The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
Page 8
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THIS tPPBR DES Monnna ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, PEOEMBEK 7, ROGMS BABY RECOVERED A D!I&« SMfid! BOBfi ttelseli Gave Jjegftt Custody to the ftbtiieiS and AU is Well- Gfefcefiii Cotthty News* brought here to market every day. All of the buyers are crowded to their full capacity early nod late. Whittemote is one of the best market places in the state, and it is we.ll known far beyond our natural territory, as is proven by grain being hauled here from quite close to other places. In addition to a good grain market to draw trade our merchants have a complete stock In all lines and sell at prices which makes competition shiver. THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Prom various papers the following details of the recovery of her U-months baby by Mrs; Seth Rogers are collected. The report of tue stealing of the child was published last week. As soon aa she was able to collect her wits habeas corpus proceedings were instituted at fiumboldt, in which county the abduction was committed, and armed with authority issued by Judge Helsell, a search was made of the Rogers home at the Flanttagan farm. Sheriff Weir went to the farm accompanied by Mr. Pendlebury. The sher-1 iff was received politely enough, but Mr. Pendlebury was met with abusive language. So threatening were the demonstrations that Sheriff Weir was obliged to Interfere to protect Mr. Pendlebury. A thorough search was made of the premises but no trace of either father or child was discovered. They had abandoned all hopes and hnd arrived at the M. & St. L. station when ti telegram message from Fort Dodge informed them that ho had just located the child. The father of the child hud arrived on a late train from the vvost with the child and had proceeded to a house in the east part of the city, when Sheriff Dowd was informed of his presence in the city. Friday morning Sheriff Weir arrived in Hum'boldt with the little boy and accompanied by the grandfather, Mr. Pendlebury, where they found the mother, who had been anxiously awaiting the sheriff's return. Of course she was overjoyed at the sight of her baby once more. Judge Helsell had been notified and he opened a session of court at the Russell house and proceeded to hear the return of the writ of habeas corpus. The Independent says: After hearing all ol the evidence in the case obtainable he awarded the custody of the child to the mother, and any interference with her care of it by any of . the persons served with the writ would now be contempt of court, and from the expression of the judge's countenance when he had completed the hearing and rendered his decision, we infer that he would like to try his hand on any person or persons so Interfering. We believe the abduction case is now closed. Hurt Monitor. B. V. Dani'ela of Portland township had bad luck during the first blizzard. He lost a dozen nice hogs by their getting buried under the snow. Jud Healey sold his 120-acre farm southwest of town last week to Chas. Ditttnar of eastern Iowa. Geo. E. Marble is down at .Hampton at the bedside of his brother Frank. He writes back that his brother is very sick and .fears for the worst are entertained. „ Two sleigh loads from, the Burt camp of Modern Woodmen went out to Fenton Tuesday evening and had charge of the "goat" in organizing a camp at that place. They start with 15 mem- Wesiey News. Mrs. S. X. Way returned Tuesday evening from her prolonged visit at Grand Forks, N. D. Fred Corey's latest business transaction was to trade for E. E. Reed & Son's photograph gallery at Emmetsburg Tuesday. Fred is thinking seriously of moving it to Tltonka and running' it himself. He hasn't ordered any tent as yet, but promised to let us print his name on the front of it should he decide to go in business there. •LuA T crne Sews. Geo. W. Hanna and Chas. Ormsbee shipped four cars of stock to Chicago Sunday. They both went in with the stock, returning yesterday morning. Next Sunday Rev. Suekow will exchange pulpits with Rev. Marsh of Humboldt. Morning service at Baptist church "A Sign Demanded;'' evening, "Man's Need of a Savior." Remember the Catholic ladies' oyster supper at the Rowe restaurant Saturday. Open at 5 o'clock. The Baptist ladies will serve a chicken pie supper In their church parlors Thursday p" m. from B o'clock. Charge 15 cents. The Methodist ladies will conduct a holiday exchange and English kitchen at the court house next week Thursday and Friday. Particulars later. There will be a basket social at the home of Mr. Grant Benschoter Friday, Dec, 16, for the benefit of the M. E. church at Sexton. All are cordially invited. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a. m.. Wednesdays 3 p. ra. "Sacrament" will be the subject next Sunday. All welcome. A free social in the Congregational church parlors on Friday evening of this week. All members of the church, Sunday school and congregation cordially invited to attend. . A week from Sunday the Congregatlon- alists will observe forefathers' day. A pro- Special Sale of Holiday Goods -THERE - ****,*> nice for 1 ° f an t tXL! Corner Pieces, Wesley Reporter. Dr. Kenney writes from Mora, New Mexico, that there are 10 cases of small pox in that town. ..,,«, The Woodman Cnmp will elect officers next Tuesday evening for the coming year. Delegates will also be selected for the county Woodmen convention to convene in Algona the second Tuesday in January next, at which convention, among other things, delegates to the state camp will be chosen. The Wesley neighbors are hustlers and no doubt will secure one of the delegates to the state camp. ' Bancroft Kejslster. B. P. Smith tells us that Gildersleeve is not necessarily among the has-beens by any means. He had a veterinary up to look at his injured leg, which stopped the game horse's racing last year, and the doctor declared it did not need firing. A blister was put on and there is every indication that he will come out agnin in his old time form next season, C. J. Lenander leaves next Tuesday for Winne, Texas, where Mr. Richmond is located. Six prospective buyers have purchased their tickets and several others will probably take advantage of the rates and go down to look— and perhaps buy—in that part of the big state, where Mr. Lenander has the agency for some of the best land in Texas. Bancroft Preacher Married. The Des Moines Capital notes the marriage of Rev. Moore, the Baptist pastor at Bancroft, as follows: The beautiful First Baptist church was lighted last evening for a wedding of unusual interest in religious circles, that of Hugh Penton Moore and Miss Julia Elizabeth Aldredge. Miss Ora U U 1 iai A^Jiifjui ijw v*a *.*.***•. v~*fy~ * Newell played Mendelssohn's wedding 111 In In Win uuacL v o iv» vic.*ui» •-••.•-• «—,/ - — » - - irram will be given in the morning in wnlcn several will participate. Forefathers' day is also commemoration of the founding of Congregation alistn. The Irviugton Ladies' Aid Society will hold their annual fair in the hall Wedncs day afternoon and evening, Dec. 14. In the evening they will have a grand supper, oysters, etc. will be served. A $25 silk quilt will be disposed of in the evening. The mothers' meeting will be with Mrs. C M. Doxsee, Dec. 15 at 3 p. m. There will be music, gleanings from the national convention by Nellie Hamilton, and a discussion on Kindergarten work in the home led by Mrs. Doxsee. All are cordially invited. ' The dedication of the new Presbyterian church will begin next week Saturday at 8 o'clock and continue through Sunday, the other protestant churches joining. Sunday morning Dr. Greene of Fort Dodge will preach and Dr. Bailey of Cedar Rapids will dedicate. At 3 o'clock Rev. Ollleran- shaw will tell the story of the church. At 7:80 o'clock a service of song and speaking will be held. .The lull program will be given next week. A SCHOOL TEAOHER PINED. Hns. Austin Whips n Boy for Talking Gerinau — -ISO mid Cost Assessed. Last week as THE UPPER DES MOINES was going to press Has. Austin of "Bancroft was being tried before 'Squire Clarke for giving the nino- year-old son o! J. E. Russell a whipping in his German Valley school. Ernest Raymond prosecuted and P. M. Barsalou defended. The facts as brought out showed that Austin >had made a rule that children should not talk German in or about the school house. The Russell boy had infracted this rule and Austin had gone to a neighboring barn and secured a hame strap, taken off the boy's coat and overcoat, and given him a heating eight stripes of which showed © The Largest and Finest Line © of Book Cases and Iron Beds ever in Algona. And we will make prices that will astonish you FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS. JOHN CRONIN. UNDERTAKING. NORTH END TEACHERS' MEETING. A Bl« and Enthusiastic Meeting at kedyard-Meet at Burt In January. There were 64 teachers out at Supt. Van Erdewyk's meeting at Ledyard Saturday, and they enjoyed themselves. They had several animated discussions but the topic that warmed them up the most was Miss Lu B. Smith's "1 he Teachers Who Have Helped Most.' The whole convention told what kind of teachers really do the business, amidst great enthusiasm. The teachers meet at Burt in January and in Algona in February. DON'T be persuaded into taking something said to be just like Rocky Mountain Tea. There is nothing made or sold like it. It alone is nature's wonder. Ask your druggist. A MAN that wants his wife to tremble with pleasure and delight at his homecoming should be strong. Rocky Mountain Tea brings new life to weak men. Ask your druggist. PURE-BRED Jersey cow for sale; will be fresh in a couple of weeks. J. B. WINKEL. GOEDERS' BIG DEP'MT STORE. . J. P. Hunt has quit the hotel and has moved into the house west of Jas. Reibhoff's. ' Mayor Hanna sold his Burt residence yesterday to.Wm. Shanor. Mr. Hanna is to give possession Jan. 1. They will then visit at different points, and decide later as to future plans. It is hoped he will build here again. Mr. Shanor pays $2,000 and gets a place well worth the money. Swea City Herald. J. O. and Jud Hatch, Al. Ovens and Ole Peterson came home from railroad G rading last Saturday. They did not nish their job and will go down in the spring and complete it and probably take more. Olof Peterson's flne residence was in danger of going up in smoke Thanksgiving morning. A gasoline stove was lighted in the west kitchen and having been left a few minutes was found in a flame on returning. It didn't take Olof long to send the tank outside and extinguish the blaze, but he lost a clothes basket in the affair. TUe Wtilttemore Market. Champion: It is simply surprising to see the amount of grain which Is inarch, while the bridal procession entered led by Messrs. H. C. Miller of Colfax, Irwin Blaisdell, Eugene Cutler and Robin Welsh. The sister of the bride, Miss Grace Aldredge as maid of honor and the best man, A. W. Atkin, followed the ushers. Dr. Tilden, formerly pastor of the church and the families, performed the cermony in front of the palm banked altar. Refreshments were served by the members of Mr. Moore's Sunday school class, Misses Rose Chase, Jessie Hill, Irma Towne, Corrine Sholtz, Elma Duffleld, Amanda Sheldon, Lillian Madole and Laura Hazen, Clara Van Pelt, Louise Braokett and Emma Abbott. The bride is the older daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Aldredge of 1181 Ninth street. Mr. and Mrs. Moore went immediately to their home in-Bancroft, Iowa. They received a numbei' of elegant presents. Among the out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Liston of Indlanola, Mr. H. C. Miller of Colfax, Mr. A. W. Atchison of Homer, Iowa, and Miss Dora' Young of Logansport, Ind. Several pre-nuptial companies were given tho bride. At the home of Miss Garlock the senior girls of the Des Moines college gave a luncheon. The table decorations were pink and white roses. The Aeolian society of the Baptist college gave an afternoon reception at the college. two days later when Dr. Walters examined the boy, and three buckle marks. The only dispute in the evidence was over the buckle marks. 'Squire Clarke in consideration of $60 costs put the fine at $20 and costs. Austin paid the $20 but leaves the costs, for which he cannot be sent to jail. They stand as a judgment against The Bancroft Register, in noting the case, says that Russell, the elder, when ho heard of the licking, started out to attend to Austin himself. Austin had him arrested for assault but the case was dismissed for want of evidence. The Tltonka " Whoop-er-up." Lake Mills Graphic: Miss Ella Graham will get in on the ground floor at the new town, Titonka, by establishing a new paper called the "Titonka Whoop-'er-up." Miss Graham can write anything from a local to an insurance policy, and if any fool person thinks he can slip into or out of Titonka after she gets there without her finding it out, he will have to go after night in a covered wagon with the flaps down. One of Bailey's Meditations. We saw sir a saw sir saw sir a saucer, A beat beat a beat with a beet good ana proper. A dude eye a dodo, a doe do a dido. A pop paw a pawpaw, papa paw a pauper. Sutt's Hog Cholera Remedy. J, L. Sutton gets new testimoni als every day for his Sure Cure Cholera Remedy. Algona, Iowa, Nov. 25, 1898. I have been feeding Sutt's Hog Cholera Pre ventive and can say it cured my hogs after they were sick and several Had died; and I further believe i* pays to feed It if the hogs are not sick, as 1 can see that it makes them eat better and gain in ™ ar Call on or address I was troubled with catarrh end asthma for over five years, wbiph caused a great deal of suffering, inconvenience and embarrassment, the. continual discharge of mucus froffl the nose ft»d throat was especially disagreeable, and J puttered almost continually with headache, frequently became very hoarse and the expectoration and ooutin ual desire to clear the throat was very annoying. Had tried almost every catarrh mediome i heard of, and alsp took treatment from prom}, aeut jthyeiciaoB, and did not find the desired relief until I used Pr, MOPE'S Aerial Medica* fton, and the relief obtained from it was Public Sale. I will sell at public sale on the E. L. Stevens place two miles north of Sexton and 6V£ miles northwest of Wesley, on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1898, sale to begin at 10 a. m,, the folio wing: Forty-eight head of good cattle— 17 milch cows, 9 giving milk, 4 of them fresh, others soon will be; 1 grade bull, Pole and Durham, 2 years old this fall, 80 calves, 21 steers, and 9 heifers; 5 head of work horses and 1 mule 18 months old, Farm machinery : 2 wagons, 1 top buggy, 1 binder, 3 mowers, one 4%-f oot cut and one 6-foot, 2 discs, one 11-f t. force feed seeder, 1 corn planter with 100 rods of wire, 2 cultivators, one 4-section steel lever harrow, 1 16-inch walking stubble plow, 1 16-inch breaking plow with hard mouldboard, one 14-inch gang plow, one 12-foot hay rake, 1 Meadow Queen hay stacker. 1 buck rake, 2 combination hay rakes, 1 hog rack to fit any hayrack bed, 3 cider mills, 3 set double harness, 1 harness lor third horse, 1 Universal grinder, nearly new, 1 grind stone, 1 disc sharpener, 9 bbls. cider vinegar, 1 pair 400-lb. scales, six 10 gal. milk cans, one 20- foot extension ladder, some lumber, tools, 1 forge, one 4-hole Marseilles shelier with 8-horse power, (if not sold sooner) and numerous other articles. Free lunch at noon. Terms pi sale : All sums of $5 ana under, cash Over that amount a credit of 10 months' time will be given on approved se curity, Five per cent, discount for cash on sums over 15. Nothing to be removed until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the clerfe;. S. E. STJSVBHS, GEO. B, HAIX, Clerk. JAS. SEVILLE, Auctioneer. • Switches Wanted. For switches and hair chains call op SetoheU & Setchell, Algona, Iowa, op write to W. J. Welle, Osage, Iowa, whose work here is so well known an<l prices are BO low. All work IB guaranteed to suit. 32t0 PON'T fail to attend Galbrattb's sale next week. You can, get some good 8wgiS. 6. U GALBBAITO & Co. IT fills the arteries with rich, red blood, makes new flesh, healthy men and women. That's what Rooky Mountain Tea will do; 35 cents. Ask your druggist. FRAUD! Our competitor will soon place in your papers a flaring advertisement in which they say it is impossible for one dye stuff to color silk, wool, and cotton. They do this to keep you from trying Putnam Fadeless Dyes, (which will color either silk, wool, or cotton), for they know if you ever use Putnam Fadeless Dyes once you will never use their goods again. Sold at E. & F. drug store. J. L. SUTTON, Algona, Iowa. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent •*i£2 For Sale, Saws Filed. J. L. EDMONDS, ALOONA, IOWA. Two doors south or U. D. M. office. OOO wort h °f g° 0( is: our entire stock will be offered at much reduced prices during this month. DRY GOODS, Notions, flannels, blankets, shawls, carpets, rugs, cloaks, curtains, linens and draperies. CLOTHING. Suits and overcoats, odd pants and vests, at wholesale prices. SHOES. 1,000 pairs of men's, ladies' and children's shoes away below any other house ^ in the county. Nothing will be reserved in this sa l e — a ll mu st go. Yours for trade, JOHN GOEDERS. Fot Holiday ISxqursiops. the Christmas and New J. A. Hamilton & Co., Hardwood Lumber Year holidays the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Railway company will sell tickets to stations within a distance of 200 miles at fare and one-third for the round trip. Tickets on sale Deo. 24, 25, 26, and 81,1898, and Jan. 1 and 2, 1899; final return limit up to and including Jan. 4,1899. 3813 To Callforulu. Attention is called to the excellent service of the Northwestern line to California and the favorable rates which have been made for single and round trip tickets for this season's travel. Best accommodations in first- class or tourist sleeping cars, which rup through every day in the year. Personally conducted touristear parties DE, L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always *on hand of drugs, med cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. AND- Wagon Stock... Id it to «h ylio w\vtrtS.#l ww. MONEY— Qn flreti mortgages. . second mortgagee, every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a large number of different routes without extra charge. Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway or connecting Iines.-84t8 FOR the holiday vacation of schools located at Algona, excursion tickets may be sold by the 0., M. & St. P. to to teachers and students presenting certificates signed by the principal officer of the institution to any point on their road at a faare and pne-tbivfl for the round trip. WiU sell cm Peo. Z$ only, return coupon good, until Jefl. 4, Boolns SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the clerk o? the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods' chattels, lands, tenements, efo., of Henry J. Haryls, defendrnt, in fftvor of The Iowa Savings and Loan Association, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house in the town of Algona, county of Kossuth. Iowa, on the 3Ut day of Pecember, A. D. 1898, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. ra. of said day, all of said Heni-yJ. Harris" r right, title, and Interest in and to the following described real estate, situated In Kossuth county, to-wit: Lot No. 30 in Block No. 38 In Richmond's Fourtb. Addi Won to the town of Swea City, Kossuth coun- Algona, Iowa, Nov, 30, 1898. Farmers'. Kossuth County, Iowa: Gentlemen: --A great many fine fruit trees are killed every winter by rabbits. Why not fence the rascals out? We have bought 500 rods of very strong wire poultry r mence at the hour of 2 o'clock p. ^Witness my hand this 3d day of December, A D 1888. S. P, OHBISTBNSWf, 38is SheriH of Kossuth County, Iowa. ADMINISTRATION NQTIQI, netting for this purpose. It is 4 and high, spaces are only 1§4 inches wide» This fence will turn rabbits and everything else, and it makes an ideal corn crib. It would be oh©ap at four times the price we ask. Please do not fail to see us when you come to town. We have other matters we wish to speak about, and very important to you. Yours truly, J. A. Hamilton & Co, WATER Oft NQPA7, TO YQUR ^-^m, OptbalBJlc Optician, The wst difficult owes of children a opwjalty. Do your eyes ache, smart, water, P§ COBie ***, flaified, or pain tn foe <?yeeail, orbit, temple W forehead? It BO you should consult a w ¥iis

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