The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1898 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1898
Page 9
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Ing the last year was in the two years the go d Jfoln In culatlon among our People has lncrea_ ed $206,054,816. July 1, 1896, there "« gold and gold bullion in the treasury * ad *" $144,745,261.88; in 1898 this creased to $202,299,811.60, an Increase ot gold and gold bullion In the treasury of $67,554,555.72 as compared with July 1, 1896. Continuing, he said: No Bock-word S-eps. "The money clippers in town convention assaulted the cans for declaring for a single standard and taking a fl™ 6 * than has been taken in previous _na tlonal conventions. Certainly no ward step was taken in the , with the experience of n a " on *- fh . four The speaker then referred to the fotn great commissions which have striven faithfully to bring about an agreement with the leading nations of Europe on the silver question without avail. Con- Sin" 1 !;, come, in my n, come, ment to quit tendering these commis- ' ountry can take Monsto Europe. care This country can to Europe. care of its monetary conditions if will only Btick to a standard that w 1 be recognized throughout the gie i commercial world. The man who not see this and know it now has his eyes closed to current financial uw t0 "0f one thing the voters of this ^state can rest assured and that is that the «pubHoan party will fight tc , matr ,ta I, In its full purchasing 100-cent power dollar In the pockets of every ,n the P««tt6n question, and after showing tnAt one-third of all the revenues collected by this government for all purposes, leaving out the recent war, goes to the men and their widows and children who fought for the nation luring a great'civil war, akld he had studied the pension laws 6f other civilized countries and was certain that no i.ation on earth approaches anywhere near this country In the provisions made for those who had fought for it, and lie urged the old soldiers to show themselves worthy of thiB and not give any unkind person an opportunity to ; i itlcise ft say that they had lost love of countr.^ for love of themselves. In closing, Colonel Henderson said: "The republican party Is a party of the people; It can be trusted In any crisis, it ran-inaugurate war when necessary, a-hd its wisdom will solve every problem resulting from war; not In the interest of ambition; not In the Interest of grabbing capitalists or adventurers, but in the interest of the American people and their republic. It has in the face of every obstacle preserved good money and plenty Of it; it has placed $200,000,000 of bonds for war purposes among our people, without paying one cent of premium, and without dropping millions of profit into the pockets of either foreign or domestic money sharks, and all in the time of WAT and at the low rate of 3 per cent interest. "It has taken a depleted treasury and the poor man for five years, ;so yo use- that statement is made for no otner ^ThTspeaker referred to the way in which the prosperity of the countn is inching, our Industries are being^developed, there is work for all who. wisn It and our manufacturers are shipping he said this with the little have but one of these as & standard ot value. If two Standards are the sam< then you have but on« Standard after all. If they differ, then you have ho Standard at all." Gold and Silver Certificates Contrasted The speaker then referred to the different kinds of money in circulation in the United States. Concerning gold and silver certificates he said that the latter were simply paper issues of sliver dollars. They are only for convenience and are issued on deposit of coined silver dollars, par for par. Gold certificates, on the other hand, are issued against deposits of either gold coin or gold bullion; thus silver certificates are issued against the coined silver dollars, while gold certificates are issued against the intrinsic value of the gold bullion as well as of. the coined dollars. In this way the present monetary ejstem clearly recognizes gold as the standard of value. It is immater- whether the gold is in the form of . ,the argument that the government . mak c money," Mr. Lane Said it Is not irue. "The government Is a chronic nr ' U has "othlng. It is always sel- i/in.i i. .'«-^ >»MV.I**I»S. **• 10 itiwiiya electing taxes In order to pay Its debts. If it ran indeed make money, what are we paying taxes for? Why does it not roeke money enough to pay its debts and not ask us to contribute? Why, lndee«, oo'-s )t not make a lot of million dollar bi.'is and pive us each one and thus settle f.;.? coritioversy? But some one says It WRde greenbacks. True, but they -were only promises to pay, they were not mono/ riierc Is a great difference between a promissory note and money." rbe claim that the present evstera of money benefits the creditor class at tre expense of the debtor was consider! unl denied on the ground that a stab',*, currtn- ot $35,000,000 that our democratic | bullion or o f coined money with the lieve .._ * * filled ft by revenue >and internal «!Um 01 56O,UUV,UUU 1,110.1. "«> --- --friends would have the world believe woum bring universal prosperity to our land " In conclusion he said: "ft is indeed a sad thought that cornea home to us when we see the choicest of our land, suffering and. dying In military camps away from home, but war always brings death and suffering prl- stamp of the United States government upon it, it hae the same value, the same Intrinsic worth the world over. With silver it is different. The intrinsic worth of the silver in a dollar as coined is about 40 to 45 cents. "Silver does not stand in the ratio to gold of 16 to 1 today, but of 32 to 1," fcLJ WBLj H Wli*ife" \>v, whtj *~~. — ----- — - lil/lH. W*. *" vvy •*• » i w**«™^ ».•»•>- - — — -- — — • vatlons and hardships, in almost every dec)are ,i Mr. Lane. "With this known form. every toller, on the farm and in the shop, iu nf the silver campaign ,; to" denounce- the bondholder, the banker, and the capitalist. Those peo; pie forget that me banker and th pen revenue legislation, and at the same time, has given every worker an opportunity to feed and clothe his flock. It has crushed the navy and army of one of the most relentless and tyranlcal governments on earth, with a rapidity that has startled the world. The country has only one danger threatening' it— an attack upon our money. A wise and patriotic president has so completely crushed the cry of 16 to 1 that it is but a hollow echo of the past." . It is unfortunate that any man relat i on i n value of these metals, do should have been called upon to nil u.ny u WRnt to overthrow the single stan- position that was not thoroughly corn- dafd and Bay that we s hall have two petent, but the world believes that standar a a; one a gold standard intrin- PreKident McKlnley did everything Bically wor th 100 cents, the other a sil- that he could do to bring relief to our yer g^^^f^ intrinsic soldier boys and today as we stand an-i tnan 50 . per cen t of par intrinsically worth less contemplate the *'" f ' u **r of l hat al Myself the | H ow it Would Work. what would be the inevitable «»«lt? eioner use the same money; they ioi«» that the bondholder and the P»owhoWer use the same money; you cannot cheat the bondholder Without cheating the mechanic. Plea For An Honest Dollur. "Let every voter rally at the polls.In November to stand by the money that will give a hundred cents -to» every dollar's worth of products ot the farm and a dollar's worth of toil in the Sl Co P ncernlng the war Colonel Henderson "aid "War should be the last resort ot nations. With our honored president I stood resisting war while there was a reasonable hope and Justification for avoiding it, but when the time came that lar seemed to be our duty no patriots in the land hesitated and in the twinkling of an eye sectional lines were blotted out, I hope forever, in tblBie- SECRETARY DOBSONS'S SPEECH Au Able Analysis of Present Political Conditions, Secretary of State Pobson said that before entering upon a discussion of the money question he wished to make a auestlon t U pOBBlble that the Ameri- The man who WM BelUng goods would can DPOPle vil refuse to endorse his demand payment In the best money, admln B^tion, that IB. the question gold. The,»an who.was buying good. Uia you w havrto settle on election would demand the right to pay in tho UJttU JrUU »VIH .1U..V, .rtnnoir alllTDI*. AH \Vpll ha.VP cy bcnonts all classes. Who constitute the creditor class? was asked, and the answer given that the banks do not. They, it was said, were always and all In thn deb or class. They always owe more than their capital. The Creditor Claps. (| "On the other hand," said tho speaker every man who labors and everv l«tm-r who sells his produce on time belong to the creditor class. A man w«vj does a day B work has comlnR to mm the price ot the work and to that extent he Is a creditor. Why he should wisn to rndnce the value of what be is 10 receive has ways been a mystery to me. "Decrease the value ot what cverv man receives by BO per cent and a man who hn an income of $2,OUO would then r.;oelv $1,000. He could still wnll support a 1'ntn ily, but what would tho laborer do whos wages are ?1.25 to $1.50 per day? Do nu think that If money was cheap all wage Would immediately RO up. Prices of a commodities would at onco advance, bi» history teaches that labor I? the lant com modity to be effected in such a ca«ie. Th employer's expenses are all IneroarftU; e' orythliiR he buys costs more and hn very slow to voluntarily add anything; to whtit he has to pay out." Mr. !Lane closed th'a branch of his address with a quotation from Macauto/ de- Kcriblnsr tho condition of affairs In J''re- BYNUM ATOSCEOLA E*.Democrat leader Makes ft Masterly Address to a Very Large Audience, Senator Gear Opened the Big Meeting at Oaceola W 1th a Characteristic Address. Congressman Hepburn, Mr* Foster and Ex-Governor Drake In the Evening. • Senator Gear was the first speaker a the opening meeting of the campaign In the Eighth district, which Was held a Oscfiola. He said that Mr. Hepburn was sound upon all questions and in every .hey I«t the more to get It sld that hen it waJ. foum I lS to k*ep the silver .AM, gold the government took charge ot , f subsidiary coins .arid P"? P them so that there Is not as much Stiver In two half dollars »? there is In a dollar. Th s was done to prexent people ffott selling the silver .and send n« t out of the country. However, It would! not be just to let one man take 49 cents worth "of silver and have It coined Into 50 cents" and so the government does It on Its own account. The government, In order to keep It at par with gold, has also decided that It will, If necessary, redeern the sliver It Issues as money with gold. That is what we mean when we say that the government has established the go id standard. "Talk about bl-metabsrn, salrt the speaker, "thero Is no way on the fa ca of the earth to maintain blmetallsm in , this country except you maintain the gold standard and keep the silver coins equal to It by government coinage upon Its ov, n aC ReferVln* to the charge that the government in 1873 struck down one-half of sound upon all questions ana in evuiy ernmem•»'"'-"" M- Rvnum said that way worthy the suffrage of the,people of the^ ^^^"^'g reasoni that there wag was a vote to disarrange 0 business, but tho tlon at that time. lvftr , 9 A11UA1C 111 JLOJVJ HJCXfc «. »wv\* *.«» * 1 » I, was a vote to disarrange business, but the that since the enactment of the 1 "- — '"'- he takes paperrbut he asks that the paper v,» nu ironrt us Hold, and so do we. ino be operated with American with ffi lawl Hi" Btuurls. The position the "brass money' pei'oi ot of Judge Ney, . as his at- If you vote the republican tick- cheaper money, silver. As well have f' •*•'• » ... ___i _. . n ,« . _*._«J*. «^!M x\<» vYiofi euro rnr n-nnrlR n «a ' iemijtorl to doelare It, or rather to rti.^^ti^e declaring war, and he honored them for It, pcoplo ot tms c °"4 hr -.' lel j, u I{ lt snO uUl but came to the: passage^ of the feneflt of the bondnolJ ^ « ' [ had re . bills furnishing tho. sinews of war. to bo noised'about that this country L v w " j: v . , .. ~-i.. every ma.n who see that It was what would happon If urns rurnismng tno. sinews ui ««.', "> „ ,Y";~;, i;_ n p.,.ppmr>nt«< raise funds an! otherwise enable the ad- P«?'ated Hs weements ministration to carry on the war, not a ho ' d ». * J" 0 ,^?,?! woum corporal's guard of the democrats voted tor foreclosed at once. - them. They said they didn't want to issue . hn VnvprnmVnt«hmlla open "its mints to e _ bonds, they wanted to Issue irredeemable the j^*™™" of "i ve° Klther tho dol- • Breentacks. He referred to the rapidity the free coinage o^^ 40 t s or the few statements to which he invited mlrable policy that is'being carried out Which merchant would you buy from? ^nrnfui attention. ! *,, =,,™o BB fniiv hv the republican party How long would It be betore one mer- careful attention. dollar Is not legal Mexico, but you two Mexican dol- eiUl tvvl.'-ln.tvll. RQ SUCCebHLUII^ Uy \.ll*~ i ^^^w.-v, — .- r — - ... 4.J.W ., .^--c, - - - T- OTrrUI«U In the first place the democrats say d jts administration, with as good chant would have all the trade? Which they are blmetalllsts," .said Mr. Dob- money a s any nation In the world pos- would you consider honest and which son. "That simply means that they are Besseg an( j great abundance of it. Pros- dishonest? in favor of two metals, gold and silver. perlty nas cor ne to every state in the "We can have the gold standard or That is just exactly where the republic- unlon our mills and factories are run- the silver standard, not both. One an party stands. It Is in favor of the ' ful( tlm6j our workingmen are means good money, so recognized the most liberal use of both these metals. Ket jj ng . p i en ty of work, money Is to be world over; the other means poor or It believes-In a financial policy that will £ lower rates of interest than ever cheap money, so proven by the history keep both gold and silver circulating £ th balance of trade $015,000,000 • o f the ages." freely together. It believes that every " • g en eral confidence prevail- The speaker said that the republican dollar of silver that is issued shall be rou ghout the land, the prestage of party desires to open the markets of kept on a parity, with gold, and.that.a ™*'- » * anfl nayy the talk of tne tne world to the produce of America, to sufficient volume of silver snail oe is- .. *, tn s tate government of the products of the Industries of Amer- blotted out, i nope ior«v« - .- sued on government "£°ount to meet 01 run ag economlcally as lca and to the Bku i and ingenuity of nubile Our armies have maintained every legitlmaie business demand. Now 10 v government has been run, American labor. "To do this we must the reputation of our country as flght- whatever policy will *rlng this result ^ aig ever £ reason why that Intelli- have a currency based and measured ers and our navy has made immortal about U seems to me, would be ac mere | our shou , d g , e standard and that standard ^ Anfr^n- ^H^ry gve^no -P^t^lnt^ igent pubUc. ^ |te the republican ticket at the com- ^^goldJ^Why^ Becaus^a^the •$* ^•^t^aYMs^ff^g ^^^^^A?^ •— v."r'"";" j" ' --—•.-•-—:--j- P'?:V: which was rendezvoused at his town, duu l ^."'^; ™ n iid not debase our dollar, you forms. If he stands on both why doesn t men were i ost by disease In the nrst six ?°' n) ?f efl ^2 ulncg goon as the mints were he say BO? months. In regard to the outcomo of the would nnd ns soon as me i ^ ^^ ,i T> T...I XT : c* ii war. th« nnen.ker said that he was per- openeu inaj "i'»i» """' "' .7 ' i. hf , VB It must be so unless he stands on the WllHamKburR and Marshalltown How Docs N,v «nn,l? "Does he reject the Marshalltown plat- war, the speaker said that he was per sonally ' I "' J1 *~ """"' t. ffi ] ™ dollars SS"i£ one . form because It specifies the ratio of the Wherever our flag is raised It should stay, ™ b hem back and have them free and unlimited coinage of silver and a plllar of clou( f by da y and of fire by lar ana "ring ^a Amerlrtin dollars ami gold at 1C to 1? Does he accept tho Wll- mg ' nt( and under its protecting folds the joined into ™ o . rA l", 1 ,{,;j suppose you liamKbnw platform because tt fixes no :a- ™«^ $ M { hose }at & s sh ould have civil thus double your m ^ 111 ^,? u ^ 00sAn ? er . " tfo for the fre« and unlimited coinage, and " ro iigious freedom. The tariff ques pnriunr an oug wo but will allow him to take tliB ratio of tlon he 8Bald was no t an Issue this year, can nd °l ln ,^ n ? h " mu *' om cd into Amurican 16 to 1 after election? Does he repudiate He thought that the democratic party was L ar>r ,? n ? n( lCr (1 av Tho next day von tool; ' ' and bought two Mexican dol- n " u *' ,vas acu o..i t ..«.«-. - history of this or any other country, so XSS&&S3$'<te™ cartridges, powder, «fP> f.*^f u \ s ' Ufl/beneflt derived from 'the govern- and without an army, in 113 fays puts onv <£™"£ s n lnstances is simply all this into existence, moves like light- nu nt «anv p m BU ^ & flneness o f ning upon tyranny, crushes a navy and ^ «r fn the ool™ And the same is raises the American flag over islands si e r in u ^ ^^ coins lsgued never contemplated when the war be- . « u « ' countries of the world today. gan. The word miracle can be well ap- 1 ^ u ^err.ui"nt stamp affixed to a $20 plied to what was done, and yet whiis £' * • j doeg not lncrea se its value; our hearts are full of gratitude to God » , ' |y «j erves to s how the amount of and our lips trembling with shouts of » s ' '"'' ' gold in s co , 'Another atft'tement: The only countries today whore gold and silver are ljl B ,j ve r out of circulation or at some been deceived by orators "who said that ns \ t nn people of the United States each one wou! d Ket 50 cents, "The cows and Sen! of the state of Iowa produ gea more in value In butter and eggs last "ear than thS whole silver output orthe United States for the year. Suppose this $35,000,000 were Bunk to, the noOom of the sea, U would not seriously attect our genera,! prosperity. of the silver of suver approval to our brave soldiers and sail ors, while the world stands amazed at our valor and our power, there are men I ^,^'S'f«cTy %»Ve"by BO contemptible, there are conventions ^ d ,, Dni) ;, ra Countries of the world. BO base, that they hurl assaults upon ^ ' ... fl git Q tion of the free coin- the political party and its great patriot-1 aL' e ofVi'vW at a ratio of 16 to 1 is the lc leader that guided all when this was fi ° , in3t(inc/ , where a considerable accomplished. I say as one who has I1 ., mbl>r O f intelligent people in any na- seen something of war and who remem-1 jj,j n ] la( . aclvn'ati-d the establishmenl bers what war did for four long yearn o£ a mll |.j llK m tio between gold and ell- in this country, that never before did V£l . that ' tl j d not conform to the bul- an administration devote head and ligu va i u( ,. O f such metals, heart more earnestly, during and since ... , n i sto ,.y of our own country the war, to the interest of the sailors *" t f r ; d C0 |' n age of silver, we have and soldiers, than did the present ad- m , Ael . (ia ,j £ ;ti ie r s°l d °F silver clrculat- ministratlon in the BpaniBh-American , ' *,..„.„ f,,, a year at a tirne! eithev war." Concerning the future, the '^j"-.-,.^, ' ' "'^ speaker said he had a very decided H :| V iVarove gold out opinion as to the duty of the hour, but, " Detf . oll then referred '.hat until the American commissioners I ...'\, . t j. e hii'tory of coinage in this reported back to our government we , c ', H ,p" [r - a i,fi tho unsuccessful efforts to Bhoulrt withhold judgment. We are , ' ^ , ir.utalB circulating side by confronted with grave problems which 1 s ^ uf(ll | jj,,, government guaranteed may touch vitally the future destiny of i tl „ ri ,,n v O f all money with gold. He this republic, as well as the people of B aiVth«' ' '"" v '"°" A* r -a\vt>.ti hv other lands, and we should have all tho the light possible before we shall decide ...„...... „..,. „„„,„ „—, what should be done. Of one thing, o£ ,,,.,. s) ., , h j L> M had never before been howevei-, he said, "the people may rest j B ..,, n "vjfr said 'ast year the silver assured, thla administration and thoan! 1P i U es r.£ Ihe United States developed a who have sustained it in this great'jjiuo ovf-r }«%.000.000 worth of Bllver.u struggle will never give cause to blush i this' was dfr.iud SHRQL TAOINUiw or to feel that the American flag has 1 tins uas divided up equally among ine been lowered where it should be held aloft," On the tariff question Colonel Henderson spoke briefly. He said that many good citizens who voted with the republican party two years ago did not agree with us on the subject of protection. He simply wished to submit to the candid consideration of the democratic friends a few questions. Hfis the republican tariff legislation succeeding the Wilson bill thrown any men out of employment, or has it added em- ' pjpyment to the American tollers? Hag our tariff legislation destroyed American commerce? Have we injured the farmer? Some Tariff Le«Hon». In answer to these questions he said; "There was a falling off of Imports of goods and live animals in the year ending June 80, tS98, of $63,886,168. During the same period we exported tn excess of the year ending June 30, 1897, of the products of agriculture $171,156,790, and In excess of 1890 $113,591,842. "Then we have not hurt the farmer, for these millions that he has sold In 1898 in excess of 1896 and in excess of 1897 are so much more money in his pocket." Concerning our exports, he said that during the last fiscal year we exported $1,310,392,097, the largest export in the history of the American vepubllc, and $178,000,000 more than in 1897; that means an increase of gold coming into the country, and an Increase of work for the worJUngman and the farmer. "These enormous exports," he aaid, "were the sledgehammer that broke the endless chain that depleted the gold, reserve in the treasury. "Haa our legislation brought on a financial crash? Has it carried terror into the commercial world? Let oach answer for himself. Ah, my democratic friends, if you dq not yet approves Qf the policy of protection for your country, at least be fiatient with us In the face of the facf that CQnaitions have been Improv^, Instead pf getting worse, since our tariff law was enacted,, and let us again stand. """ mROUlde? against the polio wreck the business ruin into our LAKE GOEUFTER NEY )pening Meeting In the Second District an Enthusiastic Endorsement of Republicans. Republican Candidate for Con. gress Explains the Trend of the Marshalltown Platform Towards Repudiation. i Mr. Lane Announces That He Will Oppose Free Silver at 16 to 1 in Congress, Caucus , or No Caucus. He Challenges Judge Ney to State Where He Stands, and Insists That the People Should Know. Asks Him to State Whether He Believes in a Single or Double Standard or No Stand* ard at All. thn Marshalllown platform because speclflcnlly reafllrms the rlpiMocratlc form of 18%? noes ho repudiate the He tougt a e emocrc r> , n(1 av Tho next day von too; se It not Bo Wind as to attack the present tar- 5S ?two dollars'and bought four'lvlnxicnr. plat- jff , awa of the united States. Tho Oerno- ?°H£ Ptwandaolk ent up this sort of exchange Mar- ts j ave c i mrg ed that the communion f. 0 " 1 }. 1 ^"? K ^ week When Saturday "irouhout the eeic. vv c shalltown plntform because it speclflcaTly Bent by tne United States to try to seoura recognizes William J. Bryan as pre-eml- | ntern itlonal agreement for tho free coin- nently the representative and exponent of age of B n ver na(3 COB t the government a the linanclnl platform of the democratic la " er amo unt of money than It should ' ..... -------- * pVu-tj-r'tf'thesTa^ h a ave l co%t;"and ihey"charge"that"the np- we do not and expect to do this great business, have the gold standard of measure." Marahnlltown Platform Analyzed. Mr. Lane next turned his attention to the platform of the Iowa democrats and proceeded to analyze the demands or the "Marshalltown ngeregation. Ho eaid they were as follows: First—The free coinage of silver. That is, that It shall be made into money without cost to the owner of the metal. . unlimited 'coinage, which „.„„..„ all' bullion shall be coined that Is brought to the mint, Third—That it shall be made into dollars of a certain weight and that the law " declare, no matter how much or now these coins are in fact worth, that they" are each of the same valuo as a gold dollar. Fourth—And finally, that they be made standard money by which to reckon values. "This is radical legislation," said Mr. Lane. "It affords a startling change in our financial system. In my judgment such a policy will establish America to l^tvt v,> . -it it»^uv >*• — ..^--. — . •--- HU.VU UUQlri a,iiiA ti»vj ^.»*«,to 1 -' »•••"•*• ---let Judge Ney come forth and give you his p ropr ] a tion of $100,000 had all been reasons, by the commission. The speaker had tak- "The Davenport Democrat on September e n pains to ascertain the exact amount 8 submitted to Judge Ney and myself they had spent and found it to be_ only these questions: $16,000. It appears, then, that the domo- election to crate have only led *S4,000 in this one , that It over to the . "First—In the event of your election to crats nave oniy neo congress, would you support legislation if statement. Referring ------_ approved by your party caucus, favoring was to follow him. Senator Gear tho policy declared at Chicago In 1896? "Second—Would you, if elected, work and vote regardless of the action of your party caucus, to maintain and perpetuate the gold standard? Mr. Lane's Position. the ,, * * you woufd'have $64. Beginnlne next Monday morning with SM, a WUM.J have $4,09fi at the end of tha pic and tho end of tho third week would : ' 'our possession $202,000, all the upt- of tho one American dollar with, which you started .three weeks before. Then you could become a gold bug and But how long do you suppose it. take for the other people of tha , mt ^ gort Qf dnap Mr. Bynum, who ^ , nnd u ula nnt Da one before your American dollar would be . t worth JiV oxactly the valuo of tha bullion Party.Uaany invites good men, and the republican "• to be congratulated on the acoes- sion of such a good man to its ranks. On his appearance on the platform, Mr. Bynum was greeted by enthusiastic ap- • •"•., i .1 i,ic. acknowledgement i th t tfte govQrn m,;nt can and stamp it and p,,.ke it money, 'yes. the government could tako a Piece of Paper.or^butto^and^UtMntt "rm dip ni-'Vt flnv I answered the first, Bynum was greeted b. „„,„<., w>m ...,« ^«.«..« „ «.--•--- --, n,, 0 «Hn« -No ^and to the second. 'Yes.' , plause. He bowed his acknowledgement ,,} f " nt to a sllver basis in q "whV> Because I belfeve after a care- and said that a few words In explanation ! co £ tr * ever y man who handles —- \\J1VJ lieiauoo a ..__.___ ^..«^.n«« „* ^nolttnn mic^hf —"*• 1 "* «*« lc " a w A . "... , i .„ ..„,. 'This Is H uuiifAM <ii»vj. »«- ii v «.-- ""."/;*."" with, the purchasing power of a^button.^ f,ii f,"' lor . prausG J DPileve arier a t;<i*D- tijju oa/u wit** w *^., .,«.--- .-- —. couiiLfy aveiy uinn ,. **w ..«•*.. .• "L^I,,^ -itlon of the money question of his position might not be amiss. He fl would have to charife you someihlng v^t two years and more, that had for Wrty years served the democt-atio « ar tne rlsU ho would fiave to lake on i mlsed upon the Chicago plat- party on the stump, but when in WSfl the . ccount of the fluctuatlonH of he ni «m<y 1S% means to destroy business party abandoned every principle that they ot thla country compared with the m w\fy T tn v^nmllate honest debts, to had held sacred, he wouldn't say that ho f j^yerpool, in which payment would fin- r s-^H^rS ft: = gysssvs-.^sss: 1 ^ n,«|. fc^^nT^^ «£f ,? " : ^SSv auoua ° r n ° ^'ffla.'&W'S.'iKSSn ?&J^-^££^&ffi&T?*A^ us, I would oppose it. ,__,_. ..^ ,„ L the organization of the national damo- ^nn.™ tha dollars might not oo woith ers cus, , , that leBta , atlon to Because I believe that legislation 10 - organation a r, palmer and Buckner party, in ^ ucn as they WQre w hon he received as mucn a » ••uecause j. "<--'"=*.= >...«- ...».-«------ orat ie, or palmer ana cucuner »*"•*, »• fts much as they were wnon ne reci-'vcu maintain the gold standard means to^^es- ^ md so fop tne rett B On that ha Jgem. The farmer would then g-.t a li.w- tablish the confldence ^ not 0 " 1 ^^®??.?: believed in that way more than in any er price for his products to cover *uch pie of the United States but the 1***™* oeu contribute to tho elecUon f^ P r ° The elements of uno-srt.ilnty r,.a . ^nn^ntnl r>ot<nnq f\T t.llfl WOrlU. UlCClUB w V - > _ -m u i _., >4 V. A «»o a v»r»f a rT*fl 111 tn iwwtav"" .._ i fit. n f f. ,,o.rt.i1.-.*a f- rid pe o cn commercial nations of the world, means °J° McK , n , ey ^,,3 h e was not afraid to to build up °ur Industries, to enlarge tne . a demands for labor, to broaden the mar- for the benefit of speculators am3 ,9 or e th ^j. ne be iieved he had in that ^gnlnst the Interests of tho producer* assisted materially in brlnginB ttg ^ hel oV)1ect j n having a standard t'o - j - o^pmg^ound^fsllVerfor t the Uets"^^ product^ And so b^evinSj j^^t^t^ Jow|^_^|g 1^^^^£ Sf-'-j^i: caucus or no caucus, vote to the end." It means we would be brought at once to a silver basis. It means tne aeg- radation of our dollar to less than 50 cents. It means repudiation. It will brln ff "^^l^^'K"^^ ffi£iffi%^^™ffi?%£ ^^^"^{^^^^ form as a guide for national finance, the "" I democracy are determined that the party 'shall still follow tho Chicago .platform ue ' long MarshalUown trado wirh oihc-r i>a- J ml ire Ney Dodpps. • I shall still follow tno unicago .pmiioriu. t)ons we mus t have one stand.vyd, for * t ,h «r nB fvo answer he believed that he could serve himself whnte ver money we have we mimt bring Mr. Lane referred to the evasive answer JJnd hlfl country best by supporting the re- ]t to one standard. It la lo'k.jon iknvn that was giveriby Judge>Ney-to thequea. ^tallcan ticket. , . panics and save the'great body of Pfoplo lions propounded to .«« two candidates, V^i» m q Uest ion Is the only one at ft de ^ t from Da lnB swept oflC the twe of after having taken twenty-two days to i ss u e at this time," said Mr. Bynum. "It ,' tl arth thnt th1s struesle hna been think over them. Comment!ng upon wey s , lgaue tnat can be aiacus^ed to- nlade> Mcn who think they <T.uKI cheat Inltpr Mr. Lane said: "ThO portion OI nis j? * qivin **•*•**•**** r<t tVm rtfimocratln : i" .,_ ji^«. n v,,, nnxrinro In nVinqn i'. "inra n'h» ciinnnrtpra of tne Marsnaiiiowu IULIC-I, i"> • *-"»••« ""•-• _,,•_„% <.„ n rpfer- aay. AUO iiitumt &sff$i «i;£< 5l'!uF ISS F?&'iEf he will get batter prices or what he sell, what hia RO"'"™™^ doptrlne _ o f free SS&>»1% ,7°"' the fri«! silver orators -wno BSIIU WIP-U m0 n frep coinatw would produce O uch a wave I The op eningsmeeting of the campaign now ••v "~ ... ^ n j ^o-iTBi' hpfnre been ,„ j.,_. r?. i ,ii_4.,i.,t «, on v.oi^ at "wrBHt- Re an e nTone W yT 0 wll man can paw'no-democratio. ,.f ~ - •••••• »--- T*. It William 2 day. The managers of the democratic : thelr cre dltors by paying inr.hoap ^ "'" r 3 • are trying to raise false Issues to wou](1 be> sold out by the sheriff Ions bn- • but if they should sue- fore tney C g U ]d j ay hands on a cheap «2rl- lar " Mr. Bynum declared that the o'i';.' Thing a democratic congress could do wouu\ bo , _ , to interfere with the war policy <>f tho standard. .They ask, do you wanj^ gold adm i n lstratlon for political jjrtoetj ' l ^^' claim that the single of gold has a^^Te^ef/ay^cTob^. Hon. V ^H? ^ Tu^cy Joe R, Lane of Davenport, the republl- - - - • J can candidate for congress, was the ___ principal speaker. A synopsis of his "If the Increased value address follows: | £!? I ?fV B 'nvt rC ana ?1 r At the outset he said he desired the as gold would not"afford any people who heard him should know ex- That would merely be the addition or one actly where he stood upon the great is- more evil, sue of the campaign. He. quoted the ' financial plank of the republican national platform of 1S96, and the platform adopted at .. j "' rtl . 0 »i« rr»pn«llirRfl HttlllUttlu. J.1H5J ""•*! "^ «* -r* • ; "rtij U.UIUIII1BI.I-uli»Jil *-m ij^i.v.*-".. ~.. »? 0TJ -? e i m ? Vr u TO ovIrned money entirely7 There Is not enough (fold . essed great admiration :'oi while vviniam McKinley Jr is governea £ r f tha neoessary circulat on, they j denco mB p res |dent McKinley. by Lyman J. Gage, a national bank pres- ^ tne , a stand ard policy sim- . ft ca n lnff attention to the - , ecrof ral81n ^ (he «i? 1 ! ^rs c^^HJ&5 b7kTpratr P « n w?th°%w,fV|,ii°^S n i B ^^ e siy f fr& '• valurof -SS ^ox'^^g 5 ^ : SeW ^--^^0^ g^5 , ^^S^,^^^ g "o«f a ^&^S?£S$Sfc ^ 'E« - valua of labor and commodities. Mi. Lane asure pl . op0 sed by it that does not meet ( J g no otner standard but the pold stan- | "J^" 1 " ^'reform legislation. e eaid: , with Mr. Gage's approval. , dard and there oan be no other\ Two ( Jj epbl ^ r ^ turned hi s attention to the ifKiu-a - - -' - - — • ""•** * aa ^ n not declare his opposition to standards of money w«l not circulate to- \^^"net " ' ~" *' win iiuw —___„- n f thn Marshall- _-ii,«_ mv,£> oVirvrtAr at.nni1n.rA will always tL "v*v b _ w« the other hand, if the free coinage & w would not mcreas^lu^u. « M b« benefited ? You wou d In regard to tt-rrl- "He will not declare "'» il ir l '>5 f {,»ii stanoaroa ot IUUIIB? «... V"^ m ?i™o\r= i-ai'lBlnu from tne war. i the passage by congress of the Marshall- geth er. The shorter standard will always . aor f mt e x panslon he said would element the sup »» It the expreaa charges to unltea Btotw for any »*.- *-.-.» wouiu any PCIBUII uo upiiw..i^«. -— •• , tU4 -,» wuv — »„ *,—^— thia year, |etTno more in value for what you sold wherein the republican party of Iowa tyour labor or your ^^JS o ? mon- declared approval of the St. Louis, plat. «»% *$,£$ ul g u FK m ?hat P ta - L ""' form, and recognizing the fact that . ^ redf °o^ you canAccomplish it "the monetary standard of this country taj^a and the commercial world, Is gold," de. j n manded congressional legislation, "giving to It the validity and vitality of 5 ^tl5» Ul buf W^hat'iV what you care for b yof can accomplish it now; /us^ for your next load of P r °°l uc(i __ liars instead of larger coins. Ttoe Per Capita Cry Answered. "A favorite cry with many is that we ha-?e not money enough P. e >; Capita. This phrasa 'per capita' has done service m public law," and that "all other money must be kept at parity with gold." There Can Be But Oue Standard. "The plain proposition is, therefore," said he, "that the republican party declares and believes that there can be but a single monetary standard and that standard must be gold." Contln- .... , „„.,,.-,, ulng, Mr. Lane said: "In the discus- •'per ^g&U'ho^eat-the"ner capita _i _j 4V.1H H .iV^4n«4- 14- nnnwia 4-/\ WIA /irtM- OlOUt 1> W uitn-W* »«w " s» ^ i._i«ft/| nrnrk nm is worth, say ioO,oou.uuu. w-v »" u t *'„ f v,i,, n«r rnnlta of 125.000,000; but how does tnis ^fe'siiCTS^^"' a^T^^5f« -1 Una v y ™, P«« not because of his views on tha cheapest, the most on but because a republican prasl, «Mil block any the most ™, P«« no , nueSt on but because a republican prasl, VotaWe to the producer, the conaumer 3 «f «Mil block any free silver measure £ n d the laborer." al «Mi oc mght be passed by the support of ociates, . Bynum then referred at length to Tud«TNoy and 'his silver assoclales, &' history "of coinage i, "if?h what a strong appeal this must g tates , starting with the in the United first coinage th« researohea ua more . u m who Stands pledged not on y to i ^| go 'i dl and how they finally decided n democratic free silver legIs- that f 5 to j. wou ld be .n.ear.enough. Soon sum o£ 16,598 tons, Bllver men of this t0 lnv ite u to Invite w suver men 01 UM» vvt £*:i* fVl ; rtAmandB S?\ffiS ^K^wH^Si slon of this subject It seems to me con fusion often arises from a mlsunder <,urr B ,. V r in a volume sufficient business of the country. This u It can do ' a that gold has appreciated In t rred to and the BPea- appreciably dearer of a century ago. jBuK,*»frtgiR3ftS ssnwsySSSSSffW ot l,m »., »= S »«««V' h « S*o°rS lUBiyn on.e« m-teei* ttym «. I«IBU«««- not have something to give rorii i» standing of words. Bimetallism and ' to get it. .LegUlat on can give us a souna the double standard are spoken of as '" " ""'" m " sufficient w ao though they were convertible terms; and so of monometallism and the single standard. This Is not correct. I, fov instance, am a blmetallist, and yet I favor a single standard and am unalterably opposed to a double standard. Indeed, we are all quadro-metallsts, tor we are using without objection gold, silver, nickel and copper as money, "Money, has two functions. It is a medium of exchange and it Is a standard o?..value. As a mere medium of exchange almost anything will serve as money. I do not mean that it will serve well, but it can be made to do. Many articles have served the purpose of money, that is, to merely facilitate exchange of property, without being standards of value. Their value was ied by some other standard, "I am not opposed to the use of sil ver in our currency, but I am opposed to its free and unlimited coinage, because it cannot be maintained at parity nnncn nriV iieiTliJCi <n.'v> •••* *- w * in l «.**** i- *" *•" '• I*'-'"-'* i -*vi~ i '< ^T^taanft'Sa W a ll monr- ^^ftf&ffi %£%£ ^^^i^^^^^^^^r 1 ^^^^ S«FrM^S£¥%s econo^ came into took IW* + think we'll.keep. We need their fiuuar and tobacco. As to the Philippines, tba president adopted the wise policy of wait- Ing- to give time for study. He said we will hold Manila and bay pendlns derrrlon. Conflicting stories as tp the doiirabillty of the islands are afloat. Ian t It IvtUr to wait and learn something definite? L us I do know, that the heart -~ J of this nation will never —this people turned over to the tyranny oJ Spain. In my Judgment we need these 1?I- ands. I believe in extending the ,'lolda of labor,. We want more market tor our tha most "= can promise is that rk shall be harmless? Ney Should Uoulare Himself, lar and gold In 1820 lt 8 beVme^pparent that .the double standard was not working us it was exit would and a congressional corn- U( i p • ,T fairnesa to tha silver men of his L ute a was appointed to see what was the T iv whv doesn't he declare himself? fatter. They Investigated the matter and party, why aocB HI consideration? I« "'* •-> "--'• *«- --- '•" »«<"« '" '"» "nifoH Ar ! tll ??Bv^dPBireB to have the people of desiies to i with gold. In our business I wish to eee use of gllver In our currency that will n,ot irnpilr or endanger In any way the parity In value of all our currency, whether metallic or paper. While I feel thus, aa '.to. th,e use pi tbj yet I Cl» use said: Money Growins Cheaper, real estate Bv Judge Ney this district to i the J|n _ "is v w e , eQtlon| this s . e , eQtlon| fh° er i a he will answer the following plain in of the free and and gold at 0 nrt Will you, If elected, oppose in Second-will yo<^ leg isiatlon for tha foinage of Bllver at the in favor of a single P AUJJIV* U M* fcyw*******--*^**** • v . WT ---f---- and for our navy we must have Htntlons. That is why we wantad Kuwall, and that is why we should have llio Philippines. We must have these coaling stations if our commerce Is to grow.'' Sidney A. Foster held that while . reported that the gold coins States were rated lower than in any other or>,intrv. Thlnes ran along until v>&, ware many reasons Why a th ng an 8 d B . • Ingraham, who was Andrew "cretary of tho treasury, submitted a re- °'5y'ou must know," Bald Mr. Bynum, •that the reports of members of the cabi- - Bt ^ d ourth-Ar V e a you In favor of a double Bt §-mh-A°re you In favor of any standard 3sftffW^^^%&21s&&B&& H"«r.«v»>\Jftev| 1 i-i mado by Secretary Ingraham, so that wnount cfffcoT^^a^^Tsri&w 8f g«n^^^-8U a KS brought down the price ?L m p 0r i'ce' O f mon- contrary it wag'because tne pr^ v ey went down that the legai »» Q l } duo«d. Interest went down nr»i. out rateaf towards and the, actual nu« below and is today below i"» s Jn This fall in the rate ^ er ^f 9reml0 re money or Bi ni LW6 " -- beginning to f m m for the first time. Miss from IUJ <± '= . aniii-hern go uthern the and «D» be sent the republican candidates should have your loyal and ^First~Because the people know tlwt by KU the^eleotlon'o'f'a'rep'ub'iioan conKresa -• idltable haggling ^t tha no reduction of, values; ™ be certain that when we re fl£ *t we Chin*b e oe:«am tnat we are read ng something that.was tne money question no confiscation of credit; no raise In lute-rest rates; no hiding away of money from circulation; no deviation from a ^*". « 1.1 __ j. 4. _ J n ,. _«-ki v.lmra lu Knt* of • Jackson JaCKBOn. JMT. nyiiuin v«v«, .vw- " v «v.- — extracts from the report in question, which after considering the situation and showing how it was 1m- * buys RroducU^TbTfarin'ah'if pays for it on hat cold b. ' but. one n fVct is self "evldent,andTthat the adoption of one standard was to be favored for the reason that "it removes every_pre._. and unwise govevn- thelr money." ••Anarew jumnion was probably looKing forward 'said Mr. Bynum, "tQ see what iorf of caper these later 'day democrats were going% cut when be laid down those c!**~~'*"M-v v •- • tlon are contented, prosperous and happy. "Third—Because there are critical tiroes In our international relations. A peace commission now sits in Paris to duterrnSna with Bpaln the flnal adJustme.nt pf our territorial relations. Without resnccl to party and with no agreed plan of settlo- ment, all tho people trust and with (J <,nll- dence believe whatever is done will be for the bast. And If it is necessary to again chastise the bullying Jpaniard, who &re the leaders, better to be trusted to £i» on with the job than those who nave sv woll and thoroughly performed thc-iv rnvt in thiTgood Job dona already? Germany may growl. France may sympathize, yet aulfct- fy and serenely will stead forth tlw Amei- ictvu people to indorse an bat h

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