Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 25, 1915 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
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Wednesday, August 25, 1915
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE AUGLoT 2, 111 j. Thoroughbreds Vfi11 Face Barrier Today at Exposition lClassy FAST HORSES ARE WARDED TODAY FOR TFST fif mm s-w f s m SEALS ARE FOND OF OAK PITCHERS Harry Abies is going back to his first Coast league bos. Harry W'ol-Yerton. The big southpaw who was released Monday by Rowdy Klliott, Immediately applied to Wolverton for a -Job, and the latter replied by telegraph from Los Angeles:-"Come on at once." Abies is today In Los Angeles garbed aB a Seal. Whether he will have better Kick than other Oak hurlers- who have been picked up by the Seals only to be discarded attain remains" to be seen. Pernoll, KlUUay, Christian, I Claire and other fllngcrs were all signed by the Seals after the Oaks released them. Able s may prove a winning pitcher with the heavy-hitting Seals io rely on. JUNES LOOKS FOR HARDEST BOUT OF CAREER TONIGHT 5, The festuras of thl Kaine wer thaia.it fielding and timely bitting of OeTenger, ilu- MERCHANTS. I ST. DOMINKJS. AB.R.H.I . AB.R.H.I rieTenger 4 4 Bpiiey 4 1 1 Danlelson .....4 0 J'HTrne 4 2 McDougall .... 4 1 S!Jtteri .... 4 11 fereae 3 0 OHVIIIiamsou .... 4 0 1 Uracey 8 0 0' Ionian 3 0 t Walker 3 0 OiHKjley 3 0 1 WurUack- S 0 Olt'ullai, 2 10 Reed 2 0 1'NelMta 3 0 1 McCarthy 2 1 riCYlln 2 0 0 Totals 27 6 1CT Totals 29 5 7 , The much heralded Loftus who It) the Judgment of horRemen and followers ot the game that were at the Denver and Reno race meetings disputes with Oeo. Wlngfield's grand pair. Selesta and I Scarlet Oaks, the right to be considered! the best horse at the exposition track, I will make his first public appearance in California this afternoon, his owners hav- Ing accepted the welgnt assigned mm in the five and one-half furlong handicap, which features an -attractive card. . The Denver contingent among owners and trainers seen here are unanimous in pronouncing the Daniels and Hodge crack an exceptionally good horse. Figuring from the Forum Boo he would certainly have to be accounted the champion, despite the fact that Scarlet Oaks' beat him in their only meeting for that was the only defeat he sustained out of four. starts, and In his other races he beat about ail the other good ones that raced at the meeting at both print and distance racing. More than that, he was away slowly in his race with Scarlet Oaks, and' then forced the Wlngfield mare to run five and one-half furlongs In 1:05 4-5 to beat him a length. He is some sprinter, all right, but the three named to no against him Orange Blossom, Kootenay and Seneca are no slouches themselves at the sprinting game, and each of them has the distinction now of having won his last time out. Loftus has me and defeated Seneca and Kootenay twice, but each has a considerable advantage over him today in the matter of weights, and either or both may turn the scales on him, while It Is at least possible that Orange Blossom can carry her dazzling speed the entire route and take them all Into camp. This handicap look te give promise of the most interesting race of the meeting to date. The mile selling dash which follows it Is sIbo certain to be of Jinore than ordinary Interest ' to the track's patrons, as It will have about Jt a suggestion ot a renewal of the exposition handicap. ' ah. Fash and John Graham, "ho divided the purse In the opening day's stake event will again try conclu sions at the same distance with Zorvas- The fart Company N. L. C. C. baarmall tean ter, a shifty plater when at himself, to proved too much for th Btaebler club, defeated to me uncertainty of 1U result, big Ing them 10 to 1. Tne feature of the gain 're in evidence In the other races, the, pitching of schorhr. who struck out and the horses In them are well enough " and "owed eight hits, -nd th hitting . . . i ,.i...,. nntanHn in of soares, O Brtsa sod Lerom. Rcore: IMli;ilVU IV ytUUif VI vvwi,w u . t nQ K I. 0 C Will Meet Frank Luscher Main, Event of West Qak-Hand Show. in BUCCANEERS WIN. 5-1. Three double plays, W. Clark to C. Clark to Works, enabled the Buccaneers to defeat tfta crack Jobnaon Tailor team Sunday by a score of A to 4 In a hotly-coutested game which toolr eleven Intilnga to decide. Smith's tafetv In tho eleventh inning, which scored Oakley, broke up the game. Smith also pounded out a Lome-and S double, fir-ore: , i BUCCANEERS. ; I JOHNSON TAILORS. r. n. e. it. n. e. 0 0 O R. Taya. flb.. 12 1 1 iTMilllot, 2b. ... 1 3 OPetecaon. lb 1 1 liDelameter. ss.. 1 2 O CIeuient. e O 8 ITDonald, If 0 9 OjCarlson, rf 0 5 Oloisen. cf 0 f liW. Caia. n 4 uingeisir, rr... u l, 1 Total, . totals o 10 ill Bummary: Struck out Br Rcott T, by Caya S. First base on called balls Off Scott 1. Horn run Smith. Two-bai hits Works, E. C7. . . . Jtrard, rf . . . , Wlleoi. cf. . W. Clark, V Oakley, c. ... C. Clark. 2b. Works, lb. . smith, 3b. .. Perata. If. . Scott, p. 4 T 4 Johnny Ndnes doesn't believe that there Is a boy his equal in the lightweight class of the local amateur game, but of them all, Nunes gives Frank Luscher the blg-gcst chance. The two are carded to go four rounds in the main event of tonight's show, and if one is to take Johnny's word for it, Luscher will give him the hardest battle he has got in a long time. Luscher has proven his superiority over every boy In the local game with the exception of Pete Tavas and Johnny Nunes, and he has been working like a trojan to get into shape to turn the trick on the latter for the past two weeks. Luscher admits that Tavas- has his goat, but against Nunes he is confident, and with both the boys holding the opinion that they are going to win, it looks like one or the other Is going to have a hard time to loosen his opponent from that belief. There are eight bouts on tonight's program, and Hf the fans do not get all the scrap they want Tommy Simpson will be a much surprised man. Tommy has been matching scrappers since days of the twenty rounders in Oakland, and he konws a scrap when he sees it. Well, Tommy's opinion of tonight's card Is that It will be a long time before he will 'be able to round up such a good one again for the fans. "There are only a certain number of good scrappers available," said Simpson, "and only a certain number of good combinations can be made out of them. I have been hooking up different FISTIC FACTS FOR FIGHT FANS The time: Tonight, at 8:15. The place: West Oakland Club, Eighth and Pine streets. .Mow to get there: Take West Eighth-street car or West Seventh-street jitney bus. . The attractions: Main event-Frank Ixiachnr vs. Johnny Nunc. Special events: Pete iYancis vs. Joe Ketchel, Whiter Sinitli vs. Kid Williams, Joe Herrera vs. Johnnie Vlebra. Preliminaries: Jimmy Magill vs. Jimmy Kelly, -Battling Keyrose vs. Danny Edwards?1 Harry Fitzgerald vs. Jimmy Casey, Jack Gomez vs. Spider Webb. I PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Club. W. L. Pet. Los Angeles 82 : 63 .569 San Francisco .77 66 .539 Vernon ..73 69 .514 Salt Lake 66 74 .471 Oakland 66 80 .452 1 .Portland, 62 74 .456 m mm --FEATURE DAY ON EXPOSITION TRACK Metropolition Outclasses His " Field in Most Pretentious Race of Afternoon. NOTICE IjKGAI. NfrTlCF.S INVITING STREET PROPOSALS. LF.GA1, NOTTCF.S vunax NOTICE rurstiarrt- INVITING STREET WUHrV PROPOSALS. to Statute ami to Resolution the Council of the t I'jr sed AuK'Jst 23rd, 19, o. notice, said t our.cu in- Pursuant to Statute ami to Resolution 'UF?J a , , No. 11256 N. S. of the Council of the City fa , of Oakland, paased August 23rd, 1SU J ' kland pas airecting-inis nonce , iu v nr. vj ..Wd oroooi-als or bids for the sraie.u proposals or uius iur mo f,,ni .rw tn v Hon ac- ". Ik- lSc.iJdlnJ, to "'5 cordTns V'the' and SStlSSr :At":XT""" r .aidj-ork posted and on fl I'Oftted and no Ml. inat a sewer, naving an imtrnei uwm That Peering fitreet. from the north- . i vt7 ci c-r i im a .,r 'i v-ii-trTtri n avn Tn eter of eight (8) inches, be constructed rK. .,th... r iini P.r.irnmon alone the center linea of the followlnK 1 e southeastern line ' " ... j n if- povn strt , tret. be craneu, curoea witn concrete fm t - t.nT hii ;-b, Avemie rbs guttered With conf rete gutters from the center lln cf Mayte He Aveni i " . , h in tn rjnrr uriA nr vn a Avenue, iiib Avenue from the center line of Bayo j Street to the center line of Tompmns Avenue; and Tompkins Avenue from the rAntAr linA nf ValA Avenue to a point distant two hundred fifteen (215) feet oil macadam pavement, and sldewalked with cement sidewalks six tt) teei in Width; Excepting, however, from the aforesaid work the construction of curb on The crowd which visited the Exposition race track yesterday afternoon, had no cause for complaint on the score of the lmn article of snort that was served ud to one at rh ancle point thereon; also It hum. Frnm a viewpoint nf jthiLapaptaeu.i That 4hr3' Oj-lampholear with-castiron lar the racing left little to be desired, tops, be constructed on sam sewer m Ing finishes of the driving order follows: One In Bayo street at a point the center line of said Tompkins Avenue; ..Ll" 7i?. 'iuT. .nJ . . ... j.lflftvi foot nnrtMtrliLirnn1 thA hair-raising B lrt Excepting all work In the crossing of Bartlett StreetT'llfT" DeerlnsT Street. The City Council determined that serial 1 DSIU DUCCl . A k V ' V , . , , . , - - being much in evidence throughout the dist thrje hundred tn oep afternoon. There were, however1, two" measured along tne tenter u. ' , . , , AlA , imnrnv. very marked exceptions to wtiat proved to be the rule In this particular. In the seven furlong soiling dash which called out the afternoon s most pretentious neld. CADETS W1K, 10-1. RESULTS YESTERDAY. Salt Lake 6, Oakland 4. Vernon 6, San Francisco J. Portland 3, Lot Angeies 2. GAMES TODAY. Oakland vs. Salt Lake. San Francisco vs. Vernon at Los Angeles. Los Angeles at Portland. ... . i I NATIONAL LEAGUE. EBAii KEY ROUTES . OPTICS 1. McClure'a treat pitching wai tba mala fa-tnr nf tb day. stxltlnn out IS and allowing only four hits. Ha also mad a lwg drira Into Tight flrld, gettlna; s two-bagger. Opanabaw p second picked two fast ones up nut of tba flirt, getting a double pl.T on one. This makes III won out of 19 played this season. Score: ,' KEY BOCTES. t CAL. OPTICAL CO. M. II. S.I B. H. B. Oolllna. Sb 1 2 Oll'erry, cf 0 0 0 Dprn.hsw. 2b.,'. 1 1 OColhart, If." .... 0 0. Hourenln, aa 0 1 Jtbarkey, BB.... o I. lloureulo, lb 0 0 TTLuksT, rf 1 man. o 0 0 Modkar. T0....Q P. Abrahmsn, 4. Kulgbt. rf Ward. cf. ... UrClure, p.. Hill, if i Totals Summary! Reiulela 4. 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 14 1 1 1 0 Smith, as. 0 0, O.Mfbl, lb. j .. 0 1 Olllanaen, c , ..0 1 fliReialtla, p. B II Totals .. Struck- out Br McClure 16, by Two-baa bits McClurV. Ball. ICKIZS IS ITMED, Verona nfd up Ui series with TJTermor br winning Sunday's gam. Tb aeries sow stands two all. Errors figured prominently In yesterday game. With two gone Id tb second frame, an as grounder rolled through h I.ucchle'a lig, allowing two runs to score. A hit, another error, accounted for two mor In the same Inning. ! Luc-h'.s mad no for his bobble with mmi fast fielding and good baa running. oVore: VEBONA. 1 LITKBMORB. B. H. I.f K. H.. Jeorge, e I J "TshlnsT. Sb. ..2 0 0 lla, as 0 1 CVoro, p 0 1 0 Urlh ih i 1 oIKellT. ef 0 0 0 De Ixicchle. Sb. 2 1 l'lelaya, as 1 1 0 Bsnman. rf.... 1 0 0 Jlson, e. Uceu. it. Monk. rf. Piree, Jb. Tratt, p. R. H.E.I BTACHLER CLUB. ..1 01 01 f. 7,lerau, Sb. .0 OIRolstnim, If. ..0 fiT. Zlerau, s. ..1 01 3. Petera, lb...0 OlMrManua, Jb...O OlSprlngl. p.',,.-.0 Oifsrls, cf. .L..0 "IT. peters, e. ..0 rf. 0 R. H E. Varges, rf. Qulnn. cf. ..-( srrtoM, a. . .2 Irmos, lb. ...0 O'Brten. 2b. ..2 amlthbower, Sb 0 Knares, c 2 Reed, rf 0 Bchorhr. p. ... 1 - llJbby TOttIS Ill 19 D Totals ...... .1 T 4 Struck out By Schorhr 1.1. by Sprlngl ft. Walked Bt Schorhr 2, br Snrtngl 4. Jlom run Soar. Three-base hit Petera. Two-baae hits Reed, O'Brien and Schorhr, blnations until I believe that I have the Chicago' best one yet on toniglit'i program." Pete Francis and job Ketchel will head a list of three special events. Francis Is a hard hlttlnif boy from and has a reputation for putting them away, while Ketchel Is known to the fans as an equally hard hitter. Ntllher of the boys are especially careful on the defensive, and It looks as if one or probably both will take a walloping. Whitey Smith and Kid Williams are the next two on the lis. They are feathers, and fully on a par with Jimmy Dundee, champion of that division. In the last show Smith heldi.Dundee to a draw, and really had a shade of the STANDING OF THE CLUBS, Clubs. W. L. Philadelphia 60 nmnlilm H(l com- Boston 8 TJ ' "7..i r i.. ih. c.ritort for tne cost of saw wont ana improve EnSS r ii arendtnvf Ttf. Metropolitan on fast performances looked l center line of Tompkins Avenue; and one proportion of the principal sum thereof, to outclass the half dozen opposed to him jin Tompkins Avenue at the southeastern I shall be payable, by coupon, on tne sec-and the result of the race bor,out that end of said s ewer; also , v "?dan ruin.Sd'th.n- notlon. Sweet Bait had all his speed of I That "X" branches, having; five (5) Inch date until I the whole is paid, nd the in-the previous day and essayed to set the 1 openings, be constructed on said sewer , terest shall be P-vable '-""u'1'- pace, but it wu very evident that Metro- so as to provide one auch branch for each "PTnl(v" i?MK?Jd JJh ".fT polltan could take h.m whenever t wa.' twenty-five (25) fot lot a uesirea ana wnen utobs iei mm aowa wv iniuiiu1S( s..fcw t.w. T, i turning for home. th son of FUiffr&n property frontage, taken block, by bloclt. 19 VSLJBkUie li UCIUS Said sewer, "Y" branches and lamp-holes (excepting the tops thereof) shall be constructed of .first-quality, vitrified, shot away from the others and was off by himself In the easiest kind of fashion. Sweet Bait's effort to l&ep pace with the winner settled whatever chance, he may have had- of getting any part of the purse for in the run home Canepa and Darkey had It between thera for the smaller divisions of the purse. Eureka proved Just as easy a -winner In the second race, a dash of five and a half furlongs. The son of Trappean showed to be possessed of a very high turn of speed tor going to the front with 66 Pittsburg 56 St. Louis ...66 Cincinnati 64 West Oakland I New York ""! KE.5ULIB TtSltnuni. Boston 10, Pittsburg 0. Chicago 6, Philadelphia 1. . Cincinnati 6, Brooklyn 0. St, Louis 12, New YorK 1. , rush he set a sixsllng pace all the wajfJjrovement shall be and are made charge ana fairly made a show of his opposition. ..m AMERICAN LEAGUE HUB NDTTER8 WIS-.' Th Hub Nutters plared tru t form Sunday and took fast and interesting gam from the South Sid Outlawa, at Vlaltaclon Valley. Pitcher Oreene, with thirteen strikeouts; Hooey's catching and Petttngell with a three-bagger and double wers the bright lights. Tarelra pulled off a circus catch in centerfield In the second Inning, nulling - Oreene out of a holo. HUB NUTTERS. I S. 8. OUTLAWS. R. H.E.I R. H.B. Tsrelrs. cf ....O 0 tF. Pratt, If ...1 1 1 1 zsneck. c 0 0 2 01 M. Pratt, as ..0 3 0 lifrlbben. lb ...0 0 1 OIBoyle. 3b 1 1 0 OiMoynahan, 2b .1 12 OIKabcke. rf ...0 2 0 GjGeary, p ......0 1 0 "iDoberty, cf ...o 0 0 Wilson. Sb-rt .1 Nutter. If ....1 EtMllng, MHb..l Petttngell. 2b .1 Lacey, lb .....1 Honey, c 1 Flan, rf ..... .0 Green, p 0 IX Veachl. ss .0 1 Totals Totals Struck out, by Greens 18, .8 8 0 by Geary, 8. Clubs. "Rnsitrtrt going, while Williams is a climber In the Detroit 122-pound division. The "Kid" is a Chicago clever boxer, and a surprisingly hard Washington hitter for a small boy. INew York ., Joe Herrera and johnny vieira wm. Cleveland STANDING OF THE CLUBS. W. ..75 ..74 ..70 ..67 .63 .44 riombine cleverness with hitting ability in gt. Louis 43 , what promises to be a slam-bang affair, Vielra's chief claim to honors lies in his gameness. He is handled by his brother Manuel, and always puts up a good battle. The preliminaries will furnish four good battles. Jimmy Maglll and Jimmy Kelly head the list. - The former has been trying for some time to eet n bout with bantamweight (hamploi Jimmy Duffy, but he latter doesn't seem to want to meet the West Osklander. Bimps-m would like to stage the match, but, Duffy insists that Magll beat Kelly first. Philadelphia 85 RESULTS YESTERDAY. Cleveland 6, New York 0. Chicago 6, Washington 6. St. Louis 10, Philadelphia 7. St. Louis 6, Philadelphia 2. Boston 8, Detroit 1. Pet. .660 " " ' ..-(.... I ,v V,, t V, I V. ...... .1 ciuj o'nii'8 "J llUI ICllftlllB ill me I OOl UlllO 494,of 1:06 4-5. His victory was not a sur-'is7iPr'se to the talent, and Aunt Elsie was 483 ' lle,110H- mm at me iiiubh just as tney 47j had the race figured out. The only strug gle was tnat ior Doooy prize, ana uia Bob who was on his good behavior lasted long enough to 'save It from the fast closing Tom Chlpman. Tordillo was supposed to be something of a cinch In the opener, but Old Sorrowful camped on his trail to the Itead of the stretch challenged him for keeps a furlong out, and outgamed him, in- a drive, scoring a head victory with Rhodes In third place two lengths back. The race for 2-year-olds also furnished a thriller. Brooks tore out as If to make a run awav race f it. and straightened j43 ! out for home with a three lengths lead, 609 from Toastmaster, but after going wide 9 , In the stretch, Jiist did last to win by a 4H head, Toaatmaster was caught In a jam 38l! hut anved rrnlind nn tha mil nit itrlvlnv 374 j tn the limit hnt TAtiffMnsr Water hv a small margin for second money. Another hair-raising finish came from the fifth rare. Miss Folly. Miss Clark and Master Franklin rared as a team until Pet. .670 .312 FEDERAL LEAGUE W Clubs. If Pittsbursr .... he gets by Kelly this time, Duffy has Newark agreed to go on with him, so it is certain Kansas City. that both boys will be scrapping hard for Chicago that privilege. Battling Keyrose. who St. Louis .... fought such a hard uphill battle against Buffalo Duffy at the last show will meet Danny Brooklyn .... Edwards, the hard-hitung little coiorea .Baltimore boy from West Oakland. Harry llts-gerald vs. Jimmy Casey and Jack Gomez vs. Spider Webb completes the card. u ..... n n nln. -K. And said Council determined and declared that the aforesaid work and improvement Us of more than local or ordinary public benefit, and will affect and benefit the district hereinafter described, which said district is declared to be the district benefited by said work and improvement and that therefore the entire cost and expenses ol said worn ana ira sums unpaid until the whole of said prln cipal and interest are paia. Said bonds shall be Issued In accord-dance with the provisions of an act of the Legislature of the State of California, designated and referred to as the "Improvement Act of 1911," and all acta amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto. . All of the aforesaid work and Improvement shall be done in accordance with the provisions of the above-named "Improvement Act of 1911," and all acta amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto; also in accordance with the plans and specifications made therefor bv Perry F. Brown, Superintendent of Streets and Ex-officio City Engineer of said Cltv of Oakland, and. adopted br 1' Resolution No. 11122 N. 8. of this Council. For further particulars reference . la hereby marie to Resolution of Intention a hie aaralnst and shall be assessed upon said district, which district Is within the City of Oakland, County of Alameda. State of California, and Is particularly bounded and described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a polnf on the south- cJeTundre the northeastern lint of Bayo Street; file In the office of the City thence southeasterly parallel to tne nortn- . i.T""; ' LM. tn t'rhVnofeYee W ei' bAttft tWSerslneS'ty'c'.erS ftrtS.wMWm KXesVeVn Unl , of said tfn?t of Vale Avenue; thence northeasterly par- fJ J ?ecSl' Stv Vl? tn ellu.t0toth;npotlhnredtann1tln8tw0o indd tweSty-flv: (oetAhterm 1915. 'VlT A? th, enncruthM northeastern fine of Tompk?n Avenue W open, examine and publicly declare 1 a point distant one nunarea iweniy-nvo "'"1 (125) feet southeasterly from tne uf 1 ...mV V ikViV.. eastern line of Vale Avenue; .thence I Wd either a southwesterly parallel to the southeastern of said City stifled by wPon b' line of Vale Avenue a distance of one bank for an amount which : shall not be hundred twenty-five (126) feet; thence less than ten fr of the aggregate) . 11-1 U. nPtrAa .larn ni Inn DlTJLKJBH.1. ur C1D b UUIIU 1UI "-"I line of Tompkins Avenue a distance of amount and payable. aforesaid, Rlgned t"J.JFV-Jr. JEW ! ESS To Ave weakened and the other two fought it out to the end. Mlu Folly getting the de islon by a short Lead. . line OI lompmin ayciiuo . t Vk. l,Mj .h hv wa annttUa who ..v.ntii.fiwfc 17R1 fAt thence southwest-' by the binder and uy two sureties, wno I Vaie Avenue lO lOI IIUI iucmuji in - -: i mnA -KrtV all .t,,ilnr I Tompkins Avenue; thence in a direct line amount, and over and abova all statutory to the intersection of the eouthwestern emptions. line of Tompkins Avenue with the north- Office of the City Oe )f the City Of CLUBS. W. L. Pet .64 60 .562 .63 50 .558 1 .62 52 .644! .64 53 .5471 .68 63 .623 .58 65 .472 ..65 64 - .462' ..39 . 78 .333 i wentern line of Hiarh Street: thence south westerly along the northwestern line of High Street to a point thereon distant r MnnthweMterlv from 0TJTI.AWS WIM. 10-4. ' th -onth western line of Bavo Street: Gerlach's hlttitif and Vlacla's pitching In thence northwesterly ' parallel to the the Dlni hea featured th victor of .tb . W. southwestern line of Bayo Street to the Outlawa PnmlaT orer the Aahbra. Rear: W. F. OUTLAWS.) AilHBY ATHLETICS. The Berkeley Merchants won from the it.k... a... t it :t:anrnrnia inK rjiavers nunaav dv neavy Nntt.r -Ehiin Thr..h... hit. Pettinieii. ' hittlnK and because of superior battery r. Prstt. Two-hsse hlto, Pettlna;ll. Flane. work of lann and Sanford allowing but game. RESULTS YESTERDAY. Chicago 4, St. Louis 3. Brooklyn 14, Baltimore 6. Buffalo 3, Newark 0. Pittsburg 4. Kansas City 0, first game. Pittsburg 4, Kansas City 3, second R. H.B.i 1 1 2l"06ldT." if 1 OlWItVns, 2b 1 0IB.e Sb. . 2 HKlVvW.,H. 1 0;n st tinge.-, p. 4 0Cook, s. .., 0 HOerst. rf. ., 1 1 Mrt lslB, ., 0 OiKeene. e. . . 0 01 f Totals 4 f Totals ...:.10 11 51 Struck out By Nattlnjer 8, by Krarke 3, bf VistiH 10. Walked By Nattlnger 1. bv K racks 1. by VIsAa 1. Two-base, bits Oerlack 2, T4fke. Ollphen. Callahan, 3b. Brown, lb. . Kracke, cf p. Seymour, c. . Reab, If. . . Oerlach, a. . , McCoy, 2b. .. Vtarle,- p. -. . . Ilimer, rf, ,. fauls, cl, ..2 .1 ..1 ..1 ..2 ..0 ..1 ..1 .0 R. H.B. ..0 1 0 ..0 0 8 ..010 ;.0 0 1 ..1 0 0 ..001 ..1 1 0 ..1 1 ..1 1 nutheajitern line of Maybelle Avenue thence northeasterly along the aoutneast nu -Unit a. 91 101K L. W. CUMM1NQS. City Clerk of the said City of Oakland and Cleric of said City Council., , 76 Aug. 24-2L NOTICE INVITING STREET WORK PROPO8AL8. Pursuant to Statute and to Resolution ern line of Maybelle Avenue to the point fUklind. V.sed August 23rd. 19157. ? f..ln?.T"; Z?ml Viu'.tl .n directing this notice, said Council I Invites 1 2 0 .. 0 0 ltlcKelTy, lf.. 0 0 2 2 lohna. id Ill rf.. 10 0 10 0 1 1 2! 1 0 1 flaradelli, 0 1 OlUleason, 3b. Totals ...... 8 8 3T Totals ; T 6 4 Summary: Struck out By Pratt 11, by Poco 6. First base on called balls Off Pratt 1. Bom run Olson. COUTH CLUB VTNS. The Corbln Athletic Club defeated tb Amer-'tran Rubber Company on the Emeryville (rounds Sundav br th score of It to 14. Tb heary hltflna; of both club was th fearor. With two on In tb ninth and th scor tledv Casey tripled to center, scoring th two winning. ru&J. Score ! AMERICAN RTJBBER.; CORBIN A, 0. R. H. B.l R. H. . P Witt, if... 8 8 llCnnnlngbsm. p. 1 0 0 Scrappy, 3b.... 2 1 Spounlaas, 2t ... 4 2 2 X Rosa, c 2 8 ff Jenkins, lb..,,, 110 f ink, as 2 1 fll'Ver, 3 2 8 Atenander, lb., 0 0 - 0 Lynch, 8b. .... 1 0 1 Utelnmlti. 2b.. 1 2 llHweeney. e 0 2 0 HcPherarw. cf. 1 3 nWeTlln, rf 3 2 0 B. Smith, rf... 2 2 Cllnsh, cf. ......t.8 3 0 Moran. p 0 1 0Csey, if. ....Al .5..0 foehatier, p... 1 1 .. -I Totals li 14 tl Totals 14 IB 51 Snmmsry: Struck out By Moraa 3, by Torhataer 8. br Cunningham 4. Flrat bast on railed balls Off Moran 8. off Vocbatser 8, off Cunningham 8. Horn run Pink. Thr baa hit Vochatwr, Ie Witt. Caaey. .. Two-baa bits Scrappy, McPhuaon, Moran, Douglass, Bush. WINS KTCHIHO VVIU Narvla bested I.upton In a pitchers' battle at Orant diamond when th Wlnnlngers shut out th Liberty Stars with a 2-0 score. Both nitrh- rs were In superb form, allowlng-t.four hit piece. It was the fifth conaecutle tlm th Tailors defeated tb Stara and the second shutout game ther won this season. Both pltcherf nsed the mud ball to a good advantage. Scot: 1. W. WINMNGEKS.IL1BEKTX TUEATEB. H. 11. E. 0 0 1 I0 n 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 (I 0 0 n a V 1 T. Mangln, cf . . 0 o' 0Brodle, . P-rrdy. 3b 1 Wlngfield. lb. 0 E. O'Brten, e.. 0 Champion, rf . . 0 W, Mangln, If. 0 Spotewood, 2b.. 0 McKnlght, ss.. 1 N arris, p 0 0 liWIlson. 8b. ,., 0 UParklnson, 2b.. 0 oioilrer. If. 1 01 Lyons, rf. ... 0 OTGusky, lb , 1 ftilxxtsn, cf 1 2PrlndTtlle, e.. 1 ULuptou, p. .... i Totals ,.2 4 f Totals 0 t 4 Summary: Struck out By iNarvls T, by Lup- ton 12. Flrat base on called balls Off Karris 2. off Lupton 8- Tbr-baa hit Ouaky. Twu-base hit Narl. NO RUTf, NO-HIT GAME. The Boyle & Lawlors defeated the Stiletto Club Sunday by a score of 0 to 0. The fea-turee of th gem wer the good pitching of Myere, who struck out 14 and allowed so hit, and Nattlnger'a long drtrs to center, which "iriSifnted for a home run. 8 core! STILETTO CLUB. BOYLE LAWL0R. Paulson, If... Brerlao,-. rf . .. Mcliler, c. . . . Knoll, D Behovlns, .. Lewenee. lb.. Baldwin. 8b.. Nattlnger. 2b. Sllrla, cf. ... Total R. H. E. , 0 0 01 Barney , 0 0 OlCarter ....,... 2 . 0 0 OiBtarr 0" . 0 0 O Bullock . 0 . 0 0 Oifady ? . 0 0 OlParks 0 .00 OlDarls s.. 1 . 0 0 0Nattlnger 2 . 0 0 Oi Meyer 1 0 oj R. E. , 2 2 1 2 0 1 0 1 Totals ..10 A 0 Struck oifl Bt Meyers 14. br Knoll S. First base on called balls Off Meyers 5, off Knoll 5. uoiae run ivaiiinger. -4. ' NATIVES WIN, 8 8. Th Frultval N. S. 0. W. put one over on Hsnsen ft Flrlok by the score of 5 to 8. Bun-tain, for th wlnnsrs. struck out 16 and allowed but three hit. Hamshaw mad it 12 out of 14 for three games. Brore: FRUITV ALE M.S.O.W R.H.E. Bolesworth, U.O 2 0 Johnson. 2b. ..2 Pnmshaw, lb...l Kit. Palms'en. c.O Vpirk, cf. 0 A. Palmg'n, rf. Codde, 3b 2 Baker, s. ......0 Buntaln, p. ...0 HANSEN EL RICK. R.H.B Dwrer . . 0 0 0 no. Holllnara. B..1 0 0 Manning. 2b. ...1 1 0 V. HoUlngs. S...1 0 0 Fabrls, cf. ...0 2 Olstelnbeck. rf. ..0 0 OiSturchen, If. ..0 0 2Joot. c 0 0 OlPaulaon, lb. ...0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals :.,....( 10 2 Totals .8 "8 1 Struck out By buntaln 16, by HoUlngs 9. Walked By Buntaln 8, by Holltngs 3. Two-base hits Bolesworth, Codde; Manning auj Tabrla. , . .. . KERCHANTa WIN AGAIN, The Twenty-third ATemie Merchants defeated ft St. Dominic team of San Francisco in a do and ticlUug gam by th seer of S U -.sum I vmmy - .!..:;::: t "x. ki w A.asw .. R.J.KyBlaaTh.C. VSff--yw i ',lBSJV "1T ' fT jr""? Va A sswawev wvssi wessfc kmL i I LmX. ssiflh slitiaV . AaV li-aV H ' aV tail iaf L- - 1A LaV aaUaV eluding from the aforesaid aismcr. an S-ooogaj. or bids for the follow - public streets Included ana contained ,ng gtret 'worki to be don. according to i i . i.t.o. r,m ' the plans and specifications for said work In this notice whenever a distance from " td nri on file a lino is given the distance measured at eradlne curblne with redwood right angle, to such line 1. meant unless ajuTwlng A conwete utbsiS, three (3 ) otSHrwlf!i ated-.. . . , . ... . . , feet In width, and paving with an oil J?a CltiCKU'fLeie'rtin.a.nfer1 macadam pavement of the northern half bonds shall be issued to represent as- f s,xty.first Street from the production sessments of twenty-five dollars or over J th wwtorn Un(S o Ij0t 10, Block H, for the cost of said work and Improve- "i (V. w (,wfnr Tract" fas shown m.wt; said serial bonds shall extend over n rm!Ldidra.n .thereof filed Ja mi -a period ending five year, from the sec- a Aa'Sk'l of map?, pi, 33. ond 4ay of January next succeeding the T,; " r,lntv Records! to the rjroduc-date of said bonds, and an even annual amd ""7ern line of said lit 10 proportion of the principal sum thereof tlo"11'f oVJ-ald worked imorove- Stj:0. vneaVh9afte; doni .rW wl?h ond day of January every year after . .,.. nt . .rt nf th t-usltnr their date, until the whole is paid, ana -tf -"-. of California designated and the inter-jst shall be payable semi- of. the r1?'9 r X..?,?' 2?"fI!rA " . ofrn'uaVy3 anCd JPu!yn' rf 2Sh' ' amndat'ory thereof num on all sums unpaid uniu me wnoie " " r, ; v-mr v Tirnwn Sun.r. of . aid principal and interest are paid. play P. A. both ways! Prince Albert is a regular double-header for a single adrrussiot a two-bagger with the bases full and two ou in the ninth! Yes, sir, it pleases the jimmy pipe smoker just as it satisfies the cigarette roller ! You can't put P. A. in wrong, because it has everything any man ever hankered for in the tobacco line! The patented process feces that and , takes out the bite and parch! Now, you listen to this nation-wide smoke news, men, because we tell you P. A. will come across like it was an old friend. You'll get fond of it on the first fire up, it's so good, and so cool, and so chummy I the national joy smoke ... 2 just let's you go-to-itall the day long without a come-back I And you don't have to taice a correspondence course in tobacco smoking to understand how to smoke P. A. You take-to-it, natural like I We tell you Prince Albert will put new joykinks into your palate! If you roll 'em, P. A. will sound a new note as to just how good the makin's can be! Realize that men everywhere all over the, World are smoking Prince Albert tobacco. That certainly ought to put a lead-me-to-it whisper-in your ear! , , Princa Albert it told etarywherm in toppy rtd bat. Set tidy red tint, lOe, and in handtome pound and half -pound tin humidort; alto, in that dandy pound tryital-glatt humidor with the tponge-moistener top that heepe the tobacco at the high point of perfection. R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY, Winston-Salern, N.C sL V 1 r,.i; :...v" ii 'u l. i j i- a inTfttinflnLi oi Direeis una HiX-mncio ,iiy till fh-m",vu nn. , .n J nt Th- f ei Engineer of said City of Oakland, and with the provisions ot an act of the Leg- i "? n..ii -nj masis v i.t islature ol the State of California, desig- 0.ptP,1b'rtl 10864 N- S- of nated and referred to as the "Improve-' ln. IJiit., nrtlrnlM rfrnr I ment Act of 1SU," and all acts amenda- '"r0th?r t p tS n rfSiil tor thereof or supplementary thereto. gV fSSixP All of the aforesaid work ana improve- . "i "" fl,' nil Vffi nt h rtii Vi.rw ment shall be done In accordance with ;nd " $X?JS oi City Clerk the provisions of the above-named 'Mm- otthe Cltjr of Oakland, proviment Act 'of 1911." and all acts fa J P,?ndir.? Jf! ri.r2 imendatory thereof or supplementary aUvf"ii? ,th? r,"'" 9 thereto; also In accordance with the plans City. na Clerk of said City Coun- and speciilcations made therefor by ferry fUNafVu Krhamh r??v Hl? it F. Brown. Superintendent of Street, and h"M LTnVlJK, Kx-otnelo Ulty jDngineer ot saia city oi L , 7 fi iV-iXi, i Oakland, and sdonted bv Resolution No. between the hours Of 11 o clock A, 11120 N. S. of this Council. M. and 12 o'clock M. At the expiration For further particulars reference is ot the said nour, , jne council will open. hereby made to Resolution of Intention exa'"" na puonciy. aeciare au ows No. 11121 N. S., passed July 26th, 1915, "5. fli--.,1. " and on file in the office of the City Cleric I1ifiieh.,rtr, "it wVfi ,K XStl of the City of Oakland. bld.lith1e.r.a---fPk.f attblS tor.?r i?,l tied proposals or bids are to be " "" Z'" 'lrtf-.tZTs"'.' L" less than ten per cent of the aggregate on . A,.tin nt .a i.i pir,,-ii t, h or ine proposal, or ise a oona ior sain Said sealed proposals' or bids are to be ?f ?al4 cltv r.tldt'f..J'.ef.1 delivered to the undersigned City Clerk P"""'. ?" ,rV of said City, and Clerk or said city uoun- "V.. " -.1 . ' .i H n..i ; i ... k. of the hed in Council Chamber. City Hall, in f mo"nl m.n.u. f?"1 " iOT"i-.: said City of Oakland, on SepUmber 8lh. Z.0JnJSMi lvib, between me nours or n ociock a. r ; .fh V-V..,v,Tl M. and U o'clock M. At the expiration ! " lni" ..lDv. i of the said hour, the Council will open. f'drJlTra.n. examine and publicly declare all bids re ulZrZ "mlo. ... . . ..inflj - vine or uim viiy vicra vi to viiy vi Ceivea, ri,. xj0ii a. 91 101s Bidders must file with each proposal or... Y"""""" v"v' ' t,,"..'.'.'. ofdsaidecltv CcmifledaybvltetShpeonribU City Clerk of th. said City" of Oakland bLnkaiforCa amo?nf whTchahraTno8tibbe Clerk of said City Council. ; , less than ten per cent of the aeuregHte " "v- of the proposal, or else a bond for said ORDINANCE NO. N. S amount and payable, as aforesaid, signed AN ORDINANCE AMKNPTNG ORPI- by the bidder and by two sureties, who NANCE NO. 697 N. 8., KNT1TLED "AN shall justify before any ofllcer competent ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THB to administer an oath. In double the said EMPLOYMENT OF AN ADD1TI&KAL amount, and over and above all statutory KMPLOYFE IN THE OFFICE OF THE exemptions . . CITY ATTORNEY, FIXING HI8 COM- Office of the City Clerk of the City Of PENSATION, PROVIDING FOR HIS AP, Oakland, City Hall, August 24 1915. POINTMENT AND REPEALING ORDI- u. w. (..ummiinijO, NANCE NO li N 8" ' City Clerk of the said City of Oakland BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of ana Liernoi saio cny L-ouncii. ithe citv!of..Oakland. as follows; " 77 Aug. 25-2t. - , SECTION 1. , Section 1 of Ordinance " Kin-rirv -rn CRcniTnnc No- 697 N- s- entitled "An ordinance NOTICE TO CREDITORS. providing for the employment of an-ad - No. 20414. Dept 4. . 1 ditlonal employee In the office of the City In the Superior Court of the State of 'Attorney, fixing his compensation, pro- Callfornla. in and for the County of vldimr for his appointment and repealing Alameda. . ' i Ordinance No. 204 N. S" passed June 6, In the matter of the estate of James1 114. Is hereby amended to read aa fol. Cooper, deceased. 'lows: Notice is hereDy given ry tne under-! Section 1. There is hereby created In slened administrator of the estate of th. nfflo.nf the Cltv Attorney the nnai. James Cooper, deceased, to the creditors tion of Deputy Cltv Attorney at a salary or ana au persons navmg claims Bgainsi. of One Hundred JWty 150.ou) Dollars -the said deceased, and to all persons hav- per month, who shall be appointed by the ing clalma for funeral expenses- or-ex- Council of the City of Oakland, penses of the last sickness of said de-! SECTION 2. Section 1 of said Ordln-ceased, to file them with the necessary ancB No. 697 N. S., which it is hers-vouchers, within four (4) months after j by proposed to amend, now reads as fol-the first publication of this notice. In the( lows' office of the Clerk of the Superior Court! "Section 1. There Is hereby created In of the State of California, in and for the th8 offlre 0t the City Attorney the posi- Countv of Alameda, with the necessary vou or to exhibit them tion o( Deputy City Attorney .uchers, w thiri four o( 0rl9 ' rfundred Twenty-fti at a salary it! 9 Ctti tj monins anei uia .n i Duuutsu ui Dollars per month, who shall be eppolnt-thls notice, to the said administrator at e(1 by the Council of the City ot Oak. the office of Frank J. Mountain, attorney-, ianfj r. .. .. at-law, room 404 of the Security Rank j SECTION S. This ordinance shall take Building, No. 1106 Broadway, Oakland, i effect linmedlatelv California, which said office the under- In Council. Oakland, Cal., August 24. signed selects as his place of business in I 1915, pa8sed to print for two davs by all matters connected with said estate of,the followlnK vote: A yes Commissioners James Cooper, deceased. WILLIAM W. COOPER, Administrator of the estate of James Cooper, deceased. Dated: August 11, 1915. FRANK J. MOUNTAIN, Attorney for. Administrator. 404 Security Bank Build ing, 1106 Broadway, Oakland, California. Andersoii, Baccus, Edwards, Jackson a ' President Dnvle 5. Noes None. . i. W. CUMMINGS. City Clerk. ' ' 79Aug. 25-Jt. NOTICE OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY. My wife, Elsie Rhee Hammond Bradley, hAvlnar left mv bed and hoard. I wltl not Date of first publication: Aug: 11, 1915. be responsible for any bills contracted by her on and alter mis 2iai aay ot au gust, 1915. (Signed) JOE BRADLEY. ; (Witness) C. F. SMITH. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st dav ot August, 1915. (SEAL) V, D. STTJART, Notary public In and for the County of Alameda, b'tat of California. NOTICE CALLING FOR BIDS FOR AUTOMOBILE. The Council of the City of Oakland will receive sealed bids for furnishing one seven-passenger automobile for Department of Public Affairs on August 30th, 1915, between the hours of 11 o'clock A. M. and 12 M. , cost not to exceed J3000. Specifications therefor and form of proposal will be furnished by City Clurk on application, a nonn or suro.uu inr NOTICE OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY. I. the underFiKned. have bought the Seattle Bar, formerly owned by Miss faithful performance of contract to be Florence Bliss, located at 1H19 Broadway given oy tne successiui manor, uerunea ana ima leiesrapn avenue, vmra, t,si., check for 10 of amount of bid to acr ' and am In no way responsible for any compny each proposal. Council reserves debts or obligations contracted thereon right to reject anv and all bids. 1 by former owners. I W. CUMMINGS, City Clerk. I Dated: Oakland. Cal., August 33. 191S, 72 Aug. U-ii 1 (Signed) J. U. HERMAN JANSSEM. i .-. . : . .

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