The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1898
Page 7
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fHE UPPEK BES MOIN18'. AL60KA tQWA. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBES 80 flan SICK Many persons have their gdod day and their bad day. Others are about half sick all the time, they have headache, backache, and are restless and nervous. Food does not taste good, and the digestion is poor; the skin is dry and sallow and disfigured with ..pimples or eruptions; sleep 'brings no rest and work is a burden. What is the cause of all this? Impure blood,, And the remedy? It clears out the channels through which poisons are carried from the body. When all impurities are removed from the blood nature takes right hold and completes the cure. If there is constipation, take Ayer's Pills. They awaken the drowsy action of the liver; they curc'biliousness. v WfHa to our Oootof, We havo the exclusive aervlcei of •ome of tlio molt eminent physicians In the United Statei. Write freely all the particulars In your case. You Trill re- ctlve a prompt reply, without cost. Address, OR, J. C. AYER, •Lowell, Masi. LlTEKAftV MOTES, George W. Cable is busy on a thfc civil wat, which he expects to all "The cavalifer." Most ot the char- Cters are New Orleans Creoles and the ccnes of the tale are in the region ust north of New Orleans. It is surely one of "life's little iron- es" that the great laughterinaker, (kiax Adeler, whose real name is Charles Heber Clark, a man with a world-wide reputation as a humorist, should sit in the office of the Textile Record and write ponderous editorials about the exports of the last fiscal year, he protective tariff free trade, pig iron and the currency. He is a stanch teetotaler, but a great smoker, and he ires in the country at Conshohocken, where he is at the head of a great firm of manufacturing chemists. Apropos of Mr. Kipling's new book a good story is being told of him. Recently he sold & book to his publisher at a rate that worked out to a shilling a word. The publication of tills fact came under the notice of a London newspaper humorist, who, "for the fun of the thing," wrote to the author say.- ing that, as wisdom seemed to hs quoted at retail prices, he himself would like one word, for which ho enclosed a shilling i postal order. The reply came, in due course; Mr. Kipling had kept the shilling postal order and politely returned (written on a large sheet of paper) the word "Thanks'." Marian Crawford's new book is "Ave Roma Immortalis: Studies from the Chronicles of Rome," In two volumes. He begins with a brief historical study of the rise of Rome, with sketches of some of the great men who made her greatness, and afterward takes the . fourteen different regions or wards Into which the city was divided in mediaeval times and goes through them, one after another, describing the characteristic buildings of each as they liave been In different ages and as we see them now and giving the histories of the people who lived and fought and loved and died in them. WHI^EWAStt A BOSS. SUNSATtONAt ACTION OP THB ANGRY WIVES. Retased to fjnlt Work—ttonlrt Not Join the Striker*, bnt Gave Aid to iin- portecl Ncero Workmen—11U Clothe* Almost Torn Off. Not Forgotten. "Did your rich aunt remember you in her will?" "Oh, yes: she left all the money she had loaned me to my oousin and urged that the amount be immediately collected." m W ife: m *$&**?<$^<3&^^ AN AFFAIR ^NATION It h&s been saad of Americans tha.t they &re "o. nation of dyspeptic^' and it is true that Few &rc entirely free from disorders of the digestive tr^ct, Indigestion, Dyspep^i*. Stomach &nd Bovul trouble, or Constipation. The treatment of these diseases with cathartic medicines too. often tiT&vo.tes the trouble. THE LOGICAL TREATMENT 1 is the use of & remedy th&t wiU build up ** the system, thereby enabling the various organs to &c_t a.s Nature intended they should. Such & remedy is found tn Or VJttlt&ms.' Pink tor PaAe People a VUre is the prooF>, In Detroit there are few soldiers more popular and efficient thau Max R Davies, first sergeant of Co. B. His home is at 416 Third Avenue, l-or four yews he was a bookkeeper with the wholesale drug house of I-arraud, Williams & Clark, and he says: "I Have charged up many thousanu orders for Dr. Williams' I'lnk Pills for Pale People, but never knew their worth until I used them for the cure of chronic dyspepsia, l-or two years and doctored for that aggravalinjc trouble but could ouly be [ is one of the most stubborn of ailments, nnd there is scarcely a clerk or office man but what is more or !-ss a victim Some days I could eat anything while at other times I would be starvmgr. Those distressed pains would force me to quit work I have tried many treatments and remedies but they would help only for a time A *,end pleased to rec9Bumcud tnem.'!r^W«V (Slick.) Jmrual. The genuine pa.cKo.gC A\*Ays be&rs th« *U drofldi<,tv ot s>«.nt poup^d on receipt of per box, by the ».r.Williams, Medicine Co,Sihencu&Hy,W.v > AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," SAPOLIO In a Tourist Steeping Gar Personally conducted -v» the Burlington Route -that's the way to go to California. Why ? Because you don't change cars 5 you make fast tune ; you lee the finest scenery on the globe. Your car is not so expensively finished nor 59 fine to look at M 9 palace sleeper, but it is just as clean, just as comforuble, just as good to fide in. AND NEARLY f»o CHEAPER- The Burlington excursions leave Om»l» and. Lincoln every TUuM. day reaching San Francisco Sunday and LOJ Augete Monday. with each Jr. Excursion pwnager with each pty, full Snfornwuon, write tp J. FRAWI5, Q. P- A- Ballot trt •Boston (Pa.) -women bid fair to h* come as famous as the women of Marblehead, whose act ot tarring and feathering and riding in a cart an objectionable character of that village has been celebrated in song and story. The women of Boston laid violent hands on an objectionable mine boss, and after beating him and almost tearing his clothes oft they whitewashed him from head to foot, and, as one ot them remarked, "made a white sheep of the black sheep." The Boston in this case is not the classic town ot Massachusetts. It is a little coal town on the banks of the Yonghioghcny river, about four miles above McKeesport. The men in the mines o£ W. H. Brown's Sons have been on a strike for four weeks. They claim the nrm has been violating a number of sections of the Chicago agreement. The principal difference is that the Hrin will not pay the price agreed upon in that convention and refuses to put tlie coal dug by the men over a I'/i-lnch screen. All along the strike has been a most orderly and quiet affair. For the last four days the strikers have been parading about the openings of the mines hi an effort to induce the few men still at work to come out ami join them. Until yesterday the effort was unsuccessful. A number of ne- groes from Lovedale Hollow were working regularly and refused to quit. The strikers marched up to the mines each morning and stood on the township road, watching the workers take their jobs. They were careful at all times not to set foot on the coal company's property. Each evening when the men came out df the mine tliey were met by the strikers and escorted to their homes with all the tin horns, tin cans and other noise-producing instruments Boston oould produce. The mine boss, Andrew Borland, was on his way to the mine when he was met by a party of eight women, wives or some of the striking miners. He was asked by the women why he would not an abusive answer and was at onoe assaulted by the women. H«e was knocked down, and, after they bad .all taken a turn pummellng him, .one ffif them shouted: '"'s make a white sheep of the black sheep!!" The proposition was at once agreed to. While seven 'Ot the women held him the eighth hurried home and got a bucket of wnite- wash and a brush. Running back, she applied the whitewash in a vigorous manner and soon had Bor'laiad dressed in a suit of dazzling whiteness from top to bottom. This done, they allowed him to depart. Borland threatens prosecution for assault and battery, riot and several other charges. Amateur Poet—How is this lifts of my "Ode to My Sweetheart"—"Thy bright eyes outrival twin diamonds?" His S'ister—Make it "Thy rivals shall eye thy twin diamonds" afld she is yours forever, Confession ot a MUllorinlrc. A millionaire confessed the secret of his success iri ttt-o words—hard work. Bo put iri the best part of his life gaining dollars »M losing health, and now he was putting in tlie other half spending dollars to pet it back. Nothing equals Hosteller's Stomach Bitters for restoring health. It Rets at the starting point—Die stomach—and cures dyspepsia and indigestion. Morn t)RiiK«roii» Tlinn Srorclilnff. .Tim—You look awfully glum. What's tlie matter? .lack—Ileen bicycling. <lim—Meet wilh an accident? .lack—Yes; -rode a tandem with R pretty gii'l and got all broken up. LOW RATES TO THE SOUTH. A Splendid Opportunity to VUJl Southern Point* nt Small Cost. On Tuesday, Dec. 6, and Tuesday, Dec. 20, a popular low rate excursion will be run from Chicago to the poutn via Chicago & Eastern Illinois railroad. On those days that company will sell both one way and round trip first- class tickets at greatly reduced rates Ono way tickets will be for continuous passage; on round trip tickets stopover will be allowed on going trip at points In the south. Round trip tickets will be good twenty-one days. The Chicago & Eastern Illinois railroad has two daily through trains which leave Dearborn station, Chicago, for al points beyond the Ohio river; botl trains carry through flrst-clasH coaches, sleeping cars, and have dining cars serving meals out of Chicago This is the shortest route to the south and the time made by its trains is th< quickest. For detailed Information Inquire of any ticket agent or address Charles U Stone, general passenger and ticket agent C. & E. I. R. R., Chicago. tALREB AfiOOf. COt&fc H4« Experience. "Ah," said the Uoston spinister, "but you have never Icnowa what it is to luive 'loved and lost!" "1 haven't, eh'/ 1 replied the man from Chicago. ''Well, 1 guess I came pretty wenr it tine time my first wife's father dropped every cent he had, on *,he board of ttadei just three dnys before -our wedding." •Comment. "Tliey say «he takes «i milk !rath every day," said the rural spectator. "Yes," answered the tirban spectator. "With* glass, one can soe how tlite •olvalk luis settled on her." Women wl»o occupy houses subject to taxation in Montreal, Canada, «itlier as lesseeS'Or Downers, have, by the new •charter, faill mwnicipul suttrug'c. Kipling was gtveti his odd Christian aihe because it Was that ot the Bn- lish village where hie father first met is mother, Mary McDonald. fix-Senator Saywer of Wisconsin, wfco recently celebfatett his 82d birth- ay, Is still active in politics fend looks mtieh yowmger than he really 16. The queen of Roumanla is adding to icr many accomplishments that ot flute-playing, she is a musician of wide gifts, and plays many instruments. The death has occurred of Sarah Le^ man, aged 82 years, who has been an nmate of Blean (Kent) Union work- ious« for 66 years. During that long period she .has never left the hou*e, and her maintenance cost the' taxpayers $6.600. The duke of York is S most devoted father. He never tires of answering Prince Edward's many Questions, and more often than not has a new toy in his pocket. His royal highness holds a theory in favor of teaching children by means of toys and games. Capt. Wellby, a young cavalry officer, recently spent a furlough in trudging 2,000 miles through Thibet, from Leh to Pekln. For fourteen weoko ho and his party did not meet a single human being, and rarely saw any vegetation higher than a wild onion. They crossed one pass which was 19,000 feet in height, and for a long time their food consisted only of yak fat. Tho Chinese emperor is probably more hedged in by rule, than any other monarch in this world. The menus for his daily meals are prescribed for him by his physicians months ahead. He ia certainly the ealiost riser among potentates, real or nominal, He gets up .o transact business ot state at 3 o'clock In tho morning. His only •ival, the Austrian emperor, does not begin till 4. ___ A cynical bachelor says that woman is an agreeable blunder of nature. Mrs. Pinkham Heileved Her of . St., Gtttttd fcapida, Mich., bad trouble with its fctteadaftfc acheS and pains, notv eiie is well. arc hei- tfttri "Vovir VegetA* ble Compound hfti made me feel like a ne* fcsrsotii Before t be* gan taking it I Wftfl fell run Violence Unexpected. "Penelope's new fall suit is a perfect wreck." "Did she get caught in a rain?" "No; she went to a millinery opening, and it turned into a bargain rush."—Detroit Free Press. Porter V* ftlfer (Mof .Jealous of Himself. "Is he really so Jealous'?" "Why, U« Is even jealous of himself since some one told him matrimony had made another man of him."— C'incinnati Enquirer. HEALTH AND BEAUTY. Do not begin a long journey until some breakfast has been eaten. After taking a warm drink do not go Immediately out Into the cold and do not drink anything hot immediately as you come in out of the cold. To soften nails, rub the following preparation well into them each night and sleep in gloves: Lanoline, one ounce; vaseline, half-ounce; olive oil, ten drops. The hands should always be washed in warm water and the nails polished with a leather. The upper part of the arms of a woman should be large, full and well rounded. The forearm should not lie too flat. A dimple at the elbow is very desirable. Correctness of form ia not the most necessary thing for a good arm. The owner should also possess the power of expression and here is a word of advice— the slowest movements are always the prettiest. People are most likely to catch cold in the back than they are generally aware of and if neglected may prove a serious matter, Tbe back, especially between the shoulders, should always be kept well covered and never lean with your back against anything that Is cold. Never sit with your back in a direct draught and when warming it by the fire do not continue to keep the back exposed to the heat after it has become comfortably warm, To do so is debilitating. The woman who wishes to retain the beauty of her face should forego the use of the smelling bottle. 'Stand in front of a mirror and inhale the pungent odor from a smelling bottle and notice the number of lines which fovm about the eyes, nose and mouth. Each sniff taien frcm the tibttle causes the same screwing up of the face and each time the unbecoming lines deepen. Ke- member, also, that it is an unpleasant experience which has called up these wrinkles. Those caused by laughing and talking are ba£ enpngh, bu^rtnk." les- formed by the use - of iroelU»g salts give? 90 absolutely undesirable expression, Ointments for Cu.turrh Tliat Contain Bfcrcnry. as mercury will :surely destroy the sense of smell nnd completely derange the whole system wjien 'entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should nc'Ver fee used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do 'is tern fold to tho good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Ctire, manufactured by F 1 . J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken, internally, u.ctlirK directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buyliiR Hall's Catarrh Cure oe euro you get tho genuine. It Is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Druggists, price TSc per bottle. Hall's Family Pills uro the best. There are about as many men whose mustaches ewrl naturally as there are women who are shaped the same as their corsets are. Diamond "C" Soap is a high grade laundry soap that can be used in hard or soft water. ________ Some men go abroad to complete their education and others marry for the same purpose. Use Diamond "C" Soap and get a full gilt mantel clock for nothing. Other valuable prizes also. It is probable Hint babies do not have souls until after they gut through having teeth. .._ rnm'Vousnogsnftfii rut dny't* UHO of Dr. Klina'n ilrmvt Norvo Hontoror. Bond fur FUEI3 8U.OO trlnl Ixittlo nnd t routine. " ~. 11, KLINK. Ltd..031 Arab Bu Phlludolplitii. Pa. A Bclf-maae mini usually looks the kind of a man lie would bo apt to make. •WANTED— C<«e of \md lic.ivltU llmt 1M T-A-N-S •will not bcnollt. Kcnil 5 cctitB to Klpims Chemlcnl Co., Now Turk, for 10 iiimploi nnd 1,000 testimonial* Sweden is the liitest country to lay claim to the ancestry of Admiral Dewey. Coo's Cough liulsnin In tlin oldest nnd host. It will urcnk up ucolil quicker Uian atiyililMS cleo. It Is ulwnys reliable. Try U. Loneliness is the greatest foe a woman has to light. To California. Attention is called to- the excellent service of the North-Western Line to California and the favorable rates which have been mude for single and round trip tickets for this season's travel. Best accommodations in first- class or tourist sleeping ears, which run through every day in the year. Personally conducted tourlat car parties every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a large number of different routes without extra charge. Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y, or connecting Hues, The man who wounds with a word is usually too cowardly to strike a blow. and sleepy most of , the tlaie» Wad iJaitis ' ti my back 'atod side, and such teftrlble headache* all the time» nndcoiildnot sleep well nights, t also had ovarian trouble. Through the advice of a friend I began the use of Lydia B* Pinkharn's Vegetable Compound^ and since taking it all troublcshavc gone. My monthly sickness used to be BO painful, but havd not had the slightest pain since taking yo\ir medicine. I cannot praise your Vegetable Compound too tuueli. My; husband and friends see such a changa' in me. I look so much/better and have some color in my face." Mrs. Plnkham invites women who are ill to write to her at Lynn, Mass., fo* advice, which Is freely offered. The man who bus no past hasn't generally tmieh future. For complete list of prizes given freb to users of Diamond "C" Soap write Cudahy Packing Co., So. Omaha. Neb. The. fragrnnce of fresh flowers is tho nearest thing in nature to a caress.]. I never uso:l so quick a cure 09 PIso'S Cure lor Consumption.—.!. B. Palmer, Boat 1171. Seattle. Wash., Nov. as, 1805. It is easier to take medicine than ib< is to miike up your mind to take it. Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of It takes the place of co£» fee at £ the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. Insist that your grocer glraa you GHAIN-O, Aooopt no imitation. Q fir Kav'Q Rpnnvntnr OUABANTKKD Uli IVUJ 9 ncllUTUIUI, to ouro draiii>i«,lu, eon- HtipuUon. liver nnd lildnoy (llsoason. biliousness, neuduoliOK, etc. At ilniiftjlHU, Uoo ;unl Jl.tX). W. N. U. Des MnincB.No 49.—1898. wcrmjj^a9^scmcn Mention This I'apcr. Have used DR. SKTII AltN'OUVS COUGH KIU/ER In my family for M yearn. Mm. A. SucUnuuck, Minneapolis, MIou. Ku. a bottle. When marriage is a failure the man tries to put it all in his wife's name, Ifjoriilu. Are you going to Florida? Do yon want'rates, maps, routes, time-cards and full information? It so, address H. W. Sparks, 234 Chirk street, Chicago. It is said that sea-sickness is a sure cure for pomposity. )TO CUKK A COI,I> IN ONJS DAT Take Laxative Uroiuo Qulnlno Tablets. All druggists refund the money If it fulls to cure. B5c. The jtei'iilrio rm« T,. H Q, on enoh lublet. Take any story an.I put a baby and a depth scene in it aiid the women will cry over it. Hundreds of valuable presents given free with Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. Ask your grocer all about it.. Every Held of labor seems more fertile than _our own. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. For children toothing, soften* the Bums, reduces la* Humiliation, allayu pain, cures wludoollo. 'i'ai a bottle. 1 Cupid is blind the golden eagle. to everything save TOO GOOD TO BE FREE! But send »5c and we will mail you a trial treatment of "5 Drops. " Cured Nervous Prostration, Rheumatism, ; Catarrh and Stomach Trouble, MOTHER AND 3 DAUGHTERS CURED BY "5-QROPS," Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co., Chicago, July 25, '08. I think "8 DEOPB" in the best medicine in the world ; it has done me BO much good. Before using "5 DBOPB" I > ould hordly lie hi bed long enough to go to sleep. 1 would have to get up and walk arouud, or sit up in bed. I don't know what was thw matter with mo, but I was suffering all through me and my body was eo tender that part of the time 1 could hardly lie on the softest bed. AH it has benefltted me so much I havo recommended it to my neighbors. Three of my daughters have sent to you for "5 DROPS;" also two of my l»dy friends. Oiie of my daughters was suffering terribly with her stomach, and was all bloated up uutil she weighed 174 pounds, but after she took "6 DROPS" her weight came down to 140 pounds— her normal weight— and she Is; all right aeaia. Bhe thluks there never wan such medicine made. I uiyselt think it ia splendid. WRf-i. M. A. MA'CTINGLY, QQUbcan^Col. Mr. Ira Sargeut, Dunliar -(Neb.),', also>vrwtes underrate July 25, ''90, that he i» cured of ItheuiUBtiKBn Stomach Trouble and Catarrh. "I wunt to write you in regard to my case of 8TOMAOH TROUBLE and RHEUMATISM. I commenced one year ago to take '5 DROPS' and I can tell you to-day that though 1 am T5 YEARS OT*P aad past, I feel like a new person. I don't waut to be without '0 DSOPS.' '0 DROPS' has the praise of being the best medicine on the market. It has cured a bad case of CATARRH here and JIOH another almost cured. Please accept my thanks for the favors I have received at your hands. IRA SARGENT." • If you Imve not lulttulenb contldonce, attar reading the«e luitera to »eqd for' throe large bottles fo* 8%<6O wlilcli will iurely cure you, ibun «ond for a ttl.oo liottlo, wbluli contain? ouuugb inodlcluo toinor* 4 t — __ __ ^^ __ -^ . . tliaii satisfy you of lt« wonderful ourntlved proportion. Prop»ia by luatlor R ilOflD^ 7 expri'BB. This wuuilorful rurallve ' jtlvoii Mlmost Inttaut roller and U ^ \J> *mFW\\r* *af iieripunent; cure for Jlheuniiitlnpi, Sciatica. Neuralgia, Dy«- penilu, IJacliuelie, Asthum. liny F«ver. Catarrh. Sl<'epl«»»ne«n, M«rvoug a,ua Nournlelo Heudaolios, Heart. Wc»kneii8,Tootlia<-he, Kaniolic, Croup, La Urlppe, Alitluria, , , Nuiubueuj, UroiiiililUs, iiii'1 UluitreU (llH«ane8. **K no fl Dtt" is the name and doso. Largo bottle (300 doiea) 91,00, prepaid by & Vn\frVf mail or express ; tliviia bottles f2. 50, gold only by us and pur agents. AQCNT3 APPOINTBP IN New TBHRITQHY, WRITE TP-PAY! SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO,, 167 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ml, ' MEN AT WORK OR ON PLEASURE BENT are always subject to some- ACCIDENTAL HURT OR PHYSICAL STRAIN, ST. JACOBS OIL is a good friend in such times of need; it cures surely. CUR* Usp Big « for -unuutural - Uon», IB about tbft osly average m ftR will give freely £& 31$, m R. ROBERTS, ^pr yenrt Cwbicr ol the Citizen*' Bw»fc <jt Omaha, and widely »nd very f*vor»bly known in Om»h» »a<l low*, wriJei on M»y 6, 1898:— "About 2$ yiwe »eo J wi» tr^uWed with mr- tous DYSPEPSIA, cold feet and hands, lack of oireuUtipn, loj* o( t$vribl« cou.dUiou. Dr. Ka's Renovate

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