The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1898
Page 7
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B$8 MOiNBBi ALGONA IOWA, WEBNMBA1?. AUGUST 3L 1838, •>;••« SI CCRRENt EtBNTft, The ancient custom of putting a coin I tn the hand of the dead is still occa- I sionally followed in the rural districts f of France. At Wardburg, Norway, the longest day lasts from May 21 till July 32, and in Spitzbergen the longest is three and a half months. The greatest height ever reached in a balloon was 26,160 feet. Two of the* three aeronauts who made this ascent were suffocated. The Swiss are very thrifty people. Four-tenths of the grown people of Switzerland have bank accounts, and begga rsare few. 'Straw* Show Which Way the Wind Blows." This is an old adage and one that has been demonstrated as truthful many times. The fact that the excursion business in Colorado seeks to use one particular line is astraw that indicates where the excursionists find the best scenery, lowest rates and best train service. The line in question, the Colorado Midland, has handled more excursion and tourist business this season than ever before in its history, and this is a straw which indicates that the Colorado Midland always offers the lowest rates, the 'finest scenery and the best train service through tho Mountains and to the Colorado Tourist Resorts. People vary in temperament. Some heave sighs under the same conditions that others would bricks. Wheat 4O Cents a BuaheL. How to grow -wheat with big profit at 40 cents and samples of Salzer's Reel Cross (80 Bushels per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. BALZER SEEDCO.,LaCroBse, Wis. w.n.u. No amateur photographer ever requires the proof of a young woman's love after hchasobtainedhernegative. Coe's Congli Maisam is the oldest and best. It will break up a cold quicker anything else. It- Is always reliable. Try it. Any other father but Uncle fcam with forty-five daughters would kick on the proposition of ha.ving pny mole. "A Home In Tenia." No part o{ the United States offers advantages that are to be found in the Gulf Coast Country of Texas. Everything grows; lots of It the year around. For stock raising you can not flnd its equal under the sun. Write to Southern Texas Colonization Company, John litndcrholm. Manager, No 110 Rfalto BldR.. Chicago, 111., for new illustrated pamphlet^ "A Home in Texas." Cheap excursion rates twice a month. The dahlia was named In honor of Andrew Dahl, a Swedish botanist. A bath -with COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing and beneficial. Sold everywhere. A tunnel three mile's in length was bored by ants in South America. To Cure Constipation orever, Tnlie Cascarefs Lnndy Cathartic. lUo or s It C. 0. 0. lull to cure clrut-Klsts refund iiionor. Even to the vei-y newest of new fl women a debt of gratitude is owing || for never having referred to herself as I; the new lady. -We know of nothing better to tear the lining of your throat and lungs. It is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and pneumonia. Only keep it up long enough and you will succeed in reducingyour weight, losing your appetite, bringing on a slow fever and making everything exactly right for the germs of consumption. Stop coughing and you will get well. cures coughs of every kind. An ordinary cough disappears in a. single night. The racking coughs of bronchitis are soon completely mastered. And, if not too far, along, the coughs of consumption are completely cured. Ask your druggist for one of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster. It will aid the action of the Cherry Pectoral. It you lifivn uny complaint whatever auil (leulro tho beat medical advice you ran possibly obtain, •write us freely. You wllirecelve a prompt rer-ly that may be of great YftVuo to YOU. Adilrese, DK. J.'O. AYEH, Lowell, Mass. IB If IT"IIPn One wno lins beeu »*• I A W LLIluGJ dieted with thin malady 181 I H 1 It I IB '"<• twenty year*, ba> JJT» I 1 9m W idi» discovered a way toget illcf while at home; send SO cents for a personal ;ter and treatise, giving full directions. Address jttt.lHMnavllle, Imvu. W. II, KICM. NEWDISCOVERYtflvw _ - _, . quick relief anUcuves wow* «. semi for book of testimonials and J.O days' atuieut .Free. Jir.u. U. cam's,Q» ill nVI 9 iiyuymwi) to uuro Uj'siiopslu, con Butttlou, liver nua klUuey aiseusea, biuo ftdi"il»ea. oW. 4t Uiuyylsis.Mc uuu tl.OO. Qf Baa hwrtth that K-I-P-A-K-? ill uot benefit. Scad B cents to Hlpans Oteialw >„ New York, for JO samples nod 1.000 tgatlmonlal». Water WORDS OF WlSbOM. Fire and sw-ord are slow engines ot destruction in comparison with the babbler. A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in his vicinity freshen into smiles. Find n way or mnke one. Everything is either pusher or pushed. The world always listens to a man with n will in him. The only worthy end of all learning, of all science, of all life, in fact, is that human beings shduld love one another better. Brooding over trouble is like surrounding one's self with a fog; it magnifies all the objects seen through it. Occupation of the mind prevents this. It is not similarity but sympathy in differences that forms the groundwork of social happiness: and in the open heart nlone cau the spirit of sympathy find lodgement. A generous friendship no cold medium knows, burns with one love, with one resentment glows; one should our interests and our passions be; my friend must hate the man that injures me. How can a man learn to know himself? By reflection never, only by action. In the measure in which thou seekest to do thy duty shalt thy know what is in thee. 'But what is thy duty? The demand of the hour. NO WOMAN is EXEMPT. The AVhltn Squadron. In 1885 Commander Wilde was In charge of the Dolphin, then attached to the North Atlantic Squadron, and then an idea evolved by him originated, the term, "The White Squadron." In July, 1888, the Dolphin was in New York harbpr, whore the heat was almost insupportable. The exposed surface of the ship Wns like the top of a stove, and one day the commander, chancing to touch it, almost blistered his hand. A thought occurred to him, and he sent a boat ashore, with a note asking Naval Construction Wilson to come to him. When the visitor arrived, he was asked to lay his hand on the ship's side. Of course the hand was quickly withdrawn. "What do you think of living in a furnace like that?" asked the commander. "It is terrible," was the reply. "Is there no way of cooling her oil'?" "I have thought of a way, and you can help me. Iwautyouto send me some white paint, with instructions to use it on this ship." The constructor looked grave. Naval regulations declared that all war ships should be painted black, and this daring young man was asking for a white hulk. "Write me au official request to that effect," he said, after a moment's consideration. The paint was rapidly applied, and although the heat without remained unchanged, the ship's temperature was rapidly lowered, until a fall of seventeen degrees could be recorded. The black paint had absorbed the heat; the white reflected it. The Dolphin started on her cruise, and in every port she was admired. One night when she was lying in Frenchman's Bay, the Secretary of the Navy, then William. C. Whitney, came to visit her. Commander Wilde expected to be centured for her changed apparel, but when he told the reason why the innovation had taken place, recounted the sufferings of his crew, and showed tho surgeon's report, the Secretary said, "You have clone right. Prom this time all the war ships shall be painted white."— Youth's Companion. Tlie Captain's Ecosomlcnl Wife. In a Massachusetts seaport to-,vu there is a retired sea Captain who makes a frequent boast that ho has the "smartest woman along shore." New instances of her enterprise are constantly coming to notice. The last one refers to an exploit by which who saved herself a doctor's bill. The Captain tells the story with great relish. "She's getting pretty heavy," ho begins, "and now and again whe'll miss her footing. Well, not ruaiiy months ago she missed it ou our stairs niid fell all in a heap down three steps on to her side. "When I got to her, she said, just as brisk as usual: 'Don't ask me if I've hurt myself, Cap'n, for of coarse I have. I reckon I've unjoiuted a boue in my left leg, falling ou U. Now don't try to pull me up. Let m scramble round a minute, and you go for the doctor." "Well, the doctor's our next neighbor, so it didn't take long to get him. He looked her over, and said thorn was a bone somawlieres round her left hip that was out of kilter. "At that mother rose right up OH her feet and toppled over the opposite way from what she'd fallen downstairs, and we heard a kind of a crack. "She looked up at the doctor with her mouth kind of whitish, but the same old twinkle iu her eyes, auil she says: 'I believe I've set that boue myself doctor,' and she had!"— Youth's Companion. Years of Veace ami Wuv. A survey of the powers of Europe shows that from the beginning of the ooutury to the eud of 1896 Turkey had experienced 37 years of war aucl 59 of peace; Spain comes next, with 31 years of war and 65 of peace; Francs, with 27 years of war and 69 of peasa; Kus- sia, 24 years of war and 72 of peace Italy, 23 years of wav and 73 of peace England, 21 years of war aud 75 ot peace; Austria-Hungary, 17 and 79; .Germany (exclusive of Prussia), 13 and 83; Sweden, 10 and 86; Portugal, 12 »ud 81, and Denrnftrl?, Q and 87, Regularity is a matter of Importance In every woman's life. Much pain is, however, endured In the belief that it is necessary and not alarming, when in truth it is all wrong and indicates derangement that m'ay cause serious trouble. Excessive monthly pain itself will unsettle the nerves and make women old before their time. The foundation of woman's health is a perfectly normal and regular per- 'ormance of nature's function. The statement we print from Miss GEU- TBUDB SIKES, of fclclred, Pa., is echoed n every city, town and hamlet iu this country. Read what she says: *• DEAR Mns. PINKHAM:—I feel like n new person since following your advice, and think it is my duty to let tho >ublic know the good yoxir remedies mve done me. My troubles were pain- ;ul menstruation and leueorrhoea. 1 was nervous and had spells of being confused. Before using your remedies [ never had any faith in patent medicines. I now wish to say that I never lad anything do me so much good for gainful menstruation as Lydia E. Pink- iam's Vegetable Compound; also would say that your Sanative Wash has cured me of leucorrhcea. I hope these few words may help suffering women." The present Mrs. Pinklmm's experience in treating female Ills is unparalleled, for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, and for sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter as many as a hundred thousand ailing women during a single year. All suffering women are invited to write freely to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, MC.SS., lor advice about their health. Sensible Intention. "What are you going to be when you grow up?" asked an inquiring citizen of the 4-year-old boy next door, and the boy answered after some considerition: . "I am going to be a mnn!" And the inquiring citizen thought Ih at was a good idea. A Counting A machine has just been completec that will count and bind ia packages 600, QQQ postal cards iu tea hours. ARTISTIC HOMES. How :i Great manufacturer Him UroiiRlit Them Within Koucli or All. Probably at no time in the world's history has so much attention been paid to tho interior decoration of homes as at present. No homo, no matter how humble, is without its handiwork that helps to beautify the apartments and make the surroundings more cheerful. The taste of the American people lias kept pace with the age, and almoat every day brings forth something new in the way of a picture, a draping, a piece of furniture or other form of mural decoration. One of the latest of these has betm given to the world by the celebrated artist, Muvjlle, in a series of four handsome porcelain game plaques. Not for years has anything as handsome in this line been seen. The subjects represented by these plaques, are American Wild Ducks, American Pheasant, American Quail and English Snipe. They are handsome paintings and are especially designed for hanging on dining-room walls, though their richness and beauty entitles them to a place in the parlor of any home. These original plaques have been purchased at a cost of ?50,000 by J. C. Hublnger Bros. Co., manufacturers of the celebrated Elastic Starch, and In order to enable their numerous customers to become possessors of these handsome works of art they have had them reproduced by a special process In all the rich colors aud beauty of the original. They are finished on heavy cardboard, pressed and embossed in the shape of a plaque and trimmed with a heavy band of gold. They measure forty inches In circumference and contain no reading matter or advertisement whatever. Until October 1 Messrs. J. C. Hubln- ger Bros. Co. propose to distribute these* plaques free to their customers. Every purchaser of three ten-cent packages o£ BJastlc Starch, flat-iron brand, manufactured by J. C. Hubln- gor Bros. Co., Is entitled to receive one of these handsome plaques free from their grocer. Old and uew customers alike are entitled to the benefits of this offer. These plaques will not be sent through the mall, the only way to obtain them being from your grocer. Every grocery store In the country has Elastic Starch for Bale, It Is the oldest and beat laundry starch on the market, and is the most perfect cold process starch ever invented. It Is the only starch made by raeu who thoroughly understand the laundry business, and the only starch that will not injure the finest fabric. It has been Ilia standard for a quarter of a century, and as an evidence of how good it is twenty-two million packages were sokl last year. AsU your dealer to show you the plaques and tell > you about Elastic Starch. Accept no substitute. Bear in mind that this offer holds gooil u short time only, and should be uiken advantage of without delay. Young 1 reporter—\Yhat humorous paper is Joe Miller writing for? Old reporter—All of them. O. A. TC. CJiacL'imil i Kucuin The Monon 'iloute, with Its four . '.rains daily, is the best and most com- .'o'rtable line to Cincinnati. The rate •vtll be only 1 cent a mile. Tickets on ale Sept. 3d, 4th, 5th and Gth, good o return Sept. 6th to 13th inclusive, md by extension to Oct. 2d. Send 4 ;ents In stamps for the Monon's beautifully illustrated book on the Cincinnati Encampment. Frank J. Reed, G. P. A., Chicago, li. B. Sessions, T. P. A., Minneapolis, Minn. JOLLY US_ ALONG. When w>, without or with desirft, Are tangled In the law, A lawyer, then, we needs must hlrt To find the tieedfnl flaw. ' Onr splendid case commands his zed! (Whether 't Is rlprht or wrong); With writ, adjournment, stay, appeal, He jollies us along! ! Wlion wo perchance have fallen sick, And fever rucks or pntii, Then send we for the doctor, quick, To bring \is health again. "A marvelous ensot None ere so 1111" (The sntne old cuckoo song); With lotion, mixture, potion, pill, He jollies us along! But Lawyer Shnrp nml Pr. Wise, Who work for needful pelf, Gun never hope to tuko thn prisn When matched with. one's own selt. With power or wealth or fame Iu sight, We struggle In the throng; While hnpo keeps trlmmod her hiring light And jollies «s ixlongl —Hunter JtivcCullooh, In Puck. HUMOR_OF _THE DAY. Walter — "Did you give anything to the fresh air mission?" William — "Yea, I sent them a draft." Ethel — "Why is Bessie so angry with Tom?" Mae— "He sent her a bunch of red and yellow roses. Softleigh — "I wondah what makes mah eyes so weak?" Miss Mabel— "They're iu a weak place." — Life. Marie— "Then you don't care to listen to soft nothings?" Ruth — "Not unless they mean something. " — Puck. He never told his love. Later advices indicate that ho wishes he had, instead of writing it. — Cincinnati Enquirer. I guess it's nothing but au idle ru- nor." "Idle? I guess not. It is tho iiisioHti old rumor thatever happened." -Brooklyn Life. "I am summoned to another climb," aid tho bell boy as tho indicator au- lounoed a call from the top floor. — ~'hiladelphia Eecord. Bacon — "Are the flies so bad up your vny?" Egbert — "I think uol. A great nany of them seem to go to church Sundays."— Youkers Statesman. "Maud married a man a good deal ilder than she, I hear." "Older? He s twice her real ngo and three times icr given ago." — Indianapolis Jour- ml. "I should think thuL you would hns- tate about getting mieh an expensive jreseut for your wife." "Not at all. '{ I hesitated }. wouldn't get it." — jife. "Gome and have a quiet game of lennis," said John son. "Can't," replied Thompson; "never could play ennis without a racket." — Boston bulletin. Jimmy — "la youv aunt ou your mother's or your father's side?" Tommy- -"Sometimes ou one and somo- imos the other. It depends on who s getting tho best of it." — Tit-Bits. "Tell us," cried the group of naidens, "how to remain always young ind attractive." "That is easy," re- lietl the sage. "Got a. fortune find tay single." — Indianapolis Journal. Visitor — "I have looked all through lie history and catalogue and I can lot find 'Great Naval Victories of Spain. '" Librarian— "You'll find it u the fiction list." — Now York Jour- aal. Mr. Watts — "I.fc seems queer thub jlephauts should be so afraid of mice." Mrs. Watts — "I dou't see anything jueev iu it at all. The elephant is one )f the most intelligent of quadrupeds." Diuoinuati Tribune. Mr. Scrimp — "My dear, I don't see low you hud this counterfeit bill oussed on you." Mrs. Scrimp — "Well, rou don't lot me see enough real nouey to enable me to toll the difl'er- jnce. " — Harper's Bazar. Anxious Mother — "How is it that you have so much trouble with your aousekeeping? You told mo your ould cook." Adult Son — "Suo "Then what is the matter? "She won't."— New York Weekly. "Bobby," ci'ieil Tudlcy to his young .lopel'ul, angrily, "my father used to ivhip mo when I behaved as badly aa yon are doing." "Well," answered Bobby, thoughtfully, "I hope I'll never have to toll my little boy that." —Truth. "What, might be your business?" asked the passenger. "I am a writer of short stories, sir," replied his Beat- mate, with a touch of pride, "I place ray work with whatever publication will accept it." "Oh, a sort of odd job feller, eh? I got a brother that makes his livin' that way, too. He in the tinware mendin' trade." *" The fuchsia was called after Leonare Fuchs, a famous botanist. • *? J$T ChicHgo is so young that the wife 01 the man who built the fir&^ brick house in that city died there only a few days ago. Sfp-To-««o (Tor ibCil mUncoo liitbiv cure. umU>» \lVf£ MQ , Hood imro. 5l)c. |1. All 3an. Locust Toxin. An English scientist who had been delegated by the English Government to experiment with locust toxin reports as follows: As the inoculated locusts died they were kept and dried and afterward having been given time to mature they were ground into powder.. A swarm of locusts, which were two hours in passing, went into alive- acve mealie patch, aud some of these locusts were saturated with a solution from the ground-up powder aud sel loose again in the swarm, which couple of days afterward was visibly affected. A little Inter they were ul" dead. If this story be true it would be diih. nit to exaggerate its importance to ixj mers in countries affecte by the loc\ .*•. pest. — Pathfinder. of Southern Simla. lu southerii/aiu language has boeu much degraded^ pronunciation, aiicl by the admixture of.gypsy aud othei slang; but differences go according to the provinces, not according to the rank or social position. This uniformity of language is, as it were, the outward and visible sigu of a certain so oial equality wbicu prevails among ihe Spaniards. It is perfectly compatible with the recognition of official rank 01 social distiuotion. But this is given. among the Spaniards, as it is among *ke officers of ftu army, '•Whoisthat 1 see yon feeding in he kitchen nearly every night, Molly?" 'That's my intended, the policeman, ma'am." "Well, if he's your intended, why lon't you marry h'itn?" 'I'm waitin' till his appetite goes lown a bit, inanin." Hn» Not Slept, for Five Tear*. It is reported that a man in Indiana las not had an hour's sleep for five fears. Thousands of men and women ire unable to sleep more than nn hour or two n night because of dyspep'jln, leadache nndconstipiiUnn. A cerUiin •emcdy for these disorders is Hosteller's Stomach Hitters. All druggists sell It. Rapid Work. Mrs. Gabley—See ray new picture, lear. It was taUen by the instantaneous process. Gabley—1 wondered how they caught ;ou with your mouth closed. ITnll's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally. Price, T5c. Even tho destruction of Yousouf. the Turkish monster, does not palliate the "horror of the Lpurgogne disaster. B't Tobnrro >>lt mid To quit tobacco oiisily and forever, Vm tinpnotlc, full of Hfo nerve and vifror, take No-To-Bac, tho wonder worker, that makes weak mnn stromr. All druggists, fiOc or$l. 3urn iruaratitced. Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or Now York. It is noticeable that army blue has quite superseded Spanish orange as a favorite color. Mt*B. .. "OT children tcctUlnn.Bofteuu tho uatlou.nllay!} pain, ctirun irliul c.(ilto. Kd cents a bottlft Many a man's better half docs not know how the other half lives. COSMO BUTTERMILK TOILET SOAP makes the nktn soft, white and healthy. Bold every wlinro. My doctor said I -Would Ale, bat £i96'« Cure for Consumption eufM *ft6.—AiOTi Kelner, Cherry Valley, Ills., Nor. 28« »SB* There is a noticeable decrease in popularity of Spanish yellovv. For a perfect complexion and ft clear, healthy skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP. Sold everywhere. The Roman penny was tallied at abotit 15 cents. ftdnoito Votir Uotveln With Oft*rafeti 0»iidy Cntlmrtlc. euro confttlpntlon forever. TO* iJc. If c C. 0. full dntit(rl»ts refund monet. Many an umpire with a stained record'has been saved by the bleachers^ $• Established 1780. Baker's Chocolate, celebrated for more than a century as a delicious, nutritious, a n d flesh-forming beverage, has our well-known Yellow Label on the front of every package, and our trade-mark,"La Belle Chocolaliere,"ou the back! NONE OTHER GENUINE. MADE ONLY BY WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd., Dorchester, Mass <? The explosive force of dynamite, is about eight times Hint of gunpowder. W. N. U. Ues Mnines. No. 36—1898. V.'licn Answering AdvcrcisenieiitS Kindly Mention This I'opcr. SWEET. WAUL AC H & CO., 84 "ittEash Ave., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Bond for Free Catalogue. Columbus discovered America — but. I have discovered BATTLE AX! • There is a satisfied — glad I Ve got it—expression on the faces of all who discover the rich quality of It is an admirable chew fit for an Admiral. In no other way can you get as large a piece of as good tobacco — for 10 cents. emember the name when yoy buy again. & ^ %aW KHARKAB& DISCOVERY re« rmc LAUWW wow. LAUNOBY WOBK MADE EASY KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It puts on thtvt ouiMuoi, glo»»y fluisu that la BO desirable. It makes Shirts, Shirt Waists, Collars and Cuffs look like new. Keith's Enamel Starch is the most economical starch made. It will do more work, do it. with less labor and do it better than any other starch. If it does not give you entire satisfaction youv grocer will refund your money. Large package, 10 couts; suml! packuKc, o cents. If your grocer does not have it, please send us his name and address and we will send you an ENAMEL STARCH RECEIPT BOOK for your trouble. Manufactured by KEITH EWEl STARCH CO., CHICAGO, IU. TEN ACRES OF EVEN For u short time wo will give u\vuy u limited number of 10-uci'e tiuets ot the finest California land suitable for raising ORANQES, UNIONS, PINEAPPLES, BANANAS, RUBBER AND COFFtt- ABSOLUTELY FREE OilFwwlPW I |HM| I lip*** legal p*per«. "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUQCEED," TRY

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