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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CAPWELL CO. Dictum Is Governor's Tomorrow A Sale of SITE APPROVED Sample Line of Boarcrof Education Votes Final Acceptance of Land Near Mills College. Most Old People Are Constipated The wear of years Impairs the of the bowela With' advancing age people are disposed to restricted activity and exercise, which responsible for the constipated condition of most old folks. The digestive organs are more senstltlve to the demands made Upon them and rebel more quickly. A mild, effective remedy for 'con-stipatlon, and one that is especially sultad to the needs of elderly people, women and children, is the combination of -simple laxative herbs with pepsin" that is sold in drug stores under the name of Dr.

Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. A free trial bottle can be obtained by writing to Dr. W. B. Caldwell.

452 Washington MonUcello, 111: "Prm-t-Mss Final acceptance of the eite of the new Chabot Observatory was voted last night at the meeting- of the Board of Education, when F. t. Morehouse, rep--resenting the Realty Syndicate, placed before the board the final survey of the new city property. 1 The land chosen is a portion of the old Landers farm, above Spring Mills- College. The Realty Syndicate XU-jH'-;" ll'lfe agreed to deed any extra land neces G5ats sary for an adopted road plan to the board.

This will make the' site and its available adjacent land 19.30 acres, the net acreage purchased by the board, be-ine-15 acres at a eot of I6H00. STRIKERS APPLY-FOR WORK AT OLD WAGES By AisocUied Pkm. Professor Charles Burckhalter, director of the Observatory, was present. pAt his request order was made- to begin the dome mechanism for the new telescope ha Coats that have served as models Bold to us under-price and passed on to you at proportionate savings. They are all in -86 size.

and the limited, necessitating ySurm ELIZABETH, N. Feb. 3. The which will be installed -for extra work Burckhalter also reported that the new 20 inch disks were now being ground, strike at the plant of the Bowker Fertiliser company here, which began a week ago," while the strike among the employes of the American Agricultural Chemical company at Roosevelt was on In full force, ended yesterday. according to word received from John 1J.

Brashear, toe noted optician engaged on this work. Tne workers applied for their old posi Miss Ethel Moore was granted the tions at the scales of wage $1. 60 tor a use of school buildings for lectures on the St. Iyiuls -Pageant, whleji she at ten hour day in effect when they struck. Fifteen Of the 70 who walked out were Each and every one is authentic in style both a3 to the manner made and the material used, and" the PRlNTZESS laberguarantees their -quality.

There, are solid colors in navy, black, brown and tan, mixtures and checks made in loose back or semi-fitting styles. Both short and three-quarter lengths. Quite the'mo'st becoming Coats that have been introduced for many a season. All priced much below regular: Sale prices range from 1 4.75 to $32.50 tended. The Vassar Club, the Socialist party, and other- organizations also were granted permission to the schoolrooms for meetings.

A petition for a new school, portable re-employed, the remainder being told that there would be no work for tnem until the Roosevelt strike was settled. Yrwcnty-five more workmen were taken i.yesterday at the Armour plant at I'TTofevelt, whose men returned to work yfaterday as the result of the company') restoration of the $2 a day wage. The other two plants of the American Agricultural Chemical company' have not yet conceded the $2 wage demanded by the sinkers. or permanent. In the Elmhurst district, was submitted by residents and filed.

Bids for surfacing school grounds and other work on yards and playgrounds were received. The winners of the different contracts and their bids are as follows: Fitting Department Mechanic's shop. L. Horton, lowest bid. $1263.

New; Stamped Goods i or Needlewomen Surfacing Laseer School vard. A. A. Kofperud, bid, if.80. irfaclng Jeftewon School yard, Euf- "Burson" Hosiery for Women Superior 25c Stockings Of medium weight cotton in black only.

Made with seamless foot, some with ribbed top and some with white feet. Very elastic and durable. They com in regular or extra sizes. If you are in the habit of paying 25c for your hosiery try a pair ofi these. Hosiery Section, Main floor.

1 Bath Towel Stamped in effective patterns 35c and 50c ready for working. In regular sizes. Prices Children's Dresses Ready made of dainty lawn with belt, sleeves and bottom 'of pink or bin 'plaid material. Sizes 2, i and 6. Stamped with, simple designs.

An extra value 50C Children's Crepe Itloomcr Suits Of good quality crepe In colors of pink, blue and white. 2, 4, 6 and 6. Stampfd in attractive ffl designs. I Jessup. 'Bid.

1595. Huwqflng laurel School, A. A. Koppe-ml. VfcX $440.

SurfKclig Frick School, A. A. Kopperkd. Bid, tlM. Gravelling Emerson yard, A.

A. Kop-perud. Bid. f484. Gravelling Dewey yard, A.

A. Koppe-rud Bid, $160. Gravelling Cleveland yard, A. Bid, $220. CIIICAGO ASKED" FOR RELIEF.

By Associated Prem, CHICAGO, Feb. 3. Chicago, which has given $120,000 for relief of Belgian war sufferers, was asked today to contribute $100,000 more by the Chicago Belgian Food Relief committee. America has sent to the Belgians about $20,000,000 in food and monev. it was announced vet rti oitn Infants' "Little Princess" Vests Smoker: ef Turkish Trophies Cigarettes fifteen years ago are smokers of Turkish Trophies Cigarettes today I md Egyptian Qgcmaet it thiViiti 4 A knitted vest of mixed wool and sotton; Non-shrlnkable and seams covered to prevent ths irritation of tender bodies.

They button all the way Our Basement Store The Home ofJLow Priced, but Merchandise' down and are neatly finished with si in snsu sage. 50c Btzes 2 to Price 60c. (Knit Underwear Section; Second Floor) atlon there Is that 1,400,000 persons do not know where they are going to get their next meal, the committee's official report says. Clay, 14th and 15th Oakland. For Butterick Patterns MHS.

VERA VACGHX, WnO TEACH OAKLAND WOMEN HOW TO USE FOOD SCIENTIFICALLY. Musical Director of the Orpheum Secures Costly Grgnd Piano id Domestic Science. Lecturer Will Teach Oakland Women Reason Why many branches this subject has and how far reaching Is its scope. The importance of good cooking cannot l.i In recognizing the work of Mrs. Kate B.

Vaughn, 'who will lecture in Scottish Rite hall under the auspices of THE TRIBUNE next -week, the governor of Oklahoma said ACCUSE EACH OTHER OF PROMISCUOUS- KISSING SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3. It all depends upon where you sit as to the kind of Judgment you might pass upon promiscuous kissing by married people according to Judge Van This opinion was expressed yesterday at the trial rtt AivnrnM 'lilt hv Mr. Oeondl PORTLAND DECIDES T0 REGULATE MEY Br Aiioolitsd Preu. PORTLAND, Feb.

'3. The nickel bus Is to be regulated In Portland. After wrestling with the problem for two weeks, the city council decided yeater day that regulation only would solve It. ACTRESS TELLS SECRET A Well-Known Actirsa Tells now She rU pIAIWwI Una. "'-n If 1.

be over-estimated. A good eook sriould know much about food as well as cooktBg nnd should also know something of physiology, How few women are really conversant with either food values on the digestibility of food and valuable Is this knowledge. And to this knowledge should be Quisled a fer.oad common-sense. Cooking may also be a high art as well as a scienee, for it appeals to the three senses of sight, taste and smell. The appetite is stimulated when art is armlled and no Gerdeau, 1827 Ptrce street, against Wal ter Geruau, a merchant.

TTanpv PnhAfta A fftmllv friend. While TO ADDRESS "SAFETY FIRSFjCONFERENCE At the first "Safety First" conference in Oakland tonight at Chamber of Commerce hall, addresaei will be delivered by representative employers and employes, and the work of the safety department 'bf the Industrial Accident Commission will be reviewed and the plans for the future discussed by Commoner Will J. French. The talks will be short, and will be followed by John R. Brownell, showing' nearly 100 pictures, most of them illustrating what has been done in providing safe conditions of employment in California's "Work'shops and An exhibit of Industrial safety devices will be a feature of the evening's entertainment.

Many of these devices have recently come form the East for display in the State Safety Museum, located at 625 Market street, San Francisco. Photographs of ways to successfully safe-guard industrial operations will also be shown. recently: i- "A (treat public service can perfoniMxl by making women good eooks, Jlie women will keep (Tie inentomffrtw-ln -Rfort- order, they will accomplish much toward good government. If a man's stomach is right ho will Tote right." being examined by' Attorney J. Lynch for the husband, testmea tnai ne was one of a party at the 'Gerdau home That Mrs.

Vaughn's work does make good cooks one can deny, jcook can be said to have attained a high standard who-is mot "an artist. vsi a iioir aiiu Promoted Its Growth Wlttr Siniplo Home-Made Mixture. Miss Blanche Rose, a well-known actress, who darkened her gray hair with a simple- preparation which she mixed at home, In a recent Interview at Chicago, 111., made the following; statement: "Any lady or gentleman color ana decoration enter very largely into the' effect and value, as well as the appearance of what we eat. pood cooking promotes health i and energy and goes so far In pro moting the happiness of our homes that It is difficult to appreciate why such an art Is not more intelligently studied. Mrs.

Vaughn, in her course of lec when Mrs. ueraau eai on nm my some of the men guests and kissed them. He was not one of the men kissed, however. "Wasn't Qerdau kissing some of the women at the same time?" queried Harry Stafford, attorney for the wife. "Yes, ho was; but there is no harm in kissing," said Roberts.

"Young man, are married?" Interrupted the Judge. "I am not," said Roberts. "That explains your point of view, then. I have found that persons who believed It was proper for married women to kiss all men guests who came to their home," and for the husband to kiss the 'women guests were invariably single themselves," HEIRS OF NATURALIST IN RACE FOR LETTERS winTrvTT rh Mrs. Wanda Mulr SENTENCED UNDER MANN ACT, Bv Aiioolated Preu, tUreB in Scottish Rite hall, will give MUSKOGEE, Feb.

Sjt-W. particular attention to the artistic ap can darken their gray hair and make It soft and glossy with this simple recipe, can. mix at home. To a half-pint of water add 1 ox. of bay rum, a small box of Barbo Compound, and os.

of glycerine. These ingredients can be bought at any druaj store at very little cost. Apply to the hair twice a week until it becomes the required shade. This will make a gray-haired person look twenty years It is also fins to promote the growth of hair, relieves Itching and scalp humors and Is excellent for dandruff and falling hair." A1rrtlMmnt. pearance of foods and will find an outlet for her own artistic temperament in the.

decoration of beautiful cakes that will be given away every afternoon. She will also give away Crump, 5R years old, president or a Wyhnewood, was yesterday sentenced In the Federal court to serve a year and1 a day in prison and pay a fine of J2D00 for violation of the Mann act. Crump pleaded guilty, to transporting Ollie Cobb, seventeen-year-old telephone operator, from Wynnewood to Colorado In 1913 a new recipe leaflet to every woman and one reason for this is that she has studied the art of cooking from the scientific and experimental side, and the more she studios it the more she loves to cook. She says that women should take, pleasure in cooking, and when they stop to consider how much pleasure they can give others they will never think it too much trouble to be a good cook. ADVOCATES NO FREAK DIETS, Mrs.

Vaughn will take up the subject of diet for various individuals in refatlon tp their occupation, age, and will discuss it in a thoroughly entertaining manner. Mrs. Vaughn is not a food faddist and is not recommending any freak diets. She believes in people eating plenty of good, wholesome food and her Idea of diet Is not so much the matter of the quantity of foods used, nor even the kinds, but the combinations Of food. She will give considerable attention to the matter of planning simple menus, made up with a view to nutritive values," and will show how the housewife can lift herself out of the rut Into 'Which a great many have settled in regard' to the daily" food problem and who-' are consequently finding the problem of three meals a day a very uninteresting and monotonous one.

RECOMMENDS DOMESTIC SCIENCE Mrs. Vaughn Is an enthusiastic domestic scientist and says: "We are Just beginning to see how who attends the school. All women are cordially invited to hear her, and It is hoped, that Scottish Rite" hall will be filled everj- afternoon next Hnnna, daughter of JotyuMuir, the natu week. who diea racfimy administratrix of the Mulr IF BAGKACHY estate pending final Judgment as to the administration of the estate. The application was made became it Was said that a I.os Angeles correspondent of Mulr, to whom he wrote from 5S66 to 1876, is alleged to bo contemplating the publication BOTHER KIDNEYS INVESTMENT of some of his letters, cuy.o is said the Mulr heirs have.

According to Interested persons, It is now a race between the heirs of the on th Ty AnEeles woman as to who shall first complete" the series Eat leu meat and take a glaaa of Salts to fiuib. out Kidneyi Drink plenty water. of Mulr letters. Six said, are, now Compiling the local, batch. BFXEASF.D UNDEIt BONDS.

Br AiiooUted Preu. EL PASO, Feb. S. Elfego r. onoolmr of the New A savings account does not one to which you add the money, you can spare from youf -income, It is in reality one of the safest and most reliable investments to be had.

Uric acid in meat excites the kidneys, they become overworked; get sluggish, ache, ami feel like lumps of ROAD INSPECTORS ARE GIVEN JJATH.0F MUD SACRAMENTO. Feb. 3. That the wild "bronc" If easier to stay on than the construction camp dump car is to stay In; Is now contended by Austin B. Fletcher, state highway engineer, and liU lead.

The urine becomes cloudy; tho Mexican houso of i resentatlves and bladder is irritated, and you he obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. When the kidneys clog you must help them assistant, George R. Wlnslow. flush oft the body's urinous waste or you'll be a real sick person shortly. Fletcher and Wlnr.low went across the river yesterday tp inspect the work on Republican candidate for Lnlted Slates Senator, was rolensed under J750O bonds by the Thirty-fourth district court today on a writ of habeas corpus.

Baca was indicted by the grand Jury Monday on a charge of murder In connection with the killing of Celestino Otero last Sunday afternoon. Eve witnesses to thf shooting testified totfay that Otero fired the first shot, which passed through Baca's coat, and that Baca fired in self-defense. No date has been sef for the trial. MAXDAMl'S FOR MAYOR. With a desire to move a frame '4 interest is paid and compounded' semi-annually and your money is always at your'' call.

No is necessary to convert a savings account into cash no dividends are passed, Start an account today with one dollar or the new Yolo liaaln concerete trestle. To reach the end of the structure they essayed to Hie In one of the construction dump cars. The vehicle lived up to Its name and dumped both engineers into the ooze of the Yolo basin, sixteen feet below. Neither man was hurt badly, but both will swear to the stickiness of the mud. Musical Director Kowalski of the Orpheum and a Picture of the Ornate Grand Piano Purchased By Him From Eilers Music House.

The beautiful Circassian walnut parlor grand piano in massively carved case of Louis XV design recently was purchased-and delivered to Mr. Kowalski, the musical director of tho Orpheum, by Eilers Music House. This instrument has received much warm praise and admiration from the many, musicians and callers who saw and tried, it while on display Kt Eilers Music House, on San Pablo avenue. The Instrument has been delivered at Mr. Kowalski's residence, and in acknowledging receipt of same Mr.

Kowalski wrote the firm a very cordial letter, saying among other things: "A piano means more to me probably than to any other musician in Oakland, because I must utilize it not only for instrumental work of the. heaviest order, but also for vocal accompaniment work. For this reason I have been on the lookout for a long time for a piano possessing a peculiar mellowness an daintiness of ytone under pianissimo, coupled with a volume, duration and singing quality under heaviest playing that is so very rarely to be found in even the most carefully constructed grands. Needless to say, I found all of" these-qnaji combined with an ease and rapidity of action tHaCijT unlimited, in congratulating myself upon securing ffis wonderfully beautiful piano, I certainly thank you. heartily, gentlemen, (for having first brought this instrument to my attentions.

Very sincerely, KOWALSKI." At first you feel a dull misery In the kidney region, you suffer from backache, sick headache, dizziness, stomach ge' sour, tongue coated and you feel rheumatic twinges when the Weather Is bad; Hit less meat, drink lots of water; also get from any pharmacist four ounces of Jad Salts; take a table-spoonful in a glass, of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This famous salts Is made from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice, combined with llthla, and has beenf used for generations to clean clogged kidneys and -stimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acids In so it no longer-Is a sourc of irritation, thus ending bladder Jad Salts Is lnexpensive'cannot Injure; makes a delightful effervescent The Bank of Superior Service building $or tho idlst'ance of a block I thwarted by the Alameda city roun-1 ell, W. F. Robinson has appealed to the superior court for a writ of man- damus, directed against, -Mayor Frank I Otts and the other members of the1 BRYAN NAMES FISCAL AGENT IN jpALIFORNJA BACRAMENTO, Feb. 3.

William Jennings Bryan has a fiscal agent in Sac ramento. He is P. J. Tehaney. secre tary of the state beard of control, who received yesterday power of attornoy from the seCretsry of state, decorated with seals, ribbons and colors, authorizing him to collect fr6m tile state tontrol- Central Savings Bank N.

E. Cor. 14th and Broadway. Branch: Telegraph Ave. and Forty-Ninth St.

OAKLAND. city government. The house is at present lqcated In Santa Clara avenife, Ajameda. WANT WOMEN ON FAIR BOARD. Br AluooUt'ii Prow.

PORTLAND," Feb. 2. Clubwomen of Oregon are preparing a bill to authorize the Governor to appoint two women to the -Oregon board of the Pnnama-Paelllc Fair commission without pay, in behalf of women coming ler 18i.02, the amount which California must pay to the State Department for llthla-water drink which everyone should take now and then-td keep the kteffeys clean and active. Druggists here say they sell lots of Jad Salts to folks who'belleve In overcoming -kid-aey troubla it Is only trouble.

Auvertlfietutnt. services in running down Constantino Corroedi, who was, extradited Horn Nice on a charge of murder committed in -vhe an Joaquin valley,.

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