The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1898
Page 7
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MOB WPEft J)1S MO1HE8! ALGONA Km A, WIDKH^DAY SEPTEMBER 28, 1898 OtJEEEHT EYEJTTS. Landseer began his stndv of dogs at Sis. Nickel is practic'ally supplied by two . countries, Canada and New Caledonia. There are twenty-seven royal families in Europe, two-thirds of which are of German origin. A Mexican jurjr consists of nine persons, and the decision of the majority rules. If the decision is unanimous, there can be no appeal. General Don Carlos Bucll, who is dying at his home near Rpckport, Ky., has been living in seclusion since he retired a.9 a full pay major general in 1805. Two towns In Kansas, Lost Springs and Romana, have not an idle man or boy, or an iinoccnpied house, or a dog. Each town has a population of about 200. Wild oxen and swine are plentiful in the forests of the Ladrone Islands. The meat of the latter is said to be as toothsome as the best Westphalia hams. Last year the United States government's profits on money orders amounted to $800.000. When the system/first went'lnto-foree,'in 1865, the government lost 87,000. The system of vaccination is so perfect in the German army that smallpox has been reduced to six or seven cases annually. All recruits are re- vai-cinated. and there must be at least ten punctures in each arm. • Beauty I* Illnmt Deep. Clean blood nialceg a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarets Candy Cathartic cleans jour blood and keeps it clean, by etirriug up the Inzy liver and driving nil impurities from »he body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads »K and tbat sickly bilious complexion by taking CH^cnrpts,—;beauty 1 for,te«.cents. AH druggists, tatisfaction • guarauteedi 10, .'5, 50c. Claude Lorrain began landscape painting- at twelve. PRACTICAL KINDNESS. One Hundred Tliousnnd Grateful Soldiers. These war times have tried men's souls in. many unexpected ways, but like a shaft of sunshincand goodcheer out of the cloud of privation and endurance has been the work that The American Tobacco Co. has done among' the United States Soldiers and Sailors ever since the war began—for when they discovered that the camps and hospitals were not supplied with tobacco they decided to provide them, free of cost, with enough for every man, and have already given outright to our Soldiers and Sailors over one hundred thousand,pounds of "Battle Ax Plug 1 " and "Duke's Mixture" Smok- ingtis Tobacco, and have bought und Ibutetl fifty thousand briar wood i at a total cost of between fifty and thousand dollars, is work has been done quietly and Roughly, by establishing heudquar- L '~ J " each camp, so that every camp hospital of the United States ha"s been supplied witli enough : „ for every man and the sailors |fef0j^?thirty United States Ships in paipijan waters have shared with the {Wsol'iJiers this most welcome of all ®S%fratious." "•*••"••-"•• - M^ it will be only fnir to re- r" when we hear the remark that "corporations have no that there is one American cor- whose soul has been tried and not been found wanting in kindness." fl $ff4l8ftfandel had produced an opera be- S»*irfS*£ he was fifteen. w/. No-To-lluc for FiftyCents. Suarameert tobacco Imbit cure. ui«H'» wenu men K,- blood pure; 50o.'.Sl. All aruuvitils. er wrote an operetta for before fourteen. the MISCELLANEOUS. Davenport, Iowa—Dr. J. A. Daniel has mysteriously disappeared, leaving a wife and two children. Stevens Point, Wis—The Stevens Point Lighting company is in the hands of a receiver. The action Is an outgrowth of foreclosure proceedings instituted by the First National bank of Milwaukee, which holds $21,500 worth of mortgages. The principal stockholders are H. t). McCulloch of Rockford, 111., and James F. Wiley of Hancock. Washington—The Spanish transport San Francisco sailed for Spain from San Juan with the Asturia's batallion of troops. Jacksonville. Fla.—Private Martin Jahsen, Company L, First. Wisconsin volunteers, died of fever. His body has been ordered home. Escanaba, Mich.—The Carnegie Company has secured control of another northern Michigan Iron mine here. The mine was owned by Escanaba men nnd has been little worked. Toledo, Ohio—Julius Bates has been appointed receiver, of the Detroit and Lima Northern railroad. The Detroit and Lima Northern has flled a suit against the receivers for $12,307 for uee of its tracks. Washington—A satisfactory test of the armor plate manufactured by the Carnegie, company lias been made at Indian Head, practically establishing the superiority of the Krupp process over any other yet tested. Terre Haute, Ind.—Conductor Spear of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois was bound over to the federal grand jury for failure to stamp a receipt he gave to a passenger who had paid cash fare. Washington—The adjutant general has been informed of the death in Ponce of Privates E. H. Farrell and Morris, Eleventh infantry; Ralph Polk, Fifth '.nfantry; James F. Gamble. Third Wisconsin; John E. Riley, Sixth Massachusetts, and Corporal Bernard Bohn, Eleventh Infantry. Dead wood, S. D.—After eight years of litigation the Hawkeye and Pluma mining companies have settled their grievances, and the two companies have been consolidated and incorporated under the laws of South Dakota and named the Hawkeye-Pluma Free Gold Milling company. Bar Harbor, Me.—Mrs William C. Whitney, who has been confined to her bed at her summer residence since last July, is being taken to Westbrook, R. I., on a yacht. From there she will be removed to the Whitney country seat at Waterbury. Lansing, Mich.—A new petition in the case of Henrietta Sparrow, who asked to be adjudged restored to sound mental condition, has been flled, the original one having been stricken from the docket because it attacked the probate judge who found her insane, Boston, Mass.—H. Gardner Chase, a broker, has flled a voluntary petition in insolvency in the United States district, court. His liabilities amount to $45,000, of which $15,000 is secured. He has comparatively no assets. New York—The steamer Santiago arrived from Havana. Among the passengers were Maj. George F. Liverson, an attache of the British army, and Miss Jessie A. Schley of Milwaukee. Stanford University, Gal.—Perry 0. Synionds, a university student, has been selected by the British mueeum to make a thorough zoological collection lour of South America. * recovering from malaria or a slow fever; or possibly some of the children are just getting over the measles or whooping cough. Are you recovering as fast as you should? Has not your old trouble left your blood full of impurities? And isn't this the reason you keep so poorly? Don't delay recovery longer but Tafte It will remove all !mpurl« ties from your blood, it is also v a tonic of immense value, Give nature a little help at this time. Aid her bv removing all the products of disease from your blood. If your bowels are not Just right, Ayer'e Pills will make them so. Send for CUT i>oofc PB Plej in Const}* pation, FELL IPftOM A SCAFFOLD. From tie BerAld, WtttMown, A'. T. John Yonfig, of tefcoy, N. T., IsTSyeari old. and is well known in thftt and neighbor- Ing towns. While putting some weather boards on a barn, standing on aseafnold twenty-two feet from the ground, h <* *«'* •iizzy,lo*t Disbalance and fell to the ground. The Side of hift face, arm and one entire side of his body, on Which he struck, was badly bruised. Picked lip and cafriedto the house, he was under a doctor's care for several weeks. The doctor finally came to the conclusion that his patient bad received a stroke of par- nlysin and •wns beyond medical aid. He could not use one arm, or turn over in bed. $b# e*olo»ly« ol some of the most »tulnent fo the Vnlt<4 fttatti LATEST MARKET REPORT. CHICAGO. Cattle, all grades $2.00 @5.75 Hogs, common to prime. 2.00 @4,07Ms Sheep and lambs 2.00 @5.CO Wheat, No. 2^ red ,66 Corn, No. 2 ' ,30% Oats, No. 3 white .21% Eggs ].3y 2 @ .14 Butter W l /s@ .20 Rye, No. 2 .47 ST. LOUIS. Wheat, No. 2 69 @ .70 Oats, No. 2 cash .22 Corn, No. 2 cash 28 Va Cattle, all grades 2.25 @5.65 Hogs 3.SO @4.00 Sheep and lambs 4.00 @5.55 TOLEDO. Wheat, No. 2 cash .. .89 Corn, No, 2 mixed .... .30^ Oats, No. 2 mixed .21 Rye, No. 2 cash .46Vz Cloverseed, prime cash. 3.60 NEW YORK. Wheat, No. 2 red 73>6@ .73% Corn, No. 2 .35% Dats, No. 2 .25 PEORIA. Rye, No. 2 .47 Oats, No. 2 \vhUo 23y,@ .23% Corn, No. 2 .29% MILWAUKEE. Wheat, No. 2 northern. .66 Oats, No. 2 white 23%@ .24% Barley, No. 2 43%@ .45 KANSAS CITY. Cattle, all grades 2.00 @5.50 Hogs, all grades 3.65 @3.80 Sheep and lambs 3.50 @5.35 Sioux City, Iowa—Alexander McMillan, a resident of Sioux City for five years, died, aged 103. New Y.qrk—The. infant daughter of Commander and Consul Booth-Tucker of the Salvation army is dead. Will goon Leave Jacksonville. It is announced authoritatively that preparations will begin in a few days to move the Seventh army corps from Jacksonville, Fla., to Cuba. Admiral Cerver» t)t Madrid. Admiral Cervcera has arrived at Madrid. There were no unusual incidents worth noting in connection with his arrival at the capital. . Win Meet »t i»Utl»U»lpUli». The flUBrenj.e ,lfldge, of Stipttleh Bite Masons adjourned to meet in Philadel- in September, 1899. P<mt7yt«l by the Fall. One day, while lying on the bed, be read of a case something like his having been cured with Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for Pale People. He coaxed his granddaughter to got him a box of the pills. After that box had been used be secured another, in three weeks he began to feel a little life in his arm;,at tbe gna of ;four,h,e',eou,ld move his fingers ; at the end of two months he could walk, and in three months he could share himself with the injured hand. A she told his story in the HeraJa office, he looked the perfect picture of health. He carries a box of the pills in his pocket, and whenever ho does not feel just right, he takes them. They cured him after doctors had given him up, and his death was daily expected. All the elements necessary to give now life and richness to tho blood and restore shattered nerves are contained in a condensed form in Dr. Williams' Pluk Pills for Pale People. They are an unfailing specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance. sciatica, noiirelg^avrhpuumtiMn. nofyoiis headache. the after effects of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either in male or female. Five sons with their wives, and six daughters with their husbands, attended the funeral of Peter Murray, at Wichita, Kansas. He WHS in his 84th year, and had 14 children, 00 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great -grandchildren. A raw recruit of the Second New •Jersey volunteers, at Jacksonville, was put on false guard duty by .some wags. He \v:is directed to wiUch tho red light on the top of the city water tower, two miles away, for three hours, to sec if it turned green. If so, he must instantly rouse the camp, as the green '•iglit would indicate that a Spanish spy was in town. TIckH. Lice, KJeiiH, lied CANOL1NE— Insecticide ant', disinfectant, prevents all contagious diseases. It will hill ticks, lice, fleas, bed bugs, screw worms and all insects and vermin; fures scab, mange, cuts, galls, stings and bites; heeps off flies. Nonpoisonous, cheapest and best on earth. Send 25c for bottle to make one gallon to Cannon Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo. He who loses money, loses much; he wh$ loses a friend, loses more; but he who loses his spirits,loses a 11.—Spanish. For over fifty years MUS. Wl.VHI.oWs RoOTlliNii STRUT hiiB been used by mothers for their children while tcelhlnK. Ar« you disturbed in nliiht. and broken of your rest by u sl<'k I'tilld Buffering uiul crying with pain of Cutting Teeth? If so upnrl »l oni'O uml gel a boltlo of "Mrs. Wlnslow's Hoot nine Syrup" for Children Teething. Itsviilne Is Incalculable. It will relieve the poor little .sufferer I in mediately. Depend upon H. mothers, there is no mlstakeaboul It. It cures dlarrlKca. regulates the Htomaeh and Novels, utires Wind Oollu, softens tho Gums, reduces Inflammation, and gives tonu and energy to tho whole system. "Mrs. Wlnslow'H Soothing Syrup" for children teething Is pleasant. lo tho taste and is the proscription of nnu of the oldest, and best. female puyslelmis and nurses in Mm United Suites, and Is for sale by nil druggisiK throughout tha world. 1'rk'B, twoniy-nve cents, a bottle, lie sure and usk for "MiiH. WIXBI.OW'S KOUTHJSG A mean rogue in Kentlund, Ind., is warned by a farmer, who lias inserted t.his advertisement in the local paper: "I am watching for the man thatmilks my cow. If I catch him, I intend to shut mv eyes and shoot at the cow. — J. Kecfe." ' __ Chats With BTothoi-8. BOOK FREE FOR ASKING. It is a storehouse of information, telling mother in simple language how to be her own family doctor and how she will succeed in treating every kind of throat trouble HUo Croup, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Quinsy, Coughs, Colds and all sore throats. It also tells how to cure Catarrh of the Stomach, usually called Dyspepsia, Indigestion, etc. \yrite to Mjjcp-Solvent Co., 'Chicago, 111. _ ' ' The Actlvu One. Miss Strongmintie — Mamma, how did papa act when he proposed to you? Mrs. Strongmindc — He did not, act at all. He just stood In the corner and said yes, _ Don't Tobacco Spit and ttmoke Your Mfe Away. To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo magnetic, full of life, nervo and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 50cor*l. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. _ __. __ 11 Perugino had finished an altai paintiug at fourteen. Piso's Cure for Consumption is the best of all cough em'c.s:— George W. Lotz Fabucher,£a., August 26, 169ft. Those Ridiculous Questions. — Householder (sharply) — What do you want? Burglar (sarcastically) — The initiative and referendum, of course. Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Ureeu's Sons, of Atlanta, Ua. The greatest dropsy specialists iu the world. Head their adver tisement in another column of this paper The Japanese never swear. Theii language contains no blasphemouf words. Coe's ,6 the oldest and beet. It will break up a cold quickei than ncytUn? else. It Is tiUiu ve reliable. Try it. Louis XIV of France drank tho firs cup of coffee made in western Europe Coffee was then worth $30 a pound. Mrs. \VlnBlow f B8ootmngByrup (Tor children teetbing.eofteng the gums.ieduces InfltJB- t»*U'.>u.«Ul8jB twin, vur«s wijul colic. !i5 ceote » boMT* Spain has only 7,548 miles of railroad in her whole territory, or a little over four miles to every 10,000 inhabitants Kducute Vour Bowel* Wltli Csscareu Candy Cutburtlc. cure coneilpatiou forever. lOo, J6c. it £ C- C. fail drijjif 1»U> reftmd wom)y. had plans*" 1 , a tragedy be ten, ""* t« Scab in Sheep A f>lie»i« 1 I have Mcolved several letter* recently askiftg if (Scab in sheep 16 Df6p- erly speaking a dlseas^ ttrites C. D. Sniead in National Stockman and Farmer. Scab is Mentioned in teterl- nary worke as ft disease, cottiing under the head of the so-called parasitic diseases, and most writers have thus spoken of it, myself included. But properly speaking it can hardly be called a disease, being simply a condition produced by a parasite or an insect taking up its abode upon another animal and commencing to multiply and devour the larger animal like sheep, producing a general debility that may and will terminate in the death of the animal. Not only the insect producing scab'will do this, but the tick and the louse will also produce a condition of the sheep that may result in death. If means, are devised to get rid of the scab mite, tick or louse the larger animal soon recovers its normal condition without remedial agents. I therefore conclude that scab in sheep is not, properly speaking, a disease, ae it Is produced by a living animal that we hava to get rid of, and when that little insect is destroyed, there is no djsease to treat in the sheep. Not so in the" case of fevers and debillatlng disorders produced by bacterial germs; as they ilways leave the glanular system ac- ually diseased or the blood in an impoverished or vitiated condition from which the animal as a rule will not •ecover without remedial agents. I herefore am of the opinion that it is mproper to speak of scab as a dis- 'ase, hut call it an Infection ol scab mites, just as we would speak of in nfectlon of lice or ticks. No one speaks of the potato bus as a disease of'po- Htocs, yet the young of the potato bug (Colorado beetle) will practically at up the potato and destroy the life of the plant. Kill the bugs and the plant Jives. One is an Insect In the form of a bug that eats and destroys he life of a plant, the other is simply an invisible (to the naked eye) Insect that eats the animal, and in time kills it. Tho scab that is formed by reason of its presence don't kill the sheep, but it succumbs to the torture and eating of the blood when the insect is pi'fcsei.nt in sufficient numbers. I'lfK mid WoeiU. A few days ago, while on institute work In Minnesota, the editor of this department; visited a pen containing a HOW and five pigs. A glance showed that the animals were not iu good condition; that they were, in fact, in a fair way to demonstrate that the owner was a viclm of bad luck (?) in his hog department. They were be ing fed corn and slops from the house, says the "Farm, Stock and Homo." Constipation, poor digestion and other disorders were indicated by a certain dull, spiritless appearance, a want of thrift, and other conditions. Growing hard by the pen was a mass of pig weed and rag weed. A liberal bunch of the first was gathered and thrown into the pen. Sow and pigs immediately tumbled over each other to get at it, and ate it ravenously. Some rag weed was then supplied, and thai was rushed for with still greater haste and eaten with greater relish. The lust is a bitter weed, but It Is a tonic and appetizer, something that the pigs demand to correct the vices of a purely artificial diet, such as they were getting. Nature had-supplied the demand but a fence kept the pigs from it, and ignorance of its value had kept it from the pigs. It was learned that no sal was given to these pigs, another bringer of "bad luck," for hogs de marid salt as humans do. The ownei of these pigs received a valuable ob ject le.seon, and may it not be a point er to others? Confined pigs must have soft, green, succulent food if' thei; owner expects to escape "bad luck." Sunllowern In tlou Varcln. Sunflowers may become one of th principal plants for growing in Che her yard. There are several characteristic about them that make them particularly ad^jxtejd tO'thls purpose. In-the first place they grow to such a height that they cannot be disturbed after they have attained their first start. This in itself is a great advantage, for we are all impressed with the fact that most of our plants that are desirable for growing in such a place are so low- headed that the hens are able to destroy them in the first stages of their development. But the sunflower develops and develops till its great sunny head blazes far above the fence. A grove may be made of these plants or a shelter belt, with patches of grass between. The hens will find a delightful forest in which to wander during the hot months, and in the cool months of th,e a.fttupn tl^ey will, be kejit busy picking up the seeds that drop from the now reversed beads. If beauty be desired the stalks should be cut away and burned as soon as the heads have dropped their seeds. The Ewe Lambs.—The feeding ol the ewe lambs that are to furnish the new material for the flock should be liberal in every sense of the word. Feed them liberally on oats, and see that they get the best pasturage that it is possible to ueciire for thorn, aiid it will be found surprising how lus'.y they will grow during the first nine months of their lives. More can be done by liberally feeding the ewe lambs, to secure weight of both body and fleece in the flock, thaii by any other course that might be adopted. It is evident in the size and weight of the fleece; and, after the ewe lambs have been liberally fed during the first year, it is hardly possible to check their growth afterwards, as tUey then possess the power to do for tlsem^alves to a greater degree.—Ex. MAN* tlMALE ILLS ffiMJLT FROM *eiis Mdw Ordinary tasks May Produce •That Threaten Women's Health* Apparently iriflingf incidents in Women's daily life frequently pro- ducedisplacementsoftheWomb. A ilip on the stairs,lif ting during men- Btruation, Standing at a counter, running a sowing machine, or at- lending to tho most ordinary tasks, may rcsnlt in displacement, nml a train of serious evils is started. Tho first indication of such trouble should bo tho signal for quick action. Don't let the condition become chronic through neglect or a mistaken idea tlm.t you can overcome it by exercise or leaving it alone. ) More than a million Women have regained health by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. If the slightest trouble appears which you do not understand, write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., for her advice, and a few timely words from her will show you the right thing to do. This advice costs you nothing, but it may moan life or happiness or both. Mrs. MARY HK.NXKTT, 314 Annie St., Bny City, Mich., writes to Mr. 1 ). Pinkhnm: "I can hardly find words with which to thank you for the good your remedies have done me. For nearly four years I suffered with weakness of the generative organs, continual backache, headnehe,sideaehe, and all the pains that accompany female weakness. A friend told my husband about your Vegetable Coin-, pound and he brought mo home two bottles. After taking these I felt much better, but thought'that I would write to you in regard to my ease, and you do not know how thankful I Bin to you for your advice and for the benefit I. have received from the use of your medicine. I write this letter for tho good of wy suffering sisters." The above letter from Mrs. Ucnnett is the history of inany women who have been restored to health by Lydiit 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Ask Mrs. Pinkham's Advice—A Woman best Understands a Woman's Ills The poultry house should tare, plenty of wih,rt$w8, ajid if tho fov/li are •permitted to roo?t in it in summer, ttli the tftndpws should be ojm. A IU'ln.ypil Pl«'i\«nr<'. Miss Olds—Yes, 1 mean the ring to which the <• •> is attached. Wutehinu. That's tins bow. Miss Olds— .... sir me! To think I've had one of the dear tilings nearly two years <>nd didn't know it. , To counteract the tendency of boy;o resort to knives and pistols in qusirj rels, Captain .Smith,' ot" the MHclia.m (England) whool board, proposed thai two pairs of boxing-gloves ba supplied to o"" 1 ! boy's department, and that the ; instructed in their seicntitio use. I.uti! lii the "Here is my picture—'The Garden of Mdcn.'" "Why're crazy. This is n, winter scene." •'Of course it is—that's the picture of the garden after the full." Ui.lher Mlio.l It. "Oh, ah, do ye mind smoking 1 ."'asked Willie. ••Not at, all," she replied. "It will innko me think there is a man around." I Cieiiurul George. S. Greene, U. S. A., i retifud, nged 07. is the oldest living raduate of West Point. Satisfies that dry taste in the mouth R emember the name when aoain LAUNDRY WORK MADE EASY". EITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It puts on that eiuunci, glossy finish that is so desirable. It makes .Shirts. Shirt Waists, Collars and Cuffs look like new, Keith's Enamel Starch is the mosti economical starch made. It will do more work, do it with legs labor and do it better than any other starch. If it does not give you entire satisfaction your trucor will refund your money. Largo -package, JO cents) »uu*U pacKago, 5 ceiiiH. If your grocer does not have it, pleuso Head us his miuie »ud udaress and we will eeijd, yu\) tm ENAMJ?I< STARCH RECEIPT HOOK for your trQ«J%, Manufactured by KEITH FNAPm STARCH 00,, CHICAGO, IU, "HE THAT WORKS EASILY, 8UCCES8FUU-Y," r CLEAN HOUSE WI SAP

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