The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1898
Page 7
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.> r UMPlft Momatejt ALOONA, IOWA f^r^^-M^T*- ^ KOVfiMfill M i, was , : "It's better to be er |te niggerfon er dead voter." - - —-— j c»-e,.e, new and a, given free for Diamond "C" ap wrappers. Full particulars of our grocer. 'is a wise provision of nature that ot only causes most, of the new ha* ' 1° ? b °y 8 ' btifc also supplies |eroesfor th^m^ejmmed after. ' Coughing Leads to Consumption. Kemp's Ualsam will stop the conjrii |t once. Goto your druggist to-day |hd get a sample bottle free. Sold in »"_ and no cent bottles. Go at once i are dangerous. 'General KltchenerVtttle of "Sirdar" jmeaus simply chief or head man. CVRK A COtD IN ONE All „ The number of patents issued in the lymted States in 1897 was 33,730. u . MM> Whwlow'B Bootlilnff Syrup, ail !. tt *? ot lilng, «oftcns the Bums, rodtir.ce l n - jfrmmatl(m, quays paln.cureawjmijioiic. • jpoabottlo. fj r ,.Teacber— What is tlie other name l . vcn lo J ams? Tommy Traddles— Coe's Cougli Mamatn * the oldestand best. It will break up a cold quicker "•an anything else. It Is alwnvn r-llable. Try It. S No fewer than 2,401 patents have beon taken out on processes for mak- fiog sugar and salt. '.-"•..%— _-3ti8o of baa ncaitli thai, ii-i-i-A-i«-» -,^--1 notlionont. Send 5 cents to Klpntia Chcmlon |.Co., Hew Turk, for 10 samolRs and 1.000 testimonials. Ex-Senator Sawyer, of Wisconsin, -T just celebrated his 83d birthday. », r _ . is still active in politics urul looks §iio older than CO years. H I believe Piso's Cure is tho only mcftidno ^that will euro consumption.—Anna M ' Ross, Williainsport, PH.. Nov. is, '95. . I' About twenty now books are pub* libhcd daily in Great Britain. Cleanliness is next to Godliness—use I'.Piamond "C" Soap in the laundry. 1 'I asked the tramp why he never took a bath." "What did he say? 1 ' "Said lie was too proud to be"- for LBoap." Conswpflon Do not think for a. single moment that consumption will ever strike you a sudden blow. It does not come that way. It creeps its way along. First, you think it is a little cold; nothing but a little hacking cough; then a little loss in weight; then a harder cough; then the fever and the night sweats; The suddenness comes when you have a hemorrhage. Better stop the disease while it is yet creeping, You can do it with Ayer's Cherry Pectoral , You first notice that you i cough less, The pressure on > the chest is lifted. That feeling f of suffocation is removed. A ; ~ cure is hastened by placingone of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster I pver the Chest. ABookFroe. > 13, It is on the Diseases of the ffT&roat »nd Lungs. A WOMAN WHO SCAtTBttEB FLOWERS STILL LIVING. Manser, ttt Newport, IK*,, »h» *» 86 teari Old—tnttrettlttt Story the Frtnch Oen«i-iH'g Watch—Stolen •nd ilecotnred After Many Vest*. i, If you h*ve »nr complaint whatever I and Swire the b«»t nieUlcal advice you , I/cut iM)»slt>!j receive, write tlie doctor J I freely. You will receive a prompt reply, | . Uon, liver und fclduey diseases. ; tops,en>. M druiaflsts,s>oojaidfUW. DYE YoorWIiiskers ~A Natural Blaok trio, wklngham's Oye. .ofdrugelstiof R.P.Hall&Co.,N»shu»,N.H. owe vouMiih «. ot mucous nie«ibr«ues. and. uot (Cincinnati Letter.) RS M. E. MANSER of East Third street, Newport, Ky., is the only 6»e living of the 200 Ulttle girls who scattered flowers before Gen. Lafa* yette when he visited Cincinnati in 1825. She is now H ...lMJPtiy. over /6 years old, auu was born in a farrtt house which at what is now the corner of Eighth and Plum streets in this city. In speaking of the great event Mrs. Manser said: "The girls were dressed in white, with sashes and caps of red, white and blue muslin. They carried white flags, with 'Welcome Lafayette to Cincinnati.' As the carriage which contained Lafayette, his son, Gen. Desha, who was then governor of Kentucky, and Gov. Morrow of Ohio, passed by, the children strewed the flowers before him. The carriage was drawn by four white horses. The little boys who were in the parade wore Lafayette pictures on their coats." When Lafayette was on his way up the river from''New Orleans to Cincinnati an expert pickpocket got in his work by stealing his watch. He regretted exceedingly its loss, because it was given to him by Washington, and on the outside of the case was engraved the following inscription: "Washington, to Lafayette." He gave a mln- MRS. M. E. MANSER. ute description of his watch to many of his friends, so that if it were ever found it could be easily identified. Every effort was made at the time to recover the watch, but without avail. He grieved over the loss for many a day, and at last gave up all hope ..of ever again seeing the precious timepiece. • Well, "seasons came and went," hut no trace of the watch could be found. At last, after a lapse of more than fifty years, lo, and behold! the precious relic was discovered in a pawnship in Nashville, Tenn. Although the "corroding land of time" dimmed outlines of the ovlng inscription, still there it was, plainly decipherable, "Washington to iBfayette." The proper authorities at once took possession of the watch. A thorough nvestigation was held, and all doubts were removed In regard to its identity. The president appointed a special commission to take the watch to France. But, alas! Lafayette was dead, and his son was dead, but a grandson still survived, and to him was presented the precious gift of Washington to his ancestor. The .French government appreciated highly the action of our president, and did all in its power to make the presentation ceremony interesting, Kffect or I.lino on the System, A medical scientist is authority for the statement that children and old people especially suffer from a lack ot lime in the system. Persons who habitually drink soft water, while they may enjoy immunity from certain ot the His of life, expose themsslves to others perhaps quite as much to bo avoided. Hard water helps the teeth and the bones by furnishing llme.whlch is necessary to health, growth and de-' velopment. Old persons who drink but little lose their teeth more quickly than those who take a reasonable' amount of drinking water. Lime, or food products in which it abounds, should be a part of the regular supply furnished to the system. One of the most valuable vegetables for this purpose is the yellow turnip or rutabaga, which should be given to growing children at'least once a week. Properly prepared, it Is very relishable ana its food value has never been appreciated. CttEftARV NOfES« Sufety or Rallroinl Travel. Last year on American railways one passenger was kjlled in accidents out of every, 2,827,47.4 passengers carried. That Js to say, that you can take a train 2,827,474 times before, on the law of averages, yoiir turn comes to be killed. You will have to travel 72,093,963 miles on the cars before that tuvw comes, and 4,541,945 miles before you are injured. It ypu travel twenty miles every day for 300 days in the year yon can keep U up for 758 years before your turn coroeg to be hurt. If there had .been raihyays when our Savior was born and you had begun to travel on the first day of the year A. D. i ( and had traveled 100 miles in every day of every month of every year since then you would still hare (in th'is year 1898) nearly 3,000,000 miles yet to travel before your turn came to. fee Thfe jjoetas of childhood of _„. Whitcorhb Rlley hav6 at last found __ illustrator v»lio can adequately inter* J>ret that accurate insight into the fij>irit fend point of tiei^ of children which has toade them so dear to all of «8. In "Child Rhymes," the new book of Mr. Riley's poems just published by the ^Owen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Mr. Vawter lias sent a host of lovable children scampering through the pages. At one place they are looking serious over thotights of the ''gobble- uns." At another they are going paily out the road to r "Old Aunt Mary's," and everywhere they are real children, the kind that everyone has known—nnd hns been. The book is one of the most beautiful »f the hdli* day books of the year and promises to be one of the most popular, two largo editions having be*>n sold before the day of publication, for sale by all booksellers. The special cut paper pattern designs, which have proved to be so popular a feature with the readers of Harper's Uazar during the past year have been resumed for the autumn season. Captnin Alfred T. Mnhttn, who is Europe us well ns America as the most distinguished naval critic in the world, will contribute to the New Win- Scries of the Century Magazine. Captain Mahan wiltwrito, from the point of view of a student of naval warfare, of tho two decisive naval engagements of the war. Besides "The Adventurers," which Messrs. Harper & Urothcrs publish in November, Mr. Marriott Watson h'ns finished a story called "The I'rincess Xenia,' 1 which will appear serially hi Harper's Mngiiy.ine next yrar. Its scene is laid in the "Grand Duchy of \Vesser-Drelburg. "J Mr. James Creel man, the intrepid •war correspondent, gives a thrilling recital of his adventures before San*- tiago in tho American Monthly Keview of Reviews for November. .The first volume of Harper's Round Table, in its new monthly form, which is now completed, contains an xintis- xially excellent collection of serial nnd short stories, strikingly told and graphically •illustrated. There urc articles of travel and exploration; practical and instructive articles; narrative and descriptive articles; articles on hunting 1 , fishing, and sport of cvcrv kind. In "Johnnie," the new story by Mr. E. O. Laughlin, just published by the Bowen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, the author has given a most delightful character study. He introduces us when "Johnnie," at tho ugi; of six, first starts to the country school, and from then \vc follow 'him through school days and vacation, playing through the long .summer together, learning the secrets of the woods find fields, until finally he grows to niiui- hood and leaves us to accept a position in the great city. J. M. lUvrie says '"Johnnie" is a retil boy." For sale at all booksellers. Tho December number of the Delineator is called the Christmas number, ti ml is a marvel of completeness in all its departments. The winter fashions in dress and millinery arc elaborately illustrated and described, the lit&rary features are of an niuisnally hijrh order of merit, and the household specialties are of the most seasonable and original diameter. McClurc's Magazine for November contains a story of boy life by Stephen Crane. This is rather a new departure for Mr. Crane, and it will be interesting to see how he faros iu it. Tlie story is said to be one of. his best. "The Heal Xangwill," by Theodore Dreiser, is a contribution of striking interest in Ainslee's for November. A profound analysis is given of this most remarkable author and critic. The loading article in Applctous" Popular Science Monthly for November will be a discussion of the oriyin of the peoples which originally settled middle America. 1'rof. .10. S. Morse, the author, is well known as a scientist and traveler, nnd his views on such a subject aro of great value and interest-. The November issue of the Art Interchange brings two color plates of exceptional beauty, one being a masterly study of "Jaoijuemin ot Hoses," by Mrs. McLennnn Illinium, that is superb in color and ably handled, and so well produced as to deceive one into the belief that the actual painting is before him. Archibald H. Colquhonn, author of the recently published work on "China in Transformation, 1 ' contributes to the "North American Keview" for November a most important article entitled, "The Far Eastern Crisis," in which he deals with the sequestration of the Chinese Umpire at the hands of the despotic and uiilitui'3' states of Europe. Marseilles is the h nman huir mart, .You can sometimes judge a man's ability by the number of relatives he has to support. A little over two months ago Lobolt Gant/.burgor, of Heading. 1'a., at the age of ninety-one, begun cutting his third set of teeth. • The seventh new molar is already in sight, and the old gentleman is delighted. Circular or elliptical halos around the sun indicate violent storms, especially if the halos are dark in tint or of a large diameter. Lightning and magnetic disturbances m;iy also be expected from these signs. A Washington restaurant 1ms this remarkable sentence displayed in various parts of its dining room; "Any incivility or inattention on the pai't o'f employes of this establishment will he considered a favor if reported to the proprietor," A novel flower has been found in the Isthmus of Teh a nine pee. Jn the morning it is white, when the sun is at its /,'cnith it is red anil tit night it is blue. 'Considering its old glory colors it might be annexed M ono' of the national flowers. The railway and postal ottlolithi of Belgium have adopted the twonty-four hour system for railway, telegraph and postal work. It greatly siinplifies time tables, and is generally convenient. 89 it clearly does ft\v»y with mistakes iu,"», jB.»'ana"p. w." JIISWAS Hit. Tho sensation of an Aitt&leaft dtt«« tfrhifi Shot. First Lieut. W. H. Wa&seil, 2$d United States infantry, writing to his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. fidwih M. Wasaeli o Pittsburgh quoted by the Plttsburg Press: "I was shot at about 4 o'clock In the atfernotm of July 1 while storming El Caney, northeast of Santiago. 1 was looking through field giaases at the time ana the ball cut through the outer part of the little finger of the left hand, Joint next to the hand, then through the palm of the hand, out jus 1 below the Inde* finger, then itt the cheek about half an inch from the left corner of my mouth, back throvigh-my mouth, taking several back teeth.down ward through my neck, still downward and toward my splne.comlftg out about half way down my back, and about four inches from my spine. I haven't £ bone broken. I can swallow, and thank God, i am strong, and, aside from possible scars, I will be no worse off. 1 will never forget the sensation of being shot. We had been under fire all day—the hottest rain of bullets that men ever went up against. The Spaniards were all intrenched. They shot us from behind earthworks, blockhouses, trees and church towers. All at once It seemed as if I were lifted from the ground and whirled around and around, oh, so terribly fast, i never lost consciousness during tho sensation, i felt myself going, but i seemed to realize tkat if 1 let myself go it would be all over., so I took a brace, and, after what seemed an ago of this awful whirling, I was dropped to the ground. Then It seemed as It no one would notice that I had been hit. It seemed an age before I heard a man swear and say; 'They've alt Lieut. Wassell.' Ho picked me up to carry me down behind the crest of the hill, and what a storm of bullets the poor fellow got as h e raised me. i didn't know, how badly I was hurt, but from the blood gushing from my mouth and the pain in my back where tho bullet had left me, I imagined I was In it pretty badly. Capt. Lochinvar camo to me, and I remember telling him 1 did not know whether I was dono for or only scared to death. One of the men dressed me as well as he could with my first bandages, and I lay under a tree until about 6 o'clock. About that time some more Spaniards began a riot on the other side of me, and for a little while bullets from friend and foe whirled over me and struck near me. About sundown, the firing having ceased, I was carried about a mile to the brigade hospital. Here I was dressed. The doctors were worked to death and did their best. All night and all the next day our hospital was fired upon by Spaniards. Toward the 'evening of the second day I was put In a wagon and taken about three miles to the division hospital, which 1 left in the morning of the 3d to go to Slboney. Twelve of us rode In tho ambulance. It was a good ten-mile riclo over the most abominable road. That night they put me on board the Cherokee for Key West hospital. I didn't want to go, hut It was not a matter ol argument." CHICAGO'S BIG TREE. A big tree has been discovered near Chicago, said lo be the largest tree outside of California. Three feet from the ground tbe girth Is 41 feet. The diameter Is 13 feet 6 inches. The height is 130 feet. Within the tree Is a remarkable hollow, 2G feet in circumference, SMs feet in diameter and 20 feet in height. A horse and its rider can easily pass within the trunk, and three horses can find shelter there. It is of the cottonwood family, and It has been estimated that It Is no less than COO years old. It is found on the farm of Charles Krotz, two miles and a half from Grosse Point. Tho people who live there tell many stories of the giant tree. It is said that In curly days the Robin Hoods of the country made this their place of rendezvous, It Is also reported to have heen the camping CHICAGO'S BIG TREJE. place of the Black Hawk, warriors before the 30's, Many legends are told in which the tree bears a part. A. I'urter Who DomaiuU Ills JHies. The German empress recently lost her insignia of the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert, a valuable jewel surrounded by brilliants.' A porter found the bauble and claimed the reward, aa provided by the laws of Prussia, which gave the finder of an article one-tenth of the value of the property restored to its owner. The empress offered him 100 marks, which l}e refused, and as the empress would not pay a tenth of what the insignia was worth, the por-' ter began a legal action against the empress' cabinet. No Advei'tltiliis- \vHh State Seal. After 1899 it will be illegal tp use the state seal and coat of arms in for advertising purposes, Slit l v Mn*rp1*». "Why did that Ketitttcky capitalist withdraw frt&fa the eoftpftfiy j«st as it begafc to *fty hig dividends?' 1 "T,h<§ director* decided to water the stock atod he cottlda't statid it." f M "American Bt>J*' Uattlinlilp. Every American hopes onf school hoys will Succeed in their efifof ta to raise $3,000,003 ta be tised in tmlidltitf ft battleship. It costs great sums to build a warship, bat yon can build tip your health with Hostetter^s Stomach Bitters at small expense. This remedy 18 for all stomach, liver and bowel disorders. General Wheeler wa* the yottflgest man in the confederate army to attain th« tank of lierttetttint general, fie was se. Do Yon Want to Live In a fine, mild and healthy climate, where cyclohes and blizzards ale unknown, where good, rich lands tan be bought at lo\y prices, nfear cheap trans* portation and with educational and industrial advantages? Homeseekera' excursions to Virginia via the "Big Four Route" and the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Write for descriptive book of Virginia, list of farms for sale, excursion rates, dates, time-cards, etc, 'J. C. Tucker, G. N. A., 234 Clark street, Chicago, 111. An old bachelor says love is the sugar coating on the bitter pill of matrimony. Thorn Is n dims of 1'oople Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently them has be.en placed in all tho grocery stores n 'netv preparation called 011A1N-O, made of pure grains, that takes tho place of cofl'ce. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, nnd but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over one- fourth us much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cents and 35 cents per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-0. by ft male physician id &hard trial to ft delicately She puts it off as lottg its she is ealy driven td ifc fey feAP ot caa* polyptisj or sottfe dfeadful «(«, Most f f e^tietitly such a wofnatt lelve* ft physician's offic* where sho had tin* dergonfe a critical examination with j aniiflpr essioii »more of less* ot discouragement. A Forecast. "Delia is going to be married in the spring." "How do you know? 1 ' "I heard her say she was ao'ing to wear her old clonk all winter." W E STWARD HOI Tnforiuntlon for the Traveler. "Whenever the traveler, tourist or business man Is westward bound he mim not full to travel via tho Rio drundo Western railway—"Grout Salt ,Luke Route/' It Is the only transcontinental 'line pasH- IIIB directly through Salt J^ako City, and in addition to tho glltnpgo It affords ot tho Temple City, the Great Salt Ijak» mill picturesque Salt L/nlce and Utah Val- Icy, It offers cholcu of three distinct routes through tho mountains 'and tho n.ost muenlllcent scenery In tho world. The Rio Grande Western railway Is Just us poDiilar In winter as In summer. On all Pacific Coast tourist tickets stop-overs uro granted at Denver, Colorado Springs, Manltou, Leadvllle, Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City, Ogdcn anil other polntH of Interest. Double dully :raln service and through Pullman anil Tourist Bleeping cars between Denver mrt Sun Francisco and Los Angeles. For Illustrated pnmphlotH descriptive of the "Great Salt Lake Route," write K. ^opcland, General Agent, Owlngs Bulld- nit, Chicago, or F. A. Wadlelgh, General I'asscnger Agent. Suit Lake City. An Kxplodud Theory, •Tagglcs—It is remarkable that a minister could go and get evidence against those gamblers. Wnggles—It is, indeed, for gamblers are supposed to know a good thing vhen they see it. tion of the tilind destroys the effect of advice! ftnd she growS. __ ____ _ Worse rather than better. In consulting Mi's. Pinkham tio hesitation' need be felt, the etory is told to a woman and is wholly confidential. Mrs. Pink-ham's address is Lynn, Muss., .she offers stick women her advice without charge. j Her intimate knowledge of women's troubles makes her letter of advice a wellsprlng of hope, and her wide experience and skill point tho way to health. " I suffered with ovarian trouble for seven years, and no doctor know wliat Was the matter with nic. I had spells which would last for two days Or more. I thought I would try Lyclia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I have taken seven bottles of it, and am en« tircly cured."— Mns. <>OHN FottKMAjr,_2<J N. Woodhcrry Avc., Baltimore, "Md,"* The above letter from Mrs. Foreman is only one of thousands. In the sixteenth cenl.ury fencers held the sword in their right,' hand and a , dagger in the left to ward off blows. Teu Week* for Ten Codti. Strange as It may appear, that big- family paper, the Illustrated Weekly Sentl, ne of Denver, •' Colorado (founded 1890), will be sent ten weeks on trial for loo; clubs of six BOc; 12 for Jl, Special offer solely to Introduce the paper, Gold rln»8 set with Rocky mountain gems aro fflven free as premiums. Latest mining newn and Illustrations of grand scenery each week, also true stories of love and adventure. Address as above and mention this paper. Write today, postage atamns taken. _ _ In some parts of JSerlin there are special public houses for women. It's just as easy to buy Diamond "C" Soap as inferior kinds. Your grocer sells it. The first expedition to the south pole took place in 1507. • At tliii Shrine of Tuato. "Do toll me, EMa! Is it true? They say your engagement with Mr. Smith is off." "It is true. It was broken off at my request. Ills name would not hyphen • ate well with mine. Think how Etta Black-Smith would sound!" W. N. U. Des Moines. No 48.—1898. 'When Answcrin(p^<llvcrtiscmcnt8^Kindly Mention Tdis Taper. , +»»»++»+» •««*»*«*»»»»•»»•»«+»»«»»*»««»->»»»»»»»«»+»»»««»»«»«««»<«««»»« «+»»^ ;; It is the easiest thing in the world to have * i! LUMBAGO OR LAME BACK, ;; No remedy has made surer ;; and quicker cures than :: IT RELAXES THE STIFFENED MU80UE8. T •»*+**«»»«*»*»*»*»«»»»»»»*»»»«»»»»»»»••»«»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»««»»«»«««««> ST. JACOBS OIL. S ENT ON TRIAL. Wilson's Automatic Stock Fountain. .Prepaid. Costs you nothing to teat IU merlin. Prevents HOK Cholera and disease*. Purulsliei ouch HOB with fresh water. lUsu for Chickens, Bhoep or Cattle. Awarded nil dmt premiums. Works In winter. Ka»lly attached to barrol or tank. Save* lunar aim payn for Itnolr. if you're turnout, sand for one (also catalogue of 85 farm DOT* . -WII.80N IRON \VOKK8, 173 E. Jlnudolph St., CliloajfO. ^A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSED pUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO Til PIIRF every kind of Cough, Cold, La Qilnpe, jwwminii i »i»v I U UUllt. Hoai'sencBB, Influenza, Culnrrli, ana all lung and tliront trouble*. Send for proof of U. H does iiot sicken or dlsaxree vUfithe stomach. Safe for all ages, «*••»«»« Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Write us, giving all symptoms plainly and our fhyeiclaii will give FBE1S ADVIQE, a ttH.paffe book ot sV Sold by DrunrUt* ui- sent by mull, recipes and a p«BB SAMPJ45. % J>rf«>, 10*c<mt» aiitl ao ««,£"' Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, . Neb. ••»••••* I r in a Tourist Sleeping Gar personally conducted—r via the Burlington Route «-<•fiat's tlie way to go to California, ( . , • ' Why ? Because you .don't change cats j you malce fast time5 you see the finest scenery on the globe, Your car is not so expensively finished nor so fine to look at «s a palace deeper, but it is just as cjean, just as comfortable, just as good, to ride in. AND NEARLY |*Q CHEAPER. The Burlington, excursion? leave Omaha and Wncoln every Thursday, reaching s»n Fraflcisco Sunday an* 1 lo* Angdes Aipnd^y. Perter with, each car. Excursion manager with each party, for fodder giving full information, write to J, FRANCIS, Q, P. A., Uurllngtan Route, Qm»tt«, Neb,

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