The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1898
Page 5
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IffiS HOMES; ALGONA, IOWA, WEBNBBBAlt, 28, 1898. TtliS CARDS. CSlCAGO, irtlWAtKEE ft St. LOCAL TBAtiW Mo. 1 depart* at ...................... No. 3 departs at ...................... 3:B8pm Freights that ei^ passengers- No. 93 departs at...... ............... 10:46 pm No. 71 departs at .................... 2 : 22 P £ No. 65 departs at ............. . ....... 8:30ptn TBA1S8 BA8*. No. 2 departs at... ................... ^f a £? N0.4 departs at ...................... 6:28pm Freights that catfjr passengers— No. 7C departs at.... ................ 10:10 pm No. 94 departs at ..................... 2:20pm B. F. HSmttCK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m Pass 7:05 am North- Mixed 7:30 a m Freight!!!."12:15 pm i*a8n / ivo t* 111. c Aoiguv a.** ••••« f — Mixed 12:16pmPass 2:40 pm Mixed 7:54 pm Mixed 10:50 pm Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 6:16 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. ^. fi . VaspBKi Agent . CALL OPEBA HOUSE. WEDNESDAY NIGHT—Olivette. THURSDAY NIGHT—Mascot. FRIDAY NIGHT—Fra Dlavolo. Seats at E. & F. drug store. THE LOCAL FIELD. Jas. Taylor has a big cloak sale Oct. 1. See his announcement elsewhere. Marie Bell Opera company this evening and tomorrow and Friday nights. Hugh Hedrick is now on the road for a Dubuque house. Ho was here Saturday. Jas. Jones has a big auction sale Oct. 4. He will offer some good stock among other things. • Prof. Spencer and family are soon to occupy the Auditor Caulldns house, now the property of J. W. Tennant. This issue of this paper closes another financial quarter, and business patrons will soon be waited on by the collector. W. P. Mullica is building a home east of Matt. Holzbauer's, and work has begun. Ho will put up a neat little cottage. The foundation is in for Link Singleton's new home south of the fair grounds on the Fisher road. Link owns several acres there. The Sefcchell millinery house calls attention this week in a special announcement to their splendid new stock of seasonable goods. Mrs. Nannie Setchell has another long letter from Carl, which was written just after the battle at Manila, and is very interesting, but is too late to be used for this issue. Mayor Chrischilles has been putting a handsome porch on his home the past week. It is a very great addition both to the looks and convenience of one of the best houses in the city. The new pipe organ for the Methodist church was purchased last week and is of the Barckhoff make. It will require 90 days for its manufacture, and the price to be paid is $2,150. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Odd Fellows' parlors, Sundays 10:45 a. m., Wednesdays 3 p. m. Subject next Sunday: "Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?" All invited. Matt Gross and family go to northern Minnesota, where he has a quarter section of land and may locate. He has heen in Algona the past 17 years, a good portion of the time with the Milwaukee road. J. E. King.was at home at Emmetsburg over Sunday. He reports his son, who was with the 52nd regiment at Chickamauga, down with malarial fever in mild form. He was not sick a day while in camp. Auditor Calkins has moved his household goods to Blue Earth City, where he will take up his residence after the first of January. Until that time the family will have rooms at Chas. E Palmer's. Perry Burlingame proved what can be raised on good Iowa soil by bringing in a load of splendid watermelons Monday, and he has two more loads in the patch. This office was liberally remembered, of course. Dr. Stull has set a good example by trimming his maple trees in front of his residence. More trees in town should be treated likewise, and it would be good for the trees, besides adding to their general appearance. Chas. Taylor and Glen Davison are talking of exchanging places with some of the men in the 51st regiment and going to Manila. The offer is made, it is understood, to make exchanges of this kind, and probably many will .take advantage of it, On account of the fair arid of the absence of the librarian, who is attending the Library Congress at Omaha, the library and reading room will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the present week. Open on Saturday at the usual hours. The supreme court has revei'sed the Dr. Lacy case, in which he secured a judgment of some $300 against the county for doctor's fees. The reversal is on technical grounds. It is expected the case will be tried again next week at Emmetsburg. A. M. 1 Coan got an unlucky fall Monday from a staging 20 feet high at the Dr Glasler house. He was considerable bruised and one wrist badly sprained. He is getting along well, however, and congratulates himself on the fact that it might have been worse. New brick sidewalks have been built in front of the Horan and J. A. Hamilton properties lately, and the old ones in front of Cordingley's, Dr. Morse's, and J. W. Hinphon's have been replaced by brick of better quality. Thesse make substantial improvements. Services at the Baptist church Sun- dav 11 »• m. and 7:80 p. m., conducted bv the pastor. Morning theme: "The Christiana Privilege and Hope." Evening: "A Lilly from the Muck, or a Resurreotion of Character." Covenant and business meeting Saturday 8 p. m. Sexton is to have what they have heretofore been deprived of—a school house. The nearest school house in the district has been about twro miles from the town, but it has been decided to move the building to town, and the work is expected to be done this week. The city has had a lot of electric light fixtures sent here, from which those who desire can make <-'<">""" and purchase, they are very elabor ate,' and are cheap, quality coasidefed. They are at the city halt, and Mr. Poster will gladly show them to any who are looking for fixtures. Wolcott Hart, a mile east of town, met with an accident Friday in which he bad a leg broken. He is building a large barn, and in handling a heavy timber it fell against him in such a manner as to fracture the large bone of one leg just above the ankle joint. He is getting along all right. The New England Loan & Trust company, which has done business in Algona many years, has gone to the wall. S. S. Sessions was Its last agent here. It was a strong company, but made too many loans in Sioux City and such boom towns. No one in Kossuth will be affected by the failure. Lieut. Walsh recently handed there- porter a sample of the hard-tack supplied to the soldiers at Chickamauga. Compared With the kind which the soldiers of the rebellion got It is certainly a palateable food, and Is far from being as hard as the name would imply. Lots of people have worse things to eat every day. One good resulted from an electric light pole in the street Monday. A farmer's team started on Dodgd street for a lively run and were doing the act to the queen's taste when they came to a light pole lying on the ground, over which they were unable to get, and wore compelled to stop without having done any damage. Services at the Congregational church at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Theme of the morning sermon: "The Brake and the Wheel." In the evening the pastor will begin a series of discourses on the general theme: "Why We Believe in Christianity." The first of these will have for its subject: "Crutches vs. Legs." The city council condemned a whole lot ot sidewalks last Saturday night, largely in the Third ward, and the abutting property owners will be askod to put in new walks at once. Under the new code the city may do this work without notice if it so chooses, but it was deemed wisest to give the owners a chance to do It themselves. A larger audience could have profitably heard the Marie Bell Opera company last night in "The Chimes of Normandy," though a goodly house was out for the opening performance. The company is good—no poor performers in the lot—and play goers will miss a good thing if they do not hear them. They sing "Olivette" tonight. A boy of regulation dimensions came at the R. A. Palmer home Thursday. Gillie Rutherford was also setting up cigars to his friends Friday by reason of a similar occurrence at his house. This will add one republican and one democrat to the voting population in due time, so the majority in Kossuth remains unchanged. All are doing well. we pay for the convenience of being properly lighted. Prof. Spencer edits ft half page this week to announce some attractions soon to be brought to Altfona. This is in 7 ULUUgllv v\r *»*g|»,__. the nature of a preliminary announce tnent, and further details will be given later. The date of the first entertainment is Nov. 1, at which time the Boston Ladles' Symphony orchestra appears. All of these entertainments are of a high-class order, as will be seen by the list, and the public will not be slow to recognize this fact and lend moral and material aid in accordance. It is the culmination of a plan that Prof. Spencer has been working out for some time, and he is entitled to more than the thanks of the community for the zeal displayed in securing a line of attractions in every way worthy of liberal support. J. O. Starks' team played him a mean trick Sunday, on the wuy in from the west. He WHS near the W. H. Ingham farm, on the flat, when one of the horses got its tail over the line and began kicking. This led to further complications, which ended in the team funning into a wire fence and subsequently becoming detached from the buggy, but not until the occupants had been thrown out. Mrs. Starks was sllghtlv scratched, but the throe children and Mr. Starks escaped unhurt. One of the strange things In connection with the affair was that, the baby, which was thrown out over the dash board, nnd had ninety-nine chances out of a hundred to be killed, never got a scratch. The team ran to town and was caught near Col. Spencer's. Public Sttlo. Jiunes Patterson, threo miles south and ono mile west of Sexton, will have a big public sale, Wednesday, Oct. 5. GET your wife or best girl a nice colarette for the fair; we have them. G. L. GALBKAITH & Co. FAIR IS WILL UNDER WAf ITS PBOSPEOTS ABE VEBf BBIGHf Splendid Attractions In the Way of Races, Balloon Ascension, Etc., Each Afternoon. During the Fair FANCY now sorghum. Guaranteed strictly pure, 50 cents a gallon at M. Z. GROVE & SON'S. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Your WcddliiK K1«K- Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- ways'make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. As an evidence of what persistent effort will accomplish it is noted that one little boy in Algona has made a clean $65 during the school vacation. This has been done by securing odd jobs of work and with a shoe shining outfit. His example could be emulated with profit by some older and bigger boys than he, who don't make that much money in six months. The depot at Hobart was broken into Saturday night and a gallon jug of whiskey stolen. Inasmuch as nothing else was tampei-ed with, it is evident the parties knew what they wanted and where to get it. Monday three arrests were made, largely on suspicion as it proved, for the hearing before Justice Taylor failed to disclose evidence sufficient to connect them with the affair and they were discharged. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County Stato Bank. SHE'S a fine girl, quite brilliant, I hear. I understand she has just completed a course of Rocky Mountain Tea. That accounts for her brilliancy. Ask your druggist. THE PEMOOBATIO TICKET. A Small Convention Names Some Excellent Younif Men for County Olllco. For Recorder M. J. WALSH For Auditor S. E. DAVENPORT For Clerk 0. J. JOHNSON For Supervisor E.G. SEYMOUR Algona people are to congratulated on the return of Dr. F. E. Day to this charge for another year. Aside from the fact that he has shown marked ability in his pulpit work, it has been largely through his instrumentality that one of the three finest Methodist churches in the state is now well on the way to completion, and the dedication will occur some time in December. The fact that his return was also the unanimous request of his church tends to show the esteem in which he is held by his parishioners. A petition has been circulated asking Gov. Shaw to pardon Albert Rahm, of Prairie township fame. It has been largely signed, and by many of the leading men of the town. A statement of the case, together with a record of the trial, will be sent with the petition. The ground upon which pardon is asked is that Rahm has already had sufficient punishment to subserve the ends of justice. It will be remembered that his sentence was one year in the county jail. He has been at work on the poor farm for some time past. Mr. Riggs, the gentleman who has had charge of THE UPPER DES MOINES' picture delivery, closed his work here Saturday and has gone to Emmetsburg to make a delivery there. The pictures have given universal satisfaction, and something over 400 were taken. A few are still left which have not been called for, but can be had at this office. Those having orders in are requested to come and get their pictures as soon as possible. Mr. Riggs has conducted his work in a very satisfactory manner, as is attested by all who have had dealings with him. The beautiful apples in Stacy's orchard have been so attractive lately that some people have forgotten their early teachings and the commandment about stealing. For this reason watchers were placed there one night last week, with the result that during the " wee, sma' " houraa couple of parties entered the grounds, and just as they were about to lay in a supply for winter use an alarm was given that sent them out at a rate which, if they are still going, they may be well on the way to Alaska by this time. Apples this year are too cheap to steal. Discussion over block 84 has been partially lost sight of during the week by reason of the setting of the electric light poles. Many of the poles have already been put in position, and in some oases at street corners they seem to be so far into the street as tobecome something of a nuisance. This comes by reason of the many shade trees, the limbs of which will interfere with the wires if the poles are placed any nearer the street line. It is something that probably cannot be avoided under the circumstances, and is one of the prices The democratic county convention last Wednesday was not largely attended, and the business was quickly done. S. P. Barr of Swea City was chairman and Supt. Van Erdewyk secretary. M. J. Walsh was nominated for recorder, over R. E. Davison and L. H. McChesney. S. E. Davenport was named by acclamation for auditor. Charley Cohenour, on the republican ticket, was endorsed and no nomination made. C. J. Johnson was named for clerk, and E. G. Seymour for supervisor. M. J. Walsh is a popular young man, second lieutenant of Company F, who was born in Palo Alto county. His father was recorder over there six years, and he helped in the office. S. E. Davenport is at present clerking in Jas. Patterson's grocery in Algona, and is a promising young business man. C. J. Johnson is a resident of Seneca, and is also a young man. He attended the Algona normal school, and is modest and deserving. E. G. Seymour is a banker in Germania highly spoken of. MONET TO LOAN President Wrtdsworth and Secretary Peek have practically camped on the fair grounds during the past week. This means that they have devoted their entire time to the work of getting everything in readiness, and their good work Is apparent on every hand. One of the noticeable improvements is the removal of the poultry department back from its former location and on to more suitable ground. The other buildings are in good condition, the track is all right, and everything promises well for a big exhibition. .The balloon man with whom the first contract was made jumped his job and another man has been secured who is said to be far superior to the first and will give a bettor exhibition. Nothing but bad weather will prevent him from making an ascension and parachute jump each of the threo last days of the fair. The "terrible Swede," who is to ride a bicycle against the Cory pony in a live-mile race Friday afternoon, wont on Monday to Perry, Iowa, where ho is to ride today, but will be here Friday morning ready for business. This race will ho holly contested. Cory defeated him at Brltt, but that was on a muddy track, and the Swede says he must regain his reputation here. A lot of good horsos are on hand and tho races tomorrow and Friday are sure to bo of exceptional Interest. The program gives tho list. Yesterday was the first day, but little was done more than getting entries made and stock and articles for exhibit in their proper places. All that is now needed is good weather' to make the fair a splendid success. Tho races this afternoon include the farmers' novely race for a $40 purse; the county trotting race, purse $60; the free-for-all running race, purse $150, and the half-mile foot race. Lee Richardson gives an exhibition of fancy bicycle riding, and there is to be a balloon ascension. Following is the program for tomorrow and Friday: THURSDAY, SEPT. 29. 9:30—Judging cattle. 11:00—Judging sheep and swine. 11:30—Dinner. 1:30—Races as follows: Trotting or pacing, 2:40 class; purse $150. Novelty running race, free-for-all, one mile, $25 at each quarter; purse $100. County running race, half mile heats, purse $25. Bicycle exhibition by Lee Richardson. Running slow race, all horses in county; purse $15. Balloon ascension and parachute leap. FRIDAY, SEPT. 30. 9:30—Parade of premium stock. 11:00—Band concert. 11:30—Dinner. 1:30—Races as follows: Special race between John Lawson, "The Terrible Swede," paced by threo tandems, and Cory's pony, five miles. Free-for-all trot or pace; purse $150. Mile and repeat running race, free- for-all; purse $150. Bicycle exhibition by Lee Richardson. Relay foot race, open to teams in county; purse $25. Balloon ascension and parachute leap. I would like every person who visits the fair to also visit my store; I ani sure it will be to your interest to do so, Visit My Store. -,;i •J All are welcome. j ame s Patterson. A M r td Is not a cheap clap-trap made of old pot metal and stove pipe iron, but is constructed of tho very best wrought stool and gruy pig iron that can bo purchased in the United States You may say, " How do wo know this to bo a fact?" Because the statement is backed bv a stove company that has gained a reputation during tho past 50 years of making nothing but first class goods, and you have but to inspect their line of stoves upon our floor tobocome convinced that they are maintaining that reputation in tho same way that it was gained. Other stool ranges may bake as quickly, other steel ranges may bo cheaper in price, but in quality of material, in beauty of finish, in durability, and In ciuick and uniform baking qualities it is as tho boy says, " ahead of the band wagon." We are eiving away a $40 steel range. The tickets will bo gone in about four weeks, when the holder of the ticket bearing tho right number will bo entitled to the range. It you contemplate the purchase of a range, lot us show you Tho Bucks. You will then know what a good range is. On Improved Lands In Kossutli and Adjoining Counties at Low Hates of Interest. Loans are made on 5 to 10 years' time in sums from $500 to $10,000. Annual interest; optional payments, in any amount and at any time after one year, will be received and interest stopped on amount so paid. No GOLD CLAUSE in note. Farmers' mutual insurance taken and interest can be paid at any bank you may select. Call on or address H. HOXIE, Algona, la, MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D, CLARKE & Co. IF you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. Interest paid on time deposits. 45 GEO. C. CALL. TRY that new sorgham at GROVE & SON'S. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages, Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa, SHEET music—all the latest songs— 33i off. ' DINGLEY & PUGH. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. GRAPES by the hundred, only 15 cents a basket at M. Z. GROVE & SON'S. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments. Interest payable annually. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. CALL and see our line of jackets and capes before you go to the fair, G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. IT makes no difference bow many medicines have failed to cure you. While there's life there's hope, and Rooky Mountain Tea will make you well. Ask your druggist. 3TaIr Notes. The merry-go-round is here. There are more stands on the ground than ever before, and all seem to be doing a good business. Tho Presbyterian Indies are good caterers and none need go away hungry while they are there. Street Commissioner Carlon has done a good thing in scraping the streets loading to the fair grounds, The Methodist ladles have a large dining hall and aro feeding tho hungry with the best there is to be had. Several good horses came Monday, and the field is a good one. The prospect for hot races was neyer better, A. B. Edmonds has a wheel rack, where wheels can be checked at a moderate price, It is a great convenience, This kind of weather until Friday night means that this is going to be the biggest and best fair on record in the county. The tandem teams which are to pace the Swede are working hard every morning in order to get up sufficient speed for the Cory pony. Everybody should remember that the balloon ascension each day depends wholly upon the weather. The man who does the act is the best judge as to how safe it is 'to get very far from terra firma. A report was in circulation Monday that the "terrible Swede" had skipped and would not be here to run the Cory pony. This is not correct. The Swede had an engagement at Perry, where he is to give an exhibition today, and we are assured by the management that he will be on hand loaded to the brim with speed and good intentions, . THAT SOHOOL HOUSE SITE. Board Will Proceed on the Lines Laid Down—Now Have All But tlie D. A. Haggard Property, Nothing especially new has developed in the matter of the new school house site. It is understood the board has purchased the Thomas Little lot for 8550, one-half of which was included in the condemnation proceedings. This leaves only the D. A. Haggard residence property of a lot and a half in the block that the board wants, and present indications are that satisfactory arrangements will be made by which this will be secured. This would give a full block of ground, little enough certainly for the building |t is proposed to erept. IKCa-rd/war©. J.L.Donalioo&Co. Minnesota Lands Ir 5m$5to Ofllce over postofllce, Algona, la. Write for circulars. per acre. New Shoes. Quantities of Them. ALL STYLES AND SIZES..:.. Prices Very LoW. COME AND SEE THEM. Fine Repairing. Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ' ALGONA, IOWA Still Another Drop. I have just received four hundred sacks of the famous Madelia, Minn., flour to retail at the following prices: Fancy Patent, per sack, Bed Rose, per sack, - Family, per sack, - - Guaranteed to be made from old wheat, Yours for low prices, - $1.00 ,86 IRVJNQTQN, IOWA PR, L. A, SHEETS, Drugs and Medicines, WAfSR OJR8Q PAY. . 3F. Full a, ot?

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