The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1898 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1898. VOL* 35, Canned Goods. A nice new line of 2-lb cans of Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, Blueberries. Only 12 and one-half cents a can. t M. Z. Grove & Son. ackets, Going to Roast Him on Thanksgiving day? We refer to the great American turkey. Don't let the dinner be a failure through the fault of the coal. Send us an order for a ton of our Hocking coal. It will take but a very small portion of it to cook a dozen dinners and each will be done to a turn. The small quantity of ashes to be taken up will prove how clean our coal burns. Orders given prompt attention. Telephone No. 30. F. S, NORTON, THE LUMBERMAN. LARGER THAN EXPECTED, T MK. DOLLIVER'B PIKE MAJOEITY. Nobody Claimed It Wotild Be So B!R —Judge Quartern Endorsed— Other Election Figures. The great surprise of this surprising election in Iowa, is Congressman Dol- liver'sbig majority. His best friends did not expect over half of his majority of 1890, but when the returns came in they showed that he had come close to that high water mark. Anderson had made a vigorous canvass nmong hie Scandinavian countrymen and scattered broadcast bushels of campaign dodgers of the guttersnipe order, but he flnds as many have found before him that the Scandinavians are republicans from principle, and that they are too smart to be caught by worn out political clap trap. Dolliver's unofficial majority Is figured at Fort Dodge at 7,653. The majorities as reported by the various counties are us follows: Doliiver. Carroll Hamilton 850 Pocaliontas 200 Doone R13 Wlnnebago 705 Palo Alto Emmet 802 Webster 007 Kossuth 625 Hancock 740 Greene 1,001 Humboiat 814 CalUoun 840 Crawford and .Collarette. We are making prices to suit all. G. L. Galbraith & Co. When you Buy Millinery the first and most natural inclination is to Find the Latest. You don't have to look around a little bit to accomplish that most desirable result. We have the up-to-date goods in Pattern Hats, Trimmed Hats, and really all the late, stylish, and nobby things in millinery. You must see the goods to know their real worth and quality. We have a line of cheap sailor hats—worth twice their cost. Anderson. 311 105 320 inently put forward by both parties' as the paramount issue of the campaign, and the principal losses were in the central and eastern states, where the campaign was conducted largely on other issues. This fact will have a strong influence on determining the issues in 1000, and will, it seems to me, settle the question of of free coinage as a political issue. _____ Election Notes. Spirit Lake Beacon: Quarton and Helsell are a little behind the party ticket, but their handsome majorities are a sufficient rebuke to the campaign of slander organized to compass their defeat by fair means or foul. Esthervllle Vindicator: J. J, Ryan, the well-known hard times popocrat of Fort Dodge and Algona has just purchased a half section of land adjoining Fort Dodge, and the Algona Courier remarks that he is fast becoming one of the great land owners of the state. The hard times Ryan used to tell the people about in the campaign two years ago seem to havo struck him hard. State Register: Congressman Dol- iiver was grandly endorsed in his own city and county, as he was in the city and county of his competitor. Iowa's Tenth district loyally supports the man who has made that district prominent in the affairs of the nation and world. ____________ WILL BE CALLED TITONKA. Totals 8,308 745 FAMOUS TftlAL IS BE(M. DAMAGES ASKED BY AtJG, DINQEE. New Town in Buffalo Township Not to Bo Named Biploy—Buildings Are Going Up Rapidly. J. Z 1 . ChrisoMlles, President. Gf. 0. Hudson, Vice President, T. H. Lantry, Treasurer. James Patterson, Secretary. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. . [INCORPORATED.] — T PRICES PAID lor all kinds of Grain and Seeds. Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High-gi ade Flour. Special attention paid to the •Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we •uwmg io Wl ° reae tj ablea to ofler t / om 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. : F. W, DINGLEY, Manager. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix ol Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. A. Splendid Endorsement. Frank W. Bioknell in Times-Republican: A few days before election Congressman Doliiver said he would be satisfied with 4,000 this year, because ho expected that the stay-at homes would be numerous and that little post- office quarrels were going to absorb the interest of some who might bo expected to think of bigger things. The splendid majority of 7,500 given Mr. Doliiver shows that the people of the Tenth thought more of their country than they did of the election of a postmaster, while those who did forget themselves so far as to join the " personal vengeance" party were lost and their vanity hurt by the votes of sound money democrats who voted for Dol- iiver and buried the republican kickers BO deep that they are not In evidence. The Scandinavians, too, were to be taken off in a drove to vote for Ed. Anderson because he is a Swede. The township of Norway, in Humboldt county, is a good sample of how they went. It gave Doliiver 140 and Anderson 16. It is a Norwegian township and has been in the past rather evenly divided. Judge Quartan's Splendid Victory. The meanest fight that 1ms been made in years in this county was made on Judge Quarton. Personal solicitation, guttersnipe lies, vote trading, other Tammany tactics cut his majority in Kossuth, because his friends did not feel like making the same kind of a fight on Mr. Sullivan, and did not do any personal work. But the cut was not at all commensurate to the effort and money spent and his vote in Kossouth as well as in the district, when the facts are known, is a merited endorsement. Many men have been beaten with less effort and less persistent and malicious work against them. He comes out with 3,550 majority in the district, more than Gov. Shaw got a year ago. As significant as anything was his majority in Palo Alto, our neighboring county, where he has been well known for 20 years. The judge carries every county In the district by the following majorities: Quarton. Sullivan. Kossuth 172 Palo Alto 00 Emmet 314 Humboldt 781 Pocahontas 186 Clay Dickinson 521 Duena Vista 728 A Large Docket— One Criminal Case. Only — Miscellaneous Record. of Court Matters. The trial of the August Dlnger suit against R. N. Bruer of Bancroft for $15,000 damages began yesterday morn* ing. E. V. Swotting and E. A. Mor- llng of Emmetsburg are Mr. Dinner's attorneys, Geo. .E. Clarke and J. W. Sullivan for Bruer. Judge HelseU came this morning to preside durinjf the trial. Mr. Dlnger's claim is that Mr. Bruer had him arrested wrong* fully in California and brought back, also that he misrepresented the land he sold him in California. Mr. Bruer denies both allegations. It is an important suit, and will be hotly contested. _ A Big List of Cases. Judge Helsell will preside over two or three cases at least. The suit of B. W. Haggard for $500 accident Insurance will be tried before him. Judge Quarton will also hold court if cases. can bo arranged so as not to conflict, for a very big docket is to be disposed of. There are set for trial at this term one criminal case, 15 law oases, and 14 quity ll the cases. It will be a long term if business is disposed of. FINANCIAL, Kossuth County State Bank, $50,000. Bd money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange Bought and sold. Oolleo romptiy? and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or »»;;',.«iinm the old countries sold at lowest rates. ftpiSSf SSU, President; T. CHMSCHILLES, Vice Pres; LEWIS B, &BIITH Cashier 8W™JMwoto«-Win. H. Ingham, John G, Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrlschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. u«,.'w_ yradsworth, Barnet Devina. ' LAMB or a leg, or any other cut of beef, veal, or mutton or pork that may be desired can be with the cook within thirty minutes from the time ordered. Promptness comes next to quality here. We malte no great claims as to quantity, but our stock of meats is always large enough to suppjy^all demands. "X^TT, BROS. Totals. *%fflblreotors—D. H. Hutchins, :.<&•'•=BF«™ WZ* -r* Tr a«n«ni-fn TUTrr* "If First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL Pr&tident 1 Money always on hand to loan at ro jpeolalattention given to collections. $50,000 I W3f. K. FERQVSON vv,"/' .„ --«| OS AS, A.. PA.LMER Assistant OasMer PWHp, Porweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. rates to parties furnishing first-class security. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent *^ For Sale, Saws Filed, J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. Iowa Solidly Uepubltcan. Such a lot of majorities in a congressional campaign in an off year were never before seen in this state. Following are the unofficial figures: Hedge, First district 2,500 Lane, Second district 1.428 Henderson, Third district 0,275 Haugen, Fourth district 7,774 Cousins, Fifth district 5,378 Lacy, Sixth district 1,234 Hull, Seventh district 7,594 Hepburn, Eighth district 3,728 MePherson, Ninth district 4,468 Doliiver, TeNth district 7,053 Thomas, Eleventh district 5,500 The new town in Buffalo beats all records, already 33 business lots have been sold and will be built on as soon as lumber and carpenters can be got. Corner lots have sold at $500. Supervisor Kunz bought one at $500 and has since sold at $725. The middle of lust week over $10,000 of lots had been sold. Al. Ftilkonhainer has hud a chance to sell out and clear $400 for his time. His is the first building to go in, and ho will open today. A. R. Specht, who is clerking at Sheetz', has the second building under way. He and Heal of Wesley put in a drug store. Way Bros.' bank is also begun. It seems that the new town Is to be Titonka after all. It Is a pretty name, and Is the most fitting that could be chosen because of the peculiar history of the section. Buffalo township was the great buffalo range, and it was on its soil that the only buffalo known to have been killed In Kossuth by our pioneers was shot by A. L. Seeley. Buffalo Fork was named in honor of the event. Titonka is the Sioux for Buffalo, and means literally Big-'Black. That is what the Indians called the buffalo. Next to Algona, which was an original and beautiful name created by Mrs. Judge Call, Titonka Is the prettiest and most appropriate name in the county. Among the now enterprises isapaper to bo put in by Miss Ella Graham of Forest City. Miss Graham was clerk In the senate last winter and has since been editing Senator Gilbertson's paper at Forest City. She is a bright writer and an accomplished newspaper worker, and her coming to Kossuth is a distinct addition. The Wesley News names the following enterprises thatarecertain: Stores by Kunz Bros, of Wesley and C. A. Austin of Seneca; banks by Way and Kunz Bros., Hill & Hall of Wesley, Secor & Thompson of Buffalo Center; lumber yards by Northern Lumber Co., Queal & Co., Budlong & Johnson; grain elevators by O'Neil of Forest City, Jesson of Forest City, Northwestern company of Wesley; drug stores by Falkenhainer, Specht & Heal; hardware stores by W. T. Hall of Wesley and a man from Buffalo Center; meat market, Dahm of Buffalo Center. It is evident from the way Titonka starts out that Way Bros, are the proper parties to build new towns., What they go at seems to move with a sort of electric jump, as though the whole telephone battery system bad been turned on. We want them to keep an eye on Algona, when we get to be the big railway center of the west. LOOK HEBE-A SNAP. A piano, new and strictly high grade can be bought from the factory agent very cheap. Sample at Dr. Morse's office. Call at once after 8 p. m. I WILL pay 18 cents for fresh eggs. JAMBS PATTEBSON, Algona. «,•« and Director**-, . A. D. Clarice, President, 0.0. ahubt^Vlce Prest, Thos. H, Lantry, O Geo. L. Galbraftb, Fred. M. Miller, Sohenok, . OooUe. Don't take any chance on Attracts of Title. My books »re thoroughly complete. None but ejcperiencea abstractors have ever written aworolnthem. My WQrkls done by competent persons and is guaranteed. Any thing entrusted to me will h^ve prompt ana careful attention. RIAl i$TATE WANS, FARMS AKD WILO LANDS. PBIYAXS8wwjj>$pomV4-VW8-\G, C- SAftfSQN, AlgQna, "* .«* ««4.4 n-n +4ma A ^•nnalfa * OnaPfi HOllBfi HlOOlt. CASH Judge ThowuH Gratified. In an interview after election Judge Thomas said: I am both surprised and gratified at the result of the election in the Eleventh district. By a personal canvass and from the best information I could gather I had estimated my plurality at 3,000 and BO notified the chairman of the state central committee on the evening before the election, hut from unofficial returns that I now have from all the counties except Monona and Woodbury my plurality seems to be about 6,470. I feel especially gratified at the large plurality in the counties of Buena Vista, Clay and Dlokfo' son in my judicial district. The general result throughout tb,e country ought to be, and I believe Is, very gratifying to the republicans and, to the sound money democrats, who have joined with the republicans in gaining thie victory. It is a complete indorsement Of MoKlnley'e administration and 9* the poliqy of the republican party 98 $Jf avflte etgaJflwril,'w?lQ<&»U$, te lb fl , faot that the principal gajjj| |p |ba re.- , _, ,. pubUoan pftrty are, iu tjh$ *fr«tt(fc j&ftW#W»fo DIED: On Monday or any other day in the week, with Putnam Fadeless Dyes, goods will not fade either by sunlight or washing. Sold at E. & F. drug store. _ Ono Criminal Case. The prosecution against W. S. Frost, the Whlttemore landlord, for selling beer Is to bo tried. The prosecution , against Goeddortz and Yocust for selling patent medicines without'license, against Wm. Witte for forgery, against. Bertha t Dlxson, or "Sugar Molly", for ,. general disorder, and against Henry Larson for breaking into Marv. Cady's hay wagon and stealing a 'watch, are all continued. Soiuo Law Cases. The suit of Mrs. Jane Gallion to recover $2,000 life insurance on her son, who was shot by the Sherburne bank robbers is to be tried. S. Mayne and Carr & Parker are for Mrs. Gallion, Clarke & Cohenour for the company. The company alleges that the policy had been cancelled before he was shot. C. M, Dailey sues Marshal Hays of Garfleld for $3,000 damages on account of alleged slander. Three suits are on, growing out of a business failure at Whlttemore a year or more ago. A. F. Curran sues the Northwestern, railway for setting fire to the slough west of LuVerne. He asks $495 damages. L. Buss quieted title to 1 a piece o! land John Govern bought of Lund. Govern now sues for the value of the improvements. Curtlss is his attorney. The suit between Hartgrayes and S. A. Thompson over some breaking is to be tried. The suit of Anna S. Paton to hold Mrs. C. L. Lund on a $3,600 note she signed is set lor trial. It may not be reached. : C. C. Samson sues Louis Kleat for a commission on a loan. Some Equity Matters. Lewis Russ brings four more suits' to • quiet title to lands deeded by Lund. The defendants are Thos. J. Hanson, John Hanson, S. R. Thompson, and Andrew Morganson. Beulah Dickinson is suing to get possession of the Sam Plumley land near Cor with, Mr. Fish rented it of Geo. M. Roe, and when she appeared incon- tinantly threw her off the premises. The Mankato Steam Boiler Works wants MoBeth to pay for the heating fixtures he put into the court house and into ,' the Thorington hotel. The amount unpaid is $76. Wm. Holgren sues B. W. Haggard, to compel him to deed some land near Bancroft. Mr.'Haggard sets up that he did not make the contract but that Skinner did and signed his name to it, Frank Hume of Wesley sold W, J, • Hager lumber which went into a building on land that RUBS has since quieted title to. Russ declines to pay the mechanic's lien and Hume sues Hager, Anna Philps and Mrs. Jane Warner do not agree upon the division of Mr. Warner's estate. A suit in partition is brought by Mrs, Philps. The Citizen's Bank of Morris, Minn., is foreclosing on the hotel at the Northwestern depot. The suit is against H. C. VanHouse, who owned it a short time. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments. Interest payable annually, PARTIES have stolen our labels, etyle of package, and tell the sick that "our tea is just like Rooky Mountain Tea." They would ruin your health for a little added profit. Beware. Ask your druggist. _^________^_ ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA is active, positive, never nauseates or upsets the. stomach. Cleaneand purifies the whole f t tern; 35o. Ask your druggist. Switches Wanted, For switches and hair chains call OR Setohell & Setohell, Algona, Iowa, or write to W. J, WelU, Oeage, Iowa, wb,oae work, here is 80 well known and are BO low. tQ, AIJ work, isguarao- TO to. tmlly . A, The Grand Jury. Judge Quarton sent the grand jury out Monday morning, It is composed Of C. B, Sample, J, B. Mousel, J, Marok, D. H. Brown, F, L. Parish, N, E. Bradburn, J. D. .Starks, and J. C. Patterson. The bailiff in charge IB J. M. Cowan. THE DEPOT IS LOOATEP. A Quarter Section In Prairie 18 Bar* gained for tlte Belmond Depot-Same Quarter tlte Church IB On. Yesterday the quarter section the> Catholic church ie on in Prairie town* ship was bargained for to put the depot on in case Prairie votea for the Bei* mWd extension!,. This quarter will be named in the election notices and the tax will be void if it is not used, puts the new depot within half a of the church in any event. A hot flgbt is gn io Prairie. The petition, |oi? election wa? signed by 44, whe n only 88 "were needed. But ,tb§ Wtiley boys got S$ to withdraw ^-' --'-" ----- Woo

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