The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1898
Page 7
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THE UPPEK DEB MOINES: ALOONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5, 1898 onsumpiion? We are sure you do not. Nobody wants it. But it comes to many* thousands every year. to those rho have had coughs and colds until the throat is raw, and the lining membranes of the lungs are inflamed. Stop your cough when it first appears, and you remove the great danger of future trouble. stops coughs of all kinds. It does so because it is a sooth- fp I ing and healing remedy of great power. This makes it the greatest preventive to consumption. Put one of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plasters over your lungs A vtliolo Motttcal Library froo, For four cents In stamps to pny postage, we will send you sixteen medical books. Medical Advlco Free, Wo have the exclusive services of some of tlie most eminent phyfllclans In the United States. UmiMinl opportunities and long experience eminently fit them for giving you medical ndvlee. Write freely all the pnrtlc- ; ulurs In your CHKO. You will receive a J I prompt rcplv, without cost. ' .Address, JQU. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass. •OUKEENT EVENTS. Tho.rc arc 7")0,000 cats in London. The bitterness of a grain of strychnine can be tasted in 000,000 grains of water. Porto Rico has a population of about 800.000. Two-thirds of its inhabitants nre white. Married women will 7iot be permit- tod, hereafter, to net as teachers in the public schools of Milwaukee. Gray horses are usually the longest- lived. Creams are decidedly delicate, and are seriously affected by very warm weather. "What seems to be the trouble with Wilson, doctor?'' "None at all. None at all. I wish every patient I have paid as promptly as Wilson." A learned antiquarian says that smoking pipes of bronze are frequently found in Irish sepulchral mounds of the most remote antiquity. Itfltuty IH Ifliind Deep. Clenn blood mul;es a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarets Cuudy Cathartic cleans your blood autl keeps it'cleau, by stirring up the lazy liver amldriviuef all impurities from tba body. Begin v ,dny to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blticltheads nud that sickly bilioas complexion by taking Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents, All druggists, tatisfaction guaranteed. 10, "5, 50c. One pound of sheep's wool is capable of producing 1 one yard of cloth. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYfiUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to thfc care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SYBUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Fig-s is manufactured by the CAuiroituiA Fio SYBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding- the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing- of the CALIFORNIA Fio .SYRUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It ia Jar in advance of all other laxatives, 1 as it acts 'on the kidneys, liver and Vowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial . effects, please remember the name of the Company— CAUFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO, SAN FRANCISCO, Col. JiKW VOUff. Jf. T« CURE YOURSELF^ jUep Big O for uimaturul ducliaigea, iullitiiiuiatlune, | IrrUutiouu or ulcorutlous of DI n to u 9 nionibraues. n^^y.-r^-nr-- -—^ V "T- "aluloss, and not/ IfjalTHEEV/WSCHEMICALCO. gout or poisonous. in plain wrapper, C r 7 ! eypren .D,or31ioei irculttv »eot 90 o SOME NEW THINGS. A Western man has patented a. movable hey beard-for musical instruments, by means of which the music is transposed, so that transposition by the player is unnecessary. To prevent damage to furniture dusting, the wooden or metal portion of the brush is provided with a cap or band of rubber, which slips over the handle and covers the back. A Brazilian has patented an artificial tooth, which is hollow and has a valve In one side through which the air is exhausted to cause the tooth to grip the jan- after the tooth has been fitted to the gum. The head of a newly designed brush is made reversible by being pivoted on a bolt, at the center, adjusted by a thumbscrew, to bring the rear portion of the brush into use when the front part is worn out. Clay pipes can be colored to imitate meerschaums by a new glazing composed of gum dammar dissolved in turpentine and mixed with polishing copal varnish, the pipes being then baked at about 160 degrees. A Frenchman has designed a bicycle hub which has flanges projecting from the hub. through which the spokes pass from one side of the rim to the other, screw threads being formed at each end of the spoke. For applying dye to the human hair, furs, etc., a brush with a comb pivoted thereto Is used, the comb being used to spread the hair out, in order that the brush, saturated with the liquid dye, may reach all parts of it. Invalids can be given tub baths by means of a newly patented tub which is made of collapsible rubber, with a number of rubber tubes arranged along the sides and bottom, to be inflated after the patient is placed upon the collapsed bath, causing the tub to assume its proper shape. "\Vnj-B of Men. "Call a man a sad dojy,"snid the corn- fed philosopher, "and he will look very snowing- and feel flattered, but if you call him a miserable pun he'll want to fight." '_ Proposed Alliance M' KiiRlnnil. If the United States and Euirland should form an alliance there would be little chance for enemies to overcome us. When men nucl women keep up their health with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, there is little chance of attacks from disease, as it steadies the nerves and increases the appetite. Try it. They Survive the Dull Rooming. "Boston's death rate is lower than it has been for thirty years or more."_ This shows thai heavy cannonading in the distance is not fatal." FOR WOMM AND HOME, ltEM9 OF INTERES 1 FOR MAIDS AND MATRONS. OterskirU Are Here — Yet Skirts Are 611m In Spite of Mnch Trimmings— Charming House jacket—White find Yellow Creation for Dark-Haired Maid, Blindness. I wrote a ditty to my love And praised the fairness of her face, The sweetness of the tiny mouth, And every dear, bewitching grace. But most of all, midst lover's sighs, Sad they could not be written down, I raved about my sweetheart's eyes, Those dancing, glancing eyes of brown. Days passed, and soon a message came: "I like your verses, but must stay Your erring rhyming, for my eyes Are not a 'charming brown,' but gray!" Maude D. V. Drake. ing seam and a V of white flanfttS, •with tiny embroidered flounce, covers what would otherwise prove too deep at opening at the front. Not the least attractive part of this garment are the quaint elbow sleeves, simply made of embroidered flannel and gathered under band and bow of yellow ribbon at the elbow. The embroidered flounce below matches-that on the collar. Overgktrtft Are Here. Autumn gowns will be much trimmed. The overskirt is with us again —yet one slim in proportions, not detracting in any way from the length of the figure. When the overskirt is A Woman Who Knew How to Make Money Mrs. Clara McAdow, of Billings, Mont., has proved that women can go "a-mining" and sometimes do better than a man can. A few years ago, when the Northern Pacific railroail , was building, Mrs. McAdow found herself with $500 and no means of support. She concluded to go to Montana. But lest she should spend all her money, she took only enough to pay her way, and two weeks' board. This would require her to go to work at once. Getting a letter of introduction to the chief engineer of the road from an obliging fellow-traveler, she presented herself and asked for employment. She said she could do clerical work and knew something o£ nursing. She was accordingly engaged at n small salary. She soon informed herself about the country, and, as she was a good talker, distinguished strangers to whom the region was to be exploited were put in her hands. As soon as Mrs. McAdow had saved enough money she bought a town lot n Billings, and a few weeks later sold it for double the money. As there was no 'bank in the town she used to do a banking business in the street, by cashing checks. Then she went Into real estate, and when she broke her leg she had a map of the town hung in front of her bed,' and carried on business from her bed. She was not then Mrs. McAdow. Mr. McAdow was a storekeeper, who had taken Spotted Horse mine for a debt. One day she THE LONE WOMAN TRAVELER. The "new woman" doesn't propose to miss the delights of travel simply for lack of a protector. She knows how to take care of herself, and when she starts oft' on a little journey nowadays it isn't with the nervous drcnd that something's going to happen bo- fore she reaches her destination—it' ever she does, but she proceeds at once to make herself comfortable and to thoroughly enjoy her little rub up against the outside world. But although she rests secure in a delightful feeling- of safety, it has never occurred to the general woman that "making her to travel in safety" is a'business nil in itself. She may have heard, for example, that the' great New York Central llailroad is the only route in the United States that is completely equipped with the world-famous lock and block system of signals, but that doesn't mean anything to her until you explain that by this system every foot over which she. travels is carefully and unceasingly watched and signalled day and night, and that collision is practically impossible, because a train cannot enter a given block or section until the train ahead has passed out, and that even if there should be another train following on the same track the engineer knows all about it through the electric telegraph, which is part of the system, thus making assurance doubly sure. If the lone woman happens to ho going to New York City she need have no dread of landing alone in the confusion of a bip-. strange place if she travels by the New York Central. All she has to do is to speak to one of the red-capped attendants—free service— who will carry her bag-, answer her questions and show her to cab, car or elevated train. Another thing, she lands right in the heart of the city within a step of a dozen or more of its leading hotels— and she should bear in mind that this is the only railroad depot in all New York City. The New York Central might aptly be called "the lone woman's route.''— Fashions. He Know Him. Again it was the. terrible sinall brother doing the entertaining until his sister could put in an appearance. "1 guess you don't know me," said the caller, with a commendable desire to be pleasant "Oh, yes, I do. When I saw you through the winder I heard sister say 'there comes that everlastin' Simpkins again!'" Milking Sure. Examiner—What part of speech is the word "am?" Smart Boy—What, the "am" what you eat, sir', or the "am" what you is? WANTED—Case of tad nealtli fliat IM-P-A-N-f will nut benefit. Scud 5 cents to Itinans chemlcu Co., Hew York,for 10 samples and 1.000 Jealousy, "Is he really so jealous?" 'tWhy, he is even jealous of hiras If since someone told him matrimony had madeanothei-man of him." ' SsWKttWSt The Hottentots, now one of the low est species of mankind, were 1 ages ago one of the most highly civilised, Guarenu>ed tobacco nab t pure, , Wood puie. We, M. not used flounces appear or braidad designs forming a simulated overskirt. Semi-coats, too, starting beneath the arm, and ending above the knco, will be much seen. A gown typical of the season is of pale green foulard. The yoke, of shirred green chiffon, extends well below the arms and is partly concealed by a pouched bodice drawn up In two points on the yoke and fastened under bows of ribbon. The sleeves are tight fitting and end at the elbow with a lace flounce. On the skirt the curved and pointed outline of the bodice is carried out in a deep ruffle, which is fastened to the skirt with ribbon bows. Stop! Women, And Consider the All-Important Fact, That in addressing Mrs. you are confiding your private ills to a •woman—a tvoinan whose experience in treating woman's diseases is greater than that of any living physician—male or female. You can talk freely to a woman •when It is revolting to relate your private troubles to a man—besides, a man does not understand—simply because he is a man. Many women suffer in silence and drift along from bad to worse, knowing full well that they ought to have immediate assistance, but a natural modesty impels them to shrink from exposing themselves to the questions and probably examinations of even their family physician. It is unndc- cssnry. Without n-^ncy or price you can consult a woman, whose knowledge from actual experience is greater than any local physician in the world. The following invitation is freely offered: a. - accept it in the stutie spirit: • - ' MRS. PINKHAM'S STANDING INVITATION. 'Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to promptly, communicate with Mrs. Pinkhum, at Lynn, Mass. All letters arc received, opened,iread and answered by women only, A woman can freely talk of her private illness to a woman; thus has been established the eternal confidence be- tWccn Mrs. Pinkham and the women of America which has never been broken. Out of the vast volume of experience which she has to draw from, it is more than possible thatshehas gained the very knowledge thatwillhclpyour ease. She asks nothing in return except your good-will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely any woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance.—Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. " The present Mrs. Pinkham's experience in treating female ills is unparalleled, for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia E. Piukham, and for sometime past has had solo charge of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter as many as a hundred thousand ailing women a year." SOME PALL FASHIONS. sent for him and offered him $11,000 for it. He was touched by her lack of buslnes sagacity, and chivalrously told her that it was not worth it. She persisted In buying it, and In less than a year she took out of it $90,000 in gold. Mr. McAdow subsequently married her. She is now the treasurer of the Billings board of trade, and Is worth several hundred thousand dollars. She conducts business in, her own name, and her husband is only her connubial partner.—New York Evening Mail aud Express. House JucUct. ' Now that cool days are creeping on, a house gown of soft white flannel suggests the delight of hours in a. cozy room. Here is a jacket that is charm- ling in color and make and could easily •be copied at home. In its present coloring it is prettiest for a dark-haired maid. The material—French flannel—is white, with a silk embroidered dot of golden yellow. The jacket is made with plenty of fullness both front and back, p 1 ' the fullness being drawn under a broad yellow ribbon about the waist. The neck opens d?ep, revealing the soft throat, in a. broad collar made of plain white flannel and edged with an embroidered flounce. 4 fold pf yel)o\v satin cpneeatg tfcg Join* How to IntcroHt Children In Work. Constant changes in occupation is the law of the growing child, because the law of his growth demands it. The work of the home and its environs is admirably adapted to this necessary, constant change. Let the children work with you. Share with them, as they with you, in all the occupations o£ the home. Talk, explain, sing, while at work, and there will be no lack of interest. It is only when the little ones are left to work alone or with other children, on tasks which they do not comprehend, that they become listless. The healthy, happy child Is naturally an enthusiast in anything which he undertakes. He likes work. His play is work—business—and he would prefer to spend his energies in some way that will "help," If ho only knows haw to do It. Of course, he must not be kept at one thing until the muscles and faculties employed become wearied. After he has kept his arms, hands, legs and feet moving in a certain way for a few minutes, he must change. He will change so as to bring other parts into play, unless he is arbitiarily prevented; and when that happens he loses interest and becomes a dull, sullen, uninteresting "bother of a boy," judged by the ordinary onlooker, when In fact he is only tired out and suffering. Make the work light and pleasant, and do not let the children be counted out of the home-making and housekeeping. A Wc«j»irg Clmaco of 14 re. Writing in "the English Illustrated Magazine on the above subject, Mr. J. Holt Schooling says that "of 1,000 women at age 20, 940 live ten years more, thus 94 in 100 live ten years more, and 6 do not; the chance at age 20 of a woman living, to age 30 being, therefore, nearly 16 to I in favor of living. Similarly, of 1,000 women living at age 30, 806 live twenty years more; so we may say that 80 in 1QO live to age 60, and that 20 do not; .the chance at age 30 of a woman living to age 50 being, therefore, 4 to 1 in favor of living. Again, of 1,QQO wpxnen at age 60, 250 live twenty yeai'3 m_pr$ i. ?., 2,5 in 100 live to age 80, a'ad ' 100 do not; the chance »t &ge $$& a/ living to 80 heinj; J jjj §. Better than Gold ancf better than any other chewing tobacco ever made: — YOU are not obliged to dig for it. The 10-cent piece of •% <%$4~ is the largest piece of really high grade tobacco, and you can get it anywhere in the United States. emember the name when you buy again. "A TRAINING IN CLEAN LI N EbS IS A FORTUNE." COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION WITH She I.ovc'S Him. "Your father says we can't marry until I have $50,000, and I haven't a cent." "Never mind, dear. I'm willing to wait, if it lakes six months." Most of the family washing in Japan is done by gelling iiuo a moving boat find lolling the shirts, sheets, etc,, trail astern from a long rope. SLJGKEfi. WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat. If you wantucoat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker, If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. "I Buffered tlio tortures of the dam tied with protruding piles brought on by cpnstipu- tloa with which I was aliUi-tod lor twenty yours. I ran across your CASCAH'OTS in th« town ot Newell. In., uiul never found am till on to equal them. To-day i am entirely freo froii piles and feel like u nc;wnn.ii." H. KEITK, 1111 Jones St., oioux City, lit. Pleasant. Palatable, i'oteiit. Taste Good, p« (jlood Never Sicken, VVeakeu, or Grlpf. M)o,20o,6U<J „. CURE CONSTIPATION. ... BUrlloj Hemsdj Coupon;, C|ilc«*o, Montreal, N«irjfork. 311, Ufl ffi D A ffl Bold and guaranteed by ttlLdrua- 5dl« I ll'-PAv uUta to £U»t!'ifobapqo U\UIt" PENS50NJU- l,Vi P«n4lon Agent, WASHINGTON, D.C,

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