The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1898
Page 8
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THE UPPER BJfiS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1898, ••••••MlillM THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY WISD'S DAMAGE OVEBAT WESLEf General Round-up of liocal News and Personal Happenings for Seven Days fast. WESLEY, Aug. 22. — The terrible wind and rain storm that passed over this part of the county last Friday night was very near a cyclone. Considerable damage was done in this vicinity, several chimneys were blown over, and nearly every windmill was blown down or partly so. The windmill on the town pump was blown over on S. E. Grove's livery barn, breaking a hole through the roof. Richard Lloyd's mill and tower were blown over on his barn, breaking in the roof. Nearly every farmer that comes to town reports more or less damage done by the storm to farm property by their hay and grain stacks being blown down. The corn fields are blown down as flat as if a roller had been rolled over them. Quite a number of shade and prmunon- tal trees in our town were twisted off. The plate glass front to Emmons & Shaw's restaurant was blown in and also one of the plate glasses in Chas. Brunson's meat market. Elder Yetter of Algona was to be here Sunday evening to hold communion services, but owing to some unavoidable occurence he was unable to bo present and Rev. Plummet- had to conduct his own quarterly communion service. District conference convenes today. Today and tomorrow our town will be turned over to the Methodists. Miss Hattie Currey of Mason City is here, the guest of Mrs. Heal. Prof. A. H. Hoffman arrived here Friday from Sergirva. He will attend the institute at Algona this week. The republican caucus held here Saturday was the Inrgestarid most enthusiastic of any ever held in Wesley. The following are the delegates selected: Chas. Bronaon, C. H. Peterson, Nels M. Johnson, Peter Seaberg, E. Aldrich, Conrad Falk, P. Skow. The delegation is composed of good representative men and whose republican principles are above reproach. They will carry out the wishes of the republicans of Wesley township at the county convention, and .whatever ticket they help put up they will come back home, take off their coats, and help elect, whether the candidate is an Algona man, or Whittemore, Bancroft or Wesley. What the majority of the republicans of Wesley want are honest, honorable and competent men to fill the county offices, regardless of what part of the county they may come from. The delegation goes to the county convention uninstructed, which shows that the republicans of Wesley have confidence in the men they have chosen to represent them at the coming county convention. L. D. Russ of Chicago is here looking after his land interests in this part of the county. Mr. O. A. Potter of Cresco township was a Wesley caller Monday. Mr. Potter did not hesitate to tell us that he was a candidate for county recorder. We have known him for some time and have always found him to be honorable and upright in'every particular. During the storm Friday night lightning struck E. Evenson's house, running down the chimney and breaking the stove to pieces. Mrs. Evenson was badly shocked but soon recovered. The rest of the family escaped unhurt. Our people feel like rejoicing to think that.the 52nd Iowa is to be sent back to Camp McKinley, where they will be better' cared for. Whether or not the 52nd regiment ever sees actual warfare theyfwill be accorded the same recognition by the loyal people of Iowa as are given the men who have stood in line in Cuba, Porto Rico and Manila and stopped Mauser bullets. The army is a vast machine and each soldier is but ah integral part. He .is moved about at the will of the operator,' It is no fault of his if he is not sent to the front.where active hostilities are in progress. He enlisted to brave every emergency that arises. His choice is to be at the very front, and because the fortunes of war require him to stay in camp the honor and glory of assisting in sustaining the country's honor is not one whit lessened. He is a soldier and a patriot, and will*be so considered by all true citizens. •'••'••• - 'Hurt Monitor. Mrs. T. A. Butterfield takes the train today at Algona for their future home in South Dakota, where Mr. B. is operating a creamery. Their moving takes away a family who have lived in the county a good many years. For the month of July the Burt creamepy. took in 596,715 pounds of milk, from which there was made 25,944 pounds of butter. The total receipts foot up to $4,075.85. The average price was 63 cents, and the average cost of making butter per pound was 1.31 cents. The price paid is several cents higher than a year ago, and the receipts of milk amount to nearly 10,000 pounds more. The creamery now has 189 patrons, all told. We are pretty apt to lose G. S. Angus and wife this fall. They contemplate spending the winter at Iowa, down in Louisiana, where the two Gibbs families are located. Mr. Angus will not sell here, but will arrange to spend the winter there, and if he can find some light occupation that is satisfactory he may remain permanently. The farm here will be rented to his son Bert. The cake walk at the opera hall Saturday night was a drawing card, and those getting it up and taking part were greeted with a full house. It proved a good entertainment and was well received. Mrs. S. N. Harris and George Richards "took the cake," with Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hodgson a close second. lender. We heard it rumored last week that Ledyard was soon to have another general merchandise store. J. Mayne of Bancroft purchased a fine north Kossuth farm of Geo. C. Call last week, and will move up herein the spring and take possession of same. Sam Dm 1(0 of Algona was working insurance in this part of thecounty last week, and Saturday night he steamed into town and down through Main street, not even whistling for crossings, It might bo well for Sam to look up the law regarding the " planking" of cross- Ings. _ Whlttemoro Champion. Corporal Geo. Munch came home from St. Paul Friday and returned Monday. He said it is expected that his regiment will go to Manila for garrison duty. George looks to be in fair health and is a nice looking soldier. T. H. McEnroe has been over several times the past week, for it seems impossible to wean himself from Whittemore all at once. He had sold his Minnesota land, realizing a clean profit of $900, and expects to leave for that section today to invest in another tract. Joe Welsh, who lost nearly all of his worldly possessions in Whittemore's first fire, sent his wife and children off for a visit during the summer and he remained here working about at odd jobs. About a month ago he left town, stating he was going to work for a farmer northwest of here, but later developments go to show that he has left his family without visible means of support. His wife returned here several days ago and not finding him here was obliged to apply for aid. It is stated that she went to the county poor farm to stop temporarily until she can get assistance from her parents in the east. Joe has always appeared to be a man of better principle than this, and it is to be hoped he will return and support his family like a man. Liu Verne News. Haggard & Peek last week sold the Grose and Sampson farm in Union township to Mr. Hints, who lives near Lu- Verne. He will move onto the farm in the spring. The price was $30 an acre. ___^ Ltaucroft Register. While putting up 1. •> yfrom a slough on the Jeanson lands last week John Stahl ran onto a buffalo head of good size. From tip to tip of the horns is just 28 inches.' Rev. E. L. Benedict will attend the Chicago Divinity school of Northwestern University this fall to further prepare himself for his calling. Mrs. Benedict will accompany him and attend the school with him. Lafe Fuller, accompanied by Dr. Walters, went to ChicagoTuesday night to consult some of the eminent physicians there regarding his case. They confirmed the decisions of his local physicians that he had consumption, and advised him to go to New Mexico or northwest Texas at once. Mr, Fuller went from Chicago to the southern part of Illinois for a short visit with his sister and will then seek the more con- genial climate of the south, tt is the hope of all that he may recuperate there. Wesley News. Mrs. Wm. Ward has packed her household effects and moved them to Algona, where she will reside in the future. W. W. Smith and W. P. Gid- dlnge hauled the goods over by team. We are told that a pretty girl in Britt, who has been on earth for some time, is something of a an up-to-date warrior herself. She says she has been in 10 engagements and used smokeless powder in all of them. While mowing grass along the track last Saturday Nels Peterson found two of the longest blue stem grasses known of this season, one measuring 28 and the other 30 feet in length. Ben Felt has one on exhibition, while the other may be seen at this office. Sexton Reporter. N. A. Pine has leased his farm to young John Smith, who has been working on the Stanton place. John is a worker. Grant Benschoter tells us that from 50 acres his son George got 3,000 bushels of oats—a big yield indeed—and that on Tuesday afternoon 2,000 bushels of them were threshed by George Rosenfelt. This is a record that will be hard to beat. J. W. Robinson of Algona has leased the Joe Schaben building and is fitting It up for the purpose of opening a hardware store. This enterprise will be of great adyrntage to our farmers, and will save them many a trip to neighboring towns. Last Monday afternoon while stacking grain the hired mim accidentally lot a pitchfork fall from the stack, which struck Mr. A. Jasperson, the tines going through his right arm below the elbow. The injury is a painful one and causes the arm to be quite stiff. Wesley Reporter. Two cars of chickens have been loaded here this week for the New York market. Ed. Gillespie of Chicago, who forsev- eral years has been in the employ of the J. W. Butler Paper company, arrived Wednesday morning on a visit to his mother and brother Will. It is some seven years since Ed. left Wesley, and he says in that time the old town has changed considerably, but the greatest change has been in the country. Gonnoiila Standard. Last Saturday a gentleman of the turf, with a red handkerchief and an empty stomach, approached the section men while at work and engaged in conversation with them. He said he came from whore he started and was going where he went, and he didn't know for sure whether the war was over. He then said he would like to confer a benefit upon mankind and upon section men in particular, and produced some dry goods, shoes, etc., which were ir apparently good condition. He offered them at a great sacrifice to close out stock. But the section men didn't appear to appreciate his benevolent Impulses in their behalf, and an officer was sent for, who took Mr. One-shirt in charge along with his dry goods establishment. He was taken to Algona by Marshal McGuire. No evidence being broght against him further than thai of carrying a revolver on his person, he was given 10 days for carrying concealed weapons. Swoa City Herald. Mark Sands is here from Chicago visiting his mother and brother. He IB a Kossuth county boy, and we are glad to know he is prospering in the big city. Lars Anderson returned home from Dixon, 111., last Friday, where he has been taking a course in telegraphy. He hopes to get into a station this wintei and continue his studies. Miss Irene Ward, Sewing by the day or at home. Resi dence first house north of the J. B Winkel office. 2113 THE BIRDSELL UNAPPROACHABLE STEEL SKEIN FARM WAGON. Warranted lightest Draft, Pest Proportioned, Strongest Ironed, and Finest Finished Wagon on Earth. Also Sulky and Gang Plows. Pavid Bradley X Rays and the Rock Jsland.. See the New Rock Island §ulky. We will give you the best goods in the market for the least money, Satisfaction guaranteed. O. M. JOHNSON, THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowes prices. P. O. B. any station, WASH goods must go, as we need th room for fall goods. See our ad. G. L. GALBBAITH & Co. ORDINANCE NO. 25. AN ORDINANCE vacating that part of Algo na avenue lying within the boundaries o Block No. 280 and of Block No. 280, all In Call's addition, Algona, Iowa. Be it ordained by the city council of the Oit; of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That that portion of Algona ave nue within the boundaries of Block numbe Two Hundred and Twenty (880) and Blocl number Two Hundred and Twenty-six (326; all in Call's addition to Algona, Iowa, be an the same is hereby vacated, and the land with in the boundaries of said Block number Tw Hundred and Twenty (220) declared to inur to the benefit of Frank Slagle for in considei atlon of the sum of Three Hundred Dollar ($800) paid to the city of Algona, Iowa, by th said Frank Slagle; and the land within th boundaries of the North One-half (H) of sal Block number Two Hundred and Twenty-si' (280) be declared to inure to the benefit of E J. Murtagh in consideration of the sum of On Hundred and Fifty Dollars (S150) paid by th said E. J, Murtagh to the City of Algona; an the land within the boundaries of the Sout One-half ('/£) of said Block number Two Hun dred and Tsventy-six (228) be declared to in ure to the benefit of A. F. Call, Joe Harry Cal Geo. C. Call, Mary M. Perkins (formerly Mar M. Call), Nina Vesta Miller (formerly Nin Yesta Call), and Zada C. Baketel (formerl Zada 0. Call), executors of the last will an testament of Asa C. Call, deceased, in consli eratlon of the sum of One Dollar ($1) paid b the above named executors to the City of A gona, Iowa. Section 8. To more fully carry out the pur pose of this ordinance, be it further ordaine that the mayor and city clerk of the said Oit of Algona, Iowa, be empowered to execute quit claim deed releasing to the said Fran Slagle any Interest that the city of Algon may have in that portion of Algoua aven.u herein vacated lying within the boundaries o the said Blocl? number Two Hundred an Twenty (320), and execute a quit claim dee releasing to the said E. J. Murtagh any inter est whlctt the city of Algoaa may have In tha portion of the said Algous avenue herein vt eated lying within the boundaries of the Nort One-half (%) of said Block number Two Hun drect and Twenty-six (33.0), and releasing tc the said executors of the last will of Asa C Call, deceased, which executors are named ii Section 1 hereof, any interest which the cit of Algona may have in that portion of the sal Algona avenue herein vacated lying with!; the boundaries of the South One-hair (V,) o 8&W Block »umb« Twp Hundred and 'twenty f lection 3. TM» ordinance rttalj take eflec immediately U»on the publication thereof. f J. T. oKiasc«iM#», Mayor. A,$«st: J. fc, Daewoo, Qlty Plerk, iv "Triumph" Sulky Plows. OVER A CARLOAD SOLD FROM THE WIGWAM DURING THE YEAR 1897. The Most Popular Sulky Plow in the Market, We buy in car lots, for cash, and can give you better goods for the money than you can buy elsewhere. Everything Fully Warranted, the if Euros The Wigwam, Algona and Burt. WILFRID P. JONES. The Wetmore Truss THIS TRUSS MUKDBRS Met I WF.AR THE WKTMOKK TRUSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where it Is placed. The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title, My books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors have ever written a word In them. My work Is done by competent persons and Is guaranteed. Anything entrusted to me will have prompt and carelul attention. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Rent ^^ For Sale, Saws Filed, J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. WATER OR NO PAY. -A.. Artesian wen contractor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owneu in the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates made. I em- B loy only expert drillers. Address A. Falley, Algona, Iowa. PROFESSIONAL. «^-» - ^-^^^-S^-<^'>^ 1 ^^-V^-s - .'s -1 >'v>"S_*-V^-Vi CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxle-Feretuson bljck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. 3. C. KAYMOHD. B. F, REED. E. C. KAYMOND Raymond, Reed & Raymond, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Durdall's store, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UR&EON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office and residence over Taylor's. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Physician and, Surgeon. Office and residence in Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. DENTIST. A, L. HIST, D. D. S. Local anaesthetic tot deadening pain In guma when extracting teeth. TO YOUR BYES. Qpthalnjic Optician. The most difficult cases of children a specialty. Do your eyes ache, smart, water, become in- flumed, or pain in the eyeball, orbit, temple or forehead? If so you should consult a competent optician, with the latest scientific method, of correcting all errors of refraction. Examination and consultation free. Office over &•' J, Gllmore's store, Algona, Iowa. THE STANDARD FORMS TOWNSHIP PLATS six INCHES SQUAB$ Ypu find these at The Upper Pes J once. Prices ure right. ( fi:

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