The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
Page 7
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om MOINESJ you frequently hoarse!* you have that annoying g to your throat? Would reel relieved if you could something? Does your gh annoy you at night, and you raise more mucus in fe morning? Then you should always keep hand a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral If you have a weak throat you cannot be too careful. You cannot begin treatment too early. Each cold makes you more liable to another, and the last one is always harder to cure than the one before it. DP. Aflep'scierri Pectoral piaster protects the mugs from colds. Help at Hand. If you have any complaint •whatever and desire the best medical' advice you can possibly obtain, write the doctor freely. You will receive a prompt reply. » Address, DX. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass. tow A, WEDNESDAY nt Any Rnt«. A lady who had engaged fe-hatV ser» tint was i-hstructing herihher various Uiiies and ended thus: "Atad, lastly Mary, w* have break- Closing Mofttll of the Yeaf OpBHS fast at 8 o clock." ° "All right, iflnra. if I'm iiot down, ITl'f. ttrOif "' don't wait. The less ideas a (:irl has on the cur- Ji'rency question the sweeter slie is. A hncfe Agnltiftt Fire. The crew o{ ft steam*.r from Rpain . discovered in hiid-(c«in that flames were rnglng in the liohl. For ten davs they bravely fought the flames. It' men would fifthtas persistently aga'nVu disorders of the stomach, there would be fewer premature deaths. The best weapon for such a-"fig;ht is llostetter's Stomach IMtters. '*<. Now that even the decay of the, teeth has been traced to bacteria by circumstantial evidence, it is about time for the prosecution to rest and let the case go to tHe jury. Piso's Cure for Consumption is our only medicine for coughs and colds.—Mrs. C. Bcltz, 439Sth Ave.. Denver.Col., Nov. 8, '05. The women needn't setIjp.y store by the fact that most inen 'Svho commit suicide are unmarried. The married ones en n't nfl'ord to. It's just as easy to buy Diamond "C" Soap as Inferior kinds. Your grocer sells It. On nn average of 200 carrier pigeons are officially kept in every German fortress. Try Graln-ol Try Grnln-ol Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of OilAlN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without in- jtirv ns well as the adult. All whoiry 'it, like it. ORA1N-O hns that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-fourth the price of coffee. K>c and £5c per package. Sold by all grocers. The average person's beliefs in the hereafter arc based on the idea that people are divided into good and bad, with no middling. Cotiglilng Loads to Coimniiiptloii. Kemp's Halsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays arc dangerous. Two descendants of Christopher Columbus are said to be inmates of a poor house in Cadiz. Cleanliness is next to .Godliness—^ use Diamond "C" Soap in the laundry. He who seeks only for applause from applause without hns all his happiness in another's keeping. Favtirably, HAS ESTABLISHED A RECORD, Volnm* of Builnem t>6n* Witt that ot Any frorteHsr Teiti-:-f»Ua«« lor the Month of Nov*mb*r Wer» and Unimportant* NO WAR BANT FOR State's Attorn** Tfllh» or MHO* Hi it th« Vlrrftn Indictments. Carlinvilie, ill., Dec. 5.— "No beticli warrant will be Issued against Got. Tanner, who is charged with palpable omission of duty on three counts by the Virden not grand jury," said State's Attorney Vaughn Saltier 1 —What's your idea ot Roilhder—Haven't ftnjr; Vat my idea of mftti's sphere is »1il£h ball. BIG FOUR GIANT LOCOMOTIVES New York, Dec// 5. — Bradstreet's says: "The business world enters on the closing month of the year with so many favorable and so few depressing features in sight as to leave little, doubt that the year 1898, as a whole, must hereafter furnish the basis for estimates when qomparisons of large business a*6 to be made. Nearly all obtainable statistics and reports aS to the irolume'of business point to the present rear having heavily exceeded any former year In the amount of business lone. Wheat (Including flour) ship- nents for this year aggregate 7,483,959 bushels, against 5,824,726 bushels last week. Corn exports for the week aggregate 4,623,988 bushels, against 3,)93,846 bushels last week." R. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: "The report of failures for the month of November is extremely gratifying, because it shows not only a decrease In number and a smaller amount of liabilities than in any other month, excepting three summer months, since the monthly record began, but because careful analysis shows a striking Improvement, both in the small and in the large failures, and in nearly all classes of Industry and trade. Failures for the week have been 281 in the United States, against 306 last year, and nineteen in Canada, against twenty-eight last year-" EPISCOPALIANS OBJECT. Protest Against Method* Uaert by Iowa Diocese In Electing MorrUon. Omaha, Neb., Dec. 5—Dr. Morrison's election to be bishop of the diocese of Iowa, after Dr. Green had been formally .recommended by the diocesan jouncil, Is opposed by the clergy of the Episcopal faith in Omaha. At a meeting of the clericus Thursday, at which ill the priests of that faith were present, the following resolution was adopted: "Resolved, That The Big Pour railroad has recently •"received from the builders four 8• wheel passenger locomotives to haul j$,tbeir fast trains. These engines are, K, In every respect, models of their kind, #and are probably the largest, fastest, unnecessary pipe, or rod to mar their symmetry. The material used In the construction of these machines is tho finest of its kind, and the greatest care was exercised in both the tests and workmanship to Insure every part ,inost powerful and best looking pas- being perfect. The driving wheel cen- ;Ol— ~_— _«.»l«An In nnip T\«Tif nt + Vi Q ' tot'd doom nVioct n Tl r\ pnVATS f*vl1firlfit* ?iienger engines in any part of the [Country, and are a credit to the man- •agement and their designer, Mr. Wm. jf'Garstang, superintendent of motive ters, steam chest and covers, cylinder heads, foot plates, rmxlllary dome, driving boxes and spring seats are all of cast steel, while the dome castings we emphatically |pbwer of the Big Four, and the Sche- stack base, boiler front, cylinder cast- gnectady Locomotive Works, their ings arid tender truck frames are guilders. The engines are now In ser-- pressed steel. The boiler is extended ONE OF THE NEW LOCOMOTIVES, :e between St. Louis and Cleveland, wagon top with taber the fastest and heaviest trains, mak- p |jng the time and doing it easier than f/'was ever accomplished before on this back, 62 Inches diameter at smallest ring and 78 inches diameter at the throat built to carry a wagon pressure of 200 pounds bility nine- belles ids oi tils if or to r are i is the )ill of ion ;run. In designing these engines it was per square inch. Among tho special ( eeessary to make a machine combin- articles are Richardson's balance valves, Jerome metallic packing, Coale muffler, Kunkle open pops, air oper- great power with high speed and easy running avoiding all jerk to the train, an unnecessary strain on the ajted bell ringer, French springs, Leach LyaoH, This has been accomplished to pneumatic sanding device, gold steam BU_eb' an extent that both engine and heat, monitor Injector, Janney couplers ftender, while at the. highest speed, ride and Fox pressed steel tender truck Iwjth the greatest steadiness and so frames. Some of the principal dlmen- goft and easy a motion that the en- slons are as follows: Weight 130,000 ; |fneers claim not to be at all tired at pounds; cylinders 20x26 inches; boiler Ib'e end of their run. These noble ma- diameter C2 inches; tubes diameter 2 chines stand 15 feet high from top of inches; tubes number of 320; flre box rail to top. of cab and 9 feet 9Vfe inches width 41 inches; flre box length 108 4o center of boiler, which, with driv- inches; working pressure 200 pounds; '" wheels 78 inches and truck and beating tender water capacity 6,000 1 wheels 36 inches in diameter, gallons; tender coal capacity 10 tons; and powerful, without an tender trunks. nrp«°pd gtoni. in a Tourist Sleeping Car- . personally conducted -T- vh the Burlington Route — that's the way to go to California. ; Why ? Because you don't change caw ; you make fast time j you ice the finest scenery on the globe. Your car is not so expensively finished nor so fine to look at as » U.ce sleeper, but it is just 85 clean, just as comfortable, jutt as good to de in. AND NEARLY **o CHEAPER. The Burlington excursion! leave Omaha and Lincoln every Thure, reaching San Francisco Sunday and Lo« Angeles Monday. Porter |vith each car. Excursion manager with each party. For folder giving '" " information, write to ^•^ • protest against the scandalous and un- Chrjstlan methods adopted in the re- :ent election In the diocese of Iowa. "Resolved, That we respectfully, but urgently, call on the bishop and stand- Ing committees of the church to put down such iniquity in elections as refusing their confirmation of the results of such conventions, and In particular of the recent one in Iowa. "Resolved, That copies of these resolutions he forwarded to the editors of the Living Church, Church-Standard and Churchman for immediate publication." ringroo Lends His Ticket. Lansing, Mich., Dec. 5.—Official returns from every county in Michigan except Sagiuaw and Monroe show that at the recent election Gov. Pingree led the republican state ticket by about 8,000, his plurality, with the missing counties not counted, being 73,891. Lieut. Gov. Robinson has a plurality of 67,506; Secretary of State Stearns 66,837, and Treasurer Steele 60,056. The two missing counties will increase Gov. Pingree's plurality by several hundred. His plurality nearly approximates that given him in the presidential year of 1896, when it reached 83,409. The highest plurality ever given a nominee for governor in Michigan was that of 106,392 for John T. Rich in 1894. Kobbcrs toot a Bank Safe. Auburn, Ind., Dec. 5.—The private oank of Chadwick, R'orsburg & Co. at Pleasant Lake was robbed Thursday night of over $1,000. Five men drove into the town after dark, broke open the bank door, wrapped the night watchman in a blanket and tied him to a post. Three of them then turned their attention to the safe and the others looted the company's stare. Besides the banker's money, special deposits amounting to several hundred dollars and the postmaster's money and stamps were taken from the safe. An armed posse is following the trail of the thieves. Indiana Make Throats, St. Paul, Dec. 5.—Another uprising of the Chippewa Indians is threatened. The game warden at Sauk Rapids has had a fight with fourteen of the red men, whom he attempted 'o arrest, in which he was badly whipp-sd, and State Game Warden Fullerton has ordered that the Indians be taken into custody, be the result what it may. The Indians are heavily armed and declare they wili resist all attempts to capture them and organize a rebellion. Danger of Yellow Fever. Washington, Dec. 5.—The war department has decided not to remove the bodies of American soldiers from Santiago until February. The officials believe they have no right to expose to the horrors of the yellow fever outbreak the large population of Santiago and neighboring towns from a mere sentimental consideration. At least for the present," he added. "When the case comes tip for trial I am of the opinion we can settle the matter of his presence in court by mutual agreement. Capiases have been Issued for every one ot the fltiy-four persons indicted save Gov. Tanner. I did not advise the grand jury one way or the outer in its finding against the executive." It Is definitely settled that all the cases but that of Gov. Tanner Wiu come up at the January term of court. THANKSTHFARMY. Francis Joseph Celebrate* Anniversary by Freeing Political Offenders. Vienna,' Dec. 3.—Emperor Francis Joseph Friday, on the fiftieth anniversary of his accession to the throne, Issued a general order to the army thanking the soldiers for their loyalty and fearless valor throughout his reign and declared that he will ever look upon the army as the shield and protector of the throne and fatherland. Amnesty has been granted to political offenders in Hungary and a number of decorations have been gazetted. All the newspapers, without distinction as to politics, publish articles extolling the Austrian emperor as the guardian of European peace. „ Miles Wnntm Larger Army. Washington, Dec. 5.—Gen. Miles, commanding the army, has prepared the draft of a bill providing for a regular army of 100,000 men. The bill, It Is said, will provide for an organization of twelve companies to tho regiment, with an arrangement for a third lieutenant for each company in case of need for that officer. It will contain provision for a staff corps largely in accordance with the recommendations of the heads of the various bureaus, as recommended by them In their annual reports. Chairman Hull of the house committee on military affairs Intends to present the measure in congress at the first opportunity. House Wrecked by Dynamite. Qulucy, 111., Dec. 5.—At Augusta, 30 miles east of here, the residence of Dr. John Kelly, the leading physician of the town, was wrecked by dynamite Wednesday night. Mrs. Ringer, a discharged domestic, is under arrest for the crime. She is supposed to have wrecked the house for revenge, and to have had as an accomplice, William th*y Ar» the Ahierltaft farmer *is sincere in •what It says and whene>Vet> it endorses an article, be It machinery, proprietary hiedtciney Or a ttah individually, we want our readera to believe that what we eay we have good reason to Understand \& tftife. For a year or more thefe hate been endorsements of the SwatiBoa Rheumatic Cure Company, o! 167 Dearborn street,; Chicago, by•,this paper. People have written us to know if this company is responsible, end If Its remarkable retriedieSi for the cure of rheumatism, neuralgia, dyspep i sia, catarrh, kidney troubles, etc., real* ly had merit. We haVe therefore been at extra pains to investigate, and once again we add emphasis to our former endorsement of that company. There may bo isolated cases here and there which, probably through neglect In following directions, or from exposure or some unexplalnable reason, the wonderful Five Drops remedy does not do the work. But It Is a case where the exception proves the rule. Mr. Swanson is a gentleman of character and personal integrity, ' nnd, we believe, would no more attempt to deceive the public than the writer of this article. They still offer to send a sample bottle of "5 Drops" for 25c or a largo bottle, 300 doses, for $1, prepaid by mall or express.^Address as above. You will sometimes judge a man's ability b,v tho number of relatives ho has to support. Success v of LydlS, 1, ta'e Vegetable Ctompouiick The Diploma nnil Gold Modal. Wore awarded to the Chicago Scale Company of Chicago, 111., at the Omaha exposition for the best stock and hay Fcales over all first-class makes, no cheap scales were considered. This company sells more scales than any other, and their prices are lower than those of any reliable scale. They also handle hundreds of useful specialties for farmers and others. They send catalogue free. The older a man gets the mere desirable things ho ciin think of that it is too lat<s to do. Mfs. fiuJiASfeTn Wnfifefcocfc, lift, loTira, in the following letter describes her Recovery from & very critical condition l DEAR MRS. PmimAM:—1 have beea, taking your Vegetable Compound, and! am now ready to sound Its praises. I* has done wonders for me in relieving me ot a tumor. " My health has been poor for three years* Change of life •Was working upon me. I was very much bloated and was a burden to myself. Was troubled \vilh • smothering spells, also palpitation of the heart and that bearing-down feeling, and could not be on my feet much. "I was growing worse all the time, until I took your medicine. "After taking three boxes of Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound' Lozenges, the tumor passed from mo. "My health has been better ever since, can now Walk quite a, distance and am troubled no more with palpitation of the heart or bloating. I recommend your medicine to all sufferers from female troubles." It is hardly reasonable to suppose that auy one can doubt the efficiency of Mrs. Plnkham's methods and medicine in the face of the tremendous volume of testimony. Swartz, who Is also under arrest, Mrs. Kelly and her little son. Sherman, were sitting at a table In the kitchen, almost over the spot where the dynamite burst through the floor. Through some miracle they escaped with a few injuries. In Honor of tlio Kinporor. Washington, Dec. 3.—A brilliant offi- cial'and religious service, commemorative of the fiftieth anniversary of Emperor Francis Joseph's accession to the throne of Austria, was held at St. Matthew's church Friday. The ceremony was under the auspices of the Austrian legation, and in recognition of its national character President McKInley and Secretary Hay were present in behalf of the United States government, while the foreign governments were represented by the full strength of the diplomatic corps. TIllH? Wo offer One Hundred Dollars reward for unv case of Catarrh that' cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. .1. CHUNKY & Co., Toledo, O. \Ve, tbo undersigned, have known F. .T. Cheney for tho last 15 yours, and boliovo him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out unv obligations made by their firm. WKST & Tiitux, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WAI.DJNO, KIN.NAN & MAKVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hull's Cuturrh Cure is taken internally, noting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of tlio system. TostlinonlivlH sont free. Price 7iic per bottlo. Sold by all Plato. (Jlu»» InHtiriinco Uutei Raised, New York, Dec. 3.—Representatives of five of the plate glass insurance companies held a meeting recently and agreed to restore rates and not to pay brokers more than 33 1-3 per cent commission. The business has been in a demoralized condition for the last few months, a disastrous rate war having been carried on. The new rates will affect new business, the companies which are parties to the agreement being at liberty to meet the rates of other concerns on all old business. Contributes to lirltaln'ti Navy. Cape Town, Dec. 6.—Amidst prodigious enthusiasm parliament Friday unanimously voted 30,000 pounds annually as the colony's contribution to the imperial navy. For the first lime in the parliament's history the British and Dutch members vied with each other in expressions of loyalty to the crown. . Hall's Family Pills arc tho best. Uaby carriages propelled by electricity are now in use in Paris. TO CUKIS A COI>D IN ONE DAY Talto Laxative Uromo Qutnltm Tablets. All druuelsts refund tho monry it It falls to cure. Ii5c. Tho (.'f "Inn inm I ',. H Q. on each lublct. A fool may have h s coat embroidered with gold, but it's a fool's coat still. _ OHKAVKHT DAILY IN TJIK WOKIVD. 'J'ho DPS Mi Inos UAI1«Y NKWB ID Ilio on ly dollar dally In the world. Iw «nb»(!rli>'lon irlce l« tl i your. 76 cents lin 1 six nioiitliK, fill UOIIIH for tbreo months, 2ft cunt a month. The dollar rate has ueui In force over three ymira. unil IB no «t»erlmem mid It IHIH IIKTOIIBOCI Iliu olronlul'.o i iif Uio NKWH to Zil.uW). fur thu liirxoit of nny IOHII dully. 'Ilio JJAIIA' NHW.H Is H niomlier oft he \nsuuUttoU rrCB'( und Klvos a dully U'loiiri p!ilo n a k >l report, undul tlio notts of Iowa un I the world. uundoiiHUd forbti y people, lin Kiuurduy IHSIIO uunUiliiH ^Hmollvi IMIKOK for women and cililldron. unil valiiii.hU) lltur arv mutter. Tho Huliirday Issue Is alone ivorlh tin price of tho paper. Ho up wllli tho limes, rend i dully pupor uiid keep posted. Address, Till NMWB, JJcs Moinos. lov a __ A woman can giiiicrally explain everything except her explanations, There Is economy In using Diamond "C" Soap in the laundry in preference to other kinds. Only two-sevenths of the peopie of the United States tire church members, CbJmv 1ms an arsenal at Tstnanfii at vhich 300 workmen arc employed making arms and ammunition. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup. For children toothing, softens tho mims, redncet In* Qainmatlou, ftlluy" imln.curoa wind colic, v-'ic a uimls. A pirl may think pate de foio gras sounds nico.% but she 3an catch a lot moro men with raspberry turnover. WANTED-Cnno of hid health that T.-I I'-A-N-fi will not benefit. Kami S irentu to lllnnnH Chcmli-al Co., Now York, for 10 aumplca mid I. DUO tentttmmlnlii The name Holland is an abbreviation of liollowland. COO'H Cough In Hie oldest, and liost. I twill brenk up a cold qutrker thiin anything clso. H 18 always reliable. Try It. Ceylon is alarmed at the news tho world will end next year. that Established 1780. rtaiPtor »»le, Bfll pold.. J. Kyle Opponea Pence Troiity. Chicago, Deo. 5.—Senator James II. Kyle of South Dakota, chairman of the industrial commission, who passed through the city yesterday en route to Washington, expressed himself as opposed to the terms of the Paris peace treaty. The only right way to stnrtoutlobe religious is to c!o it publicly. Baker's •—•-•...ill n_L__L. i!L. "-' • Chocolate, | . ^ celebrated for more JjjJ than a century as a ^ delicious, nutritious, "3 1 and flesh-forming S beverage, has our_<3i well-known SJ Yellow Label g on the front of every «gi package, and , our yL trade-mark,"LaBelle <q/ Chocolaliere,"on the *3| back. : <gi NONE OTHER GENUINE. •& MADE ONLY BY . ^J WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd., % Dorchester, Mass "~ Moines.No 50.— i \\'hcn Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. Look for It. Here it i Now you know by this sign St, Jacobs Oil CURES Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Solalloa, Lumbago, Sprains, Bruises, Soreness, Stiffness. ••THERE IS SCIENCE IN NEATNESS." BE WISE AND USE rfWWW^WWWWVW^^ J. FRANCIS Q. P. A., BurHnjrton 0«n*N, •*•§*••§»*»»•»******•• Sato Coutalueil 875,000. , Vs., Dec. 5.—The safe takeu from tbe Spanish cruder, tHe Maria Teresa, was opened by naval ofljciale Friday. Contrary to expectations, not a scrap of official paper was found. About $75,000 in Spanish and American wa? inside, Venezuela UucUu l>owu, New York, Dec. 3.—The Venezuelan government has decided not to impose further duties on supplies sent to American consulates located in that country. This action was taken because of our threat to retaliate, Talk of Occupying Pttkln. London, Dec. 5,—A Chronicle dispatch from Shanghai says: "The feeling is growing in diplomatic circles that a foreign military occupation of fekln may become necessary," CRFE ADVICE l»y our I'liysli'lun mid ft .FREE SAMPLE of our meftftno umf.' sS-pnuo Tree ItooU foptlMR «11,-"*,?.^ 8 .", ™**> cxc ' ui u... ,. e ,.| lJ(!a „,.„ ,j 0 |,| U O f the reasons wliy-you should write us. Dr, Kay's Renovator ._ _'^. _» r...- .-I.. /Vtiictt iinilnn ITnn llnf'llf* T^lvOr llUtl iiv nmll on veeeliiV of i> Address Dr. B- J.KAY 33SM$StJ^^ I'rlce of Suffur Reduced. New York, Dec. 3.—Arbuckle Bros, have reduced refined sugars 1-16 cent. It is generally understood that the other refiners will follow with a similar reduction. - JJrUalu Tubes l're«»uHou». Pekingi Dec. 5.—Owing to the presence p| ft French war snip at Nan- King, a British war ship has been ordered there to protect the interests of Britain, KMHPWWf 9999 M ^t<W»WM»f •< What's the Matter with KANSAS? KANSAS OWNS (i n round number*) 900,000 Uor«c« and mules, 550,000 mllcli COWB, 1,GOQ,000 oilier cnttlo, 2,400,000 KWlno aud 325,000 sheep. ITS FARM PRODUCTS *>, >«, .„ Vlvjde 150,000,000 UusUeU of coro, 60,000,' '000 IniblH'lH of wli«ut null inllUouB upon mllllom uf dollara lu value of other grftlnt. frulte, v«Kt)tai>l08, etc. la dwbta tilune It bat » ebormge. Bena fur » fr«« copy <>( ''VfUWi th« M»tter wllli K»a»wf"—» new l>ooK of 96 y«jni. of f»«W. Geuurnl rweager OH)ce,< Dr. Kai's Riwator, Klliiutluti, liver aim ob, etc. 41 i Wl illbtMi-,w Wlioii««iwi, bZJOiiia *' «•• I PATENT CollMHW&Ci)."l».H Fsj.,W»rt^ Wstsr ENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS, - LT - l¥ -- ¥l! WHISKERS DYEO A Haturvl Blue* by Bucking

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