The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1898 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1898
Page 6
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TfiU tJPPEK BBS M01H1& ALGONA IOWA* WMDtfUSDAY . AlTGtJST 24, 18§8, I Canada and the United States Will Try to "Get To gether" on Many Points, ally advantageous of customs duties applicable In each country to the products of the noil or Industry of the other, upon the basis of reciprocal equivalents. Ninth—a revision of the agreements of 1817, respecting naval vessels on the lakes. Tenth—Arrangements for the more complete definition and marking of the Qiiebec.-It is in this city that on August 23d the first real, evidence of the cofdWi 1 relations eilstlttg between Great Britain and the United States will lie Riven when the joint high commission will meet to arbitrate on Important tn.itlers between the United States and Canada. Lord Henschel, the famous Englishman, will preside and the commissioners will In the main consider the following propositions: Frst—The question In respect to the fur'Seals In Bering Sea and the waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Second—Provisions in respect to the fisheries off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and In the waters of their common frontier. Third—Provisions for the delimitation and establishment of the Alaska- Canadian boundary by legal and scl- cutiilc experts, if the commission shall BO decide, or otherwise. Fourth—Provisions for the transit Of merchandise in transportation to or from either country across intermediate territory of the other, whether by land or water, including natural and artificial waterways and intermediate transit by sen. Fifth—Provisions relating to the transit of merchandise from one country to be delivered at points in the other beyond the frontier. Sixth—The question of the alien labor laws applicable to the subjects or cltiEens of the United States and Can ada. Seventh—Mining rates of the citizens or subjects of each country within the territory of the other. Eighth—Such readjustments and concessions as may be deemed mutu- "Maanln*. sah. 1 hopes I sees yo' puty tolable?" And a black Woman calmly took the vacant place. He acknowledged the greeting courteous' ly, and she smiled ia cheerful friendliness. "Yose fur de No'th, I reckon. Oh, I knowed dat! l"o all's so! Jus' gwlne ter Cuba? Lan,' Ian,' how dem buttons does shine! I nllus wanted one oB dem buttons. Dat I did. Ef yO' all ud gib me one I—I'd war hit fob a hatpin to 'rnembah yo' by." Colonel Astor bowed with grave politeness, and the eyes of the negro country girl shone as he detached a button from his blouse and handed it to her. "T'ank yo' sah!" she said. "I'm monstrous glad fob ter git dis. I'se gwlne ter go now. I libes yere at dis city. But I'se gwlne ter pray fob yo'. I dunno yo 1 name. But de Lord, I 'spect, he's keeping track of yo'. I'll Jes' say de sojer what gib me de brass button, an' he'll know. Good-bye! 'Membnh, I'se gwlne ter pray!" She waved him a farewell, and he raised liis hat in acknowledgment. Some of the officers smiled, but there was no smile on his face as he turned away. HOWTEETHARE TREATED SIB RICHARD OAETWRIGHT, CANADIAN COMMISSIONER. ~ THE 4 ROOM IN WHICH THE COMMISSION WILL MEET. frontier line by land and water where the same is now insufficiently defined or marked as to bo liable to dispute. Eleventh—Provisions for the conveyance for trial or punishment of persons in the lawful custody of the officers of one country through the territory of the other. Twelfth—Reciprocity in wrecking and salvage rights. WILL PRAY FOR HIM. It Is curious to what an extent the mutilation of teeth goes on among savage nations, and even among certain civilized people, such as the Japanese With them a girl is never mart-let without first staining her teeth blacli with a repulsive kind of varnish, anc the custom is especially adhered tc among the richer classes. On the west coast of Africa a larg« portion of the teeth are deliberate^ broken when children reach a certain age. Both in the new world and In the old the custom exists of extract- r ing tlie two front teeth of domestic 'servants. In Peru the custom has ex• isted from time immemorial, and use<] .to be a sign of slavery in the days ol the Incas. This is also the custom on the Kongo, and among the Hottentots Teeth are stained in various colors among the Malays. A bright red and a bright -blue are not uncommon, and a bright green ia produced with the aid of arsenic anc lemon juice. Livingstone related that among the Kaffirs a child with a prom iuent upper Jaw was looked upon as a monster and immediately killed. On the Upper Nile the negroes have al their best teeth extracted in order to destroy their value in the slave market, and to make it net worth while for the slave traders to carry them off, —Tld-Bits. The train was crowded and the usual signs which decorate southern railway carriages and separate thu black passengers from the white had been discarded. Col. John .Jacob Astor and another officer had beguiled the time pleasantly enough, but as they neared Chattanooga the multi-millionaire soldier was left alone. The day was warm, and he nodded a little, but he straightened quickly at a feminine voice saying quite close to his ear: The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal, in Siberia. In some parts it is 5,261 feet deep; its length is 397 miles, with an area of 15,000 square miles. It is the largest lake in Asia, and the sixth largest in the world. The Queen of Italy's extravagance in dress is the one grievance of her loya! subjects. Italian ladiea have a reputation of spending more on their dress than any women in Europe, and their husbands and fathers attribute thia state of things to Queen Margaret's example. A MAIL CARRIER ON THE ROAD FROM PONCE TO SAN JUAN General Expansion of Trade Is Noticed, rURTHER GAINS EXPECTED, Ordeti and Fnrchaiei Show an Increase In Neatly All Branches—Farmers Hold* j Their Wheat—Failures During the Week. New York, Aug. 22.—R. G. Dun & Co., In their weekly Review of Trade, say: "A war which brought no shrinkage of business while it lasted has brought with Is ending quite a remarkable expansion. Orders and purchases have increased in nearly all branches, few as yet being of such nature that they can be attributed to the material enlargement of trade with the lately Spanish islands, which must come a, little later. "It Is odd that the iron Industry, while reporting decline in products, shows more surprising business than any other. "Wheat has further declined 2 cents in spite of general holding of better grades by farmers, which renders re- recipts low and visible supply small beyond precedent. At 76 cents now, Atlantic exports for the week have been 3,059,380 bushels, flour included, against 3,705,287 last year, and Pacific exports 175,400, against 384,846 last year, making for three weeks 10,115,246 bushels, against 10,453,832 last year. Corn exports are gradually declining and prices are 2 cents lower, rather larger estimates of yield being now credited. "Failures for the week have been 154 In the United States, against 223 last year, and 17 in Canada, against 30 last year." CALL ISSUED_TP_COAL MINERS, They Arc Agkcd' to Contribute to Their Fellow* In Pennsylvania. Indianapolis, Tnd., Aug. 22.-^Tbe following appeal was Issued today by authority of the executive board of the United Mine Workers of America: "Being convinced It Is your earnest desire to maintain the prices and conditions of our annual interstate agreement of January last in all of the fields to which it applies, and that it is our duty to briefly point out the great danger with which we are threatened, and which will inevitably result from any failure on your part to sustain such agreement, we draw your notice to the following quotations from the Chicago agreement, clause No. 8: " 'That the United Mine Workers' organization, a party to the contract, does hereby further agree to afford all possible protection to the trade and to other parties hereto against any unfair competition resulting from a failure to maintain scale rates.' "From this you will see the obligations under which we are placed, and when you learn that three thousand (3,000) miners or more In the Pittsburg district are unable to maintain the scale, and have now determined to strike for its enforcement, you can then realize the necessity of this action and the importance of a general and hearty response. At a convention of Pittsburg d-lstrict miners held Aug. 1 and 2 last, the following resolutions were adopted: " 'That a levy of 5 cents on the dollar be assessed on every member In the Pittsburg district, and that we appeal to the miners of the competitive field to assist us in enforcing the Chicago agreement. " 'That we request the national executive board to make an appeal to all miners throughout the competitive field to help us maintain the' Chicago agreement in the Pittsburg district." "Fully approving this action, as we believe it is the only course open to us under present conditions, and assuring you that If you but do your share our interstate agreement will be enforced and your rights respected, we therefore appeal to our members everywhere to contribute 5 per cent of their earnings to the support o£ the striking miners and their families, who are as surely fighting your battle as their own, and whose success or failure will be shared by all alike. "M. D. RATCHFORD, President "W C. PBARCE, Secretary. "By order Executive Board." The members of the executive board say that if the Chicago agreement is not maintained in the Pittsburg district a general strike must follow. Joseph H. Choute President. Saratoga, N. Y., Aug. 22.—The concluding session of the American Bar association Friday was devoted to the consideration of the amended report of the committee on federal courts, of which Edmund Wetmore of New York is chairman, and which was finally adopted after various amendments. These officers were elected: Joseph H. Choate, New York, president; John Hinkley, Baltimore, secretary, and Francie Rowle, Philadelphia, treasurer Corea Snubs Gcriuuu Consul. Yokohama, Aug. 22.—The Coreau government, in replying to the request of the German consul for a railway concession, announces that Corea proposes to establish a national railway bureau, and also to construct her own railways, consequently no concessions will be granted. Camp Thoiwug JJeglns to ])re;ik Vp. Camp Thomas, OhicUamauga Park, Ga., Aug. 22.—A general breaking up of Camp Thomas Is about to begin Gen. Breekinrldge Friday announced that it was the intention of the war department to move all the troops from here, except 15,000 or 30,000, Feed Your Nerves Upon jtlch, pttre, nourishing blood fo taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, and y<nj will be free from those spells ol de« fipalr, those sleepless nights and a&tfo^ days, those gloomy, deathlike feeling! those sudden starts at mere nothing! those dyspeptic ayiriptotnstrad blinding headaches. Hood 'a Sarsaparllla has dons this for many others—it will cure you, Hood's Sarsaparilla is America's Greatest Medicine. $1 ; six. for |g, Mood'0 Pills cure Sick Headache. 25c, OTJBSEKT EVEHTS. A newly discovered spot on the sun visible now, is said to be 30,000 mil»j in diameter. The Tibetans have a week of five days, named after Iron, wood, water, feathers and earth. It is the custom of Persian ladies, when they make social calls, to throw roses at one another. It is estimated that fully two-thirds of the whole amount of public money held by the London banks does not bear interest. A bath with COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing and beneficial. Sold everywhere. The Suez'canal cost about $100,000,000. The stock is chiefly owned by Britishers. To Cure Constipation orover, 'Jako iiibuii-el'B cundv C'nthartlo. Ilio or lit 11 C. C. C. lull to cure druggists refund manor. There are twenty monarchies and twenty-five republics in the civilized world. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to th6 care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SYBUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing 1 the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFOKNIA Fia SYP.UP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in. avoiding the worthless, imitations manufactured by other par- ! ties. The high standing of the CALIFORNIA FIG SYHUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has' given, to millions of families, makes! the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FHANCISCO, Cnl. NEW YOKE. N. T. WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat. If you wantncoat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker. If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. LOCAL and Traveling Salesmen Wanted. . *Si per day andexpenses, salesman selllngf23per day «*Por day auU exposes, salesman Belllngeiaperday *3 per day and expenses, salesman selllnesiS per day nM^''± vestl 2 ent , re ' ]ulrotl - Devious experience no? W ! n nM,- aecessnrj L- Send references with 2o stam MOO doo on n Biuu.ouo.uo Capital. C0 " to IM,. Forty-first Year. n' aans an two railroad sta- nrt i ? lne 'y improved. Good buildings. Oroh. ard is bearing ; abundance of small fruits. Ad. § »Get your Pension JDOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. 6'PARRELL. Pension Agent, WASHINGTON, D.C, NEWDJSCOVERY;giT« i* qulckreUofamlouicaworst cases, neud for book of testimonials uul 1O dny»' treatment JE'vee. Dr.ii. u. CBKiiU's SWB,'<LUU» ,to wn»h'l, E fJbad healtn tliat ---will not benefit. Bend 5 cents to 1*1 pang Chorales u>.. hew lurk. for 10 samples and l.tWO tostlmoulola. ' ' or sent In plain wrappw, by express, prcpaia. lot Jl.on, or 3 bottlesi J2.75. . Circular eont pu roquosfr ,Y> PISO'S'CURE .FOR In time. by ilrnmrista. OQN SUMPTION

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