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TUESDAy EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE May 4, 1913. 15 1 STORE EMPLOYES PACIFIC TELEPHONE" fflloSBSTEPS i IIUTTON WINS BACK WIFE'S LOVE BYXORRESPONDENCE Wealthy Clubman Regains Affection De-' spite Neglected Allowance 'If WILL VISIT FAIR One Hundnedand Fifty to Be the Guests of JuJes" Abrahamson. One hundred snd flfty' employes of Abraliamson's store will be the guests of Jules Abrahamson next Sunday in the celebration of their day at the Exposition. Plans have been under way for the visit for some time and the committee of employes Mr. AbrBbanv-son has engaged a special train to leave Twenty-second and Broadway to cirry the entire party In a body to the grounds via the direct ferry.

It Is planned to vtstt the exhibits during the day, and the 4arty will be 'divided Into groups under the lieutenancy nf the members of. the committee In rlTtiTge. TIM) partv will sssrnrhts-ngnln Ut dinner time, provisions having, been mad0( for them to dine at one of, the lurse 'i After dinner the- party will Mew the llllumtnationa and visit some of the main concessions oi the zone. The returning time lias not been setlled upon, but Jules aliruhnmsnn thinks that It wlllbe some time before morning. During the entire day the party will be the guests of Jules Abrahamson, Henry and Jingo Abrahamson, partners in the large department store, who will accompany the party snd have consented guides for part of the crowd.

her husband' fof the allowance which had failed to arrive. Uist night, in Cleveland. Mrs. Hutton declared tier intention of returning, allowance'or no allowance. To prove that "absence makes the heart grow fonder," Mrs.

Hutton last night. drew a thick bundle-of letters from "a dainty little escretoire in Mrs. i-'ptneer's apartments. All: IKOM HIM. "They are all from hiin," uneTon-fidVd to, a and she permitted him to read as far as "dearie." Spicndtng the epistles fanwise, she continued: "At' first I received one ehch.

day after my arrival in Cleveland on arch .13,. ut en he fuileil to send me the $150 monthly allowance, I Just wrote and told him that I didn't want to hear from him so often. The letters decreased fn number, but increased in tenderness." Repeatedly In the last six weeks Hutton in San Francisco and Mrs, Hutton in Cleveland have denied that there were any differences between them. "My wife has gone back East to visit her grandmother 111," said Hutton. Travel Contest Cadillac NOW ON EXHIBITION Travel Prizes to Gladden Your Heart.

Lots of Joy Rides Are Waiting for the Active Contestant. List of Candidates Appears Again Sunday. 5688 FRIZES COUNT THEM Arabian Nights Ball Has Pro-'gram Bristling With Cheerful Dances. Dancing has Indeed become Although ministers of the gospel, la men, and physicians have been thnning thv fact into the public for some time, it has only now received official recognition among the members of the Alomertu" 'Nurses association. This bodv, in planning the Arabian Nfghts' la.ll,hlch Is to take place May 8, has given serious consideration to the medical phase rff the dancing "miration.

A a result the following program has been 1. Hysterical One Step. 2. Cerebral Fox Trot. Clirdlac.

Hesitation. iCStthoeope -W alti, Anaesthetic-Tanqo (first extr. S. 7. 8.

9. Quinine Hesltstlon. Fractured Fox Trot. Chronic Three Step (second extra) Paralytic Hesitation. Calomel Wsltz.

Vaccine Vlralnla Reel. 10. Delirious Waltz. 11. Contagious One Step.

EDldemle Tango (third extra). 12. Convalescent Waltz. One of the striking features of the hall will be the "exhibition "dancing- oi eight Tama Varna girls. These girls era cotumti, aim among the Prettiest nurses to he found in the hospitals- of Alameda couilt-y.

The who expert dinn ers, have been carefully drilled In the of their numbers, snd have reached a degree of grace and skill achieved ny few artists of the first rank. They will be the Misses Grace Oiitrani, Fitlth Monroe, Adelaide Walsh, Elsie Brown, Mabel de Walsh. Anna Cole and Doris JuCnbus. The ball to aid In providing the funds needed to build he propo.C!l new Nurses' Home, The lot upon which the building will which Is located on Summit street hetveen Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth, was purchased througn the unaided efforts of the nurses. In the executive committee ol the Arabian Nights hall are: Judge Mortimer Smith, Joseph K.

Caine. A. S. l.avens.on, William l.ny-mance. I.

A. Beretta. Walter mert, Benjamin F. Woollier, (IHhertJ, Kldeau. Inl IIP, lllnliwinK, mrmiirin i.i iiiriin ni terjilty have been asked to serve in an advisory caoacltv: I Dr.

Lemuel Adama. Dr. S. H. Hulean, Dr.

II. D. Bell. J. Boyes, Dr.

Morris Brown. Dr. -A. 1 Cunlngham, I r. Daniel Cioshv, Dr.

Vlarry P. Cnrlton, IT, Charles Dukes. Dr. M. 1..

Emerson, Dr. V. D. Hamlin, Dr. A.

S. Kelly, Dr. A. B. Lfcarkey, Dr.

Guy Dr. A. I I.iliencnantz, 1 r. Robert l.egge. Dr.

Ergo i lA. MaJiirs. Dr. Uenrge 1. Relnle.

Dr. i Dii'dlev Smith. Dr. A. A.

SfaffurdDr. A. 1 Clarkson Smith, Dr. Hurry I), Smith. H.

G. Thomas, Dr. W. A. Clark, Dr.

A. St. Maine. CHANGES PLEA TO please Simpson First Says "Guilty," Then "Not Guilty," and May Flop Again. Georga A.

Simpson, and his attorney, George F. Cosby of San Francisco, ar gued for five minutes, made half ditferent pleas and delayed court proeed ure for an additional ten minutes this morning before the former finally de cided thst he wasn't guilty ofhaving robbed John Holland on the night of April 2. He therefore succeeded, finally, In entering a plea of not guilty, and the date set for his trial was st for June much against the desires 9f Cosby. When Simpson was arraigned before Judge Ogden by Court Clerk I A. Rudolph, he declared that he was guilty of the crime of robbery.

ejaculated Cosby, who'stood his elbow. Simpson did not move. Ru dolph turned to Judge Ogden to announce the plea of guilty, when Cosby interposed. "He says he's not guilty," Cosby said. "He says he's guilty," returned Rudolph.

"Yes, I'm guilty," interposed Simpson, taking small Interest In the proceedings. "No, he's not," declaimed Cosby. "I advised him to plead not guilty." Simpson was still obstinate, and determined to stsy with his original plea. With the permission of the court, Cosby led his client to one side and heltJ)im in earnest conversation for several minutes, after which they returned bar. This time Simpson said he was not guilty.

Cosby then asked for a two weeles" continuance before the case should be set for trial. Deputy District Attorney James Koford objected. Cosby explained that his with-his consent, might change bis mind soon, and revert to his original plea of guilty. Simpson Is accused of having robbed Holland of coin and personal belongings valued at10. FrankJ'Uckelberrywho was his companion at the time, has con fessed the hold-up, pleaded guilty to a robbery charge and asked for probation5.

"TAKE A TIP" Try for a Tribuat Trio. NEW RANGERS NAMED TO PROTECT FOREST TREK Mav The Klamath National Forest has taken the first step toward preparing to meet the coming fire Beasnn- by the appointment of four additional assistant rangers. The men who have entered upon their duties are Archer K. Roberts of Sawyers Bar. Horao: B.



Bold' and R. Bucher. Geary will speak at a of the Plymouth Center Friday eveningMay 7, Edwin Meese, candidate for commissioner No. 2. and William R.

Geary will be the apeakera at a rally of the Melrose Social rinli Tuesday evenimr. at Forty-elBhth avenue and Fast Fourteenth street. George Beisson is president and Mrs. I. Fries secretary.

W. H. Edwards, candidate for commissioner of district No. 1, is making a strenuous campaign, speaking at from three seven meetings each He speaJc today at the -heme -of Mrs. Kower, 1256 East Thirty-seventh street, the l.azier cliool.

East Tenth street and Twenty-ninth ayeriwe, at Redmen's hall, East Fourteenth street and Ninety-fourth avenue. Yesterday the candidate addressed gatherings at Dr. B. Holmes' residence, 1501 East Twenty-third street; Allendale operahQUfie; Mrs. L.

Barker's home. 1705 Ninety-fllxth fore the Crde of Railway Conductors, Division 364. Edwards has been endorsed, by Railway Engineers' Association, the Brotherhood -ot Firemen and the Brother hood of Trainmen. Attacks made upon the honesty and lntegrlty-f the civil service department of. the city by John L.

Davie, candidate for mayor, will be answered and branded as false at a public meeting to be held tonight at Chabot hall under the atis-I pices of the Oakland Municipal Civil Ser-I vice Employes' Association. The meeting (will not be political III its nature, as it has been called for the specific purpose of 'listening to two San Francisco civilser-I vice experts. "But unwarranted and virulent mis-! statements of fact have been made," ac- coriJTng to members of the civil service board and the officers of the association, by Davie. Harrison S. Robinson, presl- dent of the civil service- board, will speak, and will make a direct answer to I the allegations that have been made.

Robinson declares that It is not in the interest of a political factton that he will speak, but that as there have been absolute falsehoooda uttered by Davie rwith regard to the operation of civil ser vice, it is fitting thai these allegations, i reflecting upon the honesty of the board and Its employes, should not go unanswered. E. aJ Wolcott, president of theClvil Service Commission of San Francisco, will read a paper entitled "Civil Service vs. The Spoils System." Mr. Walcott is an Interesting and Instructive speaker and is.

a recognized In this state -upon matters pertaining to the Merit System, as now In vogue in the larger cities of the United States. A weU attended meeting of the Moving Picture Theater Operators was held this morning at their hall on Webster street. Frank W. Bllger and John Gelder.made short talks to the men who make a-living by handling films. This evening I Frank W.

Bilger. J. J. Chaudet and John Gelder will deliver addresses at the Lockwood School. The following Communication has been forwarded to The Tribune: 'We feel that Oakland todav has 'reached a crisis in Its history; that the election of Mr, Davie to the.

Lofice of mayor would be to revert to the policies and situation which existed- in this city twenty years ago. Mr. Davie has definitely announced that he stands where he' stood twenty years ago and. if elected, would insti tute the same policies then in vogue. jWe cannot feel that Oakland Is not a metropolitan community.

There- fore, we have decided to take this method or opening up a campaign by I the citizens of. Oakland for Oakland I a volunteer movement In Which everyone who has the best interests of Oakiarjd at heart will participate. Mn yvu LllUt CC II day you keep open a space In vour columns In which may be enrolled the names of those who are willing to take; iip this civic duty. "We appeal to every man an woman In the city who believes that rwe nhould endeavor to make Oakland a Dusiness community, that Oakland should not retrograde Into a suburb, to send their names to your publication for enrollment with those who have taken up this great work. "JAMES -B.

MERRITT. "ALK.X T. STEWART. O. LAWRENCE." Prominent speakers.

Including candidates for office, -will address a meeting of the Thirty-ninth Assembly district club at Durant school, Twenty-elKhth and firnve street, mmopow those who will talk are O. Angell, Mulllhs, El Vender Naillen, M. R. Brun-1 ner and others. The club has arranged for several novel features In connection with the meeting and prizes will be awarded.

Judge William R. Geary, candidate for candidate- for Commissioner No. were the principal speakers at a meeting Tues- day nlgbt of the South Melrose Social lub at Forty-eighth avenue and East Fourteenth streeu George Boston- is preeident and Mrs. 1. Fries secretary of the organization.

IMS ilwaya the hjr, Use IX For Over fj 1T jlj wiiv via 7 R. P. i. ES I OFFICE Portland Man Heads the Local Force, Vice Halliday Transferred North. An ftnportant change In the OakUnd offices of the Pacific Telephnq pany was announced today when C.

II. Moore, formerly of Portland, took the place of District Commenaal Superintendent J. A. Halliday. Halliday will go north to take the place of Moore, the change belng'wrjpxcbange of positions, designed, according to the company of-" flvlnls, to give their man sera wider experience.

The new wiperlnteMdent has been with the'compsny since Itmr, and Is well known as nn expert In telephone service matters; He dei lii'-es that hu has no plans for any radical changes. a "These must work themselves out." he declare-i "so -fur ss I can see the or-KanlziilTiilV here Is complete and this chamse Is 'merely. It) switch, the of-fn-ia's a bit. Somtiines its a good thing fur the company and It's a sVxnl tiling for the officials! This Is my flrst Job 'in California, and I look forward lo it with considerable', In-terest," The new manager is' already familiar Willi all the details of l'is -ofnee. The flange will renuib4-4tt aMi fo drtlnlte, period.

"TA-" A TIP" Tr for Trlbnnft Trl. I CONTEST Tills lii 1 1 Hry Blank Properly Out Good for 300 Points Only bna Entry Blank Credited to One Caw1l'lne, TRIBUNE CHANG FRANCISCO, May t. Gossip and the non-appearance of a monthly allowance have failed to kill the idve of Mrs. Myrtle for hur husband, Cassitis Hutton, president of the -tt A. Hutton Flour Company and-prominent member of the Olyru-.

pic Club. Three weeks after Miss Alma Green was married to Hutton, gossip entered the Hutton home una in bride packed bag and baggage and Ifwent to her grandmother, Mrs. P. It. Spencer, a member of the family ot Spencerian pen fame, who resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hutton had been divorced from his first wife, Beatrice, only three days thflHtt was redded to Misa dreanr After a brief honeymoon in Iluttpn and his bride returned to San Francisco and took up their abode in a pala'tial" home tn West Clay Park. Hardly had they been domiciled when Dame Gossip paid Mrs. Hutton repeated calls. Two weeks later It was agreed that MrsHutton should go hack to Cleveland and that if she remained away one year Hutton was free to sue for divorce on the grounds of desertion. Meanwhile she, was to -re-eeive-an allowance of $160 monthly.

WILLING TO RETURN. Less than two months have elapsed and Mrs. Hutton from Cleveland sends word that she is willing to return. Hutton won back Ills wife by love letters of the variety which touch the heart of women. lie won back his wife despite the fact that he failed to ketfj his agreement to' send her $150 monthly.

week Mfs. Hutton wrote to her attorney, Joseph P. Sweeney, direct Insr him to commence suit against DAY DF DANCE ftp Elaborate Fete Staged on the Grass; Greeks to Make Liberal Exhibit. LjXJJAUNE BUREAt. Panama-Pacific Jvxpoi Mav 4.

the Day of the "Dunce at "the Exposition, when Mile. Doulse Da Gai's elaborate fete was staged on the erasj before the I.lnentl Arts Palace. The spectacle was one of the most elaborate ever on the coast, a varied program of classical dances being offered by the noted danseuse and her youthful pupils. Tanta years of attej was ohe of the solo other clever children were seen. The program:" First V.The.., of the Rose," De Gal and eight children) Butterfly Wooers.

Alice Marvin, Alice Heafey, Edith Undsev, Marlorie Rogers; Bntter-tlv Soloists, Phyllis Frost. Helen Cathroll: The Honey Bee, Master Stonlev, Cathrall; The Rose. Tanla Akountne: Flreflv. Mile. Gai.

Solo, music "Nalla Intermezzo" (De- lihes). Second music. "EsDana." Edith Uiidsey, Frost. Third "Russian Greeting Dsnne. music, "Ruapian Koesflck." by Aslier, Mile.

I.a rial and six chiirtren. IN T.IBERATj ARTS PALACE. "Apnle Blossoms" Orchestra "A Mornlne'' Williams Nightingale Song Actual song of a b'rd of Bremen "Oh, That We Two Were Maying" rAlma Clluck and 1xuise 'Homer "Dance of the Song Birds" Victor Orchestra "I Hear a Thrush at Eve" John McCormack Two Serenades" Caruso and Mischa Elman "Spring from Alma Gluck "Printemps Marsh Thursday will see the opening. the Siamese pavilion, this affair to feature an elaborate program. A rerention and dan-sant in the Turkish Pavilion will follow the exercises.

The Greek government will participate tn the Exposition, according to the latest announcement, through the purchase of the building partially erected by the German Kali Svndlcate. and which will house copies of Greek statuary and other I exhibits. Art Smith is to make1 four flight this week, two to be Illuminated night as censions. He will fly Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at and tonight and Saturday night at 8:15. Next Tuesdav Edwin Markham will present to the Santa Clara delegation Its prize for the best wild flower display.

The work of the award Juries is now well under way Men of dlstlnction from all parts or the world, selected to serve, will Inspect all exhibits during the coming months. One thousand guests Inst night danced at the ball of the Philippine commissioners, given in the California building, and a "number of noted men and women were present at the affair. Tn the receiving list were Ueutenant John Walker, U. S. A.

ald-de-cSmp to the Philippine director general; Teon Maria Guerrero, president of the Philippine board nf the exposition; Mrs. William T. Sesnon. San Francisco: W. W.

BarcTay, director general of the Philippine exposition hoard, and Mrs. Barclay: Francisco Diongson. Philippine commissioner, and Mrs. Lionsrson; Colonel Harboard, Philippine constabulary, Snd Mrs. Harhosrd; Mrs.

R. W. Jones.bwtfe of Colonel Jones of the Philippine sn-stabulary, and Mrs. J. R.


BOOTH TRIBUNE BUREAU, Panama-Pacific Exposition, May 4. The following have Tk. Trlhiitu honth hpr1 registered at The Tribune booth, Ler Arts building: Arts building: H. P. Goertz, Mountain Miss H.

L. Flully, -N. Y. Thompson, Oakland: Mrs, E. Thompson, Oakland; Mr.

and Mr. W. B. Ofbome, Osklsnd; Elma M. Mason, Oaklsnd; Raymond SchultZb.Oakland; Hensley Eastman, Oakland;" Ray Psull.

Osklsnd; Rooevelt SalmonrOaklandf-R. W. Bradford, San Francisco; O. C. Hunter.

-Salt Lake, Utah; William C. McEvan, Provo, Utah; Eleanor Horn, San Frsnclscef Mr. snd Mi-s. L. M.

Haughton, Alameda; Mrs. Q. W. Rear, Oakland; Botch Clsncey Robinson, Oakland; Earl McDonald, Oak. Isnd; Dorothy Demmlng, Oakland; Helen Dunning, Oakland; Andrew J.

Salmon, Kakjoortle, West Australia; Albert Eastman, Osklsnd; Florence McDonald, San Wright, San Francisco; Bertille Belssco, San Frinclsco; Mr. Albert H. Rowe, Texas; Miss Mildred Porter, Texas; Jsmes Kelr, Oakland; Wlnnlfred Schoenstgdt, Oakland; A. C. Vose.

Oakland; H. L. Carlisle, Oakland; M. Carlisle (Mrs.) 8t. Helena; Chas.

Poole, Los Angeles; Catherine Burke, editor Trsnscrlpt. Concord; Ellsa H. Messer, Oakland; Mrs. C. W.

Kurkelmon, Oakland; Floyd D. Smith, Fresno; Theo- dor Hardee, chief of the Liberal Arts, P. I. J. W.

Pellow, San Francisco; wirier Lainzlo G.rm.nv o. Berlin, Germany; Ruth Hockwsld, San Franc'co; San Fran- e'scc: L. E. Wilson, Berkeley; Arthur Potts, Berkeley; Eleanor Johnst Berkeley; A. Buchman.

Oakland. 1 PAG I FIG ALCOHOL 3 PER neT ANgetableRrparalbnlofAs siroiiamgmiwdamilkfM ling (lie Sumachs andltoweis of Promotes Dieestfonflwifi- ncssandRestontaLisneittw Opiuni.Morphine norMtaal NOT NARCOTIC. XtcijtafOldlkSlttXLniUSll PrnfiiaSmxl' JbcSama ClarM Sum -AnerfectBemedv forCtmsIb tion Sour Stomach-Dlarrtoti Worms JConvutSKmsjevensit ness and LOSS OF MEER lie Sural Signature 1VC CufrAim Compaq NEW YUKK- Exact Copy of Wrapper. POLITICAL NOTES The Judge William R. Geary Commuters' Club, which will work in the interests of Geary for commissioner No.

1. has been formed, with Frank W. Conrad as president. A set of resolutions rtorslng Oeary hasbeen drawn up by the German-American citizens and signed by the following: F. W.

Stromaerg. Lambert Knit, Albert J. Miller, Carl W. Bold. F.

Borddeker, S. Rist, E. Classman: Michael Khrhart. II. hcmltt, Joseph A.

Reichling. William Jacob. Aurnst LESSER WASHINGTON MARKET WASHINGTON MARKET LESSER BROTHERS "The Market of Quality" sua EATS Round Steak per 16c Pot Roast, lb. 10 Sufear Cured Corned 1 Beefy lb. 10 Legs Mutton, Eastern Sweet Pickled Spare Ribs, lb 14f Leaf Lard, 9 lbs.

for $1 Smoked Picnic Hams, lb. 12 J4- BUTTER Fancy Creamery 2 lb. 53c Washington Brand, best churned fresh daily," guaranteed. lo i All egsrs carefully candled and guaranteed. Nice, Large, White, Selected Fresh on Eggs, doz.

Large IT. Bakery Dopf. Branch of RUEDIGKH, IjOESCH ZI.MiA.XD (Main Store 1017 Broadway) Special for Wednesday Cocoanut Marshmellow Layer Cake 25 Alo a Full Line of Chir Superior Bakery Goods. THE BUSY CORNER 9th and Washington Sts Oakland, Calif. WASHINQTOW MAEKET.

Ufcriri-l'" II. II' I ill mi; 1-1 '1IS1: lltel mi Mm, I i "I am simply here on a visit," Mrs. Hutton told Clevelanders. Mrs." Hutton Is "In no hurry to" return. She stated last night that sh would remain in the Forest City for a few weeks hefore Joining her letter-wooing husband in San Francisco.

I.etters have played an important part In Mis. Hutton's life. During the six months' engagement which preceded their marriage by the Hev. lr. C.

Si S. Duttnn In Sam Francisco February It was the mall that bore most of the love messages between tnem, for the young woman was out of the city much of the time. Tomorrow's Exposition a Program a. m. open.

8:30 a. m. Kxlilbillon Imposition fire companies at fire tower on the Zone, tnie anil lad der drill and life net Jumping. 9:00 a. in.

Exhibit palaces and live stock flection opens. 9:30 a. m. s. Government program begins at this hour in va- rious ualac'es.

(.9:30 a. in. aM m. Grand Court of California Foresters of America, third day's session, Hall s. tr.

civic temer. 9 s4 a. m. IrHl, f. Si Marlnes at Marine 10:00 a.

m. and 1:30 p. m. Grand Circle of California Companions of the Forest of America, Hall "IV -Exposition Auilltoriuni, S. Fs Civic Center.

10:00 a. 'Motion picture thea- ters, open in various buildings. 11:00 arm. and 4:00 n.m. hau Karoo boxing match, Australian Pavilion.

11:30 a. ni. B'Nal BRith Day, ourl or AhnndiUKX'. 12:30 p. Council of Jewish Women's Day.

12:30 p. m. Concert, V. S. Marine Band, Murine Camp, 12:30 p.

m. Meeting of the Swedish auxiliary at the Insldc-f nn. 1:00 p. m. Concert.

Kxposilion Orchestra, August Bose, conductor. Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park on the Zone. 4:30 p. m. Concert, French Bund, Gabriel Pares, conductor, Court of Abundance.

2:00 p. in. Concert. Philippine Constabulary Band, Captain Walter Howard Ijoving, conductor, bandstand north of Service building. 3:00 p.

m'. Japanese Bots. JFete -r- In, Japanese pavilion. Concert, Marimba Band, Guatemala Pavilion. 3:30 p.

m. and 8:00 and 9:30 p. m. Granada and Fedora, champion, high wfrjc walkers of the world, in thrilling performance on wire stretched one hundred feet above the street level: Zone nlaza 4:30 p. "Art" Smith aviator, spectacular flights, including loops, aerial' tango, and sldewise dips, from -the Marina.

6:30 p. m. Concert Exposition Orchestra, Max Bendlx, conductor. OKI Faithful tnn, Yellowstone Park on the Zone. 6:45 p.

m. Illumination of grounds begins. 7:45 m. Scintillator drill and fireworks display. Court of Abundance.

8:00 p. in. Concert, French Band, Gabriel Pares, conductor, Court of Abundance. 8:00 p. mjConcertj Band, Walter Howard Loving, conductor, bandstand north of Service building.

STOCKMEN HEAR OF ASSOCIATION'S WORK L.IVERMORK, May 4.. The services rendered to ranchers bv the Btockmen's Protective Association was, reviewed1 at the annual banquet of the association here Saturday Prominent cattle breeders and public officials were among the fifty guests of the organization; Jonn J. wn lUHniniaster. The, pfakers included M. Q.

Callagbon, Murphy. Supervisor Charles W. Danlel rf. Murphy, Supervisor' Charles IIeyerf3 E- TrethewBy. memberot III.

San Joaqdin board of supervisors; Dts-. trict Attorney It. HynC John McGllnchey, president of the association, and Farm Advisor W. H. Nixon.

Increased fire protection, brought about through the efforts of the association, has resulted In lower Insurance rates for standing grain In the IJvermore. district. Acute Articular Rheumatism Rslieved by Anti-Kamnia Tablets The exact cause of rheumatism, Is on known, though It Is generally believed to be due to an excess of urlo acid In the blood. It may be alto said with equal truth that no remedy bas been found which is speoiflo In ail eases. In fact the literature of rheumatism shows that there are but few drags which have not been given a trial.

Io the bands of one observer we find that a certain drug has been used with tbe utmost have found tbe sameremedy to be a great disappointment. All physicians however agree that every method of treatment is aiaea Dy toe administration of some remedy to relieve the quiet (he nervous system and Dr. w. 8. Bcbulue 1 expresses tbe opinion of thousands of practitioners when be says thai Anti-Ksmnia Tablets should be given preference over all other remedies for the relief ol tbe pain la 11 forms of rheumatism.

These tablets can be purchased In any quantity. They are alt "-surpassed In headaches, neimlais I what a dandy oar." imEE WHIZZ! 'she starts on -the high with (he clutch In. m. "And pulls off like ah electric, smooth as silk." trying for? 1 should say so!" Weil, then, GET BUSY, for there are others who want a try for th hjg Cadillac and the thousands of vacation trips, too. If there is any red blood In you the appea of the HO.OOd Tribune Travel Contest will be Irresistible.

Once 'you have-cast your eyes lipon the beautiful you will decide there Is nothing that you want so much. Your" next thought will be. "How can I got It?" THE TRIBUNE tells you that it Is to be won by Points issued on subscriptions to the paper. Win the car by getting subscriptions for THE TRIBUNE. SO FAR SO GOOD.

'V "But, what If I don't get enough to lead at the; end of the Contest?" Just say, "I nan and I will" and then if after you have tried your very best you happen to bo awarded the trip to New York or to Hawaii, or Alaska, or Yellowstone, or Grand Canyon the San Diego Exposition, and can take a few side trips to Yosemlte, Tahoe or Santa Crug besides; you will be Just as much of-a winner because you did your very best. Having; gone this far in your thoughts. It Is time to put a little action Info them. Get subscribers. Go to your friends and acquaintances.

Tell that car simply must be yours, and will be, too, if they will stand by you. See how soon you can ret together enough subscriptions to make a good eh owing1. Get the promises of help. Aak all your frlenda to g-et people whom they know to sign to help you they help, anybody, thus you will tie up a lot of prospects which will later, rally nobly to your standard and help you win Just the prize you want. WHO LAUGHS tAST.

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i The wise candidate tries hla luck everywhere, wlthVthe "good prospects" and the unpromising as well. Sometimes he will get-surprises from both sides. Tt will be a sign that you are a poor canvasser to meet with no refusals. It would prove that your were merely skimming over the surface, getting only the cream of your possibilities and you would lose more In this way than by getting a number of refusals over a much larger circle. All people are the same and the vital thing Is to Just natural, ask and In most cases you will get sr- hearty at once or a promise of -a subscription fcs the near future.

The more people you see the more points you are going to get that's Just as sure as You will get your training-fiow an(i the people who do not help cannot hinder you If you have the right spirit and the willpower to" persevere. The first subscriptions are the hardest to get. The beginning Is the most difficult. The contest Is Just beginning, too. so you have plenty of chance start today and win out.

Four new yearly subscriptions will put any enterprising aspirant for. the Cadillac or the thousands of vacation prizes in the lead. One subscription makes you a winner of a vacation prlje. Why not start today and pit your energy and--pluck against that of the contestant In your district. Nominations will, for a limited time, still be counted as 300 points.

Send yours in today. NOMINATIOmBLANK The OAKLAND TRIBUNE TRAVEL I Eight Cylinder Cadillac First Grand Prlz SIGNED This Blank at Once to OAKLAND IIK1 SIGNED. Grand Travel Prises 10 Ggand District Prize Prises. Trips to Exposition Taroalpals "Santa Cruz Lake Taboo -Yo sewn He San Diego Mt. Lowe Los Angeles Catallna fcrand CanroB Yellowstone Park Alaska Hawaii New Yrk via Panama Sign and Send in 'WfiftTrrrrrfS? i VfflP i u' i Lor Ith popularity race known as THK TRIPCNE ''qytfrtfKMr TRAVEL roKTT for tf, eight cylinder 4MlW Cadillac, and VAC TION TP IPS to be givea by THE OAKLAND TRIBfNK.

yVu. Ask tot A-JC Tablets,.

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