Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 21, 1916 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 13
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"-. V . TWMw VaWftfta tint S 0 PER MONTH Second Section C DAILY AND CI TMP A V VOL LXXXVI OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 21, 1916. - j NO. 92. NEW T. &D. THEATER OPENS TOMORROW vTTA MiQFrwyigg ikL-Tri. l : $500,000 PI HYWIIISF I LHIIIUUUL COMPLETED Motion Picture Palace, One of Mtost Pretentious in Country, tr Put on Its Premier Performance Wednesday Night Great $48,500 Organ Is One of Many Unusual Features; Will Seat 3,500 Persons and Is a Triumph .for Builders Oakland's new $500,000 theater-one of the most pretentious, artistic and original on the Pacific Coast, will make its initial bow to the world of theater-Roers on Wednesday evening', when every portion of It, from its stuccoed front to the motors In Its $48,500 organ, will be opened for ln-wpectlon at the premier performance. The theater is the recently completed Turner & Dahnken playhouse on Kleventh street between Broadway and franklin street. Designed primarily as a motion picture house of the moHt modern type. It embodies a score of unique .ideas that make It the most original theater of its kind west of the Rocky Mountains and the finest playhouse in Oakland. SEATING CAPACITY. The seating capacity of the theater, Including both lower anfl balcony floors. Is placed at S500 persons. Each seat is so placed that a free and unobstructed view Is had of the picture itself, without the intervention of pillars or other obstructions. On both upper and lower floors are brass railed loses for special parties. The upper flor is reached by a . broad, general declivity, which rises from the main entrance to the mezzanine floor, passing the Pompeiian , room Hnd the tea room. To right and left . on the balcony floor are smoking rooms and rest- rooms for patrons. MARBLE WALLS. The lower vestibule leading to the foyer is niched for potted plants, with scares for hand-painted pictures oC leading motion picture stars. The floor is of Kaospar quarry tile and the walls of marble. The foyer extends the entire width of the house, nd is floored in tile and walnscotted in marble. The balustrades leading to the mezzanine floro are a'so of hand-polished marble of Etruscan design. " ' On the main floor, aisles extend in a gentle slant toward the stage and orchestra pit, where the fifteen-ton organ is housed. At Intervals, lights imbedded in tne ceiling and walls give 'a soft illumination to. persons wishing to pass to and from 'the seats. The lights are arranged in five colors, controlled from the organ seat, so -that sunset, moonlight, morning, firelight and other film lightings may re- -ceiTe a correspondingly harmonious house lighting, at the same time leaving patrons free to move about the theater. The lower floor, seats are so arranged that persons can puss from -aisles to inside seats without causing anyone to arise. The main decorative scnemeof the lower floor i oranges and popples, symbolic of California products. . ROMAN EXTERIOR. The exterior of the . bullae, which occupies nearly a quarter of a block, Is Roman in foundation, with a modern art facade executed in mat-glazed terra cotta. At Intervals along the upper edge are huge stone containers, from which Jets of steam spout continually. Red lights imbedded inithe containers give the appearance of an ancient temple with urns of sacrificial incense burning on their tops. Above the great containers are the fresh-air intakes. Through great pipes, the air is conducted to the, basement, sterilized, heated or cooled to the proper temperature, and thrown Into the body of the theater by a huge eight-foot fan. The bad air is taken out through the organ ventilators by a fan of equal capacity, the whole operation being controlled automatically by electric thenmostats. The fans are designed to supply and exhaust 60,000 cubic feet of air per minute, in. such a way that motion of . air .currents Is felt by "patrons. . STAGE SETS. A feature of the new playhouse is the stage sets which accompany the various productions Instead of a flat wall with a white screen, on which the picture is thrown, the screen in the new playhouse hangs in . the center of a regular theater stage of about thirty feet in depth. Sets portraying scenes shown in the pictures, to permit of appropriate prologues in advance of the main production, will be thrown up in advance. In the opening production Wednesday night, which takes place In an Irish setting, stage drops will portray bits of scenery known to every Irishman the world over. The Idea is said to be entirely original lni motion picture houses. WELIj ADAPTED. The idea of the ; exterior of the theatre with the modern art facade of mat-glazed terra cotta, is the work of the architects. Cunningham and Politeo, who have designed a number of theaters, among which are the (Continued on Next Page) Ladies9 Tea Room For New Theater Innovation Is Planned by Owners Adjoining the Pompeiian room, fronting on Eleventh ... street, through which light drifts In through yellow silken curtains of the new T. & V. theater, is the ladles' tea rorao, a distinct Innovation in comfort features. Here, where every effort has been made to make the place attractive, tea and fancy cakes will be served during the open hours of the theater, by dainty maids. The room, which, Is done In English paneling. Is at the end of the main mezzanine terminal. Potted palms and ferns and art Jurdl-nlers form the decorative features of the room. Scores of yellow throated canaries In cages hung from every portion of the room will make the place a veritable paradise of flowers and ong. In the evening, soft lights from invisible sources will spread a soothing effulgence over the room. The management have spent particular attention to items in connection with the tea room, which will make- It famous as a popular feminine gathering place. Methodist Bishop Dies in Baltimore BALTIMORE. NovT II. Bishop Al-pheus W. Wilson, of the Methodist Kpis-copal Church South, died at Wis home here today. He was 82 years olfl. POMPEIIAN REST ROOM PROVIDED Is Unique Way to Cater to the Comfort of Theater Going Public. Here parties may meet by appoint ment, or theater goers may rest be. tween acts or pictures. At the en' trance of the . Pompeiian room, a marble drinking fountain of new design, with sanitary spaces for children has "been, installed. Bells, arranged In the room, will give notice of the change of reel or program on the screen In the main portion of the theater for the Information of the rest room patrons. A feature of the new theater is the Pompeiian room on the mezzanine floor, whleh is one of the unique means of catm-lng to the comfort of theatrical patrons on the Pacific Coast. Behind ornate stucc o pillars, the" rest romo spreads out the size of an ordinary hotel lounging room. In the center is a glass acquarium filled with gold fish. Colored lights from beneath) thrown upward by powerful reflectors, will illuminate the fish. The general . design of the room, both as to-furnishlngs and tone, is pure Pompeiian. Cural chairs, tall Pompeiian vases, statuaryof the design of Pliny's time, tapestries woven in the period of early Rome, will, form a background for exquisitely moulded lounging divans and luxurious settees, while hand-pantted mural frieze around the four sides of the room will complete the unique ensemble. i ffisv iSli Ll ft V4viv. , j-.egfaW'A tfi'-- if: 1 mmmiM iimsd v ' Q . f l l I, ' k 6l : ' - 1 - . s 1 3l I f IS LS r 1 I 71 II Fix. ! t kTJ 1. j! nfssffl ; i ifi?l?&Lwal 1 N - s v-- ii &JJ$riiL "-r yzr J ;i S I i inR fill 111 ninrniTiL ' 3 uuHpni xum- WONDERFUL M! fl FDR T.&D. THEATER Wurlitzer Hope Jones Unit Orchestra Installed at a Cost of $48,500. Turner & Dahnken, owners of tlie new T. & D. theater, have spared "rfo expense In giving Oakland the finest I iwtt(i. iili'turM hnniA ftn Y a fna mt This Is evidenced In no small measure when It Is realized that they spent 148.500 for a Wurlitzer Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra, the most wonderful invention of the world-famous organ builder, Hobert Hope-Jones. This Instrument combines the majestic tones of the pipe organ with the orchestral' ensemble and places it under the Instantaneous and unified control of a single musician. Electrl-cul parts play a most Important part In the construction of this instrument, j Many miles of fine wire are used in the construction, contacts being of silver and platlum. A particular fea- lure of th Instrument is that an electro magnet Is used for each and every pipe or sound effect In the Instrument. The combinations of the various Instruments and hte possibilities of the instrument are practically unlimited. With the event of the Wurlitzer Hope-Jones. Unit Orchestra, which combines the grandeur of the church organ wtth that of the symphony orchestra, the organ la said to have come Into Its own. IS COMBINATION. Among the many Instrumentations combined In this one Instrument are the ophlclelde, bass, tuba horn, cello, contra viol, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, rllaphone, vlnol'celeste, flute, vox humana, viol ostave, octave celeste, piccolo, crysoglott. xylophone, marimbaphone, glockenspiel, harp, electric bells, sleigh bells. Cathedral chimes, snare drum, bass drum, kettle drum, torn torn drum, cymbals, triangle, tarmbourlne, castanets. A most Important feature and possibility obtained only on the Wurlitzer Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra' Is that feature known as the double touch. The player by a little harder pressure from one finger can bring out In solo any one of the numerous lni struments and at the same time the. other fingers of the same hand are playing the melody parts on different instruments. The double touch Is often described as giving; the organist four hands and four feet when plsylng the unit orchestra, t PIPKS WEIGH HALF TON. The largest pipes In " the unit orchestra weight as much as half a (Continued on Next Page) WILL BE PL AIED Elaborate Affair to Do Honor to Dead "Poet of the Sierras." toH4tf0bAM-ivIltt-: The Joaquin Miller Club has arranged a business meeting and general "get together" for tomorrow afternoon In Convention Hall of the Municipal Auditorium when plans for the Joaquin Pageant will be discussed. Alex Stewart, Phyllis Cunningham, secretary to-She music committee of the Chamber of Commerce and George W. Pitch with representatives from the playground department, have been Invited to confer with the women. Ir. Aurella Relnhardt, president, of Mills College has prepared a tentative copy of pageant whlchw!!! tnaljB a working basis for dlscuselon. - - - For the past several years since the passing of the famous poet It has been a custom to make aj pilgrimage to the "Hlghts" on the .lant Sunday in May. Next year this ceremony will be planned on an elaborate scale, engaging the attention of this part of the state. It Is yet to be decided whether the unique observance shall Tie" continued an annual ur extended Into a biennial event. The officers of the club who are endeavoring to, bring all the organizations together in a co-oppratlon Including Ur. Minora Klbbe, president; Mrs. Fred O. Harrison, first vk-e-pretildent; Mrs. CfRfrles Hyde, Kecond vice-president; Mrs. F. C. Bennett, secretary; Mrs. Joe 11 t'luiiie, treasurer. Republican National Committeeman Dies ST. PAUL, Nov. 21. Chester A. Cong-don of Ijiiluth, Republican national committeeman from Minnesota, died of pleurisy today after an Illness of two weeks. Flowers, Plants, Foliage Decorations, Window Boxes USED IN THE NEW . T. & D. THEATER FROM . SANBORN'S 1325 Broadway, Oakland Phone Oakland 575 I ENTRANCE TO THE NEW T. & D. THEATER TO BE OPENED TO- I MORROW AND A PART OF THE INTERIOR SHOWING THK PROSCENIUM ARCH. THE DECORATIONS IN THE PliACE STAMP IT AS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE COUNTRY. I OFFICIALS TAKE OATH. MARTINEZ, Nov. 21. The oath of office was administered to Supervisors J. H. Trytnall, J.'P. Casey and W. J. Buchanan, who were re-elected on November 7 last. The board will meet on the first Monday of January and name a chairman and : organize the various committees. DISEASE QUARANTINED. LIVERMORE, Nov. 21. During the past month severaj cases of scarletina have broken out. They were placed under quarantine by Health Officer Dr. J. K. Warner. Those now under present quarantine are the Worth, Berlin and Kaiser residences. 1 II 111 " -- The Edwin H. Flagg Scenic Co. Fourth, IFloor PantaKOs Wdff. San Francisco. Kcafeiy 5.2U. We employ more artists and stage mechanics than all studios west of the Missouri combined, in a studio building of larger capacity than all others combined, and sell more scenery than all others combined, and our prides are. the HIGHEST. T. & D. Theaters, Oakland, Reno, Watsonville; Orpfeums, Kan Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles,' Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake; Hippodromes, Pantkges and all Glesea's Circuit, 95 per cent of all California theaters. Have' on hand and. rent new or used, correct Bcenes for any opera, play or .exhibit. Drop Curtains I scenery Largest In The World. 63d Lorr$ Beadi Ave Los Axccles I43W.42P5t.NEwYoi?K Architects Messrs. Cunningham & Politeo i ... i Used . : Everlastic Tiling N ew l on the grade and foyer of the ' , - ' nn c9 7VjfTLi- xy. jl tauter to insure your safety from slipping. Furnished and installed by David. F. Kennedy inc. SHARON BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.. SPECIALIZING TION OF IN QUALITY PRODUC- ELECTRICAL DISPLAYS Turner & Dahnken have always recognized that the electric displays of a theater establish its individuality in your mind. The night effect of a theater buijding bears a direct relation to box-office receipts.' The spectacular, flashing "Fan"- with its wonderful changing color effects the electric "Attraction'' signs and the,Novelite" interchangeable are; all. features which will impress upon you the new ,:T. & D. Theatre." '. - - In the electrical displays for the new theater you see the product of an institution specializing in electrical advertising The knowledge of a large organization-capable of producing the most elaborate electrical effects was placed at the disposal of T. & D. A high quality produced by trained workmen who use only the best of materials correctly giving a dependable electric sign product that is what T. & D. -bought in their Electric signs. OFFICES & FACTORY, 165 EDDY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO 1 For other merchant and manufacturers of Oakland desiring Ideaa in electrical advertising, write us without obligation for designs.

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