The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1898 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1898
Page 10
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««£thet'comes, But it's the 8 »»* M&m «W the tiftie. And it's the samel old story, *•« Tiff 1 ls u flret the »M J *<*«gh» then loosens the grasp of your cough. The congestion of the throat and lungs is removed; all inflammation is subdued; the parts afs put perfectly at rest and the cough drops away. It has no diseased tissues on which to hang. Dr. Ayer's ^ Cherry Pectoral Plaster draws out inflammation of the lungs. Advlca Ffea. ' • Remember we hare a Medical Departs ment. H yon Jiaye nny complaint whatever and desire the best medical advice you can pooslbly obtain, write the doctor freely. You -will receive a prompt reply, wlthou t co«t. Address, DB. J. 0. ATER. ' Lowell, Mass. bfcfoflS in histof y was there * whe*e & dialed and dapiivts «t* tiny t we veth&SiSMsiAi'ds, ff aj-e thj fctrires brttughfc attrttt* by Hostette*^ Stomach IHtterl. Nevenr has there been so successful & medi« cine |o? stomach arid liter disotdefci like dyspepsia, iadigestiOtt, blllotishesa tthd cofaati|>atioi) t Th* befit pineapples gfrow la feastern Cuba., They afe very easy to caiti* vaia. only little capital Is required, and previous experience is not absolutely ««66ssttr. < ' • . j A Reflection on Her Watch. Mr. Batchelor—No; I'm never late at the theater, even when accompanied by a woman. Iv Miss Waite—How do you manage it? p Mr. Batchelor—I have her watch regulated and delivered to her the afternoon of the engagement. i Which Was the Worst. j "I cnn't endure Willins, with his eternal brag of his ancestry." •| "He isn't half as tiresome as Hillins, always bragging about his posterity." • Guidance. Mudge—I have always tried to guide , myself by tho truth. _ Yabsley—Well, you have succeeded in steering yourself past it pretty successfully, ' fir Ifau'c Rnnnvatnr GUARANTEED . Uli RO]|5 neilUiaiUl, toouredyspepsia, oon lUpuuoii, ilvoc iiua kidney diseases, biliousness headaohes, etc. At druggists, 2po mid $1.UU. Dcafhemi Cannot tie Cnrcd l applications, as thsjr cannot reach the diseased fcottlon of the ear. There Is ?«, £, one *& !.° cu , re Deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafnfesa is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous Unfngr ol the fiustachlan Tube. when tills tube Is Inflamed you Have a 5 u E l i lllnffi ! oundlot ' imperfect hearing, and when it la entirely Closed Deafness Is the result, ahd unless the Inflammation can be taken out ahd this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine coses out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will five One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. - F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c, Hall's Faintly Fills ure the best. When a woman compliments you, she expects you to throw it right back. Coc's CionKn Bnisam i« the oldest and best; It will break np a cold qaickei than anything else. It Is nlw»v» reliable. Try It Over one hundred miles of telegraph wires run through the sowers of Paris. How. A. U. WTMA.W, Ex-Treasurer of the United States and now President of the Omaha Loan and Trust Co., one of the largest negotiators of Western Morteaees, writes; "To Whom This Coniesj Greeting: I take pleofiure in recommending .the virtues of the remedies prepared by thel)r. B. J. Kay Medico! Co. Having known of some remarkable cures of Omaha people affected by the use of Dr. Kay's .Renovator and Dr. Kay's I.ung Balm, I believe that these great remedies are worthy of the confidence of tho public. " Thousands of the most prominent 'people fu America know that tho above ure facts, and no remedies have att'octed so Jarco a percent of cures. Send for our large illustrated book. It has great value, but will be sent free. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and Omaha, Keb. ' We would like to see the man or woman who can keep from worrying; al- thongh it is said no one should worry. Cleanliness is next to Godliness- use Diamond "C" Soap ln_the laundry. Linen pants ara always too long or too short; no man eve'r 'wore a pair just right as to length. Sirs. Wlnslow's Soothing; Syrup. For children toothing, softens ths gums, reduces lip flUinmatlon, allays pain, cures wlml colic. Jjoobottlo. In his time nearly ' evei-y boy has carried raillc. _ No-To-lJao for FJf tyCent* Guaranibud tubucoo hub t cure, makes weak mon ttrtinic, blood mire. 6Uo. tl. All oruimlsts. At every picnic, every guest secretly believes that every other guest didn't bring her share. A child's set silver plated knife, fork and spoon free for Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. Ask your gr'caor. Old people cannot act cute 2nd they should not try it. PLUG R emember the name when you buy IN THE HOUSE BUIWS THE wma m TIM ANP SAPO T^JBP m(' >^. P ~~*» ,^||PK Aufoh, and Pe«te Frahcalse Sttttli&fcl almost idefl stbtleg of tli^ BBbjeet. !t appears that the irfat.HfraS t*ei fc? a fene«u idttlftf aft ftfft irisHJofi. The cotisSiktort tS hate taken action iatlif dfty, duf lh« as ab8«inc8 <rt the minister of trftf, Cteli.,0hanolne. It tothe* appfeafa that *hett thd goverfitnent was Waffled tit £n« plot the ministers *ere not Stir* pflBfed, having already obtained Jnfor* Nation regarding it* ' f he iMatin says the plfit was not in favor of one of the pretenders to the throne of'France, but *as only for the purpose of removing certain officials of the government without touching the president. The Railroad Workers' union has posted placards ordering a strike. Urging the strikers to refrain from violence and informing the public that It danger threatens the country the men will immediately return to their, posts. This strike Includes the Algerian provinces. , Chicago Board of Trade. Chicago, Oct. 14.—The following table shows the range of quotations on the Board of Trade today: Articles— High. Wheat— Oct. .. ..... I .66% .66% Low. - —Closing—• Oct.14. Oct. 13. Dec. May Corn— Oct. Deo. May Of.ts— -Oct. Dec. May Pork—•' Oct. Dec. Jan. Lard— Oct. Dec. Jan. .30% .33% .....? .G5& | .68 $ .64 .65 .64% .65% .66^ .66 .30 .30% .30% .30& .31 .30% .32VS .33% .32% .22% .23% ..... .22% .22% .22% .22% .22% .23 .23% .23% ...... ...... 7,87% 7,77% 7.97% 7.82% 7.97% 7.87% 9.22% 9.00 9.20 9.10 Short Ribs— Oct. .. 5.37% Dec. .. /Jan. .. 4.80 ...... 4.90, 4.80 4.92% 4.82% 4.92%' 4.82% 5.02% 4.90 5.00 4.92% 5,22% 5.30 B.32% ....... 4.75 4.67% 4.65 4.77% 4.70 Refused to Move. Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 15.—Executive ousiness occupied the fourth and closing day's session of the grand encampment Knights Templar at Carnegie hall today. The special order of business was the consideration of proposed revision of the constitution. The most ,important amendment proposed was the one to locate the grand encamp, ment headquarters in Washlngtbn.thua providing for the storage of all av» chives of the encampment in that city. This was voted down by a large majority. A compromise amendment was adopted providing that in the event of a city not desiring to entertain the grand encampment on the occasion of any future -triennial conclave, the grand encampment will meet In,Washington. An amendment to the constitution was also adopted providing for a reduction }n the per capita tax from 5 to 3 cents. The new grand officers were then installed with impressive ceremonies,Ha« No Dealing* with Italy. Washington, Oct. 15.—On inquiry at che Colombian legation regarding the suspension of relations between Colombia and Italy, the charge d'af- faires gave the following explanation: , "It is,true that tho Colombian govr ernmont has passed a decree suspending relations with Italy. I have not seen the text, but I am advised officially that it guarantees to Italians the protection of the laws and besides that the British legation is charged with protecting Italian interests in Colombia. This act of the Colombian government is without doubt the result of popular indignation against the hostile measures adopted last summer by the Italian government .with its warships in Colombian waters on the pretext of some failure on the part of Colombia in fulfllling^the award of President Cleveland in the Cerruti case," Staff Ofllcerg Needed, Washington, Oct. 15.—It is not probable that there will be a muster out of any number of staff officers'to correspond to the number of general officers which were included in the discharge a few days ago. The department finds, in view of the fact that a number of officers have resigned op been honorably discharged, that the demand for staff officers in different places makes it almost impossible to dispense with ihe services of many more at present. Wuuts to Civre for Soldiers. Washington, Oct. 15.—MaJ.-Gen, Sumner, who received his promotion for gallantry at Santiago, will spon be sent to one of the corps in the, south an4 given command of a division.- Gen. Sumner is Rt present chief inus. tering qfflcer for Pennsylvania, but was at the way department yesterday and expressed ftls ^reference for ser* vice with the soldiers. Sfo tMto iSBfi ehtfe* tiW rtghteolssty ' Mnd th SeAd fdttf «settW (In telAtopsj fdf, lUustrdted booklet l&siled by the ChU cftgo, MllwftflkefiASt. Pan! the dlfecl route adwsa the Coittiafehfe ta the New I'f We&esslonft ef the United States. of Ifttest feliftble infdtifttU6n fttld viil natJle for refe^Ttee* Ca« Vfl ttSed us a text book in scn6bl. Address «eo. U, Henffdrtl, den'l Pass, and ticket Agent, Chicago, 111. ' • , Spiders are eaten t>y the Ilot ten tots and NeW Caledonians with the utmost relish, ttfnnryl* nlonil Clean blood mattes a Clean skin. No beauty trillion!: it. Cnscdrets Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring; up the Iftey livef anddrivitig till hn- puritlcs from th» body. Begin to-day to banish r>ittitile«, bolls, 'blotches, blatsktieada nnd that sickly bilioiiB complexion by taking Cagcnreti.—beiutty for leu cents. AH druggists, satisfaction gnnrituteed. 10. 28, BUo. The largest sowing machine in the world is in operation in Leeds, England. It weighs 0,500 pounds and sows cottoa beltingr. Don't Tobacco Spit anil ' Smoke tour Life IMJ. To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo mapnotlc, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 50oor $1. Cure guaranteed; Booklet and simple free. Address Sterling Remedy GJ., Cttloaffo or New York. _;;,;-. ^ A check recelvod by a JJoston bank had on it, Instead ;ot the regular two- •centrevenno stamp, two one-ceut "postage due' 1 stamps. Honest grocers prefer to sell honest soap. Diamond "C" Soap is honest, economical, every .way desirable. Rear Admiral Phelps is the only surviving member of the first graduating class from .tho Naval A cndemy. There Were forty-seven members in tho.class. FITS PertnanontlyOuteti.TToJItji ornorvousneBsartet atat day g uno of Dr. Kline's Gteat Isorvo Roitorar. Bendfor FREE 8:4.00 trial bottle nnd treatlso. It is aremarkablo fact that, asarule, tho sowinpf done ,by male tailors is neater, finer und more uniform than that done by women. "WANTED—Cnso of bad nouHTi tfiat K-I-P-A-N-S will not benefit, Sowd 5 conts to Klnana Chomlca Co., WBW York.rorlOtainolng and 1.000 toatlinonlala. The man who owes for his hat is over head nnd ears in debt. ' To Cure Conotipiiturn U'orover, ,?£*?, J-KffiiroVs, LmiOf (iniiinrtla. lUo or Ha U C, C. U. mil to euro druKginta refund mouur. AVoiulorlng: Wliy She Did. "Woman, when you married mo, you got a wonder!" ; • "Yes, and I'have been wondering ever since." The natives of China nro much impressed with American sewing machines, and American firms recently sent a shipment to Bangkok, valued at $83,000. -.;.. • -•'Last year the United States exported 300 locomotives, valued at about $3,000,000; sewing machines to the value of $2,500,000, and typewriters' worth 181,500,000. /• ' ••' Changed. Watts—"I see they intend to retain the name of that Spanish ship Ilobsoa raiseo." Potts—"They may intend to, but it, •will not be retained. The people oi this great and glorious country will change it from Mareea to Marya." t TO CUBE A COED rtf ONE DAX Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All ^ggists refund the money if it fails to cuVe. <»o. The genuine has L. B Q, on each tablet The grave of an unmarried woman"! m Turkey, is often indicated by a rose earve4 in stone. ,J know that my life was saved by Plso's Cure for Consumption.-John A. Miller, Au Sable, Michigan^ April 31,1805. ' It will do you no g-ood to complain; the neighbors won't mind their own business. «K*A*"M»44 1 ^rtH j AWUBKJ.OITOAUA vy pav bunv tttliCSr boKlH& vu«.«*v^ bottles of LydJa m Piiklmm's Vegetable Cfem- ' pound X was <*6flsitletfebly better, ftnd ifteff. ualftg thr^e tedfe it bWigM rae whel»6 f"^ 1 to-day, t aft WeU» ihd the mdthef of had failed to help me, I ha4e,*i6 I 6to§tdthattk!)titM*8.J'iakhaia and 1 , Tv your mcdidi&ei and adtide httvts ddne f of me, . " 1 haVfi & U6,by twd tnontna 6ld 4 WhStt jie *<ras boiftx t was elelg only fifteen ifilnlites, whereas With, tay othcf children lnvea siok fa* two or threo days, aad also suffered with Iny left log, and feould get nothing to relldre the pain but morphine. My leg did not trouble toe at all this time. I had no after pains and Was not'as weak as I had been before. " I cannbt praise Ijydia E. Plnkhatn's Vegetable Compound too highljj. May God bless you in your noble work.", Mrs. J. W. IPnuKrr, Medford, Oregon, saysJ " My health, also tho baby's, we owe to Lydta E. Pinkhato's Vegetable Compound." Mrs. JOIIN W. LOJTQ, Wyoming, Iowa, -writess f " 1 had shooting pains all tivet my body, was very weak and nervous. I could not straighten up. 1 wished to become another but was afraid I never could. Seventeen months aj?o I irbt 1 G CV y rT y 0 / 64 ^ 1 " Compound, and after taking half a bottle Was mnch^ lieved. I took four bottles and Was euro* Now I have a blir baby boy 'wfaldL I feel I owe to your Compound. Many ^anks for your kindlKI" T™, AMlinoflWomenHaveBeenBeaeflteabyMrs.Pinkliam'sAdvlceai.dMe^dfl^ '' r,rt TryQrain-0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show,you a package of OrRAIN-O, tho now food drink that takes tho place of coffee. Tho children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GUAIN-0 has that rich soul brown of Mooha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. \ tho price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Bold by all grooora. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Insist that yonr grocer gives you QHAIN-0 Accept no Imitation. SLICKE WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat, If you wantn coat that will keep you dry In thp hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker, If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston, Mass. NEW DISCOVERY]^™* — - quick rollofami curea worst —i ~~..» for book of testimonials and 1O days' treatment .Free. Ur.ll. II. CUKIiN'S W. N. U. Pes Molnes. No^j. —i8p8« FOSTER'S CORN SHOCK ! BALER AND LOADER, '>'X i$ !& ^ thlg baler two men, with one team, can liulo « to 0 acres of corn fodder per duy. HUooks, when imlort In the flow; ar« , larBOHt Bbrettdora or cuttew bttsy. •', vvrlto for circulars nnd toKtlmonlali. nuinlng pupcr contillnlnc this , advor- eiin^AQBNTS WANSJKD. • , T, " OEOROE P. FOSTER, Preaton, ) oVva. ', PIMPLES _TAr "" """vifourau, i uua oeen troubled with oonstipatlon for spme time, but atter to" »&,*?£. ttl ?, t °af oaret I have iafl ao trouSlo with thta ailment. We cannot speak too Wan. arets> " v> W8 , 670^rmntownAvZPwraaelplil 8 ,P», t f CANDY CURE CONSTIPATION, . H..trti). H,, y«rt, HD-TO-BAC UUMIlHIi I LE.U IU yUriC jiumouueno, jiiuuBiizu, ijainrm. ann mi Jtinpnnd. tltront trouMoe, Sqnil for proof of U. It does not sicken or dl«aV«« with the utomncb.. Safe for all ages, uw^™ Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. BAD, WORSE, WORST SPRAIN Can, without delay or trifling, be cured promptly by the GOOD, BETTER, REMEDY , FOIi JPAItf , St. Jacobs Off- !P^^^ ClUoasfO Blurd-erer, . Chicago, Oct. 15.—Joii n Druggy W as hanged In tb? county fcij ^t J3;02 FJ'Way *or the, murger of Jt, y Qudgepn, t George H. Jac^a, wh 9 Andrew F, fttcG escorted to, the The Youth's Companion *. m • THOSE who subscribe at once for the 1899 volume \yjU , * receive pree all the November and Pecenjber issues from the time of subscription to January i, 1899, Includ, Ing the beautiful Poupje Holiday Numbers,' Aropng the many famoMS contributors to these issues wJU be „,-.,,- Rudyord Kipling JWjja'ssjpfc ^/j.':.' " • J^' • -••^'T--.- -• r—T T.__. •„ ,.,-„,.. _ . . , : -Ln.i JLLuN..j -__ Lillian Nordirfi imiiinjn iis/i MII^M RUDYARQ KIPMNQ. _ volume for i^wHi^J^^JW...?^?^?!? hae eyer published $cb of toe e es HP OMPANION has eyer puWlsh tr K ^ ri % ^9 3rtl , c ¥ qf V« intereW \y)|| give, their bes^ wprk t« readers «f THE * wtau Wto Oompflni9» Oalp nilor torUK, r ' -^ ^yiS T""\"-i ^ff\f-'i>'\'a^i <_ '\ i ' 1 -<"' *V^>V.V" Y**ls>'-'li*,*i "•}'

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