The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1898
Page 7
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TfiB Ut^llt MB M01NES; ALGONA, IOWA WMDHBSBAY SEMEMBEK..21, 1888, EVENTS. oVer-curious are not over-wise. -'-Massmger. The cost of the public funeral of Mr* Gladstone was $11,000, Envelopes for letters were first used in their present form in 1S30. A sign before the door of a New York dentist reads thus: "Teeth extracted While you wait." Camels' milk is said to be very helpful to consumptives. Jt is palatable and nourishing:. THE RUSH FOR GOLD. From t/ie Timet, Biufft, in. The rush of gold seekers to the Klondike brings thrilling memories to the "forty- mners" still alive, of the time when they girdled the continent or faced the terrors of the great American desert on the journey to the land of gold. These pioneers tell some experiences which should be heeded by cold seekers today. Constant exposure ana faulty diet killed large numbers, while nearly all the survivors were afflicted with disease, many of them with rheumatism. Such a sufferer wasAdamVan- gundy, who now resides at Bluffs, 111., where ho has been justice of the pence and was the first president of the board of .trustees. In a, cent inter* view he said: "1 had been ,,.,,., „ a sufferer of "A forty-niner." rheumatism foranumberof years and the pain at times was very intense. I tried all the proprietary medicines I could think or hear of, but received no relief. "I finally placed my case with several physicians and doctored with them for some time, but they failed to do me any good. Finally, with .my hopes of relief nearly exhausted, I read an article regard- Ing Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for Pale People, which induced mo to try them. I was anxious to get rid of the terrible disease, and bought two boxes of thepills. Ibegan using them about March, 1897, After I had taken two boxes I was completely cured, and the pain has never returned. I think it is the best mediuino I have ever taken, and am willing, at any time to sign my name to nny testimony setting forth its good merits.' 1 (Signed) ADAM VANGUXDY. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 29th day of September. 1897. FRANKUN C. FUNK, Notary Public. Mr. Vnnguudy's statement ought to be regarded as a criterion of the good merits of these pills, and what bettor proof could a person want than the above facts. These pills stand unrivalled as a tonic for the blood. !l! v WHICH ARE YOU? The woman who tosses her head and Eteps on her toe as she walks is a coquette. She trifles too much with love, and is just the woman to miss p. good husband and be sorry ever after. ... The quiet man will never be happy ;;with the woman who digs her heels the pavement and scurries along if she were running a race. She Is BlneBBlike and most likely the wom- •E-.jjip succeed in trade affairs, but her j^aij'ner is one of those simple things |V "*—)rry the quiet man to death. girl who cannot walk without is one of those w'ild, glad i, who, when she has nothing o rave over, raves with joy belt Is Sunday or Monday, or Tuea- jr whatever the day of the week ns to be; she is equally depressed, ives in a see-saw atmosphere of ition or FOR THE FRIVOLOUS. National Assembly Inaugurated at Malolos, AGUINAIDO AS PRESIDENT Why don't you get out some- llfSiilnl'.on what to do when the collector KsjV^HawlK^t?;,' _ (Symair—My wife didn't say a- word jjiVl got home BO late the other Ing. BetterhawB—That was kind. |i|wae saying, she didn't say a word |f.J got ho%e. She waited until I iteepy."—Cincinnati Enquirer. i$Siat, are the graves of Adams and ifjnarked by big rocks for?" asked at the Granary burying "Because they were bolder iian most of their contemporar- ifaaid the Boston man proudly. ig'tongua clove to the roof of his "I—I—that is," he faltered, And then he suddenly Jff; to his bosom. "You know H|would say!" he cried. Frigidly ***-' —aged herself. "Another miss- fake," she muttered, pale, i.—Detroit Journal. Spaniards went up in a bal- balloou burst. What na' were they when they came asked the conundrum man. t up," grimly responded the df jnan. "One came down a Rus- ffd. the other got tangled up in a gbh wire and came down a, plwas the response.—Chautauqua C$ y Hgra.^ — - IjSIOTES AT RANDOM. Jnmark, the city school children |pn on regular visits to the coun- h for the benefit of their health ^educational purposes, and the is then reversed, the country .being taken to the city in or- their minds. xifip has 11,612 schools, of which ^'B supported by the state, 3,21? B, and 2,442 by individuals or The actual attendance at iools last year was 490,746, and junt appropriated for the sup[the public schools was about In an Ihte#r>ew th« Insnrgent tenter S*ys He Only Cndergtand* the idea of "Absolnte Independence" — American* Mint Withdraw. Manila, Sept. .—The Philippine national assembly was inaugurated at Malolos with great enthusiasm. There were thousands of visitors from the provinces and a great display was made. Aguinaldo, who was received with cheers and also with cries of "Vive America" by the large crowd of natives inside and outside the hall, read a decree convening the members, who included several Spaniards. He next read a message eulogizing the army and thanking the friendly nations which had set the historical example of liberty and had assisted a downtrodden race. Continuing, Aguinaldo urgently and eloquently exhorted the assembly to "follow the noblest principles" and invoked the "spirits of the martyred Filipinos." A correspondent had a private interview with Aguinaldo, who Is extremely unwilling to 'compromise himself with the natives. He said that a majority of the Filipinos had been struggling fbr freedom for years and centuries and that they now -believe that object has been obtained. Agulnaldo professed entire ignorance of the autonomous systems in vogue In the British colonies, of protectorates and of American state autonomy. He said he was unable to understand the idea and only understood "absolutely independence." Personally he believed a protectorate for the Philippine Islands was necessary, but he feared that the people would be disappointed in this. Continuing the Insurgent leader said there was no need of protection for the Philippine islands because the Filipinos were able to cope with any army. Aguinaldo declined to discoss the American army and protested his undying gratitude to the Americans. He said they had come to the Philippines to fight the Spaniards only, and, now that they had finished th.e task, it was to be expected that they would return, to America. He was unwilling to believe that the Americans would demand a reward for an act of humanity and he declined to admit the necessity of a quid pro quo. The Filipino leader expressed himself confident that the newly founded government would build a navy ultimately. In the meantime, he said, the great nations should protect and aid a young nation instead of grabbing her territories. If the Americans should refuse te withdraw, the national assembly, he said, must decide the policy to be pursued—a policy which he declined to forecast. BUY BALTIMORE AND OHIO, Armour, Field, Iteain, and Others In New Transcontinental Deal. New York, Sept. 19.—It is reported on Wall street that P. D. Armour, Marshall Field, Norman B. Ream and other Chicago capitalists have bought the Baltimore and Ohio railroad system, and will establish a new transcontinental line. Ten million dollars in cash Is the price believed to have been paid. They have made James J. Hill, president of the Great Northern railway, the dominant factor in the reorganization of the system. They have thus gained for Chicago and the northwest what is practically a trunk line from ocean to ocean, controlled by Chicago capital. Mr. Armour admits that the purchase has been made. Sst in a New York p.aper pic- Vcsuvius in action, and en- i Jn dense, columns of smoke pneumatic guns. That artist e informed that the Vesuvius smokeless air in discharging >ite guns. _ ^ iff COSTS MOTP»NQ fillMtratea book, entitled "A HOME IN ,000 acrci of rich lauds for tale at Che.; ., Tex. Cb,eape*«ur«lpns; WUTHBRN TES BWf •• C*lcaj9, Fever Stirs Jackson, Miss. Jackson, Miss., Sept. 19.—Following the announcement that Train Dispatcher Manley had yellow fever, many persons left town. Numerous others are preparing to leave. The city Is disquieted. Two more suspicious cases have been found. The larger west end, including the Union depot, is cordoned and quarantined from the rest of the town. Parties exposed to suspected cases are being hourly seut to detention camps. To Test Validity of I<uw. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 19.—Attorneys representing the democratic state committee on Friday filed suit in the Superior court asking the court to compel the state board of election commissioners -to print on the official ballot the names of the democratic nominees for the appellate bench. This will bring to Issue the validity of the law extending the terms of the present judges of the state court of appeals. Twice a year the Caspian overflows and strands millions of fish—sufficient to feed the whole of Central Asia, if advantage could be taken of these immense resources given by nature. An advertiser in a Boston paper announced his desire for "board and three rooms in n convenient farm house where two cows could also be pastured." Boston housekeepers nvc in distress because of the frequent stoppage of the water pipes'by eels. The eels. when young mid small, pass iliroueh the strainers at the reservoir, but they quickly grow big enough to become, obtructivc. cow?' LIVE STOCK SHOW AT OMAHA. _A- -- i*fo»p««<;tl» tor tin tinusnnll.v illf» Exhibit at the Tt-nim-MlMlnsippl KtpoMtlon. There is at this.tiineevery indication that the live stock show at the Trnns- 'Mis.siss.ppi kxposltioh will rank among the very largest and finest ever given in the country. It will offer almost unvivnlcd opportunity for those who wish to improve their flocks and herds to see the best stock the world contains and to gain information of groat value. The exhibition will also offer exceptional opportunity for those who have improved stock for sale to advertise their productions and to make tho HOME-MADE PHILOSOPHY. The boys that we tolerated when they was little, merely tolerate us as we all grow older. Only the ones we loved then, love Us now. If they sing and play by note in heaven, there'll be a hull lot ov church pillere who won't he ahull to do nothin more than keep time with their feet. Boys look upon their father as the man who allers has a job uv work to spring upon them on the werry day when they had laid out to go flshln. The avridge working man that lookn inter his discouraged soul sees a mighty blue footshure refleckted there, with more rags than flags a flutterin In Hie breezes. The eagle is not a fit. emblem for a free people. She's it bird ov prey—a tyrant, a consumer ov flush. Let our emblems be a dove and a bull-frog— love and song. The boss hog in the hog-pen Is allors the biggest hog in the crowd, but the little hogs hope to overcome him un become one ov the bosses themselves. In this respect'the hog is almost as human as a pollytlshun. It isn't near so hard to stand alone, as it. is to fall alone. So long as your a standin there'll be lots of Summer friends flockln around you; but when you fall, or even fall, they run from you as they would from a leper. When a woman gits a new hat, and refuses to go to church the werry next Sunday to show it off to good advantage, the good sisters feel werry mutch grieved over her lack uv savin grace; for they had intended to sneer at her selexshun and poor taste. Oxen carry their solo.) in. their skin; but the tanner conwerts 'em, and the shoemaker conwerts 'em with his cut- tin ways, and baptizes 'cm before they walk forth beneath the unhallowed foot that stand on slippery rocks midst the fiery billows of God's wrath. There is Bomethin . worry pathetick in seein a child fisht.ln off sleep. It allers reminds me of grown people flghtln off death. But when I sec the innercent child a sleepin so sweetly after the fight has been given up, I wonder and I wonder if the sleep ov death is as sweet and camm and lovely. Retrospecktive dreams are full ov the crooked foot-paths we made in early life; while our dreams ov the footshure have but one straight path clean up to heaven, with the best hotels all located on both sides ov that, and we compelled to trudge along without a durn cent in our pocket, and not a single landlord likely to give us a jigger on tick. There are no really wize men on earth. Some are not kwite so dumm as others—that's all. The wizest ov us have only learned a little bit after practicin ignorance for haff a centoory, and then find the balance ov the world too dumm to allow us to put in practice the little bit ov wisdom we skweezed out ov a long train ov blunders.—Pennsylvania Grit. The UroivtU or Socialism. The growth of socialism is due to the standing armies of the world in which men are often made to enlist, and thus become discontented. The growth of a stronger race is clue to Hostettcr's Stomach Hitlers, which is the best medicine for costivcness, dyspepsia, fever, ague and all nervous troubles. Try one bottle. Wife-beaters in Bulte, Montana, receive an extremely suggestive hint. When one of them sees a piece of crape Imng on his door, lie promptly comprehends that when next ho beats his wife there will be a funeral and the wifc-beatcr will be-the corpse. Day Formally Washington, Sept. 19.—The regular meeting of the cabinet Friday marked the retirement of William R. Day from :he office of secretary of state. Assistant Secretary Moore of the state department tendered his resignation to the president at the meeting. Sarrlcu Favors Revision. London, Sept. 19.—A dispatch from Paris says it is definitely stated that M. Sarrien, minister of justice, favors revision of the Dreyfus case and will andoubtedly submit the question of revision to competent judges next week. Must Disarm in Tliree D»ys. Canea, Crete, Sept. 19.—British Admiral Noel has given Bahem Pasha three days in whjai-4^ disarm, the Mot, whose safety tie guarantees. The Wur is Over. And now our thoughts are all of peace and home. There are, too often, people to be found who have no home, and it is to them these few words are addressed. If you really want a home you can easily get one, but you should ant at once before the relapse from the war puts prices on the advance. In Marinette County, Wisconsin, the very finest farming land is to be had now at a most modest figure. Excellent home markets are at hand to take whatever the farmer raises, and good prices are given. These lands are on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, and full information concerning them will cheerfully be furnished by C. B. Rollins, Immigration Agent, 1G1 La Salle Street, Ci;icago. Ticks. Lice, Fleas, lied CANOLINE—Insecticide and disinfectant, prevents all contagious diseases. It will kill ticks, lice, fleas, bed bugs, screw worms and all insects and vermin; cures scab, mange, cuts, galls, stings and bites; keeps off flies. Nonpoisonous, cheapest and best on earth. Send 26c for bottle to make one gallon to Cannon Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo. His Strong Jievotiou. "ArUmr, I wish you loved me as Clara's husband loves her." "What does he do to show it?" "He lets her read Jong articles to him on how to make jelly." Ko-To-Uac for FlftyCeutg. Guaruuuou tobacco uuba cure, wakes weak wen , Woo^j imre. MIc. fl. All aru£gl»i«. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to thti care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CAUFOHNIA Fia Svnur Co. only, nnd we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA Fia SYBUI* Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other par- tics. The high standing of the CAM- FOKNIA FIG SVHUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of nil other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to got its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAW 1'KANCIMJO. Out. HtlUSVILl-E. Ky. fiKW TURK. If. Y. dr Kav'o Rannvatnr WUAKANTICKD uii Rays nenoiaior, tol . uf o dyspepsia.«.m Kllpallun, liver ami lililuuy uisi'iisnK, tiillousnesa clios. etc. At druggists. '.'5<! tincl $1.00. Coe's (L'oufjJi X2u:suui jstlie nldCKtoml licnt. It. will litvali up » cold qitli.-kcr tlmu nti^thing t'lwe. It IH jihvnv* rdJiiliU'. Ti-}- it. The measure of man's Icnrning will bo "the amount of his voluntary ignorance.—Thoreau. WANTKD—Casts of Imfl li'cnllli Ilinl. Tl-l-I'-A-N-? will not, linnnfll. £(tiul fi rents to r.l|>nnn ClicMiitcu Co.,I<cw York, for 10 Bulimics uud I.CKJO icptlmimliilK. A life spent worthily should be measured by deeds, not years.—-Sheridan. Kdm'iitn Your Uowols With ('usrnreci Cuudy Oitlmi'MR. curf; constipation foroviir. lUc, !5c. It U C. C. fuil uruKiilsui rotund inoiiev. Tlie vineyards of luuy cover nearly 8,000,000 acres. The society of ladies is the school of politeness.—Monfort. HOW BIG GUNS ARE MADE. acquaintance of likely purchasers. > The live stock exhibit is divided In to six classes. Of these the poultry exhibit is now oil. On Monday, October" 3, the exhibits of cattle, horses (in which class are included jnckti. jennets and mules), sheep and swine will open, {0 continue until October 20: nnd the at stock will be shown from October 3 to 20, inclusive. All animals must be on the grounds of the exposition not later than the opening date of the division to Which they belong, except that, in the general division of cattle, hogs, sheep and horses, animals which have been on exhibit at state or county fnirs. rhoy Are Not Cast, Now, but Are ISuIlt Up. Not so very long ago all guns were. cast by pouring molten iron into a mold and then letting it cool slowly; but it was found that guns made in that way were not strong enough to Bland the tremendous strain of the large charges of powder required to send a shot fast enough to enable it to pierce the steel armor of a modern ship of war; so the old method of cast- Ing was abandoned as the armor became stronger, and now nearly all modern cannon are what is called "built up." First a long steel tube of the finest and strongest metal is made, and around this are placed, or "shrunk on," successive cylinders or rings, one over the other, with the greatest care and nicely, first the "jacket" and then Ihe "hoops." So'nowadays a great gun, instead of being one piece, as it used to be, is composed of many parts. The process above described is called "assembling" a gun, and in the place of the short cast-iron cannon of former days, shaped something like a big bottle, we have the long, graceful steel rifles, which look not unlike gigantic watch-keys. They vary in eize from the small rapid-fire guns, a few hundred pounds in weight, to the great thirteen-inch "Peacemaker," as it was fondly called, which tipped the scales at sixty tons—120,000 pounds. All these modern guns are breech-loaders, and after the shot and powder have been placed in the powder-chamber, the breech is closed by a eteel "breach- plug," which is shoved into the gun and by a short turn is screwed tight into the breech. The shot or shell has also undergone a change. The round cannon-ball most of us are familiar with has given way to the "projectile," which is made of steel, hardened according to the work it has to do; and in those that are intended to pierce armored ships the metal must be so hard that the projectile can be fired through steel armor of a thickness equal to one-eighth more than its diameter, without its being broken or materially injured; for instance, an eight-inch projectile, according to this rule, must be capable of piercing a nine-inch steel plate.—St. Nicholas, W. N. U, Pee Moines,No, 39 Wnen Answeriag Auvwisemeuis Kindly Mention This r»per. you'd would IlOtll 11 ;!!<•<! It. Sbc—Whew! If I'd moke a horrid pipe, 1 never uive miirried you. He—If I'd known 1 couldn't smoke igars and support a woman too, 1 icver would have married von. Hontity Id l»Ino<« Depp. Clean blood innkes a clean skin. No lenuty, Cnscarets Candy Catliar- ic RJenngyottr blood imd keens it clean, by tirriug tipthe Inzy livor nndurivlug nil im- mritios from the body. Begin to-day to mnish pimples, boils, blotohes. blackheads ml thotslckly billouRConiplexion by taking 'nscnrets.— beauty for leu cents. All druggists, satisfaction gunrautoed. 10, '2a, GOc. "The ships our nut ion needs." says he evangelist, "arc, worship, t'cllow- hip and friendship. They nre not uen of \viir, but, mun of pence." Kxpcrimenls seem lo show Hint u arge ocean steamer going at 10 knots in hour will move more than two miles ift.o.r its engines have been stopped ind reversed. Two bottles of 1'iso's Cure for CotiHiivup- •iou cured nut of a bad Junif, lroublu.-~MvM. I. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., March ','ti, 18lir>. A French army surgeon claims sev- -ul advantages for a bullet, of com- irertsed paper covered with polished ilmuinum, the chief being Unit the vounds sire .surgically clean, healing vith lil.tle risl< of blood poisoning. l!:iU's Culm-Hi Citrn Is a constitutional euro. Price, "fie. lid ward. l,o\vyu. of Chicago, lias started an endless chain of loiters to 'resident, .Me.Kinley. urging the rcten- ion of the Philippines, To Cure (.toilsMpuMnti nr<>vf>r. :inlu'. < iisrarot's Uiiulv I'HiiiiirMe. Itlu nr Via If <.'. C. C. lull lo euro dnik'K»n* lelinul inumiv. AVailace—What do you deem the most• clumn'mg nge in woman';' Kerry — -From my observation, a woman of ibout, thirty-lire is harder to get away 1'rom than any other. Full freight rates mttst be pa,td all exhibits shipped to the but animals which do Hot ership will be returned free titoder tlW usual exhibition certificate arrftflfw ment. Terminnl charges hjivcboenuiodifieq and a single fee includes a switching charge for transferring car load low into the grounds and also assistance lit unloading and dray age on feed ana necessary show paraphernalia friJhi the cars to the stock barns. Less than car load lots may be billed to OmahS local depots, and on these a fiflaalf charge will be made for delivery totb.4 show grounds. VEGETABLE GIANTS. ..^ Imagine a flower nine feet arounft and with petals strong enough to BU>« port a man. This mammoth grows in Africa and has five large, thick petals* surrounding a brilliant center, which is encircled by a wide, high brim, and which .would make a bath tub big enough for a child. ^ There are giants among the grasses more wonderful still. If we walk knee, deep in grass we say it is a fine croo^ and the times we see it shoulder high are rare. In India there is a speolflfl' called Dab grass which reaches aboyel the heads of the tallest men, for it la fourteen feet high. And there la grass four times as high In the Indian forests. If trees are near the bougha furnish it support. There is, besides, a grass which grows 100 feet high—It is the glnnt bamboo, arid the tallest la the world. »| The Jericho weed in our own country! is a unique giant. It Is a globulatl mass of tangled vegetation six feet la diameter. Until fall it behaves llk» other plants, but when the winds oB autumn dry its sap it goes on a vege-j table cowboy spree, its drying up does' not make It shrink In size—only makes.' it lighter. It loosens from the floll.j nnd when a cyclone or tornado cornea tearing along these huge balls fly before the wind, bounding and leaping across the plains. Is it any wonder that the cattle and sheep are frightened out of Iheir wits when they sou these strange things coming and flee for their lives, more Beared of the Jericho balls than of the approaching storm? • ClmtH Wllli mothers (5UHKS GUARANTEED. Hook mailed fi-eo ni)on roquoRt. Mpthers remedy, easy t.u take, Hiifo and pleasant; No home Kecura without it. Croup, Coughs, ColdB, Fevers, Quinsy, Catarrh, whether uoso, throat 01 stomach, Dlpthoria oud Sore Throats, all overcome by usin^; Mueo-Solveut. Costs oulv #1 ; is worth its weight in dinmonde; Write us. We need agents. Muco-Solvent Co., Chicago, 111. A curious butterfly exists in India, The male has the left wing yellow ancl the right one red; the female has these colors reversed. MRS. PINKHAM'S WARNING TO WOMEN. Neglect is tho Forerunner of Misery and Suffering—A Grateful HuSt band Writes of His Wife's Recovery. Nearly all the ill health of women is traceable to some derangement of tho feminine organs. These derangements do not cure themselves, and neglect of the sensations resulting from them is only putting off trouble. Pathetic stories are constantly coming to Mrs. Pinkhamof women whose neglect has resulted in serious heart trouble and a whole train of woes. Here is the story of a woman who was helped by Mrs. Pinkham after other treatment failed: Di3Ait MHS. PINKHAM:—It affords me very great pleasure to be able to state that I believe my wife owes her health to your medicine and good advice. For three years her health failed rapidly; she had heart trouble, often falling down in dizzy und. fainting spells, shortness of breath, choking and smothering spells, bloating of the stomach, a dry cough, dyspeptic symptoms, menses irrog- \ilar, scanty, _and of a.n unnatural color. (She had been treated by physicians with but little benefit. She has taken your treatment according tQ your directions, and is better in. every way. 1 am well pleased with the result of your treatment, and give you permission to use my letter for the benefit of others.— CHAS. IT. and Mrs. MAY BUTUHEK, Fort Meyer, Va. The healing and strengthening power of Lydia E. I'inlcharn's Vegetable Compound for all fe» male ills is so well established that it needs no argument. For over twenty years it has been used by women with results that are truly wonderful. Mrs. Pinkham invites all women who are puzzled about their health to Write to her at Lynn, Mass., for advice. All such correspondence is seen by women only, and no charge is made.. A Million Women Have Been Benefited by Mrs. Pinktiam's Advke ana Medicine "A FAIR FACE MAY PROVE A FOUL BARGAIN." MARRY A PLAIN GIRL IF SHE USES SAPOLIO SLICKER KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat. If you want a coat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker. If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. PENSIONS 1.4& N«w VPf IS Ayesyw, GetyourPertsioi, DOUBLE OUICK , Pennon Ag*at ( WASmNSTQN, CU C. "I nave uoiie 14 day* ut p, lime without it movement of lae bovrelt, not being able to move them except by ueiug Uot wuier luJectlOM. Cbroiiic ooosUpiulou for seven years placed me IB this terrible condition; (Uirlutjtbat time I did everything l beard of but never found ituy relief; euoh wan my'case until 1 bogaq Ublug CABOARE'i'S, f uow bave from one to tbree pn«cage» a day, and If f wat rlob I would give flW.UU for each movement; 1< id bucuu relief." A.YI.HKH li. Buw, < W88 Russell St., UetraU, Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Tatte Good* Do flood, Never fSlofcen, Weftlien.orflrtye.JOoTiWc.dQs, CURE CONSTIPATION, ,., jjgg^l •^Y^y

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