The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1898
Page 7
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THE UPPER DESMOINKS: AI^QKA IOWA. WM)NE8BA\. 8EPTJSMBER 14, 1898, A tending Question. "Sir," said the voting man, "I wish to marry your daughter—the flower of yonr family." "Are yon Sure," queried the elder man, "that it is not dough you are after?" Too Touching. Harvy—That charity sermon this morning missed the mark entirely. Lucy—I thought that it was a very touehitig Fermon. Harry—Yes, but it didn't touch me in the right place. I meant to drop a dollar and I dropped a tear. Poor clothes cannot make you look old. Even pale cheeks won't do it. Your household cares may be heavy and disappointments may be deep, but they cannot make you look old. One thing does it and never fails. It is impossible to look young with the color of seventy years in your hair. TEN KILLED OUTRIGHT. (peclnl Train Collides with a Trolley Car at Cohoei, N, T. At Cohoes, N. Y., a trolley car of the Troy City Railway company was struck by the night-boat special of the Delaware & Hudson railroad at a crossing at the west end of the Hudson river bridge, which connects the city with Lansingburg, and its passengers were hurled into the air. Ten of the thirty-five passengers were killed outright, eight died shortly afterward and at least ten of the remainder will lie. FAVOR AMERICAN CONTROL, 1 PEOPLE T/ LKEIJ ABOUT. Go to Camp Meade. The war department has decided to Jrder every regiment of volunteer troops which, is to be retained in the service for the present to general camps of Instruction. The organizations will be sent to Camp Meade, Middleton, Pa. Two Hundred Have Died. It is estimated that 200 men have been drowned or lost their lives on the Valdes glacier in Alaska since the Copper river rush began. Hundreds of destitute there are being fed with government rations. Big Coal Strike Predicted. A prominent Pennsylvania coal operator says: "In the early part of next year we will have one of the greatest coal strikes this country has ever seen. All indications are that the strike will last many months. Significant Act ot British Kesldontd In the Philippine*. Cablegrams have been sent by the British residents of Manila to Lord Salisbury urging him to use his utmost endeavors to induce the United States government to retain the Philippine islands permanently as an inviolable American colonial possession. Third Illinois Mastered Ont. Gov. Tanner has decided to muster the Third Illinois regiment out. of the service of the state and accept in its place the provisional Sons of Veterans regiment organized by Dr. J. B. Hamilton of Elgin. War Department I* Uncertain. The war department, is uncertain how many soldiers will be needed to garrison the new possessions and restore order in Cuba. The estimates of the military men vary from a fev thousand to 75,000. Annual Meeting Is Postponed. The annual meeting of the Society o£ the Cumberland, which was to have taken plare at Detroit the 21st inst. will be postponed until September, 1899, many of the nclive members being engaged in the war. Indlaim Regiment Is Hack. The One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Indiana infantry has arrived home. The regiment has lost nine men, two of whom died as the train was leaving Fernandina. A RAINY DAY AT MANILA. permanently postpones the tell-tale signs of age. Used according to directions it gradually brings back the color of youth. At fifty your hair may look as it did at fifteen. It thickens the hair also; stops it from falling out; and cleanses the scalp from dandruff. Shall we send you our book on the Hair and its Diseases?^ TSto Best Advice Frco, If you do not obtain all the benefits you expected from tho use of the vigor, write the doctor about it. Probably there Is some difficulty with your ceneral system which may bo easily rnmoved. Address, I)R. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Maso. • "A Perfect Type of the Highest Order of Excellence in Manufacture.'' 'Asa Boyden Underwood, the firs! Iowa soldier to bo killed in the present war, was the son of the late Senator Underwood, a pioneer settler and surgeon of Iowa. G. W. Cable, the well-known American author, who has had such a successful trip in England, is most enthusiastic in his admiration of the sympathy the English have for America. There is widespread regret in Cincinnati over the death of Frederick II. Alms, the millionaire dry goods merchant anfl philanthropist of that city. He served through the civil war with distinction. Sarasate, the famous violinist, is a Spaniard. He declares that his extraordinary command over the violin is due to the fact that he hns practiced on an average elx hours a day ever since he was 12 years of age. Dan Daly, now a Union Pacific section hand in Kansas, was gunner's mute of the Baltimore under Capt. Schley when that vessel carried the body of Capt. Ericsson to Sweden, and he says that Cnpt. Schley is every inch a gentleman, besides being ever ready for a tight. The War Is Over. And now our thoughts are all ot peace and home. There are, too often, people to be found who have no home, and it is to them these few words are addressed. If you really want a home you can easily get one, but you should act at once before the relapse from the war puts prices on the advance. In Marinctto County, Wisconsin, the very finest farming land is to be had now at a most modest figure. Excellent home markets are at hand to take whatever the farmer raises, and gooJ prices arc given. These lands are ou the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, and full information concern- Ing them will cheerfully bo furnished by C. E. Rollins, Immigration Agent, 1G1 La Sallo Street, Chicago. Wonld lie Warrantable. "t never cnn find a seat in the pnrk, ntf mnUcr when I go.'' ••Why don't you take a bench war-, rant with yoii?^ Spain bus only 7,548 miles of railroad in her whole territory, or n little over four miles to every 10,000 inhabitants. Kclnr»<« Your Hovr«Ms With CnsonrcM Cnnrtv Ciithnnlr. cure iiotisMpatton fornver. lOc, J5c. 11' C. C.«.'. fail druKulsis rotund rooucf. To sec what is right and not do it is want of courage.—Confucius. f»niiiT r&niiB pnfi CAIC A Rnc ~ Lnllll rAnm • "" oHLL iy ioon- •niiuii i mini tc( j Iin ,i we ]] mtcd up I fruit rnrm In Ilio best trull, sootlon of Southwest Missouri, BO or 1BO acres for snip. Close to town of H,000 inhabitants iiml two railroad stations. Finely Improved. Good buildings. Orchard Is bearlnK; abundance of small fruits. Ad. JOHNM.PUROY,Heosho,Kta. IENSIONS. PATENTS, CLAIMS. PjOHN W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, D.C. Lot* Principal Examiner B.B. Peatlon Bnre»u. . IW tf«u'e Dfi K8V 8 HtlAItANTKKD I toonfo rtysijopslfti con Ktliiatloir, liver iiml kldnoy (llseiisen, blllousnoss headaches, etc. At dniBdlsls. liuti and $1.00. AV \NTKD—CMifiO of bail licnllli Mint n-M'-A-N-? will nutbcncnt. Spud fi <-ontn t« Hlpiins Chemlra Co.. New York,for 10 samples nml l.(RW testimonials. If nmtateil aoro oycs, u.^e "Ilinvc used yoflf trttioiblc --,~; r ttETS and find them perfect. Cotildn't „ without them. I have used them for some time forlnatgosttonanabniauSfiCB9ftndamno*c«n- r>itpl cue. eoT., . Bn$ »tea'; you will neVfr be without them in the family. 1 * ED*. A. MAnx, Albany, N. Y. Pteasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good, ™ Good, Never Sloken. Weaken, or Grlpe,JOo,25c,tOo. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. „. l.lrllnlt RrWfity Company, dilute. Mnnlrl-ill, Btw tort. Ml }|«| Tn DAP Sold and aiinrantfert by alldrnB- J|0>lU*0Aw Rlststo mjfeE Tobacco Habit. uniinn IICI1 and Parties wanted to H5A.BN YOUNG MtN TKi-EURAPHY, ami Kallroad • •-- ""-'- Is endorsed by loading rail- OK ''l.'KIj ^Thompson's Eye Water W. N . U, Des MoineSiNo. 38—1898. Wlicii Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This I'npcr. Absolutely Pure, Delicious, Nutritious. .cnsts less Tfian ONE CEHT a Cup. lie sure that you get the Genuine Article, made at DORCHESTER, MASS, by > WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd. ESTABLISHED 1780. THE BEST FOH v Shirt Waists, Shirt f Fronts, ^Collars, 'Delicate Clothes. -^ .Read OIK 7 Booklets. Laugh band < Learn. ,,t»e Best addle Coat. fisa I^RK^ OMMEL SLICKED bo hrUwaoa saddle per* ry In the fcardest storms iBo7 Fis ran UTs%ntlrely new. W not for sale in your town, write for catalogue to • A. J /POWER. Boston. Mass. Soldiers Sick at Lexington. There are 323 sick soldiers in the division hospital, 81 in the city hospitals and about 500 sick in quarters, making nearly 1,000 out of 15,000 encamped at Lexington, Ky., unfit for duty. Michigan Village Flro Svropb A fire at Rapid River, five miles from Gladstone, Mich., destroyed fourteen buildings. The loss will reach $17,000. The belief is general that the fire was of incendiary origin. Germany Makes a Demand. The German government has demanded that the same tariff decreases granted France in the recent treaty shall be accorded Germany, under the "most favored nation" clause. To Christen the Illinois. Gov. Tanner has named Miss Daisy Loiter of Chicago as the young lady who will christen the battleship Illinois, which is to be launched at Newport News Oct. 4. Frustrate an Anarchist Plot. The police discovered a revolutionary and anarchistic plot in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain. Conspirators were surprised while arms were being distributed to them. Gunboat Orilerert to Saroon. The United States gunboat Bennington has been ordered to Pago Pago bay, Samoa, according to Mare island reports, to make a survey for a coaling station. Little Sickness at Maulln, The general health of the troops at Manila is good. There are now about thirty sick men in the hospital, but none of them is in a dangerous condition. Cincinnati Welcomes the n. A. B< Cincinnati, the queen city of the west, royally welcomed the G. A. R. for their annual reunion. Prom all parts of the country the men of the 'GOs flocked to Cincinnati. Agulualdo Will Not Disarm. Aguinaldo, the Insurgent leader of the Philippines, will not disarm his troops until he is assured that the United States guarantees permanent protection to the Filipinos. UrUlsu Defeat the Dervishes. Gen. Kitchener with the Anglo- Egyptian forces won a'decisive victory ever the dervishes at Omdurman. Soldiers Are Doing Well. „ The sick of the One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Indiana 1 regiment are improving, and the physicians believe there will be no more deaths. British £089 Was Small. In the victory of the Anglp-Bgyptian expedition over the dervishes forty-six British officers and men were killed and 333 wounded. Now St. J,oul8 Headquarters, The Baltimore & Ohio and Baltimore & Oliio South Western railroads have secured a long lonso ou the magnificent room at Broadway and Locust streets in St. Louis for the purpose of consolidating under one roof the freight and passenger offices now located in that city. The new location is the ground floor of the American Central building with (i5 feet on Broadway and 85 foot on. Locust street. The ticket office will he in the center, fronting on Broadway, the freight department on one side and tho passenger department on the other, with General Agent Orr's office in the rear. It is quite probable that these offices will be even handsomer than the B. & 0. New York headquarters, which are the finest in that city. Mompl»ls >n Strict Memphis has beea quarantined ap,i»st the worJ4 on. acpount tf low feyer, BARKER FOR PRESIDENT. FopnllstH Nominate Pennsylvania Man for HlRh Oliieo. The populists' national convention nominated Wharton Barker of Pennsylvania for president by a vote ot 128 4-5 as against 97 1-5 for Ignatius Donnelly of Minnesota. Donnelly was nominated for vice president by acclamation. Storm Caused Heavy Loss. The loss to the rice crop by the resent storm on the Savannah river alone is estimated-at $200,000 to $250,000. Three-fourths of the crop has been destroyed. Grain Elevator Is Uurncd. The Illinois Central grain elevator at Tolono, 111., was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. The loss if estimated at $30,000, well insured. To Convene Peace Conference. It is the intention of Russia to convene a peace conference a month after the adjournment of the Spanish-Am- jrican peace conference. Would Hold the Philippines. Cotton manufacturers all over the outh are practically unanimous in favor of the rentention of the Philippines by the United States. Nineteen Regiments to Disband, Adjt.-Gen. Corbin has issued orders for the mustering out of nineteen volunteer organizations, numbering more .han 20.QOO officers and men. Sick Soldiers Coming Home. The hospital ship Missouri sailed for Montauk Point with 250 sick and convalescent members of various regiments from Santiago. Gold Iteserve IH High, The gold reserve in the United States treasury reached the highest point in its history Sept. 2, with a total reserve of $219,320,372. Yellow Fever in Mississippi. Four cases of yellow fever are officially reported at or near Taylor, forty miles south of Holly Springe, Miss. Will Leave Four Regiments. When the general shake-up is oyer four regiments will be left at Camp Joe Wheeler at Huntsville, Ala. Shipyards at Toronto Burned. The Bertram ship yards at Toronto were destroyed by fire. The loss is $90,000. Have Beached au Understanding. The London Daily Mail says it learns that an understanding between Russia and Great Britain on the Chinese queer tion Is practically complete. Report Yellow Fever Cases, The Louisiana state board of health reports to the Mississippi state,, board two cases of yellow fever at New Qr- leans. Of every 1.000 inhabitants of the flobe 558 live in Asia, 243 in Europe, 111 in Africa, :!3 in America, r, in Oceanian, and the polar regions, and !) in Australia. Asia contains more than one-half of the total population of the earth, and Europe nearly one- fourth. j Dewey Americanizing, the Philippines. Wherever Battle Ax goes it pacifies and satisfies everybody—and there are more men chewing "A Homo In Texas." No Tjart of the United States offerH ndvant- aces that uro to bo found In the Gulf Const Country of Texas. Kvcrythlng grows; lots ol it the v'oar nround. For stock rnlsliiK •you can not find its equal under Uio sun. Write to Southern Texas ColonUatlon Company, .lolin UMdcrhoIm.Man.iBer. Ko 110 Blulto HldB.. CliiciiKO 111., for now llluitratad pamphlet. A Home in Texas." Cheap excursion rules twlco a month. _ ___ _ There arc close upon 2,000,000 married couples in Franco who hiivc no children, and as many more with only one child. _ __ ___ Don't Tolmcco Kplt and Smoke Your lift Awuy. To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo magnetic, full of life, nervo and vigor, tako No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak nion strong. All druggists, fil)o or $1 . Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. _ Ireland, with a popnliitioii of 4,70-1,000, lias one of the smallest suicide rates in Europe— only ten to 1,000,000. Coo's liougli uaisam ,s the oldest iind best. It will break up a colil nuli. tlmn aiiythj , elxe. it is alwnvn reliable. Urylt. to-day than any other chewing tobacco ever made. The popularity of Battle Ax is both national and international. You find it in Europe:—you find it in Maine:—you find it in India, and you'll find it in Spain (very soon). ' Our soldiers and sailors have already taken it to Cuba and the Philippines! Are you chewing it ? Mrs. Jasper Dickerson, of Laurel, Neb., on beinj.'' informed tha t her yoini»• son was drowned, dropped dead. The report was imtrne, the result of a blunder on the part ot the informant. Hall's Catarrh Cure IB taken internally. Price, T5o. Insurance companies claim that bicycling- is more dangerous than traveling- either by railway or ship. Mrs. 'Wlnslow'sBootninBB.yrup 7or children teothiuir.iioftiini) tho tsuins.i-educos innant nuti''U.u)tttyti paiu, cures wiiul colic. 2& caut3 u bottler REMARKABLE DISCOVER* FOR FINE LAUNDRY WORK. REQUIRES No COOKING, SWEET, WALLACH & CO., 84 Wabash Ave., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Send for Free Catalogue. BY USING The Bermudas export over 17,000,000 pounds of onions every year. UUINBRMIVORK MADE EASY KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It puts on that enamel, glossy finish that is so desirable. It makes Shirts, Shirt Waists, Collars and Cuffs look like new. Keith's Enamel Starch is the most economical starch made. It will do more work, do it with less labor and do it better than any other starch. If it does not give you entire satisfaction your grocer will refund your money, targe package, 10 cents; email pacxage, B vents. U your grocer does uot have it, please .send us his name and address and we will send you an ENAMEL STARCH RECEIPT HOOK for your trouble. Manufactured by KEITH EHAMEl STARCH CO., CHICAGO, ILL. "WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES. 91 GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE OF x Mfc59i Frouob Minister of Gen. 0urU»den, military governor o| Paris, has been appointed Hunger of war. REV. J. A. SHEPHERD, AN OLD SOLDIER AND PREACHER, SENDS HIS AFFIDAVIT. We Cured Him After 17 Doctors and a Score of Patent Medicines Had Failed, "Cincinnati, Iowa, April 2(5, 1898.—-Honor to whom honor is duo. Without any solicitation on the part of tho Dr. 15. J. Kay Medical Co. or any one else, I hereby certify that the Dr. Kay's Renovator and Kidney- cura, prepared by the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., have done fpv me . what 17 doctors and a score of patent medicines have lulled to dp. Dr, Kay's Renovator. I can't find words to tell the condition of ray stomach, liver and kidneys. Constipation, headache and pains in every joint in my body was an every day occurrence, and »t times so severe that I could not walk ^ , or hardly see. Among the imjltitude of medicines advertised m the papers I readi of Dr.£ J. ^^^^^JSSiX^ftiS K'S'you will than* me for this , n .?l e _??y.rL 1l '";:?r Obligations to the Dr. B. J, Kay Medical Co. I am flfty-two years old and ' he war I have preached thirty years. I have no object m qwking. and brethren among whom I have preached the gospel, and to help n the world introduced among the people, Ycwr friend, JAMBS A, SHBPHKBD. Ascribed ana svorn to by Sev. y. A. Sh.epw It ourps when every thing el&e fails, §'o,l<J by druggists at 35 cents wo: Before we W» «P» &*$ ^|,«*,. and 81.00, Jf they 4o»'t h»ye :

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