Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 7, 1915 · Page 19
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 19

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 7, 1915
Page 19
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SUNDAY HOUNIXG OAKLAND .TRIBUNE .NOVi:y.i;;:rt 10t: onvertihle Type Closed Cars Are Arriving Now Ca rs I :.:-zTr- ; i . vV ;j i ! i ' U : . r i I! r-:, :::;vl C J- - , ' ! .,11 l ! V M- -; rUB SUM MMMM S I A COWKKTIRTjiR DODOK I , ROATiSTEIt WITH CIjOSKD COITPF. hoiTy fittei to it, f a MODEIi WHICH WHilj SOOX I BE HERE. NE1 MODELS BU1CK TRUCKS ARRIVE Same Powerful Plant as Former Model; Has Starter.- - In The Bulck Una of automobiles for 191S la now eompleta. Th last of the new model to rriv la th new Bulck truck, known bji the Model D4. The hew truck retains all of the features of the 1915 Bulck truck and adds a specially built f Delco electrte starting system, a top and storm curtains, and a much more comfortable driver's seat These Improvements are sure to make the new arrival a favorite among the 1500 to 2000-pound commercial cars. In speaking of the new truck, C. M. Rffne, Oakland manager of the Howard Automobile Company, Pacific coast distributor of Bulck- truckaBd pleasure . earn! says: . "The Bulck factory has Improved the Molel C4 truck ln.-the iwZMsrAS possible. It 'would certainly have been a mistake to change any, part of the mechanical construction of the 1915 truck. Of the hundreds of these trucks we have placed with Pacific coast owners, we have yet to hear the first complaint of real trouble. The greatest Improvement on the 19H " truck Is the addition of the self-starter. Thls--w1ll be a great saving not only In the cost of operating the truck, but i .will save the truck from a great deal of tinnecetmary wear, Without a starter a ' truck, driver Ih making what he Intends tD he a short call, will let his lilliriiSl . 'WBI ,4 "II I III - i 'I " KvN ,- 3 ' 'A A VERY PRETTY CIXSED MODEI -A KI S S EIj KAI1 COUPE ANT) ITS OWNER, MRS. II. C. imOl'CHER. TO To Tax American France to Levy 45 Duty Uses Broken Glass as a Road Barrier A road four miles U'liz, through a fash- On eood authority it bus r-n rt.rlnrPH ! lonable residential section of. PnItlnior that France will shortly follow the lead set by England, by declaring a duty of 45 per cent on all American cars sold Into France or Its possessions, according to a dispatch to Motor Age. This new move la looked upon as a protection measure of the French automobile manufa-tirers against the American Industry and also as a source of revenue. America has a tax of 45 per cent on French automobiles Imported costing over $2000 and of 30 per cent under $000. The present action of France exactly reverses the situation. At present the duty on American cars enter-in k Fran r-e fn 75 franca per 100-.ki!os. or $15 for .every 220 pounds. On a car weighing 8000 pounds the' duty is $225. county, .IJ. and which for a Ions time has been used hy hundreds of motorists, has been barricaded by the owner, Frederic!;, A R.i.i, r.schV H.- a - '' 1 1 1 - - r brewer. Along the road barricades have been erected at numerous intersecting roads and broken glass Is strewn In places to make sure motorists will keep off. Twice Mr. Pauerschmldt has offered the road for sale to the county commissioners at $35,000, bat the commissioners refuse to buy It.' OREGON'S REGISTRATION. Oregon registered 22,9!S motor cars from January 1 to September 30, a lame Increase over the same period n 1M4, when 16,121 motor vehicles were registered. BE HERE IN The 1918 Reo "Six" will tte shown at the Karle C. Anthony salesrooms for two davs this week. Tomorrow and Tuesday east bay city motorists will have their first opportunity of Inspecting a model which has created a satisfactory Impression on autolsts who have already seen It in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The details embodied In the new "Six" were announced In a recent Issue of the automobile section of The Tribune. Until the arrival of a sufficient number of cars to place with the different branches and agencies, and Harry Moore of the Oakland house anticipates that this will be within the next two weeks. It will be Impossible for either the Oakland or San Francisco houses to have the new season's car on show for more than a day or two at a time. W A T A A A V A ' A r s jc t -V y IKE the horseshoe, the name "Savage" on Thousands of motorists now enjoying Savage satisfaction prove this. j(tiie STTDEB A K ER 1916 POf H WITH THK t'ON VEitlllil.E SEDAN TOP ATTACHED, AS SHOWN HERE, MAKES A VERY FRACTICAIi AND ATTRACTIVE CAR FOR EITHER COLD OR STORMY WEATHER. BIG AUTQ UT m Chandler. Car . Factory Proves Successful in Huge .. Undertaking. Word has Just been received by the Peacock Motor Bales Co., Chandler distributor for Northern California, from the factory to the effect that the Chand- motor 'r Co. has arranged to Increase Its capl- run to avoid the labor of hand-cranklngt and what he Intends to be a short .call, ofun lengthens "out to a half hour or more. In the meantime, the Injotor In his truck Is running, id1Ji fjribt only burning up unnecessary oil and, gasoline, but la doing Itself more harm than ,hej same amount of real running would do. "With an efficient self-starter thlsj condition Is entirely removed. There la absolutely no labor required to start ; the motor. Simply touoh a pedal with one foot and the motor, starts. It Is easy to "Imagine the time and energy this saves tn i year's running. " "Those who follow the automobile sections of the local press will remember that it was one of the 1915 Bulck trucks that acted as pilot car on the Yosemite tour, held las(, September, and also that It was a Bulck which hauled a 2000-pound load over, the Tioga pass In October. Tioga pass, 9t42 feet, haa the distinction of being the highest elevation reached by , any public joad, In California, and so far as known, the Bulck truck Is the first nnd-only commercial car that has ever crossed through this pass. We dc not hesitate to say that the new Bulck truck will take a full capacity load any place that a touring ear can go. tal stock to $10,000,000. The object of thi, Increase according to the officials of the factory Is to provide for a greater Increase In production of Chandler cans tnd to permit the following cut of an xtenslve selling and advertising cam paign In the near future. With this additional capital the Chandler will rank as one of the largest as well as best f 1 -, nanced automobile . manufacturing companies In the country. "The fact that the Chandler factory has found It advisable to Increase Its capital stock to $10,000,000," stated . U Peacock, manager of the Peacock Motor Sales Co., "shows clearly the strides this company Is making In developing Its business with the motorists of the country. The splendid reception the 1916 models have received all over the land and the uniform record of achievement both in economy and durability made by these cars has proved to the American people the worth of Chandler products." Peacock announced that there would be no change In the personnel of. the Chandler Co. as result of the Increase in capital stock. AMMETER SHOWS TROUBLE. "When the ammeter' that Indicates charge or discharge ' Bhows a much higher rate of charging than Is usual It indicates that there Is some cross, and that the battery is not getting tho current Intended for It. ' CHILDREN TO BE GIVEN AUTO BY PANTAGESV SONS Rodney and Lloyd Pantages, the young sons of Alexander Pantages, will make a useful gift to the children of the east bay' cities. The two Pantages boys have spent most of their time inOakland, and have always had a big place In their hearts for it, and now they are going to show their love for it by giving away a handsome BroWnle Kar. They are the donors of this car, a small-sized automobile complete In every detail and bound to make some boy or girl of the east bay cities very happy. The automobile has been put on dls- Three Local Representatives ty" SLX liSSI: tn IniimPV FiKt fnr Far. 'do' so, and Manager Cornell of the Pan- io juurney tdfci lor rac- ta. manatrement wni b8 . to ,hnw him how It is run and what is inside of It. Hundreds of boys and girls have already come to view it. .... ' - i tory Conclave. Northern California representatives of the Chalmers automobile, will attend the annual convention to be held at the Detroit plant November . 15, to and Inctod-Ing the 17th. They are A, C. Chlsholm, R. M.. Cuthbert and Hugo 'Mueller. The former two are associated with the San Francisco branch of the ' L. H. Rose-Chalmers organization "and the latter Is ihe Mnmedn county agent-. At the three days' session In Detroit, sales, service and advertising plans for the coming year will be discussed In detail More than 500 dealers from all over the country will be in attendance, It Is said, the opinion being that this year's conference will exceed in numbers, and interest any preceding event of Its kind since the Chalmers motor r;ar made its debut to the motoring public. i o o 4 Your dealer or garage man may try to sell you other tires for the sake of his own profit we give the middleman nothing. If you buy on his say so, it may be lucky for him but how about you? . .. . , t If you buy from a Savage Branch Store or a Savage employed distributor you get the high-,., est quality tires made at factory prices and insure for yourself all the good luck that comes oftenest to those who most deserve it. ' Our Employed Distributors, Everywhere BRANCH STORE: 1125-27-29 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, Cal. EMPLOYED DISTRIBUTORS W. L Laughland, 2132 Broadway, Oakland Divlsadero Oarage, 717 Dlvlsadero St. Mission Vulc Co., 15th and Valencia Sts. Point Lobos Garage, 4803 Geary. Reed A De Yonge, 1219 Van Nesa Ave. M M C. & L OFFICIALS ARE LOCAL BRANCH VISITORS - Walter Chanelor, president; George B. Johnson, Portland manager, and W. A. Avery, Seattle manager, all three, of ficials of the Chanslor & Lyon Motor Supply Company, visited the Oakland branch of this firm last week, guests of Iiou Lockhart, local manager. Avery resided In Oakland a number of years ago, but had not been here for' some time. He was amazed at the marvelous growth of the city and surprised at the lare number of , cars in use in the east bay cities. George Johnson," the Portland member of the firm, was formerly Pacific coast manager, of the Fisk Rubber Company and has a wide acquaintance about the bay. ... WEINST0CK-NIC0LS TN -UPPER BROADWAY HOME One of the centers of Interest In the upper Broadway auto' row during the m week Just cloned was the new head- quarters of the Weinstock-Nichols Com- pany, on Broadway; at Twenty-third street. Local auto dealers are much pleased with the attractive appearance of the new auto supply store, ss its tasty arrangement adds much to the attrac-.." tlyeness oi the upper Broadway auto center. . ': , Charles AvIsTnianaper of the company, stated yesterday that the move to the new Broadway headquarters ha already had Us effect In increasing the sales records. The new store is much larger than the-former quarters and gives ample room for a better display of the many necessities and novelties that are In dally demand among the motoring fraternity. FAMOUS RACE DRIVER " EN ROUTE TO FAIR After winning fame and fortune on the big circuit, Eddie O'Donnell Is taking his family o'n an overland trip to the ' Panama-Pacific Exposition. Eighteen months ago, O'Donnell was breaking speed records testing Mitchell l'cars on the three-quarter mile track at the "plant of the Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co, at Hncine, Wis. He entered into the' 'racing gnme. as a mechanician for the DueSenherg team. His experience on the old 'three-quarter 'mile track ' stood him in good stad and he quickly plvowed his class, becoming the star of the Dueaenberc team within a year. cl6ntific Progress You are entitled to all that science and skill have done to improve tire quality and reduce tire qostt v. IpSy I I x" i:ittf;' I'&i 2 1 1 ' Colossus of Roads Tire Builders have raised the standard of quality to the highest point that science and practical experience have made possible. And they have developed production and selling methods to a point of scientific efficiency that keeps prices down. Every Firestone designer, engineer, foreman or craftsman is a past-master a finished specialist in his particular line. All tre backed by every mechanical assistance that the world's research and skill can bring to bear on tires. .Their efficiency Is your advantage notonly in that quality which means supreme service, but in the economy oi' production which means ordinary price. Specify Firestones for Most Miles per Dollar. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company "America's Largest Exclusive Tire and Rim Makers." Twelfth Street, at Jackson, Oakland, Cal. Hli-16 Van Mess Ave., San JrYajiclscOj Cal. " Homo Office and Factory: Akron, Ohio, ilruudica and. Dealers Kverywliera, Greatly Increase! Power Motor en-Urged to iH inches inbore- 3 inch stroke 1 cast en Moc; develops 40 horse power. Genuine, Hand - Buff ed Leather the finest grade that can be bought straiht grain, semi-bright finish, Turkish parallel tuitutg. 7" Chroma Nickel and Ckrom Vanadium Steel in steering knuckles, gears, shafts and other vital parts. Hand-painted and. Varnished Bedioe amiih brushed on in washed air, dustlesa' rooms. 25 operations J more than last ' rear's care had. --..-.-L muring depth, width and dew sign of eeats; umplt teem far hvm pmpl without crowding. ' Fall Floating AxU Stadebaka dwiga and manuiaotur. of Thirte Thnh B rtnge. Radine Rod Ditto ineuriug ing springe assy drhnag power. - Long, Supple Springs Undorsiong, scroll elliptic 51 inches long. Long Wheel Bm 112 fechee. 94 X 4 bach Goodrich Tires. Boauty -Artistic blending of the rareet streamline effect with most stylish and modish design conservative dignity, style and elegance, characteristics of highest priced American and foreign can. Rich deep blue with pure white etxipinga. FOUR Forty HP. r-higherQuality' than ever before TKi new 1 9 1 6 Forty H.P. FOUR aeti a new quality! mark even for Studebkera. For no effort haa bom mad to produce a car to compete solely on a price basis. Not one iota of quality haa been aacrificed for the aake of reducing the price, lnatead, Stude-baker'a aole object haa been to make the car BETTER And while the price haa been roduced.it ie the BEST 4-cylinder car that Studebaker ever built. The GREATLY INCREASED OUALITY U wunietnUbh shown by the few items listed at the aide. They are only a few of the many changes that have been made. But you know what other makers are offering. And you can Judge for your self how much more this l9l6Srudebakef gives. Come in enL-Jr see the ear. A few minutes' inspection and few milee ride) ere enough to convince you that it's unwiea to pay a dollar lea than 08 it you want QUAUIT. t Demonstration by Appointment SEE IT AT 2017 Broadway, Oakland. Lakeside 250 . ' ' ' jjmt .py . JMHaVaVMMaHH

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