The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1898
Page 7
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THE TJPJPMK MSB MOttffiS; ALGONA IOWA, W13DKE8PA*. NOVI;MBER,2, Mow Is this? Perhaps "sleepless nights caused it, of grief, of sick* ness, of perhaps it was cafe. No matter what the cause, you cannot wish to look old at thirty. Gray hair is starved hair. The hair bulbs have been deprived of proper food or proper nerve force. Jtatriotte t a*t>*?er. "Ton didn't go to the front to sat*, your country?" *'N6; 1 am one of the fellows who stays at home drinking beer and draw ing checks." Shall tT* Keep the Philippine*? While public opinion is divided as to the wisdom of keeping the Philippines, it is, however, all one way in regard to the wisdom of everybody keeping their health. For this purpose Jlostetter's Stomach Bitters is widely used. This medicine is both preventive and cure for malarial fevers nnd stomach disorders. Hints at Breaking Off Negotiations* Peace MOVE TO SAVE tHE DYNASTY. Official* nt Washington Retase to Believe the Report—Attitude ot SpanUh Commissioner* &*a Seen Made Very PUtln—Admit Bankruptcy. increases the circulation in the scalp, gives more power to the nerves, supplies missing elements to the hair . bulbs. Used according to directions, gray hair begins to show color in a few days. Soon it has all the softness and richness of youth and the color of early life returns. Would you like our book on the Hair? We will gladly send it to you. Wrffe MS! f f you do not obtain all the benefits you expected from the Vigor, write the doctor about it. He may be able to suggest something of value to you. Address, Dr, J. C. AyerCo., Lowell, Mass. A Chinese athlete says that the • brains of the dunk are the most strengthening food it is possible, to eat. Croup Cured In no IMlnatcs By using Mnco-Bolvent. A 40-pngo book mailed free. Tells how to cure all throat and stomach ailments. Quinsy, catarrh, diphtheria, sore throat nnd colds, nil cured, at home. Write Muco-Solvcnt Co.. Chicago. AYhat was formerly a quill pen factory tit Paris is now devoted to the manufacture of quill toothpicks. an(J. turns out ?0,000,000 yearly. ' - . Catnrrli f'aunnt Un Ourcil with IiOCAIj APPLICATIONS, ns they cnnnot reach the scut of the disease. Catarrh is a Wood or constitutional disease, and in order to cum it you must take internal remedies. Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on tho Wood and imieoitssurfiuMis. Hall's Catarrh Cure is uot a quack medicine. It was pre- sc 'ibed by one of the best physicians in this country for years, and is a ruRiihir proscription. It, is composed of tho boat tonics known, combined with tho best blood purifiers, acting directly cm tlii! mucous surfaces. The perT'H'.t combination oC tho two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in (airing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. V. .T. CHENKY&Oq.,Props.,Toledo, O. Sold by dvu»\icists, price Trw. Mall's Family Pills tiro tho best. During a, fight with a moccasin snake at Dccatur, Ala., George Miller, u farmer, struck the reptile with a heavy club, bursting tin; poison sacs. The poison spattered over Millers' face and eyes, causing 1 tho loss of sight. An open face nickel watch free to users o£ Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. __ In France when a convict is sentenced to death by tho guillotine the day of his execution is not named in his presence, and he knows not when he is to bo led forth until within fifteen minutes of the fatal moment. Diamond "C" Soap is made by the Cud ah y Packing Co. of South Omaha. Sold by grocers everywhere?. A NATION 01* bYSPEPTICS. *m th* itobhWneet , firay«fl!«, HT. biOtoti The remorse of a guilty fltotnftCh W trtiftt a large majority of thepedplearesuttering *ithlo-day. DySjSepBiais a cl&rScterifttic American disease and it is frequently Stated that "we a nation of dy8pepti.cs." Improper food, hurried eating, mental •worry, exhaustion; any Of thece-produee a lack of Vitality in the (System, by causing the blood to lose its life-siistaing elements. The blood is the vital element in bur lives and should be carefully nurtured. Restore the blood to its proper condition, dyspepsia •will vanish and good health follow. For example, in the county of Petnbina, North Dakota, a few miles from Walhnlln, resides Mr. Earnest Snider, a man of sterling integrity, whose veracity cnnnot' be dpubted, He says: 01T iNlEftfcSf TO Alt* Samuel Webb, n Texan farmer, has purchased an immense tract of land ir. Eastern Cuba, and will there establish a large cattle ranch. Ho is about tic ship thither 2,500 Texan cattle. You receive prizes for using Diamond "C" Soap: Your grocer can tell you about it. The golden tresses which adorn tha head of Willie Reynolds, of Jersey Shore, Pa., are thirty-six inches in length. His age is twelve years. Two widows in Hoboken made a. 1 justice of the peace marry them for ®i each, insisting that that was all they were accustomed to paying. i*. Turkish papers were not allowed to print the news of the assassination ot the Austrian empress. They simply announced that she had died. Japanese children are taught to write with"both hands. Usually there is a marked difference in tho penmanship of each person, the better writing being produced by the left hand, while the right hand can turn out ten per cent more work in u given period oC time. A poor man usually devoid without principle is of interest. SL1CKE WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat. If you want a coat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker. If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER, Boston. Mass. A source of profit has been found in the rabbits whicti have heretofore been a pest in Australia, Their extermination is no longer sought. They, arc .shipped abroad' lor food in great quantities, S4IJO.OOO representing bust year's trade. ll. is c.-cw'eted that this shipment will be nearly doubled this your. Tho government has established large freezing works. The university of El A.vliur. in Cairo, is the oldest in the world. It has records dating back :i_thous;md years. Nine horses were driven :i distance of 300 miles by a. resident of Vcntiun. Col., who wished to sell ihem. A customer bought them all. .Some, days later the horses appeared at, their former home, having escaped from their new owner, nnd made this homeward trip unguicled. Kolio OutrhiKKctl. ''Can she talk, old man?" "Can she,? Why, last, summer the mountains she didn't ev> echo have the last word." let. Diplniuutlc. "Wot's ycr dog's name, FOSTER'S CORN SHOCK BALER AND LOADER, Willi this baler two men, with 0110 team, tombalo 0 to TO acres of .corn foilder per day. Shocks, when Imlocl In tlieflehl, are Sfore SiRlly handled wJieii mucking or 'wiufo'SaSttier Baled or loose shocks and with less Help than usual will keep tlio lareest BUredrfers or cutters busy., Write for circulars and te*tiuionl»U, i. -" ED 1 " " aP reaton, Iowa, little girl?" It used"to be'lndt). but I ohungncl'it to l)e\vey so's the pleoccraen would lei him run on the gruss and have a good titue." His KxpnrioiiRf. "ISlarried yet, old man?'' •'No, hut I'm engaged, nnd that's as good as man-led." 4 "It's better, if you only knew it." Dr, Kay'senovaior, Um, liver uuu UUlucy diseiises, WUpusne« Kibes. etc. Ac di-ugglsW. Sao and »1.UU. ..... __ _ . _ r ., a secured orm»i"fy ">» rclnrof a. Scnrcli free. P ATCN I CollttUier & Co. 1234 F St., Wash. B.C. for liEW DISCOVERY i ¥ quick rolietand cures worst ol: o" teatliiioniala and 1O davg' Vr.ll. : Madrid, Oct. 31.—Since the American peace commissioners disregard the propositions submitted on behalf of Spain by Seiior Montefo Rios, president of the Spanish commission, the Spanish commissioners will retire trom Paris to Madrid, protesting in legal form. The Sagasta government will then Immediately resign. The premier has decided to convene the cortes immedl- .ately upon the return of the Spanish peace commissioners to Madrid, and then resign. Senor Silvela, the conservative leader, will probably succeed him, and his ministry will be supported by Gen. Martinez Campos, although the queen regent prefers a cabinet under Qen. Polavieja. Spnln'n AUlttuIn In Plain. '. Paris, Out. 31.—It is easy to explain 'the attitude of Spain in the peace negotiations. The plea made by the Spanish commissioners Wednesday, that the United States talce cognizance ol her desperate financial straits, was more than a confession of bankruptcy. It meant that Spain was willing to concede any territorial demands the United States might make, provided something wns done to avert her financial ruin and thus render possible the .salvation of the present dynasty, i It is almost a foregone conclusion ;that, if Spain is compelled to repudiate her obligations, nothing will avail l-o 'prevent a successful revolution. The 'Spanish government doee not care in (this desperate situation what form its 'financial relief will take. Therefore, 'when it found that the United States was unyielding in regard to' the Cuban debt, it abandoned that phase of tho [subject in order to press for pecuniary compensation in connection with the 'Philippines, where, it is well understood, the Americans will make larger demands tlian were originally contemplated. Spain is prepared to grant all that. America desires in the Philippines if she receives a substantial sum in cash for the concession. Otherwise, the Spanish commissioners will probably withdraw from the agreement anent Cuba and Porto Rico and break off the negotiations. This may seem to be a suicidal policy, but it is argued in behalf of -Spain that she would In such a case be compelled to choose between the manner of her destruction, and she would prefer to perish at the hands of foreign instead of domestic foes. The situation has not been officially discussed in these plain terms, but in disclosing the details of Spain's financial condition to the Americans the Spaniards made clear how desperate is the dilemma of their government. Final instructions are expected from Washington before Monday, and the American attltnde will then be d&- clared. Doubted In WimliliiJStou. Washington, Oct. 31.—Official advices from the American peace commissioners do not agree with the dispatch from Madrid predicting that the Spanish peace commissioners will retire from Paris protesting in legal form, and that the Sagasta ministry will immediately resign. The story is regarded .as improbable, in view of the official report from Judge Way, saying that the Spanish commissioners have practically agreed to abandon their contention regarding the Cuban debt, and abide by the protocol as it applies to Cuba. It Is believed the dispatch from Madrid represents an unofficial view, or an inspired statement put out to save the Sagasta ministry from firltlcism. SHIl Clttim th« I.iulroues. Madrid, Oct. 31.— A dispatch to the Impartial from -Manila says that letters received there from the Ladrones assert that after the American cruiser Charleston had taken possession of the iircaipelago and hoisted the American insign she departed without leaving a fcarrison. After she had gone the Spaniards lowered the stars and stripes and hoisted the Spanish flag, declaring jhat the Islands reverted to Spain. EE«ADffiD HEALTH. The Doctors Dtsaorecd. "I became seriously ill throo years ago. The doctor gave me medicine for indigestion, but I continued to become worse. I had several physicians at intervals who gave trie some relief, but the disease would return with all its accustomed severity. "I read iii the newspapers articles regarding the wonderful curative powers of Dr. AVilliauis' Pink Pills for Pale People, nnd finally concluded to tiy the pills. I purchased six boxes. This wasflvomonths ago. The first box gave mo much relief. I continued taking the pills, and after using four boxes was cured." These pills are recognized everywhere as a leciflo for diseases of the blood and nerves. Bpe For paralysis, locomotor ataxia, and other diseases long supposed incurablo,they have proved their efficacy in thousands of cases. During the influenza scare eucalyptus oil came into such demand that over 20,000 pound were sent to Englands from California. The tree has been planted in immense, quantities there. Vapor baths were recommended to Mr. II. T. liiggins, of Chicago, as a remedy for hay fever. As ho was taking one the bathing machine exploded, so seriously injuring him that death resulted. An elephant is possessed ot etich ft delicate sense of smell that it catt scent a htiman being at a distance of ft thousand yards. "No." she declared, "1 Will neter marry for love or money." "Ah*" he returned, "you are looking for some foreigner with a title." It has been pointed out that since 1837 the British nation, though the greatest of her interests is peace, has gone to'war no fewer than forty-one times. The Japanese language is said to contain 60,000 words. It is quite .impossible for one man to learn the entire language, and a well'cducated Japanese is familiar with only about 10,000 Words. Cloter sickness, a common disease that often ruins clover crops, has caused German scientists to make experiments. They now say that farmers will soon be able to inoculate their land just as human beings may bo treated. Tho closing of the leaves of plants ns the evening comes on was at first supposed by botanists to be due to the difference in temperature; but on transplanting the plants into a hothouse it wns found that the same phenomena occurred, the leaves closing at sunset. Tho plant known ns vervain, which is not distinguished for its beauty, and which grows nowadays utterly disregarded, was so sacred to the Druids that they only gathered it for their divinotio'ns when the great dog-star arose, in order that neither svin nor moon should see the deed. The paintings in tho Royal Gallery at Madrid comprise some of tho most beautiful in the world. They number over 2,000, and arc said to bo worth 8200,000,000. Among them arc 10 by Raphael, 40 by Murillo, «4 by Velasquez, 04 by llubens, and 411 by Titian. Sweet and clean are clothes washed with Diamond "C" Soap. Gratifying Letters to Mta from fiafcjjy Women. "I b#» torn My Zdfe.* Mrs. 12. Wooimsitfij Mills, Neb., writeas "fifcAB MBS. PtsfKHAMS—I owe mf life to your Vegetable Compound. Th* doctors said I had consumption and nothing could be done for me. My menstruation, had stopped and th«y Bald Jny Wood was turning to water* 1 had several doctors. 'They all said t could not live. 1 began the use of Lydld B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and it helped me right away? menses returned and 1 have gained in weight* I have better health than I have had foi> years. It is wonderful what your Com* pound has done for me." ' "I »oel tlko a New Person." A scientist estimates the time since the earth became sullictently cooled to become tho abode of plants and ani- mnls to bo about 20,000,000 years, within limits ofvrrorriingingbetween 15,000,000 and 30,000,000 years. Mrs. GEO. LEACH, 1000 Belle St., Alton, 111., writes! ^ " Before I began to take your Vegetable Compound I was a groat suffered from womb trouble. Menses would ap^ pear two and three times in a, month, causing mo to bo so weak 1 could not stand. Icould neither sleep nor cat, and looked so badly iny friends hardly. know me. " I took doctor's medicine but did not derive much benefit f roui it. IvIy^KUjfT" gist gave mo one of your little hooka, and after reading it I decided to try LydSa E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I feel like a new person. X would not give your Compound for olll tho doctors' medicine in the world. ll can not praise it enough:" A novel exploit, was performed by some thieves at Dover, Del. They audaciously bioke into the jail there, stole considerable clothing nnil other, valuables, and successfully got off with their, plunder _ DfL KAY'S LUNG BALM Tho I.ntcnt llnllolln. ''How is your husband this afternoon, Mrs. Dobbs?" "Why. tins doctor says as how if he lives till morning He shall have some hopes of saving him; but if h« don't, he is afcared be. must give, him up." Old llnblitt Aliniidonod. "They say young Booaely is leading n, fast life." "It's queer that lie should <1« that. You know he used to be a messenger boy." __ The Kenl Ordnnl. "I hour he refused to take 'chloroform when he was operated upon." "Yes; ho said he'd rather lake it when lie paid his Piper—Say. Mwgirsy, wat's a status quo, anyhow? Mugg'sy—Why, tlat's when you've got dc jay down an' are sittin' on him. 'When a man's wife falls heir to money, all the other married men around town feel mighty funny. WE WILL HAVE PEACE, nnd those sorely afflicted With Will have peace Srom PAIN and a CURE by using DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN OLIO IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. CURE YOURSELF v , .... _.„ „ --, unuaturnl f a 1 to 5 d»y«.\ I discharges, iullul - irritttiioiia or ulcerutloiup ol mucous membranes. 1'aiulesa, and not astrin- gS\\THEEv*H8CHEUICAlOO. Bent or poisonous """""^ not to ttriomre 'Pr«veuu conwfipn. W. N, U, Des Moines, No —fc.*"WN* When THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF HGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to th6 care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA Fro SYBUP Co. only, and we wish to impress npon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CAWOKNIA Fi« SYBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CAW- FOBNIA FiG SYHUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating 1 or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor panseate. Jn order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name pi the C/ompany^- C.L Ninirly Arranged. Madrid, Oct. 31.—The rumor goes tttat the Paris peace commission will terminate its labors in four days, feenor Sagasta said yesterday ou leav- jig the palace that he thought tne tvork of the commission would be finished next weejk. Third Wisconsin In Comlnjf. Madison, Wis., Oct. 31.—Gov. Scofleld Friday telegraphed from New York that the Third Wisconsin would arrive in Chicago this evening. Assistant Adjutant General Patton and a state committee will meet the soldiers at Chicago or Milwaukee. No Trouble Feared at 1'elilu. Washington, Oct. 31.—Admiral Dew- By has cabled the navy department that everything is quiet at Pekin and that Uo further troubles are anticipated, and that American interests in pbJna are (aot in danger. There's only one soap in tho world for me, That's the soap they call the Dia- niond "C." _ _____ The wine cellar of the house of commons is 100 feet long, and usually contains about «'iO,000 worth of wine. For Lung'and chest diseases, Piso'sCuro is the best medicine wo have used.— Mrs. J. L. NorlhcoU, Windsor.jOut., Canada. The barking of a dog on the earth can bo distinctly heard" by a balloonist at an elevation of four miles. Am dolifilncd wltli l)r. Soih Arnold's Cough Killer; It cures ovfiry litno. lluv. J. b. Cornish, •\Vuyiicsvlllo, IH. -o« :* trolllo. ___ __ For over 300 years Nuremberg, Bavaria, has made most of the toys used throughout the world. Mrs. Wlnslow'B Hootliinjr Syrup. For children IculUliiB, softens tho K»HIB, reduces Inflammation, ftlljiiysjni^.jmreHjwInajjonc. VJoubotuu. There are said to be fewer suicides among miners than among any other class of workmen. (Joe's CouRTU .Btlie oldest anil best. H will brook «)' a cold quicker tlmii anj- ' __ Learning makes u man lit for himself. else. It Jgaiwnvii reliable. Try it. company ludlanu JiilucHtora Meet, Muuice, Ind-. Oct. 31— The regular (innual meeting of the Nprtbevn Indiana school superintendents la in session in MuucJe, wit,^ ft pp^ a,t!§i|d,- jjnce. The meeting will last two days. Six fine silver plated knives free to users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. _____ _ ____ It is stated thnt about ;iO,000 letters nre addressed yearly to Queen Victoria from her subjects. WANTED— Cuao of bnrt noann tlmt IS-l-l'-A-N-? will not linuollt. Bond n ecu IB to lilpung tihontlvn Co., Hew Vort.l'or 1U «amule.s mid 1,000 teatlnioulals. The United States has a lower percentage of blind people than any other country in the world. JTlnridu. Are .you going to Florida? T)o you want rates, maps, routes, time-cards anil full information? If so, address II . W. Sparks, a34 Clark street, Chicago. ____ __ _ Hams which are packed in pulver- ised charcoal will continue IVcsh from five to ten years. The man HN who wants gup PLUG can get it anywhere* It is as popular as sunshine and almost as universal It satisfies that dry taste in the mouth better than anything else, and you can buy, a larger piece of Battle Ax for JOc* than of any other kind of high grade quality* R emember the name when you buy again. Rev. W. Bf Crewdson, President of (he 61 W, District Board, Iowa Christian Convention, Corning, low*, writes «n April 85, 1808:—-"It gives me pleasure to bear testimony of my high appreciation of your Dr. Kay's Lung Balm which | have used with the most satisfactory results. I have found nothing which I conaWer equate ft. for loosening phlegm, clearing the throat and in a general way helping » public speaker. Besides, my wife lias been for several years troubled with her throat and tonsils and has taken , ,.««*« ^^ Dr. Kay's Lung Balm with, great satisfaction, therefore w» eoa^Mer ft ft WJT valuable remedy," ilruKgJsU do wot U*v» tfeww U*» B« w*«lt«4*. *or ^SL&gnjp,, ...... UK tov true (idvlue and Ur. r We «oitd the vemcUles by :iir« uud a5 uts. »ug $&&&£&&***£&&&&&&£&

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