Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 7, 1916 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1916
Page 8
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8 RIDAY EVENING DaklanD Ctfbune. JULY 7, 1916. rrrr la . i 1 CALOMEL if T j SOLD HERE NOW - r TJasty Drug Salivates, Makes I You Sick and You Lose a j . Day's Work. Ever druggist In town 'your druggist and everybody's dt-uggtst baa noticed a great falllng-off In the aala of calomel. They all give the san reason. Dods.n's Liver Tons ia taking ita place, f "Calomel la dangeous and people Jknow It, while Dodson'a Liver Tone Is perfectly safe and gives better ro-jinilts," satd a prominent local drug- C1BI. JUOtlflOn B IjI vt-i I unci ib wr State Mines Show Much Activity 0 . O IVarPricesBpom Output of BaseOres WASHINGTON', D. C, July 7. There has been greater activity In the mining Industry in California In the first al months of this year as compared with the first half of 1916, but tt has been largely In the direction of the reopening of old properties that have been Idle, several "of them for years, according to the United -States geological survey. He-ports from the United States mint at Sin Francisco, and local smelters and refiners show that they are In receipt of J3M.0O0 lesa California gold and 12,000 ounces more sliver. In the first five months of 116, than in the correspond -lpg period of ISIS. Aside from the gold, silver, copper and lead mining Industries of the state, there has been thua far In 1S16 a heavy demand for such mineral substances as tonally guaranteed by every aruggisi ; chrome tungsten, magneslte, mangan-,'who sells It A large bottle costs jeae -ntlmony and others. A great many ,0 centa. and if It fails to give easy 'relief In every case of liver sluggish--ness and constipation, you have only 'to ask for your money back ' " Dod son's Liver Tone Is a itssting, purely vegetable mines of this character have been opened and are shipping. For the first time in history many of these mines are shlp-otnv crude ore to the Eastern seaboard pleasant j by rail, the high prices permitting this. remeay. There has been no notlceaDie increase . harmless to both children and adults, i thus far this year In tha number of pro' JTake a spoonful at nlirht and wake auctive gold mines In the state. During the first half of 191t there has Deen greater gold mining activity in the Mother Lode counties than has been the tin feeling fine: "o biliousness, sick .headache, acid stomach or consti-Tisteri bowels. Tt doesn't rrlna or . nuiuQi uwfl wuuuh ni. i;jrause inconvenience an me next aay ;ca8 for many years. These five coun- llke violent calomel. Take a dose of Calomel today and tomorrow you will ff pel weak, sick and nauseated. Don't loee a day's work! Take Dodson's cLlver Tone Instead and feel fine, full jrf vigor and ambition. Advertise- inent. IMOEAVQRERS RQUTIIM E BUSINESS ties produced 61 per cent of the annual outnut of siliceous ores. . The older mines are all reported doing well. DEEP MINING. w DeeD mining outside of the Mother Lode section of the state also Is unusually active. In the Grass Valley district, Nevada county, both the North Star and Empire mines, the leading producers, are finding high grade ore in the depths. In the Providence, of the Champion group, Nevada City, a strike of high grade ore, carrying telluride, has been made. In this section a number of small and idle mines are, coming Into possession of the larger companies In order to improve their position In the district. In the southern counties of the stats, notably In the desert regions of Inyo, San Bernardino and Riverside counties there' Is a distinct revival of mining activity, largely brought about through the adoption of auto trucks for delivery of Ore to the railway stations for shipment to reduction works. The sold dredging industry of the stats continues in a flourishing condition. The dredges produce S5 per cent of the placer gold In California, and 38 per cent or an!'"".""-' " " I pan tea nave oeen aaaing new iiiacimnsa to their equipment, and these are invariably of great capacity, several cost-' Ing half a million dollars each, it Is said. The new dredge of the Natomas Company in the Folsom district, designed to restore ground to its natural . condition after dredging, permitting its use for agriculture, has demonstrated its efficiency, according to reports. GREAT DREDGE. Extensive areas of placer ground near Bedding have been bonded and are being prospected for dredging. More than 1500 acres of dredging ground along the Trinity river, from Lewlston . to -Poker . Bar, have been acquired by capitalists, iStockton Meeting Addressed i- by Several Visiting Delegates. . !- . STOCKTON, July 7. The members of lhe veterans' association of the Califor nia Christian Endeavorers went on automobile trip into Northern San Joa-Jfiuin today where they spent the day picnicking and touring the Tokay grape feotion.-Early this morning Bible study con-erences were held. The feature of the ftnornlng's session was an address by Dr. fWalter B. Hlnson of Portland, formerly Jpastor of the White Temple, on "Jesus, rfhe Chftst, Why I Believe It" . J, Dan Poling of Boston took a mighty irling at the cigarette habit in hla address Son "The Grip That Holds." The juniors nd Intermediates held conferences this jmornlng. Joseph Cohn of Brooklyn waa ngain on the program today, speaking on jjbe wandering Jew. Tomorrow night. and one dredge Is to be in operation this he 3000 Endeavorers now here will hold a big "preparedness" parade to urge people to prepare to receive religion. The battle of Long Beach and Riverside STor the 1917 convention waxed hotter to summer; two -more probably next year. Dredge machinery from Ohio, for the dredge near Carvllle, amounting to 2000 tons is being hauled from the railroad at Redding, sixty-two miles Into the moun Way. Delegates en route to the early J tains, J00 mules being used for the haul- 'meetings of the conclave's third day were jhotnbarded with literature by boosters sfor the southern cities. The choice will be nade tomorrow. lng work. The largest dredge In the world, according to reports, has been completed and set to work on the Tuba river, near Hammonton. t Hydraulic mining has not been very active outside of Trinity and Siskiyou counties, but some new mines have been started In Central California. A merger of hydraulic mining interests Is reported betijt made In the state Creek district. Sierra county, and extensive work Is said to be contemplated, under supervision of the . California Debris Commission. A mam motif restraining dam Is to be put across Slate Creek, which will permit when, completed, hydraulic operations at Scales, Port Wine, . Whiskey Diggings, QlbsonvlUe,. La Porte and other famous old camps, that have been long idle. A revival of drift mining in the state along the Magalla ridge in Butte county, has brought about numerous changes, , it Is reported, and the reopening of many old properties. The old South Fork prop erty, on Oregon Creek, Sierra county, is now continuing the (000 feet bed rock tunnel to try to reach the channel In the extension of the famous old Bald Moun tain drift mine. - COPPER ACTIVE. Copper mining In the state has been very active In 19K, owing. It said, to the high price of the 'metal. The larger companies are said to have Increased miners' wages In the form of a bonus while electrolytic copper sells at 20 cents a pound or more. New copper properties have been opened in Trinity, Siskiyou, Plumas, Madera and other northern coun ties as well as in several of the southern counties of, the state. The Eagle Copper Company, in Plumas, Is using the flotation prooess to concen trate Its ore before being shipped to Nevada smelters. The Calaveras Copper Company, near Coppero polls, has, it Is said. Increased the capacity of Its flotation plant The Bunker Hill copper mine, near Auburn, Placer county, which shipped ore to Swansea, Wales, II years ago and has since been idle, has been reopened this year, according to reports, LYNCH TELLS OF BISHOP WILLB E GUEST OF CHURCH Edwin Holt Hughes Soon Depart for Boston Bishopric. to STRIKE SITUATION S WE GIVE TRADING STAMPS ON EVERYTHING V IF YOU WANT TO SAVE AND AT THE SAME TIME BE CERTAIX OF THE "QUALITY" OF TOUR EATABLES, DO YOIB TRADING AT THE YOSEMITE CO. FREE DELIVERY. 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"Lawlessness and criminality hold the upperfhand, and yet the mayor of the city, when told of these condi tions by a body of cuslnesa men, declares there is nothing wrong that he has personally visited the waterfront and found everything lawful and orderly. Lynch urged every businessman pres ent to lay aside all othur appointments and attend the mass meeting of buslnecs Interests to be held on Monday afternoon at S o'clock at the Chamber of Com- meres to take definite action to the end that every firm In the city may secure its goods from -the wharves without imperiling their lives and property. Dr. B. M. Rastall, tha Industrial expert, recently brought to San Francisco to "find out what Is the matter with San Francisco commercially," told of tha irsnner of working, and In spesklng of Industrial conditions as he is now finding them In this state, he concluded: "What California Industries need now more than anything else is 'Exploitation', and 'Publicity.' "If California does not buy home-mads goods sufficiently well- to satisfy the factories It Is simply because the factory owners nave not given sufficient thought to publicity for their merits." . A campaign for window displays In which nothing would be shown except home-made acods was recommended by Dr. Rastall. No action was taken by the league officially on the strike situation. SAN FRANCISCO, July 7. Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes of the Methodist Episcopal church, will be given a farewell reception this evening by the Protestant churches of this city at Grace Methodist church. Twenty-first and Capp streets. Mayor Rolph and Governor Johnson have signified their Intention of attending. Bishop Hughes was transferred by the last general conference of the Methodist church to Boston, where he will hold the omce or resident Disnop. He leaves a host of friends among the clergy and con gregations of the churches of all denomir nations, For years he has been prominent In church .activities. His last great churcn work waa that of the presidency of the committee of 100, from the Protestant churches during the Exposition year. Bishop Hughes,- before his election to the highest office his church had to offer, was president of Depauw University in Indiana. When appointed as bishop he held the honor of being the youngest ever confirmed by his church. He will be succeeded In San Francisco by Bishop Adna Leonard, who was made bishop In May. He was formerly the head of a large Methodist congregation In Seattle. The departing churchman delivered a farewell address last night at Wesley Methodist church, - Hayes and Buchanan streets. . VASKINGTON MA1KXT r r v8EB 8 ROB EBSZa BROS AUTO TRAVELERS REACH SEATTLE National Commission Members to Stop Along State's Highways. CIS 1 ir JNJ LESSER -BROS. 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The ease with which the crime was committed makes Sheriff Lewis believe' the road agent was the same man who held up many stages near Yosemlte five year ago, terrorizing the district for weeks. SEATTLE, July 7. Escorted by a large number of local automobiles which - met them at the outskirts of the city the two automobiles contain ing the representatives of the National Parks Highway Commission, arrived In Seattle last night, thirty-two days out from Chicago, which city they left June 4. The motorists compos ing the overland party were Frank Oullbert or Spokane, . secretary of the National Parks Highway Associa tion: R. S. Phillips of the Spokane Chamber of Commerce, L. H. Brawn of Spokane, secretary of the Washington State Good Roads Association; James Hoag of Racine, Wis., repre senting an automobile company, and F. R. Singleton, representing the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. The main object of the trip was to demon strate the feasibility of the national parks highway, connecting Yellowstone, Glacier and Rainier national parks, as a trans-continental automobile route. Members of the party said the trip was made according to schedule, stops having' been arranged at many towns along the way to give lectures about the highway. The tourists were entertained at dinner tonight at the Arctio Club. . They will go to Tacoma, the end of the tour, tomorrow. 3 1HSER BROS 9th AND WASHINGTON STREETS WASHINGTON MARKET ' ' 1 2 WASHINGTON ktAKKXl E 3 LEMEa BE0I IN DETENTION HOME. George Iglal, a 17-year-old boy, known to the police as a probation violator, was taken from the place where he has been living, 2719 Magnolia street, and placed once more Into the Detention Home. Inspectors Dufton and Robinson found the lad. The police record shows that he was not working and an older person probably would have been charged with vagrancy. 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If askecT If there Is "anything rtolnr." doesn't recollect that his work for the last half hour may have consisted of touting out a hobo f ii arpi'merit and conducting the occupants outside the limits, Investigating nn automobile accident, serving warrants rnd performing -a - dozen or so other duties. But Nfles might as well be located on the Potomao at Its quietest period Instead of on Niles creek, so far as police publicity goes. MODESTO BOY DROWNS. V MODESTO, July 7. Edward W. Magee, 14, was drowned this morn-Ins; while swimming In Dry creek near Modesto.' He was1 taken with cramps and sank before his brothers, who were with him, could assist him. The body was recovered after being in tne water an nour. Physicians applied the lung motor to the lad and worked over him for an hour, but wunoui results. $1 Per Month for This Handsome Reed Rocker We are selling our Summer Furniture at reduced, prices, and we have selected for Saturday Only This, man's size, comfortable, durable. Reed Rocker, which usually retails for $8.00 L - n II 11 i u i i sal I tjm Saturday Special $5-50 FIND MISSING MAN'S BcWlES. ijkami KAx-iun, wis., July 7. The. human skeleton found near Pittsvllle IsM bellevedby local authorities to be the remainsot Albert Hind. Hind waa employed In a lumber camp there about twenty years ago and disappeared on cold night, saying that he was going somewhere else to work. It Is said the skull resembles his head In shape. ' The back is 23 inches high from seat. "The seat is 19 inches wide and 18 inches deep. Made of selectereed, in natural finish. . Your last chance to save $5.50 on one of these , Hotpoint Vacuum Cleaners After Saturday the price will be $25; but if you put in your order any time Saturday up to 10 p. m., you can buy One at "Hot Point rf1 A rA Week" Price for J y5( $2.00 Down and $2.00 Per Month The Hotpoint Vaninm Cleaner Is tha latest addition to the Hotpoint family, and la Just, as efficient' and re-- . liable as all Hotpoint articles. 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