The Salt Lake Herald from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 16, 1893 · Page 13
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The Salt Lake Herald from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 13

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 16, 1893
Page 13
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rT 1 < Co l TODS SALT IA KB HERALD SinsTBATT ATKIL 16 4 1893 SIXTJffiJEjX PAGKES 13 if r 10 r 1 tJll1 y g t t t 1 11 th 1 t U J ELL rr PAST DRAMATIC WEEK Home Dramatic Club Deseret Minstrels and Some Barnstormers Notes ol Coming Attractions at tho Theatre The Crust of Society and Erne JCllslers lieu Play The Home Dramatic clubs engagement ran over from last week and closed with Monday nights performance of The World This was followed for one night by the Deseret minstrels and Wednesday and Thursday nights were given over to the eminent artists J G and E Alma Stuttz supported by the New York Theatre company as announced in the advertisement of the Salt Lake theatre Charles S Burton manager The Home Dramatic club and the Des eret minstrels arc both superior amateur organizations and are fully the equal of many professional companies traveling through the country and appealing to the support of theatregoers The Stuttz T outfit organized in 1867 as stated on the bills is simply a band of green barnstormers such as visit small country towns along with threelegged pigs and doubleheaded cows on agricultural fair days The theater management ought to hang its head in shame for giving its sanction to the imposition attempted to be practiced on its habitues by this miserable show which it knew to be a fraud Even the ignorance upon which so much was banked was not so dense as to be greatly taken in by it though many a good hardearned dollar went to the boxoffice in the credulous belief that something worthy would be had for the money It seems to have been the purpose of the 9 management of the theatre to edify the citys visitors during the conference season without calling in the aid of celebrities It would have afforded delight no doubt to thousands brought hither by the dedication ceremonies to have been treated throughout to such performances as those given by the VTardeJames combination for instance J Other opportunities might present themselves to see our talentedhomecompanies but here was a chance to secure attractions which many of the transient guests coming from long distances cannot often see and it was a poor compliment to these that the effort was not made and the overflowing public had to put up with what was offered The Crust of Society This comedy drama will be offered next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Salt Lake theatre Its theme is nota neW one and It is perhaps junta trifle difficult to determine whether it is a play with a moral or simply a drama written for artistic finish and effect It comes to us as a clever adaptation of Dumas IILe DemiMonde famous in Paris nearly a half century ago It has been translated into English by several persons since its first presentation but the present dramatization is said to be the best that has yet been given r John Stetson whose excellent company will present the play comes to Salt Lake from New York and Boston where it has had a great success There is enough in it to set New York and Boston talking The translator Miss Guiney is highly praised for her clever and intelligent worlr by all the newspapers The plot is not at all in the usual line The adventuress is made to appear a heroine in the eyes of the audience and the leading male character who once enjoyed her love is portrayed as a coward He prevents her from marrying the man whom she dearly loves and who loves her although he does not care for her himself The lesser characters in the story are in capable hands and have plenty of work to do There are twelve characters in the play equally divided as to sex Of these persons but one 1 man and one woman are presumed to have led correct lives Every thing ends as well as could be reasonably expected Scenically the play is said to lack nothing and the cast is one of remarkable strength Effie Ellslcrs New Play Later in the week towit Thursday Friday and Saturday nights tho new Bveact play of Doves well be produced iuced by the Effie Ellsler company so noted in Hazel Kirke the cast includ I ing the veteran Couldock Frank Weston Robert Drouet etc We have seen many high encomiums of this piece and of the acting in it by our contemporaries of the press and the theatre going people will look forward to the engagement with high interest Annie Eva Fay Lectures on Spiritualism theosophy at the theatre this evening She gives manifestations and tests in the flare of the electric light and not in the dark as is common with others There has been a great deal of interest in her seances in the east whero she has always drawn full houses Stage Gossip Gounod has completed a new opera Mary Anderson Navarre is writing reminiscences Some twenty new plays are already announced for production next season The Baldwin theatre in San Francisco is to be extensively altered this summer Nat Goodwins next production will be In Missouri by Augustus Thomas Mrs Langtry is said to bo contemplating another trip to this country this summer James A Hernes play ShoreAcres has passed its fiftieth performance at the Boston Museum Julia Marlowe and Mrs John Drew appeared in The Love Chase at Boston the week before last When Stuart Robson revives The Comedy of Errors the other Dromio will be Giles Shine Sol Smith Russell has signed a contract to play for 100 rights at a Broadway theatre New York next season Charles Wyndham begins his American tour in September He will stay in this II country six months only Mme Duse and Mrs Grover Cleveland are very warm friends and each has unbounded admiration for the other Ehunora Duse although hailed with great acclaim by Chicago critics has played to meager business in that city Tony Pastor has been a minstrel acrobat clown bareback rider variety actor and managerthe latter for twentyfive yearsA A Trip to Chinatown is nearing Its six hundredth performance at the Madison Square theatre New York a most remarkable run Marie Van Zandt sang Lakme at Pau to a crowded house in spite of the fact that the usual price of admission had been quintupled The Girl Left Behind Me is expected to run for several months yet at the Empire theatre New York Full houses have been the rule since last December A new cantata by Paola Giorza called The Judgment of Heaven will be produced at the Lenox Lyceum in May with Campanini full orchestra and a chorus of 150 voices Robert Taber leading man for Julia Marlowe has tendered his resignation to take effect at the close of the present season in May Mr Taber thinks of starring A conservative estimate of the gross receipts of David Hendersons American Extravaganza company for the season commencing last June is tho enormous sum of 432000 Mascagnl had hard luck at Venice While a portion of the audienceapplauded I Rantzau at the Venice theatre others stamped their feet hissed and demanded the fall of the curtain Young Salvini has secured from the Porto St Martin theatre in Paris the complete mise en scene of Emile Blavets play LeFils Porthos a continuation I of The Three Guardsmen and will appear in it next season There will be a great festival at Baireuth in 1S94 It has been announced that the dramas would be Parsifal Vann hauser and Lohengrin but a later report says that the grand cycle of Der Ring Nibelungen will be revived Margaret Mather was sued by a former stage manager for 51500 damages but the court dismissed the complaint becauso the agreement between Miss Mather and her stage manager had been violated by the plaintiff and not by the defendant Wilson Barretts New York engagement will begin at the Union Square theatre May 1 Mr Barrett is to play in London from July to October and expects to return here in November with three new plays and a revised version of Sheridan Knowles Virginius May Dana of California who is a member of John Stetsons company wanted to be a nun and spent several years in a Chicago convent but her father obliged her to go into society She is a crack shot a good fencer and rides with the cowboys in a roundup Mrs Anna Burch has been engaged for the soprano part in Berliozs Damnation of Faust in Baltimore and Washington where this work will be produced under the direction of Mr Walter Dam rosch assisted by his New York Symphony orchestra and other eminent artists The death Is announced at Milan of Angelo Zanardini born in 1820 at Venice He was a pianist and an operatic composer but for many years was recognized as the best translator into the Italian language of the librettos of foreign operas and his services were in great demand amongthe music publishers of Italy Carrie MillznerHamilton is not with the Bostonians during their present tour It will be recalled that she and Camille Darville were at daggers points but the impossibility of having two prima donnas was made possible by starting another company lor Miss Hamilton in which she is now singing Robin Hood in the smaller cities in the east John Stetsons version of Dumas DemiMonde is that made for Mrs James Brown Potter and Kyrle Bellew by Miss Louise Imogen Guiney the poet Stetsons wife will have the role of Mrs Eastlake Chapel and her sister Belle Stokes that of Violet Esmond and the Mrs Ernestine Echo will be Isabel Eves son formerly leading lady at the Boston museum A casual remark during an interview with Henry E Abbey in Chicago tho other day led that impresario to suggest a truth that many seems to have overlooked It was with reference to Patti of whom Mr Abbey said Patti is still great in concerts but she could not stand tho strain of an operatic season You must not forget that she is getting old The last time she appeared in the United States she appeared in twentysix concerts and only five operas yet those five operas exhausted her more than all the concerts Richard Mansfield played in Chicago last week Denman Thompson in New Hampshire towns Effie Ellsler in Colorado and Kansas cities Fanny Davenport in Indianapolis Julia Marlowe in Pennsylvania cities John Drew in Philadelphia Lewis Morrison in Minneapolis Mme Modjeska in Illinois cities Roland Reed in Brooklyn R B Mantell in ebraska cities Freaeric Warde and Louis James in Denver Wilson Barrett in Philadelphia Digby Bell in Ohio cities Stuart Robson in Washington Annie Pixley in Columbus ands Cleveland Ohio and Clara Morris in Cleveland In Germany the star system is unknown The greatest pains are taken to make a stage production complete and in every theatre six or more leading actors of equally high standing are in the cast each of whom might be called a star hereOf course the conditions of the German stage differ from those of the American stage Here an actor may be dismissed on a weeks notice a manager finding that his company does not pay might dissolve it and while on the road leave the members of his company to themselves to return home at their own expense while he returns to New York or Chicago to make up a new company In Germany all actors belong to one certain theatre by contract two three or more years or even for life during which engagement the contracts grant them a certain number of weeks which they may use for playing as guests at an extra salary in other cities Wonderland First class performances are being given by the stock company at this resort For the week commencing Thursday April 20 they will present for the first time in this city the sensatisnal society drama Aurora Floyd In the curio hall Prof Eoltalr will present his wonderful mistifying illusion The Mermaid and the Sphinx The 1 talented Davenport sisters will also appear on the bijou stage A grand concert will be given tonight and the following well known people will appear Mr J J Williams Mr and Mrs John P Meakin Mr Bert Havens Miss Annie OMalley and others These concerts are becoming very popular and are being patronized by large and select audiences First Con rogational Church April 18 1893 at S P M Programme of the Iliff Epworth League Literary and Social a Selected 1 Organ Solo in Swanee River Flagler with Variations i Professor Thomas RadclISo Cornet Solo Selected John Held Readlnsr Miss Hattie O Kenyon iPiano Solo i h Gottschalk Mrs Grace L Williams Reading Mrs Jobn Reed GSolo Mrs Anna Colborn Plummer 7 Reading Miss Hattie O Kenyon 8Cornet Solo uuu Selected John Held Reading Mrs John Reed 10 Piano Solo Minuet PaderewsUI Mrs Grace L Williams Admission 50 cents The biggest chance this week 300 new hats and fifteen dozen fine flowers on sale at eastern cost New York Cash Store opposite postoffice 0 A LECTURING TOUR Dr Arthur I Groves physician in charge of the Salt Lake Keeley Institute will leave for Southern Utah tomorrow morning on a lecturing tour in the interest of the Salt Lake Keeley Institute He will lecture at the following places Beaver Parowan Cedar City Kannarra Leeds Washington and St George He will be absent about two weeks Imported and domestic champagne The Kentucky Liquor Co 1113 and 15 E Second South tWill Ford has placed an order with the Salt Lake Cycle company for a No4 Cleveland This is the road racer model and has become very popular with then t The largest stock of candy in the west James G McDonald Candy Co Main street v The Desorot Savings Bank The attention of those deisiring to open savings accounts is called to the Deseret Savings bank which allows interest on deposits at the rate of 5 per cent per annum compounded quarterly Money to loan on approved real estate security Its officers are as follows JAMES T LITTLE President MOSES THATCHER VicePresident E A SMITH Cashier DIRECTORS JNO EWrNDEB J R BARNES JAMES SHARP D H PERRY I I MOSES THATCHER J T LITTLE I HENRY DnrwooDEYELiAa A SMITH L S HILLs W W RITER I J C CUTLEB F W JENNINGS GEORGE EOMNBY I Mrs Stein is ridingan 1893 Lady Cleveland I Increase the appetite by the use of Ayers Cathartic Pills They cause the stomach liver and bowels to perform their functions properlydo not debilitate by excessive stimulation and are not irritating in their action As an after dinner Pill they are unequaled PRICE OF SILVER Leo Hollander says that silver will below till the Deep Creek road is finished In consequence ho can sell you very cheap fruit table and other silver ware He has in his store other beautiful things and would be glad to see you No 148 MaIn street s PrescriptionsJohnsonPratt Drug Coa Ballard Snow Limineai This invaluable remedy is one that ought to be in every household It will cure your rheumatism neuralgia sprains cuts bruises burns frosted feet and ears sore throat and sore chest If you have lame back it will cure it It penetrates to the seat of the disease It will cure stiff joints and contracted muscles after all other remedies have failed Those who have been cripples for years have used Ballards Snow Liniment and thrown away their crutches and been able tc walk aa well as eyer It will cure you Price 50 cents Sold by Z C M I Drug Dept 1 e e W n rl n 1 QQOOOCXX3SGOOGGOGQQGOOOOGO Second South Street Next to Cullen Hotel i Wonderland d Amusement Co1 Props GQMN1ENCINQ WEEK THURSDAYADfl 20 IteEngagomoat by Request the Most Charming of All Child Artists I TIm DaVBnport SistBrs I In New and Original Specialties I PEOE EOLTAISS 1 Beautiful Illusions I Which were delayed in transportation from I Australia have arrived and will surely be I ready for exhibiting They are certainly the I acme of Illusive Art Nothing like this display ever seen in this country The draperies alone I represent thousands of dollars i iI I Millie Davenport 1 t In the Latest Descriptive Successes First Presentation In Salt Lake City of tho Sensational Society Drima AURORA FLOYD I Or THE DEAD ALIVE CAST AURORA FLOYDMIss JEJTNIE DAUBACH John Mellish u u Geo C Bearnard James Conyera Geo R Caine I Steve Hargrove Dan Edson Mrs Floyd Mips Annie Wilmot Mrs Powell uMiss Georgia Caine MATT HABBISON J J WILLIAMS SYNOPSIS Return from the raceAuroras home The new trainer THE DEAD ALIVE The mischievous housekeeper The bargainSteve Hargroves greed for moneyPreparation for tho murderThe dark deed done in the dead of night in the woodsThe charge of murderThe desolate borne Aurora under a eloud Tho mystery solved The following artists Trill appear in Concerts Sunday Evening Mr J J Williams Mr and Mrs John Meakin Mr Bert Havens Miss Annie OMallev The Talented Deavenport Family and Others In honor of tho near approach of the opening of the Great Worlds Fair Wo are going to give to every lady attending Wednesday April 26 a handsome ILLUMINATED PANORAMIC 1 VIEW of the beautiful buildings that have been erected there Ohildrens Matinee SATURDAY APRIL 22 AdJtnission lOo Seats One Dime Reserved I 1 alt Lake Theatre 11 I I CHAS S BURTON I 1 1 MANAGER J Tif 1819 TWO NIGHTS ONLY II A CLEVER PLAY ORIGINAL VERSION OF THE I 1 FAMOUS PLAY Emotional Brilliant 1 I A STRONG PLAY THE i Powerful t Successful C R 1J SEI = lIsA I MORAL PLAY I Entertaining 0 F I Interesting II A GREAT PLAYA SO C I ETJ it I I Social J Sensation i iI i ACTED ONLY BY A Good Man Should MR JOHN STETSONS 1 GOMP ANYt t Marry None But A Good OF PLAYERS from the Globe Woman r Theatre Boston I j 1 t I C SPECIAL NOTICE Owing to length of play the curtain will rise at ll I S oclock evenings j i I I I PRICES 150 1 10050c ant 25c Seats now on Sale I j I J SALT LAKE THEATRE Chas S Burton Manager v SPECIAL Three Hills aiii Saturday r latiiee r COMMENCING APRIL 20TH Effie Ellsler With 0 W Couldock Frank Weston and Company THREE GREAT PLAYS Boris Hazel Kirke cc A Womans Power Seats on sale at Box Office Tuesday April IS ST flIARYS A cAiiiI Salt Lake City CONDUCTED BY THE SISTERS 1 OF THE HOLY CROSS Second session for boarders and day pupils begins February 1 1893 TERMS MODERATE Send references For catalogues etc cddress as above aboveOfflFIER Is the Old Reliable Concentrated rd Lye for FAMILY SOAP MAKING 4 S ri Directions accompany each can for making Hard Soft Toilet Soap quickly It is full weight and strength Ask your grocer for SAPOXIFESR and take no other Penna Salt Mix Co Philadelphia SALT LAKE THEATRE I TONIGHT POSITIVELY ONLY ONE APPEARANCE CHAS S BUJVTON MANAGER 9 p13 f r i l i o I I 1 t V l ill Y IUJI y l ISK a 4f = 7ml 4 OF LONDON ENGLAND r yl In a religious Illustrated lacings on t2 i e the c + y r a tip rlttl SPIRITUALISThI y t ltd Miss Fay will pgesent the line of manifestations as I4 h t t f rr a 1 given by b before members of the Royal Society of Eng 4 land Materialization in full gaslight of hands forms S J r I and faces The spirithand tables will float in midvir Y Y beautiful flowers materialize 20 to 30 communications fort r + i a yl 1 persons In the audience and many other experiments of i M 1 1 r this remarkable power never before seen in this city h r i v 1 I I 1 IN THE FULL GAS LIGHT ON THE OPEN s STAGE PRICES 25c and SOc Doors open at 7 Reserved Seats 75c Lecture at 830 = = = = = = I i I I I IIve > Forks Spoons 7 t i f II I t 6 0 i tU I f u wr ACS t Soup and Berry Ladles d f SALT SETS BUTTER BOWLS lw r r Y NEvV YORK PRICES 1 I t 7 LI HOLLANDERS JEWELRY STOREt t l 1 1 I I REMEMBEREvery Purchaser of One Dollars worth of Goods at my Store Receives a Coupon in My Grand Distribution December 30th 1893 I i = 3ii EEi J = a r r 1 L u Cq a a tee THE MYSTERIOUS fAY She Talks About Her Extensive Travels in Europe Madam Blavatsbys Talking HendUnlqno Sights and CustomsSeance at the Salt Xafco Theatre Tonight a I 1 to s t t ib Mis Anna Eva Fay arrived in Salt Lake yesterday Her name is familiar to almost the entire civilized world as of a woman who possesses most wonderful and fascinating powers as to what the people choose to call a spiritualistic medium She has recently returned from Europe where she has given illustrations of her peculiar power to the crowned heads of effete monarchies from the Mediterranean to Siberia Sbe was called upon by a HERALD reporter at her hotel last evening and proved to be a most charming interviewer both as to personality and the story she told of herself Miss Fay is a little woman with an abundance of blonde hair and the brightest of blue eyes She chatted most entertainingly of her recent trig abroad and finally in answer to one or two questions began to talk of her mission in traveling about the country as she does 4 I was born she said in Louisville Ky but have spent many years of my life abroad When I was 11 years old I began to develop my peculiar powers and have been giving exhibitions most of the time since The chief interest to her in what she heard and saw she said was in those things pertaining to Theosophy of which she has been making a study as well as other branches of occult scone I have particular purpose she said in which I am much interested Among theosophists especially those who were intimately associated with Mme Blavat sky the late renowned high priestess of their sect there is a strong belief that she received inspired instructions through a mysterious head that is kept in a temple in Bombay and that all the advanced doctrines of theosophy came to her in this way Since her death no one has been able to get any communication through this image If I really have such powers as people attribute to me and being a firm believer in theosophy 2 I should be able to get communication through this image At least I am going over there to try l and if possible bring it back with me Miss Fay talked a little about her various experiences I am an American she said and was born in Louisville Ky living there until I was six years old when I went to England where 1 was brought up Both my father and mother were spiritualists and my mother was a very effective medium I began giving performances when I was 13 years I old and have continued ever since During my recent tour in Europe I visited every capital in the old world from St I Petersburg to Constantinople I Miss Fay wears a beautifully jeweled gold braided watch chain which was II given her by the emperor of Russia before whom she gave an exhibition of her powers Miss Fay will remain in this country until after the Worlds fair when she will make her third tour of the world going by way of San Francisco to Australia China and India where she hopes to get the mysterious image or head to which reference has already been made Miss Fay is about 32 years of age petite of figure with a bright face and an agreeable manner She talks rapidly and intelligently and is evidently if one may judge by her bearing and conversation a rapt enthusiast on occultation

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