The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1898 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1898
Page 2
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OPPKB PE8MOIMfflte ALGOSA IOWA. WEDNESDAY, OC^OBEK 26. 18Sa m IK IOWA A J*1rStE8»0iU$ tfi AB&EO wrrtf STATVS OF OUTBREAK. DEMAND ACt- OF THE|«, OEPARTMENT 0e&. Si.— f. ML SSaSerif Ja3 •*» Ifee H*£«3*si ' wSI *e iris* - M -DBS** SHE SHOWS «£« TEEtK. ®*ee« t&e lellmass stated tfca* «a»S«g fee Es«e Stages nidSess aaiS areeig $9 a tiwr- ia tb* OBMX fcAra*R» OHfc. .ML—Tfce Ba$, os» zwmpimist w*s teeorfea. that of O»L Jcw-as. of Swirtlj Caroiliat, -wbo to ML—£• spit* «f EK&® ee ABBS asserts ISJLUEEE. PSSarar States tlfaiiniat «C las wife. 19. of tbe Seresri* S&* te&i wreral gssrswias SKt&gr fauneUt fibs mMifflte* se& ttemafter. Tfcfr* nrj* »* a eaeageiit nose, ears «wer f&e edfe off «S*e ferafes. Tte :, MS w» cnewr's -^ T feas f S&e re ^ sarts «* *** EeS® as PETS* aasi | twi * 3TOC « ** ** a«r^sted for. issffisi- a TOsS-jBti^feag. *»3 "sjfe^ ©**- f S *- TS SS * i^saiasS wSirrsS-y jjggraEg Sm I 3Sess1a s»*i«r tews &OTB& asaissS sia&- fi wwteKT regisr* -orirfeia " " • •- *** ffi * T? " 7**^- 'w^sre Knock Ss sc^»r-a^- | ^ SE - TS^sa 1^e> aaest. t2ae oSiser la- e*s*f <**'!**. t«stIS«3 before the isrestigat- HEHP etjuiidtia^aa 4bat wfeea to* So establish SivissoB been S"3SBe deJay in g> PAEJ. OriL SL—lib* BBS HsAjj?, to tfe*S fee triwe te- StsSS-r. tier »tcs*e is- 2 r*>3»si as IKDtCATIOKS OF PUGILIST KILLED. fans 2az.s, DE*A'EV HAS A BATTLE. f}.—Tfc-e Madri ptre-aspily filed. Be bad seem saei atSer disregard o " ia earing- for skk soldiers. Tfe* mntaer soMIers were not so eSeient as ssoaM fea-re "been. Poor meat « besa issued in a. few eases. He 3fiaau acd Tampa intssited for large easaps. CoL Wood, chief waBSBissaury- a! Camp Csba Libre, said there fead sever been anv iaek of ssp- jfc.!«5. AS firs* there had been bad _*osMs3m and bad bread. bnt is fea«i Eftver been issoed i.ap-taia Baker. c-hEef ooartennast^r ssi<i thai at first all kin-is of *tore= wVr* ss'=-~t_da-€ tot necessity of «qTjipp:ne so i^rg-e an army in so brief a Vim* Th-» £rrt ramp selected -was sow. bat "Tesfeerfay fSfofi-Jayj &« a- crisis for tfee Day pnesested tfee the AsE^rscss cicHssalsg^osi 19 words. He ***5 tkat delay ffcly possible obj>e*t . t&e persistent efforts of tfee States willi th* Cubaa debt, asd would be tolerated so longer, as < United States wosld seither nor guarantee any part of Ute Tb€ Spaniards replied that this 5pain in a portion of repadiaii: red-Being tbe iaee raise of Coban bonds froso 59 to ®9 per paying only half ihe stipulated adopting either alternative. •woald sorrwkjer to the Untten the entire PliiliiyDjites. ^c^3*-e that toe evrresder ? or " Gaild. icspeetor the L irrespective of tbe Co-ban or say other debt. This, to ib-Pr Spaniards, the £r«-t intimation of to* JD!«D- tr.<ms of the United States as to tho PhiJippiaes. resalt-fd io a ~L I; tS^ffne -arais so «rfiaKiiS» oj -5K»3r!aEr - I2ae S&SKSI& s^sa. Frets nse£:&£3- i ie el*i zsy. asai. yei left. Jbzss5 ass. aarsa •3rer« esprsres fcTasi st«aar i Sesas £s:to .s&rsias. iriia r.- ia see ; 1^1$ poiiei- i!s2i.'ixTs i* TC*S to •gag 'arrth fera^., »g» Qggqi-lraL ~^ysbe fit--- : -^.r-. ^». ^ ? - -.- — .J.SB a S;ff2£"!« £* S52rB2 ficiki^rs?. Z^Z^TS 2»T"*s;r ..." " *' -*«.* ^.ij.. » -^ •• ^'^ »-i-t*is^ ix azw. Walker -arks k^joritis csjt "a^i •' cr p?' r . '"'•'_ ^^-s^^tr M xi . ~^~~ *J^ a S^ Ci ; ETTl:KI/ ; ^£. I* £t ^;« ^.^T^ ^ £, ^ ^; CSS3HS" '-*jT<7i *i-:^i£S3 «"a r 'i«^-. A DISASTROUS FI3E. JD«s i,*s?:-s;. re- : j^,^ E , .^ te-ri-ii-i c-f Si^te^ 1 :^-. sad "T^ -^* * £ - TS " il * t € * "'"-^ '-'' «"?~----«5 o- -=e \ '-j-' ;. 'psriy ^rens abssia-i^ xta reasc'r f IT .' ; ~= j ti* C'SzissSc-T: of s^s«C->a «j-f thds '" itfc titis -reruiet ^-IZ be :. wfcea Cz P ta; E Bar2.ii*r I-f: FslL^ia."" ;• r fioars of a£g r *rt;ea:«srr sC'fe c-f It^s latter T.a f T tfee 5s^- frTjrjs ti-iir sS^a. Tae dls- i»iii$ tia: tears Tarene Ic«ies c-s Li &~S sJa.J*2. t-d is Is STsco*i»i to s;s re fcees iEasila ea-r." =s*asii=-r *.Le Asaerilsaa terres s-i Ka- ~--'-rn. aa.T-*- te«s rsiteiTeS ti t E« -^sr &— rsr-,=i.2K^ Jic-rtiz: Ceceral G3TC"L= c*i-;ir-e.2 to =tite p-blii i-^- citnrs c-f 3-ace to nefsre-z-se to ;r.e at'ile ss.d to i-ar* osirsrrtd. betw-«v;.a. tie shirs c-f cesses rrere examined r^aterca— ! __ ^ nesses fcac aay fault r to SG'1 ex^??t>- 1^7- F*^-=-^ T-^-aVv- -*r-^ - «. -*-*•. — i^*:»j*j. cECiG r^^f. *^"- ^ ry^ 5£*>ki5 in a T^rr . term of the men ;. eararedjs tae hospital oc-rps, jayinr j: Sa>ey hii &eea p-Lrkesi uo at i s s«bbr l u- not St to of Pertfes • »-^_»r7 ^fesi rvKErla szz&st ai • EE J a £g5n fosr t«-o Juosrs Ta-Jii-ia ; cs* of tis* i^Lr€iesS It feax en«is years. T2as floors of tee f.-^cr-ssorr tejiialsg-. were i« j sai»y 2nsiic<J- -srfcile a ggy'gt ^€Sl fi*f ^.SiS^fc^T'S ^3.? ^?5^S^ "to stoeac os tae 2c^i-er feors by ss&D«:e acd ••rater. TSi£ 5oes 25 ea-tLEszSea br nsgis- bescEof t2ae fens at 5>5 psr ee-zsi OB the iKssmtix is tsjttsA. OB Oi "ill pcoJsab-iy <i'Jfc SKJ-=rartz : t.tai-l ise mas. a If.6tl« sae t.«£S-t rsta in " siiit «&i of tcwre. a&a Hllia-s iooi EP : A fsesr&t traia o>3 tLe Iowa Cea- tral sr£s ieM cp by fir* ff»;sa^£s cs to* ^raife a.S she js^ih edge &f Strr ^T T ' 5 . ^^--S^-^^- H 2-5 5"3I?w*S**»t»i t£Ji* t^^rOCrG^-rS boarded tbe traau aLile zasIosrHi&jwsE oa the irrafi*. Soir;« of iLe traia JESS «f tfc*sr estsa tsfciea ;fce~ tea.1 &ay, i^ iel»» jay ITse ^. isitli E«ai: • S*ts_ Si—At 2 c-'tLoes: st. zo. l^ssk was- iir»iea JrsSo by ad after siey fea«4 tried ; tfce fezufc safe, fay erploa- i tEse at tie taab, they usaae g^««i •sSse&s eseape. A asaa sLeegin-g is tise Iwsi55i&» ^ajs zr&Es&S fcy ifce ^ £E^ -^scofflB ,£C#!s-£r c^si, £2x^4 fct t^e e, Isa4 wife vsbatt effect is Us* robbers sesared f45 , wiisfc tiiey fosmd fa a t&caaey : of ths safe Tfee safe , CteS. IS.-—Use fioem of £iEEa3a.T, 3i.«ssdasy aisd TQ*»J2y -was a geaai&e sillzzsrd IE wesiena JJcwra, " i BafeK^ Sebras^a assd Eaasas. - Clir reports tbe wtasi earfy is t>reiitj-£-Te years. Heary . eaow falls are reported Irc-ss tfae falls &2id AtLaiitie from two t& Sre >i;.Bft>3 at j "• Th& CEart«rty siat-KEaecS. of . ffKi&KlfJO. Of I:J3ra DaUiT*. iVfSHO. & fe-a- <iz.ys ago by tEe &tate aacijo-r. saasrs Jaa; tie icerease ia «Jec<«it^ , irhKh began aiore thsia a year a^r> ca^ , tees EE2intai.E*d cntK tLe taTica's aad state tajiks cf tbe state HOTT carry S>iI.lO->,;** of o-thkT peo|£e*» zaor-er. lite total &i.t«*4 of fcf>:h state set! sarliigs banks are ^1.6,s3,S&-S: tbeU'tai liabilities, ¥51,5*3,59*. The net ic- eneaseiE assets is 8i,&s5,7i3; net in- ertase of liabiltEiea, Si,5S5,733. Grant Jojdaz! oa& <Jay Ia*.* -treek resigned bis f<i&it'.ou as seerctary of tbe uaie board of eontro', and L. A. WilScissoa wats apjwjinte«3 in nls Dla>Eir. Mr. Jordan is elerk of Polk conaty sisd &ine& bis election as secretary to tite state, board fce has bees balding b&!fa positions. Tfae action bas created STn&at eonstermaSion in a political way st=d be was appealed to by his friends. for resigTzatfc&a of one plaee or tfce He therefore coaelnded to re bis position JQ •win » ST. PETZEEECSS. Oe-i it.—Os w of tlte eseihetTSfcr. Sir t HicSrs-S?£/rb, tiie Xovoe :. •%s the eaan»ellor •^its * iff Tioleat Eitsiis ~tx3s tfce'. i FncTirh sorerEniciit, ar-d sa>-s ce fails ; :. tot-ear in jnlc-i tbst Fraiss bis. in i j'Eaisia. 23 -"^Ily respired x> sspsort ? ; her in tae Fasiwia qaeKios, in vie-ar • : of the foil solidarity of rhe'r Inter- ' ; j s*ts." CcoUcciiig-. the 5c,T.o^ Vreicyo J : expresses she wish thas tbe raaiter • will be snil-sab-ly settled on a fcasis f . aosapecsatisg- Frss-!?e by a eoEcesslon i -. of aa outlet on the X£!e. ac-d the paper \ . a.»Ms that Franee s-iiosld not ceman--! ; rso-re. !. CntSe. "53 Of tae IsIaii-G of Crete by the Tcris is now rs f E.I s-srzE.^. Tr.e Ircoos mo»s.tly etn.te~£efi at nigtii trsse is order to aT-ij-Id eieitinr tae Jfias-almazis. Tse fo-reigT: acjcLra.1* infcsadsa-a- tixe Tcrk- i»o ciTil oSelsls- sfeal fo.iOTr tie- ^ro-DrsS. tie S'lrElsis-ratioa of th* islan-i re ssa:sisg p fa the baa-fc of tie acniirat; sctii tfce powers c.eei<ie cpja the Seal ! form of goTernrae-Et of Cre^e. The 1 ncmber of forelgTs troops on tae iiland f TS-»U ee mereased l-5.f»j SK-D r-eE-'liE^ f the eooiplete TK£«5-^±kfQ of" Crete! '. Tee foar powers. Great Britain. Its!T~ ! Fraree and Rcssia. are EO^S- exeitan?-- f ing- neiars upon the selection of a ?GT- ! ernpr s-eneral of tbe isiaasL Esssia is j in favor of tbe SGDoiatnieEt of Prizee t' George of Greece.* " f ; KS.* -sratik of life He spoke dec-r&eat- : i=r,y of tbe enntree: SBrfeons. saying- t^3,; n-i -STTaLd EO-: c^e -niilin-g- to trass - a^fatti'-y or his fri.encs to 5-3 p« r cent S'L' tlie=z : rh * r "? "' a -«- be said, no p.yger;y for eona-altation "^::a '-•rr-eri-Tr oSosrs. as the Iatte>- •^•e,**. as a role, so o»<i wiUi tQ«"r acazs^s-rratiTe acties *a.s to preTect iseirg^.lcg- closer attention to pro- leiHOcai raitters. en Jess soeciaif-r ^"^J2?oa. Col. Do-^rs, of the Fortv- Eiclh io-sra. said tRere bail been n-c Ctri_-*r:euey 33 Ene Ctjinmis^sry suuolies. JiCs^xvnxE. Fla.. Oct. -;•!.—Gen- ersl J. Wilson and Captain Hovrell. e»sstitei:n:r the snb-tommitlee ap- p->;nte.i to visit and" report upon the i^itions or tae eaisp at Fernaboina, their rep-^rt totisefnll eommiJtee yesrerdsy. Tiesab-eoscaiittee reports tfeat ;n iis. opinion li>e esmp Tras -wea selected and taat probably the site •sras eccal ia sll nesp«e.ts to any other by % reca-^-si fr, r an ad|<yanimens. in orner to eoniajnr;- cate TT-;fa Madrid. Jnc^e DST sa : c] tba4 Presf-Qeiit 3fcKir,ley had iaitrcct- *d bitn to dexaaa-d t&e ^Etlre surrender of Porto Eieo tc«day ("Tcesday) 2nd the celiTery of e~ery town to the United -States officers before m:dn:rbt. to g-etber with tbe evacnattoa of'Harana oa or before >"oTeciber 3. IT ben tls» Unrte-c States -rrotild be at the grates of the city, ready to take possession. leere was no alternaiiire offered in tae ease of either of these demands, and tbe session eonsegcentl— isas rer-,- brief. Tbe American eo=nni5skmer> bare receiT-ed dlspatebes from WES?I- ington iadieatir,^ that tbe administration is irritated and indignant over the delay of the Spanish e-ommisaioners." j tnat coaid £"".-;.»-?fl 5 ~e been •o-aaa on the Florida coast. >K«s Co-selacd. ch'ef anrseoftoe Tn:r.l clrisloQ hospital, said tba; when the curses first "caase to camp there TT&S o-nly one curse to eeeb forty or sixty patient.?, bat this coa-drtion bas bee-n steadily ;mpn>T«i. Hs>>r Rtoaer. stir^eoa of 5-*ae SeTen?a arsy corps, said the m-eeisal staff trss essetent, bat witbost adEisliirstive Oct. **. --- Yesterdays of the peace lis: oners f i tais utae tbe commissioners dLseiisi-ed \ | the seaond series of rrritsen aryonient* : i, brongbs forTTsrxi by tae Sj>acisrds for ' : tbe purpose of prevailing n&in the j i Arnenfac &oai!Eiiii-3iiers D> a&snm*tbe : \ Caban deb'. No «ie£cite cone! BAEon ;'-' i was reaebed. and tbe commissioners t * acijoarned a=tit Monday, when the I S J I Cnban qnestioa trill again bedis«a.%.-ied. •' a War Orders. Los&vs". Oei. ±J.—A eL-rpatib from roTva-gconth says: -The admiralty has issaed orders that no doek-yard repairs b-& eo-rninen«iird cpo-n the s"si&s of" tfee reserve squadrons unless tbey can be ec'SQpleted wisbta forty-eight boars." Says Dtfjfta bt la ParU. PAEIS. <x-t- zz. —An eTeoia? oe-rrs- <aper annoEEees that Captain. Dreyfn.5 is a!read? in Paris, and is conr eec- tbe fortress an Moot Valerien. to vrhiefa he was secret!v broasht. Wise Over * Biff j Oct. 2-*.—Cbarles Bnd*i, Homes, tr&n tbe BeU Meade IB addition to winning__ T , , be earned off tite hand- •ometilrfer loving rop offered as an aJditkms! ptrize by the Southern Turf. Of tbjrty-two starters at 35 birds, six fled. Two fire-bird e rents were nee- eaaarp to decide tbe tie. Bodd killed S5ttra%fes*" - i - Xi^Ottf. i, Oet- £1.—An unknown man wa* fooad dead OB tbe railroad track KB Bodertakers care- He ia a man »boai 40 yeans: old, about fire feet oioe ioebee high and weighs about 160 poaud*. His head is entirely gone and scattered along tbe track. From a sper £osB4 io i»i» r<» -I <^t it is thought wa#aOerBKui. A. he bad in bis s was a knife, two handker- »takzpr, at towel »ed fl.85 «*&, r Oct. Be* — E. W, JJcCoy, of C. in mxmti in tbe Klondike two working .400. I Des Moines, dispatch: The sapreaie f eoort ha.s reTerseJ the cooTietion of Fields, alleged frandulent of Bia/k Hawk coonty, oa tbe iodictment ehargizsg- bim with reeeir- Clerk £or Ed WiUou, after rleld-s his First Xationai Bank of Falls was iasolrecj. Tiie : alleged crime was eommittc-d on Mav 15. 1«&3, and the eases ^rowinw oat o£ the /ailnre hare become noted ia loira. The trial was in Buchanan eoanty on change of renne. The icdietnient was returned in Sept-ember, 1S&2. A former indictment for ihe same o^Tecsie was retnrned in September, !s&3. The ease nag taken to Buchanan connty and a demurrer to it ivas sustained. On appeal tbe lower eoart was rerersed i in sustaining tbe deaanrrer. Oa this appeal the defendant claimed the first i as a final adjodicatioo of tbe eaje j against him. This, the supreme eoart Earij and YOEE. Get. St.—The Heralds William Bariiett, a brotnar of" the esptain of the Windward. Pearv r s ves- s*-!, has retamed fr&m TnmaTiek, bringing- reports that seeca to show- that the explorer will cot be able to get oat of the froze-a &sas before . He says that the indications tbe Labrador coast foreshadow an early and severe fali. He ntrer saw the iee form more rapidly than about his vessel os j}ie night "of the i'iSh. of Chicago has COE- of debtor of laws BeceaUj Patented ; . C*e!. jf-i.—Anapplieation . patent- o^ce for <> be rt-tsriir-d dis- •nrfaeis ojsica t»> faeilitase Sllin^ j it, to be c&ade fiat an«i rigid at the too I when closed and Joeked- and means for r eneiooiag and fastenijjg a fierible f tab*! u» the lot-king t-ar, tvas filed as j Washington Sfrpteiber 35, JsM, acd \ afser one ameEdaMrct was allowed 1 October 15. In view of the iaes thai i scTen and eight ooonths in arrears, ihe { injector of said mai! Vagr, G. R, How| ard, of Keoia, Iowa, maj be eou- t gr&tul&t&L _ T*a patents were is&ned j OB Itie istli is*S. to Iowa inventors, i Printed »<»ples. of ibe drawings and * *peejfieatiofts of any Uuited State» j patent &eot for 10 eects. Free eoBSaltatson for ififeniors in Dr. F. C. Hoyt has beeo named by tfae board of control as &eperinte0dent of the hospital for the insane at Mouat Pleasant, to saceeed Dr. Oilman, who died recently. The board was Qnani- nwms ip its action. Dr. Hoyt, oottl October 1, wan superintendent of the hospital at CJariBda. He resigned to engage in private praejic* In Chicago. Wben Dr. Oilman 4ie4, Dr, ~ wooia likp the position »t Address, I&STA PJLTEXT OFFICE, Thomas G. Onvig iCo , Proprietors. IB Eos&ia there are about 3,000.000 Tb|« »8 nearly half the entire in existence. About 5,000 words in the English language Iwre DO rhythm to them. Mrs. Sampsoo, wife of tbe rear admiral, has rented a house at Ve4alo, Coba. Onlj evil grows of itself, while for goodness we w*ot effort and eoarage. —Amiel. , „ Tibetans, have % w«f k of «»jr«, naioea sftar iron, vppod, water, «MHb«ni and earth, WIMp. !' Tee Un-ive s /erred .tfee I upon PresJ! | Captain General ifseiaa has sailed i from Porto Eieo for Spain with most j of bis s-iaiF. The Forty-seventh New arrived in Sac Jisao. thus t£se hoaor of bein<r tbe first organizasioa to enter the city. Tbe dispatches say Captain General Blanco bis formally aeceded to the re*;ceat of the Ansericaii eommissloa to permit the free entry of Red Cross the ports of Havana, Car;, CEenfoegos, Sagca La Grande. Siua Honda and oshers of iess i£Ep*>rtaEte. Isnsal! Bey, the Turkish military governor of Crete, a few days ago ic- form«i the admFrais of the foreign warship* that the ssltars had ordereJi the vriihdraixal of ail the Tnrkisa troops in Crete, in compllacee rrith Jbe ioins note from Great Britain, Easais, Ita'j and France. Tue steamer Senator sailed from San Praae;seo for ilanili with §03 soldiers on board. All of the steaxn whistles on the water front sainted the vessel as she passed down the bay to- iv ard the ocean and thousands of infantry, the Oregon recruits and Bat tery D, of the CaH forma heavy artii- ierv, were the troops on hoard. The Spanish mail steamer Beina Maria Christina sailed recently from Ha- Tana for Spain with I.OT3 oflieers and troops, 651 cases of military archive* and a heary cargo of ammunition, the exact quantity not being aseertainahle. Washington dispateh: The nary department has made public the findings of the court martial in the ease of Chaplain Mclntyre, of the battleship ^^ ^f_ , « . .... .. . * cast b<efcr-e the fe:E£le vrere Eea of the hospital core.-?, ^rere no: capable. They did HO : "s-ria to erarr;eti in aad c-ct of a s^k jna' i "i s;x easca of ;isis kind at ose tim«- iiEce trained nar&as arrived trie us-a were^bctter esroi for thaa at hoa^e PaysieifeHs failed to make reocisitsoG _ oa government for snupliii for | faar tha; their demaads " •a-o-nld [not t< smetioaefi. The eon[ tribanons of his soei=-:y ^ f him. CoL Yifqoaia .said the t-lotbing- i was bad. althoagh better than that in , the civil u-ar, bat the rations were not as gaol as then. A dozen others tvere c-ianiined. all expressing themselves as satisfied, eseepj that oceasioaally ?h e frecih meat wa.* tainted. Tbe "commission left last nig-hj for Atlanta. An.A.v T Jt T Gs.. Oet. 2-'.—Major Taylor, surgeon in charge of the naiiisary hospital, testified that ia the beginning- of She camp's history he had eon- s-de-rablfe diffienity in getting reanisi- tioas SJIed, bat be. ha«i had no 'difficulty reoeotly. Eev. Xave, chaplain, said pasieGts were sveU taken eare of, bat there was t«jo little eare taken of their elothing and property wfaec siek. The Eheiving which had been going on wascraeof thesacidcat features of"the war. Ala.. Get. i4.—Before the conomtasion Gen. Frank. „ officer of Canp Shi op. who wa.5 Mentified withCamp'ThonM^ ialsJ ChiekamaBoa was a goo^ site for a temporary camp, bus not for a per; maneot rsznp for a large armr. He ' Ehoagnt tbe eaicp *hoald have been Mjovtd a? early as JnSy. There had fae*-B a eosiJatit improrement in the ajanmaBd s-iace its removal to Annlar ton. Dr. Hovs s^id the nnrscs in the division bot&itsL s»hi!e faith fit!, were in okou ea.-»fc» attsiriBleii, and therefore Attltade Toward France. ". Oct. 21.—Sir 3iichael Hick*. Beach, chancellor of tbe exchequer. ^passing: at Xorth Shields, rpferrinrr *o th^Fashoda qnestir/n. said fce vrished eijrdially to acku^Ts-Ied^e the d«irv eridene«d ia t5 !e speeches of Lord Rosebfrry an«t Herbert AsooUh to help the government in tbe matter, "a matter which might develop to the utmost gravity." --It is impossible." be continued, "for France to "maintain that she has political rights at Fashoda. She has naturally and properly asked for time to receive Major "ifareband's report, bat. nntil the contrary is proved. I decline to believe that France •wiU rercs* to witbdratv. If she re- i&sed, tae raa.tcer ^vonid a.ssarse an asp«c«t as grave a* is rossibie beta-een two great E2:-.ons. The p*3vem.nseat i-s SEiraate-.i by ;he frieadiEes-- spirit to/svartas i-ranee, and do>es not rrLs'i to .nruct fiETEt.iaiion-. \That -sve- desire is fair treatiEes^ I hope sad trost and believe sbe Question ^ capable of a friendly sotBtion. but :b.Is pn; her foot do-rrn. If. Fracce. tbe qneen's ministers know- what their dcsy demaeds. TKere art greater evils tbsn war. and tre sbal! lo-t shrink from anything that is corc- : —.?- icsoTTicg that srearesn; CoL Bryan Story Left B*|»UMI. T»e J0zu>g€»t *D« »f th jiaJtcd for the war. The faoer of bis departore bad «ame. He ki^ed fa» weep Eg fBotlier amd tSsxen, bade them good-bye efaeerily. and wa»goixe. Twesty-fiwar ii««s^» afterward be fonrsa into the boa**, exei«e4 and "Witat t* si»e mailer, Gbarler?" partasent gives oat the following-; "Tbe se-sretary of vrar. oa beins- aske^I aboat the rep.:.rt that Colonel Vm. .J. ErysB. Third Nebraska, had been re- foacd- leave of ab>enee and kept with bis regiment, authorized the statement that Col, Bryan has asked no icdul- genee tvhatever of the tvardeTJartEseBt. so that none has be*n refcsed him. Any reports to the eontrarr are with cat foundation :n faet.~ LITERARY NOTES. The October issue of tae Art Interchange brings two excellent color plates—one a view of "Early Winter." showing a frozen brook lined with beech trees, tbe other a cluster oi "Sammer Eoses.- The pictorial inter est is maintaineti br -A ife<iiterranean Fisherman," by Baiseras, which serves as frontispiece Jothennmber, sbowin** a pietTjresqne type of seaman in his boat m the harbor gathering his harvest of eoektes. THE EUJPATK LIBEARTOPCXIVESSAI. LrrEEATrKE.—In this work Dr. Eid- paJb, aided by a corps, of eminent scholars, has given us the benefit oi his ripe experience in condensation, and has laid before us in convenient aoa interesting form twentv-five volumes, tbe story of the real aud unreal world as s£*n r with the eyes of those who have pictured it to us in Poetrv Eomance, Theology. Hnmor, HUtorV. !>«ienee. Oratory, Esp'.oraiion, Bi^- rapby. Drams, Philosophy, Journajisni. U is the crowning work" of this eminent anther. Demoresfs Family Magazine com in- nesto be one of the most popular •oonthly publications coming to our table. It contains a high class of Itt- eratoreand the illustrations are unsurpassed by any of the many ma«a- ziaes mth irhteh we are favored. = The Mexicans are the most inordinate sino&ersin the world. Even women and children are habitual smokers. A snake does not climb a tree by eoiUnsf around it, but bv holdin^ on wnh the points of its shifts. A snake conld not elimb a glass pillar. The queen of Holland's chief hobby i* amateur acting. She takes the liveliest interest in dramatic art.

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