The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1898 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1898
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1898. VOL. XXXIII-NO* 38, Canned Goods. A nice new line of 2-lb cans of Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Blueberries. Only 12 and one-half cents a can. M. Z. Grove & Son. ackets, Capes,— Collarette, We are making prices to suit all. G. L. Galbraith & Co. J T, Clirischilles, Gf. C. Hudson, T. H. Lantry, James Patterson, President. Vice President. Treasurer. Secretary. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. - [INCORPORATED.] - — HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manuf acturers of Strictly High-giade Flour. Special attention paid to the Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. F. W. DIN & LEY, Manager, NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, 8350,000. AZX3-03JT.A., IQ-W-A^ d money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Colleo nous mauo ui^utt'y, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or (rom the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM H INGHAM, President; T. CHRISCHIHE8, Vice Pres; LEWIS H. SMITH, Casnler Directors-Wm. H. IngUam, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrlschilles, Leffls H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL .............................. 150,000 CALL .......... President \ WM. K, FERGUSON ..................... Cathter Hiys. *.'.'.'.'.'..; .......Vice Present \ GBAS. A.. PALUER ............ Asstetant Cashier nireetors-D H Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, F. H, Vesper, Ambrose A Gall R H Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties hvaisMng first-class security Speclarattentiou given to collections. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. 0. a - Cooke. ISrintereet paid on time deposits, WILL OPEN PEOPLE'S EYES The Sun's Declining Rays Allow King Coal to step out of his summer retirement; a great many winter orders lave already been received; better order YOUR WINTER SUPPLY NOW, for one of these days we will get word that prices have advanced 2$c a ton. Telephone No. 30. F. S. NORTON, The Cash Coal Dealer. When you Buy Millinery the first and most natural inclination is to Find the Latest. You don't have to look around a .ittle bit to accomplish that most desirable result. We have the up-to-date goods in Pattern Hats, Trimmed Hats, and really all the late, stylish, and nobby things in millinery. You must see the goods to know their real worth and quality. We have a line of cheap sailor hats—worth twice their cost. DRESSED BEEP and other meats are to be found here of the quality and in the condition desired by epicures. Our supplies are procured from packers who make a specialty of putting up prime meats and the tenderness, freshness and delicious flavor of each piece will prove highly satlsfac tory. MOE BROS. Believes They Will Have Opposite Effect from What was Hoped For—Pi-ess Comment. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent «ss For Sale Saws Filed. J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. Don't take any chance on itaracts of Title My books are thoroughly complete. Non but experienced abstractors have ever Written a word in them. My work Is (Urae by eompe tent persons and Is guaranteed, Anything e; trusted to me will have prompt ana careful ai tention. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS ANP WIUHAN0S, C, C. 3AMSON, A!gona, lows L, ADAMS ON THE GUTTERSNIPES The following letter voices the sentiments of democrats as well as republicans In Kossuth on a " guttersnipe cam- lalgn:" LOTTS CREEK, Oct. 30.—The election s close at hand and the outrageous war vill soon be closed as far as the papers TO concerned, it is to be hoped. I mve received two lots of stuff against udges Quarton and Helsell, (and I sup- )ose others have,) headed Republican upplement, but what Republican is not tated, I consigned them to the flames is soon as I found out what they were. Everything in them may be true for all '. know, but they look very suspicious o be sent that way when there are so many papers that they could bo pub- Ished in If true. The heading "Re- jublican" moans nothingunloss wo road t anonymous, which we are taught to loliovo is low-lived at tho least, and no should consider It unsafe to be led jy them. Truth will stand daylight, "udgo Quarton I am acquainted with, udgo Helsoll I am not, but I am in- jlinod to believe they are tho men, or he opposition would not adopt suoh underhand ways to beat them, N. 0. TAYLOR. Al.. Adiuns on " Guttersnipes." Al. Adams in the Humboldt Indo- Jondeiit sixes up the Courier's dlshon- ist and indecent assault on the record and character of Judge Quarton. He ays: The guttersnipes that have been distributed in Humboldt the past week ittacking tho republican candidates for udge, Hon. F. H. Helsoll and our present judge, Hon. W. B. Quavton, are laving tho effect of opening the eyes of the republican voters to tho dirty ricks of tho opposition, and tho vote on election day will demonstrate that he verdict of the jury and sentence of -ho judge in the J. J. Bru'co case in Buena Vista county has been affirmed >y the voters of this district. Tho guttersnipe is always a dirty bird and ils pleading with republican voters ihat the pop candidates "cannot be elected without your assistance," shows where he expects his dirty work to ;ake effect. It will fall, however. If the republicans had not wanted the landidates they vvould not have been nominated. An 111 Gotten Child. Wesley Reporter: After Nov. 8 the Algona Courier will have tho august satisfaction of knowing it did all in Its Dower to blacken the character of one )f Its fellow citizens, but such an ill- Cotton child will prove poor comfort to ts wretched father. Judge Quarton can court such malicious treatment rom his opponent's organ, for all reasonable people know such a boomerang always goes homo to roost. Don't Dare Face tho Record. Spirit Lake Beacon: The papers placing so much stress upon Judge Quarton's supreme court record are :areful to confine their criticisms to ihis year. Their purpose could not be served by taking the record of the en,ire term for the number of reversals is oy no means unusual. The Courier Printed Them. The Swea City Herald says: The real Issue In the blue sky business is which printing office furnished the contracts that turned out to be notes after receiving a granger's signature. The Courier Didn't Seo It. The Courier refuses to tell its readers that Judge Quarton has been sustained in three decisions at this term of the supreme court. The Courier dare not publish Judge Quartan's record in the supreme court. He Did Not Say It. The Ruthven Free Press has been deceived by the democratic reports that Judge Quarton said in sentencing HOB- kins of the Sioux Rapids Republican, that "newspapers need muzzling." What the judge said was that newspapers should not feel free to publish criminal charges against citizens with impunity, and that too little caution is observed in many cases. The Cedar Rapids Republican and other state pera commended the judge's words editorially. He was right, as every newspaper man well knows. FOR rent: Improved- farm three miles west of Wesley, 200 acres, for paign" for the November Scrlbner's. tie pays high tribute to the generals and troops who made the closing campaign of the war seem more like a triumphal parade than an aggressive advance through an enemy's country, and Shows that both regulars and volunteers did the work before them in a way to satisfy the most exacting military demands. The article also gives a vivid and clear impression of the country and people, and describes many picturesque and amusing Incidents that give Mr. Davis' work so much human interest. The illustrations are all from photographs. THE CLOSE OF THE CAMPAIGN. Congt-cBBinan Dolllvef, M, D. O'Coii- iiell, and .Tud«o Quarton Hilled for Speeches. Following is the list of political speeches arranged for Kossuth by the republican county committee. DOLLtVEB AT WHITTEMOUE. Congressman Dolllvor will speak at Whittemoro Saturday afternoon, Nov. 6, at 2:80 o'clock. DOLLIVER AT WESLEY. Congressman Dolllvor will speak at Wesley Saturday evening, Nov. 6, at Kunz' hall. O'CONNELL AT HURT. M. D. O'Connoll will speak at Burt Friday afternoon, Nov. 4, at 2:80. O'CONNELL, AT BANCROFT. M. D. O'Connoll will speak at Bancroft Friday evening, Nov. 4, at Jefferson hall. QUARTON AT SWKA CITY. Judge Quarton will speak ivt Swoa City Friday evening, Nov. 4. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. in FOR A SPECIAL ELECTION, TO VOTE ON FIVE PER OENT, TAX, rent. Iowa. Address Peter Young, Sexton, An Easy Way to Pay Old Debts. Farm loanson the amor tisement plan. See Thos. F. Cooke before making a loan. STRAYED: From my barn, one mile west of St. Joseph, Sunday night, a bay mare, about 1200 pounds, white spot in forehead; bad harness on. Will pay for trouble of returning her, , J, H. KNOTT. TRIMMED hate at cost Friday and Saturday at Griffith's. rnTn? lUTfYlff rnTTI fit TUT A Q A O'T'WTJCI I n_ ft JBLyjJI JL fi Kj £U,JOL\f JjLiUJtJa JuOl Richard Harding Davis, who wae one of the few ww oorr08poadeuts to follow the iflfmy from o«b,« to Povta Wep, with the advance frouj ndlng until the close of ho»tUitte| t topreeilon* of ( * n* Pep Miss Lillian Kundort begins touching St. Joe Monday. Miss Trlx Salisbury will begin her school in tho Ledyard district Monday. Rev. Day goes to Atlantic tomorrow for tho state Epworth League convention. Miss Edith Bowyor has a class of seven music pupils at Whlttemoro and goes over each Saturday to teach. Mr. and. Mrs. L. H. Robinson camo up from Dos Molnos last week for a visit with old-tlino Algona friends. Mrs. M. L, Sessions has removed from southern Florida to Jacksonville, whero she will remain for tho winter. Chas, Lambrlght, a brothor-in-Iaw of Dr. Tribon. has come to Algona from Sheldon and will open a machine shop. Ira Vincent was up last woelc visiting his three brothers, Ho lives in Washington county UO miles south of Iowa City. Mllo Chapln wont last night to Borosford, S. D., whore ho takes charge of a lumber yard. Ho civmo from DOB Moinos Monday. E. G. Bull and family are again in Algo- rnv, occupying tho Bosalnghum house. Mr. Ball is with Alex.. White in tho lumber yard. Mrs. F. H. Vesper has Just returned from a week's visit In Now York, Sho intends making her sister in La Clalro a short visit in tho nonr future. Mrs. F. G, Harris, who has been visiting her daughter at tho Baptist pui'sonagc for several weeks, returned to hor homo in Joliet, 111., Manday ovoning. Mrs. Maud Cowan Sohlelcher will "join her husband In Garner as soon as their rooms can bo mado ready. Ho is again located there in tho law practice, Guy Grovo and Hortonso Smith wore delegates to the state Christian Endeavor meeting at Marshalltown last week. They will make a report at tho mooting Sunday evening at the Congregational church. Hufih Hedrick ia homo for a six-weeks lay off. Ho Is traveling for tho Dubuquo rubber and belting company, and tho house Is behind on its orders. He goes from Dubuquo to Sioux City and Counoil Bluffs, and then oast into Wisconsin and Illinois. C. A. Dudley was hero from Dos Moinos Monday to arrange for-taking evidence in another Lund caso, tho Koposky furm bo- Ing involved. Ho will come again Nov. 13. Ho and Sullivan & McMahon represent Koposky, who boughta half section of Lund near Sexton. Thos. A. Way was an Algpna visitor Monday, Ho says tho telephone men will soon bo hero to elevate their wires, as tho electric light wires would ruin their use fulness if run side by side. They will put in all longer polos. The cqmpany next season will also put in what is called tho metallic circuit, which will materially Increase the efficiency of tho service. Our company has lately mado a deal with tho Bell telephone company by which it uses the Bell phones, and connects with tho Boll system. The Way brothers now own 1,500 miles of lino and occupy territory that will require about 8,600 miles. They have a big thing, and they are the men to make a success of it. ATTEND Griffith's millinery sale on Friday and Saturday, PARTIES have stolen our labels, style of package, and tell the slc'lc that "our tea Is just like Rooky Mountain Tea." They would ruin your health for a little added profit. Beware. Ask your druggist. TAKE Rocky Mountain Tea. See It exterminate poison. Feel it revitalize your blood and nerves and bring back that happy, joyous feeling of boyhood days. Ask your druggist. ROOKY MOUNTAIN TEA Is active, positive, never nauseates or upsets the stomach. Cleans and purifies the whole system; 860. Ask your druggist. I HAVE some improved sections in Minnesota and South Dakota to exchange for farms here. Anyone who has a small farm here with lots of help and wishes a larger farm would do well to call and see me. Remember you pay no commission when you deal direct wjth me. I go up every Tuesday. Call and see me. Also have a few farms in Kossuth county to rent. 8JH2 FRANK NICOULIN. ly ypq floi^t want Algona flour we oau supply you wish j^lnneeota brands City Council Makes the Order, and General Election Day, Nor. 8, Is the Time Set. The petitions requesting the city counoil to submit the proposition to give the Iowa Central railway a five per cent, tax if It will come to Algona before Sept. 1, 1899, were presented Saturday evening at the regular meet" ing. They contained the names of a big majority of the free-holders of the city and also a. big majority of the voters. Hardly a person refused to sign, and the only reason the petitions did ndt'contain the names of substantially nil the citizens of town was because the committee did not consider it necessary to circulate them after enough wore secured. The council has called the election for Nov. 8, the day of general election, but in accordance with tho provisions of the statute, it fixed separate polling places and separate judges of election. This means that the whole malter will be settled next Tuesday, and Algona will be booked for a boom next year. Tho polling booth in the First ward will bo in tho Cleary building, and the judges will bo Alex. White, H. O. Buell, and C. F. C. Laago; clerics, G. S. Foster, and E. E. Blackford. In the Second ward tho polling booth will bo in the skating rink. The judges will be F. W. Dlngloy, S. E. HoMahon, and W. K. Ferguson; clerks, J. L. Donahoo and C. D. Pettibono. The polling booth In tho Third ward will bo In the normal school building. Tho judges will bo P. L. Slagle, H. A. Paine, and Thos. Henderson; clerks, J. W. Bates and W. A. Dutton. In the Fourth ward tho polling booth, will be in tho city hall. The judges will bo J. T. Chrischllles, M. B. Clm- pln, and E. E. Bayers; clerks, J. L. Edmonds and J. F, Nicoulln. THE LINE AS PROPOSED. Following is the provision made by the company In tho articles of incorporation for tho new road: And also a lino of railway beginning at a point intersecting the main lino of the Iowa Central railway at or near the town of Bolmond, in the state of Iowa, in a northwesterly direction, on such route as it may think most favorable and hereafter adopt, to tho town of Algona, in said state, thence in a northwesterly direction to the north boundary line of the state, or so much of such line as it may hereafter determine, with such other branches or main lines to or from points connecting or Intersecting with either the main line, branches, or extensions of the said Iowa Central railway as It may hereafter elect and determine. The company is authorized to lease or buy other roads as suits its purposes, PENTON IS AWAKE. A big meeting was hold at Fenton last week, 70 being present., A committee consisting of/ Aug. Krause, M. Wolabrod, J. M. Moore, and J. R. Davis was chosen to go toMarshalltown and offer the Iowa Central a five-percent, tax If the company will agree to extend that far, Union and Lotts Creek are also considering the matter. PRAIRIE AND CORWITH. The moment it is certain that the road is to come to Algona, tho lino southeast will be determined by the action tbo citizens take. It will go through Prairie if a tax is voted and a station will be put in somewhere near the church. It will also go to Corwith, on the same conditions, and a big meeting was held there yesterday to work, matters up. Geo, O. Call, Mayor Chrlsohllles, C. C. Chubb, and others attended. LUVERNE WOULD LIKE IT, LuVerno will give a tax if the line will come south instead of going through Prairie. If PraJrie should refuse to take the road LuVerne might get it. McthoUlHt Services. Services will be held at the Methodist church next Sabbath morning and evening. Dr. Day's theme for morn- Ing discourse will be, "Christian Experience in the XX Century, or the In- dubital Evidence of Religion." Evening, "Some Things for Men to Think About." The morning offertory will be sung by Miss Maggie Hunt, and the following musical program will add interest to the evening service: Prelude. Leonard J. Smith Song service Congregation Duett Miss Hunt and Mr. Williams Solo Miss Crete Goddard Violin Solo Miss Kate Smith Solo Mr. Fred. Fuller UNION THANKSGIVING SERVICES, llev. Suckow WJH Tell Va Why We Are Thankful—A Union Evangelistic Uirort. The following action was taken by the members of the Algona ministerial association at their regular meeting held Monday, Oct. 30, 1. That a call be extended to the R.ev, Henry Oetroro to conduct a series of evangelistic meetings on or about Jan. 20,1899, and that the Rev. F. E. Day, D. D., correspond with Rev, Qs- trom and make all arrangements for the meetings. 2. Also, that the union Thanksgiving services he held with the Baptist church, Thanksgiving day, Hor. 84, and that Rav. w. J. Suokovy, pastor of the Congregational qbiH'oh, preaoh trie sermon.

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