Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 19, 1915 · Page 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1915
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE AY 19, 1913.'. f 1 IU sl.N 1CSS I'I'ORT i x IT IKS ( Continued) " All -Groeerv slock ad invoice, and ,flx-.tircs. $5r'rriit lease: im . U!milil ma ila-i IS. BW ., J Phone Merrill 316?: " J.iOO PARTNER Hiiif.l . in good established -picvuig... busnicss; tills is a splendid opportunity tor good, steady man. For particular s-cnll- ..ul Tele graph bv, IJ"u; groeerv store; good location, lining good business, must sill: am going. east. ' iwner u leph are lakeside 3tio. .0 'Oil .1. voice T-T.ti. or,4 i?;h t h iiti-xs'n); bakery; will ingoing Last; come quickly. Slliiiu EXCELLENT liiisinrsa chance; investigate, r.-fs. ltos JIM.. Tribn . iirl,UU,L.!,e fur-rent; furniture for sale i-lu' llunp In. mire M'l )''tn si. . lUSINKSS VATi:i. j.UREfrCS. Incorporated; procure capital and sill business, without pul.llcltv, ini'i -i hall, Use, stores, mfg '. hotels, cafes, .my meritorious propositions, obtain partners and results through their largo .. organization where others ore not sue- essful; correspondence solicited. 1 CHECK'S. 7l'6 Syndicate Bldg. Oakland. -ANNOUNCEMENTS DHF.SS MAKING Hi.MIom. OP rKACTHWI,. H'MK SKW-INti -'w ttiaWi beginner; nnd advanced upi).s; sumiiM'f Hawses iaw funning; inilivhluft! iin-t ruH inn nti all kinds of wnik, AddrrH 37,"). J'U'dmont av.; ph. jifilmoiit W.WA. MOVlNti AM STOKAGK. .YON Moving and fireproof storage in concrete. 1424 Bdwy. Oalt '.'07 ' . JIXK 1 1 I M U HKhe.'t prices paid tiiks, metals. JOiio lioiii.ehDkl eowls. etc, ... 4ZH Bill. ok!.ii-,i r T.-ikeside l7. OLD GOLD M DIAMONDS WAXTKD A&i:'J. fCMOKNKKI.D KI'YM D1A-Moxirt ami mi ii lint Riininvv DKTKrTIVK AOKNCIKS i.A 1,1'ONF.ll lietectlve Agency Any case any plaie. 1'list Savings Hank bldg. Iitiv. ok. nlir'it. Ftvl. 1MT4W. rtlVSK'l NS' DIIUX TOIIY Dr. ' Card tiisp:ask3 of avomkn. Forniorly of M7 '2'M Ft., (tjiUland. Ten thousand patients without a foil-ur: Upfrular, Ih'en'1! phy-nii-lan. rainless IffHtnioms, huntt methodH, no ilett'iitio.i Irom hnnif ir wcrkj .skill that knows n rival, ofiii v thnt runnot w surpHHSfd --pot a sinlf known dispatisf.-u t irni. Th(tS4 disn ppfi n i td by incompetence and iiu Tp;uniis 1m s jire invitf d tn .see a doctor ho in mt fails, to pive relief at hf tir.t tr-annent. Low fees. I'onaul-t at ion t ree and confidential. LVioin.s Pt't-l'i-l i r'-i:i-t -!." "Weethank SjL'i:.. .Marki-t and mh.s rtx., S. K. Mrs j f.. .-.n.l "'t-l'l I'amaues Hldu'.. Oak-H!.l. 1 1 rs, ' In It -t. m.; Sat. eve.. Sun-da s ami ed!:uid ffiee b nppolntment DR, 0, R, HICKOK Sf'Ki'IAI.IST FOR WOMN ( fftruierly with Or, West) nnnounces his chanRe f address to 4i' Kills st ., near done, S. K. EXAMINATION FREE Or. Don oeH ATTKNTIOV. 1JVDIKS!" rni voiii.ii.i:i-:ni)"ned srKciAi.- IST TOR I.Al'lr.S HAS HKI.l'KI) niorsAxr.s w the host ohsTi- X.ATK. Sin." and quick rivuilts: strict, leliahlc, graduate phyeicia.n; no detention from . home or occupation; my methods ai'e oriirinal Mtul are not used by othtr sia-clalisis; antiseptic and painless ; ..cm -snltation und advice free. Room 3, 10J5 Mark t St.. S li.-t. Clh-Tth: H:.'10 a, in.- P. m., Sunday, 1 l- m. SPECIALIST FOR WOMKM ONLY. Kegular licensed physician. Cura guaranteed in every case accepted. Kxnminat ion free. 450 Kills St.. nr. .Innew. S: F.. suite 102. OAKLAND PHYSICIANS Ji:. U LAMPIffrtT. rhys'clan and sur-I g. nn. treats all diseases of men. wo-v'ji-en and children; no matter -what your case may be do not despair but call and ree me; diseases of genlto urinary and reclalgta a specialty, office open at all hours. 11-8 Broadway, cor. 12th. IHt JOS A KI i:.' VI. I useases of Women. ROOM !:!. HAi'll.V HI'Il.IUXi;. 1"TH AM' WASMIN'llTO.V STKKETS. . IloI'HS U-4 A.N'O f,-7 V. M. k SI'SbAY. 2-4 I'. 1. mi:dical.. LIQUOR ANDTJRUG HABITS - These terrible nnd degrading HABIT9 ARE . DISEASES. They can be cured WITHOUT THK U8E.OF DRUGS. - No time lost from business or work. NO TURK, ' NO PAY'. " '"For"fuU 'particulars ete Alfred Lindsley. 643 14th st. Phuns Oakland U550. LADIES, ask your druggist for Chh nes-ters Pills, the Diamond brand; tor 25 yeats known as best, safest, always reliable; buy of your druggist; take no other. Cblchesters Diamond Hrand Pills are sold by druggists everywhere. SAXfTAKICM. POWELL S SANITARIUM Mild, mental. chronic diseases. Phone Merritt 2184. " MATKKNITI?1 "SANITARIUM. "' BHBPHERD S Maternity Home, K07 JSt tve.; home comforts: ph. Merritt 417s. INVALID CHAIRS. M'F'D. sold, rented, exchanged. 1714 Ma. ket st P, F : nhnn- PsrW ?940. DIAMONDS AND OLD GOLD WANTED. A-M. M SCHOENFELD' Bl'YS DIAMONDS A Nil COI.D. 1203 TtROADWAY ATTORNEYS AT-XiAW. AA YOUR LAWYER Advice free; family affairs cnnfd'l; bankruptcy; damages; estates.; corporations; patent cases. Rodnlpb Hat Meld. 2R9 liacon Rlk. A. T. L. CHU1ST1ANSON, Alty.-at-Law, Federal Hldg.: phone -Lakeside 121. A. A. MOOKE. Atlorncy-at-Law, Balboa t'uilding. San Fanclsco. EIT.OEPAI.I). AHI1HTT UEARDS-I.EY. Attorneys-at-Ijiw, Oak. Bnnk of Sav. Bldg.. 12th-and Bdwy. ; Oak. 430. F. I.. ARBoOAST, Attorney-at-Jjiw . Syndicate Hide. : phone flakland 15S5. l.O. HE liOLIA. Oakland Batik of Sav- gs Bldg., room 613; phone Oakland 38. .iKKY W. 1'rLCIFER, Attorney-at- l.w. Union Pavings Bk. Bldg.; Oak. 77. I3EHR1NO ft Wy.MAiN. lawyers, Thomson Bldg., 17!h-Bdwy. Phone Oak. 427. JOHNSON F. STREET. Attornev-at-Uw. 1020 Broadway; phone Oakland Hit: residence phone. Oakland 4361. u.a.viv- CHAPMAN. ili,.rnu... V taw. Oakland Bank of Savings Bldg.; V one Oakland HMi. ROSE & SI L' EH STEIN, Attorneys-at-Iw, Union Savings Hank Bldg., Oakland: phone Oakland 410. STANLEY MOORE, Attorney-at-Lav, Balboa Bldg.. San Francisco. Job Printing at The Tribune Office. ANNOUNCEMENTS PATENT ATTftUXKYS DEWEY. Si Hi i.i : & ro csiaic r . .1 V. vendors guide, luo niechaim al uuoc-iupius, mailed fie. . t 'l ooker' Itldg . S H--RK-Y-'-ecmih:.l.iER, rcglyferVM 'patent atty. 417 First Nhi. Hunk, naklund. NOTAHY 1'IIILIC. V. I. STUART. Nomry Public, money to loan. Tribune Otfloe. Hh and Frank-lln. Ph. Lake f.niu. evenings iiaK kj4 ( I I M CI.KAXEHS CLEVELAND elect, cleaners ret.'el per dav! Held, and called, for ii.ik , KIM-HAM:' ELECT -Co . OA- 13th I'.-lween W.i-sl, an-1 ('lav I'ASTVIIK FINE pasturage fur gr.i.-.ing land fur rent. Nile. Mil Broadway. horses;- close-in , Inquire 1 lloud-l lakland. Am SAl . K M 1 St v. r A X KOV s AA.-VArrt'M cleaner cost J40, like new, snap; make offer. Phone I'led llJ H1.IKS.- I'U.NTHA' .'TUUs, lumber, .uiy size, quantity, grade; trust price. lolan Urua. AVrkff. Co.. Suth-San 1'aMo. Hil.LlAIUf and pool tallies hoIq, ehan-( ed and repaired . lowest prices ; easy ternw. A. IVdersen. (k! 1 i drove ft., lak. BAIIV'S wTVker Liaisinetle Willi mattress. Klmhursi 4.PJ. t'UMI'l'TlNJ scale, marly new. for .sale, .cheap; make offer. . t;:t," f.Sth. tiakland. HlGH-dKADK uailpapcr 4 and H orteiual price. and culms at 4 Ist at. NKW oak rulltop .sanitary 5-foot liesii, swivel desk chair, . side cliai rs, bai -train. I "hup1 "llerkeley" HW. I'KI di ; UKKI TerKian kittens, malca, fe-inales, blue. ream, tier; rcaj. -IsmT i'eia r, Herkele . Reliable Wrecking Co, 3035 New'and second -hand lbf., doors. Mlndnw-s, plumbing. wiod cheap, ttlli iW't'ASI-lH, cnniiaitiiiK scaie. cheese cutter, meat slicer, electric cotTee null, caitily Jars. 4'J fdh si. .TO TIIK J'KOl'f.K CI!-1 (1AK1.AXH W'e hai-e In our anl. new and :l-hand lumber, block firiwood, doors, windows, mantels, toilets, sinks, china closets, galvanized and iron pine and other materials; call and In.spe. i cur slock at Pioneer Wreckii i; & t onstrucl ion Co.. 1711 K. mh st. ; Mer. :m). Also Siith and San Cahlo. Plod. f.97. TWO yuiinK, .fresh family cows for sale, filvini; 4 to gallons daily. 71140 Arthur St., near 73d av.. K. oaklnnd. I'SBHASSKTT'S native herbs for rlieu-niatism; fill tablels lor 2nn; all druguislB. VKIty line. U'liiiH -Ilulihara rug, about 9x 12 (coat $:'0ui, alto smaller Oriental rugs and one Vlctrola and records loost $12."i In solid mahogany cabinet; must be sold at once to dose account of 'lihsent client, niuki: offer. Jle:sel Meysel, :i9 nth St. Iiju loads kindlins,-. $.1 load, sidewalk delivered; 7au redwood posts, wall boards, 1-3 price of plaster; sash, doors, etc ltay Wreck Co.. Ala. marsh; Lake. 7ll l'ltl-:.S.S and-t-pe, good condition. 6. W. Joyce. 9Hfi Hdwy. Phone Oak :!3I7. I'.' ..'oltliroATI.Ii iron lor building, whole or nart ; cheap. Till W ebster. WAXTKD M ISO :i, LAN KOI S REST prices for men's, ladies' and children's clothing. .1. Midler, 53il Stll St. Phone OakiatMl f. 4 7 . A A Heel prices gents' cast -off clothing. J. Leon. (114 Wash'n si. Phone Oak. ilTIi.'i DlA.Mo.VI is'" WANTEI i, any size; we will pay spot cash; no de'.ay or tuilillcity in our transactions; we liava private offices. Callforma Loa n-Officer California's largest pawnbrokers, 83a Broadway. S. W. corner Sth st . Oakland. KPKNITCRE wanted; we give you more for your furniture and household goods than you can get elsewhere. J. A. Munro & Co.. 1007 Clav st.; Oak. 4(171; 911 Pliclan Bldg., S. F. ; Douglas G41. THE highest prices paid for mer'-hanillse. furniture, carpets, etc. Flegenherg Bros., SOI Hay .Bt, Phone Oakland 005 WANTED a second-hand farm w-agon; must be cheap. Ph. Herkeley .S2H4. WANTED Cash register; will pay rash: must be a bargain. Hox 9028, Tribune. 2ND HAND BOOKS 2ND HAND . Best prices paid. OAKLAND BOOK CO., 1722 San Pablo av. Phone Oakland S00J. Job Printing at The Tribune Office. TYPKWIIITKRS TYPEWRITERS RENTED 4 mo, for 5; Initial payment applies If purchased; free delivery Oakland. Berkelv, Alameda. American Writing Machine Co;. 606 Market st.. 3. F. , Douglas 649; Oakland rhone Piedmont fifllis. WE SELL and rem typewriters on easy terms. Oakland Typewriting Exchange. 145 Prondwav. Phone Onkland 9219 FCKMTCKK FOli SALE Grand Aoctaon! High-class kurmti ke and ri:c.. FRIDAY, MAY 21, 10:30 A. M., AT NO. 11 PACIFIC' AVENVE. TAKE PIEDMONT AYE. CAR. (JET OFF AT PIEDMONT PARK, WALK ONE BLOCK Ni jfCTH" TOT'MOrNTAIN AVE. TO PACIFIC AVE. . The complete, beautiful and mostly fur- nituro of 8-room Piedmont home, con sisting of SUMMER & CO. NEW YORK CABINET (IRANI PIANO. IIKAI'TI I'l' 1, SOLID MAHOGANY BEDROOM SET. l'PRIGHT TURNKD POSTS, handsome birdseye maple set, brass bed, Legit springs. Dixie ventilated silk floss mattresses, mahogany and quartered oak library set, library books, latest fame aiid liction: oak sectional bookcase, mission oak dining set, 6 chairs, buffet.. .....china cabinet, drop-head White sewing hut-chine, hall tree, Seth Thomas clock, Biglow and Wilton rugs, oak dressers. tables, chiffoniers, mirrors, curtains, pictures, 50. Tiffany electric dome library lamp, Bee . vacuum cleaner. Domestic enamel lined gas range, Humphrey water neater, aluminum nnd kitchen ware, Havlland china, glassware, linoleum, . garden tixds, andirons, bric-a-brac. ' etc. This is a fine lot of furniture; just like new. Sale absolute, terms cash. For convenience goods can be removed Saturday. Ered'k, W. French, Auctioneer 2a25 E. 16th St.; phone Fruilvale 190. A FINE dining-room set less than half price.- Phone Piedmont 5279. A SATIN walnut bedroom set less than half price. Phone Piedmont 5271. E. BERCOVICH, THE FURNITURE MAN, has moved from 407 Alice st., to 713 Franklin; best secondhand furniture that can be bought 1 will sell at . Reasonable Rate, $5. ME SH0W FURN1TI RE of 4 rooms, mission style, almost new-. 1224 High nt.. Alameda. GOING out of business: closing out entire slock at cost; dressers $5 to $9; Iron beds, $1 to $4.75; flue old black walnut su4t, four pieces, $19.50; large ice chest, white enamel inside, $6; chairs. 20c to $1.25; oak arm. rockers, $1.60 to $2 ; 7-6x9 velvet rug, $6.50; body brussels rug, 8-2x 10-6, for. $0.50; other bargains. O. O. Trelease, J7L1 Telegraph ave. Phone Oak 4598: KIST pays the highest price for furniture and household good.s, or exchange new for old. 1014 Bdwy.; ph. Oakland 3787. SPLENDID birch desk, mahogany finish and chaira to match; cheap; owner Bolngr Ea.t. Wm. M. Buttere. 171 Telegraph av. Phone Oakland 304. WILL sacrifice one oak dining table and chairs, also china closet, buffet and o4her articles, cheap. 1620 5th av. Jluo PAID on $152 furniture contract; $20 takes it. Call Thursday, 226 11th st. IH 4 BRUSH ST. Furniture of 6-ron.m flat for sale, $3S0; flat for rent at $21. "TAXE A TIP" It, for a Iribuae Trip, FI RNlTl RK STORED. PRICE r. du. I'd cn furniture . storage: . s.-paiaie rooms. F. F Porter; H-T I: wiv plume Lakes!. re. l'"" SEWINti MUHINES icv'i?" IAIN'S New and sligblly used mn-j chines; sell, rent, repair. half pre e. P is San Pablo av.: phone u;Ji. 7e..l , NEW mac'iiuos, am inake. halt, agents' j pri. et. shghtlv used, 3 up; rmiii; and . i-ipai:ni-. ait""rrmttes. Mi & Kill. ,,t San Pablo; phone lakland 17:4 NEW llii.ME SewHig Machine Co.. all makes, soi. I. rented and repalU'.! 625 1Mb er !..e?..rtH Ph Oakland. 1714. I MI'siCAl, INSTItlMKNTS li! i:ii PlNO CO.. 3d Door, - fi-l-7-iH 14ib st lake elcvaior and save e 1 i'o o voiir piano or pla v er-plano, splendid I vuhies, used pl.anos, all makes, up' to $2"'ii liberal terms; pianos rented Ml per month up Phone Oakland to. 1 KN'AtHO piano. Howdilch st . 1 hew ; rk.- ph sacrifice. 24.10 Berkelev SSt 1 . 1'OlLTHY AND StTPLIES A LOT of 2-mo.-old white logborn pullet. Wednesday bahv chicks of all kinds. Brown s Poultrv Yards. . 2....0 San Pnblo. Plione oak 21 VI. CO Nil-: out and make offer on these tine New Zealand, all must go this week, the finest stock on the coast; also bursa and wagon; lo.'.S Meia st.; phone KtuIUuIo KQ7.I. KUiIlS-' equipped nigeon plant for sale; 5;W fairs W'oiUiiig birds; gua t anteed ; r.il :in.tles; 2.V 1'lemlsh Giant does .Ota joi.rg milk goats and (hiikelis; in ii rase place.- 2-23 Violn st. Frtvl. "'!. - FLEMISH Giants from prize winners in oitk. and S. r: shows; a filW Helgiant fof mU: t2 ;.4'li st. Ph. 1'i-d.' 5416. II. 1. RE I EGGS for hatching; fertility l; .-elect, early lamg strain. guaranteed ; Geo li. AM in;, N. PMh. San jose. TWO Hun-egg Incuhatnrs: sell or trade; W Wvan.lotte pullets, noise, wagon. buggy. K'2 Chestnut st W. Herlie- ley. Berk. 8;c'6. L1VESTOCK Al FAMILY cow for su 1c. T 1 1 ughes, 843 Main st.. Albanv. j Knl'll milch goats and two buck kids; herd shows highest fat test att university experiment station, Ph. B'.k.378. EOll sale: :ia milch cows, with milk route in Herk.-ley . horse and w agoli. Information l.la I 'Wight way. Berkeley. 1 FINE 2-vear-old Jersey bull for sale. 11. T. Budge. EruitMtle R. F. D. No. 1, Hox 451 It. 10 FRESH Durham cows, 2d and 3d calf. Pargi-r Ranch, back or Dlinond iiuairy, 4 1 h av. car In end of line. DOliS, CATS. MISCELLANEOUS 1,1 vi: STOCK. Birds Ped. dogs, medicine i cats: all kinds, n . -V;:l Tel . i I 4250. I r lo HORSES AND YEHlCI.ES. D. L SHIRK . will have on nale April-VI, l!Hr.. 1 car nT horses und one ar "'of mule at 1719 Hearst av.. Herkeley. 1 ) 'AA V '. lior'se and a t;im ,for salo. Apply riK'i'iv .tore, cor, 7 th - l-t I b rt . I ioUS.1-;, lmt;.;y and ha rnejus, cheap, $TiO. L'linl Ireve st., Herkeley, after H p. m. V K 1 KTA HI. K waKi.ni, 2 horses and liar-ne..s in (joimI erudition; ill nacrlllce for $-!". LM4'.' Myrtle si. painting, Bartow, lettering, reasonable 1 17X r.th st. prices. ! . AlTOMOBII.i:S. BARGAINS IN USED CARS Studebaker, 5-pass. 1'912 touring. ... $400 Studebaker 29, delivery; overhauled, painted; like new $325 Cadillac, 4 pass. $400 Overland. 1913 $300 Studebaker, 1914, electric lights . and starter $700 Chalmers. 1912 ,$60fl Commerce truck, 1914 $300 CHESTER N. WEAVER CO., llroadwav and 2"th st. BRING- us your old tirea tor free expert examination and advice; will pay for Junk if not worth fixing or repair and retread, giving absolute guarantee. Atlas Garage and Tire Co., 1562 Franklin. BARGAIN -5-pass. sold. 207 ilth st. Maxwell car must ba CLOSING OUT SALE. OF SECOND-HAND AUTOS 1 IlKht truck, cood run? good nitiK order $150 1 half-ton truck, "first-" clans mV.O 1 r-4-ton truck, A No. 1 . . . 400 1 4-lon truck, damaged by railway company. . . . fCf, 1 4-pu.ps. Michigan, A No. 1 3i0 1 45-pn.s. .Michigan, fully equipped 400 7-piiss. Oakland, 1K.J.. ierfect condition f-00 " We Invite dealers to inspect them us well as users. They miiAt be sold quickly. KIEL & EVANS CO, Fourth and Franklin eta., r ,v Oaklanfl.-'fl. Jeffery Truck ir.no lbs. capacity, l!)lt model; first-cla.sconUition. BARGAIN Terma to ripl't party. F. R. FAOEOL '- ':..: -' .34.2,0 TKLFJ.lFiA I'll A V. FOR ..SA1.K J-OVlinder Maxwell, hi cood ' 'order, u'fir $17f; also Maxwell roadster, 4-rylirrder, painted -afTd overhauled, for $100. Hox l!inr, Tribune: FOR S A L I'fir pa hs. tJurinK car ; hajn. Jit ney Vili license ; easy trrn.. Apply 2132 Central av.. Alameda: phr.ne Ala. 65, Guaranteed' ' : Cars , 1914 Hudson 6. ...$1200 . . .$1000 -Stutz, 5-pass. Henderson, . 6-pass. lights . 1... ' elec. 900 Chalmers combination, 6-pass. and delivery 500 EXCLUSIVE AGENTS ALAMEDA COUNTY. O M. C. TRUCKS, EMPIRE CARS, TRUMBULL CARS. 1914 Ford 5-passenger. Term If desired. Dryer's Garage & Soppily Co. Oakland 49. 2220 San Pablo. SEDAN 5- sseogrer ELECTRIC LIGHT AND STARTER; PERFECT CONDITION: REASONABLE RATE TO RIGHT PARTY. F, R. FAGEOL 34n Telegraph: Piedmont 269. HUPP 20, .excellent condition; bargain. 525 Hobart St.. opp. Y. M. C. A. JITNEY llcenoe for sale. 292 High el., Oakland. 'ontimif-il WE OFFER THE FOLLOW. INi; CARS THAT HAVE HE EN' EXCHANGED KoK NEW CAKS OK PLACED IN Hl'li HANDS HY I'l'STl'M-KHS WITH ORDERS 4'd SELL We Qtnaran tee Each annd Every One to be ExactHyas I- resented. I'll IH'DStiN; 6-PASti. SEK ' THUS. '' " STU1 dniAKER. S-poss. . .J42S OVKKI AMi S-pass B00 CJI AI.MEKH 6-pass . fiOft MAXWELL f,-pass S2S RAMBLER 6-pae 27.r FRANKLIN 2-pasa 250 M AXW l:i.L, i.-piiss. .'. . ;. 700 MAXWELL ,-pass S.'.O 1915 Srt'DEBKER ROADSTER. ..ele. trie. - lights .and starter, good as new, perfect iciidiliun. I CALL AND INSPECT THEM. E. L. PEACOCK Al'TO CO., 3020 R roadway ' new addre. Oakland. Cal. Phone Oakland 9ti2. open Sunday. Stevens-Diiryea SIX CYLINDER SUITABLE FOR SIMMER CAM PING WAGON. BARGAIN F, R, FAGEOL 3(20 TELEGRAPH AVE. STANLEY steamer. 1913. 5-pass. . fine condition; . i lieap; make offer. Box 9201, Tribune. WILL sacrifice mv electric family auto, in first class condition, oak 6123. ' Overland Kive-pannenRcr; good condition. F. R. FAOEOL 3420 Telegraph Ave. Piedmont 2699. $3250 AUTO TRICK TO EXCHANllK. WHAT HAVE YOU ? P. O. BOX si, KAN l.EANDRO.i 20 1 1, p. White tearnei--Al condition. Pioneer Bottle Yard. 406 3d st. 1913 HUDSON -Electric lighting; selfv starting: fine condition. Call 3020 Bdwy. AUTOS WANTED PLAYER piano, furniture and cash for a-pass. auto; no Junk. 692 43d et. RESPONSIBLE parly wlshe to ptircliaae 5-pas.senger auto In good condition on easy terms, Kurd preferred. Please atate all particulars Box 11134. Tribune, TRADE 40 acres Oregon land, some caah, for late model Ford. 842i PJeClniont ave. Pled. 7807. WANTED Ford roadster, in good condition. 384 35th et.; phone Piedmont 144K. WILL pay cash for Ford or good light auto. Phone Oakland 747. MONEY LOANED ON ACTOH. Loans on Autos P,7aTc""hnar;H: PLENTY of money to loan on real estate and autos. Ensign 4k Mitchell, 305-t First Savings Bank bldg. Phone Oakland 1371. UICYCLEB, MOTOHC VCLE8 BICYCLES 20 second-handed; 1930 San Pablo. u to 115. ilA KLEY-Davldson; $25 cast); good con dition. 5576 Lowell at. . INDIAN SIDE CAR, ALMOST NEW; Vi ORIGINAL PRICE. 3832 PIED AVE. 4-CYI Henderson. Al cohd., fully eoulo-ped; will be sold cheap. 3S32 Pied av. 1913 TWIN Thor, llrst-olaaa shape; fully -equipped; $100. J. HrobI, 1044 48th st. MASSAGE. AAA GENUINE ateam baths, salt glow; select patronage only; 1 call means another. 1611 Telegraph av., Oak. AAA SCIENTIFIC massage. Laths. 811 William St., cor. San Pablo, nr. 19th. A A MASSAGE. Hammond and assistant. ,620 16th st.; phone lakeside -3116. ' AA MANICURING, electric, magnetic: treatment. 1533 Kan Pablo. Apt, it. A NEWLY opened; aiec. cabinet bath and medicated- maasaga. 1S07 Mkt.. ti.F. A BATH. ...with -elactrio ray and vlbra-tory massage. 1530 Ban Pablo. Apt 11. A A MAY STANLEY, massage. 1144 Market st., Office 206, 2d floor front, 8. F. AA MASSAGE, cabinet bath, elec. treatments. 1627 Telegraph av.. Apt. 1. - AA MISS GONZALES Manicuring, tut elec. ray baths, massage. 421 15th St. BESSIE CLIFFORD Baths and maasage. ' 832 Market St., r. 204, 2d floor. H. F. BATH with vibratory maasage. 630 13th at.. Apt. 28, tipper floor; 'iiew man'g't. Emma Earta Manage, Swedish move ments, 1166 Sutter, rm. I, 1st door, S.F. HELEN Derber, formerly 2024 Sutter, now 1360 Geary, nr. Octavla, Tel. W-1R48. JEAN RICHARDS Baths, maasage, 1S00 Golden Gate, 8. ., cor. illlmore. Suite 7. Fillmore $9S. 11ME. THEVE.NET, masseuse; Franchise diploma; facial and scalp treatmenta, 111 Ellis St., a. F.; office 207-11. Phone Butter (596. MRS. POTTER -Sweats and vibratory massage. 215 Weatbank Bldg., 30 Market, 6. F. MAY SWAN Baths, massage. 41 Turk, apt. 303 3d floor; hrs. 12 to p. m. S.F. MISS N. DUMONT. ratsteuse. 683 California St., below Kearney, office 2, 8. F. MISS ERASER, baths nad maasage, McAllister, near Fillmore, Sjfp, 1208 MISS M. KOFFLER, masseuse, "225 Taylor at., office 9, 2d floor. 8. F. ; Sundays. MISS iBURKE, maaseuee, 1722 Fillmore, bet. Post and Sutter, 8. F. Select pat. MISS FLORENCE BROWN, bathe, scalp treatment. 376 Ellis St.. Apt. 204. 8. F. MI-S FERGUSON- Kiec. cabinet hatha li Geary St.; offices 807-8. 8. F. MISS F, ROGERS, baths, massage. 130 Weatbank bldg.. 830 Market at., S. F. Miss Maude Cappa. massage and sce.p treatments. 7K7 . Market, s. r .. r. 104. MISS FERGUSON Eire cabinet, batna a n . . ... M a B TAKE a bath and massage: feel good nothing better for health. 1701 TaUg. l TOMOnil KS- Mss(;k (Ciiiitiiiiioil) WK give steam and tub baths and s. l'en- tie massage 21 sS Rush st , S. F. 2o,i7M-TTi-:r:. s y , ';ipr.,. 1,, .,, i-iii , n.7 J n . w- ni a m. :: e iwi n: rv ,)., -:;.-. ' Number oi Contests Expected to Develop at Great Los Angeles Gathering. LOS WGKI.ES. May 19 Thcisimd irangers aie In 1.,, Ancles mam of them delegates lo the Northern Papll.t comejjtloii. which opened today and w,n continue-until Wertmvsdav ,.f iievt week. Id all. t!ire r,i l;.0il. ace, edited delegates, including the leaders of the denomination', men ami women wl.lelv known In the religious work of the tfalion. " A number of matters are expected- to develop sharp clashes - between factions during the week One will be the cbolce of the meeting place for tstt;. a number of eastern radicals . are also said to he among the delegates This i, the tlrst time that Los Angel',.., , entertained a Baptist ciui enlion. . MEN OF INFLUENCE. Among Hi,, mm ,, lnfl, . lu denomination present Is' i;v. Cortland Meyers of Tremont Piipp.it .chinch. Boston. TMs well-known divine preaches lo thouaands each Sunday and Is to be one of the great drawing cards of (his cou- vention. Rev. Meyers is certain to have a large part In matters which pertain to the evangelir.atlori program. Another well-known platform orator, Is Rev. Clarence Harbour, DD. of Rochester. N. Y, He Ik to b one cf the speakers at the noon-dai meetings to" be held in Ihe Pantages. theater He was not "even ruffled when lold he was "billed-' to speak In a vaudeville house "Anywhere, Is good enough for me if ou get the crowd." waji Ihe response Dr. Fred Taylor, nf Indianapolis. Is also to speak at the special meetings. He has bad a large part In the making oi laws for the Bapllst rhiirch COMING IN BRIGADES. Dr. .1. Whltcomb liroiighcr recently journeyed through the Eut mid Middle Wrsl, extending a gieellng thai has met with response. "They are coming In platoons and In army brigades," was the word he sent back from Ihe East Red, while, buff, green nnd all of the THOUSANDS ATTEND BAPTISTMEETING OFFICIAL LIST OF OF SAN TUESDAY, No. 63 . . . 243. . . 434. . . 671... Rlk. . . 984. . . 1119... 1303.... 1300. . 14 63... . 1670 1889.... 1914... 2100 2200 2435 2583 2787. . . . 2977. . . . 3 1 29 3476:. . . 3646 3710 3705. . . . 3:i,i9. . .. 4093 4199 4395 4544 4748... 4897.... 4974 50s6 6189... 6357.... 545li 6649 5792 6861 6287 6326. .. . 6472 6621.... 6730 6895 83.- 7008 7121 7191 7419 PrlzeiNo. (0 1(5.. 40 283.. 4o 626.. 40 685.. 40 898. (0 1014.. 4n 1121.. - 401 1310.. Prlp.e'N'o 401 163 Pri?" 40 40 4n 349.... 40 630.... 40 657 40 972 40 1102 40 1 185 . 100 1336.... 401 1408 4o 1509 40 1880 . " 40! 19113 100 40 (0 40 40 40 40 200 40 loo 40 2U0 4 0 401 1394.. 1465.. 1682. . 1895. . 1989... 2101 . . 40 40 40 KHjj 200i 40 1 2099 4000 40 2102. 2397. 40 183. . 100! 2525. 401 2543. 40 40 40 40 2654. . 28S0. . 3061 . . 3152. . 100 2656. 40: 2916. 3dli6. 3167. 3623. 3675. 40 .. loo 4M-381P . 40 40 40 40 4" . . ' 40 .. HMI 40 4" 40 40 3 40 3720.., 3776. . . 3916... 4130... 4278... 401 37(5. 40) 3850. 4u 41163 . . 40, 4139. 401 4312. (li! 448S. 4in 4735. , 40 4882.. 40 4949., 40: 6II0II., 4li 5169.. (li 6341 . , 40 6437., 401 6527.. 200 4403... 411! 4030. . . 40! 4805. . 40! 41I2H.., 40! 4986. . . 410 5090... 40 6201.., 40 5412... 40 5494... 40 .. HI'l 40 40 40 .. 40 40 40 40 . , ill 40 6660... 40! 6810... 40 5713.. 40 6837.. 40 6231 . . 40 63 2W 4 0 1 6012... 40 ;..-4il 40 40 6299... 634(1. . . 6572.. 40- 40 6465. , 40 6575... 40! 6724.... (ii 6760. . . 4n 095 1.;-., " 401 7mn.. Ir 10(i! 7112..., . 40l 7166... i00 7344..., " '0 7647..., 6638.;. 40 6754... 4H 690(.t loftl 6992 .V., 100 7092. 401 7129....; 40! 7266..., 401 7512.,."; 300 40 40 4 0 . 40 4H 40 ." 40 40 40 40 11 . 40 100 (II 200 7648... 7834.... 7897 8318 8425 8538."... 9011.... 925t 9439.... 8476.... 9738 9902. 10048,,.. 10291 10485.... 20000! 40 (II 0 7649.... 80(l 7815 7664. 40 7868. 802i 8J.4i 8439. 8l'.30. .40 8310... .lfto.8W7.-;. 4i 850O.". . 40 8994. .-. .. ""' 4U 9152... 40 9422... 40 .9173... . ... 40 7?6... (U, 9893. . , ..'., 40HS35... . .- 40I1024(I. . . 1000 10464. .. 4010491... 40 40 40) 9073. .40 9396. 10(l 9454. 40! 9479. 40! 98X7.-401 9933,. 40110066. 40110381 . 40jl0488. APPROXIMATIONS. 99 Numbers, 7601 to 7700. Inclusive on First Capital of $20,000 $20 each. 99 Numbers. 2102 to 2200. Inclusive, on Second Capital . of $4000 $30 each. -.TERMINALS. 199 Numbers ending with 48, being the last two figures of the number drawing the First Capital of 20,t)0o $8. No. 76(8 draws First Capital, $20,000, sold in Loa Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco, Cal. No. 2101 draws Second Capital, $4000, sold in San Jose, Oakland and Kan Francisco. No. 17490 draws Third Capital, $2000, sold In San Francisco, Cal. No. 1038! nnd 10274 each draw $1000, sold In Oakland, Pleasanton and Ban Francisco, Cal. The above is for $4; fractions In proportion, -v The Original Naclonal M. & F. Company of San Francisco paid the following for Mav 11. 1916: William Frederick Dye, butler, 2324 Pacific ave., S. F. ; $4000. A. L. IieLuca, manager Spreckela Market. Poultry Co., 751 Market St., S. F.. residing 443 20th ave., 8. F.; $2500. ' Herbert D. Poitras, Pacilic Uoast representative, The Master Builders' Co., Cleveland, O., residing Ansonla Apia., 1080 Bush at., s. F. ; $2500 Robert Whlasell. employed City of Palol Alto. Street Dent., residing Railroad ave. i.,t - near Hamilton St.. Palo Alto. Cal.; $2500 Donohoa Kelly Banking Co.. S. F.. collected for Jno. J. Coleman, employed by Gilmartln & Co., printers, 45 Ether at.. 8. F., residing 1826 Broadway. 8 P.; $2500. C. G. Bhlnn. attorney, f armers ann Mechanics' Bldg., 8th at.. between J and K, Sacramento., residing 2918 J at., Sacramento, Cal.; ,$2500. ,. 8. Wilson, insurance broker, room 503 Nevada Bank' Bldg., cor: Post and Montgomery ata.. 8. P.. residing 3640 Washington at., 8. F. ; $1250. Guy C. Boyd, employed by Per Mont ra.&F.. Irigirol hT&fT CITIES TO HAVE Free Employment Offices sured; Governor Signs Bill. As I 1' Bv Auociated FrAia. SACRAMENTO, May T9 . - Free em- j phiyment hurentis in the ' cities of t.Sai-raiiteHt'f':-'SHii ;f'anidscn and Los I Angeles are iissiiid, for Gi'nenior jllirnm V. .lolinsnii iilist' signed As-; ;einbynian Fi'rgusoti'a hill providing for the appropriation of $100,000 to be used by the Commissioner of the liiireau ; of Labor Statistics In estub- hing a aSatrnt to meet the tiiicm - ployed prohlein. In Calif urnlu The bill was It) response .to one of Ihe rl e recotiimciuiatioiiH inad by Johnson in his message to the Leglslu-tupC: Ilscietlonaiy lmwrr Is allowed the "Labor Coiiiiiilasioni'f to eslubliah oilier luircHus. The hill provides thai tho cnminta-., sloner sliull begin tit ganltiig the Ihi-reaus as soon as possible after July 1, 1915, He Is eiiiptiw ereil to lipiiiiliil oije supet-liilendent, one manager, at. assistant and uh ninny clctl.s iih uro neccssitry to haiuilo the huslness without a greater expenditure than 25 cents per posttivn. Tho fee of 25 cents Is charged for permanent positions, no inn tier what the saliiiy iniiy be, und a foe- of 10 cents for work fur a period of six or less days. colors of the rainbow deck the badges of this congregation of Haptisls. Startling colors have been' chosen. Moreover, ninny of the ushers chosen are young women of the Baptist Young People's I'nlon and they will adorn the aisles of the Temple. The general public is admitted. The galleries will be open during the entire session, but the main balcony will be closed ten minutes before the battle begins. Rev. James A. Francis of the First Baptist church came only recently from the East, and Is In touch with men who are planning big things fnrthls gathering. Among the 'local men w ho have bad a large part 111 arrangements none Is better aoiiiiiitnted with the details than Dr. .Ininen W. Eiucnicr of Central llnptlbt church. THE FRANCISCO. MAY 18, 1915 No. 10501) 10618 10709 10967 11023.... 1 I 192 11686 11794 11923 12044.... 12069. . . . 12202 12375 12U22.... 12843 12935. . . . Prl'ze!No. 40 1066: 40JII661 40,10773 40ll005 4011 1280 40 11663 40!l 1735 40! 1 1803 401I969 401 1 2047 40:12168 4012206 40(12429 PrirelNn. 40 10698. . 40I0706. . 00 10795. . (OllillH., 411! I 1336. . 40111817.. 4011792.. 20lli 11852. . 40 12006, . 40112067. . 40112182. . 4012273. . 4012440. . 40! 12831). . 40112,91a-.'. Prize 40 Ins 10 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 . 100 40 40 40 40:12708. . . . 4)l 2,180 0!I3(I25,,.. loofmiS'T.- 40 13347 4013(il0.... 40113700 4013Kli2. . . . 100l.'l!Sh. ... 40.1(013..... 1"0 14127 2(MI 1(403 40 14493. .. . 4l14-70". . . . 40 14863 200 14918 40! 16034 40' 15236 lil016354 40115(11 40:16466.... 40l66li4 40! 1 3086. . 13106.... 13289. . . . 13653 136(8:... 1381(1 13896 13991 1 1 1 on 14402 14475 11589 14765 1(914.... 150U9 16226 16287.... 16396 16465.... 1 6586 ... . 16607.... 1 BKte. . . . 159,-,7.r. . Ui204. ... M446 1 T7 16966.... 17167 13195... 13517... 1362B... 13766... 13874. . . -40 40 40 4(l13949... 40! I 4084 . .. 401 1 12,10. . . 40J144I9... 401 1(669. . . 40 14760?.. 40114892. . . 40I14U2I . . . 40jl5210. .. 10016277... 40116634... 40154I4... 10lll641,4... 40115686. . . 4015701... 40l5940.:. . J00ltil80. . . 4fl 40 40 40 ... 40 40116062. . . . 401fi912V7" 40 4 16063 164(0 40 16462. 40 40 40 40 ... 40 40 , .40 , 2U00 40 40 40 2IMI 40 4l 40116631.... 40IUI82II 401 1 701 6 - '-40:17170. . . . ' 40! 1 7256 40i17431 40117466. ... 410 17634 401767t 40I7784 40 17936 40! 18003 4(ii 18065 40118412 .4Utl4H!i.. n 16628.... 16892 17117.... 40il72oO (II 17390 40117438 40117490. . . . 40 17664 40117701.... ,40,178(6 40117968 100.18067 40118202.'. . . 40118428 ..ttt47,-,-i--.-4018II77.... lOOj 18966. . . . 40! 13992..,. 40119198.... 1000)19416. . . . ' 40119667.... . 40119661 .,.. 40 19766,... 4o! 19872..-.. '100119945 40,19988..:. 17422 17446. .. . 17572.... 17666 17737. . . . 17909 17980 18069.... 18262 1-8464 18625 18861 18979., 19143.... 19253.... 19491 ,196.96... .-. 19691 19821.-... 19lll9 19962.... 4IMHII71 40 18906. . -40 18989. . -40 19194., 40 19274. . 40119503. . 40. 19605-. . 40119698. . 401 1983d. . 40H9931.. 40,19979.. l"oo 40 40 40 ! vuu I Auto Rental Co., 105 Powell St.. S. F.. residing 6(8 Waller St., 8. F. ; $1250. W. H. Dunlap, proprietor Del Monte cigar store, 105 Powell St., S. F., residing St, Margaret Apta., 400 Octavia St., H. F.i $1250.. Adulph D. Qrabsteln, of Grnttsteln Bros., general merchandise store, Pltta-burg, Contra Costa Co., residing 86 East St.. Pittsburg, Cal.; $1250. George Azzarcttl, porter. United Cigar Stores Co.. 8. F., residing 611 ValleJJo St., 8. P.; $1260. Carl Selsback, employed bv United Cigar Stores Co., 1455 F.llmore St., 8. F., residing Dorchester Hotel, 1482 .utter St.. S. F. ; $1260. J. Clskon, employed by Illinois Pacific Glass Co.. 16th and Folsom t., 8. P., residing 1 Erie st., 8. F. ; $1250. Isabella MacReavey, 2380 44th ave., S. F. ; $1250. Mrs. A. Oliver, residing Maryland Hotel, 71 Fourth st., 8. p.; $1250. Mrs. R. N. Jacob, 2327 Post at., 8. F., and M. T. Barbalich, 399 Chestnut. St., S. P.; $1250. , - Mrs. Marion L. Waller, 278 Cumberland at.. S. P., and Mrs. R. E. Ford. 2047 Irkin st, 8. F., and C. A. Lelghton, civil engineer, First National Bank lildg., o. r ,. resiuiiiK waiiiui. emH, v..ai. Iiuu. jfK C. Ferguson, Asat. wire clerk, West- rn union lei. Co., fine ana Montgomery sts., 8. P.. residing 4748 17th st., 8. P.; $500. Lena Jacobs, 815 Sixth Ave., Oakland, Cal.; $500. Mrs. C. Gerken, 3530 17th at., S. P.; $500. Prank Poulson, employed at Dwyer'a cigar store, cor. 7th and Market ata., S. P., residing 126 McAllister at., 8. F., and A,j-J - Anderson, broker, 130 Washington )-e s:- P., residing 2614 Lyon at.. S. P.; $600.' E. A. Greenhlatt, 1614 Larkln St., 8. P.. and G. E. Humphrey, 2421 Roosevelt St.. Berkeley, Cal. ; $600. 9 I.FfiAI, NOTICES. NOTICE OF SPECIAL foETING OW STOCKHOLDERS AND- OF INTENTION. Notlcu is hereby-given tlfat a special meeting of the stockholders of THE OAKLAND RANK OF SAYINGS, a corporation, will he held on Mondav, the 12th day of July. 1915. st 3 3.1 o'clock P. M. of that il.-iv, :,t the oftlce and hanlting-rcom of said THE OAKLAND HANK OF SWINGS, at. t lie - nortli-'ii st corner of Ilroad w ay ...d .i;weU4,U..-,.si.i.eet.... In ' the ' City of Oakland. State f California. inch said place is the principal place of uMne.-s of said corporation and the bnlld- :-ii; where the Hoard of Directors and the lock In Mers of said corporatmn nsuallv meet, ,-n il,i, h isaid niceiiiig it is Intended to submit in said stockholders, for the 1-nrmvse of otujg, thereon, the. matters heretniif ler set forth, , Said matters, which, Jt Is Intended lo sub mil, to said stockhoTa;rs for the pu-p t-e of niing i hereon- tire as fohnwa, ,u wit , 1 A . . , PI i s Al tnl A res,ila(io.n iiwieTidtng Ihe rtili'-alet of Incorporation of said THE OAKLAND HANK (if AV l.Ni.sf, ,y y)u. h said ' mennment the number of Directors Wf s.itd THE OAK- LAND (SANK OF. I I'l'lMiSi ..-ill t.- 1 1 reaseil front iiuhm9i to eleven till, and I Piuposes as siH .forth In said Articles ni oc cnaiici lie iiermlltmir sanl ItanK to engage In ihe hifslnrss of a commercial bank and a savings hank and ,a trust lank, as set forth In'the "Bank Act" of Ihe Slate. of California', and by'-'tfiilargltig the pui poses generally of said hnii'k. J-ecomJ a proposition to increaae the capital slock of said THE OAKLAND HANK op SAVINGS, from 1he sum of $I.150,00I.UO, Ihe present capital stock, to the,5Um of f I, '.'.ill. 000 00. There will alro be submitted to said stockholders, at said rpecial meeting, rni-h other ' business In connection w ith the above matter.? and otherwise, as may come before said meet ll g. Notice is'tiTi-ilier gtv en that at said meeting of stockholders. It Is Intended to amend said Article as above set forth. This meeting Is called bv the Board of Directors of said THE OAKLAND BANK OF SAVINGS, pursuant' to ihe written request of ten iioi stockholder of said THE OAKLAND BANK OF SAVINGS, dated Monday, Mav 3rd, 19I5, nnd .pursuant to a resolution of said Bonrd on said day duly adopted, and pursuant to the bi -laws of . this corporation and to the laws of the stale of California. By W. W. GARTHWAITF, President. By .1. Y. KtVl.WSTON, Secretary. Oakland. California.. May 6, 1916. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No. 20076. Dept. 4. In tho Superior Court of the Stnte of California, In and for. the County of Ala in tho matter of the aetate of Mary rzzcll. dei eased. Nolle Is hereby given by the undersigned admlnlst ralor of the estate of Mary I'lzell. deceased, to the credltora of nnd all persons having claims itntnt ssld deceased, to r x til hit them with the necessary vouchers within four f4 months after the first publication of this notice to the, said iidnitnlsi rator of ssld state, at the of lice of Frank J. Mountain, nltornev-ai -law, room 104 of tho Security Bank Building. No. 1 106 Broadway, (ink-land, California, which snld oftlce the undersigned selects- as hie place of business In all matters connected wdth said estate of Mary razoH. deceased. JOHN W. l .ZELL. ' Administrator of the estate of Mary Uz-zell, deceased. T'a'led - April 2, 191S. FRANK J.-MOUNTAIN. Attorney Tor Administrator, 404 Security Hank Bldg., 1106 Broadway. Oakland, California. Dale of tirst publication: April 28. 1915. NOtTc'e OF TIMb.SET FOR PROVING WILL, ETC. In the Superior Court of Ihe County of A la mod a, Slate of California In the matter of the estate of Thomas Nelsoa) Whitehead, also known as T. N. Whitehead, deceased. NoOre or time set for proving will. etc. NasHre Is hereby given, that a petition fop the prohete of the will of Thomas Nelson Whitehead, also known na T, 'N. Whitehead, deceased, and for the Issuance a Annie Whitehead of lettera testament-airy thereon has been tiled In this Court, nd that Thursday, the 27th day of May, A. D. HUB. at 10 o'clock A. M. of said dev. at the Courtroom of Department Nu. 4, of said Court, at the Court House In tha Cllv of Onkland, In said County of Alameda, has been set for Ihe hearing of said petition and proving said will, when and w here any person Interested may ap- Daled: May 14, 1916. GEO. E. OROSS, Cler'-, By W. E. ADAMS. Deputy Clerw. GEO. E. DeGOUA, Attorney for Petitioner. NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PROVING WILL, ETC. In the Buperlor Court of the County of Alameda, State of California. In the matter nf tha estate of Samuel M. Cutler, deoeased. j' Notice of time sot forirovlng will. etc. Nolloe Is hereby given, that a petition for the probate of the will of Samuel M. Puller, deceased, nnd for the Issuance to William Holmes Spnuldlng of letters testamentary thereon has been filed In this Court, and thnt Thursday, the 20th day of Mav, A. D. 1915, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day. at the Courtroom of Department No. 4. of said Court, nt the Court Hous In the City of Onkland. tn said County of Alnmeda, haa been aet for tha hearing of snld petition and proving aald will, when and where any person Inlereatvd may appear and content tha aame, Hated: May 7th, 1916. GEO. a. GROSS, Clerk. Ry H. MENNINQREN, Deputy Clerk. GUY C. iARL, Attorney for Petitioner, 14 Psneome st., Han Wranclaco. Cal. NOTICE OF SALE OF PROPERTY. PBR80NAU Notice Is hereby, given, that whereaa default has occurred In the condition of that certain chattel mortgage executed by Eugene 8. Thome, mortgagor, to Antoinette Thorne, mortgagee, and thereafter assigned to R. E. Starr Jr.; bearing the date of October 11, 1913, by reason of the failure of aald mortgagor to pay the debt secured thereby. Now, therefore, the property described In said mortgage, torwlt: That certain Model -50 Roadster Overland Automobile nunil (fed 750433, will be sold" pursuant to the power of sale In aald mortgage contained at public sale, to the hlghaat bid der for cash In lawful money of the United States, on Monday, the 84th day of Mav, 1916, at the hour of (LUO o'clock A. M. 01 pain ua.v, 4t 11, o uowmuwn v.n-rage, Number 1728 Broadway street, in the City of Onkland, County of Ala- meda. State of California, to aatlsfy the debt secured by aald mortgage. Dated thia 18th day of May. 1915. R. E. STARR JR.. Assignee of said Mortgagee. NOTICB TO CREDITORS. Estate of Julio Cesar Tumuli a, de- ceased. No. 19887. vNotlce la hereby given by the undersigned admlnrktrator of the estate of Julio Cesar Telxeira, deceased, to ihe creditors of and all persona having claim against the aald deceased, or claims for funeral expenses and expenses of last Illness of, aald deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four 4) months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator a; the office nf Abe P. Lea-h, room 716 Security Bank Bulldlnir. Oakland, California, which aald 01 flee Ihe undersigned selects aa hla place of business In all matters connected with aald estate of Julio Cesar Teixolra. iiu-ceased. II. B. MEHRMANN. -Administrator of the estate of Julio Cesar Teixelra, deceased. Dated: Oakland, April 12th. 1915. ABE P. LEACH, Attorney for Administrator, Room 716 Security Bank Building, Oakland, California-Date of first publication: April 21, 1915. NOTICE OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY. Mv wife, Maude Yager Leaher, having left my bed and board, I will not be responsible for any bills contracted by her on and after this 13th day of May, 19U. . (Signed) JACK l.ESHER. Subscribed and aworn to before ma this 16th day of May, 1915. ,8eal) v n nvxm. Notary Public In and for the County of Alameda, State of. California. My com- ' mission expires Jan. 1, mo. Job Printing at The Tribune Office), -pc- v 1 .

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