The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1898
Page 7
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UJgPjttt P^...MQP^AAl^yA^|OyA. WDDKlgBAY NO^MBjKi Every cough makes your throat more raw and Irritable. Every cough congests the lining membrane of your lungs. Cease tearing your throat and lungs in this way. Put the parts at rest and give them a chance to heal, You will need some help to do this, and you will find it in. From the first dose the quiet and rest begin: the tickling in the throat ceases; the spasm weakens; the cough disappears. Do not wait for pneumonia and consumption but cut short your cold without delay. Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster should be over the lungfs of every person troubled with a cough. Write to the.Doctor. TJnuiual opportunities and long experience eminently qualify UB for riving you medical advice. Write freely all the particulars In your case.' Tell us what your experience ha» been with our Cherry Pectoral. You will receive a prompt reply, without C °' t Addreii, DR. J. C. A7ER. Lowell, - Anxlon* to r. "Pluck is the secret of success on wall street." "Well, I'll give yon $16,000 if you'll teach me your method of plucking." ttotr'* This? We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHBNET & Co., Toledo, <O. We, the undersigned, hare known F. .T. Oneney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out anv obligations made by their firm. WEST & TRBAX, Wholesale Druggists, WALDINO, RINNAN- & M.UIVIN, Wholesale „ Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Hall's Family Pills arc the best. An optimist believes in mascots and a pessimist believes in hoodoos. Clothes make the man—if he's a tailor. One cynical at 37 is apt to be foolish at 40. The Franco-German war cost 83.000,000.000. It is easy to be brave when not in danger. Hero Worship. "Did you say he was a famous man?*' inquired young Mrs. Torkins. "Dear met You wouldn't think it to look at him. lie isn't heavy enough for a pug-ilist nor light enough for a jockey." r lotra FarmaTor Halo* (2 per acre caiti7ba i crotyfiatil paid.. .J. Mnlhall, Siou»£lt Fish dealers are always lucky on Fridays. Could Not Beep HOUBO Without Dr. belli Aruold'B Couch Killer. Mrs. E. J Barton, Boyd, Wla. 2ac. n buttle. Hope is a giant that can be easily entertained. font Aere» Enon»th. Washington Star: From the flatlron to the plow, from the laundry to the fp.rm. Is a long stride, but It has been taken by one Chinamen .In the district, nnd the results have amply compensated him for the bold venture. A Chinaman In a laundry or a grocery store seems perfectly at home, but a Chinese farmer occupies a unique place among his countrymen in this part of the country. Lee Polt, a moon-eyed celestial arrived In Washington last April, with his savings tied up In =i buckskin bag. He came directly from California, where he had lived for several years, and began nt once to look around, with an eye to investing his little store of dollars. Lee found the laundry field crowded, and his capital was too small for him to consider the establishment of a for a moment grocery store. cheese of Wisconsin returning' annually to the farmers $30.000,000. H 19 not Sur- DrietnK that Director Henry hoMs that a argre part of the energies of the station should go in the direction ol dairy 'nvesttgationfc. )TO CUKE A COLD IN ONE DA.jf Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If It fulls to cure. S!5c. The genuine ha* I./. B Q. on cneh tablet. The butterfly fan is one ot the latest novelties. . Dyeing one's whiskers does not turn time back. The mignonette is the national flower of Spain. A vicious tongue manufactures verbal dynamite. Justice and Java coffee are both desirable articles. An enemy is a person who applauds you when j'ou fail. In Rappahannock county Virginia, last week a "spoonament" was held. Women rode on horseback at a fast gallop, eacli holding a dinner spoon with an egg in it. The one who rode three times around the arena without dropping the egg 1 was crowned queen of the spoonament. A rancher in Arizona has posted this startling warning on a cottonwood tree near his place: "My wife Sarrah has left my ranch when I didn't Doo a Thing To her. Any Man as takes her in and Keers for her on my account will get himself Pumped so Full of Led that some tenderfoot will locate him for a mineral claim " Men marry maidens, but they arc married by widows. Flondn. Are you going to Florida? Do you witnt i'iites, maps, routes, time-cards and full information? If so, address H. W. Sparks, 234 Clark street, Chicago. ' A smile is only a •' laugh with the noise left out. Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved me large doctor bills.—C. L. Baker, 422S Regent Sq., Philadelphia, Pa., Deo. 8, '95. Putting in time—pawning your watch to your "uncle." Coughing Leads to Consumption., Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. Be careful of what you do in the world; many eyes may .watch you and note many of your movements. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup. For children toothing, softenn the Bums, reduces Inflammation, allayapolmjiureajwliid^ollc. ?3c a bottle. A spoon is a small article, but it causes much stir. Coe's fcoujjli is tho oldest and best. It will break- up a cold quicker than anything else. It is alw»v 8 reliable. Try it. The hen is not cheerful; she broods a great deal. WANTED—Case of l>nd ncaltli that IM-P-A-N-? will not benefit. Send 5 cents to KIpanB Chcmlcu Co.. New York, for ID sauiDles and 1.000 testimonials. We are more apt to love friends than foes. Whenever a man fails in an undertaking he attributes it to fatalism. TOO GOOD TO BE FREE! But send 2 Jc and we win mail you a trial treatment of "5 Drops." CURED BY "5 DROPS" TWO YEARS AGO FROM RHEUMATISM AND HEART WEAKNESS After Suffering 49 Years—69 Years Old and Still Well. [THADB MARK.] IT PROVES TO BE A PERMANENT CORE.—READ LETTERS. <;WA-NT<;ON RHEUMATIC CURB CO.. 167 Dearborn St., Chicago: DEAR SIB—Your bottle of •'5DKO°iv• received It wus for an oi'd friend, Mr. Wm. Edwards, of MartinBtown Wis. HehashaaNoarnlKlainhischest, suffering a great deal of pain, so much so that It affected hi! h.eart and he oould not sleep on aooount of a smothered feeling. He hud been under tho care> ofthe?mos ? eminent physicians, but obtained no relief until I gave him a dose of -6 DROPS." Hi rStU wefi Ac very>«t nlght^andhas ever sinee, anrtte galnlnBJaUy.I One Sunday Lee dined at the Chinese restaurant on lower Pennsylvania avenue. Lee, who has an Inciulsllve mind, questioned the proprietor about the source of supply for tho many queer vegetables and herbs which form a part of every Chinese dish, and learned to his surprise that they all came from St. Louis, two days distant by rail from Washington. None were raised, he learne-3, neerer the capital. Hert was Lee's chance to Invest his money and he was quick to sen It. The next day L«j licsnn to visit the suburban districts In search of a suitable place for his favn. and after a week he decided upon n little four-acre tract of land near Terr* C^ottii station on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad ns tin: sjiot best suited for his purposes. The owner of the land has a number of colored farming tenants, but he was mildly surprised when Lee, with an Interpreter, for Lee speaks little English, called upon him to lent farm." Mr. Lynch became Interested In Lee at once. Here, Indeed, was novelty -^a Chinese farmer. The owner made the rent reasonable, and In an hour Lee was In possession of the larm. His entire out- lit, aside from his clothing, consisted of two four-gallon witortrig pots and a yoke, guch as the coolies In China use for carry- Ing burdens. Lee sot down to business at once. On the place there Is a nice dwelling, but, for reasons known enly to himself, Lee has never occupied It. preferring the barn as a home. The day after he took possession ho employed a colored man, who lives nearby, to plow up his little farm. Seeds »werc obtained as quickly us possible from San Francisco, arid Lee wqrked all day 'and sometimes on moonlight nights In his little farm. Beds were laid out In regular checker-board fashion, and with n hoe borrowed from a neighbor, Lee pulverized the soil, carefully removing every stone. Finally Lee's unremitting toll begun to tell. The crop, fp"«od by fertilizers and water, was even better than the industrious owner had hoped for. H matured rapidly and was gathered and taken to the city, where he received an advance on St. Louts prices for it. Since then Leu has gathered four crops and another is now ready for the market. The little farm and everything about It is unique. Early In the spring Lee's neighbors persuaded him to plant a little corn and a few sweet potatoes, but these have been neglected for the Chinese plants and have gone to grass. In all Lee's farm there is not a single plant which is known to his neighbors, who are thoroughly familiar with American farming. Near the railroad there are half a dozen rows of what he calls Chen Fok, or Chinese cabbage. The plant looks not unlike a huge turnip, but the taste Is peculiar, not and slightly spicy. Bnlow the- cabbafeto befi, supported on sticks which take the place of trellis work, there are a. number of rows of yepmeln, a little green gourd-like melon, which is much sought after by Chinese epicures. Loo has been, paltleularly successful In raising these, ami they bring- excellent prices. Further on there fire melons, not like our own melons, but hard, queer-shaped filings a whitish green in color. They ripen in November and when fully grown sometimes weigh as much as sixty pounds. When they ripen these melons will be the first ever brought to Washington. There are none raised, it is said nearer here than California. Grnln Purdue University Agricultural *• peri- ir.ent station: Numerous Inquiries have recently come to the experiment station cci ce.rntng a small insect which Is described as doing great damage to the wheat In grntiaries. With one excsptlon no specimens have accompanied the letters, but from, tho descriptions given It is very evident that tho Insect Is one of thn grain weevils which commonly Infest wheat stored in bins. One of t.'ie most common of thtso little beetles is Cnlnnclrla sranaria. a Kr.iall. dark reddish cmnit beetle which deposits Its eggs upon the grain. These eggs soon hatch Into small, footless little larvae, tVut eat out the substance of the kernels, and become full-grown In , M few weeks. They then chniiRC to phpnr ;md soon after again transform to adult beetles. There arc br;.ofln sea- fen, so they may lie ft und at almost any time during the summer and autumn. While there several species of these grain weevils, the same remedy will do for all. As thesr insects penetrate all through the entire bulk of Rttiln, It Is necessary to apply some substance that Is equally penetrating In its nature. This IK found In enrbon bisulphide, which may be had at any drug store. The vapor of this substance Is very poisonous and will destroy all Insect life with which It comes In contact. This material Is also very.ex- plosive when brought In contact with fire. Keeping these two points In mind It may bo handled with perfact safety. In applying tho material it is well to keep In mind thr fact that It Is very volatile and quickly passes into vapor, which diffuses Itself throughout the entire muss of grain. at;d as the vapor Is huvler than air It v 111 have a tendency to settle. Hut In order to Insure perfect results It It best to Introduce the material well down towards the middle of the mass of grain by means of n gns pipe with a scrfon over the lower end, which will prevent the v. heat filling the pipe, rnd through which the poison may be poured. The pipe Is then withdrawn. One pound of the bisulphide Is sufficient for fifty bushels of grain. One application will be sufficient unless tho grain Is to be kept over winter, when a pocond application may be necessary. The material docs no harm to the grain In any way. CLB the polsoncus fumes all pruiii away as soon as brought In contact with the air outside. Stilt 1-hetfc. are a great many caiHpanies on the road this fall," said the bptl« mistic theatrical manager. "1 gueiss there are," answered the less sanguine friettd. "I've left two there, myself." What Cubft's Lou* Monti* to Spain. The loss ,of Cuba means to Spain the loss of the very sustenance of the nation. In the same way the loss of your appetitei means starvation toyortr body; If any reader of this notice wants to fully enjoy hearty meals, we can recommend Hostetter's Stomach IVitiers. It cures indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation. Two Letters to Mrs. Plakhafn. A Question. "1 hope," said the cigar dealer, "we don't nnncx Manila and Cnba." "Indeed?" qnoth the customer. "Yes. If we do, where hi thunder are our Imported cigars to come from?" Try Graln-ot Try «raln-ot Ask your grocer to-day to show you a pncknge of GRAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without in- jurv us well as the adult. All who try it. like it. GRAIN-O hns that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-fourth tho price of coffee. IBc and 23c per package. Sold b.v all grocers. Pn Known. Little Tcddic—1'a, what does "Om- nia vincit labor" mean? 1'a—That's what Napoleon said when he crossed the Alps. It means "1 came, 1 saw, 1 conquered. 1 ' 'Woninn'n Way. He—\Vhy don't you get shoes big enough to be comfortable? She—As if 1 could be comfortable when I knew 1 WHS wearing"big shoes! Times Huvo Clmngol. Hobby—My sister is going to marry an English earl. • Tommy—Pooh, that's nothing! My sister's engaged to a lieutenant in the United States navy Mrs. Jotw WtLiiAMS, N. J., writes: •! "DfcAB MRS. j?mKHAM:-*-l cannot 1)6- gin to tell yoii how 1 suffered befdrU taking your remedies. I was so weak that I could hardly Walk across the Hoof without falling. I had Womb trouble and such a bearing-down feeling 5 also Suffered with my back and limbs, pain in womb, inflammation of the bladderj piles and indigestion. Before I hod taken one bottle of Lydia E. Hnkham'S Vegetable Compound 1 felt a great deal better* and after taking two and one* half bottles and fialf B box of you* Liver Pills I was cured. If more Would ,ake your medicine they would »ot lave to suffer so much." ,. Mrs. JOSEPH PETERSON, 613 East St.ji Warren, Pa., \vritest - ^mmnnnnnj "DEAtt MRS. PiSKHAMi—I have stif> fered with womb trouble over fifteen years. I had inflammation, enlargement and displacement of the womb. 1 had the backache constantly, also headache, and was so dizzy, I hatl heart trouble, it seemed as though my^ heart was in my throat at times chok-' ing me. I could not walk around and I could not lie down, for then my heart would beat so fast I would feel as though I was smothering. I had to sit \ip in bed nights in order to breathe. I was so weak I conld not do anything. « • -. J "1 have now laitcn severe Dot-, ties of Lydia 13. Pinitham's Vegetable Compound, and used three packages of Sanative "Wash, and can say I am perfectly cured. I do not think I could have lived long if Mrs. Pinkham's medicine had not helped me." Western Farmer: IN (lit- MtiNtrr, The farmer boy who envies his city cousin nsnltcfi n f-;reat mistake. He Is attracted by the noise and glitter of the city streets, the amusements ever open to the people, und, in short, to the never-ending, ever-changing, pnn- on ma of urban life. But let him look Into the lives of the people who jostle him by on tho busy streets and 1 he will see that they are unhappy. If they are poor thty are unhnppy because the all-absorbing problem of keeplrg soul and body together makes them force their tired bodlen or overburdened minds to efforts beyond their strength. Do you Imagine that a street car horse is happy? The poor man to live In a great city Is less Itn Mission. Tun he—What a beiiutifnl charity is tliis Home for Inebriates! Mrs. Tanko—All, yes, poor fellows How snd it would be hail they no home to stay away from! A Definition. Little Waldo—Uncle, what is dyspeptic? Old Uncle Grout—A dyspeptic is i person with an optimistic appetite tint a pessimistic digestion. The icobcrprs of the two hemispheres are entirely different in shape. Tho arctic berg's are irregular in form, with lofty pinnacles " and glittering domes, while tho antarntic bergs nre flat-topped and solid-looking. Egglne, the new substitute for eggs, is now on the market. The new product is a white powder made from milk. The process of manufacture is a secret, but it is claimed that it contains all the chemical properties of the egg, .and/as a food.produc t is.superior to it. Rich bachelors never realize how well off they were until after marrying. Holland is the only country in Europe that admits coffee free of duty. ^ iJne from mvwinte and mv heart never misses a beat. In all my llle I have never felt so well ! . £ ndIow£mv lieiilth to''5DKOPS." 1 only wish I could sound my bugle of praise loud enough .^ohii^&eTOrWoTOP.aidcouWoon^noe every sufferer that,"5 DROPS'' is all you claim it to bo und morel-Mrs. D. T. Carver, Winslow, Stevenson Co., 111. Sept. U, 1896. STILL WELIi TWO JTEABS LATEIl. CIWAN«SON RHEUMATIC CURE CO..—Two years ago this present month I sent you im nsollcltedtestimonial of what" B DBOPS" had done for myself and friend, Mr. Edwa.'ds, and nsoUUteatesumomaio^vmM, ngwehttve not had a return of Neuralgia or Hheuum- t to sena you anoinei,•«»*»"<» .__„_.._». h ,, f . Irtt. Khniild rnturn. I kenn "B DKOPS" in Woiimii'H Worlc. Farm and Fireside: That women on the farm have often a hard, laborious life is undisputed, but the crying need Is executive ability and economy of force, or P &™e.Tthinirtne 1 SSrrmuT/b'e VrmaSentrbVt ifu should return, I keep "B DROPS" ia j^:SSh5S«ndlknowtout would Btonlt. It is good for so many things no house Bhould be pi without it. Yours truly, Mrs. D. T. Carver. Sept. 20,1898. """ The wonderful success that has attended the introduction of "5 DROPS" Is unprecedented n the hiltorv of the world. Think of itl It has CUBED more than One Million and a Quarter Q lllo iilowUi y V* v" u wy••**•*"••• r _,.... .,,.* n «k.,i»l *rt Onn vnllltnn unrl it n lin.rr AI« "within The "last" three years. This must appeal to you. One million and a quarter ft "'. .SSSSio cannot all bo mistaken. If suffering we trust you may huve sufficient confldcnao to send P : 8S?th?ne^laree bottles oj'-'5:DKOPS" for »l50, which will surely cure you. If not, then send for iiHS^^^^ i£Si^^ ^n^^r^e^n^.yooth^he,'^^^' Croup, I* qrlppe. Malaria, Creeping fjJfumbnesB, Bronchitis, oud kindred diseases. Is the name and dose. £ARGE BOTTLE (300 doses), Jl.OO, pre- 1-fjK.. ™iT,,.. o^nroco' TTT»Rre BOTTOMS. fc>60. Sold OnlV f*6 DROPS' '^'^ ItlyuYanMaJe^ Agents ^pointed taNoW Territory. Write today. »H^ SWANSDN PHEUBXATin rtnr»g m .tut nonrho^n St.. Chloaero III. ,«,JS?cwlll send you tW%»frnlirht C, O. D., subject to exap ilSfSiiearest freight depot and if found iSfBSany machine in the market, andTa ! BEST SEW- ent to give wife, mother or slater. Wo have sold thousands ol these highest , grade Roberts' Sew. for 3 dmwer machine, . 817.6O for 6 drawer, • !md B18.B9*P--" ''-""" OP&ttia,i .£* TSJS.i.TXirSnM «VBP name he-bes ' fotesc 1889 sJteleton frame, piano .polish, flrawerpulls, rests on teasters, ballbeari^a perhaps knowing when to slight Is the better term. Given the power to plan what must be done to-day and what left till to-morrow and'half the battle is won. Haphazard methods contribute not a little to woman's burden on the farm. As a rule, farmer's wives are conservative and take up new Ideas slowly. To iron the week's wash perched on a stool Is easy and restful enough, but not one woman out of ten caught doing it. Somebody might say she was lazy, so she stands over the board all day long, with throbbing head and aching limbs. Again, when a pile of dirty dishes Is to be wasned, how simple to put tl.em to drain and wipe them from the comfortable vantage point of a chair. Then again there Is lack of lively Interest in the daily round of small duties; they are performed listlessly or under pro-, test, with groanlngs '/ver their mulltlpllc- <ty. "Woman's work is never done" is trite but true. The real reason our burdens are so heavy, is, we can not shake off the trammels of old habits; because mother did thus and so, we go on wearily plodding in the same way. lightening woman's work has -got to begin with woman herself, She must pull herself together and face the complexities of a new life, realizing the Importance, roore, the sacredness of her work, and, with a broadening vision, that "God, who seeth each separate soul, out of common place things makes the beautiful whole." Storing Beets for Winter tine. The beet root is more easily Injtired oy frost than any other, It will also dry up and lose much of its value If kept In a warm cellar and exposed to air. We have sometimes raised 300 or 400 bushels of beets, and found the best way to keep thc-m was to store In pits, filling In between the roots with earth, so as to keep them from drying out, and covering the heap more heavily than would need to bo done with potatoes. Fifty bushels in a pit are as much as can be fed without loss, aftsr the pit has been opened and the so. The difference is that the man realizes 1>|H condition, rebol.s nfrnlnst his I'M IP, an.l worries about the future, while the ho:RR does not. Or Is it tho business man or mnniifnct-, urer whom you envy? He stanilH in tho relation of driver lo the car and horses and ho Is no more happy than those ho drives, lie may have bin mansion and ills servants, but he Is just as much a plnvn to his business as the humblest plodder in his employ. The Insxonerablo lash of competition IH forever spurring him on to g-rer.ter exertion, nnd the hard-sot, un- sn.llliiB face which greets you as you enter your private oillcc, shows you a man who Is thoroughly miserable in both body and mind—a man who l.s dying by Inehts of overwork. On the other hand, we In the city have a right to envy you on the farm. 3fou are tho masters of the situation. As producers of the necessaries of life and the purchasers of three-fourths of nil things manufactured, you are independent —you are masters and we your servants. You need only express a wish and we are given no rest until that wish is s:i(l«fied. 'You arc your own masters. Nobody stands over you with a threat of discharge or reduction in wages, and there Is not a crowd of hungry, Idle men scheming to rob you of your employment by offering to work for less, in short you escape the ravages of that great juggernaut. "Competition," half good, half evil, without whom there could be no progress and with whom there Is but small chance of happiness. The Ict^HoiiHi'. Wisconsin Agriculturalist: Tho dairyman who desires to achieve success in dairying must provide himself with an ice house In all but a very fo,w cases it Is abKo- From hard work or outdoor exercise Soreness and Stiffness sets in. St, Jacobs Oil will CURE it after a few applications, and make the muscles limber and strong. Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition gives the Highest Award and GOLD MEDAL to Cudahy's SOAP , roots expose^ to the ai, When we haveauu con, derablo lutely essential, If one cares to have his product reach the n-arlcet in gooel condition and secure the highest prices; and the one who Is not thus provided will In time find that his more enterprising neighbors are getting ahead, while he IH at a standstill. You may pride yourself on turning out ihe very best kind of butter—tt superior, gilt-edged article—but if it has been exposed to the warmth of a summer's day, even ti\oue'h possibly kept with care in a comparatively cold place, It becomes affected and loses much of Its pristine glory of firmness, aroma iT.d texture. Then the buyer grades It and makes the price to suit himself. You n>ay grumble and say to yoursfolf that, with all your cure In preparing It for market, "dairying don't pay," but you btop short of taking into consideration all the elements that enter into successful dairying. This Is the age of sharp competition, and If it is your object to keep along with the world and make a success of dairying, you must provide yourself with all tho conveniences, and 3ven If It involves an outlay of some dollars, the Increased re- .turns' will • eventually more than -repay you. Then, too know what a convenience and comfort there Is in havirg a supply of Ice during the hot weather for family consumption. Its uses In the domestic economy of a household many and various. In sickness It sometlires playa an important part; and in health, when moderately used, imparts a refreshing tone to the system. It is extremely useful in keeping meats and other provisions for the table-in good-condition. -But,- you •nay say, there is nothing so refreshing JIB a draught of water fresh from the earth, or milk for a cool cellar; this may all be true, but on how many occasions, on warm, sultry days, have yo.u not found even such water or milk comparatively warm, and sighed for a bit of Ice to give- It a still greater coolness. But the main value for a supply of Ice Is as a contributor of dollars and cents to your purse In dairying. The other things, while well worth your consideration as being worth Does Better Work and Goes Further Than Any Other Laundry Soap. One Trial Convinces. A lardo assortmnnt of Prizes of useful nuil ornamental nature given for saving of wrappers, Auk your grocer to give you n prizo Hat or wo will mail you one upon inquiry. THE CUD AH Y PACKING CO,, South Omaha, Neb. The Annual Subscription Prizes to a largn list of standard Magazines, Monthlies and Weeklies, including tho Jjadins' Homo Journal, M«..3oyfl, Cosmopolitan, McClures, Puritan, JjiidloB 1 World, Tho Woman's Home Companion, etc., etc,, are fully explained Tho iiowenlarKod 1899 Prize List will bo ready for mailing about November 15th. It , contulnx nonrly 200 hundsomo premium!!. Bend UB your name on u postal card, and we £ will mull you ODD free of churgo. SI5TER: READ MY FREE OFFER Mrs. M. Summers, of Notre Dame, Ind., Will Mail Free to All Women in the World a Home Treatment for Troubles Peculiar to Their Sex. I will mall, free ol any charge, tbls Home Treatment with full instructions und tho aiHtory of my own CUHO to uny lady suffering from female trouble. You can cure yourself at home, without the aid of any phyalclnn. It will cost you nothing to give tho treatment a trial, and if you decide to continue it will only post you about twelve ccntaawepk. It will not iniorfero. with your worUor occupation. I hhve nothlnjtto sell. Tell other sufferers of it, tlmt IB all I uuk. It cures all, young or old, (37~If you feel a bearing-down sensation, fenso of im- pendlng evil, pain In the buck or bowels, creeping feeling up tho spine, a desire to cry frequently, hot flushes, weariness, frequent desire to urinate, or If you have I^eucorrhea (Whites), Displacement or Falling of the Womb. Profuse. Scanty or Painful Periods Tumorfl or . . Growths, address MBS. M SUMMERS, NOTBB DAMB, INP. , U, S. A. , for the FIIBB TREATMENT and Furi INFORMATION. Thousands besides myself have cured themselves with its [send it OP DAUGHTERS I will explain a simple Home Treatment wWcn speedily and effectually cures Liucorrhia, Green Sfcintt* and Painful or Irrtgnlnr Mtnttruatiou In young •ladies. It will faveyou-anxuly w$txptH»t and save vw davghltr llii humiliation of explaining her troubles to others. Plumpness and health always result from its use, Wherever you live I can refer you to well-ltnown ladles ot jour own state or county wno- know and will gladly tell any sufferer that this Home Treatment really cures all dlieaiod conditions of our delicate female organism, thoroughly strengthens relaxed muscles and ligaments which cause displacement, and makes wnmrn well. Write to-day as this offer will not be 1 " MR5. M.SUMHERS, Notre Dame. Ind,, U.S.A. ! ad-' &^^WiSS©w HWW -» pKsJ^^^SM poOTrler. p»t«n^, 1 ''"iSe Bvew k^w» atKh&ut J» fwrnlsliefftud pur VKKK IN8TOTCTIOK laesrest nR is ? 1 °? 8 ,*?*, ( 'i l ,!5..Kai run it awT do either ploln or w>y Wnd of fancy work. A »0«year griwr* PSPl^^iliS wineryXhtoe.^The nTaShta* wigfe «0 pounds. BENP US 9T c«iH Wltfi y9W*orier. AT ONCE. » Supply C< j_ftl9|W <f oBt»lutag ovor 1800 page? aad over 9»« hundred thowi- HOUSE, Minneapolis, Minn. roots -exposed/ to the air. When we have tried to keep the beets In the cellar, it always made too much work lugging In the cellar a large quantity of earth that all has to be taken out in the spring. Besides, in the cellar the roots would often begin to sprout, whi^h we never lyiew them to do when buried' In pits out. of doore.-^Amerl- can Cultivator" »M Well a* Instruction. Wisconsin Agriculturist: The visitor to our agricultural college, a department of the state university at MadfsSjn, will observe th^l this Institution is devoted to re»each as well as to instruction. Indeed, a larger prvrt ot Its income, which is derived, jointly from the Vnlted States government and the state, Is devoted to til? former (urpase. WitU in$ butter ^ n< } rnents, are cidental. your merely secondary Sheep Note*. There are » few aged ewes that U will not pay to winter. Sell to some one who them, rofutten and kill. Three thrifty young ewes well wintered will turn more profit than ulx common ones, receiving only common treatment. No sheep should bo allowed to grub on m«a- dows any tlmu tliia fall. Do not sell your cholcoHt ewe lambs because you can get twenty-five cents a piece more for them. Keep the beet end breed, them. Have you marked that ringleader that has p. mania for -being on the other side pf $h* fence? If the butcher IB n,ot ready to tnH* her, as BOOH an potable begin feeding S ENT ON TRIAL... Wilson's Automatic Stock Fountain. Express I'repaUl. Coits you nothing to 'tost' Its Writ*' ' Prevent* Hog ChoVeM jnid dlsuaeeu. Furuiulipa each UOK with ircuU 'Water, uUo for Chlckem, Bbeep or Cattle. Awarded all nw premiums. Wprki In wlnVer. Kaolly attached to barrel or tank. Bayejj loliur audj)(ty8 for Itnelf. If you're honest, send for one (»l«o catalogue of 85 f»rw BOV- elliee). Price, «».OO (for the next 3O d«y» only) to 1)0 paid when found i»tl»- fuctory. AgenUjind (,. ^ ^ L .___^ . ana vootu, and about Chvlstmw her, The "snuffles" in ebe*p 1» much UKe catarrh In the human family, due to tA>lq| a cold by exposure to cplU pto • CAMERAS SWEPT, 84 Wabaih Ave., Chicag PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLI Beud for free C(Ha.yqgue, POT CALLED THE KITTLE BLACK." PEQAU8E THE HQUSSW1FE DIDN f T USE , , , '; ',-'•*,*ftiry**- ^ .'*«'^.- •- ' i'H/*rf'' -. ' Jl t/>

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