The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1898 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1898
Page 6
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THE ttWtttt MOlNMft AMONA IOWA. ^iMKnA*. NOVEMBER M ism SEEMOE >««f HE CRADLE OF THE TIETH CENTURY. <lie Folltmlnft Bllita t«t, tihfb*. Xll, 33:—"Th* thlldrsn ot Httd trii<l«Mtftiiaiaft to Knot* OhEht tto Vo." Great tribe, that tribe of Issaehar. .When Joab took the census, there were 145,600 of them. Before the almo.nac ,was born, through astrological study, they knew from stellar conjunctions all about the seasons of the year. Before agriculture became an art they were skilled in the raising of crops. Before politics became a science they knew the temper of nations; and whenever they matched, either for pleasure or war, they marched \vnder a three-colored flag—topaz, sardine, and carbuncle. But the. chief characteristic of that tribe of Issaehar was that .they understood the times. They were not like the political and moral incompetents of our day, who are trying to guide 1898 by the theories of 182S. They looked at the divine indications in their own particular century. So we ought to understand the times, not the times when America was thirteen colonies, huddled together along the Atlantic roast, but the times when the nation (lips one hand in the ocean on one side of the continent, and the other hand in the ocean on the other side the continent; times which put New York Narrows and the Golden Horn of the Pacific within one flash of elec- ;tric telegraphy; times when God is as directly, as positively, as solemnly, as tremendously addressing us through the daily newspaper and the quick revolution of events as he ever addressed the ancients, or addresses us through :the Holy Scriptures. The voice of God in Providence is as important as the voice of God in typology; for in our own day we have had our Sinais witn thunders of the Almighty, and Cal- varies of sacrifice, and Gethsemanes that sweat great drops of blood, and Olivets of ascension, and Mount Pis- ;gahs of i'ar-reachlng vision. The Lord who rounded this world six thousand years ago, and sent his Son to redeem ,it near nineteen hundred years ago, ;has yet much to do with this radiant, 'but agonized planet. May God niafcf; us like the children of Issachar, "which .were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do." The birthday of our nineteenth cen- jtu.vy occurred in the time of war. Our tsmall United States uavy, under Capt. Truxlon, commanding the frigate Constitution, was in collision with the French frigates La Vengeance and I/Insurgente, and the first infant cries of this century were drowned in the roar of naval battle. And political have, very soon, a railroad bridge across Behflng Strait, those thirty-six miles d! water, not deep, and they are spotted with islands capable of holding the piers of a great bridge. And what with America and Asia thus connected, and Siberian railway, and a railroad now projected for the length of Africa, and Palestine and Persia, and India and China, and Burmah intersected with railroad tracks, all of which will be done before the new century is grown up, the way will be open to the quick civilization and evangelization of the whole world. The old map wo used to study in our boyhood days is dusty, and on the top shelf, or amid the rubbish of the garret; and so will the present map of the world, however gilded and beautifully bound, be treated, and an entirely new map will be put into the infantile hand of the coming century. The work of this century has been to get ready. All the earth is now free to the gospel except two little spots, one in Asia and one in Africa, while at the beginning of the century there stood tlie Chinese wall, and there flamed the fires, and there glittered the swords that forbade entrance to many islands and large reaches of continent. Bornesian cruelties and Fiji island cannibalism have given away, and all the gates of all the conlinen'a are swung open with a clang that has been a positive and glorious invitation for Christianity to enter. Telegraph, telephone and phonograph are to be consecrated to gospel dissemination, and instead of the voice that gains the attention of a few hundred or a few thou>sand people within the church walls, the telegraph will thrill the glad tidings and the telephone will utter them to many millions. Oh, the infinite advantage that the twentieth century has over what the nineteenth century had at the starting!' * * I do not believe there- is in all this house a temperance- pledge, and you would have to- take out at torn lett'er- envelope or a 1'oose scrap of paper for the inebriate's signature. I found out afterward that there was one such temperance pledge in the-aiudisnce, but only one that I 1 could' bean of. Do not leave to politics that which; can Se done now in ten thousand! reformatory meetings all over the country. The two great political parties, Republican and Democratic, will put a prohibitory plank in, the platform-, tfre same day that Satan: joins tfie- oilmen and turns perdition into a- oamp saeeting. Both parties want the- votes of the traffickers in liquid death, and if you wait for the ballot box. to doithe work, first you will have local option, and then you will have hligh license, and then a first-rate law passed; to be revoked by the next legislature. Oh, save the young man of today, and greet the coming century with a not put upon the cradle oS the twentieth century a mountain of. demijohns, barrels, and the House of Representatives, and plainly interpreted by the Supreme Court of the country. There are thousands of married peo* pie who are unhappy, and they ought never to have been wedded. They were deceived or they were reckless, or they, were fools, or they were caught by dimple, or hung by a curl, or married in joke, or expected ft fortune and it did not come, or good habits turned to brutality, and hence the domestic wreck. But make divorce less easy and ^ou make the human race more cautious about entering upon lifetime alliance. Let people understand that marriage is not an accommodation train that will let you leave almost anywhere, but a through train and then they will not step on the train unless they expect to go clear through to the last depot. One brave man this coming winter, rising amid the white marble of yonder Capitol Hill, could offer a resolution upon the subject of divorce that would keep out of the- next century much of the free-lovism and dissoluteness -which have cursed this century. * * * It has been -»he custom in all Christian lands for people to keep watch- niglit as an old! year goes out and a new year comes in. People assemble in churches abouS 10 o'clock of that last night of the old year, and they have prayers, and songs, and sermons, and congratulations until the hands of the church clock almost reach the figure twelve, and then ail' bow in silent prayer; and the scene fe mightily impres- Fata! Railroad Accident Near Bur !owa t TWO DEAD AND MANY INJURED While KonmllnK » Carve the »»» Coach lenves the Truck *ml Finally i-nncls Avrny—N«.«be» of in IJUCK nitjr Foot tlie Victims* THE TRADE REVIEW, give, until the clock in-the tower of the church, or the cloc'.t in the tower of the city hall, strikes-- twelve, and then all rise and' sing with smiling face and jubilant voics the grand doxology, and there is a shaking of Hands all around. But what a tremendous watchnight the world is soon to' celebrate! This century will depart at twelve o'clock of tbe tliirty-lirst of December, of the year 1900. What a night that will be, whether starliit, or nroonlit, or dark with tempest. H will be such a night as you and I 1 never saw. Those who watched the coming in of the nine- teentli 1 century, long ago went to their pillows of dust'.. - Here and titere one will sse tlie new century arrive who saw tlHs century enter; yet they were too infantile to-appreciate the arrival. But on the watchnight of which 1 speak, fn all neighborhoods, anct towns, and cities, and' continents, audiences \Vhile passenger train No. C on the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern railroad was running four hours late it struck a crave, six miles north o! • Burlington, Iowa, and the day coach left the track, rolling over twice ami landing in a ditch fifty feet away. The car was full of people. The following, •were killed: Mrs..Catherine Davis, widow, Columbus .tunctlon; Amanda- Harmes, 2 years old,, child of Mr. and! Mrs. August Harmes. Maxfield, Minn. Severely Injured: Miss Estella Bowen,. Buckhorn, Brown county, 111., hiP 1 fractured; Mrs. A...1B: ©ates, Welcome, Minn.,back injured'; Maria Fulton- llauar, Hamburg, Carver county, Minn., scalp wounds and bruises. Slightly injured: Myrtle Hay wood, rowa- Falls, la.; Lizzie Mulhay, Kingston, la.; S, H. Wilson.pleasant Grove, la.; Lurilla Ranschler, Pueblo, Colo.; Glen Sates, boy, Welcome, Minn.; A. Y. Richmond, Plnkeyvill'e, 111.; John Minister, Galland, la.; August Harmes, MaxflerS, Minn.; Mrs,.Augwst Harmes, MaxficM, Minn.; J. 0:. OlTrogge, Maxfield, Minn.; Mrs. J..C.'.OlTrogge, Maxfield, Minn.-, John Ives, Urakeman; Andrew Vest, Blsburg, Kan..; G. J. Kle- burtz< Assumption, 111:;-. Gfcarles Johnson, Montr, .e, la.; W. Robinson, Ford River, Mich.; T. A. Brediclt, Minneapolis, Minn. A relief train with surgeons was dispatched' to the scene, am£ after the wounded were cared for- they were brought to St. Francis-diopintal at Bur- HngtoHi Exc«U*»t Condition of ont thtr COttfctijr. R. G. Dim & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: * "Thanksgiving In 1898 means auvIT> than for thirty years. The general prosperity is attested by the largest volume of business ever recorded. ThO industries are doing remarkably -well, considering hindrance until of late by unseasonable weather. With storms and eold many branches^ now get larger orders. "Failures for t&e week haw Been is* in the United States, against 236 last year year.' , , sad 21 in Canada, against 25 last six MEN; KILLED'. Powder Mows Up lb- a Mill nt NEGRO SOLDIERS RIOT, Havo am Aim..I IJuttlO xvi4Ii » Provost Ouatrili Negro, soldiers, member® of the Thirc Alabama (colored) regiment, lay ii ambusfe at Anniston, 'Ala., shot at in Ten thousand pounds of powdar, vhich was being prepared for shipment n the packing house of the Hercules iowder mill at Lamotte, Mo., situated on the St. Louis, Keokuk & Northern railway, thirty miles south of Quincy,. 111., exploded, tearing into shreds thai bodies of »4k men who were at- wort' ih the building at the.'timc.__ TWO mSTANTLvTKUlED. Rist Train In Indian*. Wrecks- T.*o Hand Cars.- Bake Shore train No. 44, the fast paper train, struck two.hand cars filled, with people returning from a dance near Otis, Ind., instantly killing William Kempw and William Sobenski and fatally injuring Sobenski's^ two daughters. _ Son.xt<nrMui-pliy Will Ketlwv. Tihe New York Press says that Sen- Edward '.Murphy;,-, whose term , ex* . pires on March 4 next, is so thoroughly. disgusted with the result of the New York election that hto- has decided, to. ojiiit. politics forcveiv. _ Vlctiory for>- Gex»l Miners,. Tlie strike among «otton mill opera" Lives at. Atlanta,- Ga., now affects 6,005 workmen. . The mill owners are firm in their deteraoination to -enforce the -cut in wages, and declar* the. old scale.-wil ( not be -paid 'again.. _ OarfUo Balxer-Iu. Trouble. An attachment suit for 540,000. lias, I been filed against. Grant C. GiUeit: oi.' CatarrhCured Blood Purified by Hood's and Health Is Good. "1 was ft su-fferer ffom- catarrh. One of my neighbors advised iae to tatca Ho&d's Sarsaparilla and I did so. A fow battles purified my blood! and cured me. I roma.ine&in good health ever since-. " T. A-M£iNS r Athens-ville-, Illinois. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is Americans-Greatest Medicine; $i ;si» for fg Hood's Pin»etire-alt Liver UJ8> 25 centa. •' A Cincinnati- father exp lained to his inquisitive aon that a hostile Iiidintu is one wlib hns-soroe-grood,.arableland. Two new southern magazines hate been stnrted in Tex*s. Their contributors have ordered black- suits- in time- to-act as-pallbeai-eirs! An Italian- pianist, Signer A-lessio Garaclina,.has invented a system of ar- rang-ing- piano chords so'that they cannot lose the tension imparted to them or get out of-tune-®n- account of the- weather. Several doctors ho-ve failed to> cure an-aggravated case'of hiccoughs in Chillicothe, Ohio,-, tun- old farmer administered tivo'teas-poonfuls of quince- juice to the sufferer.-and immediate relief ensued, Do You Want to tl-re- In a fine, mild. and. healthy climate, where cyclones and blizzards are unknown, where good,.rich lands can bo bought at low prices,.near cheap transportation and with educational and industrial advantages? Homeseekers' excursions- to Virginia via the "Big Four Route" and.the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Write for descriptive book of Virginia, list of farms for sale, excursion rates,, dates, time-cards, Etc. J. C. Tucker, G. N. A., 234 Clark street, Chicago. 111. Every man knows-he can always-get i.woman's sympathy if he can only- jet up a hard-luckjstory. Diamond r "C" r Soap does not- shrink flannels and it leaves all fabrics^ la the most desirahla-aondition.. It doesn't take a man very long after '•ike gets married to get over being ! jrotid of the way his dog will do !j ivhat he tells him dividual white soldiers and forced a'-|; Wooc i\)i n «?, Kan., toy the Gillespie Com- wit'h pantherine rage. The birthday | pre=eiit of this nineteenth century was vituperation, public unrest, threat of national demolition, and horrors national and international. I adjure you, let not the twentieth century be met Jn that awful way, but with all brightness of temporal and religious prospects. First let us put upon the cradle or the new century a new map of the -world. The old map was black wita too many barbarisms, and red with too many slaughters, and pale with too many sufferings. Let us see to it that on that map, so far as possible, our country from ocean to ocean is a Christianized continent—schools, colleges churches and good homes in long'line from ocean beach to ocean •beach. On that map Cuba must be free The archipe'ago of the- Philippines must be free. If cruel Spain expects by procrastination and intrigue ,to get back what she has surrendered, then the warships Iowa, and Indiana, .and Brooklyn, and Texas, and Vesuvius, and Oregon must be sent back to southern waters, or across to the coast of Spain, to silence the insolence, as decidedly as last summer they silenced the Cristobal Colon, and Oquendo, and Maria Teresa, and Vizcaya. When we get those islands thoroughly under our protectorate, for the first time our missionaries in China will be safe. The atrocities imposed on these good men and women in the so-called Flowery Kingdom will never be resumed, for our guns wll be too near Hong Kong to allow the massacre of missionary settlements. On that map must be put the Isthmian canal/begun if not completed. No long voyages around Cape Horn for the world's merchandise, but short and cheap communication by water instead of expensive communication by rail train and more millions will be added to our national wealth and the world's •betterment than I have capacity to cal- eulate. put to its infant lips wretchedness, dis- easa, murder, and abando-oment in solution. Aye, reform that army of inebriates. "Ah," you say, "it caunot be done." That shows that you will be of no -use in the work. "O, ye ot little faith." Away back in early times, President Davics of Princeton college, one day found a man in utter despair because of the thrall of strong drink. The president said to him: "Sir, be of good cheer; you can be saved. Sign the pledge." "Ah," said the despairing victim, "I have often signed the pledge, but I have always broken my pledge." "But," said the president, "I will be your strength to keep the pledge. I will be your friend, aurt, with a loving arm-around "You, will hold you up. When your appetite burns, and you feel that you must gratify it, come to my house; sit down with me in the study, or with the family in the parlor, and I will be a shield to you. All that I can do for you with my books, my sympathy, my experience, my society, my love, my money, I will do. You shall forget youy appe- will assemble and'Bow-in prayer, wait- squad; of the provost-spard to letue tag Tor the last breath- rf.t&e dying after:^ armed conflict; The casualties centurv and when tfre clock shall are nat fully known,.but one dead ne- strllce twelve there will' to a solemnity .gi-o lias been found;, and) one mortally and an overwhelming awe such as has |, wotm-Ied. not been felt for a-hundred years; and then alTtlie people-will arise and chant the welcome of a- new century of joy 3.I1Q olJl 1 U »» ^ «*• * alHt'IlclfclJlleltl uvvii-^'--»^*•• •••••• i* ,.--. — — — *.-.-• — happiness and woe; and: neighborhood n th minatioll . coraus: ttnsought,.. tet will shake hands with "elghborbood. : j and church with church, and city with I -«° city an* continent with continent, and hemisphere with hemisphere, and earth with heaven, at the stupendous depar- ture-and'the-majestic arrival. May we- pe . nd i tm -e of $23,440)969, an incroaae o£ Wallace Not! »i Lew Wallace of Indiana is firm life refusal to .enter -again upon the senatorial contest. HS? will accept: if Increase lu>AT«w E*poi>diture».. T u e annual report oS Paymaster <3en- ontl Stanton of-'tha- shows ;aas ex- all be-living on it between- us should' we be In- where "a- earth to see the so- remnmes'and Join fa the songs and' shake- hands in., the congratulations of that watch islght; or, this and that any o£ he off and' away, may habitants of that land thousand years are as one day,' and in the presence of that angel spoken- of in the Apocalypse, who at the end of the world will, standing with on« foot on the sea and the other foot OB the land, "swear by him that llvetb forever and ever, that timo sK 1 ' be no longer." $£.326,804 compared! with last year. . Hot* the Decision^. Lavigne was awarded! the decision over "SmiMtasL Tom" '.Hiracey at San Franv-'isco -fast fighbing. mission Company-of Kansas lett's liabilities-aa-o-believed to be, aver $1,000,OU».- ^ Fire I 1 ' Kivchie, Wl«. Fire; wiped oiu _ie large plant of'tils. Belle-City Malleable iron works at'.Racine, Wis., w-ilix. the exception of: the blacksmith shwp and offices. Tlte'lissa will amount to; about $100,000. ConllnB-Station, far America.. t Jegotiations are proceeding between Gneat Britain and', the United; States fojn the lesse of: the.! island of. Stttotra, iis the Indian oceaa, to the- United Spates aa a coaling station.^ Murderess Admitted to. Bull.. 'Nancy A..• GuilfSW'd, who was- extradited fwim England upon the charge I of murdering Emma Gill in, Bridgeport twenty aaunds of. Conn., last September, was admitted 1 to bait in $10,000. BB1GHAM H. ROBERTS, THE MO-RMON CONGRESSMAN. tite and master it." A look of hope glowed on the poor man's face, and he replied: "Sir, will you do all that?" "Surely I will." "Then I will overcome." He signed the pledge and kept it That plan of President Davies, which saved one man, tried on a large scale, will save a million men. Alexander the Great made an imperial banquet at Babylon, and though he had been drinking the health of guests all one night and all next Bay, the second night he had twenty guests and he drank the health of each separately. Then calling for the cup of Hercules, the giant, a monster cup, he filled and drained it twice, to show his endurance; but, as he finished last draught from the cup of Hercules, the giant, he dropped in a fit, from which he never recovered. Alexander, who had conquered Sardis, and conquered Halicarnassus, and conquered Asia, and conquered the world, could not conquer himself; and there is a threat- GLADSTONE AS A CHEMIST, Anotuer Science the Breat Statwmao Wad Familiar With. If Mr. Gladstone seldom indulged In sarcasm it was not 'because he lacked the gift—-for he possessed It in a high degree—but because he forbor® to use it says the Fortnightly Review. To hurt an opponent's feelings gave him pain and when he did it unintentionally he would sometimes cross the floor of the house, and, sitting for a few moments by the side of the man whom he had just demolished, say something to assuage the wound. One of his most persistent, hut never ill-natured, erlt- cs was the late Sir John Pope Hennessy, who told me the following story to illustrate this generous trait in Mr. Gladstone's'character:, Sir John prided himself on his knowledge of chemistry and in one of the debates on the com- ****"* ... «-« -UA v^tCTHck t) OF §» OF FIGS. only to the- GHiigiaality and.,' simplicity of the combination, but also- to the. eare and skill with which it is manufactured by scifentifio processea known to the CALIFORNIA. Fia SYKUP Co.. only, and we wish ta impress upon all the importance of purchasing th» triaa and original remedy. As tha genuine Syrup of Figs is manuf aetured by the CALIFOKNEA FIG SYBUP Co., only, a -knowledge of that fact vrillj assist one in avoiding' the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high sianding of the CAJJ-J 3FORNIA Fio SYIMJP Co. with the medi-; cal profession, and the satisfaction'] which the genuine Syrup of Figs has; given to millions of families, makes! the .name of the Company a guaranty i 'of the excellence of its remedy. It is 'far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and howels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get ita beneficial effects, please remember the name oi the Company— • CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP C6. BAN *'1£ANCISC<>, Cat. J,OCHVII,tE, Ky, NKW YtOKK. N. T« Cm that map it must be made evi- ening per ii tn at this good land of ours dent that America is to be the world's Uav j ng conquered all with whom it civilizer a»d evangell«er, Free from the national religions of Europe on the one eide, and from fhe superstitions or , Asia on the other side, }t will have facilities for the work that no other continent can possibly possess. As near as I can teji by the laying on of ?ae hanoB of the fcord Almighty, tWs continent has been prdaiaod for that work This is the only country W the world where all religion are on tlie pawe platform, and fee People have has ever gone into battle, may yet be overthrown by the cup of the giant evil of the land—that Hercules of infamy, strong drink. Do not let the staggering, and bloated, and embruted mercial treaty with France he made a speech exposing, as he believed, a serious chemical blunder in the treaty. Mr Gladstone followed, "and soon rtnn^^H^TS'S"- I B,, 6toW H. B.U.rt, u. *™» ™ Si story "proving, as if he had congressman, who may be expelled £.1, a chemist by profession, that it f rom the house of representatives be- was I who had blundered egreglously." ' — <- Having thus disposed of his critic Mr, Gladstone went and sat by him tor a presi dent of elders and the leading ex- ^ moment. "I hope you don't foel hurt, poun( jer of theology as taught by the llever iu polygamy, and has written Mr Hennessy," he said. "Your speech Book o£ M 0rmon , Mr. Roberts Is not ^ my high-sounding words in praise ">"*• *"^ ., m , __ «s%nnn1n V/M1 I _ . t «_ .- ._ t 1 J T_ ^ 4- _ 41 . _ , TT _ 3— _ J t M- ' cause he practices polygamy, is a great church leader, a missionary, a and in that campaign he stood out against several of the powerful priests. of the church. At a later time, how-^ ever, he repented and was once more taken back to the bosom of the church. The new Utah congressman, being a Mormon of the Mormons, is a firm be- was , ingenious and it may console you a polltic i ani He stands for all that O j that peculiar system. He is a dig- lt Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup. <n« , fluenia, Whofopina Cough, Bronchitis andI Asthma. A certain cure lor Consumption In first stages, and a sure relief In advanced stages. Use at once. You will see the excellent eftept atter taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, UfS? bottles 25 cents and 150 cents. _ naTTllY secured or »'•»»* »H«tOT!«*. BeavcUfre* PATtN I Coimmer&Co.l834 Ft - - - - WilB *Mt»""»-"" - it- to know that the emperor of the French made precisely *.ue SP™ "hiac, tion that you have rcade. iu, both you and he know a The , , dvunkarda go into the next alM ,ut chemistry, but not on B electi99 aetrUmnt. ,Whe B we promt to hOSt Of WUUJHU'UB SU t«w »«•- «"" i »uw«v v— '-• '• oal-i-nv " century looking for insane asylums, keep you from going astray. and almshouses, and delirium tvenaens, and dishonored graves. Another thing we must get fl*ed Is a national law concerning Divorce. William Bf Gladstone asked we while walking In Ws ground* afc JJawftrden: you npt tnlnfc to»t your country is fact deal to is orthodox in Utah. His first political work was done seven years ago, when, with many others of his kind, he was drawn into the whirl of a fight in the church itself. In 1895 he was the democratic candidate for congress nified man and sees only the serious side of life, as a polygamist well may. It is said that he admitted having more than one wife, and if this charge is proved it is believed that congress will not permit him to retain his seat. The universally popular cult of the cycle ha? received a check in one part of the world, Tlie Emperor ot Morocco, who only I* snM time ago purchased a luxurlus cycle-wheeled cab from one of the largest manufacturers, ha,s now forbidden, tbe use p* the cycle jn al? domains. r • Ghrletlftn science, ha# finally reached the GV® el &te*i<?o. Viw* ; t&,e /%d bast ot "It Cauuon Favom Nloaraguii Ouual. Representative Joseph Cannon Illinois, iu an interview said: seems to me the public sentiment of the country demands the construction ot the Nicaraguan canal. My judgment Js that the rnattev will receive the early consideratipn pf congress." ' . _,, coal compaaies at Centra.Ua, III., after a strike of eight months, have tp pay the SprJngfW §« a l e World's Gold Coinage. The gold coinage of the world in 1897 was the largest recorded, amounting in value to $437,719,342, against $195,899,517 in 1896. Of the former sum ?14G,- G22.194 was recoinage, and approxiT mately $?91,097,148 a net addition to the stocK of gold coins. _ Mileage In The total ral)road mileage In the state of Illinois, including all tracks, is J6 4 263ill miles, ail increase over la#t year of 170.73 »Ues. NEW DISCOVERY: »'<» quickrollefuHdcuresworBC oases. Send for book of testimonials ami 1O days' treatment Free. »r. H.H.UUKKN'BBOSB. WrWe CAPT, WHAT TO EAT 18 A 8ERIOU8 QUESTION Tfry It » ?peaKi fpt H

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