The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1898
Page 7
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OT3?DB MS M01K1SJ AMfOMA KWA, WIBNIBBAY OOTOBEK Mont Enjoyed. Miss Spanker (at the helm)—Do you fcnjoy yachting, Mr. De Mar. De Mar (swallowing heroically)— - Oh, yes, I'm passionately fond of it when I am on dry land. Thfe Co»fc of Freeing Cab*. f The United States arc entitled to roll tarn possession of the Philippine Jsl- I aiids if the peace commissioners so de- cidej for thft cost of the war runs far htro thefflillions. To free the stomach, IliVer and bowels from disease, how- |feter, is «ot an expensive undertaking. * few dollars invested in Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will accomplish the One of the Lnut Straws, l-'irst, horse—I'm afraid we're getting i be back numbers. Second liorse—Snre! Why, 1 see b in Cuba even the cavalry fought ih loot. bon't T«li«cc« Spit *nd Smoke, Teur Uf« »w»y. To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo mapnetic, full of life, nerve arid vigor, take "Ho-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes £eak mcu strong 1 . All elrupgists, 50cor $1. jure Ruariiiitned. Booklet and sample free. \ddressSterllngUcincdvCo., Chicago or f c w York. * A perfectly formed face is one-third forehead, one-third nose, undone-third ||hpper and lower chin. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAT „--.Uo Laxative Bromn Quinine Tablets. All i urugfrlsts refund the money If It fails to cure. i; ~5e. Tho genuine bus 1i. I). Q. on each tablet. Progress—"They say the Friday sup- |erstition lins been exploded in Spain." Tncleed?" "Yes; they've come to think |one day is just as unlucky as another." Ui.smiu'qk's barber is selling a largo lot of locks of the prince's hair. CUBES WMH JEWELS Why let your neighbors know it? And why give them a chance to guess you are even five or ten years more? Better give them good reasons for guessing the other way. It is very easy; for nothing tells of age so quickly as gray hair. Vigor I is a youth-renewer. 1 It hides the age under a J luxuriant growth of hair the I color of youth. , I; It never fails to restore I color to gray hair. It will •(stop the hair from coming Ijput also. •!> It feeds the hair bulbs. •iThin hair becomes thick hair, l;«nd short hair becomes long llbair. 'pit cleanses the scalp; re- E bves all dandruff, and -.-.'.events its formation. wj : .We have a book on the ||$iair which we will gladly Tsend you. tat yoii do not obtain all the hene-. Bt» you expected from ttie use ot the Vigor, write tho doctor about it. Probably there Is some difficulty rtth your general system which ,.aar be easily removed. Address, 8|)r. J. C. Ayer, Lowell, Mass. . STARCH 'Delicate Clothes, AStONtSHIfoO FEATS OF DAME HONOUIX. MA- U>1[ THE BEST FOR .Shirtwaists, Shirt I Fronts, 'Collars, our Booklets, Laugh >and ^Learn. OMMEL •SLICKER. ,, ps both rider anil saddle per- «$t'y dry in the hardest storms. Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for , 1897 Fish Brand Pommel Slicker— I ft Is entirely new. If not for sale In I your town, write for catalogue to j* A. J. TOWER. Boston, Mass, PISO'S CQRE FOR Through the Agenry of Valnftblft Oem» She Remove* Aehe* and Paint from the tinman System—The Treatment '• JfntHTdlly a Very Expenilv-e One. NEW panacea for all ills has made its appearance. But it is a Very expensive panacea and unless you have precious stones to burn you had better keep away from Mme. Ilonouix and suffer your ills in silence. For Mme. Honouix filalms to cure with the aid of precious stones, and after she gets through with them the ge"ms, in the vernacular, look like thirty cents. Mme. Honouix, who is a Parisian of the Parisians, arrived in New York on July 3, and is spending a two-months' vacation at Binghamton, N. Y., before bursting upon the metropolis in her role as healer. She is the inventor of the cure and has a large establishment in Paris that has become very popular among those who can afford to take the treatment. As the remedy requires expensive stones and often entails their total destruction, only the wealthy can afford a cure of this kind, tients Mme. Honouix tor coughs, colds uwoat tta WAR AND RED TAPE. Among her pa- numbers Sarah Bernhardt and Mme. Mocijeska, while the duchess of Marlborough recently called her for consultation. Mme. Honouix is said to be remarkably successful in the treatment of 'blindness and nervous diseases. She claims that virtue for these ills of mankind can be found in certain stones possessed by nothing else on earth. The treatment in some case consists simply in applying the jewel to the affected spot, when by an absorbent'process it removes the difficulty. * Again It is sometimes necesary to burn the stone and inhale the fumes or swallow the powder. One treatment, costs from 250 to 3,000 francs, according to the ailment, and it is no unusual thing for a patient to take a course of fifty treatments. Even at these prices Mme. Honouix says there is not a large profit, owing to the expense of the remedies. The stones used must be perfect, as a flaw would render their medical quality worthless. In the course of her experiences Mme. Hon- ouix has made some interesting discoveries regarding gems. She has in her possession a rare stone known as the "Babylonian Gem," which the ancients believed if rubbed assiduously would render the. holder invisible. Another curious legend connected with the v/ell known moonstone is that in its interior is a wax figure of the moon, and that the jewel waxes and wanes with the lunar orb. Chalcedony hung about the neck is infallible, says Mme. Hon- ouix, in dispersing sadness, and if any person carried one perforated with the hair of a donkey it would prove an amulet against all disaster. The crystal is used to disped phantoms and nervous hallucinations, while onyx, if powdered and taken with a teaspoonful of wine before retiring, will prevent nightmare and insomnia. The jasper, though an old-fashioned jewel, is proof against the bites of venomous serpents, spiders and scorpions. The properties of the ruby are endless. Bruised in water it is a panacea for all complaints. Powdered agate is also a favorite remedy. As far back as the time of Pliny the Magi taught that storms could be avertefl by burning agates. The amethyst often proves a cure for intoxication, while the sapphire and emerald are used to strengthen the sight. A curious belief that attaches to the turquoise and is found in the writings of Van Helmont is that if the wearer of this jewel should fall from any height it would attract the force of the fall to itself, and even though it crack the stone the wearer would be uninjured; The diamond is Held In Oflifth«« Be»lnnlB(s '. October ISth. The fifth annual meeting of the Liberal Congress o£ Ret iglon will be held in Omaha beginnin? Tuesday evening, October 18, and continuing until Saturday evening". At this time the congress gives promise of being onu of the most interesting gatherings held during the exposition. Many eminent divines and experts in the discussion of social problems will be present and take part in the discussion. The following is an outline of the program . which is yet incomplete and which is subject to change: Tuesday at S p. in.: Address of welcome; response by the president. Kev. II. AV. Thomas. Chicago; opening sermon by T>v. K. (1. Itirsch, Chicago. Wednesday at 8 p. in.: Sociological evening, Uev. • R. A. White. Chicago. presiding. The Social Conscience, by Prof. C. Han ford Henderson, of the Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, N! Y.; Christ and the Labor Problem, by Kev. Frank Crane. Chicago: What the Employer Might Do to Settle the. Labor Problem. by Prof. N. P. Oilman, of the Meiutvillu Theological School, Mend- ville. Pa. Thursday. 8 p. in.: The problem of internationalism. Lest We Forget, by David Starr Jordan, president of the Leltuul Stanford University: The (Jrowth of International Sentiment, by l!cv. II. M. Simmons, Minneapolis. Friday at S p. in.: Missionary. The Grea.t«r'Ainericn and Her Mission in Asia, by Dr. John Henry Harrows. Chicago; America's Mission at Home, by Rev. Marion 1). Shutter, Minneapolis. Saturday 'at 8 p. in.: Social reunion and reception, in charge of the local committee. The forenoon sessions begin at d:30 a. in. on "Wednesday: Welcome, of del- gates and response by the same. The Problems of the. Congress, by Jcnkin Lloyd Jones. Chicago; The Value and Feasibility of State Organ i/.tit.ion. by Rev. J. Jl". Palmer, Cedar Rapids, la. During- the forenoon sessions of .Thursday, Friday luul Saturday Iho following 1 papeis will be read and discussed: Tho Part Faith Plays in Science and Religion, by Rev. S. R. Cothorn, Syracuse. N. Y.:' The Problem of Authority in Religion, by Rev. John t'avillc, Appleton, Wis.; The New 'J.V.s- ament Virtue of Prudence, by Rev. II. H. Pea body. Rome, N. Y.; The Evolution of Conscience in the; Nineteenth Century, by K. 1'. 1'owell. Clinton, N. Y.; Our (ireat Theological and Social Problem, by Itev. J. W. Fny./.ell, Eau 31aire. VYis.; The Coming Man: Will lie Worship? bv Rev. Mrs. S. L. Crum. Webster City, ' la.; The Hrothurhood ind Its Choir, by Rev. Leighton Wil- inms, New York city, corresponding secretary of the Brotherhood of the Kingdom; A Year After the. Nashville Congress, by Rev. Isidore Lewinthal.; Nashville. ''.LV.nn.: The Kdiication of ho Colored Race, by Prof. W. M. Council, of the, normal school of lltints- ville, Ala. Among others whom it is hoped will be present to give papers and take a. oart in the discussions are «Dr. Paul Sarns. editor of the Open Court; Rev. Toscph Stoln. Chicncro; Dr. Lewis <!. Jones, Cambridge, Miss. __ UOW'H This? AVo offer-' One Hundred Dollars reward Tor any,,.(;ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by'Hull's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHUNKY & Co.. Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. .1. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and. financially ublo to carry out aiiv obligations made by their linn. WEST & Titi'AX, Wholesales Druggists, Toledo, O. WAUHNO, KIXNAN & MAKVIX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood anil mucous surfaces of tlio system. Testimonials sout free. Price Toe per bottle. Sold by al) Druggists. Hall's Family Pills arc thojicst . Miss'/ephyr Adlcr, who is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Nashville, Tcnn., has joined the 1 . Salvation A/my. __ Diamond "C" Soap does not shrink flannels and it leaves all fabrics in the most desirable condition. Experiments made in Paris show that an electric wagon costs -17 per cent less to run than a horse wivjyon and :.!'.! per cent less than a petroleum motor. __ _______ Do Your l.iimuiry Yt ark at Home— How to Got the Hcpt UesultH. You should use the latest Improved Cold Water I'^iundry Starch for lino work. Keith's ICnunio) Starch g'ives a most beautiful, clear, pourl-lilie, llultjli, and an elastic stiffness that, will .stiuid any amount uf bending.* and an enamel Kloss that will stand dam]). TOKKX weather. Will not blotch and will not stick to the iron. Can ho used on black, red or other colored goods without the faintest trace of while, and on white jjoorts llnishcs whiter in color than any other Btareh. J't shows every thread of linen, llniH Hiving a high polish and a beautiful. finish. Knaniel Starch contains no ingredients which can injure any fabric. Some think Hint- the starch thny have heen using is all right. We used io think the Uvllow candle g-ave a very good light, but after using 1 electric light, \vo wonder how we ever go'l along' with the candle, light. ,)t .is the. same with starches; yon have used thn lump and common eold water starches aiid made no complaint because, you have neycr had the genuine Keith's ISnamcl Finishing, .Labor Saving, (-'old Water Starch, but lifter you once, get accustomed to using it you will wonder how you over got Regnlnttoni tfork*d Alt Right in ftm* trt Pfearc. ' The war office is full of entertaining incidents. Last April that buoyant, rough-riding, blood-loving statesman, soldier and dilettante, Theodore Roose 1 - velt, was busy trying to get authorization for raising the command of whfch he is now the head. He was assistant secretary of the navy, and did not send his card In to hia fellow-officeholders when he called on them. One day he broke in on Gen. Ltulington's reposo. Ludlngton was and IB the head of the quartermaster's department, and is as order-loving a soul as any old lady in the world. To him came the enthusiastic. Roosevelt. "I want a requisition for 1,000 horses at once, and authority to buy 'em where they can be found," said the impetuous Theodore. "We shall have to proceed according to the regulations and advertise for the" horses," replied Ludlngton. "But we are enlisting these men in every state of the Union," urged Roosevelt, "and we want them to take their horses with them where they are enlisted." "Then," said Ludington, "we shall have to advertise for them where they are bought." "But it will take ninety days and cost $1,000,000," argued Roosevelt. "We must conform to the regulations," Insisted Ludlngton. "Damn thn regulations!" shouted Roosevelt. "You people in here are tied hand anil foot with your cursed red tape." Mr. Secretary," cried Lmlington, who had become rather warm himself, "do not curse the regulations, sir; do not curse the regulations. They are not. red tape. They are reasonable provisions, and this department Worked under them like clockwork, sir, for 25 years, till this cursed war came along and upset everything."—New Time. by druggUtg. CONSUMPTION r MME. HONOUIX. the most common and at the same time the favorite remedy. For insanity and diseases of the nerves this stone takes the lead. It also has electric properties and attracts to itself small particles o£ gold. Among the Malays it is firmly believed that a draught from a glass of water in which the diamond of tho rajah of Matra had been placed would cure all ills. The stones used Uy Mme. Honouix are kept in an elaborately Arranged case, fron: which her patient selects the quality of the jewel after the kind necessary to the cure has been decided upon Golden braziers are used to burn the stone when it is necessary that the patient inhale the fumes. Mme. Hon- ouix has taken a suite of rooms in New York that will be fitted up elaborately in Oriental style, and soon the "400" will be languishing on luxuriant Turkish pillows amid sensuous aromas, in halin? tew fuwi?, of burning jewels. , MNKHAM TALKS TO TM MJTUJaH WOMA& V ;.; along' with tho other starches. Keith's Knamcl Starch will do mpn; work,,do it with less labor, and dg it better than any other starch. Ask your grocer for Keith's Knamcl Starch; a trial will convince you thai it is, in every respect the most perfect starch made. There are about ii50 female blacksmiths inUreat lU'ituin. , Jftet> Uouion In Western Florida. There are about 1,000,000 acres of Government land in Northwest Florida, subject to homestead entry, and about half as much again of railroad lands for sale at very low rates. These lands are on or near the line of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, and Mr. R. J. Wemyss, General L.and Commissioner, Pensacola, will be glad to write you all about them. 1C you wish to go down and look at them, the Louisville & Nashville Railroad provides the way and the opportunity on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with excursions at only $? over one fare for round-trip tickets. Write [tr. C. P, Atraore, General Passenger ftgent, Louisville, Ky., for particulars, FIRST MAHOGANY BUREAU. llfiiiittrnl Wood Which Had a Hard FlKlit for Favor. Many people suppose that the use of mahogany for tho manufacture of furniture is very nncinnt. As a matter of fact, the. first record we have oC this rare wood is in :I095, when Sir Walter Raleigh repaired one of hla ships with it in the port of Trinidad. The next wu hear of mahogany is many years later, when an lOngliwlmian who was Sidling from one of the West Indies used quite a lot of wlmt appeared to him rough lumber for ballast, and when he arrived in Eangland and found his brother building a house he gave this apparently ill-featured timber to him for his bouse. When his brother turned the lumber over to his carpenters, they refused to use it, because it was so hard that it spoiled their tools; so its use for building that house was abandoned. Ills wife, however, a short time after, gave some of this wood to her cabinetmaker in order to, have him make for her i\ candle box. Ho, too, complained o'f the hardness of the wood and its effect upon his tools. The candle box was finished at last, however, and it was so handsome, having taken on such a beautiful polish, that this box became quite n curiosity among the society people of that day; so much so that tho lady's husband had the same cabinetmaker make him a bureau of the same wood. The bureau was so unusually beautiful that the cabinetmaker went regularly, into the business of manufacturing bureaus, and made not only a reputation, but a large fortune! out of tho business.—Atlanta Constitution. 1 I''ranro LcudH In Good Roads. There are, it. is estimated, 300,000 miles of highway roads in the United States, about 20 per cent of the' roads of all the world. Great Britain has 120,000 miles of highways and these are some of the best in the world. Germany has 275,000 miles of roads, and some of them are as poor as the roadways of a great country can be. France, which has taken- an enlightened view of the good roads question for many years, and has spent by governmental or local authority over $1,000,000,000 on highways, has a road mileage of 330,000, more than any other country. Russia, with an enormous area, has only 70,000 miles of roadways, while Italy, a smaller country, has 55,000. On' fine stone roads one horso can haul-as much as three horses can haul over an average dirt road of this country. It is estimated that it would be necessary "to build about 1,000,000 miles of macadamized roads in tho United States in order to have as good a system of public highways as is found In several European states. At ?4,000 a mile this would involve an outlay of $4,000,000,000. Music on the llattloilcld. The first use of field music of which we have absolutely authentic information was at the battle of Bouvines, that village of French Flanders where ths French have \yon no fewer than three victories—Philip Augustus defeating Otto IV. 'Of Germany there in. 1214, Philip of Valois defeating the English there in 1340, while in 1794 the French defeated the Austrlana 'at the same place. It was at Bouvines, in 1214, that trumpets sounded the signal for the victorious French charge, the first authentic instance of a command given by a trumpet call. A Thoughtful Flunce. Jack~-"Suppose I teach you to play cards now, and then you'll know an about it after we're married." Marie— '"'Won't that be lovely! What game will you teach me?" "Solitaire."—Life. Will the tfew C*eMetfttlott of Wdtoeh Beautiful or Less so? Mlsa Jessie £bner's A pleasing face and graceful , r figure! These are equipments thftfe widen tha sphere of worriati'a useful*' ness, IJowcah a woman hate fitftdft of movcmeiit-when srie is suffering * ffoffis<5ifffe'dis«fdet1,htttgi*eshief those ' awful bearing-down sensations? flcMr .con she retnin her beautiful face whett she is nervous and racked with pain ? Voting women, think of your future and proviclfe against ill health. Mothers, think of your growing? daughter* ami prevent ift her as \vnll as in yourself irregularity or suspension of nature's eliities. If puzzled, don't trtist yoiir own jndgraent. Mrs. Pinkhnin will charge you nothing for her advice; write to her at Lynn, Mass., and she will tell you how to make yourself healthy and strong. hydiii 13. IMnkliom-s Vegetable Compound strengthens the female organs and regulation the menses as nothing else will, following is a letter from Miss J ESSIE BnNKn, 1713 West Jefferson St., Sandtlsky, Ohio. " DEAR Mus. TINKIIAM:—I feel it my duty to letyou know of the great benefit your remedies have been to me. I suffered -for over a year with inflammation o* the ovaries. 1 had doctored, but no medicine did nip, any good. Was at a sanalarimn for two weeks. The doctor thought an operation m-eossary, but I made up my mind to give your medicine a trial before submitting to that. 1 was also troubled with liMicorrhtea, painful inonstruatlon, dia- ncrvousni'.ss, and was so weak that I was unable to slnnd or walk. I have ttikon in till several bot» tU-sof Ijydia K. I'inkhara's Vegetuhle Compound anel r.Uiod Purifier, and am ' now in good health. I will always glvo your medicine the highest, praise." A&K Mrs. Plnkham's Advlce-A Woman best Understands a Woman's ills SWEET. WALLACH & CO., 84 Wabash Ave., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Send for Krr.e Ctitnlogtio. Arrested! "He don't chew Battle Ax, yer Honor." "Helooks it!" Ignorance of the Law is no excuse, but ignorance of BATTLE AX is your misfortune—not a crime—and the only penalty is your loss in quantity as well as quality when you buy any other kind of Chewing Tobacco. when yoy buy again. ***?**** f " 1 * 1 ^** 50 r.WMMMMtt FREE ADVICE •'/ our 1'liyeiclmi iinU :i FREE SAMPLE of our- iiiciUulnc ami a (ift-|iiiK« Vreo JSoolt IrcatinK nil (IlHtiasos with fill cxi:e)leut 1 i!« arc Boino of the rciiHoiis \vliy you shoulil \vi'lto us, 's Renovator Cures tho very worst ouStls of Dyrtpcnshi, ConstlpiiUon, Ilvniluuhc, Llvpr und Kljney Uliiciisiifi. SunU for proof or H. AV«i Ciuaruiitco It. Wiltons about nil of vow *.) iiiutDius. Dr. Kay's Hmiovnlor !« sold I>y druggihts, or soul; by mail on ii;<:cl|it o[ price, 85 cents ttntl SI ,00. Address Dr. B. J. KAY WEDICAt CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Iwww DON'T BORROW TROUBLE." BUY 'TIS CHEAPER IN THE END, S ENT ON TRIAL. Wilson's Automatic Stock Fomitain, Kxprous I'repiUd. Co«t8 you nothing to test Us merits. I'reyeuts Hog Cholers w>«J i\lneus«6. l''urn|pln.'ti eut'ti lio« wlih iroeH wuti'r, ulao (or Clilckcim, Sliocp or I'atilc. AwvrilcU all tlriit iiruniluuin. Works in v/luttT. iCualiy utiai-luul t» liucrel or i^nk. Suvi'S Iiilior imil IHIVU for Ituelf, If you're Imnusi. ueiul for ouo (ulnu I'uttiloyuo of 35 funu uov- oliluti. I»rlco, tS'J.dO (for tlio next MO cluyK only) to bo imkl wliuu foiuul eatla- fuctory. AiroutK mid uenlurs waiitod. t.rl.aov n>/»», U'QUKS. H73 K. ItuudOlpU St., "'•' A Now They were having a drill in comparison of adjectives, and the teacher asked a snial! boy in ( the front row to compare "sick," "Sick, worse, dead," was reply. DROPSY canes. «mtl fw uook of 'tru»t P -, luk 1't'Ui't'auO cuiva wuret ttatinioniulu uiul 10 days' i. Jlr.U. U. OJBBKST ,EN3ION5, PATENTS, CIAIM3. ^OIJBll^SW^TOjU^ sor» ww, US' Water llP4?f^598» A^erHwwuts ltr»dFy fleutiou Pr, Kay's Renondtor, bil|i:ulon, llvur uiul kli'itvy dlbausw,

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