The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1898
Page 7
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UPP1E DEB MOINHS: ALGONA, IOWA WEBNBSBAY AUGUST 17, 1898, Beauty I* ulnntt nt«jx 8«an blood makes a clean stela. No tmty •without It. Cascarets Candy Cathar-. I cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by mhg Up the lazy liver and driving all im- mtiesfrom the body. Begin to-day to *ish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads i that Sickly bilious complexion by taking carets,—beauty for ten cents. All drug~ satisfaction guaranteed. 10, 25, 60c. Expense. looting Doctor—Patient out here to be operated on for appendi- |tia, but I don't believe he can stand 6, ("Old Doctor—Well. I suppose we can erate on him for something' cheaper. •I never used so quick a cure as Piso's Jure for Consumption.—J. B. Palmer. Box 171, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25,1895. It is better to fight for the good than rail at the ill. Edncrtte Your Bowels With Uascnretl K, Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. lOa, :K<v If C. C. C. fall druKKlsts refund moner. _. Horses sleep with one ear pointed to |the front, but why, no man can tell. Blgr Gams. A gentleman was one day having a walk down a lane with a crtin in his hand to see what he could shoot. While he was going down he met a little schoolboy and said to him: "Is there anything to shoot down there, my little boy?" "Yes," said the boy, "there's the schoolmaster coming over the hill." The Knormons Gold Product of 1808. From South Africa, the Klondike and Australia gold is being shipped in large quantities. This year's output will nearly double that of any previous twelve months. The sales of tlostetter's Stomach Bitters are also increasing very fast. This famous remedy will cure dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, nervousness and weakness. Reduction of Spanish 4s—Manila, Havana, Santiago and Porto Rico. No-To-Mnc Tor Flf ryCents. Guaranteed tobacco habit aura, nmkos weak men Gtrtmic, blood pure. 60c. U. A.U druggists. Crabs two feet in length are often seen in India. A DOCTOR'S DIRECTIONS. They save a daughter from blindness. •When a father writes that yours " is the best medicine in the world," you can »llow something (or seeming extravagance in the Btntcmeat if you know that the medicine so praised, cured a loved daughter of disease and restored to her the eyesight nearly lost. The best medicine in the world for you is the medicine that cures you. There can't be anything better. No medicine can do more than cur.e. That is why John S. Goode, of Orrick, Mo., writes in these strong terms: " Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparllla is the best medicine in the world. My daughter had a relapse after the measles, due to taking .cold. She was nearly blind,and was obliged to remain in a dark room all the time. The doctors could give her no relief; one of them directed me to give her Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Two bottles cured her completely." The thousands of testimonials to the value of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla repeat over and over again, in one form or another the expression: "The doctors gave her no relief; one of them directed me to give her Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Two Dottles completely cured her." It is a common experience to try Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla as a last resort. It is a common experience to Jttrve Dr. Ayer'a Sarsaparilla prescribed by a physician. It is a common experience to see a " complete cure" follow the use ol a few bottles of this great blood purifying medicine. Because, it is a specific for all forms, of blood disease. If a disease has its origin in bad or impute blood, Dr. Ayer's Sars- aparilti, acting directly on the blood, removing its impurities and giving to it vitalizing energy, will promptly eradicate the disease. The great feature of Dr. Ayer's Sarsapa- rillp is the radical cures that result from its use. Many medicines 'only suppress disease —they push the pimples down under the skin, they paint the complexion with subtle arsenical compounds, but the disease rages in the veins like a pent-up fire, nud some day breaks out in a volcanic eruption that eats up the body. Ayer's Sarsaparilla goes to the root. It makes the fountain clean and the waters are clenn. It makes the root'good and the fruit is good. It gives Nature the elements she needs to build up the broken down constitution—not to brace it up with stimulants or patch it up on the surface. Send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, and learn more about the cures effected by this remedy. It's sent free, on request, by the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. «A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH." IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING. Wh $Wff&t.V if you are dissatisfied with the size of piece or with the quality of the chewing tobacco you are now using— and you '11 get your money's worth* The JO-cent piece of Battle Ax is larger than the JO-cent piece of any other brand of the same high quality, and is the largest piece of really good chewing tobacco that is sold for JO cents* ^emember the name when you buy again, STARCH, *T THE BEST FOR Shirt Waists, Shirt Fronts, Collars, Cuffs Mi Delicate Clothes. 'vs^Read ou ' t ^Booklets, Laugh and , "^^^^ f ...flrP ^^ ^w ^fl. Jff ,.fff ^^^^^r ^f^^& Keeps both rider ani) saddle per, fectly dry In the barest storms. Substitutes will (llsappolnt. Ask Jo* 1897 Fish Brand Pommel flicker-It Is entirely new. It npt for s*le In your town, write tot catalpgup to" T A, J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. 'Mft. SPEAKER" OF FRANCE. Eatertainlng Sketch of Monsieur ties- chanel, the DUtlnfrne VnrlMan. We have a new president of the :hamber. He Is worthy to lave himself in the silver bath of De Moray, and to act the part of host in the tapestried Salle des Fetes. Deschauel has those social gifts and talents for which so many women are remarkable. No woman could have more tact, charm, quick repartee, or a keener feeling for what Is elegant, distingue, refined. He dances to perfection, has an elegant figure, and a face that would be of feminine beauty were the forehead not so virile. The well-cut profile Is one for Sevres, alabaster, or ;ameo. It looks delicate, but If you examine It you will find it strong. He was nursed on Greek and Latin, but took most kindly to Greek. I suspect him of a weakness for Alclbiades, Pericles, Aspasla, and the society that gathered round them. Nobody talks of love at an epicurean banquet with more Anacreontic feeling than the new "Mr. Speaker." Now that I think of It, he Is in some respects a kinsman of Moore, but received a better education and has a harder head. Had he been born to wealth he might have grown up a dandy; but he was born the son of a prescript of the coup d'etat at Brussels (1876), and was reared in honorable poverty. As it is, his dreas Is merely elegant, and a good deal ol the elegance Is thrown into It by thf wearer. There Is no better drawing room actor. He is a very clever orator, though his speeches are over- studied. But he is a first-rate lecturer, as his father was before him, Such a man must have aristocratic leanings. He would have been in Athens with Alexander and Aristotle as against the disciples of Demosthenes. But I do not think he realizes what a vast distance lay between Athens and Corinth, though they were but 30 miles or so apart. A Corinthian republic perhaps would suit him better than an Athenian. M. Emlle Deschanel, the speaker's father, was alsc an Athenian In education and feeling, but had no particular taste for elegance, except In literature. He went In, as a professor of classic literature, for analysis of the feminine heart. 1 have somewhere two little keepsakee he once upon a time gave me on "Le Blen qu'on dit des Pemmes" and "LA Mai qu'ou dit des Femmes." He was a worshiper of Racine, and discovered endless keys to his tragedies. They turned in the rusty old locks and were wonders of ingenuity. Throughout the empire Prof. Deschanel had a blacl< mark against him. He nearly caused the interdiction of certain courses oi lectures In the Rue de la Palx by his expositions of Shakespeare. Pool Badinguet had just been holding out the olive branch to the Bishop of Orleans and patronizing Darboy, Archbishop of Paris, the future martyrs of the commune. Deschanel pere found In this a parallel with Richard III. between the two bishops. It was seized by the audience. I never heard anything more spirited and more amusing than the lecture. The passages relating the Richard and the bishops were admirably read. He also gave a lecture on Juliet's love affairs, which brought pocket handkerchiefs to eyes. Romeo he thought a poor creature. But love is blind, and all the interest of the play was centered in Juliet. Prof. Deschanel has now a chair at the Sorbonne and a seat in the senate.—London Truth. Mounting Photographs. Amateur photographers are often so situated that they must mount their own prints or leave them scattered about exposed to the danger of getting lost, torn or disfigured. The proper paste for mounting them is supposed to be unobtainable, save through expert hands, and for this reason many valuable and interesting prints are wasted. The very best paste for mount- Ing prints Is made from ordinary laundry starch, not the sort that comes in packages and is recommended for glossing, but the common kind. Put a heaping teaspoonful of this In a tin vessel, pour on a very little cold water to dissolve it, then add water enough to make it quite thin. Have ready a little boiling water, then stir this into the starch paste until the mixture first grows milky-looking, then transparent and thick. Allow this to stand until It is cool and use at once as a paste for mounting prints. Apply with a rather thin, flat brush. Do not use any more than is required to coat the paper, and be specially careful to leave no lumps or puddles on the surface. Lift the print carefully and place It on the card in precisely the position required. Commence at one edge and gently press the print with a paper cutter, or, for lack of that, a silver knife. This will remove all air bubbles and cause the print to adhere firmly to the card, Some paper requires rolling and burnishing; this may be done at any time, but it is better to use paper than does not need this process. What a Soldier Han to Carry, The load which the United States soldier carries when in active service foots up to 64^ pounds. This is exclusive of incidentals, w:b.ich would make the total about 70 pounds. By a, recent order the men in the ranks 04-0 to be relieved of as muoh of this loac as possible, and the knapsack, tent blanket, overcoat, canvas eult,. change of underclothing, soap and towels are to be carried on a wagon, two of which •will be furnished to each cpmrpajjy This will take about seventeen px>umla from the shoulders of the tramping soldier, and it certainly is a very wise change, as often in long marohes on hot summer days soldiers are so fa tigiued that they ttorow away heavy jgarmemts and afterwards JW ttie wattt Qf Of IStERESt to Holland is said to be an abbreviation of "hollow land." There are too many people \vho use their friends as coaling stations. Forty per cent of the export of American nails is taken to Japan. There are 280 glaciers in the Alps said to be over fire miles in length. The Emporer o£ Austria will have reigned fifty yewrs on December 2nd. The Tartarian alphabet contains 202 letters, being the longest in the world. One acre of land will comfortably support four persons on a vegetable diet- Edna—Your face seems familiar. Jellaby—It is. Had it since I was a baby. There are found in both books of the Bible 3,580,483 letters and 773,093 words. Mrs. Emmons Blaine has pivcn $25,000 to the University of Chicago to establish a college for teachers. The new department will bo opened this fall. A fact not very well known is that a little sugar taken with water, not to cold, in case food is not obtainable, will relieve any feeling of exhaustion and sharp hunrjfcr. Jnmes \V. Collins, of Philadelphia, who was run over and killed by a train :.hc other day in Maryland, wa's known as the "Tomato King''bccnuse of tho extent of his dealings in tomatoes. COSMO BUTTERMILK TOILET SOAP nakes the skin soft, white and healthy. Sold everywhere. Very little furniture is itscd in the bedrooms of Turkish houses. Karely s a chair seen in any of them. A few mats adorn the room and the bed Is stretched on the floor. In the morning the bed is tnkcn up by a slave girl and removed to a closet. Shnko Into Your Shoog. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the 'cct. It cures painful, .swollen, smart- ng feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bnnijiis. It's the rrcatcst comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes' tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a ccrtai.. cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. Sold by till druggists and shoe stores. Hy mail for :3")C in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Alleu S. Olmsted, Lc Koy, N. Y. Only one out of every thousand married couples live to celebrate their joklcn wedding. jpcclnl Days at tho Oinnhii Exposition. August 23, DCS Moines day; 25, Sioux City day; 27, Bohemian clay; SO, Missouri day; 31, Greek Letter Societies day; September 1, Kansas day; 2, Peach day; 3, Editors day; 5, Labor day; 6, Montana clay; '7, Port Arthur clay; 8, Fraternal Union of America day; !), Lumberman's, Woodmen of the World, Colorado and Rocky Ford Melon day; 10, New Mexico clay; 13, Wisconsin day; 14, National Shrinei-s' and Utah <luy; 15, New England clay; 10, Oklahoma and Grape clay; 17, Railroad day; 18 and 19, Modern Woodmen days; 19, St. Louis Drummers day; 20 and 31, Iowa days; 24, Commercial Travelers day; 27, German Hoi 'em day; 28, Swedish-American day; October 1, Chicago day, f>, Pennsylvania clay; 0, P. E. O. Society and New York clay; 7, Ivnox College day; 8, Twin City (St. Paul and Minneapolis) day; 13, Knights of Pythias day; 17, I. 6. O. F. day; 18, Tennessee and Ancient Order of United Workmen day; 20, Denver day. Other special days to be announced later, "Well, Ella, have yoii consulted the eminent physician?" "Yes! and just fancy, the man had the impudence to declare that I was not sick at all!" G. A. II, Cincinnati ISncarapmont. The Monon Route, with its four trains dally, is the best and most comfortable line to Cincinnati, The rate will be only 1 cent a mile. Tickets on sale Sept. 3d, 4th, 5th and Gth, good to return Sept. 6th to 13th Inclusive, and by extension to Oct. 2d. Send 4 cents in stamps for the Monon's beautifully illustrated book on the Cincinnati Encampment. Frank J. Reed, G. P. A., Chicago. L. E. Sessions, T. P. A., Minneapolis, Minn. The earnings of the Chicago Great Western Ry. for the third week of July were $85,019.90, an increase as compared with the same week 'last rear of ?4,701.74. The total increase Blnce the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) is $11,552.28 as compared with the same period in 1897. In Biclefield, Germany, there is a Jolony of epileptics, numbering about 1,500, The colony was established in 1808, and patients Irom all parts of the (vorld go there for treatment. Don't Tolinrro Xplt mid Smol» . YODF life Jltray To quit tobacco easily and forever, be nagnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 50c or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York, Count Bernhard Richberg, who was 03 years old the .. other day, once controlled the destinies of Austria and was closely identified with the political life of Bismarck. W. N. U. Des Moines, No. 34—1898, Wliea Answering Aavcruscmeuts Kindly Mention This fuper. Why They Became Extinct. Are all the animals on board? Japhet—All but two—the Icthy— Icthy—gimme a pencil. (Writes Icthyosaurus and the Plesiosaurns)— there! Koah (whispering)—Don't say a word about them; they never will be missed. Important to raotno;?. The manufacturers of Cnstorla have been compelled to spend hundreds of thousands ol dollars to familiarize the public with the signature of Chns H. Fletcher. This haa been necessitated by reason of pirates counterfeiting the Castorla trade mark. This counterfeiting Is a crime not only against the proprietors of Castorla, but agnlnst the growing generation. All persons should be careful to see that Castorla bears tho signature of Ohas. H. Fletcher, If they would guard the health of their children. Parents and mothers, In particular, ought to carefully examine the Castorla advertisements which have been appearing In this paper, and to remember thai the wrapper of every bottle of genuine Castorla bears the fac-Mmtle signature of Ohas. H. Fletcher, under whoso supervision It has been manufactured continuously for over thirty rears. .Some scientists assert that tho purest air in the cities is found twenty-five feet above the street surface. Wheat 40 Cents n Bnnliel. How to grow wheat with blc profit at 40 cents nml samples of Salzor's Ked Cross (80 Bushels per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Form Seed Catalogue for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. BALZKR 8EED CO., LaCrosse, Wis. w.n.u. The ccmctarics around London cover 3,000 acres, and the land they occupy represents a capital of $100,000,000. Hull's Catarrh Curo Is taken internally. Price, 75c. More people over 100 years old are found in mild climates than in the high altitudes. A bath -with COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing and beneficial. Sold everywhere. Playing cards were first printed about 1350. It is estimated that the present annual output exceeds 7,000,000 packs a year. To Curo CoiiRtlpntlnn worovor, Tnko (,'iisunrofs Ciinclv (.'iitlmrua. Hlo or 26o II C. C C. lull to euro druKKlslH rat'und mouur. Bismarck pave his consent to having the town of Bismarck, N. D., named after him. Mrs. MV JnsJow's Sootlilnp; nyrnp For clilltlrun teothinK..Hol'teMH thu tfiimH.ii'dm'OBtllflAm- vmti'Jii.allayH pain, curua wi>ul nolle. £5 cuuta u bottlot Tne girl who has a beau is usually the lirst in the family to catch cold ill the fall. AIDED BYMM1KKMAM, Mrs. W. E. PAXTOS, North Dakota, writes about he? Strug* gle to regain health after the birth of her little girl: " DEAB MRS. PIKKHAM:— It is -with pleasure that t add my testimony to your list, hoping that it may induce others to avail themselves of your v&l* liable medicine. "After the birth of my little girl, three years ago, my health was very poor. I had leticorrhoea badly, and a terrible bearing-down pain which gradually grew worse, until I could do no Work. Also had headache nearly all the time, and dizzy feelings. Men« struations were very profuse, appearing every two weeks. " I took medicine from a good doctor, but it seemed to do no good. I was becoming alarmed over my condition, when I read your advertisement In a paper. I sent at once for a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- ponnd, and after taking two-thirds of the bottle I felt so much better that 1 send for two more. After using three bottles I felt as strong and well as any one. " I think it is the best medicine for female weakness ever advertised, and recommend it to every lady I meet suffering 1 from this trouble." Maternity is a wonderful experience and many women approach it wholly unprepared. Childbirth under right conditions need not terrify women. The advice of Mrs. Pinkhom is freely offered to all expectant mothers, and her advice is beyond question the most valuable to bo obtained. If Mrs. Paxton had written to Mrs. Pinkham before confinement she would have been saved much suffering. Mrs. Pinkham's address is Lynn, Mass. ^ Intervention. "You say you don't intend to marry Miss Whopper?" "No; two men have come between us." "Two?" "Yes; a preacher and the man she married." When the Trims-Siberian railroad is completed it will be easy for a person to go from London to Japan in 13 clays. For a perfect complexion aucl a clear, healthy, skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK BOAP. Sold everywhere.. It took seven years to make a handkerchief for which the empress of Russia paid £1,000. Present Free For a few months to all users of the celebrated ELASTIC STARCH, (Flat Iron Brand). To induce you to try this brand of starch, so that you may find out for yourself that all claims for its superb ority and economy are true, the makers have had prepared, at great expense, a series of exact reproductions of the 510,000 originals by Muville, which will be given you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below, These Plaques are 40 inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment. No manufacturing concern ever before gave away such valuable presents to its customers. They are not for sale t any price, and can be obtained only in the manner specified. The subjects at't AMERICAN WILD DUCKS, AMERICAN PHEASANT, ENGLISH QUAIL, ENGLISH SNIPE. The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each Plaque is bordered with a band of gold. Elastic Starch has been the standard for 25 years, TWENTY/TWO MILLION pack ages of this brand were sold last year. That's how good it is, Ask Your Dealer to show you the Plaques and tell you about Elastic Starch. Accept no substitute, HOW TO GET THEM: All purchasers of three 10-cent ov six 5-cent packages of Elastic Starch (Plat Iron Brand), are entitled to receive from their grocer one of tlmse beautiful Game Plaques free. The plaques will not be sent by mail. They can be obtained only from your grocer. Every Grocer Keeps Elastic Starch. Do not delay. This offer is for a short time only. \ SWEET, WALLACH & CO,, 84 Wabash Avo., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. * Send for Froo Catalogue. FAIRLY JUMPED INTO SUCCESS RIGHT FROM THE VERY START Notwithstanding- all the other starches on the market. Now, why was it, why Is it, that millions of packages of KEITH'S ENAMEL STABGH have been used in the lew years since this starch was invented? Just do your ironing one month with KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH and you will see, It makes ironing- so easy, it puts on that beatiful enamel finish, that it puts it at the head of every known aid for ironing-. Manufactured by KEITH ENAMEL STARCH GO,, CHICAGO, I". Rev. M, W. EVQrhart, formerly Presiding Elder pf the Champaign and West Jacksonville Districts, and now pastor of the M. E. church at Carlinville, 111., vmte&;~"To the afflicted, I take pleasure, in saying that ( cannot top highly commend the health-restoring properties of the aedieiues manufactured and sent out by the Dr. B. J. J£»y Medical Co. * * * The change that has been wrought in my sanitary state by the use of the Dr. Kay's Kidneycura and, tlje 's Renovator l^een r^toTe$/g n gjgHj|l uiy

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