The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
Page 7
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tfFPMt DBS M01M38: IOWA f WEPNESBAIT ,. ngMng Every cough makes your throat more raw and irritable. Every cough congests the lining membrane of your lungs. Ceasetearing your throat and lungs in this way. Put the parts at rest and :eiyje them a chance to heal. You will need some help to do this, and you will find it in Ayer's From the first dose the quiet and rest begin: the tickling in the throat ceases; the spasm weakens; the cough disappears. Do not wait for pneumonia and consumption but cut short your cold without delay. Br. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster should toe over the lungs of every person troubled with a cough. Write to the Doctor. TTnUBuml-opuortunttleiiaud long ex- merlenoe eminently • qualify ua tor giving you medical advice. -Write f ceoly all the particulars in your cue. fCell on wliat your tixjwrience ha» ibeeu with our Cherry Pectoral. Von Mill receive » prompt reply, without * Addresn, DR. J. C. AYEK. Lowell, Mam. There aos« bnt few female lawyers. A woman would rather lay down tins law to one man than practioii it in the courts. (Special Notice. To The Members of the Farmers' Alliance & Industrial Union: I have made a careful investigation from the fbest sources of reliable information about the Swanson Rheumatic Cure •Co.'s Remedies, and found that they were giving good satisfaction. I therefore deem it. but an act of simple justice lo our members to say, that I believe that the claims made by the Company for their remedies will be fully realized by'thosO' who will give them a fair and reasonable trial. Yours fra- KS rteraaHy, Jno. C. Hauley, Business St Agt. F. A. & I. U. St. Paul, Minn., Oe.t. 28th, 1898. „.,, Th« wonderful success that has at- il$Vteiidea the introduction of "5 DROPS" Ififefcls unprecedented in the history of the Think of it! It has cured than one million and a quarter within the last three years. '.ilThis must appeal to you! One million Sfand a quarter people cannot all be mis- rStaken. If Buffering from Rheumatism, '.Sciatica, Neuralgia, Backache, Asth- ;ma, Catarrh, Sleeplessness. Nervous- ;''neES, Nervoue and Neuralgic Ilead- aches, Heart Weakness, Earache, - Croup, L/aGrippe, Malaria, Creeping : Numbness, Bronchitis, and kindred ''.diseases, send 25c. to the Swansea «R,heiainatfc Cure Company, 367 Dear- i born 6t., Chicago, 111., and they will • Bend you by return mail a trial treat- ijnent or a large bottle, 300 doses, jirc- paid by mail or express for $1.00. No tfiQUsehoId should be without this great ^ jremedy "5 Drops." Agents ~ -'-•' Bin new territory. PEOPLE TAtKED ABOUT. The empress of Germany starts for Palestine with J10 trunks full of dresses. Only one clergyman has betti decorated with the Victoria cross. This is Rev. J. W. Adams. ike most seamen. Admiral Dewey is fond of a horse, but unlike the majority he Is a good rider and hunter. Justice Harlan gets up at 6 o'clock in the morning in order to find time to play golf, of which he is very fond. A letter by Bryant has been found in which the writer says that he got first $2 apiece for his nooms and later 16 cents a line. James G. Woodward, who has been nominated for tho mayoralty of Atlanta, iB a compositor in the employ of the Atlanta Journal. S. N. D. North of Now York says he was the first person to make a practical business use of tho typewriter, lie used it. first in 1872. James Havlick is the tallest: man ot the Oregon's crow, which averages the tallest tars in tho navy. Havlick is nearly seven feet in height. Rndyard Kipling is Ktiiil to be one of the least manageable of literary lions. He dislikes compliments, shuns society and likns to live quietly. The dnko of Westminster, who has been married twice, can boast of having a larger family than any other member of the British peerage. Joel Chandler Harris is said to bo the hardest literary man to interview in this country. "I tlou't know anybody," ho says, "and I don't care to." The commission of John Hay to bo secretary of state credits him in th« District of Columbia. This is the lirat time a citizen of the district has ocotf- pied a cabinet position. G. Godfrey Gumel, the scientist, is about to publish a book upon the effects of salt in the human body. Twenty years' study has led him to believe that diphtheria, apoplexy and other diseases are due to a deficiency of salt. Queen Victoria, though in every other respect a remarkably fearless woman, has a horror of fires. Her majesty is particularly nervous upon this point when staying abroad at some place to which she is unaccustomed, and for this reason a couple ot fire extinguishers are invariably sent in advance, to be fitted up in her temporary residence. At the entertainment given by the Figaro to the Spanish-American commissioners iu I'liris, Loie Fuller danced amid lights which threw the American, jjritish and French colors on a screen behind her. Poor Spain's colors were forgotten entirely. The clergyman doesn't object to a young man's ringing 1 a bicycle belle in church. The VntrrlUetnl Soldier. Hore'la a story of the battlefield. Then was war between the Swedes and the Da.nes, One day a great battle was fouRht, nn<l the Swedes were beaten and driven from the field. A soldier of tho Danw?, who lind boon slightly wounded, was slUlnfc oil tho ground. Ho was about to tako a drink from a flask. All tit once lie heard KOITIO one say, "O, sir! Give me ;i drink, for 1 am dying." It was a wounded Swede who spoke. ]]o was lying- on Hie ground only little way off. The Dane wont to Ulm. at once. He knclt,dowtv.beslde.ul. his. fallen too, und prc-psed the flask "to his HP". "lirlnk," said he, "for they need is greater than, mine." Hardly hart ho spokea these, words, wht-ii thf Swede raised himself on Ills elbow. He pulled a pistol from his pocket and shot at tho man who would Have bpfrlondcd him. The bullet grazed tho 'ino'H shoulder, but did not do him much harm. "All, yon rascal!" lie (Med. "I was KO- intf to befriend you, and you repay mo by tryiiiK to kill me. Now I will punish you. 1 would have Klven you all tho water, but now you shall have only hall." Ami with that ho drank half of It and then pave, the re.<t of it to tho Swede. When tho ktiiR of tho Danes heard about this he sent for tlic. soldier and had him tell the srtory just as It was. "Why did you spare tho life of tho .Swede after lie itul tried to 1(111 you?" ;iKked tho klnff. "Because, .sir," said the, soldier, "I could never kill a, wounded enemy." "Then you deserve' to bo a nobleman," .said the. king. And lie rewarded him by makliiK him a knight, and by h!m a noble title.— famous. '•Mrs, Gabler made a dreadful fftnx pas when she met Admiral Cerrera. 41 What was it?" "She asked him if he <stfer read 'Ships That Pass in the Night.'"' Activity ot Ve«n«ltift. Much anxiety has been catised in Naples by the renewed activity of Mount Vesuvius. There is little likelihood that it will do any serious damajre. On the other hand thousand* die daily from stomach disorders, who might hare survived had they resorted <o llos- tetter's Stomach Blt'tors. It is the {••roatest tonii: known for stomach and digestive Wide Awiikc Hoy*. "When Gen. Grant was a boy his mother one morning' found herself without butter for breakfast and sent him to borrow some from a neighbor. Goliijf, without knocking, into tho house of his m-tKh- bor, whoso son was the.n at West 1'oint, youny Grant 'overheard a letter read from tho sou stalling: that ho bad failed la examination and was coming home. Ho Kot tlvo butter, took it home, and without waiting for breakfast, ran down to tho ofllcc of tho Congressman from that district. "Mr. Hamar." he said, "will you appoint me to West Point?" "No, so and BO is there and has tlu-co years to serve." "Hut suppose ho should fall, will you send mo?" Mr. Ha.mur laughed. "1C lio don't go through, no use for you to try." "Promise you'll give me a chance. Alt'. Hamar, anyhow." Mr. Hamar promised. Tho nexl: day the defeated lad camn homo and tho ConKrnssmun laughing »t Uly's Kharpnos.-!, gave him tho appointment. "Now," said Grant, "It was my mother's being out of butter that maclo mo general and president." But It was? his own shrewdness to suo tlio chance and promptness to .seize it, that urged Jilm upwards. "Your lirnliiei' soldier didift swrni any toojrlail lo seo you." ••Oli ( yes. he was 'plod oriousMi. bnt it. wottliln'tbo poor! discipline to show it, loo muub. llidn't. you notu-o *tho stripe ,-np and down the leir of his punts?' It's halt nil inch wider than mine." __ Onc-hnlf the world wonders why the other half lives. Save Dianiomi "C" Soap wrappers and act many_yaluable prizes. Tin- average- man thinks tne sermon applicable to every man in the conyre- {ration but himself. T)r. fifth Arnold'* Cuujrfi Klll«r Is im pxri'llont. rowdy f> r children. Mrs. Win. M. VruBtic, Culumbuni Run. SSc. aliottlo. The silent wutelK's of the night are those n-o forjfi'b l(j_ iviml. _ All grocers sell Diamond "G" Soap. It has no superior for laundry use. In London tho number of women exceeds that of men by about. 250,000. I shall recommend 1'iso'n Cure for Consumption far and wide.— Mrs. Mulllpraii, Plunmtcad, Jf eiit,J3nRliuid,^»v. B, 18»5. Russia is going to abolish the diftl- culties of navigation of the mouth of the Volga, by cutting a canal directly from the river to the Caspian sea. W100 Kmvtird, S1OO. Tho readers ot this paper will bo 'pleased to learn that there Is a.t least one dreaded disease that science IIUB been able to euro In all Its stages and that Is Catarrh. 1-Iall'n Catarrh Cure Is tho only positive euro now known to the medical f paternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally, acting directly upoa tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system, thereby destroying tho foundation of tho disease, and giving the patient streng-th by building up tho constitution and assisting nature in doing Its work. Tho proprietors have so much faith in Its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred DoUnrs for any cnsn that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHI3NBY& Co., Toledo, O. Hold by Druggists, 75c. Hull's Family Pills arc tho best. There is more money to bo nuu'io humoring- people than by instructing' them. TIE HAPPY 101 RdJevtd of Periodic Pain and Backache. Trio ol f*ef vfcttt Letter. Before usftg tyctia E. Plukhata'e Vegetable Conw pound, my .health was gradtialiybeinf tmdefmitie<i.j I suffered iintoW agony from'painful menstfitatkJfi* Tjacltache, pain on top of m^hettct and crv&riAftl trouble. 1 concluded to try Mrs.Hnkliain*^ * Compound, and found that it was all any wo-t man needs tvho suffers with painful monthly] periods. It ebtirefy cured me.—Mrs.' WASS, 023 Bank St., Cincinnati, O. menstrua more, than little book house, and some of Lydia Liver Pills. I a new woman; past. I shall for what it hns 303 Lisbon St. For year,s I hod suffered with painful men* struation every month. •Atthetbeginiiiiig trf tion it was imposfeiblo for me t»'stand up f five minutes, I-felt so miserable. One day ; i of Mrs. rinkham's was thrown into nij I sat right down and read It. 1 then goi E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a can heartily say that to-day I feel like my monthly suffering is a thing of the always praise the Vegetable Compouna done for me.—Sirs. JLABGAKET ANDKRSON, Lcwiston, Me. Lj-uia B. Pinkhnm's Vegetable Compound has' cured me of painful menstruation nnrt bneknehe. The pain in my buck was dreadful, and the agony I suf- 1 fcri'.d during iiuiimtruation nearly drove me wild. Now this Is all over, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's medicine and advice. CAKKIK V. \VIM.IA.VC, Houth Mills, N. C. The great volume of testimony proves conelnsrtTely that Lydia E. Pinkhasn'B Vegetable Compound is a sufe, sure and iilmost infallible remedy in cases of irregularity, suppressed, excessive or painful monthly periods. * " The present Mrs. 1'inkhain's ex-periencc in treating female ills is unparalleled, for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia E. PSnkharn, and for) sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter us many as a hundred thousand ailing women/ during a single year." Lydia E. Plnkliam's Vegetable Compound; A Woman's Remedy f or Woman'slll^ VANITY FAIR. Hut One CJriuul Army of ill is Ke- Mnppy Hollies—IVrfcct livalUiaud strength for WOIIIUH mid men. Cures hiirreunex, devalapn ountln women. AplirwUsliu; fur.lwih ncxcu-Oiiresllquorand lobacuo hablin. Price «I. Kewj for iiliystolaus 1 tentl- Ills (Solution. Willie was greatly pnraled us to why there should bo u, best jjian ;i t n, wedding 1 . Finally to his own mind tin problem WHS solved. "It's so if tho groom bocks out there will be soniii one to take lite phico." TO <; iii i for nia- Attention is called to the cxcellan' fccrvice of the North-Western Line tc. California and the favorable rates wblch have been mnde for .single and round (rip tickets for this season's travel.. Best accommodations in first- class or tourist sleeping cars, whU-h nir through every day iu the year. Personally conducted tourist car parties every week to California and Oregon. Choice of a large number of different routes without extra charge. Particulars cheerfully given upon application to agents Chicago & North-Westeri! R'y, or eonnotifiuj; liuej^ _ It must be pretty toujrli to dio young, said tlio bonrd«r, «-s be. tackled llu- ••Iamb" chops. •_ The telegraph lines in Chili are owned by the "ovm'iimcii t. A message nf ten words can be sent t:> liny pin-toJ the country for about »bven i-outs ol our money, A system which become run down the trying weather '.-the })ast summer -npt in a condition Its meet the severe wjTJter of this climate &d wildly fall a ease unless ld for build- th an enervaed Oo not confuse TV feativ/bilfs.They do HOT act on the bowsMm i|(?T,wlak?nin$th(5body.They,byildub the blood and |n§then the nerves ' Third Aw., Detroit, Mich., is a wtll-known St. Cloud Times: There will lie, ami this Is proper, but one organization Known as tho Grand Army ol the Revmblk;. It is composed only of tho soldiers and Bailors of tho Union side iiv tlio [front BtruvffKlo o£ 1S01-K5, and when they iiave passed ,'iway, as they KOOU will, the Grand army of tlio. K«?i)Ul>llc will live only in history, where UH deeds will «v'f>! adorn tlic; brlg-htoiit and grandest jiagcs of our country's record book. Thero has boon KOino dlsuusslon, ol 1 lute, as to whothcr tlio soldiers and Bailors of the recent war with Spain should bo admitted to momberHhlp in tl>« G. A. H., and thus tho organization lia- ciomo jiormanrat. At first thought tlilH appeared to bo desirable. But, a littlci mllci.'Uon m-UHt lead to a different conclusion. Thu Grand army of the Republic Is ix>inpoHcd Holely of one class oC Ameri- tans—thoKo who fought on tho Union side. Its rule*! and regulations provide that no ono who ever bore arms against Iho Union .shall >><> admitted to membership. It irt founded upon tho fraternity of feeling which grew out of that unfortunate HtriiBKlo; the, charity which Us more; fortunate members are bestowing upon their less fortunate comrades, or their widows and orphans, awl the undy- liitf loyally which they cherish for tho "old lias." To open its ranks to tho new roldlerhood, It would he necessary to shango the very foundations stones upon ivh.ieh tho orjranlzatlon is builded. Be- Lwe«ji tho new cleancnt and the old, tlierc would not a.nd could not exist tho .same fraternity of feeling, nor tho same charily towards tho needy of the old army. As lo loyalty, there is but one sentiment everywhere. Again, if tho now soldier were admitted, a number who fought In tho Oon- Icderato army, as well as thousands in tho South whose fathers were Iu that iirmy, would be illegible. The veterans ot tho South have an organization known as the dont'oderate Votenui's as.soclu.tlon. It is fraternal and charitable In character, upon tho sumo lines an tho otlira- organization. Vor its -membership, the Wrtwiin.5 of tlio G. A. 11. hiivo tho sToal- ast respect, for they met them thorn In battle, ami know them to be bravo sol- liors. H is not probable that the men o£ tho South in tlio recent war would desire to ally themselves with tho Grand irmy of the Kepubllc from the very fact that It is an organization which, HUe Aha Confederate Veteran's association, is a, product of and revives memories of a contest which all sections now wish forgotten, or only to be remembered as a much to be regretted family quarrel. It will be Infinitely better for the Kol- ilers of 1SDS tp found an organization o( their own. In It there would be nothing which could be a reminder of tho darlc flays of 181H-U5, and the "boys" from nil sections would feel perfectly at homo therein.. This view of the mutter seems to bo absolutely true beyond ques- Meantime the Grand army of tho Ke- publlc and the Confederate- Vcsteran'ts association can maintain their organizations no long as there uro enough of them to meet together and, when tho last survivor o£ each shall have pa.ssed away, the organizations will have ceased to exJ«l: and all that will remain of our great civil war will bo tho memory ot Iho heroic bravery o£ tho blue and tlio In bin report to llje National Encampment nt Cincinnati Conuruindor-in-Ciiief Uouln. reeomuieudbfl that the Grand army of the Hepublic/remaln intdci, and that' tho sokllcis of the Spanish war form their jwn orgtj.rVi'^lion. A gratifying and noticeable feature- ot the Clncnunatl encampment, was thu kindliness of feeling between the G. A. K. ax-Mi Confederate veterans. The latter made special, efforts t<> honor the "YanUs," tho "-Feds" fraternized with tlw "Jobrni'.OB," and they had a jolly tlmo toscUier. One trial will convince you that Diamond "C" Soap IK beat for laundry use. _____ A nuni who cun't sins' OI ' plav. nearly always says that musicians arc shiftless. Sirs. WiuNlow'H Soothing Kyrup. For rlillilrcn tonthlnpt, noftnnH tlio HoWi reduce* In- flaminutlun, ullnyeijialn, euros »Mml colic. S3c u butllo. llichurd King-, of Texas, owns square miles of land in that 5,000 stuto. C'oe'8 IK din oldest nnil best. It will fonmk up a colil quicker U«m aiijtliinir iil«>. It I* «I»'»vn rclJubk'. Try It. There are about 3,120,000 cyclists in Germany, each oE whom must pay u. yearly tax of ilfty cunts. •WAKTKD-Caso of linil nonlin that H-I-P-A-V-f will not lifMiotU. Senil r> imntH to lijpun* (yjiontjca CU..KUW Vork.fur 10 namvln* und l.(X») tcBtliiioulalB. Saint I'cter'.s, in Kotue, occupied three, and a half centuries in construction, and during this time forty-three popes reigned. Diamond "C" Soap is a wash-day friend. Cultivate its acquaintance. A famous imisiciiui says that 50 per cent of, the Germans understand music. Hi per cent of tlio. French and a percent of the Knglish, FITS PcrlnunuuM>-Cur(>u.T7oflt.H orn lirHt diiy'H UHO of Or. Klino'tt (Jruut Nerve KuHtorer. Honil for VIIKK tgij.OU trial hultlu anil truatlno. l)n. II. II. KLIXK, Ltd..031 Aroli St.. I'lillmlalpbiu. 1'a. Kiiuyaroo tail soup is a new costly delicacy which London epicures are jumping ut. )TO CCJKK A COLO IN ONE DAY TnUo Ijiixallvo Hrouio Quiuino Tablets. All ilnife'fe'lst.s i-ofundUio money If ft fulls to euro. "M. The fc'enuluo lias I... 1J Q. on each tablet. Dr. Scott Schley, the. youngest sou of Die admiral, hits begun the praettoo of medicine In New York. It is one ot the curiosities ot the laws of Denmark that the throne must ho occupied alternately by u Chrlutlau and a Frederick. This system originated with Christian II., who relgnod from 1C13 to 1523, and was succeeded by Frederick I.,and the alternation hns gone on in unbroken sequence till today, the name of tho crown prince, destined one day in tho course ot nature to succeed King Christian IX., being Frederick, while his eldest son IB named Christian. Indeed, «very prince born iu(o the royal family of Denmark receives these two Christian matter !)ow remote his chances of succession to the throne may appear to be. The emperor of Austria has purchased tho historic chateau of Frohsdorf in lower Austria from the family ot Don Carlos, who are the heirs ot the Immense fortune of the Comto do Caambord. Frohsdorf is a large, stately house, with some very 'fine rooms, and there are beautiful gardens and a very large and richly woodod park. The surrounding country is most picturesque- and- the- extensive forests in the district are full of game. The domain of Frohadorf is to bo presented by the emperor to his youngest and favorite child, the Archduchess Valeria, as a country residence for herself and family. The Comte do Chambord held his court at Frobsdorf for thirty-seven years and the convent there wae founded by his mother, the Duchesse do Herri. Queen Victoria sent a magnificent Indian shawl and a ring n's a wedding present to Princess Dorothea of Saxe- Ooburg-Qotha, while her majesty's gifts to tho duke of Augustenburg were a ring and very handsome sliver epergne. Duke Ernest ie a great-grandson of the duchess of Kent by her marriage with the prince of L#Snlngen. Princess Dorothea is a great-granddaughter of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Co*burg- Gotluv, brother of the duchess of Kent and of the late king of the Belgians, who settled in Hungary in 1816, when ho married the only child and «ole heiress of the last prince of Kohary. The oldest son of Prince Ferdinand was tho late king consort of Portugal, grandfather pf the present king, who renounced hia right of succession to tho Kohary estates when lie married Queen Maria II. in 183G. Arc you going lo Florida'. 1 Do you want rates, maps, routes, time-cards aud full int'oriiisition? If so, address H. W. Sparks, li;H Clark street, Chicago. Secretary Wilson has just bought the seed to be'used in his fitnwing operations the coming year, at an expense of §70,708. For a complete list of prizes, useful and ornamental, given free to purchasers of Diamond "C" Soup write to the Cudahy PackltyjjDo.,JjaJ>n»alia. Neb. The effort to make sugar from bet-Is dates as far as tho year 1747, Long haired poet — I am a poet, sir and called to --- ISditor — Well, don't, come in here sir, this is no barber shop." Il« — It is reported that we arn on- gaged. She— Well, I'm not to blame for the fact that it is only a report. A Club of Olio. "How do you keep so young;, Mrs. ;ightheadV" "Well, I never worry aboutmy age." At the Paris exposition .there will lie u theater which will scat 15,000 persons. Silverware free to users of Diamond 'C" Soap. Ask your grocer. The snake show now holding in Iliad- ison Square, New York, shows thai Lhcro- are other cities where may bq md the reptilian brand of campaign cordial. I I Try Grain=0 f t Try Qrain=O! Ask you to show you ft paokngoof GltAlN-O, tho now food drink that lakes tho place of coffee. Tho children may drink it without injury ns well ta tho adnlt. All -who try it, liko it. GRAIN-0 has that rich scnl brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and tho most dolloato stomach rocoivos ifc without distress. { tho pi-ioo of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocors. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Tnciutlliat yonr grocer gives you G RAIN- O Accept no Imllallon. ! BALSAM It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, In- lluenza. Whooping Cough, BronchltisandAtlhnuu. A certain cure lor Consumption In flrat tUget. and a sure relief In advanced stagot. Utestonce. You will see the excellent effect after taking tho first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Lgtrg* botlles 26 cents and 60 cents. l)r Ifaii'e fionnuainr " «UAKANTKK» Uli ROI 5 n6IIOl3IOI| louino ilyiijiciislii, oun Ktlpiulon, llvur and kidney disease*, blllou licudnulius, etc, At. tlrUKfUU. liiu uua 51.00. W. N. U. DCS Moines. No 4- Mention Thin t'apcr. HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH," SAPOLIO IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING. Somehow and somewhere, among the nmacles and Joints, RHEUMATISM gffis ST. JACOBS OIL creeps in. IT PENETRATES, SEARCHES, DRIVES OUT. CURE YOURSELF* lice Jlig U fuv uiinatunl UiechargoB, inllnmiunliiitti, I irrltatiullH or illcoratiqni of UIUCOUB rueutbrnnet, :««»» oooiiHo.. j'adJcea, anj nut a»l«-Ul- llTHEEVANsOHEKIOilLCo, 8 u !'t ov polBoqoua, or ei'iit in plain wrapper, <l.m>, or !t liottlua, f'J.76. Circular «ou( uu rmmut Af i' eoes wltU llurild: J'ot The IW-. Hon. A. ,f. «u ' . - ;iuuoiilicl|j|{ lliat .. sure in Meoic»l Co. R9V, M. W, Everhart,'oi-niei'ly Presiding EWei- of the Cham naign anu Woat, Jacksonville Dislriel», and now pajtoi' of the>;.^.. ohurch atOnvUnville, ill., write*!—l'1'p-.ibe ufHietecl.r'tako pleasure saying thai | cannot toohighly commendtuehealtn-reetorln^pr of tho inadiciues manufactured and sent out by the Dr. B, J. K*y * •" * The change thao has been wrought) in my by tue use of tho Dr. K.ay'8 Kidneycur* and the Dr. Kay's Renovator J» simply phenoujinat. ,1 lave been relieved of coustip^vJon, and painful uriu»Uon ftnd p,ftin» in wy bftok of IS ye»r» f'-"- 1 '

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