The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia on October 10, 1922 · Page 4
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The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 4

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1922
Page 4
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YEAR-OLD MAN D. W. Starrett Declares He Has Discovered Ponce de <? Leon's Dream. Ry Cosmopolitan News Serrlre. OAKLAND, Cal., Oct. 10.? Concentrate on your bodily ills ?rtd live indefinitely. The foregoing, is, _in a nutshell, thj? doctrine of D.'w. Starrett, president of the Indefinite Physical Society, who, in company w(th more than seventy of his followers, has engaged a banquet room in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, for September 15, 2000 A. D. Rejuvenated Body. Ptarrett today told Cosmopolitan Mews Service how he had completely rejuvenated his body in the last thirty years until today, at the age ?l? sixty-four, he has the appearance Of a man of 35. At the latter age, physicians told him that he would Bot live for more than six months. "My doctrine," Starrett said, "Is merely the combination of truths presented to the world by the late Prof William James, of Harvard University, and Dr. Alexis ran. II, of one Rockefeller Foundation. James placed a man on a delicately balanced contrivance and proved that the brain controls the flow of blood through the body. When the man concentrated his thoughts on his feet.the blood automatically flowed to them, upsetting the balance; when the man thought of nls brain the same held true and the blood flowed to his hrain. Cells Still Alive. "Carroll startled the world eight years ago by proving that body cells Will live outside of the body when properly nourished. Today, some Mils he has experimented wiLi are ?till alive and healthy, although artificaily fed for more than eight years. "My eyatem is merely a combination of the two?concentration on all the organs of the body each day, ?timulating a flow of healthv I.lumi to them, thus building up their resistance to disease and, If any is present, completely eliminating it." Mental concentration in the belief Of Starrett can be aided If another person supplements the concentration with the influence of his will. "I have disciples all over tbe world." Among them is Mrs. Katherine Howard Gould, of New York and NewiHiit. wno married the grandson of the railroad magnate. I am concentrating on her ailments now, and she has been much Iraproved, I am told." City Guide Book Ordered. A guide book describing the various city parks and public buildings was ordered prepared yesterday hy Lieut. Col. C. O. Sherrlll, officer in charge of buildings and grounds. Mapa showing the location of all the parks and huildlngs will supplement photographs us??d to illustrate the volume. Extra "Rights" for Women Are Advocated by Fay King If Mere Man Can Have a Spare Pair of Pants the Ladies Are Entitled to Substitute Gloves. ^_ By FAT KINO. A lady haa written me a letter in m hi? h she makes what I con sitter a very good suggestion. Even her name indicate? that she has the "Wright" Idea. She thinks that some glove manufacturer ought to put on Ihe market a "pair" with TWO right-hand gloves. "I have about two dosen left gloves lying around that ar? as | good as new, but the right hand ones are shabby and I can't use (hem. Tailors make an extra pair of trousers to go with men's suits. Why not an extra right glove for business women!" Now I think there's some sense to that, and I hope some glove manufacturer will read this and start the works right off. I have the same trouble with Ihe right-hand glove of each pair I buy, too, only I don't hang on to it long enough to wear it shabby. I lose it. I can't see a thing with my glove on. and whenever I go to buy anything off comes the right glove so that I ran get a better luok, and if the bargain Is a good one I get so enthusiastic and run off with my purchase so overjoyed I forget all about the right glove I've taken off and leave it there on the counter. Then f have to get a new pair of gloves, and what I saved on the bargain goes again getting new gloves. I get around lhoui;h hy iimi.-'Iv buying two pairs of glove? just alike at the same time and then when I lose one I have the other left, but that doesn't work verv well either because it doesn't take me much lone er to lose two right gloves than it does to lose one. However, when I lose the second one I keep my right hand In my pocket and get some good out of the two left ones. I wear one left one and carry the other left one and nobody is wise to the fact they are both lefters. There is only one thing worse than losing one perfectly good, brand-new glove, arid that is FINDING just one brand-new, perfectly good glove. Especially if it don't match any odd one you have on "hand." 1 never snap my gloves together when I take them off. because I'd rather lose one than two. That's too much of a cinch for the finder, and I guess there's some truth in the maxim that you get what you give, because I never found a good pair snapped together, either. I have heard of folks who have, though, and maybe they deserved to because (hey lose a pair when they lose 'em. Anyway, I'm quite enthusiast!? about Miss Wright's suggestion, and I'll walk ten flights up to get two right-handers with one pair, and that's more than some guys will for an extra pair of trousers with a suit. Forfeit Collateral. Arrested on charges of gambling, three men and one woman yesterday forfeited $70 in collateral In Polirei Court. They were Rosle Stephenson, $25: Michael J. Wall. *'-?.". John F. Hughes, $15, and John L. Downs. $10. ?. Y. Restaurateurs Plan Exhibition Today at Convention in Progress Here. William Chiids. of the Chtlds Bestaurant Company. New York, wilt give the principal address today at the second session of the fourth annual convention of the National Restaurant Association, in Convention Hall. Other speeches will be made by Leon V. Solon and John Frltsche, of Philadelphia: P. D. Briggs. New York, and Harry H. Miller, of Pittaburgh. The New York Society of Restaurateurs will give a demonstration of meat cutting. The suffrage question In the District of Columbia was discussed at yesterday's meeting by A. K. Seymour, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. He said this city should have the right to vote on the ground that during the war it sent more men to battle than any one of seven States. "Then, too. residents of Wsshington pay more income taxes than several States." he aald. "In our auffr??e movement we will endeavor to attain the object through a Constitutional amendment." Mr. Seymour welcomed the visiting delegates on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and the District Commissioners. The quick-lunch businesa aa a "piofesslon" was discussed by Harry A. Baldwin, of Springfield, Mass., president of the association. He said the businesa would progress more rapidly If the following lines were adopted: More permanent and ar tlstlc construction of restaurants: 'equipment with more effective venti lating devices: more careful seh'ction end better training of personnel: purchase of the best materiale and ! uae of the beat sales methods and advertising. I_st night a reception was held in Convention Hall at which the visit' ing women were the guests of honor. I__C=3^1 ?j^C ??t\ SHOES 121* ? ST. ?. W. HOSIERY T??iTT-inTNrW. DEMONSTRATION of the famous Osteo-tarsal Footwear Monday to Thursday, October 9 to 12 Inclusive Indorsed by the National Board of Physical Education of the Y. W. C. A. ten eu? Especially recommended for Nurses, Teachers, Clerks and Business Women. OSTEO-TARSAL Mr. Joseph Pietzuch, of Boston, Mass., a recognized foot-fitting expert, will be in our store October 10, 11 and 12, to explain how foot comfort and health are derived from wearing Osteo-tarsal shoes. He will give personal fitting attention and advice to all who desire it without charge, and will be assisted by our permanent staff of experienced Osteo-tarsal fitters. Queen Quality Osteo-tarsal Shoes are scientifically designed? Flexible Shanks, three point bearing and hard and soft rubber heels?to aid the foot and leg muscles and assist in the correct poise of the body on the feet. Queen Quality Osteo-tarsal Shoes are made in the smartest styles and give comfort without sacrificing appearances. Oxfords and Boots in Brown Kid, Brown Calf, Black "Shoe-Soap" Kid and White Rcigncloth. Osteo-tarsal Shoes Also for Mistes and Children Queen Quality Boot Shop ir? 1219 F STREET N. W. Shoes and Hosiery for Women and Children Ercluuivr Agents in Washington for QUEEN QUALITY -?^*S?l lAfc*-^/-?^srml f**^ ?rV^^?l l SHOES ? rxcr: t Annual Exhibition Has Outgrown Armory?New Site Convenient for Autoists. CUMBKBLAND. Md.. Oct. 10.? An option haa been taken by the Cumberland Fair Association. Inc., on a 100-acre tract of bottom land adjacent to the McMullen highway, four miles west of this city, on which the association proposes to establish a fair ground and athletic field. The property is own<?d by the Cumberland Industriai Corporation. It is expected that the deal will be closed promptly and the fair ground, with all the necessary buildings will he in readiness for the annual exhibition of next jear. The rapid growth and widespread popularity of the Cumberland hlr of the past five yeara haa neceasltated a much larger place for its showing, which has reaulted in the present project. The State Armory ia no longer adequate to houle the fair. Many entri??? have been refuaed because of lack of apace there. The site Is reached by the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the Western Maryland railway, the .Mullen highway, and the National highway. Congress Heights Association Condemns Use of Vehicles to Utilities Commission. Use of one-man cars hy the Washington Railway and Electric Company ia an attempt to Impose "sccond class service" upon patrona, accordine; to the terms of a resolution condemning the operation of these trama adopted last night by the ConKress Heights Citizens' Association. Almost dally ticups occur on the A nacos I la lines, It was maintained, and the cars wore styled "inefficient and dangerous." The Public Utili?ies Commission will be petitioned to halt the use of the one-man type, as will the traction company itself. Edward J. Newcomb and J. A. Marceron were named delegates to the Federation of Citizens' Associations, with G. A. Bender an alternate. The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers to be voted on at the next ?eeting: President, Dr. E. E. Blchardson: first vice president, L. D. Weeks: second, Frazler C. Whit??: secretary. J. A. Marceron; treasurer, G. A. Bender; financial secretary. Eldridge Purdy. Under direction of the association, an entertainment and dance will be held the night of October 19 in Congress Heights Auditorium. ADVOCATES COMPULSORY EDUCATION TO ACE OF 16 Citing present incongruities in laws governing children's going to school or working In the District, Harry ?. ? Ines, secretary to the Board of Education, at a mass meeting last night in Langdon Methodist Episcopal Church, advocated compulsory education to the age of sixteen. At present, he pointed out, while children cannot be required to attend classes after the.age of fourteen, they are not allowed to enter industrial work until they are sixteen. Those two yeara are often wasted, he maintained. Upholding Personal Charm at All Times CREME DAINTIE A ir*?*-**?*?!??. ??tl-MitftiitT f*rfam?? ?eaaorlier that will set Injur. th? ?la or doe; th? ser?? Dtsrevsr?? IB th? qaest far Mimethlac hotter Set ?Watrallsla? *??*> eSeSm. t> remsee, aatl .th- ,.?. D-? ?eeee, Proponents From Oxford in Able Defense, Lose 2 to 1 on Vote. BOSTON, Oct. 10.?America a entry Into the League of Nations appears to be steadily losing proponents even In the most academic circles. The league, as concerns the United States, received another slap last night in Symphony hall, when a large audience awarded the victory In u debate on this question, In which Harvard took the negative and Oxford University the positive, to the former. The vote was 1,614 to 1.000. Both cases were excellently presented. The personnel of the Harvard team was itlchard 8. Bowei?? of Brookllne, Mass., president ol the debating council; Paul It. Harnel. of Ohio, and Richard S. Kenning, of Tennessee. Th? Oxonians were Kdward Majoribanks and M. C. Hollle. The third member. Kenneth M. Lindsay, was taken suddenly 111 before the debate and no substitute was put in for him. SEEKS D. Ci Want Streets Improved? and Protest Pezoning for Commercial Use. A crying need for street repairs exists In certain- parts of the District covered by the Plney Branch Citizens' Association, according to resolutions adopted at a meeting last night. Tie Commissioners will pe petitioned to include in their revised estimates for the fiscal year 1924 provision for concrete drains on Thirteenth street from Spring road to Crlttenden street northeast, widening and grading the same thoroughfare from Crlttenden street to Colorado avenue and the resurfacing of Sixteenth street from Park road to Kennedy street. The association members recorded themselves as against the re-sonlng of the west side of Georgia avenue from Allison to Buchanan streets, from residential to first commercial. It was announced that the organi zation has on hand ?SO to add to a fund to combat legally the location of the new tubercular health school at Fourteenth and Upshur streets. The association solved the problem of children's skating in the atreeta by adopting resolutions favoring their use of sidewalks for the sport. Child Protection Topic. Protection of children from traffic accidenta will he discussed at a meeting of the public welfare committee of the District Federation of Women's Ctuba to be held at 1211 Irving atreet northwest, at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. SAY "BAYER" when you buy Aspirin Unless you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer product prescribed by physicians over twenty-two years and proved safe by millions for colds, headache, toothaches, earache, neuralgia, lumbago, rheumatism, neuritis, and for pain In general. Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper di rectlons. Handy boxes of twelve tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and 100. Aspirin Is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacldestei of Balicylicacld._ oohmarh &TCothroB DOWN STAIRS STORE A New Low Price For New Fall Fashions $ Dresses Long-Li ne Afternoon Gowns Semi-Formal Evening Gowns Well-Tailored Street Frocks Suits The Silk Dresses are of the favored crepes: Canton, Satin-back Crepe, Flat Crepe, Faille Crepe The Cloth Frocks Are of Poiret twill with clever trimmings of braici or embroidery. 23 Coats Fur-Trimmed Coats Big, Wrappy Sports Coats Coats for General Wear Bolivia, Normandy, Polaire Coats ?The dress ones; full silk-lined and with fashionable sleeve styles; blouse effects or straight. Sports Coats Of smart plaid-back materials; warm, jaunty and with that wanted air of smartness so necessary for the true sports model. ?And as for Styles All you've admired in the new drapes, cascades, odd metal or cabochon clasps and buckles, and, of course, maiy* panels, plain or pleated. DOWN STAIRS STORK. Poiret Twill Suits Like the very expensive winter suits, these are silk crepe lined, extremely well tailored and with new long coats. 200 New Hats?Special, $3.95 Just saying these are special doesn't half tell the story of this exceptional purchase of good-looking hats. Beautiful velvets ; fascinating shapes. DOWN STAIRS STORE. Slip-Ons, 95c 'Way Under Price ?Because these are of the late summer weight, we've made the price so low. But they may well be worn for early fall. Long or short sleeve, in navy, brown, orchid, pink, white and black. DOWN STAIRS STORE. You'll Like These F ??*-*% 25 Camibockers, O The Latest in Lingerie ?Combining camisole and bloomers; these are of silken finish lingerette, in flesh, navy, brown and black and with satin stripe. Small and large sizes. DOWN STAIRS STORK. The Slippers and Pumps Special. $3.95 Pr. Women'? Black Satin Slippers, $3.95 ?with brocaded quarter, plain satin vamp and on?? ?trap. Other? plain, with brocaded vamp. Raby I.imiis heels. Patent Leather Pump?, $3.95 ?An odd eros?? strap arrangement make? these very new. With Cuban heels and welt aolen. Patent Leather Colonial?, $3.95 ? Decidedly fashionable right now. They have the Colonial tongue and Lotit? heels. DOWN STAIRS STORK. An Extra Special Fine Blouses. $1.85 Sheer Dimity Blouses, in pretty semi-tailored styles. Collegian, Peter Pan or tuxedo collars. Many with trimming of Irish crochet lace, fine scallop edges or plain. DOWN STAIRS STORE. Humming Bird Hose $1.50 Women's Pure Thread Silk Stockings, Pair Washington women have learned to know and appreciate the exceptional qualities of these silk stockings. In brief: Anti-run Knee Bands?Reinforcements; Elastic Lisle Garter Hems. Well-wearing Thread Silk. Black, Cordovan, Brown, Gray. DOWN STAIRS STORK.

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