The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1898
Page 7
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THJB UFPEB M01N1B: AL0QMA IOWA, WIPKgBPAY . ATOtff T 22, 1398 warning of Winter So the falling of the hair tells of the approach of age and declining power. No matter how barren the tree nor how leafless it may seem, you confidently expect leaves again. And why? Because there is life at the roots. So you need not worry about the falling of your hair, the threatened departure of youth and beauty. And why? Because if there is a spark of life remaining in the roots of the hair LEGAL POINTS. ANIMALS AS LIARS, will arouse it into healthy activity. The hair ceases to come out: it begins to grow: and the glory of your youth is restored to you. We have a book on the Hair and its Diseases. It is free. JTAa Sesf Advice f>oo. If you do not obtain nil the ooneflts you expected from the use of the VlRor, wrlto the doctor about it. Probably there Is some difficulty wltli your (ten- em! system -which may \>o easily I removed. Address. DIl. J. 0. AYER, Lowell, Mae«. The remedy for failure of a Wrvant or agent to pay over money on demand for collecting it for his principal is hc'.d In Royce, Allen & Co. vs. Oakes (R. I.), 39 L. R. A. 845, to be by nssumpsit or debt, and not by trespass on the cast. An agreement by the owners ot race horses entered at certain stake races to divide equally the premiums and stake moneys awarded to any of their horses, Is held, in Hawkins vs. Ottinger (Cal.), 40 L. R. A. 76, to be valid, and. not a wagering contract. An action against what purports to be a corporation, to recover a tax which it is required to pay as a condition precedent to corporate existence, is held, in Maryland Tube and Iron works vs. West End Imp. company (Md.), 39 L. R. A. 810, insufficient to give It a legal existence for all purposes, or to estop the city from denying its corporate existence. A note to pay a bet on a horse race run In another state where such notes are presumed valid, and where a note of which this is a renewal was given, Is denied enforcement In North Carolina, In the case of Gooch vs. Paucette, 39 L. R. A. 835, on the ground that its enforcement is contrary to the public policy of the state, even if the note is to be deemed a contract of the other state, in which it would he valid A partnership for horse racing on a bet with a person whom the partners, regard as a "sucker" and a "big snap," Into which they Induce him to enter by making him think he has a sure thing, and by deceiving him into the supposition that their horse is untrained and undeveloped, while they think they have a "dead mortal cinch," is held, in Morrison vs. Bennett (Mont.), 40 L. R. A. 168, to be such a conspiracy to defraud that the court will not aid either one of the partners to obtain an I accounting of the profits. G. A. .It. Cincinnati linen in | lucnb. The Monon Route, with its four rains daily, is the best and most com- 'ortable line to Cincinnati. The rate .vill be only 1 cent a mile. Tickets on ale Sept. 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th, gooil ,o return Sept. 6th to 13th inclusive, md by extension to Oct. 2d. Send 4 :ents in stamps for the Monon's beau- .ifully Illustrated book on the Cincinnati Encampment. Frank J. Reed, G. P. A., Chicago. L. E. Sessions, T. P. A., Minneapolis, Minn. Self-preservation. "That man." remarked one Spanish § soldier," hasn't the respect of anybody §7 in his regiment." "Is he lacking in bravery?' 1 "I should say so. He is so lira eh ifis afraid of being hit by a bullet that he ||| insists on getting as near the target as Impossible when our gunners are Practicing." P »r«s For a perfect complexion and a clear, .„, jealthy skin, use COSMO BUTTEBMILE. Ill lOAP. Sold every where. Dartmoor, which occupies one-fifth f of the county of Devon, is the largest u Vract of uncultivated land in England. Ednuate Your Bowels With OascareM i- Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forerer. lOo, »|6o. It C. C. C. fall ciniBKists refund money. Educational. s One Mile West of the University ot Noire D«mu S T. MAIST'S ACADEMY for youug ladies, now en terlng upon Us forty-fourth year of active educa tlonalwork, has earned the reputation of Uolm iJVWUllUIUfta niw MV»*»K»« .... rf -.- — .— -— ---- .- ^ jsover-looklng the ptctnreeque banlts of the bt. Jo«i |IJlver. All tho branches of Lfc A Thorough English and Classical Education, Ijncludlng Greek, Latin, French and German an Wight by a Faculty of competent teachers. On com Uetlnc the full course of studies student) reoolvo Regular Collegiate Degree of Litt, B.( A. B. or A. M. ^ The Conservatory of Muslo IB conducted on ihe plan of the best Classical Conservatories or Eu- jiraa. Three Instrumental lessons, anil one lu theory, Sfiekly, are Included In the regular tuition; extra nnrt No Mistake. They say that the boys in cum" arc occupying cramped quarters." Yes; they are between a peach orchard and a watermelon patch." Dcii't Tolnrto Spit »ni> Smote Yonr Life JWBJ To quit tobncco ousily and forever, be napnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak meii strong. All druggists, 5Uc or $1. Cure guiiranteed. Booklet nncl sninplo free Address Sterling Kemo'iy Co., Chicago or New York. John Higgins, an undertaker, of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, had just lowered the body of a man into the grave, when he was attacked with heart disease. He gasped, fell across the coffin, and in a few minutes was a corpse. THE YELLOW METAL. BRING FOUR TONS OF GOLD FROM THE KLONDIKE. Argonaut's Koturn from Alaska ou the KoanoUo — Joaquln Miller Says the Mines Are the Kichest In tho World and Hardest to Work. Seattle. Wash., July 19.— The North American Trading and Transportation Company's steamer Roanoke arrived here at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon from St. Michael's, Alaska, with 240 passengers and with about four tons of gold, which, reduced to dollars, amounts to between $1,600,000 and ?2,000,000. Of this amount the Canadian Bank of Commerce had 6,000 ounces and the Sforth American Trading and Transportation Company 20,000 ounces. Probably 50 per cent of the returning j/Tlie Art Department tsraodellod aftertbe best Irt Schools in Europe. Ipreparntory »nd Minim Dopurtmonts.— IPupllB who need primary training, and those of urn- u'er «ee, ore here carefully prepared for the Acu- itlic Course and Advanced Course. BPOk-keeping, I'honogrM'by md Typewriting ox. Every variety of Fancy Needlework taupht. '•For catalogue containing full Information, address JIRECTRESS OF THE ACADEMY, St. Mary's Academy, NOTRE DAME P. 0.. INDIANA. .iunmin IITU and JJadles wanted to LEA11N IYOUN6 MEN TKLKOBAVHV, and Kuilroad IBook-keeuing. 1'hla is endorsed by leading rail- rays as tho best institution of its kind.Wei place.all laduates. Catalogue free. BIORSE SCHOOL TKtBGKAl'HY OHhUosli, Wl». V After I wa« Induced to try CAHOA- KBTS. I will never bo without them In the house. dyllver was In a very bad shape, and my head £b.ed and I bad stomach trouble. Now. since tak- tr Ca" carets. I feel fine. My wife Uasalso used eta with beusflolal results lor sour stomach. JpS. KKSBUNQ, mi Congress St., St. Loulu, Mo. CANDY CATHARTIC TRAPS MAflrl REOtOTIRED PalatoblopPotent. Taste Uood. , Weaken, or Gripe, lOc, 2&c, CURE CONSTIPATION br all drug:. ,COQ Habit. Ifay'o Iv9l » neiUjTaiUli to cure dy«p«P«ta, con- Uoff, Hver and kidney dlsoaseu, bluo «ob.e», etc. At druggists. 20« and $1,00. miners have fortunes averaging at .east ?10,000 each. Joaquin Miller, the well known poet, who was among the Roanoke's passen- ^, briefly expressed the general tenor of the stories told by the Roanoke's passengers as follows: The Klondike mines are certainly the richest ever found on the face of the earth, hut this gold is tenfold harder to £ft than in any camp I have ever seen.'! This is { list of those having the largest Individual amounts: Ixampleg of Cunning IVhlfch Arc Clearly McAnt, to Deceive. Although we often find the lower tnlmals put forward as models from which man might learn a lesson In many virtues, it appears, upon closer examination, that there is scarcely a vice known among men in which some one or more animals will not be found proficient. Take the vice of lying, for Instance; it has not, I think, been generally noticed how prevalent Is this propensity among animals. Some Instances are, of course, familiar. The lapwing lures the trespasser away from its nest by distressful cries and a pretense of helplessness due to a broken wing, but would anyone suspect the common goose of the same vice? "Why, it has not the brains to be a liar!'' most of your readers would exclaim. And yet it Is shown In Louis RobUison's "Wild Traits In Tame Animals' that every time a goose or gander stretches out Its neck and hisses at an Intruder It's acting a He to which the family has been addicted for ages. This habit, In fact, belonged to Its ancestors In the iflld state, when they nested among reeds and bushes, and originated In an attempt to make possible enemies keep clear of them under the Belief that they were serpents. There Is cool and deliberate lying for youJ Instead of taking to flight, the wild goose, when nesting, would lie low, with Its body concealed by the grass or reeds, and darting out snakelike head and neck, declare with a hiss that it actually was a snake. Any one, again, who has watched crows building their nests in spring will see thieving, with lying to follow, going on continually. One crow puts some sticks into its nest and goes off for more. Its neighbor hops across and annexes these sticks; the injured proprietor returns and at once accuses the author of the theft; observe the prompt and righteous indignation of. the latter; observe the widely opened mouth with which he eloquently repels the charge. Can nny one doubt that he is saying: "You're a dusky, wretched liar! I carried these sticks a mile, if I carried them a yard. Do you think I'd use a stick that had been in your measly nest? Not I." Nor Is the genius for lying confined to birds. Every friend of the dog knows how that animal, unless trained to express his natural tendency, will howl half the night if put to sleep in an outhouse, or even in the kitchen or other unoccupied room; and how it is apt from time to time to change its tune and set up a suspiciously brisk barking, from whicn the experienced ear will miss the true note of real rafeJ. Suppose you hurry down on such an occasion, do you ever find the animal confronting a burglar or watching a suspected point? Does it not always run up to you as soon as you open the door, and, after a hurried attempt to flatter you, rush into the house or upstairs? The deceiver was only pretending to see something to bark at. So much for the dog. The cat, however, though enjoying a high reputation as a thief, has not been generally known as a liar; yet, if Louis Robinson be correct, the cat acts the same lie as the goose, and with much greater energy and thoroughness of detail. He makes it pretty clear that the hissing and spitting of an enraged cat, as also the appearance of its head and "the quick to and from movement of its barred and sinuous tail," all originated in a deliberate attempt of its wild ancestors to pass themselves off as venomous serpents. Serpents are terrible enough now, but in earlier times they were both larger and more plentiful, and all warm-blooded animals and birds, even those that face them and kill them, have an Innate horror of them. Wild cats, as the author above referred to points out, make their homes in hollow trees or other dark retreats, where their broods are fairly safe from molestation. When a carnivorous animal discovers such a rest, and, on approaching hears an ominous hissing proceeding from it (for very young kittens can hiss and spit), he is apt to think twice before risking head or paw in such a dangerous venture. Of course, these Instances scarcely indicate any high degree of mental ob- One fre Mary. Mary (to constable who has been (Shafting her)—Yes, all my brothers turned out well except Ted, and he went altogether to the bad, poor fellow. Constable—What did Ted do to dis* grace himself? Mary—Why, he actually joined the police force. The Young Men. Willy Saintly—Aunt Busnn does not f-o to our church, and when I was visiting her I did'nt say iny prayer. The Rev. Dr. Saintly—What differ- did that make, my son? Don't you know that God is everywhere? Willy Saintly—I thought, by the way you talked, that we had a uvonop ly ofllim. The Biggest nicyclo In the World. A German has just completed ft bicycle that has one wheel nine feet in diameter. Two people ride it—one on each side. It runs easily because of its scientific construction. The scientific formula of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is the reason of its great virtues in making the weak strong. If your health is poor, try a bottle. Popllonl llovmige. First poet— I'm going to have my revenge upon the editor. Second poet — How? First poet (in a hoarse whisper) — I've sent him a poem, und I've poisoned tho gum on the return envelope. An AmblKuoiiR Ooinblnntton. Jeweler — What shall 1 engrave in it? Customer— G. O. to 11. L. .Tewcler (hotly)— What's that, sir? Customer (meekly) — George- psborno to Harriet Lewis — but just the initials, please. _ Somewhat Noisy. Ilcnshaw — To me the merry prattle of children is music 1 . Tenbrocck — YCB; but it's — cv — rathci Waguerian, don't you think? Mountain lions urc unusually m\m- erons in the hills of Utah this summer Upon ono ranch they killed a dozen young colis. _ Shake Into Your Shoes. Allen's Fool-Ease, a powder for the j'cet. It euros painful, swollen, smart ing feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and buni.jns. It's tin greatest comfort discovery of the ngc. I Allen's Foot-Ease miikes* tight-fitting I or new shoes feel cusy. It is a certain euro for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching foot. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. 15y "mail for 2iic in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y. MM HflitHAM CONQUERS BACKACHE i*OU* Women Who Owe Tfcelr Present Mapplness to Lydla EL ham's Vegetable Compound. I)EAB MRS. PIJTKBAM:—When I wrote to ytftt last June, I was not able to do anything. 1 suffered with backache, headache, bearing-do*!! pains, pains in rtfy lower limbs, and ached all through toy body. Menstruations were very painful, I was almost a skeleton. 1 followed your advice and now am well and fleshy, and able to do all my own housework, I took medicine from a physician«for over a year, and it did not do me aparticle of good. I would advise all suffering women to write to Mrs. Pinkhain. She Will answer all letters pf omptlyi and tell them how to cure those aches and pains so common to wotueb.—Mrs. C. L.WlNIT, Marquez, Texas. I think it is my duty to write and let yotl know what your medicine has done for me. Fortwo yonrs I suffered with female weakness, bearing-down pains, headache, backache, and too frequent occurrence of the menses. 1 was always complaining. My husband urged toe to try your Vegetable Compound, and I finally did. I have taken three bottles and it has made me feel like a different woman. I advise every woman that suffers to take your - medicine and be • cured..-^Mrs. GAHBBTT LICHTY, 612 8. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa. I had suffered for over two years with backache, headache, dizziness, nervousness, falling and ulceration of the womb, loucorrhoea, and about every ill a woman have. 1 had tried doctors, but with no success, and it seemed as though death was the only relief forme. After using fivebottlesofLydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and four packages of Sanative Wash, I am well. Have had no more pain, womb trouble, backache or headache.—Mrs. CLAUDIA HALPIN, Cream Ridge, N. J. Before taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was afflicted with fcrnalo complaints so that I could hardly walk. My back ached terribly, in fact, I ached all over. Was not able to raise myself up some of the time. I had no appetite and was so nervous that I could hardly sleep. I have taken but two bottles of your Compound and feel like another person, can now eat and sleep to perfection, in fact, am perfectly well.—Mrs. SUB McCuLLOUOH f Adlai, \V. Va. lydlaE.Plnkliam'sVeaetableCompoundsAWoman'sRemeayforWoman'sllls Ilia IinproBslon. Brown—Isn't millennium a Latin word? Smith—Yes, I think it moans "money to burn," or something like that. licit lily In Hlonct Deep. Clean blood uinkes a cloan skin. No beauty without it. CascurotH Uaudy Cathartic cleans your blooil nud keens it clean, by stirring up the lazy livor and driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to ban)'nh pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious complexion bv talcing Cascarots,—beauty for ton cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 10, 2B, BOo. The Christian Scientist—Your dyspepsia exists only in your mind. Tho sufferer—Now, I know I am not so low-minded as that. Wheat 40 Cents a Huahal. How to grow wheat with big profit at 40 cents and sampleH o£ Salver's Ited Cross (80 Bushels per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Farm Beed Catnloguo for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. BALZER SEED CO., La Crosso, Was. w.n. Scientists soy that the orange was formerly a berry nnd that it lias been developing for over 7,000 years. FITS PermanontlyOurou. Woflts ornorvousnossartei arst day's uso of Dr. Kline's (iveut Narvo Hontoror. Bond for FUEE 88.0O trial bottle and trimtiae. ~ ~ 11. KlilNKi Ltd..031 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Du. B. II. Forty per cent of the export of Am- eriean nails is taken to Japan. Piso's Cure for Consumption is our only medicine for coughs und colds.—Mrs. C. Boltz, 489 8th avo., Denver, Col., Nov. 8, '95. There are too many people who use their friends as coaling stations. William SloHn... .$110,003 60,003 80,000 61,000 N. Berrctte. Ales. Uumlelte.... (i. K. lieulen H. G. Anderson... 40,000 Frank Conrad W,wiU James Ladd.: 40,000 Kd. Mouelian 85000 L. Bpencor 80,000 A 1). Orny 20,000 Jos. Chrontster... W. F. Cobb ... AsaMclntosh J. A. Miller... Ule Olsen Bwanl'elcrson .1. 8. Opdell.. Frank Smith. 11. Luckman. 20 ,001) 17,000 isiooj 30,000 10,000 10,000 s.iioo 8,000 Robert Llnsley. Chill-lea Welsh! It. C. Walker... C. 11. Chuatwuo ,. Jack Shay .Wi If. Drydcn.. Frank Leslie... J. Merrltt John White K. Slnglettm ... Charles Allan.. J.C. Suwurt... T. Ueverldfe... William IlrlgRS W. J. MuAlplu. David reueckon.. Alex. Little 0,000 6.000 6,000 fi,(KX) 4,000 4,000 6.UW) !),00l) 8,000 8,000 8,001 8,000 iiAUO i>,600 «,IM).I 2,000 1,600 1,500 Jauica Ucocl 1,61X1 The miners are reticent about the amounts they brought. The reason tor the observance of such secrecy lies in a desire to evade the payment of the 10 per cent, royalty exacted by the Canadian government. /Not in every case have the miners paid royalty on the full amount taken out of their claims, and many of them have smuggled out larger sums than they will admit. It is said that the shipment of gold on the Rpanoke would have been much heavier had those in the interior not felt some apprehension of an attack at sea by privateers. The North American Trading and Transportation Company will, it ia stated, ghip most of their gold on later boats. Some ot the wealthiest miners iHN fnme out Ister In the co.mmn. Hull's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75d ?A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME," CLEAN HOUSE WITH °^p^ {f w IP ^p^^^ ^^P^^ w liquity, since the practice seems Chiefly resorted to in self-defense or for the still more excusable object of defending their young. Still, the lie for business purposes ia also found, as, tor example, where the thrush on our lawns in dry weather strikes several smart strokes in succession with its feet on the ground to make the worms think it is raining and come up to the surface. In fact, it seems evident that the root of the matter is in the lower animals, and that if this vice be taken as an index they possess the germs of civilization—Tit Bits. Kludly Intended, but Awkward. "Dey means well," said the newly enlisted colored soldier. "I hasn' no complaint ter make 'bout delr intentions." "Who is you troublin' 'bout?" "De brass band leaders. When de white troops goes out dey plays white folks' chunes like 'Farewell, My Own True Love,' an' 'Her Bright Smile Hauiite Me Still.' But when us troops goes out dey plays 'All Coons Look Alike to Me' an' 'I Don' Care If You Nevvuh Comes Back,' an' sech like."— Washington Star. fie Knew. caunie Scots walking to Auchtermuchty saw an uncouth figure standing in & distant field. After gazing intently one said: "It's never moving, so it's tatta bogie" (potato scarecrow.) "It's no tatta bogle," replied the other, "it's a map working by t{ie day."—Qolden Penny, gtvaj- tp make Q\ir- ' »$ .tbftt; Tho Emporer of Austria will have reigned fifty years on December 2nd. Coo's Cougn liaisam is the oldcrt-unil boKt. It will break up a cold quicker tlian anything «!»« It IB always reliable. Try It. Holland is said to be an abbreviation of "hollow land." Mrs. WinBlow'sBootmng syrup ForcMldren tefthint'-tioftena the KimiK.>cduco9inf!at& nation.alUyu pain, cures wiiul valla. 86 cents ft Lo The Tartarian alphabet contains ,'JOr letters, being the longest iu the world COSMO BUTTEHMILK TOILET SOAP makes the Kldn toft, white arid healthy Bold everywhere. The Sandwich Islanders estimat the beauty of women, by their weight No-To-lliio for JFIf tyCenta. Guaranteed tobacco liublt euro, ujukea weak we. etuiDK. Llood i>ute. t>Gu. $1. A.11 W. N. U, Des Moines. No. 35-1898. When Answering Advertisements Mention This Paper. Hindi Everybody surrenders to Battle Ax. There is no greater hardship than to be deprived of your and any one who has once chewed Battle Ax will give up most any thing to get it. N)c. buys a larger piece of Battle Ax than of any other kind of high grade quality. emember the name when you buy agaira. RE8UIRE5NOMOKINS STIFF AK0 NICE POUND OF THIS STARCH WILL AS FAR AS ft POUND AND A HALF OF ANY OTHER STARCH. IRONING MADE EASY. HAS MANY IMITATORS, BUT NO EQUAL. TfllO C'faivll is P re P ai> ed on 1 lllO O KU VH Boientiflo princ^ ples, by men who have had years .ii" experience in fancy laundering, It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and imparts a beautiful and lasting finish. The only starch that ia perfectly harmless, Contains no arsunic, alum or other injurious substance. Can he used even for a baby powder. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT AND TAKE NO OTHER'. Wi R. ROBERTS, f o»' yeara Cashier of the Citizens' Bwife of Omaha, and widely and very favorably known in Oua»ha and Iowa> •writes on May 6, 1898:— "About ?i ye&rs ago, I was troubled with uer-> Toua DYSPEP3IA. cold feet and hands, lack of circulation, los» of fleah, etc. X slept poorly and yraa ia « terrible condition. I took '§ Renovator ; Had found it to be |h$ b,eit remedy I ever uf«d, J took no other «ina and in ft jhprt time. J g»ine,4 40 ppujd.?. J hj|ve,.*iftoe/-'-'- ?.'*'.!

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