The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1898 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1898
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1898. TOJU XXXtI3>NtX 36, R Canned Goods. A nice new line of 2-lb cans of Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Blueberries. Only 12 and one-half cents a can. M. Z. Grove & Son. ! Holiday Sale All next week Less than cost At Going to Roast Him on Thanksgiving day? We refer to the great American turkey. Don't let the dinner be a failure hrough the fault of the coal. Send us an order for a ton of our Hocking coal. It will take but a very mall portion of it to cook a dozen diners and eaoh will bo done to a turn. The small quantity of ashes to be aken up will prove how clean our coal urns. Orders given prompt attention. Telephone No. 30. F. S. NORTON, THE LUMBERMAN. Galbraith's. Ribbons at 15o per yard; special value in bright plaid Taffetas and fancy stripes at an opportune time, when ribbons are in such demand; the regular price is 80 to 40c per yard. Calico, 3c per yard, reduced from 5c; will sell no more than 30 yards to any one person. Flannelettes at 5o per yard, regular price 10 to 12}<fe. Outing flannel 8c, formerly sold at 5 to 8c; we can only sell 20 yards of this to any one person. ' Child's underwear 15c, worth 25c. Men's underwear 15c, worth 25 to 30c. Ladies' jackets $5, reduced from $10. Ladies' jackets $7, reduced from $12. Ladies' jackets |3, reduced from $5.50. Ladies' jackets $8, reduced from $16. Ladies' cloth capes $1.50, reduced from¥8. Ladies' cloth capes $4, reduced from $8.50. Ladies' fur capes $5, regular price §10. Ladies' fur capes 512, regular price $28.50. Some ladies' long cloaks $1.50, worth $8 to §10. And another lot of long cloaks for $1, worth from $4 to $8. If you are in need of anything in the cloak, cape or jacket line it will pay you to see our line, on which wo are slaughtering the prices. Ladies' fine hand welt shoes $2.51, worth £4.00. Ladies' fine shoes $1.25, worth $2.50 to $8. Ladies' corsets, one lot 50c, worth $1. Ladies' corsets, another lot 25c, worth 50. Don't fail to come and see the bargains. G. L. Galbraith & Co. tfeS J T. Chrischilles, &. C. Hudson, T. H. Lantry, James Patterson, Kf^M. ' President. Vice President. Treasurer. Secretary. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. • [INCORPORATED.] HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. Dealers In Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly Hlgh-giade Flour. Special attention paid to the ' to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. F. W. DIN&LEY, Manager. INSURANCE. iftR Also Land, Loan and Collection BuBiness. ! I: *, Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Eockford of Kockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. FINANCIAL, Kossuth County State Bank, HI.., #50,000. islts received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Oolleo fade promptly, and a, general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to o a fhe old countries sold at lowest rates. i*H. INGHAJl, President; T. OHBISOHILLES, Vice Pres; LEWIS H. SMITH, Casliie [rectors—Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J.B.Jones, T: OhrtschiUes, Lewis H. Smith, J ~"adBWorth, Barnet Pevlne. First National Bank of Algona, OAWTAL .............................. $60,000 .............. President I WU. K. FEBGVSON ............... : ..... Ooahie ..... ......rieePraMentloHAa. A. PALMER ............ Attistant Cashier otors— D H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip DojrweUer, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A L HTSp'encer, Wm. K. Ferguson. ey always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furaisMng first-class security S attention given to colleotloas. ami j)irector»— »ij. Clarke, President, 3. 5 O. Chubb, Vice Prest., ' . H. Lantry. Cashier, L, Galbraftbi i.M. Miller, OASB CAPITAL, »60,000. 'on a. F. . coo* e- l^plwterest pajWi on, time deposits. When you Buy Millinery the first and most natural inclination is to Find the Latest. Y"ou don't have to look around a ittle bit to accomplish that most desirable result. We have the up-to-date goods in Pattern Hats, Trimmed Hats, and really all the late, stylish, and nobby things in millinery. You must see the goods to know their real worth and quality. We have a line of cheap sailor lats—worth twice their cost. Special Sale OF._ THE FORGER IS IN LIMBO, FELLOW WANTED AT SWBA CITY, Man Who Tried to Swindle the Swea City Bank 10 Caught—Says ilia Name is Burns. FOR THIRTY DfVYS. As we are overstocked with heavy winter goods, such as Goods Flannels, Blankets, Quilts, Shawls, Cloaks, f&( IM' tT'if ti -° a •=£„•' TURKEY IS ON TOP at this season at the year. The Thanksgiving feast would be incomplete without a flue, juicy bird, Ours Is the place to get that kind, and meats of every description. Oome and see. MOE BROS. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent ^SH For Sale, Saws Filed, J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. LOOK TO YOUR EYES. "W". F. 3KXFSK3B, Opthalmlc Optician. The most difficult cases of children a specialty. Do your eyes ache, smart, water, become inflamed, or pain in the eyeball, orbit, temple or forehead f If so you should consult a competent optician, with the latest scientific method of correcting all errors of refraction. Examination and consultation free. Office over E. J. Gllmore's store, Algona, Iowa, Overcoats, Fur Coats, Men's and , Boys' Suits, Caps, Gloves and Mittens, we have decided to place the entire stock on the market at a great reduction in prices for cash. We invite the public to come in and look at our large stock of Artesian weu contractor, I have the c cable Bteam drilliW! machine owsjU la TT ., county; sink wells tor water supply for to was, cities/ and railroads, gpeolaratteatlos to well work, Estimates maile. J em- ,oy only expert amiera, Aaareas A, F. and see what we will and can do for you*. Remember all must go—no reserve in this sale. Yours for business, The man who attempted to beat the Swea City bank on a forged deed to Wm, Landman's land IB caught. He was, arrested at Sioux Rapids, Clay county, for the same kind of a swindle, and Cashier Anderson of Swea City went over Saturday and identified him. He gives his name as Burns. He will bo sent up over there and will doubtless then be brought to Kossuth to stand trial here. Burns here came to the Swea City bunk nnd wanted a loan of $1,100 and sent his deed for record. A. D. Clarke noticed it among the transfers and happen bd to meet Land man and asked him about it. As soon as he learned the truth he notiiled the bank in time to keep the money from being paid. Burns evidently caught on, for he did not show up to got the money. The Spencer Reporter gives the following detailn of Burn's attempt in Clay county: On Nov. 4 the said Burns negotiated a loan of $1,600 through the Peterson bank on a warranty deed to a half section of land situated on the south half of Sec. 27, Hordland township. The deed purported to be signed and acknowledged by the owners of the land, Alfred Prueh and wife, of Freeport, 111., before Ed. Keeth, a notary public In and forDubuquocounty, Iowa, on Oct. 12, 1898. The application for the loan was accepted, nnd Burns received $200 in cash and a deposit slip for the balance to be paid when the abstract of the lurid was perfected. Meanwhile Messrs. Pillmore & Parker, the proprietors of the bank, became suspicious of Burns and communicated with Mr, Pruoh. A telegram received from him last Thursday stated that the deed wns forged and nlso that his wifo, whose name was affixed to the deed, had boon dead for four years past, A search was immediately instituted to ascertain tho whereabouts of Burns. He was located at Sioux Rapids Thursday and Constable Dowling of Peterson went over that evening and made the arrest. Tho prisoner waved examination before Justice DeWitt and was brought to this city Prid/iy and placed in jail to await the action of the grand jury. QRAMENZ GETS A NEW BRIDE. ITred Exhibits CoiumeiidnbJoCoiirnKe In DrowiiliiK Sorrow mid Grout Promptness In Uoti-lovlng FaJJon Fortunes. Fred Grarnenz is married. He did not get Ida Krueger after all, and he now has a marriage license for sale cheap. This time Fred did not trust to any legal proceedings to capture a bride. He secured her first and then bought his license. Fred learns wisdom from experience. Last week Thursday he appeared at the clerk's office with Minnie Walter of Lotts Creek. He told Mrs. Crose that he had one license "but it didn't work." C. C. Samson was sitting by and he says: "You brought your girl right along with you this time, did you?" Pred assented with a wise look which said plainer than words that he might be fooled once, but could not be caught twice by the same trick. Having his bride and his license Fred repaired to LuVerne where the ceremony was attended to, each step in matrimony being taken this time in its proper order. Fred did not say whether he regretted not getting Ida or not, and his new bride did not indicate whether Prod's previous matrimonial efforts had occasioned any jealousy in her bosom. BAILEY'S VIEW OP THE CASE. Algona has a veretable " Prisoner of Chillon" deal. Old Krueger, a Dutchman who has gone through more drunks and come out less than half dead than any man in Kossuth county, bus a daughter who wanted to go to the heart and home of one Fred Gramenz, for good and for bad, for better and for worse, to have and to hold, etc., etc. That wasn't all. Fred wanted Miss Ida to come, and he gave a dollar for a license, and then came the "Chillon act." The old man locked the girl in the donjon keep of the prairie castle, hoisted the draw bridge, let the portcullis fall, and told Pred to go to the devil. He immediately started for the clerk's office in Algona to get his money back, but Crose isn't built that way and told him to get the girl on a writ of "Corpus Christ!." Fred started the minions of the law on the trail and brought In Old Blackboard and his daughter. The girl looked at Fred and said "Ugh, Ugh." And then Grose, thinking his dollar was gone, took a hand In. At last account he and Fred were both trying to persuade Ida to let the ceremony proceed, with what success we haven't learned. DEATH OF MB8. VIOLA QUICK. A \VelI Known Lady In Aljfoua Pusses Awuy Very Suddenly, Mrs, Viola Quick died Sunday evening after a week's illness of heart disease. But few knew that she was ill, and the news of her death oame as a shook to her very many acquaintances and friends. The time of tbe funeral has opt been fixed upon, as her son Wilbur Is about 60 miles from Billings, Mont., letting mall routes for the Ambrose A. Call company, and l| possible it U hoped that be can come. Mrs. Quick has been a long-time resident of Algona. Her parents oame to Wesley 80 years ago and settled about " »i_ —ii. —^ ~i_- —married Wilbur. Mrs. Knutson oame over to cafe for her mother as soon as her 111 ness was known, and Charlie la living in Algona. Mrs. Quick was Only 49 years old, bofn In Cleveland, Ohio. She was a hard working, generous woman of many admirable qualities. Her home was a piotufe of neatness and order, and her yard and flowers atid surroundings were an example to many of far greater means and leisure. She worked for her children. As soon 68 she knew that she could hot live she divided her property between them, share and share alike, and made every arrangement with the same attention to details she has always shown, Shd was glad to liy down her work. The wish of all who knew her will be that she may rest in peace. The funeral has been set for Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the late home, PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. A. L. Goddard returned from Ft, Atkinson Monday evening. Dr. McCoy was in Chicago last week attending a meeting of surgeons. Mrs. Dr. Pride has returned to California after a pleasant visit In Algona. Dr. Smiley of Sheldon was over Saturday and took a look at Algona's new church. A. R, Speoht is in Chicago buying goods for his Titonka store. C. E. Anderson is helping at Sheetz. Mrs. Edith Clarke Williams left for the oast Monday evening with her little boy, after a pleasant summer in Algona. Dr. King, president of Cornell college, was in town Saturday consulting Gardner Cowles, who is a trustee of the school. Mrs. F. D. Calkins, who has been with her mother in Blue Earth, oame home Monday. Her mother has been very sick, but is now better. It is possible that Ralph Miller will come back to Algona and go In Sheetz' drug store. Ho and his family and Mike Wlnkel and his wife visited at J. B, Winkel's last week. THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Remember Rev, Day's lecture next Tuesday evening at I. O. O. F. hall to Workmen and their families. Outsiders are welcome. Meetings as usual at the Free Methodist church, every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock and at 7:30 in the evening. Prayer meeting Thursday evening. A, C. Damon, pastor, First Church of Christ, Scientist, services at Odd Fellows' parlors. Sundays 10:45 a. m., Wednesdays 8 p. m. "God the Only Cause and Creator," the subject next Sunday. Services at the Congregational church 11 a. m. Sermon: "Faith the Basis of Righteousness." At 7:30 p. m., the* fifth sermon In the series on Christian Evidences, entitled: " Jesus' Appeal to Prophecy," Dr. Day's, theme for morning discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday will be: "Revivals; the History, Wisdom, and Profit of Evangelical Effort." Evening: "What Becomes of the Honest Infldei." All are welcome. Worship at the Baptist church .next Sunday 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by the pastor, Rev, D. M. Stiles. Morning subject: "The Choicest Beatitude." Evening: "Man, What He Is and What His Needs." This is the fourth in the C. C. C. series. Young people invited. Union Thanksgiving service at Baptist church. Order of exercises: Hymn, 519; invocation, Rev, A, C, Damon; Gloria; scripture, Rev. F. E. Day, D. D.; anthem; prayer, Rev. S. Olleran- sbavv; reading of president's proclamation, Rev. D, M, Yetter, D. D>; anthem; sermon, "The Good Old Times, Rev. W. J. Suokow', collection for Children's Home Society at Council Bluffs; hymn, 087; benediction, Rev. F. E. Day,D.E?v* service commences at 10:80 a. m. J GfiADIM CONTRACT LET. Committee Appointed to Visit tbe Northwestern Officials—Will Beach the Main Line at Irvlngtou. A meeting: of business men was held Monday to consider the advisability of making a showing of Algona's appreciation of the Northwestern railway, in view of the building that is being projected in this neighborhood. Ambrose A. Gall was chosen chairman and Harvey Ingham secretary. After some discussion it was decided that a committee be appointed to visit President Marvin Hughltt in Chicago and offer the friendly services of the town in case they were heeded. As such committee Geo, C. Call, Gardner Cowles, and A. D. Clarke were appointed. They will assure the Northwestern officials of Algona's willingness to do her share and, of her Interest in the new lines of road that are being now surveyed. (3RAPING CONTBAOT LET. It is reported that the contract for grading tbe line from Burt northwest) into Minnesota has been let to a St. Paul firm. It was expected that grad* ing at the upper end would begin at once. WILL RE5AOIJ MAIN LINE AT JRVJNGTON. Pocahontas Record: The surveyors arrived in town just before dinner and. it is Intimated that they have instruo* tions to run a line from this place to Irvington, where they will strike the Algona branch of their road and wbiofe line will will be much shorter than tha line to Algona. This new survey will run through Rolfe. QpyLj)N'T LJ&SN MUCH A? Journal; A gang of tbe railroad veyors were In Armstrong Satur night and got ou a gloriaua drun H HpuJLa, ha

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