKETS—Kerseys and boucles, lined and unlined, worth $10.00 to $y 15.00, for / . 50 JACKETS—Boucles, ker- $ seys, and beavers, at 25 JACKETS-Sizes 32 to $9 CJQ 36. Go in this sale at only «_/.o/w 25 JACKETS-Lined and unlined-worth from $5.00 to $15.00—they go $O (J 0 next week each at only LJ The last lot will be made up of ladies,' misses' and children's. Some will be slightly soiled, but not noticeably. Remember that this is Taylor's Holiday Clearing Sale, and no goods will be offered at these prices before Monday, Dec. 19. First come first served. In addition to the above lot we will offer 50 FUR COLLARETTES, also the entire stock of Ladies' Muffs, Fur and Feather Boas at the same startling reduction in prices. Our Strong Bargains Prints W° Ginghams «° Outings ?*° Table Oil Cloth W° Good Baits * g° Very best Outings • • °° Fleeced Wrapper Cloth J*° Table Linen, white • *"° Silkolines, white • • °o Underwear • • •" 5°° Hosiery ?2° Hosiery }%* Hosiery. - < • • • iY° Sheeting . • • • • « ' ^ 5S° Cloaks........ .,,.....,,.., ,. **'"y Fine Combe ix~ Dressing Combe • ft* 0 Ladies'Shoes < H>W Choice of Shoe stock..........•• < *-w 2800 fine, all-linen Handkerchiefs...,...,, wo Children's CouibinaUoa Suits* • §«> Blaoketa Hooke No. 1094—i pair only, worth $5.00 per pntr for $1.00 No. 1085—i pair, worth 7.00 per pair for 2.00 No. 410—} pair, worth 1.60 per pair for No. 228—i pair, worth 2.25 per pair for No. 302—1 pair, worth 1.50 per pair for No. 286—1 pair, worth 1.50 per pair for No. 2538—1 pair, worth 1.25 per pair for No. 314—8 pair, worth 1.75 per pair for No. 150—1 pair, worth 2.60 per pair for No. 170—1 pair, worth 8.00 per pair for No. 416—2 pair, worth 2.00 per pair for No. 417—5 pair, worth 2.50 per pair for No. 817—1 pair, worth 4.60 per pair for No. 043—5 pair, worth.... 3.60 per pair for No. 300—0 pair, worth 3.00 per pair for No. 1193—2 pair, worth 7.50 per pair for No. 1110—3 pair, worth 5.50 per dalr for No. 430-4 pair, worth 5.00 per pair for No. 711—8 pair, worth 1.75 per pair for No. 279—0 pair, worth 1.50 per pair for No . 740—7 pair, worth 1.76 per pair for No. 166—7 pair, worth 2.60 per pair for No. 516—6 pair, worth 2.50 per pair for No. 1190—2 pair, worth 8.00 per pair for No. 1227—2 pair, worth 8.00 per pair for Handkerchiefs No such line as ours is shown for the money. Special attention is directed to our TR/» SIX for...... /OC ladies," put up six in a box—ask for themi .50 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.75 2.25 1.25 1.75 3.25 2.60 2.25 5.50 4.25 8.75 1.25 1.00 1.25 2.50 2.00 6.00 0.00 Hosiery For 2gc you can get the choicest goods in the state—500 pairs. 500 pairs child's fleece- lined ribbed, worth aoc 3 pair ladies' fleece-lined, Crash for Damask Portiers No. 200—worth $4.50—Sale price $3.00 No. 201—worth .'.. 4.50—Sale price 3.00. No. 205—worth 5.00-Salo price 3.50 No. 2867—worth 6.00-rSale price 3.60 No. 207—worth 4.60—Sale price.... No. 208—worth 4.50—Sale price.... No. 303—worth 8.00—Sale price..,. Rope Portiers 3.00 3.00 6.50 No. 8309—worth $8.00—Sale price'. No. 2817—worth 4.50—Sale price. No. 3306—worth 5.00—Sale price. No. 2801—worth 4.00—Sale price. .$0.00 . 8.00 . 4,00 . 2.75 Couch Covers No. No. 100—worth $4.00—Sale price. 101—worth 5.00—Sale price. .$3.00 . 3.60 Shirt Waist wool and cotton, AT HOLIDAY Sale PRICES. . Special attention is called to our 40c Goods. Having sold for $oc all season, at this price we expect to move 25 doz. Our 25o goods in ladles' and children's should claim your attention. Good all-linen TOWELS at IOC one thousand housewives will testify that our Crash and towels are the best to be had. Table Oil Cloth for only - lOc All Corsets worth $1 Go in this sale for Save money and try our best goods. 5,000 yards A 1 prints at Fine unbleached sheeting, B. & A. wash silks, doz., Safety pins for only Coates' Spool Cotton— 2 for 7c—7 for 250—42c per dozen Holiday Sale Snaps Pants Buttons 10 cents per box. Safety Pins, all sizes and colors, 3c. Good Spool Cotton 25c per dozen. Coates 1 Spool Cotton, 42c per dozen. Ladies' Gloves, i lot in all colors, worth from $l to $3, your choice for 75c, Hooks and Eyes, Hump, ic per paper. All Dress Stays 5c. QTT TTfYT TTVT1T 1 a11 colors, Holiday OlJLjJXUJ-lJLlN Jb Sale price, 8c, This is for the finest goods made. 40c 3c Our strong line is Millinery f and our last sale for 1898 will close out values at ONE-/THIRD regular prices. Here is a partial list of new and attractive Goods for Christmas Belts. Buckles, Side Cornel, &?cjset fieoks, Ch|$« elaines, Statuary, Sllyw noveWtsUfc W* Collarettes, MU&, the WBW OWQM> Dress Qo.o4s, Napkin?, Tahfe Week in which to save money. One solid week for big bargains at Taylor's Holiday Sale, Bee. .11,20,21J2J3,24 Taylor, the price maker, Taylor, who never advertised what he did not do. Taylor, the man that draws the crowd because he fceeps his word with the public, peg. 19,£0, 21, SS, 83,84

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