The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1898
Page 7
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THE DEB W15BN1813AV 26, 1898, BtttHK IUOIS NESS E>6 you get up with a headache? Is there A bad taste in your mouth? Then you have a poof, appetite and a weak diges- tlom You are frequently diziy, always feet dull atid drowsy. You have cold hands and feet. You get but little benefit from your food. You have no ambition to work and the sharp pains of neuralgia dart through your body. What is the cause of all this trouble? Constipated bowels. A \thiot, Crunk. "Did you ever see such a crattk on whsst as that Mrs. Plunk?" ''Never. Why, when Gabriel plays his last trump she'll get right Up flnd show him where he made a great mis- ake in not playing it sooner." will give you prompt relief and certain cure. Koop Your Blood Pupa, If you have neglected your case a long time, you had better take Agcp's Sarsaparilia also. It will remove all impurities that have been accumulating in your blood and will greatly strengthen your nerves. Wrllo the Doctor. ' Tliero may bo something n'tont your cn»B you do not quite undor- Bttind. Writo the doctor freely: fell him liow you are suffering. You •will promptly receive the best medical advice. Address, Dr. J. C. Ayer, Lowell> Ha si. Manila is becoming truly civilized. IShe has taken fifty oar loads of Ainer- fican beer in the lust six weeks. (Positive, soap; comparative, good I'eoap; superlative, Diamond^ "C" Soap. The road to happiness and the roat |to misery frequently rim parallel. Mrs. TVlnslow's Soothing Syrup. S For children toothing, softens the gums, reduces In- .fl»mmaUon, allays paln.curea wind colic. 2 jo a bottle. Civility costs nothing 1 , but it often tgets tilings that pold cnnnot buy. B/V Coe's Cough Balsam t 1 'IB the oldest and best. It will break up a cold quicker m anything else. It Is alwnvs reliable. Try it. The hotel keepers, in Uoston, evi jdently think that ice water is not a Sfsafe beverage, a.nd have formally pro f^tested against the free ice water fonn- ins which are to be placed in various ' parts of the city. POMMEL SLICKER . The Best Saddle Coat Keeps both rider and saddle perfectly dry In the hardest storms. Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for 1807 Fish Brand Pommel Slicker— It Is entirely new. If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. OSIER'S CORN SHOCK BALER AND LOADER this lialer two men, with one team , anualB « to O acres of corn fo<ltler pe ay. Shocks, when haled In tlie Held, ur mire eimlly handled when stacking atherbaloa or loose shocks an help than usual will keep tb QEOROE P. FOSTER. Preston, Iowa !A Natural Black is Produced by for the Whiskers. ...Nashua.N.H. Buckingham's Dye ifiOcH.ofdrvggTstsorR.P.Hall&Co.,! Wata for coughs, cold i nun nil U tor OOUKUS, cuic LUNb PALM uud tluoatdlse»si MO. Uulo C., o , CLAIMS. Y HEWDlSUOVERYjBivw auU* relief ftnjoureswors k or teatiwonlals aud 1O a»y» ur.ll, U. U»KK!('8SOK8.iUiH > 'Jr.a Wheat 82 a Some farmers are holding their wheat 'ecause they think. the price will go to 3 a bushel. The price, however, may o down dnd thus great losses will fol- ow. In all matters delays are danger- us, particularly so'in sickness. At the irst sign of biliousness, dyspensia. in- igestion or constipation cure ^jiirself vith nostetter*a Stomach Bitters. The New FroceM. Tucker— "I think I'll write to nob- on for an air bag or two." Hawkins— "What on earth do you vn-nt with them?" Tucker— "Why, I've just got to raise a winter overcoat." Receives an Ovation in Indiana and Ohio, LARGE CROWDS ADDRESSED, De«ptt« the bad Weather tmmenie Numbers of Citizens Welcome the Chief Kxocntlva at Kterr Stopping; flac«— Accident ftt Kokomo, Ind. I Columbus, O., Oct. 24.—The presl- Not Dnj-H ICnongh. "Yon ought, like us, to liave lioli- lays in honor of your great men, 1 ' said he Russian beauty. ''But in the American year,"said the major, "there are only 305 days." The name of Mine. Adele Mnria liana Patti Nicolini, of Craig-y-Xos mstlo, appears in a recent London }azetto among tlie aliens to whom certificates of IMtish naturalization lave been granted. Piso's Cure for Consumption hns been a 'auiily mcdictno witli us since IS(i5r—J. R. Madison, 2409 42d Ave., Chicago, Ills. She—Are you one of our Seventy-first icrocs? He—No, I ain't no hero. I'm a regular. HON. W. J. CONNEM., Ex-Cougrossman 'roru Nebraska, and nt present Omnlia v s "Uity Attorney, writes: "To Whom This Jomes, Greeting: 1 take pleasure in reeom- neiuling the virtues yf tlie remedies prepared by the Dr. U. J. Kny Medical Co. Having known of KOIUO remarkable euros of Omaha people affected by the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator and Jlr. Koy's Lung Baftn, 1 believe that these groat roniodiea are worthy of tho confidence of the public." Thousands of the most prominent people in America know that tho above are facts, aisd no remodies have affected so largo a percent of cures. Send for our Inrge illustrated book. It has great value, but will be sout froe. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., aud Omaha, Neb. The cost of running a big-ocean liner from Liverpool to New York and back is something over $00,000. Soap that's all soap—Diamond "C" Soap. Learning does not necessarily imply wisdom. • STATE OF Onto, CITY ov TOLEDO, I FRANK J. CHENET, makes oath that ho is tho senior pnrtnerof the firm of F. J. CUBN- ET & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County nnd State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLT-jABS for each.and every case of CA.TABRII that cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S CATAIIHII CHUB. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before mo and subscribed in my prosonce,this 0 tli day of December. A.D.188U. — . — A. W. GLEASON, •j SEAL j- Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. .T. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 75c. Hall's.'Family Pills are tho best. The verdict in a recent criminal case in North Carolina was nullified by tha discovery that one of the jurors waf over 00 years of age. In that state a juror must be under OS years. The busiest woman in Kansas City runs a boarding Iiouse, attends to all the buying, does the carving, and is simultaneously suing one man for divorce and another for breach of promise. During a ministry of 85 years, the Rev. Wesley Blake, of Keystone, ^y. Va., has married 1,817 couples. His age is 107 years, and he has 1,081 living descenclents, cmbrac-Ing* five generations. The house occupied by Bonaparte, at Longwood, St. Helena, is now a barn, and the room in which he died is a stable. A machine for grinding corn stands over the spot that was once his grave. A niece of amber, recently dredged up out of the Baltic sea, near Ilapsol, contained in its inte.'ior a little squirrel. The full outline embracing fur, tail, claws and teeth was distinctly visible. __ You use soap in the laundry every week. Try Diamond "C" Soap next week. _ ^ Decision of character will of ten give to an inferior mind command over a superior. Liiino'8 Family Medicine. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price 25 ami f>0c. Women need not look to those dear to them to know their moods. Hawaii and the l>hllii>pluen. Send four cents (in stamps) for an illustrated booklet issued by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, the direct route across the American Continent to the New Trans-Pacific possessions of the United States. Full of latest reliable information and valuable for reference. Can be used as a text book in school. Address Oeo. II. Heaft'ord, -Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 111. _ _ In discarding the use of wine in christening battleships, what is the matter of it bottle of tomato sauce as a good hot thing? St. Petersburg is the oldest capital in Europe, Why doesn't everybody get married if misery loves company ? dentlal train arrived at Columbus about 8:30 p. m. Friday. Notwithstanding the heavy downpour of rain an Immense crowd had assembled at the depot and the spacious building resounded with cheers. A committee of citizens met the president and accompanied by an escort of the Seventeenth United States infantry and the Columbus rifles he was driven to the Auditorium. Fully 7,000 people, who had patiently waited more than an hour, were packed into the Immense hall and the president's appearance was greeted with almost deafening cheers. The president was introduced by Mayor Samuel L. Black and spoke for about ten minutes, his address being frequently interrupted by enthusiastic applause. One continuous ovation marked the passage of President McKinley over the.states of Indiana and Ohio. Defying the wind and rain of a most disagreeable October day, the citizens of these states congregated in great numbers at every station along the line. Perhaps the most imposing demonstration of the day was at Indianapolis, where tho streets through which the president was driven to the statehouse were jammed with cheering people. Here on the steps of the capitol, almost within the shadow of the statue of Thomas A. Hendricks, the president delivered one of the most striking and eloquent addresses of his long western tour. In the course of it he paid graceful tribute to the memory of Hendricks and referred also to ex- President Harrison, both of which references were received by the people with deafening applause. At Noblesville, Ind., and Logansport the president made short addresses to enthusiastic auditors. A distressing and fatal accident marred the pleasure of the welcome of Kokomo to President McKinley. Just as the train stopped -a premature ">s- charge of a cannon but a few yards away fatally injured James Jones and severely injured W. A. Smith and Louis Haney, all being members of the Sons of Veteran artillery squad. President McKinley witnessed the accident and several military officers of tne presidential party assisted in caring for the injured men. At Rushville the train stopped for ten minutes and tho space about tine platform was well crowded. The president spoke briefly. At Connersville, Ind., Mr. McKinley addressed the people, who clustered thickly around tine cars. The last stop before Cincinnati was Hamilton. Here also trie president addressed a great to»K-At»altsd Message Oo*» Not Mention Gen. Kitchen*?. <Parte, Oct. 24.—Maj. Mafchand's report, telegraphed from Cairo, has been received. It does not mention the arrival at Fashbda of Gen. Kitchener, ahd only gives an account of the incidents of the expedition, with an elaborate description of the route followed, the places occupied, the manner of occupation, the raising of the flag, the fores left at each point and the treaties of submission concluded with the tribes, In addition to referring to an encounter with the dervishes. It Is believed in certain quarters that C!apt. MRS* HNKfiAM TALKS ASOtH? Letter from MrB. Carrie P. Tremper that all Suffering Wometi Read. Baratler Is the bearer of a verbal report, which the French authorities were not willing to trust upon the British telegraph lines. Fund for Widow* and Orphnni. Springfield, 111., Oct. 24.—The «tate executive committee of the United Mine Workers of America met Friday and established a permanent fund for the care of the widows and education of the children of the miners killed at Vlrden. The fund will be started with an assessment of CO cents per month for two months on ench miner in the state and It Is estimated that $30,000 will be raised. This will be placed in the hands of a board of trustees, consisting of James Boston, Duquoln; Albert Davis, Springfield; Thomas Williamson, Mount Olive. ' Troop* to Quit Loenlt I.nUo. Walker, Minn., Oct. 24.—Walker is. as quiet today as it was before there' was any intimation of an Indian war.i Gen. Bacon and his staff are the only busy men in town. He has been arranging for the movement of the troops which have accumulated on the reservation. It is his intention to have the troops, with the exception of one company, which will remain inj Walker all winter, out of here by the middle of next week. CURE A COLD JJT Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. Kav. The genuine has 1-. U Q. on each tablet. Help is often another name for interference. If the and ChiU penetrate, took out for an attack of Stt Jacobs OH \vill penetrate and quiet its racking paio. NcRro Suspected at St. Anno. Kankakee, III., Oct. 34.—Theories concerning the Identity of the murderer of Mr. and Mrs. Emll Chlnlquy of St. Anno have narrowed to that •which holds an unknown negro guilty. This negro was seen In St. Anne for three days preceding tho crime. While he was In a saloon a man displayed a large roll of bills. The negro asked a, bystander where the man with the money lived. By mistake .he was dl-' reeled to the Chiniquy residence. Detectives liave traced this negro to the Indiana -state line. MAY BRINGJJN WAR, Crl»ls lu Kelutioiis of Great llrltiilu atul J r rauc«. London, Oct. 24.—The Dally Mall says it has the highest authority for stating that the French government notified the British government three days ago that it would not abandon Fashoda. The French position is now la resist openly Great Britain's demands. Count Muravieff's visit to Paris is believed to assure France of Russia's support. The situation has assumed a critical stage. London newspapers have taken on an alarming tone. Reports from all parts of France of naval and military activity fill columns of the daily papers. Reports from British naval stations show that the whole British fleet is ready for an emergency. General Kitchener will arrive Thursday. Great Britain will undoubtedly remove Marchand by force, thus affording a cause for war. Heail of Illinois Womau'8 Club*. Chicago, Oct. 24.—Mrs. Robert B. Farson of the Chicago Woman's club was elected president of the Illinois Federation of Woman's Clubs practically without opposition. The election resulted as follows: President, Mrs. Robert B. Farson, Chicago Woman's club; vice president-at-iarge, Mrs. Anna L. Parker, Quincy Woman's council; recording secretary, Mrs. Virginia Barlow Le Roy, Streator Woman's council; corresponding secretary, Mrs. John A. Lutz, Lincoln; treasurer, Misa Sarah Maria Fairbank, Wednesday club, Jacksonville. Quay Will Make Roply. Washington, Oct. 24.—Senator Quay for more than a week has had in preparation a speech which he purposes to deliver in Philadelphia some night next week In answer to the attacks made upon him on the stump as well as in answer to the criminal charges growing out'of the alleged misuse £f the funds of the People's bank. The speech will probably be delivered at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Troopa Ordered from VlrUeu. Springfield, J11-, Oct. 24—Gov. Tanner has ordered company D, Oapt. Pevief, of Elgin; company H. Capt. Stein, of Pe Kalb, and company E, Capt. Simpson, of Peorla, all of tlie Third infantry, to leave Virden and proceed to their homes. This leaves etui ou divty ft t Vivdea, troop A, C^pt. Lino, of OWcagQ, First cavalry, and '0, C»pt. Bacon, of Oregpn, Otai-itis of inflammation of the ovaries may fesult from Bidden Stopping oi the inonthly flow, froni inflaramfttioti of tfie womb, and many other causes. The slightest Indication ol trouble with tHft ovaries sliould claim your instant attention. It will not cure itself, and a hospital operation with all its terrors may easily result from neglect, tthe fullest counsel on this sufe- ject can be Secured without cost by writing to Mrs. Pinkliam, at Lynn, Mass., and asking for her advice. Your letter will be confidential and seen by women only. MRS. CARRIE F. TRRMPEB, Lake, Ind., Whose letter we print, is only one o*f many that have been loured of ovarian trotiblcs by Lydia E. PinkhBm's Vegetable Compound. "DEAR Mus. PINKHAJI:—1 was stiffering from congestion of the ovaries, misplacement of the womb, irregular, Bcanty, nnd painful menstruation, also kidney trouble. I had let it go on until I could not sit up, nud could not straighten my left leg. My physician, gave mo relief, but failed to cure me. Reading the testimonials of different women, telling what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had done for them, I decided to give it a trial. I had almost given- tip hopes, as I had suffered Untold agony. The first dose helped me. And now, after using eight bottles of Vegetable Compound, ono bottle of Blood Purifier, ono box of Liver Pills, I am proud to say I am as well as I ever was. I might have saved a largo doctor's bill and much suffering, hud I tried your precious medicine in tho beginning of my sickness. All in the village know 1 was not expected to live, when I had the first and second attacks. In fact, I had no hope until I began taking your Vegetable Compound. It has saved my life." A Million Women Have Been Benefited bv Mrs. Plnkliam'f. Advice and Medldng A Striiw. "I didn't know until yesterday that. .Dickcrman was a candidate for ofllee." "is he a Candidate? This is the first I've heard of it." "lie must be. I saw him nt the county treasurer's olllcc, paying his taxes, and he wasn't milking any kind of a kick about it." Tamo snakes arc used in Morocco to clear houses of rats and mice. Greater New York lias 1,100 churches within ils limits, and 120,000 dwelling houses. Charged with Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 24.—Charles Pittelkow and John Slegert, real estate bankers, who failed for several hundred thousand dollars recently, havo been arrested on complaint of Mrs. Wirbelmina Stein, \vfro charges them with embezzlement of *ums left in th<etr charge. The number of deposit- ore Tvlio suffered by tfelo failure is very large, and It is probable that a great many other 'similar suits will be brought. Five PerUli tn Fltnnea. Sasanvllle, Cal., «ct. £1—News received from Clalrville, a new town in Plumas county, California, reports the burning of a hotel and the .loss of live lives. The dead: P. PEDRINA. CARSON BARNEY. MRS. CORNADO. FLORENCE ROBERTS, 7 years old. A WOMAN; name not ascertained. The five unfortunate people were suffocated while they slept. KlllH Her Three Children. Toronto, Ont., Oct. 24.—In a fit of religious mania Mrs. Charles E. Burrell of 559 Logan avenue killed her three children, Harold, aged 1 year; Stanley, aged 3 years, and Ethel, aged 5 years. She strangled them and laid them on the bed, and when her husband, who is a marble polisher, cams home at 7 she told him the children were now angels and she would soon join them. She is in custody. linptUtH May Huy the Ground*, La Porte, Ind., Oct. 24.—The Baptlsta of the state have approved a plan for the purchase of the state Chautauqua grounds at Pine lake, near this city, and an effort will be made to raise u popular subscription for completing the deal. The plan Is to establish a place where Illinois and Indiana Baptists may hold educational assembles. Ruin Rnlug Many FurmerH. Grand Forks, N. D., Oct. 24.—The continued wet weather of the past two weeks is a calamity of great magnitude to the farmers of the northern part of North Dakota. Consrvativo estimates place the damage already done at $5,000,000, with a possibility that It may reach double this amount. Ohio Hank Closes Its Doors. Washington, Oct. 24.—The comptroller of the currency has been advised that the First National Bank of Lisbon, Ohio, capital ?50,QOO, had closed the cloors. The dispatch from the bank examiner said the failure of the- bank appeared to have been caused by mismanagement. Pemuylvanliv lUluers Strike. Plttsburg, Pa., Oct. 24,—Two .l.ous- and coal miners In the fourth and fifth pools have struck for the enforcement of the Chicago agreement. The strikers are preparing for a long siege and are establishing camps near the mines to preveut non-union miners from work" ing. Commodore I'otter Very 111. Belvideve, 111., Oct. 24.—Commodor? E. E. Potter, a well-known retired naval officer, i» dangerously 111 at bli horae in Belvldere. Pe suffered a paralytic stroke several days ago. Conj- f otter formerly lived at PMi> Silver plated Napkin Ring given free tor saving 75 Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. When a man says ne don't feel at all like himself some of his acquaintances aroi glad of it. \VANTED-Cnso of t>acl nealtli Hint TS-I-P-A-X-? will not Iniuollt. Bend 5 cento to KIpunH Chmiiltm Co., New York,for ID muni'lcia und l.UUO tosllmuuIulB. Why isn't an insurance policy used sometimes to kindle u fire? Moscow's orphan asylum, founded by Catherine II, is supported by a tia on playing cards. Do You Wring; to Llvo In a fine, mild and healthy climate, where cyclones and blizzards are unknown, where good, rich lands can bo bought at low prices, near cheap transportation and with educational and industrial advantages? Homeseekers' excursions to, Virginia via the "Big Four Route" and tho Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Write for descriptive book of Virginia, list of farms foi sale, excursion rates, dates, time-cards, etc. J. C. Tucker, G. N. A., 234 ClarH street, Chicago, 111. The American Tract Society has 400 publications in the Spanish langiiag« and intends to put a Spanish primei and testament in the hands of every Cuban family as sdon as tho war is over. equal The strength of two horses is to that of fifteen men. CAMERAS SWEET, WALLACH & CO., 84 Wabash Ave., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Bond for Freu CuUlogno. s ENT ON TRIAL. Wilson's Automatic Stock Fountain,. Kxprona Vropiilil. Costa you nollitnK to test Its merits, Prevents nog Cholera »nt dlMuusns. FurnlnliL'8 eacli lion with fresh water, also for Chlclceun, Sheep or Cnttlq Awarded nil tlrol premiums. Wurko In winter, Ktinily Attached to barrel or tank, Save* Inlmr and IMIVB for Itnulf. If yoii'ro lumcnt, send for one (also catalogue of SSfarmnon elllr.»). . Price,. W'J.M) (for tho noxt 30 cluys ouly)'to 1)0 paid when foundsatis- factory. A iron 18 mid <loul«rn wanted. WILSON JLKON WO It KB, 173 E. Itnndolph St.. Chlcagq BRIGHT HOME MAKESAMERRY HEART." JOY TRAVELS ALONG WITH SAPOLIO ^ ill on Every sells too fast" I PLUG dealer who has handled Battle knows this to be a fact* There stock of Battle Ax anything but fi times more fa goods as than brand to the world* All who chew it never change, ^member th<

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