The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1898
Page 8
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RIS, roent i i here Sgbv- ; The spub- Iden- BCOT- arlng war, 'that id of !sur- htor- j bt in J the t the iclala ihlng i has vio- iat If men losta. prov« ta- on 1. 13. .64% :,cc •ii'30% .22% .22% ,23% 1.10 i:so 182% Slender Stipport. to stand oh my merits,*' sclaimed Willie Wishihtfton. Miss Cayenne looked athlmthong-ht- nlly and then exclaimed: ''Mr. Vishingion, have you ever had any xperience ns ft tight-rope walker?" Lady's gold plated Waist Set free with Diamohd "(?' Soap wrappers. Ask our grocer about it. ^ Ho man can either live piously or die righteously without a wife.— Rtchter. ftnrt the Philippine*. Send four cents (in stamps) for An, llustrated booklet issued by the Chi* ;ago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, ,he direct route across the American Continent to the New Trans-PuciBo possessions of the United States. Full >f latest reliable information and raU nable for reference. Can be used as a text book In school. Address Geo. U. Heafford, Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 111. Spiders are eaten by the Hottentots and New Caledonians with tha utmost relish. MOTflU&S AND HttAftTOLt CfitLDttM. Lydta & &]fikhfttt*& ¥ef dtabis cJdisiiJdttiid dories Stfalfft't td of Ail Female Troubles imd Aseufea a fiealttty WritSS to Mttu fcfofcfciltt .32% .67% .70 UtiVv clos- imp- iegle busl- ipsed inost jwaa amp- ,thua I av >ma- was it ol ; 'the islon '; the 'ash- iisti- ; for from leers. sslve •y at ; the Co- d'aftion: gov- lend•; not icial- ; the : ,that with lom- gov- ilt of istile • the ihlps jtext lom- resl- id illnnd OOP p. Clonn blood makes n. clean skin. No lienuty without it. Cnscarots Candy Cathar tie cleans your blood nnd koeiis it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver nnd driving nil impurities from tha body. Hogtn to-day to bnntch pimples, boils, b'otohes. folaokhends and that sickly blliouRComplexlon by taking Cnscnrets,— beauty for ten nonts. All druggists, tatisfactum gnnrniitoed. 10, 25, BOo. 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'Watts—"I see they intend to retain the name of that Spanish ship Ilobsou raisea." Potts—"They may intend to, but iti •will not bo retained. The people of this great and glorious country will change it from Mareea to Warya." Mrs. M. Sfltoaa, 104 Etudsoii A*e., Rochester, H. its follows: " When I applied to you for advice I had Hett Bttfiering 8ofli6 billty, jaeffousnesSj etc. 1 had had Several ~ miscarriages and was pregnant when 1 wrote to you, ) •• 1 am grateful to say that after taking three bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com* pound 1 Was considerably better, and aftef •using three more It brought me Where 1 am to-day. 1 am Well, and the mother of a three- months' old baby. "Doctors had failed to help mo. I have no One to thank but Mrs. Pinkham and her won* derful remedy." Mrs. fiuA DuwGANi Rceder's Mills, Iowa, Writes: ' ; (~) " DE An MBS. PINKHAM : — I thank you for what yoxir medicine and advice have done for me. " 1 have a baby two months old. When he was born I was sick only fifteen minutes, Whereas with my other children I was sick for two or three days, and also suffered with my left leg, and could get nothing to relieve the pain but morphine. My leg did not trouble mo at all this time. 1 had no after pains and Was not as weak as I had been before. • l I cannot praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound too highly May God bless you in your noble work." Mrs. J. W. PRUKTT, Mcdford, Oregon, says! " My health, also tho baby's, wo owe to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." ' Mrs. JOHN W. LONO, Wyoming, Iowa, writes: ( " I had shooting pains nil over my body, was very weak and nervous. I could not straighten up. I wished to become a mother but was afraid 1 never could. Seventeen months ago I got some of your Vegetable Compound, and after taking half a bottle Was much relieved. I tools four bottles and was cured* Now I have a big baby boy which I feel I owo to your Compound. Many thanks for your kind advice." 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FOSTER, Preston, Iowa. l ltly \vlfo liudvlmplcn on lier face, but Bbo bus been tuklncr CASGAUETS and they have all dlsappearod. I bud been troubled with constipation tor some time, but after taking tbe llrat Casoarot I have bad no troublo with tbls ailment. We cannot speak too highly of Oasoarets." FUED WARTMAN, < 6708 Qermantown Ave.. Philadelphia. P«L , Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, To Good, Never Slclten, Weaken, or Orl| Good, DO Ida, 25e, Wo. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... ' Bltrllng Bemedjr Compinr, Clilenji), Montrtil, N«R York, 9Ui TO PIIDC every kind of Cough. Cold, La-Grlppe, I U UUItt HOUIBCIICBO, Influenza, Catarrh, nncf all hinpiuicl throat trouhluB. for proof of It. It doei not elckcn or disagree wltii the stomach. Safe for all ages, Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Write tin, plvlng nil symptoms plainly nnd our Physician will give FBEK ADVJCi!!, a fiH.puRO hook of ^ Sold by Druggists or Bent by mall, recipes mid iv I'KKIS HAMl'J,!:. ^ 1'rlco, 10 cents and 85 conta. Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Neb. BAD, WORSE; WORST SPRAIN Can, without delay or trifling, be cured promptly by the GOOD, BETTER, BEST St. Jacobs OH. CURE YOURSELFv Una Big O for unnatural discharges, inflaniuiutione, Irritations or ulceratloni of iniicouu membranei. 1'aluloBS, and not astrln- i\THEEVAH3 OHEUIOALQO, ««"' or poisonous. Sold by nraygUiu, 'or eent In plain wrapper, by express, prepaid, for, or 8 bottlen,» rcular eeot on request ll. Ci I The Youth's Companion... "THOSE who subscribe at once for the 1899 volume will 1 receive J?ree all the November and December issues from the time of subscription to January i, 1899, including the beautiful Double Holiday Numbers. Among the many famous contributors to these issues will be , , , , {ter- lana 6na) tot BUDYARO KIPUNQ. Rudyard Kipling W. D. Howelis^t Lillian Nordica The Nov. loth Issue. " of tbe ' Sarab, Sands.' " story of a hero. Pec. ist issue. "The Watermelon Patch.' 1 A Story Of (rult- lovlng boys, Pec, sad Issue. " Incidents in a Slnger'8 Wfe,»» An Amerlc*B prima donna's trials and triumphs. T HE volume for 1899 will be the best THE COMPANION has ever published. Each of the 5? weekly Issues will contain half a dozen delightful stories, besides articles of rare interest. Famous soldiers, sailors, statesmen, scholars and story-w.riters will give their best work to readers of THE COMPANION, , 50-CENT CALENDAR f REE TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS. SPBSO BSOBIBEB8 who will cut out aiia Vend «bl»' »iipi vlth name rocelvf TUB SOMy^BiON every week from tUo to* N ' and »44reu and S-. oyeniber usue until vJt «»««> »»HWry« l MUSE -AU tie November and December issues o| IMS', inclusjve pf the bea«tttul ppuble H9U4»T N«art»ew, FBKSi T- The exquisite Companion Calendar tor «9P, rleher and co«tliw than any ol the f amo ***** Calendars ot formSr year«r I>«sl«ne4 'and lltbof i»Pbe4 ^ twelve ePlftti CoNi-ANtoN. Aclniruiiu*9rn»moiitfortliehQwe7 T AND THE .CQapANION for tbe W weeks Pi is» - a library In Itaolf. . t Jllustrotea J^n*nv»ownien^ »>^a 6<*i»ple Coj>le» y«i«t THE YQUTH'$ CQNPANION, . ' »

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