The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
Page 5
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THE UPPEK DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1898. -i-^—--^-~- „.-•-.... — . ' ' _ . . .... i' I. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. I-OOAIj TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:68pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:45 pm No. 71 departs at 3:20 6m No. 65 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. No.2 departs at 10:45am No.4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10: No.04 departs at 3: :10 pm ;20l B. F. HEDRick, Agetr )pm mt. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 am Mixed Pass 7:05 am Mixed 12:15pm Mixed 7:54 pm Mixed ,...^10:50 p m Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:16 p. m,, 6:15 p North- 7:30 am Freight 12:15 pm Pass 2:40 pm m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Flower show at rink tomorrow evening. Father Hal pin was at his old home in Eldora last week. The merchants' carnival comes Nov. 25 at the opera house. Mrs. O. B. Griffith, the new milliner, has been very ill the past week. A second eleven-pound boy came to the Harvey Ingham home Sunday. The Brooks-Smiley combination comes Nov. 22, This is the second of the lecture course series. James Patterson has been very sick the past week. He was able to sit up Monday for the first time. Mrs. Nettie L. Hall is making a great success of the insurance business. A testimonial appears elsewhere. rink tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow evening the harp orchestra will be out. W. S. Wilcox was over from Emmetsburg yesterday, He says he likes the 'burg aud is' doing a good business there. The Emmetsburg foot ball team will play the Algona boys at the fair grounds Saturday a 2 o'clock sharp. It will be a hot game. Great preparations are being nyide for the merchants' carnival. Mrs. Day has rented Clarke's hall this week for rehearsals. The Minneapolis papers note that the Northwestern railvyay has incorporated in Minnesota to build from Tracy southeast into Iowa. Walter Tellier went to Des Moines Saturday, where he will pursue the study of art under the professorship of Mr. Cummings. Chas. Pooch will also appeal from Supt. VanErdewyk's decision, he says. He has not yet, however, taken the necessary steps. The " Late Mr. Earley" show proved to be a very breezy burlesque, with some amusing specialties. A large audience was out. No one has yet come in with number 313 in Doxsee's stove drawing. If the number does not show up soon, a new drawing will be held. The Bowyer case of diphtheria was found to be nothing serious. The two youngest ones, however, are victims of the whooping cough. Supt. VanErdewyk has decided to hold his north end teacher's meeting at Ledyard Deo. 3. The full program will be published next week. The ne\v Presbyterian church will be dedicated Dec. 11. A fine program will be arranged which will be given out soon. Dr. Green will be present. Fred Corey has traded for tho Wesenberg stock of shoes in Algona, and will be an Algona business man for awhile. He may move the stock to Wesley later. John Cronholm has come down and is occupying the Lumbar house. He expects to take hold of the butter tub factory some time next month. He will be a valuable man in the business. A suggestion in connection with the curfew bell ordinance is that it be amended so that the mothers are required to stay at home and care for their children after the latter have been rung in. E. V. Swotting has moved his law office to the rooms over the new Chris- chilles store. Geo. C. Call wanted to occupy his rear office, and Mr. Swotting made arrangements to move. He has very fine rooms in his new location, Silas Roupe had an unpleasant experience yesterday afternoon. He laid a bundle containing $8 of curtains on a barrel in front of Patterson's grocery and went in to talk a minute. When he came out the package was gone. Thos. Sherman was down yesterday for court as a witness. The recent bank statement of his bank is very flattering to Bancroft as a business center, and also to him as a banker. He is one of Kossuth's most genial and successful business men. It is thought possible that the electric light boilers will be here Dec. 1, but it is not likely. If the lights are turned on by Jan. 1 we shall be lucky. Meanwhile the wiring is being done, and the city will have a big patronage from the start. John Wesley Geiger was in Algona yesterday and addressed the Workmen last night. Rev. Day was to speak but gave way. Mr. Geiger is one of the briehtest talkers in the state, and entertained his auditors. Senator Harper of .Dubuque was also present andspoke. Walter Jones, who was so badly scalded last week by falling under a threshing engine up on Black Cat, is setting on nicely. For a time it was feared that so much skin was burned ofl that it might not grow on again without grafting. But at present the prospect is good. The wood work for the new church to heart, not having any of the time figured on an election. The Courier did not fool Mike Walsh a bit hy its pretended grief at his vote. Mr. Walsh can eee through a ladder, and he knew as well as the Courier did that he was traded wherever he could be for votes for Sullivan. It will be a long time before the Courier will outlive the campaign it has conducted this fall. A lot of cattle from the St. Paul 6tock yards were sold in Algona Saturday, the total paid by our farmers reaching $4,800. Jos. H. Zanke, Thos. Kain, J. W. Wadsworth and others bought largely. The stock was feeders, stockers, calves, etc., everything. The farmers are after stock of any kind these days. Dr. Morse knew Diegnan, the Iowa hero of the Merrimao, when both were boys at school. Diegnan went into the navy as the result of a home quarrel, enlisting at Des Moines. He camo home last week and was tendered a big reception at Stuart, 18 pretty girls offering to kiss him. He has only a 10 days' furlough. Librarian McElroy says THE UPPER DES MOINES got it about ten times too strong last week in telling about the services of the city marshal about the library. Official services have only been required four or five times since the library started. He says the young people who come to the library are with few exceptions very well behaved, and that he has had little difficulty in disposing of the offenders. The Wesley boya are making a hot Bght down in Prairie township to beat the railway tax, and if it carries it will be at the end of one of Kossuth's old- time campaigns. With Wesley fer- ninst it in Prairie and Britt in Amsterdam it will keep Algona and Corwith hustling. Geo. W. Hanna, however, is looking on with composure. In case Prairie does not decide to take the line a proposition will be made to LuVerne and the road will run further south. WYCKOFF IS REMEMBERED MINNESOTA FARMER RECALLS HIM More About the New York Gentleman Who Tramped Solely to Sccnre Information. Those who read in THE UPPER DES MoftsrES Walter A. Wyckoff's description of his work on a farm near Elmore, and his trip through Algona as a tramp laborer, will be interested in the following account of his doings by those who remember him. The Blue Earth City Post republishes his articles with an introductory note. THE UPPER DES MOINES has been unable to find anyone who recalls Mr. Wyckoff in Algona. He remained here several days two volumes, bound in cloth, which were sent in reply to a letter which I recently forwarded to him. This information is furnished solely at the request of the editor of the Post. Pol- lowing is Mr. Wyckoff's article. HARRY SCOLES. Don't tail to hear Miss Charlotte Selleck Tarrant, the renowned lady harpist, on her thousand dollar harp with the Frank Howard Concert company at the opera house Monday evening, Nov. 21. Also the "Celebrated Metropolitan Male Quartette." This is considered the greatest male quartette in the United States, and has that reputation everywhere. Don't miss hearing them. Their songs are both classic and comic, and never fail to please their audience. It turns out that the marriage of Miss Mary Woodworth in Chicago, noted last week, was to her cousin Rome. Cards have been received by Kossuth friends, and hearty congratulations are extended. Rome is oldest son of Algona's long-time merchant, and grew up in Algona. He is a genial young man, with lots of business ability and energy. The bride is only daughter of his uncle, who is now one of Chicago's millionaires. She is an accomplished woman. The happy couple have gone to Port Arthur, Texas, where they will make their home. The Prank Howard Grand Concert company at the opera house Monday night, Nov. 21. This company is said to be the finest on the road and the people of Algona are to be congratulated upon having an opportunity of hearing Frank Howard, author of "Only a Pansy Blossom" and " When the Robins Nest Again." Mr. Howard is one of the finest ballad singers in America today and no one can afford to miss this opportunity of hearing him and his company of good artists. This company is on its way to the coast, and their manager, Mr. R. N. Hibbard,was in our city yesterday completing negotiations for this 'grand entertainment. They played in the Parker opera house Mason'City Saturday night and they say there if they ever come back this way they will pack the house. Reserve seat sale at the usual place, and should be secured early as there will be a big turn out. ^__ ____ Brooks and. Smiley, Nov. 33. Reserved seats for the Brooks-Smiley entertainment may be securec at 8 a. m. Saturday, at the E. & F. drug store. A Promotion. Nettie L. Hall has just received a promotion that she may justly feel proud of. A few weeks ago she began writing insurance for the Phoenix Mu ; tual Life Insurance company of Hartford', Conn., and has met with such flattering success that last week she was called to Fort Dodge by Miss S. L. Pickett, state manager of the women's department, and given a district agency. Mrs. Hall now has good territory and several agents at work. Her own active labor as a soliciting agent will render it necessary for her sub-agents to busy themselves to make a record to justify their continuation in her field. Mrs. Hall is to be congratulated on the success she has attained in the short time she has been working insurance; but genuine and true worth in any line of business is always rewarded, and the company does not fail to appreciate such faithful agents as Mrs. Hall. WANTED: You to take your eggs and butter to James Patterson, Algona, Iowa. ______________ WE have just received a new stock of ladies' fine kid gloves, all colors, worth $1.25 for $1 per pair. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. IF you don't want can supply you with very reasonable. Algona flour we Minnesota brands GKOVE & SON. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D. CLARKE & Co. for a change little but theGross brothers aregetting on as fast as they can. M J Walsh left Saturday for his old take war, . for An Easy Way to Pay Oia Debts. Farm loans on theamortisement plan. See Thos. F. CooUe before making a loan. , WE still carry the beat variety of canned goods. M. Z. GROVE & BON. SHEET music—all the latest songs— 33 off. DINGLEY & PUGH, aud which was ke^t open n» •.•• 6M Your Buy your wedding ring of us, we al • ' bride a present. DINGILY & PUGH. and doubtless visited with many of our citizens. The account of him in the Post is as follows: In the year 1892, on or about the first of July, Mr. J. H. Couper, who lived about four miles southeast of Blue Earth City, was coming to town on a load of grist for the mill. When neat- town he met a tramp going toward Elmore. Mr. Couper stopped and asked him if ho wanted work. The man hos- itatod and did not seem particularly anxious to hire out, but after a little further conversation ho decided to try it, but stated that he would not be ablo to stay more than a week. Mr. Coupor said that he had better try it, and told him to jump on the load, and after going to the mill they would return homo. He said ho would rather walk it it was not too far. He was given directions and started on his walk to the Couper farm, where he WHS found upon the return of the proprietor. At this time there were working for Mr. Couper Gay Taylor, now a resident of this city, and "Captain Jenks," or rather George Packer, who for some years has run a meat market at Elmoro—an Englishman. As this was during summer vacation Miss Ella Coupor had returned from her school at Wells, and was resting at homo, assisting her brother Everett, who was then seriously thinking of taking up a college course, in his algebra and Latin. Some member of the family arrived at my house (my wife being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Couper) a day or two subsequently, which I believe was on Sunday, they having come to attend services at the Episcopal church, and it was from them we learned of their having engaged another " hired man," they already having the two abovo mentioned. I recollect asking how they liked him, and in reply was told that they had been very unsuccessful in learning anything concerning him farther than that his home was in the east. They stated in connection with this that although reserved, he was more than well informed and had evidently received the benefit of a good education; he was gentlemanly and considerate around the house, and obliging and conscientious at his work, and the family had begun to be more than a little interested in him, although he remained a sort of conundrum to them. Tho next day, Monday, was the Fourth of July and all the Couper family had been invited to take dinner in town with us, in order to be on hand to view the proceedings, for Blue Earth City was celebrating that day. We were told that their coming to town to spend the day as arranged would doubtless be the means of their. leaving their new hired man, Mr. WyckofT—for he had given this as his name—at home. Out of consideration for the loneliness of the occasion and from representations already made, Mrs. Scoles deemed it " safe" to extend the invitation to have Mr. Wyckofl: accompany them to dinner and Mike in tho celebration should he be sufficiently interested. It, was during this time L had an opportunity to engage in conversation with him, and although I learned but little about himself, I was at least favorably impressed by his speech and attracted by his more than ordinary gentlemanly manners, which I regret to say are not cbaraisi.Hristio of the ordinary hired man. His extreme thoughtfulnoss in his attention to ladies in whose company he chanced to be was noticed and remarked upon. Hie request to take charge of and pilot the family baby carriage with its valuable freight through the crowded streets of the town in order to relievo the mothers of their responsibility and burden was only another instance of his thoughtfulness which we could not help but notice, for the average hired man seldom seeks work of this character when on pleasure bent at a Fourth of July celebration. This man worked a week for Mr. Couper, whom he calls Mr. Barton, at the expiration of which he took his departure, the family having learned but little about him but was interested enough to regret his early departure and only wondering if they would ever hear of him again. I wish to note here that although bearing every external evidence of belonging to the tramp order, he nevertheless demonstrated on this Fourth of July his having at least a change, the transformation thus created being certainly a creditable one. My attention was called to an article in the October number of Scribner's Monthly entitled "The Workers—the West," which article has passed through eight different issues of this magazine and concludes with the November number. That portion devoted in the October issue is almost wholly to the actual experience of the writer dur- .ing his six days' stay as a laborer on one of the farms but a short walk from our town, and an interesting description of our celebration that year. His free use of characters and description of individuals therein, although necessarily making use of fictitious names, are so accurate and truthful, they beipg all 1 realities, some of them being numbered among our most interesting citizens, that it cannot fail to be of more than a passing notice. With one exception all the characters mentioped in this work can be readily accounted for, even to those taking a conspicuous part In the base ball game on that day, This remarkable work is written by none other than Walter A. Wyckoff, professor of and lecturer on sociology, Princeton University. I may say that PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Lewis H. Smith went to Minneapolis last week to visit her daughters, Mabel and Ruby. Mrs. W. K. Ferguson returned from Des Moinea Saturday evening, but will return soon to visit with Mrs. Shore. Mr. Stocks is up from Buchanan county visiting D. A. Haggard and swapping army yarns. They were in the same company. The brother of the Vincents, who has been up on a visit, returned Monday, taking a carload of cattle with him to his Washington county farm. Judge Cohoon was over from Emmetsburg Monday. Ho accepts his defeat smilingly. Mr. Cohoon is a genial lawyer and a good politician, too good to be a populist. E. G. Bowyer went to Chicago Saturday evening to lay in the biggest stock of holiday goods ho has ever brought to Algona. He says ho will have a display that would ornament a big city. Rev. W. E. Davidson writes to friends in Algona that ho is able to preach again, and expects soon to have a pulpit. Ho has been out of work for over a year. All hero will rejoice in his returning health and strength, John J. Ferguson and family and Miss Nealie Arnold are here from Malono, N. Y., visiting at Wm. K. Ferguson's. Mr. Ferguson is a brother, and Miss Arnold a niece of our Al- gonlan. Tho latter will visit in Algona all winter. Geo. D. Osborno, who has just been ro-olocted county recorder in Humboldt, was up last week and got his son Ray, who has boon having n run of typhoid fever at the homo of Daniel Rico. Tho young man was pretty sick but is rapidly getting over it. Prof. Spencer and "Bart," tho famous caricaturist of tho Minneapolis Times, were school mates at Amos. Bart's name is Bartholomew. Ho was noted for his ability with a pencil while in school. Novv ho is ono of tho best known newspaper artists. His salary is $50 a week. We want your grocery trade. We are prepared to offer inducements to get it. These inducements are in the form of the very best goods that can be bought, and the prices attached are such as to make trading at our stbre a positive pleasure. If you have tried it you know how it is yourself; if you have not, then the quicker you do so the sooner you will be in the full enjoyment of part of what makes life worth living. James Patterson. Cowlos' Block, . No. 8. J.LDonalioo&Co. Minnesota Ofllce over postofflco, Algcmu, Write for circulars. la. Lands Ir 5m$5to per acre. No. 313 draws the .Buck's Steel Range. Who Has THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Services at the Congregational church at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Themes of sermons: Morning, "Bits and Bridles;" evening, " Tho Meaning of Jesus' Messiahship." , Dr. Day will preach at tho Methodist church next Sunday morning and oven- ing. Morning theme, "Tho Unique Character of Christian Motive." Evening, "Future Punishment: Is it Scriptural? Is it Rational?" First Church of Christ, Scientist, services at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a. m., Wednesdays 3 p. m. " Ancient and Modern Necromancy, or Mesmerism and Hypnotism" will be the subject next Sunday. The program for the W. L. A. S. meeting Friday afternoon, Nov. 18, will be a paper, subject " Voltairo,"by Miss Jessamine L. Jones; reading, "Character Building in Education," Mrs. H. C. McCoy. Quotations from Voltaire. Rev. D. M. Stiles will preach at tho Baptist church next Sunday morning, taking for his theme, "Unanswered Prayers." Evening: " God, His Character, Attributes, and Attitude towards Man and Sin." This is the third in tho C, C. C. series, or "Fundamentals of Christianity." Young people invited. If you have it bring it to our storo anil got tho range. If you do not havo It do'not destroy your tickets, for aftov waiting a reasonable time and the winning number Is not presented wo will tnko what numbers nrc in existence and have a drawing to determine who shall got tho range, Your tickets are worth saving, for tho range is ono of Buck's Best and soils for $48. HARDWARE, A. ailMOVK, President, li. F. KEITH, Vice President, Jit. SOJfKNOK, Secretary, J. W. WADSWORTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: 0. li. llUTOmKS, FRANK DEVINE, J. K. STAGY. *i I Off AS. WOOSTKll, Q, 8. ANGUS, To tlio Merchants of The undersigned has taken out a city license for bill posting and is prepared to do all kinds of work in this line at moderate prices; also will distribute advertising matter' for merchants and others. Give mo a trial. 34t2 JAS. A. ORB. The Farmers' lINOOHl'OJtATKD.] OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trade with choice floug from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground food in lots to suit purchasers. This is a farmers' company and solicits tho [armors' business. "VsT'orls: a Highest cash price paid for good wheat. Iowa. Give tho new company a trial. Wo can and will do as well by you as any mlH In /. li. HOFIUS, General Manager. TAKE Rocky Mountain Tea. See it exterminate poison, Feel it revitalize your blood and nerves and bring back that happy, joyous feeling of boyhood days. Ask your druggist. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, A. D. CljABKE & CO. Clearing Sale of Second-hand Stoves, WONDERFUL WORK. I make tliis statement for tho sole purpose of letting others know what wonderful work Aerial Medication does. I was deaf for ten years; could not hear a clock tick when held close to rny ears, and had catarrh KO badly that I thought 1 coukl uever lie cured. There WIM a very bad discharge from my cure, nostrils were very sore, the discliurge had u very dis- agreeahlo odor, and the noises in my head were very distressing. I read in the papers of the wonderful cures that were heing effected by the use of Aerial Medication, and I decided to try it. I used the treatment about six weeks before I could hear any better, hut from that time on I improved, and now can hear as good os any one. Cau go iu company and enjoy myself like others. Am cured of catarrh, and tho roaring in my head has ceased. Am now strong and healthy; have not used the treatment for some time, and believe that I am permanently cured. Miss EDNA C«4¥» TON, Cogau House, Pa. FREE.- For nation Hum ouiy I ngree to (Crow cftturrli, Uwrfnww, tiwoat *»»d luag medicines for tuvce moutUfi' treatment, free. will prove tUut Aorlul MudlciuJou UH*fd» Ipnu uucl imrtluulutu luldresi} From Nov. 10 to Nov. 20 we ond-hand stoves.from $2 up. MUST be closed out to make goods, and will be sold will sell see- These stoves room for new Regardless of Cost. Remember tlie weather is good. dates and come while the 1870 J. W. ROBINSON, Pioneer Hardware. 1898 M.F. HA.QQARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith,.! Abstracts, Real Estate Collections, through the'kindness and generosity of I the author I am this day tb$ recipient ^yw4*^ uu ** w *»*<**»«».*..«««**.•«n^^—^r of a copy of this remarkable work io 1 J,w,MQ»»PiJW.».|H!»'} fUM»IWHk«i«W«i V JQWA, One Hundred Dollars—... M...U Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. : W&WAMQUSt, K. *

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