The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1898
Page 5
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THE WPEK DES MOIHESi ALQONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. OOTQttBB la, 1868. CHICAGO, MitWAUKBE & ST. ?AUL. LOCAL KtAIKS WEST. • No. 1 departs at 9:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58pm . .Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departsat iO:4Bpm No. 71 departs at 3:20 pm No.65 departsat 8:30pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45am No.4 departs at 6:28pin ^, Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departsat.... I0:10pm No. 94 departs at 2:20pm B. P. HBDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight ll:30am Pass 7:05 am Mixed. Mixed 7:54ptn North- Mixed 7:30 a to Freight 12:15 pm 12:16ptnPass 2:40 pm Mixed 10:50p m 6:15 p. Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. yes- The county doctor's society met terday. A good rain Sunday night filled the cisterns. • A mink killed 40 chickens for E. Thiel last week. The iron trusses for the new church roof arrive today. B. F. Reed went to Des Molnes yesterday on legal business. Lan Kuhn is still improving. He has put a cement floor in hie hasement. The round trip to Omaha this week is $5.70. That is less than a cent a mile. John G. Smith will sell the stock on the Wm. Carter farm at auction Oct. 17. If Friday is a good day a great race will be run. -The Terrible Swede will be here. Jas. H. Jones is moving into the rooms oyer Haggard & Peek's office for the winter. The Algona mill will begin to run day and night. Two full sets of hands have been secured. The Register, publishes John G. Smith's address to the State Sportsmen's association in full. J. W. Tennant is excavating the basement under his hotel, and will put in a fine steam heating plant this fall. Old Mr. Whitehorn, who has been at the poor farm in a demented state, was taken to the asylum at Independence, Saturday. Rev. Day was at Cedar Rapids last week on a business trip. Sunday evening he preached a vigorous sermon to young men. Frank Wlnkel has a new girl at his house since Saturday. Frank now has nine sturdy youngsters, five girls and four hoys. Edith O, who won the free-for-all race at the fair, won easily also at the Des Moines carnival races. She is a speedy trotter. Chester Call says the sheep business is making everybody rich in Wyoming. He saw great evidences of prosperity on his western trip. Everybody will be out Friday to see what the Terrible Swede can do. This race will settle once for all whether the pony can be beaten. A. M. Coan has the contract for the ; Will Lacy house, which is to cost about • $1,500 above the foundation. It will be a neat and commodius house. The coming of the state shoot to Algona next year will bring 150 of the crack shots of the country. The boys will have a splendid shooting ground. Goeder's great fall opening is calling attention to his handsome new store room, which is full of goods. The best quality at the lowest price is his motto. The Odd Fellows had a big time at Wesley. They say B. F. Reed fairly outdid himself in the Ancient Order of Jove. Wesley entertained right royally. J P. Kenefick went to Humboldt Monday with Dr. JCenefick's Axineer, Sl andMr. Coombs went along to drive .him. He was in the races yesterday | and will go today. I The W C. T. U. will hold a special meeting with Miss Setchell, Thursday, 'Oct. isfat 3 o'clock. Plans forjhe an- Jnual festival will he adopted. Come [and give us your ideas. Father Halpin of Eldora is Algona's ew Catholic priest. He will come Sat- rday. Dr. Kenefick knows him well nd says he is a very eloquent speaker ' d a genial gentleman to meet. The dynamo and fixtures for the ileotrio light plant are at the depot, lift the boilers still fail to put man ;i)pearanoe. The presumption is that ligelow is off arranging to get them. I Services at the Baptist church next Sunday II a. m. and 7:30 p. m., Rev. D. Stiles, pastor. The morning theme »ill be- "The First Question in The- Jjogy." Evening: "God's Thought." Sunday the subject of the ser- ™. t ^ £ f*l\ J „* for in advance. Rev. Walker will prove a safe business manager as well as an eloquent pastor. H. L. Kimball is closing up his elevator business and will be out this week. C. C. Samson has traded for the property of its Minnesota owner, and will soon have it open again. The farmers' co-operative society ought to buy this property. The State Leader notes that the Northwestern hfts filed articles of incorporation for a ne* railroad from Denison north to be known as the Boyer River line. It runs up the Boyer to Wall Lake. This is the south end of our new road. Every farmer who lives within reach of Algona ought to buy a ticket to the lecture course for each one of his children. It is a rare chance to see and hear the best at a nominal cost. Twenty cents apiece for such entertainments is an absurdly low price. Dr. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning will be, "How Christians Kill Christianity." Evening lecture, second in series io young people, subject, "Pitfalls for Young Women." Good music. All are invited. A. E. Wooster has sold his restaurant to Mrs. Laurens of Irvington. He has had a big run of business but could not get help to do the work ~" 1 **~ Wooster's health began to and Mrs. fail. He has not decided what he will do, but at eight. On the'shobt oft Budd and Worthington got five Straight, but Grimm fell down afcd got but three and Smith four. It was a close call for bringing the oup again to Algona. Years ago Smith and Nicoulin held it. This winter Algona has the best entertainment course ever offered to Kds- suth county. The price of admission is almost nominal. It is greatly to the credit of our people that they respond so readily in the sale of tickets. Over 800 of the limited 500 are already taken. Yet a course of such talent is an experiment in so small a place, Whether such courses may be secured for the future depends upon the success of the present venture. It ia a source of gratification to S"upt. Spencer that the people are so liberally sustaining his efforts in presenting these entertaln- tttents. ^_^_^^——*—>—Look to Tour children's Eyes. Many parents are culpably negligent of their children's eyes, early attention to which would very often obviate lifelong annoyance and possibly Injury to physical health. If a child of yours complains that he cnnnot see clearly, that he has dull pains in the region of the eye, or that he is subject to headache,'or if he leors, looks at objects askance or with partly closed eyes, he is suffering with some defect in vision and it is your parental duty to at once consult a competent optician, lest your negligence or indifference may result in permanent injury. Mr. Ripke is a * _ . . * •_- _. 3 1. *. M 4-ltnlnti-iDr present will rent a house, Marriage licenses have been issued to Mike Voubank and Mary Stodelman, George Landly and Ktvte Willgen, Henry W. Smith andTenaKruse, Fred Hauc'k and Louise Ginrlch, Charles Zumach and Mary Behrnes, Chas. Groth and Lizzie M. Jacobs. F. M. Taylor has filed a nomination petition as a candidate for justice of the peace to succeed himself. The republican caucus named E. H. Clarke andJ. C. Raymond. Mr. Taylor has been justice for a long time and has filled the position acceptably to the public. A curious mistake occurred at a sale up near Bancroft a week ago. Peter Gettman, a retired preacher of Grant township, bid, as he says, $20 a head on some'cattle. The auctioneer and clerk understood the bid to be $30, and Mr. Gettman was sued yesterday for that amount. S. E. MoMahon went up to defend. Bufflneton, who collected money in Algona to go to the hospital at Iowa City for treatment, went down near Marshalltown and fell Into the hands of a quack specialist who operated on him with the usual result. He was dead and buried before bis folks here knew anything about it. He leaves a wife and five children, the oldest not eight years old. The annual meeting of the Iowa Library association was held in the Iowa building on the exposition grounds at Omaha Sept. 30. The officers of last year were re-elected and other routine business transacted. The announcement of the establishment of a free public library in Algona was received with much apparent gratification. Rev. Suckow gave a very vigorous sermon Sunday morning on the war in retrospect. He attributed most of the success of the navy to the wise naval system we have, and most of the troubles in the camps to the unwise army system. He denounced the spoils graduate optician and .haa the latest and most approved apparatus for accurate eye testing, and mistakes are im possible. Office over E. J. store, Algona. COMPANY P GOES TO DES MOINES. Gilmoro's 3012 of the Soldiers Loft Al- Konn Yesterday MoriiltiK-Twenty Left Behind. A special car took the soldiers 'to Dos Moines yesterday morning at 7 o'clock. There were 47 tiokotted, Lieut. Walsh in command. Capt. Cooko went the night before to see that everything would be in readiness for their reception, and Lieut. Randall, though up and about, is too weak to chance the exposure of camping again. Lieut. Walsh said that twenty of the boys in all were not taken, as they we're convalescing and it was not advisable for them to risk exposure. Quite a crowd gathered at the depot to see them off. Men-lit Turner was along with the white bull dog that mas- cotted the boys at Camp Thomas. Some of the boys showed up in white collars, but they were stripped of them in short order. Many had not seen each other since they left Chattanooga, and they had enthusiastic reunions. When the regiment gets together there will be a royal hand shaking. It is rumored that 20 days will be needed to muster out. A full physical examination will be made of each soldier and a record kept for use in the future when applications for pensions are made. MRS. O. B. GRIEFITH will have control of the local office of Dr. A. P. Sawyer's sanitarium treatments for ladies. Ladies please call at her place of business. ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA makes no false promises. No tedious treatment, no mere temporary relief, but a permanent cure. Ask your druggist. DEATH OF liltS, JOfifl AM Old Settler of i'lttm Cfeek Township Pftsses AWfty. Mrs. John McGetchie, who came to- Kossuth county In 1870, and who for many years was a well-known resident of Pluto Creek township, died at her home in Algona last Wednesday even* ing at the age of t5 years. She was born in Glasgow, Sc6tland, and was married there in 1843. With Mr. Mc- Getchie she came to New York state, and later to Wisconsin. Five children were born to her, Mra. Jas. Taylor and R. W. McGetchie of Algona, Robert, who was once a well-known resident here, John who went from here to Oregon City, Oregon, 26 years ago, and Mrs. Mary McCarthy of Janesville, who came out for the funeral. Rev. Ollte- ranshaw conducted the funeral exercises at the home Friday afternoon, and a large gathering of old friends followed the remains to the cemetery. Mr. McGetohle died four years ago, and since then Mrs. McGetohle's health has steadily failed. She was highly esteemed by all who knew her, a woman who filled her sphere in life faithfully. The Fuddled Courier. Bancroft Register: The Courier has boon making a rabid fight on Judge Quarton because it claimed he had been retained as counsel for the "blue sky" operators some time in the past and as a consequence wns equally guilty with the takers. Now comes ix Britt attorney in a letter to THE UPPER DES MOINES and tolls of u caso in which ho prosecuted and Attorney Sullivan, democratic opponent of Quarton for judge, defended in a " blue sky" case. It is a sad revelation, indeed, and will hero- after render the Courier useless as a campaign paper. We Are Much Pleased With our trade during Fair week. We gave the people bargains in Groceries, and we know they appreciated them, for they bought large, healthy, invigorating bills-like the Bingley bill; We still have bargains that are equally good and that are surpassed by none. We are here to do business—that's why we solicit your trade. Cowles 1 Block, No. 8. James Patterson, J. L. Donalioo & Co., Minnesota From $5 to $15 per acre. Office over postofflce, Algona, Write for circulars. , Ion of First Church of Christ, Solent- it' will be: "Probation after Death." IVOdd Fellows' parlors, 10:45 a. m. estimonial service on Wednesday, at IB. All are welcome, 16 Intrallsbee has been out in Mon- Ta buying sheep for bis farm, also a ? Wadswprth Bros, and Alex Brown. Ie came in yesterday with 750 sheep. Iftdsworth 'Bros, will make a sheep joli of their Hobart farm. The Methodist board of trustees have ihorized Dr. Day to secure Dr. B. I. BB to dedicate the new church. The ate is se* between Deo. 18 and 25. Ie slaters have begun on the roof and i building will soon be enclosed. Jeo S. Foster writes to Mrs. Foster ,at he has been sent to Denison to as- at in surveying ft railway line to Ai- ?nft. The orosneot of a new road is system of appointment and promotion unsparingly and with good reason. His summing up was that providence is only with us when we act intelligently and honestly. The local pastors met at the residence of Dr. Day Monday afternoon and organized a city ministerial association. The object is to promote and maintain a fellowship of the various clergymen and to consider such topics as may be of common interest to all the churches. Meetings will be held regularly each Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. A constitution was adopted and the following officers were elected: President, Dr. Day; secretary, S. Ollieranshaw. The owner of Grover C. was down last week seeing if he could sue the agricultural society because his horse sprained his leg on the track. One shoe was wrenched a little bu,t he was ordered to run by the judges and it is claimed that the sprain resulted. The lawyers told him that he didn't have to run his horse if he did not want to, and that the society was not liable. No one believes that the strain resulted from the shoe, anyway. Wm, K. Ferguson was in Monday to cut $2,000 of new $5 bills apart. THE UPPER DES MOINES cutter separated them as though they had been eight cent print paper. The First National got $12,000 more bonds at the popular sale, and is issuing new currency to the extent of $10,800 on them. This issue when it is out will bring their circulation up to $22,500. This increase of over $10,000 in our local money supply will furnish lots of currency for business. The Bancroft Grand Army post had a pleasant meeting Friday evening. of Tor Sule. Young Poland China pigs fit for service; also one Shorthorn calf. Apply to.1. A. Vipond on the farm west Algona.--29l3 _ INJUNOTION NOT GRANTED. The New School Honao Will He Be- KUII Tomorrow on the llelso Site. Judge Helsell, while admitting that it was a close question, held that the Algona school board could use money secured by the sale of bonds to buy a site, and refused to grant the injunction asked by Mr. Heise. The board will open bids for the new building tomorrow and begin work at once. D. A. Haggard has appealed to the court for higher damages than were allowed him on his half lot. The appraisers gaye him $225. A. E. Morling acted as attorney for the board at Emmetsburg. Messrs. Sullivan and Swotting were over. STATE SHOOT AT ALGONA. The State Sportsmen's Association Names AlKona OB Its Next Year's Meeting Place. At the meeting of the state sportsmen's association at Des Moines last week John G. Smith was elected president, Guy L. Taylor secretary, C. T. Chubb treasurer. Algona was chosen as the meeting place next year. This means that 150 to 200 of the leading shots of the country will be here. Algona will give them a big reception and make them want to meet here every year. The I.,oci»I Market. Wheat la worth 50 cents, oats 19, corn 20, flax 78, barley 25. MONET TO LOAN On Improved Lands In Kossuth and AdJolnltiK Counties nt Jjow Rates of Interest. Loans are made on 5 to 10 years' time in sums from $500 to $10,000. Annual interest; optlonnl payments, in any amount and at any time after one year, will bo received and interest stopped on amount so paid. No GOLD CLAUSE in note. Farmers' mutual insurance taken and interest, can bo pnid at any bank vou may select. Civil on or address H. HOXIE, Algona, la. *• Chen]) Lands. If you want Minnesota or Dakota lands civil and see me before you buy. I can furnish you half-fare trip tickets at any time and go up every Tuesday morning on the Minneapolis & St. Louis road. If you buy land of me you are not pay ing. local agents 50 cents an acre, as you deal with mo direct and I deal with the owners of the land. There are lots of local agents canvassing through the country, soliciting you and pretending to go with you to buy land, when they arc only agents and make 60 cents an acre off your purchase and you have to pay it. I am at homo Saturdays and Mondays, so come in and see me then. I will trade large tracts of land for small farms here, will trade land and take houses and lots, and will trade for stocks of goods and for horses. Call and see me before you go. 29t2 FRANK NICOULIN. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. A Cold Wave is sure to come, and the best Way to meet it is with the results of a first- class furnace. The Iowa King steel furnace meets all the requirements of something good in a furnace. It heats quickly, uses little fuel, is gas proof and durable. The Iowa King will give you a Cuban winter climate at home at a small cash outlay. The best results from a furnace aro obtained only by having It Installed by an expert workman. It's knowing how that makes results with little fuel. We have the furnace and the "know how." C. M. Doxsee, •Hazard-ware. Winter is Coming and You Will Need Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Overshoes, Overgaiters, Leggings, etc. We have them in all sizes for men, women and children. A fine assortment of the BEST goods made. Always sold at the lowest cash prices, and you always get full value for your money. * Iowa. MONEY—On first mortgages.. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Your Wedding UliiK. Buy your wedding ring of us, wo ways'make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, The very best of work done in our ALGONA, IOWA. repairing department. al- A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments. Interest payable annually. nome-seelsers' Cheap Excursions. On Oct. 18, Nov. 1 and 16, Deo. 6 and 20 the North western line will sell home- seekers? excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to numerous points in the west and south at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. 30t6 AT THE GASH GROCERY of Oo-ctrt We have another lot of those 2c tumblers; also a lot of jelly glasses to sell at 2Oc per dozen. Try our r2^c coffee, it is an extra good one for the money. New evaporated raspberries ?c per pound. J. O. ANDERSON. • (We sell and deliver hay and grain to any part of the city.) A. aiLMOUR, President, E. V, KEITH, Vice t'resident, M. 80HENOK, Secretary, J. w, WADSWORTH, Treasurer, DIRECTORS: O. T3. IIVTOniNS, FKANK DEVINE, OJIA8, WOOSTER, S. STEUSSY, 0. S. ANGUS, J. J3. STACY,' The prospect j»e than a surmise. There is talk thftt Algona will be made a dlvi- e water works and electric light is up ter enough to assure the blio tbftt if ie going to he as attract- in appearance as it can be raaae. Hamilton la furnishing the brlok, e.and material for It, being the bidder. 'he Dee Molnes papers say tbftt Rey. er M. Walker made It a condition coming that the church debt and John Wood, Algona's old-time citizen, was in charge. He said that the Bancroft post has an unusual record in that it has not had a death in three years. A splendid supper was enjoyed by a big crowd. Representative Hager of Blackhawk county happened to be present and made a fine speech. The music was all excellent, but a duet by Mrs, Campbell and Mrs. Berryman deserves special mention, It was an enjoyable occasion. Geo. E. Clarke won the Dr. Lacy case again and got a bigger verdict than before. This time the jury allowed $387 against the county, or all the doctor claimed. Cqunty Attorney Raymond says he will appeal again, believing be still has a chance to beat the doctor out. The main question at Emmetsburg was Dr, McCormaok's competency as county physician and Mr. Clarke succeeding in satisfying the jury that he was not up to scratch. The county will be out about $1,000 in the end, If it loses in the supreme court, as the first decision surely Indicates it will. The team shoot for the state trophy at Des Moines last week was the big event. John G. Smith and Chas. Grimm shot together, Guy Taylor and Mortenson, Budd and Worthington, Seven other teams contested. Smith and Grimm and Budd and Worthlng- tor Sale, One thousand and twenty acres of wild land in Buffalo township, owned by Georgianna L. Tilney, is now offered for sale on long time payments prices and terms apply to r H. INGHAM, For BUCKWHEAT and maple syrup now on hand at M. Z. GROVE & SON'S, MONEY to loan at 6 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. pieg ebould be provided Concert program. Following is the program for the con cert next Sunday evening at the Congregational church; 1. Organ voluntary... ..................... ••••;• 2, Anlhem ................................ Oholr 3 solo .................. MlsaMaude Johnston 4 solo ........ , ............. Mr. Frank Tellier 5. Piano solo ................ Miss Amy Hedrick 6. Anthem. .................. •• ••Li-vx',v chol J 7. solo .................. ,..MmB\ I/MoQomb 8 DU6t. ......................... ...... ..... . ..... ..'.... Mrs. F. H. Vesper and Mr. Frank TelUer 0. Short talk........ ......... .....Bey. Suekow 10 Anthem.^ ............................ Choir 11. Solo. . . ........ • ..... Miss Jennie Patterson 18 Piano duet ........... The Misses Bedriok 13. Anthem ................................ Ohoir 14. Organ pqstlucle. ... .................... , ..... FQR time loans on real estate apply at KoBsutb, County State Bank. When you Buy Millinery the first and most natural inclination is to Find the Latest. You don't have to look around a little bit to accomplish that most desirable result. We have the up-to-date goods in Pattern Hats, Trimmed Hats, The Farmers'Milling Co, (INCORPORATED,! OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. r, „ »,,,.r,iah tvin tvnriB with choice flour from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground B d°i a n lots to SiSpWa^ WBteSwrners- company and solicits the farmers' business. Hig: Iowa. av r ._ • good wheat. 3ive"ttTe"ife~w"company a trial. We can and will do aa well by you as any vnill in J. 45, JfOFfUS, General Don't take any chance on Attracts ..of Title. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent My books are thi but experienced aba' trusted to me tention.' • • lughly complete. None irs hftve ever -written done by compe- • •-" * en- at- ton got JO each. Taylor also made his JO straight, but Mortenson got only SHEET music— all the latest off. DBsrawBY & songs— and "really all the late, stylish, and nobby things in millinery, You must see the goods to knqw their real worth and quality. We have a line pf qheap sa.Uqr hats—worth twice their cost. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILP LANDS. C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa Opera Hpvise Block. 4&KRF LOOK TQ YOUR EYES, _ The"m<wt difficult oases ot childre Do your eyes ache, sma,rt, water, beoopei flamed, or pain In the eyeball, orbit, tempje or JoreheidJ "it so yon. sWd consult a o$mne tent optician, with the latest aolentlflo »f ol correcting all errors of retraction, iuatton an J. Saws Filed, For Sale, J. L, EDMONDS, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D- M, 08)09. AUCTIONEER, I am permanently located 'to prepared to cry sales i« KossuJib ana, aojpitt* fug counties, by the day ov on small oomuils- gion. Satisfa ion guarattteed. i, F, POSE© ATI, ' '-I

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