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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
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Ctluur.t MARCn 23, ISIS. PIMPLES ON CHEST A WHAT CHILD WANTS TO PET REAL SEAL? Sister Abandons Hope in Long Search Miss Ruby Summers left today for her home in Kellogg, Idaho, after an unsuccessful search of two months for her missing brother. Albert Summers, who disappeared from his home in a downtown hotel on November 26 of last year, Mlsa Summers, assisted by the police of Oak land and San Francisco, and a firm of of nrlvate detectives, was unable to get 7f trace of the missing man. Summers 'r hi. mother 1300 on the day before hi di JITNEY BANDITS appearance.

THURSDAY EVENING FAIR USED PIUS OH SALE I ITCHED Local Music Store Offers In Murders and Robberies -Laid Against Prisoners at San Quentin. struments That Were Displayed at P. P. I. E.

Pantages Offers Unique Lesson in Natural History Study. Few children, outside of the little And Burned. One Solid Eruption. Spread to Neck and Shoulders. Could Not Sleep.

HEALED BYCUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT BEING SAX FRANCISCO. March 23.T-Thomas During the Panama-Pacific Exposi Eskimos up in the land of the ice and! tion here was exhibited in the Liberal LGreen and James Murray, now serving terms In San Quentin penitentiary for robberies committed In Los Angeles may Arts Building a very fine and elaborate collection of musical Instruments by the Eilers Music Co. The latter be brought from the state prison to San have ever petted a 1 He't very much like a dog, and loves to be petted. Oakland's, boys and glrla are Invited to meet some educated1 seals this week at first hand. They can pet the clever Francisco and together with Jack Man "I flrrt had a out of pimple on my chmt.

Tbsy vers smill and red, sod tbey itched and burned fearfully and when ning, alias Duncan, now In Jail here, be tried for the murder as JItne bandits, according to a declaration from Chief of Police White this morning. This announcement follows tha confes firm was also supplying a great many of the pianos that were used In the various state buildings, many of the high-class concessions and various organizations scattered throughout the fair grounds. Borne these pianos were supplied by the Eilers Musics Co. on account of the manufacturer and amphibians, shake hands with "their flappersthey shake hands with these Just I slon made yesterday fey Howard George, line oops ana otnerwtse investigate lor I scratched them, which I had to do, they became tore and festered) and craned run into one solid eruption. Then It began to spread and wai up on my neck and shoulders.

I could not sleep. "I saw a Cutlrura Soap themselves just what seal Is and how he likes to be treated: On the.Btae of the Pantages tomorrow afternoon, after the matinee, the educated seals will hold a children's reception. All rtie little ones, with their parents, are invited to step up on the stare after the show and meet the clever seals, the little monkey, the miniature dog and the bear, who himself Is as tame as a seal or a There Is absolutely no danger, for a seal Is even tamer and more affectionate than a dog, and loves to be petted. others were secured direct from their retail stores. When the fair closed, all of these Instruments naturally were returned to the firm and were Immediately put in a godo salable condition by re-pollshlng, etc.

Just recently a great sale In which these and other pianos wetfe offered at reduced was commenced simultaneously at the Oakland store, 1448' San Pablo avenue, and also at anas Frank Hunt, alias Dunnigan, now at the city and county hospital. Implicating himself and the other men mentioned In a series of murders and holdups. The killing of Corporal Frederick Cook November 24, the murder of H. Shade, 2385 Howard street, December 24, and the killing In Seattle December 10 of Patrolman. Lawrence E.

Kost are among the In which the gang were concerned, according to George's statement. Five weeks ago George and Duncan were brought here from Los Angeles and ever since he had been submitted to strenuous third degree sessions. Only last night, however, were the detectives able to obtain a written confession. and Ointment advertisement and I tent for 4 a free sample. The sample was so good that -i 1 bought some more.

In three weeks I was Cut-Price Closing Out Sale Brand new 88-Note Player-Piano 93 a week. Brand new 88-Note right Pianos 474 a week. Free 88-Note Music Rolls. We have ahammered down, we have pounded down, we have shattered high prices and high terms. Here are our terms: Brand new 88-Note Player Pianos 33d a week.

Free 88-Note Music Rolls. Brahd new88Nofe-Upright Pianos 47d a week. See us about the price on any Piano you want to buy. Manager Pantages this, week put over bealed." (Signed) Mia E. M.

BpenCer. 107ft Bant Fa Drive, Denver, Colcv jjj- ii5. Sample Each Free by Mail With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad-, dress post-card "Cotieara, Dept.

Bos '2 Sold throughout the world one of the biggest motion picture "scoops" of the year, when he secured the gan Francisco store. The demand for these pianos, which bears with them more or less of an association which Is valuable, has made the sale one of the most successful In the for his circuit the remarkable film mys tery play, "Te Iron Claw," a wonderful film offering featuring Pearl White, the heroine of the "Exploits of Elaine" and several other noted Btars. bay region. Willamette River Is Over Its BanKs Mr. William Grosskopf, the man This film unfolds a wonderful story of i.You Can Stop Drinking trickery, subtle mystery and thrilling ad venture.

The film In, one of the most ager of the Oakland house of the Eilers Music stated that the fact that a great many- of these pianos w.ere used In the- buildings at the fair resulted In a very remarkable ever taken. p--You 4 had better -atop at' ones orfTtiaddmoiv to thtr mm, and the Game," the serial now running, will form of publicity for the company he slrbwn to completion. and -that tha material reduction at Claw" is a lo a serial. A big all star, featuring the PORTLAND, March 23. Swollen "Lnd.

the melting of snow In tlTe mountains, river" here today registered 15.5 feet above low watBriHTaTk. The lower floors of several docks were flooded. 1 SCES SOUTHERN PACIFIC. Complaining that" he was knocked down by a Southern Pacific electric car In Emeryville last January, sustaining severe injuries, Thomas Watson today entered suit In the superior court, asking $5120 damages. Mystic Bird, land the La Seals Sextet of- A.

F. SCHAItFENBERQ J. J. FOSTER opera singers, wjth Blgnor Puccini and Arturo Brava, Idola of Stelndorft's pop you II lose your job. Every line of business Is closing its doors to "Drinking" men.

It may be your turn next. By the aid of ORMXE thousands of men have restored to lives of obrtety and Industry. We are so sure that ORRINE will benefit you that we say to you that If after a trial you fail to get any benefit, from Its your money will be refunded. I ORRINE is for homo use. thus concerts, will be headllners.

Visitors with stags. Here are tome of the Pianos on our sacrifice closing out floors: STEINWAY, CHICKER- which these pianos are now- being offered for sale Is easily understood. 1 Names of Streets to Change in Night Oaklanders who have been residing In Talt street. Fuller street. Brown street, Persimmon street and a lot of others will find themselves elsewhere within a few days.

The city council this morning introduced an ordinance changing the ssr .11 RICHMOND, March 23. Supreme Dictator Ambrose was a visitor at the of the local lodge of Stags last night I ING, KIMBALL, HAMLIN, at vv. u. w. nan, as waft aiso m.

ix Snaking Ions of time nt a sanitarium Mann, state dictator, The Old Age Sign Double Crossed A Contented Mother. PACHMAN, FRANCIS BACON, SMITH BARNES, EMERSON, FISCHER, VOSE AND MANY OTHERS. Some new, some used a little, some used a little) more. Time is rnnmea of several Oakland thoroughfares. unnecessary.

Costs only 11.00 per box. Call at our store and get a free book-Jet on ORRINE. Brothers. Broadway and Seventh. Washington and Twelfth Sts.

Advertisement. i i 1 short. The) reason of this sale is to dear our floors of every Piano Player, Upright and Grand. As advertised, Heine Piano Company is quitting business in A quiet, tranquil mother will transmit a more healthful influence than if she is extremely nervous from undue pain. That is why experienced moth-erg are constantly urging: expectant mothers to use the old time remedy, Mother's Friend, a dependable external treatment obtained at any drug store.

It relieves undue tension on the cords and ligaments resulting from muscular expansion and gently soothes the network of fine nerve threads. It is the one splendid assistant to ease, comfort and safety. AdTei't'at'meni. Painless Parker Dentist TWELFTH AND BROADWAY. New 88-note Player Pianos, 030 New 88-notc Upright Pianos, 47o a week.

a week. Don't let gray hair muke you look years older than you are, for it Is now an easy matter to tint gray, faded or bleached hair In a harmless way. The new prep-ratlon, "Brownatone," is proving so popular that thousands of people of refinement and manv leading hairdressers are now using this wonderful product exclu. "Brownatone" meets everv demand and fulfills every test required of It, and Is so simple to use that no previous experience Is necessary. -Comes ready for use no mixing, and Is entirely free from lead, sulphur, silver, zinc, mercury, aniline.

coel-tar nroducts or their derivatives. There Is no danger ol Irritation or a poisoned scalp when 1 you use "Brownatone," because it is guaranteed harmless. Produces the most beautiful shades from light enlden to the deepest brown or black. Will not rub or wash off and cannot be detected. Most all leading druggists everywhere now sell "Brownatone" In two sizes.

21c and II. no. and in They are: Talt street, between Seventy-eighth and Seventy-ninth avenues, changed to Ash street. Fuller street, formerly Douglas street, between Seventy-eighth avenue and Eightieth avenue, changed to Alder street. Brown street, between Seventy-eighth avenue and Eightieth avenue, changed to Ijocust street.

Persimmon street, between Davis street and School street, changed to Humboldt avenue. East 39th between Frultoale avenue and Lincoln avenue, changed to East Thirty-sixth street. Vine street, from Its former termination 300 feet more or less northeasterly of East -Twelfth street, to its termination southwesterly of Garfield street, changed to Fifty-fourth avenue. Gladding street, from Thirty-second street to Its termination northerly of Thirty-fourth changed to Wood Playor Pianos Upright Pianos -lhoto-En(rraTlng at Tribune Office. FROM NO INTEREST WE CHARGE TOU NO INTEREST.

Our discount for prompt payment offsets this amount. Bring In your payments promptly each month. We have no collectors. FROI! )i $198 to $450 1 $42.60 to $350 I two colors one to produce "golden or medium brown, tne other dark brown or black." day. or If yon prefer, a sample bottle with Interesting book will be mailed on street.

Elston avenue, from Hopkins street to East Thirty-eighth street, changed to Woodruff nvenue. Evelyn Street, from Brooklyn avenue FOSTER SCHARFENBERG SUCCESSORS TO HEINE PIANO COMPANY, OAKLAND 622 14th Street, Oakland, California recupt or igc, to neip pay postage and acking charges, If sent to the manufac-urers, The Kenton Pharmacal 574 Pike Covington, Ky. For sale bv The Owl Drug 21 stores on the Paciflo Coast. Advertisement. Vmvv while to Cleveland street, changed to Zorah street.

RUMMAGE SALE The Annual Sale for the benefit. of Fablola Hospital will take place Saturday, April 1, and Wednesday, April 6, at 406 7th near Franklin. Articles of all description will be offered. Advertisement. hi Credit GROUND BREAKING at $23 EEVE1 LY TERRACE MAKES HOME BAKING CERTAIN OF.

BEST RESULTS Others Lower in Price II YWeOD and: I Some Higher, Too We are ready with large assortments of the newest and best Spring Styles. Buying for several stores on the Pacific Coast, we can and do give better values on our Liberal Credit Plan than you can find elsewhere for "cash down." Prove, our assertion by an inspection of our stocks and compared with others. A CTFRNOUTFITTINGCO. Jbrt 1 JLln 581 14TH STREET On the Oakland Foothill Boulevard The Automobile City Center IP. THE HOME OF THE NEW A hfl VV 1H Pacific Tread Tire Co.

A ractory imona mouse 1 GROUND BREAKING AT 1:30 P. M. One-pound can 25 cents at grocers. 25th SATURDAY, MARCH To Quickly Remove Ugly Hairs From Face 1422 San Pablo Avenue Final Closing and FsireweirAnnouncement THIS WILL BE OUR LAST ADVERTISEMENT! Genuine Japanese Good3 Will Be Sold for Almost Nothing. Friday and Saturday We will have a package sale 1000 packages.

Values Guaranteed 50c to $2.50 25c (Beauty Notes) Beauty-destroying hairs sre soon I banished from the skin with the aid of a delatone made by mixing some watrr with a little plain pow-i dered delatone. This Is spread upon! FREE 5 eaVCS rm ront ynCte Building at Sanitary Basket LUNCH ON THE GROUND-RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW FREE the hairy surface for 2 or 8 minutes, then rubbed off and the skin washed to remove the remaining delatone. This simple treatment banishes every trace of hair and leaves the skin without a blemish. Caution should be used to be certain that it Is delatone you buy. Advertisement.

HIGH CLASS IMPROVEMENTS BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL LOTS RESTRICTED BUILDINGS MaKe Your Reservation Now by Calling for FREE TICKETS AT the Office of SAVE MONEY AVOID PAIN Work. T. MINNEY CO. 10 Years' Guarantee with aU Thirty additional prizes will be included in package sale Japanese Silk Kimonos, Hand-Embroidered Screens, etc, Values up to $20 will be given away ABSOLUTELY FREE to holders of lucky numbers. Thirty LucKy Numbers Will Be Enclosed in Our PacKage Sale.

PHONE OAK. 1350 A 206 SYNDICATE BLDG. 2J.K. GOLD CROWNS S3.0S jhet of Terth.tS.OOlRridire Work.3. told HUnjji.Stw IlR.


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