The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1898 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1898
Page 11
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% *3^p,- •-- , • <-.-< C^S«* - -"•' - - *. MOH^SJ AJLGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. OOTOBEK T-r'^Hi'ttff Are of Fr**k H. Otber O«m»tj- STews. Tie *k»t FfeSfeer fe totefttetfttftfeBMC*- This «s * MiSer %fei i* the part «f wfcki fess to *&e ewers*. i? sat aMe mam., asd * bat w cfcsrz<ed with es* fcefepfeote* Kite &*S _ . eiiinb?<£ oee rf the w*W affaar^htt >*«. €a$s& fe$ $og|$i|pfc£- ass is&€ibi!SNSflic©w sac* looser "Mr. Ward, tribal are tags «ort& Sbis affc-risBei&T' Kc< gsttiaeaa aerrer. and after kallseiiag' feiaas-lf fcsarse as a t«e Scad, fee coeaawHaeed to AeMeci. aijisg- tint Uses e*rw foi ks is Wester *«** all is fewl sad Osa* be wonld £9 vf» IB Sb* BBtifiiigg. We did BOS &s*r w&eSfesr fee go* as asswer ibs east <isj er test " S0sse cff a St. P*a! boose searijr SS?9 weirife «£ robes. lastfK. *4e. T aasi &ad S&em e&ar^sd $0 - - - - ifce Srastees refaeefi to r, *sffl tbe case is mow is <re»rr4. . Chester A. Sto*. r. H. R. SeS 3L : vr. feis beeffl i si SOKIX Clij.. G. El" Wessel »O be «£* pa Hce" 4S* <»«>caTg'-r ysar. •^•tf^j^y Uffli-aaiT. SC-E oS 1^. C~ Llzii- 35Ej cf PorSL&sBi. is is * suGKTia* «ri*- S-sai eessiisiv&. S^cc* if s* ip? iw ^iiga •wtik a. sSrsss- c€ c«fcntlT?£5- 5a : l &s- Tb* Arefels HaSdbfeesa bc^e os «fe* seetlce ia Gf««t «o*«=feip I? bs- fe<3ilt by a cewBis d Altosa earpes*- Tb«y feare life jsA of !:-;*2oe && fez? fAfiii ?iz ess*. a^.& feurses wOI le alise. €%«£. MOter'west So AlgCEa Mcsoaj fee feas secspsffl * -^> in tfe* Al- essg-iae^T fccd irill feaT» »fe» ml^fe> ,g W A¥f MOTH*. * imile S&« SSX&E® ea^ of Sfee teieS feas Ts?Ses Tfee seooBS Is a fcsSesS frees O- F. Hale of Birst^ie. wfc® is «illl«c tbaS a feall asite IE Sfes alreeswes fess 4«es orfiersiS, te^ w&s? ofefScSs to isile. i&lr-i £s as aepeftl frws; s?€ Cresc®. -afe? »«s»ff ifee •d ssafcrer *<? feis feoo»s. I. is Extension Tables That Extend Arc supposed to be rare. People wfeo dalta to fee usable to Sad satisfactory Exteasioa Tables Isare eer«r Tinted oor store. We a line oC these goc«i5- wfeicfe is secmsd to SXKSC. A child caa exteisd tfeeat. If jo® waat a carpet or wiatkyr shades it wffl pay yos to see wfeat w« o®er. S3_CO The Wetmore Truss JOHN GRON1N. Uodertakiag sad Esalsslssisg— The or business man hfe lumberof a re «pon«iM€ concern ft does not pay to run a nsK on tbe prre Tfe«5 caif I? ' IHS SIS SA€1 IS OFT. Cf Sfc? &Ce~ U25 'i-JiSr 5* S S*2 CC»i- V^j K-jCfeffsaBry ia'-jffiii pxs-x 5o D«s Uitsss s:nns4 J-SEKLTJ 1 i2C akfsx T? a 'Coorse la sZ'&rSrS'Ssl ^gigixggg'rT-r a: I&rKsaji Fatr-i «x"«C«- A C«>«EtT Ltae Br*cEz*. LiTsrss^re Gaaefiss; Tss TillsisL • tcMff* «ri3c£: ESS f as5 aajs r«-3«i~c is a pKOseasMp' aSsir Sjei-wseffi K'saiicoi* teiacfTi'M'tHs. I« wras jccat5a»i £»«?* trCCS €5Srf2: J • • ill fc?'i»tBT- . *.~-t aifcfc* v I^i-t *».ji. S «ttsfes ii ijjess* sart'^-oassiii _ ~Trai£^ Satgpy. M ,«jl r * : - :t «* s *T"' rsir:: ^ .. Tiesc-it.. iS'ij iiift ii-ai oj«i3tr I'T-atrs. >i..x 7.;c k.-1-rs ac-t bajti Socij, i'SJKIg- l ~'*H£f. EOOf TO12 J Crses «-ZIl sc«« C»5 t i^-:il~ c«-7-*TE t? life's wsa-i. O* las f3*i' '^^ _ Jlass. C&i*.. S.-maeS: *.T»i 3E«s 34*sy i * 3 *?» s -^ r x —— ISj&r-z- w-I w aaJTO?.*. *sc a v»*' ^ • ?It:Lii ^ «??=*-. | Siter ^o: is*' 2ftlt IT-. E.. 5cfe^u£t *a£: »» '- i ^^ t f ^ !j Ej*aa Liss.5 wiTI aTsc te aiaret-5«L. 3rf . . __ ^_ .^ , : - ^ . f-si"" sir* £££• w?<ii3j- reee-j?isr«s- .- '"' :ii ^^ s *'"^- 3: ' ic - t ^^ •?"- • • ' 'rsi^ir tx A --s^Ki. -i* •:;ii.ti ~«j i-srs. •cn.3»jrs sr aaaj5»sscec.,! fes vr^-ce j&'ii i.u | cr »Wa»r« -KE~ iT^d Jt-s tr«K:rx :i | si*T ijt.TscrAj&ai sSai j La«riCffi -was i.sr5 |'t c"3s?tartu sic I *ifcsm %?• i»fi'i'^ 7 £ iSxiS s?f' rs arc ; what vouane ^ fof.Callat buryS^ m towns and rnfpcct sfcaunch 5 rdi able Lumber; as* Sa5h.IKxxs, Cement, Scscco aria Om*: al Z^?»* *&st£>r/cc$ f^rrr^f crfff.Tsy?/ »0&w **tt/i. /j/fessz? ca Cflf/Ljn ~£/ftfC£. I* CfCSSS, W&CGiVS&t. TS3 TS3S ICsxsoas Kit A truss embodying the sym[ plicsty and durability of all other I thetn. The most simple trass I erer made. Is practically inde- l strectibie —wears forever, ilade f oa strictly hygienic principles— | BO cumbersome springs to pass I around the body. i It gives perfect freedom of ac- I tioa without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rapture that the old styles take. j@r OLD MONTHLY SUFFERLNQ. ! IS Ss aSsociSelj- gnanuESeed to i S£e Sscnia -wilfc coaJsjrt. o; ; Don's 607 SE7 otkar i For "art* »n<f z3aran.t«ed Sj W. J. Studley, ^ctz^ y^. It ^^^ ~ ^^ ALGOXA. IA. UesiOG Blcck. i ar r^S Is lacas £nKn. .ie read saafe was :' 3c«i fear dlaa DR. L. A. SHEETZ. Drags and Medicines. TJT ITerae y*ws: jtTi.TDiE'S C£ I-rSEC-rlTS fCT i ., ^ =a^LGf Fraai i-- An ^ irsci .._ S3ral cir^ 31?. SSSi. -**r>^ if J?*^ f*riT Far 1 !, see «rf lie assseaaec ci SHELLY & PETTIBONE, r? Head Stones, Monuments, =iS-sr=al CT^EZS ia ccraii- -sect prcpesiy. ' CESS <£joo st tbe , ; =sr-Ti ia siizarii '»i* itrssr wcri cc Ice I cui E=e w-ire -KT^ .5=?^=, t_» j ^QTisjT- Tear. Tt* cffiiecs *rs: RTHSL- | ^~- case* as is SCELJT cciscsi i F^ - ifjsjii. J.*A_ 3<r>Ta^iI; 'iscsLriisifrci 3-5-1?- ,;• tr.-r> "-»^ Eire iess. for ip''' 1 fcecss irr dent yoa get a bottle ta-ca? RK.H i COKHJJOETR, AT LAW. rlfL A ? soeea crrectes^» aocress, grr- ie Ladies* . H.. Btiesiiaajr cf f '•-~r ts -anti TSST- saxeaes scsts rf S£r, FcciL ft QffinBtOFo* T€t3S» "IKB Sraufiiffii at auflfin'* intartis f&t torfflte jains ta nf to&t »nt iaci. g."-* -i cf s isffi STCSH. me zsr as Wisetii:e laas reli-e-L ten c ^ 0 ,-^»u. -^txro ULJSTEf. I cc-il cf e£i7, SEorccs cr as sise Y<£SSE£ gresv a HOOK TO YOUS EYES A. D. CAS The Bac^ Dctig* M=s=agar ajs tcai | ^i^,-* . f J_:r*lLiiaii* li sc f^o. =&: " -^CcT—As lo-w *x C. CalL Alseca. . . _ SE s siainiar" s TBSS. ^ 50 YEARS* EXPERIENCE . »,. - - , Eais? Stcsnt inras ionie * Saw «; OE iM T " jr *^y^ ; ^- ffwfl* I ^g^£_ ffj. jjja iniai ascfi aie wesks — lass wee-i. I ?r> ; i« far EI=- W«aiatat ia. sa* Bg. ifrrir js 2i5W Off aSaflLS3 3 ATT&SS'STS AT LAW, f Cffias OTST UasJaSTs SSEES- .* >q<onj«, — WH! saaa aiaw* sfecs^csc to L-eatrs FRSSJERICS K. CUKTISS, AT LAW. Was. T. Og-L*. eee cf a.tteKfe«^ ft 111Tyl'iill mag xsxrsiax ffor soonrat ft»* WTBCMT cijoanis. SA^I : | er at cor . *s 4 1 fe-jsiiiii wsLacasfi beta. %n«?fr ^r fflfci*i-9» » »e 42* ace I * <"*«•* T«5 ia sssige «"** g st *' ay ** es=ccE3JajC. F. i_ TH1SO2J. M. EX, E£i a sew lirtag' ia i fcece isa a?sa ef til* week iis ytEtt®£ BUS ssatst K-. E. ffarita* wens Sfemiiikir ta iiESam. sta- P&YSICIAS' a.f*n ,12. sui 2t«r atocsi J Ms »*j s*? Swta Cisy Is is M tajfs sLsfie fe« *s Caoacil C- Cas sie stass B&- OiM Feilaw H=s?? '-A at CUT CTTS. Socfesy cf H- CX MeCOY. M. PL, PST&IGIAS AN& 8W3&JSQS. Offleg as yimfttwti.1 ufctlc art»gg::ag az tag- same H, SL. BESS csmiiersv. A E M»Iaif, teas Si A Gsskaaaiaati ffiTB'Bfr aze ass jfflsss ou£ aaa swec. a. QBIGIXAL NOSdl Mr. Fxer of , rasters owars&e Sahfeaife. sa- saacresu*iai6ai«as-wi=2i sane? QJ "JES BISSBH^ COCaS Iowa — TS. g^tr?«.g- ir^ a. Saaniaj- aefeool eiac.-ren.liuc tae Brg Hrira. f »JB»oops (laa-'t anaes sae aciuw cut pcsce a/ S- C- Sgear aas. Or. fxees. PHYSICIAN AMO SUSCEO« mfety -wsizy «rf Kj«fi*ni2. eosmcj. lawi, jn-.jjratfiMsi2iiialEd.iay I.M! Sawraiistc, 1*8*^ j gtaa sii* is Csa fe*i fci &£*ik clgS-i BifeiS •aaiaa «saaj-Krij- si. kferaaoe^ ar rima, fcw% gees PSTSICIAW ecctiagcf ianre gfc «ii t&f, wmsot (to Siat P. ^?^f jgi lias yante gp im tib». K*., .. . Sc&owt «« Oana^nfiauae « JSo eoto etoiESB w Stt% yyyy Bttilj* 2£i4B$>. ^.Vf ttolj W 1 ^^^" w** "^ T1S&A&B&AJSHS J-» »srtii^ai»ssa*T?!

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