The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1949 OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTKSVrLLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS OH,"THAT'S KtOT OS/ ITS VMDMEN-v MOTHERS^ ALL MV LIFE I've H\D SUCH AW INTENSE LCVE FOC NATURE I NEVER WOULP HAVE PARTED WITH AMY OF IT. BUT FOG MY MOTHER. vou wartce now autcK THESE MATURE LOVERS ARE TO GET ALL THB NATURE OFF OP THEM TH' MINUTE THEV HIT THE (3P-.EAT DIVIDE Our Boo rd ing House with Ma j. Hoopl TMI68UNDL*? PROSAIC UXX- IMG.EH, ACB ?~- BUT THft *as TOVJW6 MOMtYBAGS ARE 8lDDl»JG FOR A COHTBOLLlUG ISSTEReST IM IT~~ IT'S A VEST THAT IMPELS SOOP, PLUS A WATSEPROOF V COLLAR ' VA DOM'T SAY/ t WTM/VT THOOGHT *AYee vkoft OLD \^«APPeo OP A RALE /5 Af?ru OF aAMwoTcsTo f; ? PAN VbOR iKJCOM&y' ^ ~ r* HE'S rA\;f^-{ c i^ Y - ^-isl* hHOMB Xv> «? MISUNDERSTOOD 3-if William HI ot England, ivlio Icame to the throne when the rev- lolulion of 1638 cast out Jmncs II, I was the grandson of a British king land the htisbanrt of James' eldest 1 daughter, Mary. Read Courier News Want Ads Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election April 5, 1949 For.Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMM1E SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C GATES J. W. ADAMS d» .nd Bill Ql/ffAf ^^^^'ffi bt 1*1 W*4* *»d *^l u.i... TII, ? STOHV, j 1" Conoirr. ini «:.=k r^url. I,,.,.,, . on, ovfnrr of |V« *£ *.'S U '°" " hi ' •"* b inn; Jol,,,o, a ,j sln kiy> lo IIM vifcerenhouri. JuKnnv d/r" I'M"" ""* kl ~ k ' '»* drr «• Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS Q. NASH Fourth 'Vard (Two to te Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches EXPERT Watch repair AM Work Guaranteed Reasonable Pri<es DflEIFUS Meel Dreifus . . . Wear Dinmunds :illi \\Kii \l-\l\ ST. ii. utiHuiut ng HTUIIUIII STABBS BROS. REFRIGERATION SERVICE * ELECTRIC WIRING Lawrence Stabhs J. 8. Stabtn PHONE 2559 Day or Nl 2018 West Ash Street » r of hli mr.»ii E « If sin 1. • fr... Hr I. r»ljj rk nirmnri "lilcfc rc ht rratj*. XXVJI CIN closed her eyes, screwed up "^ her piquant lace and began whispering the combination to him. "R dash one. L dash three. R dash two . . ." John Henry wrote il down on his sheet of pnpcr in small characters. "That all?" he risked when she paused. "I think so. Johnny. 1 think that's all there is." "Fine." John Henry tore the column of numbers off the tally pad sheet. J!e began folding the tiny strip between his fingers, refolding until only a small pellet remained. Then he took Sin's hand in his and marched her back to the two men. Barseloti hadn't taken his pale eyes off them. John Henry held the white paper pellet firmly between thumb and forefinger. "Got it?" Barselou queried. "Uh-huh." John Henry held up the pellet "This is il. I'm going to give it to you, Barselou—on one condition." Barselou's black brows contorted dangerously. He said softly, "Yes. A condition?" I "That my wife be allowed to leave the ranch immediately." "Oh, no, Johnny!"'Sin cried "Shut up, Sin. How about it Barselou?" Barselou moved his eyes meaningfully to Odcll's heavy coat pocket and said, "Why?" John Henry popped the pellet in his mouth. Barselou didn't itir. He said. "So you swallow it We know your wife nas the mturma-' lion memorized. What's lo keep me from letting Odell wring it out of her, Conover?" • • • CIN clung to her husband's arm. John Henry spoke carefully around the paper behind his teeth. "Don'l make me discuss it at length, Barselou. My wife has a freak memory. Sure, she had the combination memorized. But once sh:* repeats it, she can't remember il any more. And she's repeated il. Anglin's dead, she doesn't know the key any more, and I never knew it at all. Your move." "Nuts," said Odcll and dropped his hand in his pocket. Barselou waved a hasty hand at him. "Wait a minute," he said. "Thal'd be my first reaction, too Conover. But, luckily for you,' we've checked pretty closely on you two. What you just said jibes with something Gayner found out by talking lo that writer—that Loomis woman. All right. Suppose Mrs. Conover does leave." "Fifteen minutes after she's gone, I'll give you the combination. And the longer we argue, the soggier this paper gets." Barselou nodded his big head quickly. "You're free to go, Mrs Conover." Sin hugged closer to John Hen- ry 'f ? rm - "'' m n ° l going, honeyl" "Sin, I'm to leave." Her head drooped. "All right, darling," she whispered. "Please be careful." He kissed her cheek and mumbled in her, ear, "Keys are in th« car. Go to the Brawley police sta>; tion. If I'm not in front of It by 6 in the morning, go inside and spill the works." Aloud he commanded, "Now, scoot!" » * • r jniERE was silence in the room for x while after Die door had closed behind her. Then there was -he faint sound of a car being started. The engine roared in the distance. Gears clashed and tires j Henry Ward Beecncr and Lucy Stone headed the American Womnu Suffrage Association, founded In 1868 In an effort, to get the vole for women. I whispered away on th« gravel. | John Henry dropped Ills shoul- I jdcrs in relief and slincldlod a clmlr fnclng the otlicr two men across 'the faro table. l The three of them sat In the silence as the hands of John Henry's wrist wntch crept from 3'15 toward lirDO. Odell leaned back in his chair, eyes closed, a cigaiet sagging train Ins lips. Bni-selou still sat directly opposite the door and his heavy (tnger pushed the playing c.-irtls around on the cloth in senseless patterns. Conover broke the stillness. How much w ill be IcU of Ihe ship after two hundred years, anyway?" Barselou folded his restless hands. "Probably not very much. But Pin not looking for relics t want that treasure. And as soon as you h«nd over the route I'll head for Walking Skull." "Whul's that—the storting point?" Barsclou didn't answer Odetl opened his pulTy eyes and let Hie front legs of his chair come down to Ihc floor. "Fiileen minutes," he announced sleepily. John Henry reached Into his mouth and extracted the smnll wad of pnpcr from it. Barselou stood up and stretched out an eager hand, but John Henry backed away /rom him townrd the door, keeping the big man between himself nnd Odell. He reached in back ot him, found the handle twisted it. "Okay," he said! Catch!" He tossed the pellet through Hie nir at Bnrselou. As the hairy hands grabbed for the missile, Conover leaped inlo the protecting cover of the hall, slamming the door behind him. nar.selmi forced- the wet paper flat on the Rrcen felt before him from the front part of the ranch house there was the sound of a muffled crash. A moment later, the door opened. "Thai does it," lisped Vernon. Barselou Jovially snapped his fingers at Odell. "Good work Vernon. I think that takes care of the Jones situation. You better bet back to the hotel now and tell Gayner he can slop worrying about everything." (To Re Continued) Read Courier News Want Ads, SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Kelter Service 808 North Franklin Plume 3203 THE GRAYFS COMPANY l\L\l \0\\S Real Estate - Phone 521 i 1 * - Insurance BMTHEMLI.i Phone 3075 RECTAL DISEASES (All Types Eice COTTON FARMERS Chemically dclinled cotton 5P€I 1 Bfr mi.iaM <|tiickcr. i> »nd plow tht «me week. Reduce chnpplnr eiptnM produce more cotton pel- «cr«. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1). i P. L. No, U, per JU Lb. Hit 1). & P. L. No. 15, Per 50 Lb. Bar' . .".." Stonevlllt -4 B, Per 60 Lb. 8»j Stonevllle •£ c. Per 50 Lb. Bag ...'.".'.'." Rondcn «1-B. Per 5» Lb. Bag H»H A Half (Hll.rcd). Pel 50 I.h Raj Coker'j 100 Wilt Replant. Per 50 i.b. Har'"."" P»nl«, Per 50 I.h. Kstf ". Kmpire. Per 50 l,b. Ba».!!.!.].,!.,! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'. Come In «nd place rour order or frl tour supply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone «5S Blyihevillt. Ark. Phont »M Branches: Leachvllle, Ark.. Horncrsvllle, M». »nd Scnath. Mo. Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doclnr - - And Rememhcr Rothrock's For Prescriptions P'one 4451' D.P.L. NO. 15 ; COTTONSEED ; DelirUed, treated ! and Sacked j State Certified j 85% Germination « 1 Yr. from Station J A Ton or Carloadj Also Contl Alfalfa Hay } for Sitle « Magers&Gill! Ark. ]>| l( nie 2272' TUDEBAKER. Here's Your Trutk! There's a new kind of Operating Economy in every size and whcelbase of (lie New 1!W Slutlcliakcr Trucks. Come by today and look over our complete line of MOcrs. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Slud«bak»r Duler" R«llro»d&A»h Phone 2195 •S T U D E B A K E R' "Dad th«re mti»t ba aornt other Wfty to become n Successful man bositie. being jiblo to work nlgabra prodlcnis —how did you do it?" I'lnscnxA'sTop JAGB ELEVEN"'....,; FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8K8 What I» It, Jabex?' y^. M »ro. u, a, r<r orf. Ask (liv Slim Wlm Owns One By \L VKRMBER OF COURSE, PRISCIL.LA: OUR CHILDREN WILL BE A BIG COMFORT TO US WHEN f POP, ARE PARENT? GLAD THAT THEY'VE GOT CHILDREN ' POP, WHY 00 PARENT GET BECAUSE THEY'VE GOT CHILDREN/ MICHAKL O'MAI.LRY and RALPH LANE /GIVE UP, HAUIDAY/ YOU CAN'T GET AWAY WITU IT.' THAT DOOK 14 TOO STRONG TO BREAK, fLINT, AND IF YOU ROU56 ANY HELR OUT THE PORTHOLE GOES DOTTY SIRANG HtBE'5 ._ TO 1HAT PAD LOCK, FLINT! OOM'T WANT I TRIED FOR WASH TO BBS Yes, You Could By I.KSUK TURNER WELL. CATHY, THE PRONE OF T OH.Ve* 1 Stir IHOSE MOTORS FIWM.LV PUT VOU ) JUST IOOK AT MV TO SLEEP: FEEL RESIEP.NOW? yHAlR...rrunwiE 10 »£ 8KMDED THERE! WE V WHO... (ME? BUTIPUNNO BRUSHED If / HOW! WHY OOMT WE'ER-LEAVE *LL OUT.,.Bl)r VlT COM8EDCW...IT-S PREMIER'. BUGS IUJNN\ By FRED BARMAN HE LICK* ALt MV STAMPS ME ' S-SUCH A / WANTA see WHY &o TO THE v 7.00 ? l--*~^f^- &-=r-x I<-L. 1 T'-> Wronp Opinion, Kh'i By V. T, HA MUM HONEST OOP. -THIS AIN'T FUNNV'.' IT'S LIKE A PANE HER MONEY.' KINS yOLT By MARRYIN' A' VVHY H0LX i,HAT'S \\!?ON<3 WITH THAT? WHY OJ F,\V.\SITB -~ VOU'eE \C MAN AT ALL. YOU'RE ,\ CKAWLIN' MITE HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Home Made Justice »y EDGAR MARTIN Cf\VV\Vi6 Mt . COURSE T.O

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