The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1898
Page 5
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TME tTPPEK DES MOINES'. ALGQNA, IOWA, 00^0^119, 18M Lot 9078 Men's Suits- Black clay, all wool, worth, $10.00. Sale price Lot 8376 Men's Suits— A Brown all wool cheylot, worth $7.00. Sale price Lot 41 S3 Men's Suits— Dark brown cheviot, all wool, worth $10. Sale price Lot 8121 Men's Suits— Brown checked, all wool- Many would think them cheap at $8.00. , Sale price « ,^^"^fc. hM444+ \^J- YQ SiL Suit Sale At THB. New England From Oct. 24 to iv. 1. DON'T MISS IT. W E have hundreds of grand things to offer you during this sale. Come and see. DURDALL & CO. MEN'S , . FLEECE*LINED IJnderwear- worth 50 cts. Sale price .36o Men's Overalls— worth 60o. Sale price .30o Bookford Sox— The Nelsons, worth lOc. Sale price .03c CHILDREN'S FLEECE-LINED Underwear- worth 85c. Sale price age, and bids fair to become one of the most prbiMneiit ministers « the denomination. Joha Cronholin of Swea City 16 te* ported to have bought a third Interest in Spurbeck & Lambert's butter tub factory and will move to Algonft, He has sold his hardware store at Sweft City. John Is an expert creamery man, a business hustler, and will add materially to the working force of the Algona house. It Is expected that he will go over the road and sell goods. Geo. E. Clarke argued the Halsey- Everingham hay case In the supreme court Monday. This Is the case where Halsey of West Bend got a judgment of $10,000 against the Chicago com mission house for money that had not been reported on hay sales. E. B. Sober and Burke of Chicago are for Everingham while Col. Clarke assists Geo. E. This is the most important case that has been tried In northern Iowa In years. Plans are on foot for a big educational gathering at Algona at the time of Will Carleton's lecture. Theexpecta' tion Is to invite in the teachers from all the neighboring towns and make It a great event. Both Supt. Van Erdewyk and Prof. Spencer attended the meetings last winter at neighboring towns, and planned then to Invite their friends to Algona. Will Carleton's coming will be a favorable time for the meeting. ^^ .25c We Are Much Pleased With our trade during Fair week, We gave the people bargains in G-roceries, and we know they appreciated them, for they bought large, healthy, invigorating bills— like the Dingley bill. We still have bargains that are equally good and that are surpassed by none. We are here to do business—that's why we solicit your trade. CIS GRIFFITH for millinery. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. I,OOA.Ii TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ...................... o No. 3 departs at ...................... 3:58 pm Freights that carry passengers— .„..__ No. 93 departs at ........... ......... 1 2 : ™ p ~ No. 71 departs at .................... i : £S p ~ No. 66 departs at ..................... 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No.3 departs at ...................... Ml No. 4 departs at ...................... 6: No. 94 departs at CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— Freight 11:30 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed Mixed North- Mixed 7:30 a m ..uu-m Freight!!!.'.12:15 p in 12:15pmPass 2:40 pm 7:54 pm"'— J in.KnT.Tn Mixed m. [Ixed 7:54pmMlxea AU-.OU i Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. and 1:20 a.m. THE LOCAL FIELD. Election comes Nov. 8, in less than three weeks. spite of the unpleasant evening and Dr. Day was sorry to disappoint them. The program will be carried out next Sunday without regard to weather. Morning theme: "How Christians Kill Christianity." Evening: "Pitfalls for Young Women." < Rev. J. B. Nowville of Winnebago City, Minn., will hold quarterJy meeting services in the Free Methodist church, beginning Friday evening, Oct..31, and continuing over Sunday. All are cordially invited to attend. The reporter inspected Jas. Taylor's fine new millinery apartments last week. He has fitted up as handsome quarters as any city store has, and has the goods to match. He brought a lot of pattern hats from New York that are beauties. Marriage licenses have been issued to Fred Harms and Katie Helmke, Carl Edgren and Caroline Mollnder, Wra. Schmidt and Lena Lieb, Patrick Brain 5 and Flora B. Wheeler, Mike Vaubank and Mary Stadelman, Geo. Landley and Kate Metgen. Kraft says a timely word this week on overcoats. He hits a universal need. Belmond is lighted by a gasoline plant. The Equal Suffrage club will meet with Mrs. Flora Jones tomorrow at 3 p. m. Mrs. Hattie E. Gilbert of Algona inspects the W. R. O. of Estherville tomorrow. The Wm. Carter sale was postponed Monday, on account of the storm, till Friday. Supt. Van Erdewyk is arranging for a teachers' meeting to be held at Ledyard soon. A heavy snow storm set in Monday morning. Set It down that we had snow Oct. 16. The Northwestern road will sell, on Oct. 28, tickets to Omaha and return for $3.25, good till the 29th. The Avery house is getting a good custom these days and is highly spoken of. Mr. Avery knows how to run a hotel. Prof. Spencer has sold over 400 tickets for his lecture course. He ought to sell twice that number without trying. Durdall Is making a big suit sale to celebrate the opening of winter. Now is the time and Algona is the place to buy your clothing. Mrs. Setchell has had several letters from her son at Manila lately, all of which announce that he is in good health. Carl is having a great experience. Old settlers recall a winter when snow came Oct. 8 and remained on the ground all winter. Corn husking would be a pleasant job if this should be such a year. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a. m., Wednesdays 3 p. m. " Everlasting Punishment" will be the subject next Sunday. The material for the Call street bridge is at the depot, but Killmar, the contractor, is sick at Des Moines with typhoid fever. His brother is expected this week to go to work. Everybody who saw "That Girl" when she was in Algona before will be out to renew the acquaintance this evening. She is one of the most amusing girls who ever came to Algona. It was Henry Durant who held the team trophy of Iowa with John G. Smith instead of Frank Nicoulln. The truth of history should be preserved, and THE UPPER DES MOINES corrects itself. ^ The announcement of Clay Clement's coming will be enough to fill the opera house. He presents the play he made his great success in. It will pay to keep an eye on the day and hour of the seat sale. F. M. Curtlss la coaching a high , school team In Rugby foot ball, and the •• bovs already give promise ef becoming Experts. Mrfcurtiss was a member of the university team at Iowa City, and is a good player. Paul Junkin, well known in Algona, has BO d the Orange City Herald. P»ul married a former teacher in the Algo- ff schools and everybody hereabouts will hope to have him remain somewhere In northern Iowa. While Edgar Winkel was in camp at Des Moinee In company with other boys betook out» $1,000 insurance policy. The agent of the company, Fred A. Niles, was in town Saturday and paid tbe $1,000 to Mr. Winkel. The inclement weather of last Sun- doy led the Methodist pastor tp postpone the aermons prepared for the day. S; large crowd gathered at night IB The steel trusses for the new church came Thursday and will be put In at once and the frame work of the roof completed. The slaters already have considerable slate on. The slate is green, of very even color, and the roof will be very handsome. Doxsee is putting in the steam heating plant for the new Method 1st church, a steam heating plant for the new Hutchison home, and a furnace for the new Bushnell home. Doxsee is getting to be an authority on heat, and that is the main question these days. The Sterzbach-Cady orchestra has a new violin player this year, a graduate from one of the big schools, and a solo player of skill. He is a big addition to the orchestra, which was before as good as any in Iowa. The boys expect to be in regular business early noxt month. Services at the Congregational church at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. In the morning the pastor will speak on "The Process of the World's Redemption;" in the evening he will continue the series on Christian evidences by speaking on the "Trustworthiness of the Gospels." Geo. Holloway is at Bancroft with his diving horses, coming from Guthrie, Oklahoma. The Register says he was threatened with typhoid fever, and so cancelled all dates. The Register intimates that he will go to Chicago this winter with his horses and entertain the windy city. J. D. Shadle has begun on an enlargement of the Hart house which he is now living in. He is building a new front and putting a new roof over the whole, making a pleasant cottage home of it. This will add another to the many attractive houses Mr. Shadle has added to Algona. orders in tho town. The Yeomen are getting very strong in this section. No fraternal benefit order has ever made such largo charter memberships before. This homestead will number one hundred within the year. The expectancy emergency plan is the leading feature. Tho report comes down well authenticated that Thos. E. McEnroe is on the stump at Fargo, N. D., for the republicans. The state committee wanted him to make a state canvass, but he is confining his work to the vicinity of his new home. Thos. E. got enough of democracy down here in Kossuth. Friday afternoon Phelps of Britt and Guy Taylor shot their live bird match at 50 birds each. Taylor won easily with a score of 45 to 38. Phelps has beaten Mortensen a couple of times at Britt, but he was not in it with Guy. After the match, Mortensen, Phelps, John G. Smith and Taylor hadafriend- ly shoot. The work of examining the members of the 52nd Iowa is progressing rapidly at Camp McKinley. All men, whether they admit nothing is the matter with them or not, are being examined. The rolls are being prepared with rapidity, also. " I think they will get out of here by Oct. 30," said Capt. Olmstead, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albright mourn the death of their daughter Lydia, who passed away this morning. She was a sweet, bright child, aged nine, and her loss is deep sorrow to the family. Her death was due to diabetes. The burial will likely take place Friday morning from the home two miles north of town. That old suit between the heirs of Harry Walkley and A. D. Clarke over the ownership of a 40 acre lot near the Milwaukee depot is to be argued in the supreme court this week. Geo. E. Clarke and Judge Kinne represent the heirs and Carr & Parker arefor Clarke. In the lower court Mr. Clarke was awarded the land. REMEMBER our cloak sale, Monday, Oct. 24. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. JAMES F. RiLEYof Algona wishes a good canvasser. Call this week. OUR fellow citizens of tho E. & F. drug store have uguin shown their pro- gresslvoness by securing the agency for the Putnam Fadeless Dyes. This dye not only colors more goods than any other, but each package will color any and all kinds of clothes. Price lOo. Your WeddlUK King. Buy your wedding ring of us, we always make the bride a present. 6tt DlNdLEY & PUQH. ITor Snlo. YoungPoland China pigs fit for service; also one Shorthorn calf. Apply to.1. A. VI pond on the farm west of Algona.--29t8 A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments. Interest payable annually. GRIFFITH for millinery. 'mock, James Patterson J.L.Donalioo&Co. Minnesota ™_— _ _„,*_ From $5 to Office over postoffloe, Algona, la. Write for circulars. $15 per acre. C. C. Samson and A. H. Paine have gone in together to manage the Northwestern elevator, and Mr. Paine is now in charge. A good business is being done, and the new firm is a splendid one to do a good business, but THE UPPER DES MOINES still thinks the farmers' company should buy the elevator and run it in connection with the mill. Thos. McArthur had a blaze at his home in Union last Thursday night. It did not do very much damage, and was luckily discovered and put out. Mr, McArthur can account for it in no other way than that mice ate some matches and so ignited them. He was Insured in the farmers' mutual. The Paul brothers seem to he making a big thing out of their American Yeoman fraternal insurance order. Here is a recent report from Glidden: Last night J. E. Paul of Des Moines instituted a big lodge of the Brotherhood of American Yeomen here. The best citizens of the place joined. This and the M. W- A. are the only successful "That Girl" is one of the most laughable musical farce comedies ever produced, as it is in the same style as Hoyt's " A. Rag Baby," " A Tin Soldier," "A Texas Steer," etc., and as presented by clever Olga Lorraine and her merry company of farceurs, is one of the big theatre successes of the season. The company will be at the opera house this evening, Oct. 19. N. A. Bushell will try an experiment in sidewalks. He is getting cement in flat octagonal blocks like stone and will lay it in sand like stone or brick. He considers it more durable and better and cheaper than stone. With this and Mr. Call's stone walk and the new brick walks to choose from Algona ought to get some good sidewalks next season. Rev. Walter M. Walker notified the Des Moines church Saturday that he would accept their call. The Register says: The acceptance of Rev. Walker was received by the committee and the whole membership of the church with great satisfaction. He will begin his work in Des Moines probably the first Sunday in November. Rev. Walker has an unusual record for a man of his THB COMING DBAMATIO EVENT. Olny Clement Will Ho In Algoim Oct. 37, In "A Southern Gentleman." It will be scarcely necessary to more than announce Clay Clement's coming to Algona to insure a crowded opera house. His presentation of the "New Dominion" last year was the finest thing ever seen in Algona, and his "Southern Gentleman" is said to be an even better drama than the "New Dominion." The Omaha Bee, commenting upon Clay Clement's "A Southern Gentleman," said editorially: "We want to make a prediction. It is that Clay Clement, who last night produced at Boyd's opera house his own play, ' A Southern Gentleman," will not only become one of America's greatest actors, but will also be known as one of America's greatest playwrights. 'A Southern Gentleman,' in sentiment, action, humor, and human interest is as far above the ordinary drivel and rot so common upon the stage today as the heavens are above the earth." It is said that In no play heretofore offered has southern atmosphere and southern sentiment been so happily combined into a story of intense interest as has been done by Clay Clement in his play "A Southern Gentleman." The play'was only seen in one southern city last season, Louisville, Ky., where it was the subject not only of the most extended and'favorable criticism, but it was editorially commented upon by Mr. Waterson himself in the Courier Journal. Soft Coal Heater For $5, were it offered to you for that piioo, might bo a big inducement to buy, and should you do so it would be a doar bargain if you had an opportunity tobuy one of COLE'S HOT BLAST AIR-TIGHT HEATERS. This stove burns up the 44 per cent, of gas in soft coal, ftnd converts it into heat, thus saving a product that in ordinary stoves goes up tho chimney. Wo will put It up against any oak stove on tho market with an absolute guaranty to heat an oqiml amount of space with one-third less fuel. Wo have 40 of these stovos in use in Algonu and vicinity, ana many of our customers tell us that they used only one-half as much, fuel last winter as they did previously with oak boaters. :Choy hold lire all night with corn cobs, and will keep fire d(J 1'ours with one hod full of coal. If you have not seen one at your neighbors and hoard them talk about it, call at our store whore we shall be pleased to show it to you. C. M. Doxsee, Ilard-ware. Reserved Seats. Seats for tho Algona entertainment course will be on sale at E. & F. drug store at 8 a. m. Monday, Oct. 24, On Monday no seats will be reserved for less than the entire course. After Monday seats may be reserved for the first entertainment alone. No person may reserve more than four seats at a time unless he is the actual purchaser of more than four tickets. No more than 500 season tickets will be sold. All are not yet taken. Secure them at once or you will be too late for the reduced rates. No season tickets will be sold after Nov. 1 at any price. N. SPENCER. Land for Sale, One thousand and twenty acres of wild land in Buffalo township, owned by Georgianna L. Tilney, is now offered for sale on long time payments. For prices and terms apply to WM. H. INGHAM. Taylor's UP-TO-DATE" and Millinery. Call and see us. JAS. TAYLOR. !++++»++++++++++++++++++++++++++++*+++++++++++++++++ 2,000 Overcoats were purchased by the Kraft Clothing Co. for its seven stores this season. All the newest things, including winter covert top coats, boucles, fancy lined meltons, etc., as well as freeze and chinchilla ulsters, Seeing is believing, Get lowest prices, then call on us. Kraft Clothing Co. BUCKWHEAT and maple syrup now on hand at M. Z. GROVE & SON'S. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Winter is Coming and You Will Need Boots,. Shoes, Rubbers, Overshoes, Overgaiters, Leggings, etc. We have them in all sizes for men, women and children. A fine assortment of the BEST goods made. Always sold at the lowest cash prices, and you always get full value for your money. apply FOB time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. SHEET music — all the latest songs— 33J off. DINGLEY & PUGH. Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, The very best of work done in our repairing department. ALGONA, IOWA. to Your Children's Eyes, Many parents are culpably negligent of their children's eyes, early attention to which would very often obviate lifelong annoyance and possibly Injury to physical health. If a child of yours complains that he cannot see clearly, that he has dull pains in the region of the eye, or that he is subject to headache, or if he leers, looks at objects askance or with partly closed eyes, he is suffering with some defect in vision and it is your parental duty to at once consult a competent optician, lest your negligence pr indifference may result in permanent injury. Mr. Rlpke is a graduate optician and has the latest and most approved apparatus for accurate eye testing, and mistakes are impossible, Office over E, J. Giloaore's More, Algona. 80t3 A. OILMOVR, President, E. P. KBITS, Vice Presidetit, M. SOHBNOK, Secretary, J, W, 1YADSWORTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: 0. B. HVTOBINS, FRANK DEJINfl, OKAS. WOOSTER, 8. STEV8SY. Q, S. AN0VS, J, E. STAGY, The Farmers' Milling Co, [INCORPORATE!*,] OWNERS ANB OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA HOLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trad? with choice flour torn selected wheat; »Mfi^'a^5^,'^,SS?i teed la l^ to »u« pwcSaserB. This is a f armws 1 9PW W w* solicits the iaiwers' DwWft • K^QJW?^^ 'W'pyls a, Qp^Pialt^r, Biguest casto price paid tor good wheat. We can and will do as well fey you. aa »uy Iowa. Give the new company a trial. /,

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