Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 22, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1896
Page 6
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American Bar Association Oon> eludes Its Sessions, "It Bridges You Over." I/; 1 "Battle Ax bridges a man over many a tight place when his pocketbook is lean, A S-cent piece of "Battle Ax" will last about as long as a JO-cent piece of other good tobaccos. This thing of getting double Valueipr your money is a great help. Try it and save money. The Cyclist's Necessity. m WILL 7CKI: COTS, BURNS, BRUISES, WOUNDS. SPKAINS, ivl'.Vlil'KS. CII.VFINC1S, IX- SECT UJTKS, ALL PAIN', AND INFLAMMATION'S. USED 'INTERNALLY AND EXTERN ALLY. _ GENUINE IN' OUT. 30TTLES ONLY,'BUFF •WRAPPERS, SEE OUP. NAME, POND'S EXTRACT £O,, NEW YORK, ' 7C FlTTll AV I! N V E. il£E POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR '.RILES. i '. • ''••'.. Sent by mail on receipt of 50 cts. THE RACE QUESTION. at Will Soon Do Introdoce-d-ln th« French Chamber of Deputies. The color question has suddenly come into prominence in France by the recall 'of Gen. Dodds, the hero of the Dahomey jeinipaign,. from his post of brigadier- Senegal of a Senegalese mother. Jt appears that great opposition exists aju'.the ministry of the colonies against Sralattoes, who, it is claimed, arc obtaining too many posts in the colonial 'service, and it is difficult to deny thai ithe feeling- in. France which before tho colonial expansion brought Frenchmen GEN. DODDS. Jn close touch with the blacks and was -very tolerant with them, has recently •jeered. M. Grevllle-Reache, the mulatto dep- aty from Gun-daloupe, intends to bring •the matter JntO"the arena of politics by questioning the colonial ministry ou -hesubject. This will be. the first timo that the race question has been introduced in the chamber of deputies. The recent career of Gen. Dodds is in- .ieresting 1 . His able conduct of the Dahomey .campaJgn scared the govern- i^cnt,. who feared he would become a [pppulax idol, a sort of BouTanger; there- |ir« he wa« kept in the background and ;wss not given command of the. Madagascar expedition, for which he was (well fitted, but was packed off to Indo- !GEina and is now recalled and exhibited 'tarthe public as a colored roan. f Muncow Follcemon. FwUc-eiaen in the city of Moscow carry lanterns ut night When on officer rcst.i^.oreuters a house, the lantern la «et on. tlie' sidewalk near where he hap'; to- b«^ James M. Woolworth, of Omaha, Chosen President—Other Busi. ness Transacted. Saratoga, tf. Y., Aug -1.—When the American Bar nsaociatiou convened nt 10:30 o'clock Friday morning for their concluding..day's session, the first business taken up wns the election of officers for tlie ensuing years. The officers elected were as follows: President — James M. Woolworth,. o( Omaha, Neb. Secretary—John Hlnkley, of Ball.imore, Treasurer—Francis Favlo. 'of Philadelphia. • Executive Committee—Alfred ••Flemen- wey, Boston: Charles Clatlln Alk-n, St. Louis; William W. Howe, New Orleans. A vice president.for i.'vory state in tlic council in each state were also elected. Furor tlio LuilKtlienyd Coursi?: Mr. jMnlin McClaiu, of lo\va City, moved "that the American Tinr assoeiu- lion approve the li'Dg-thuning of coursu of instruction in law seliooU to 1 a'period 01 three years, and that it express tlie hope that, as soon as prtvctic- •alik>, a rule be adopted in eai:Ji 'state •which vill require candidates for admission to the bar to study law for three years before applying-for examination." Adopted \vithoiK debate. On motion ot \Vilii.-ini A. Hui-lcr, of New York, the association expressed its appreciation ot' the siTvifts of the late Secretary John Otis HinUlny, of Baltimore, by a rising' vote. On motion the special i-o: patent law was ecmvinued. The auditing comniitU'O, throiifs:li Jiulyx 1 Howe, of Louisiana, veported tJie tifuo-jnts of Treasurer Kawle to be oiir- On motion of .nid^e Jinn!, of Cincinnati, 0:, a lu-ai-ry vote uf ll;'ar.l;s of the association was extended to Gen..G. 3. Uatelieller, fov tlie.eoiirtesie* shown tlie assoeia-lion and its distinguished ling 1 - lish guests. Invitations wen; received from Sa.rnto-a Sp.iiifrs, hulinn-.polis and Denver, Cul.. lor the association to meet in'j-SCn. HelVi-red <o t-he executive 'conimiiiittw.'. The a.ssooia.tion completed its labors at. 12:-I5 adjourned-sine die. At-.1:30 o'clock in t.he afternoon the closing 1 session on legal education was held, Kmil MeClain, of Town, presiding. A.ustin' C5, Fox, of' Nev, 1 York, read a paper on "Two Years' Experience of New York State Board of Law Examiners." J. W. Powell, of Washinpton, presented a paper on "Study of Primitive Institutions." Moralizing by Jiipiinctio Vout-h. An Knyli.sli teacher in a .Tj.pancse school discovered, by j*ivin£ out, subjects for composition, that rjupiis bad been trained to find a mnral in everything" animate and inanimate. Afri Ilparn, in his "Glimpse's of Unfamiliar Japan," gives a few specimens of the moral ideas evoked from the native students by subjects for English composition. One boy thus wrote on "Mosquitoes:" "On summer nights we hear thn sour.d of faint voices, -and little things come and sting our bodies very vioiently. We call them ka—in English 'mosquitoes.' I think the sting is useful for us, because if we begin to sleep, the ka shall came un'd Bting us, uttering a small voice; then we shall be bribed back to study by the sting." To another oupil was assigned the bo- tii_ (Japanese peony) for a composition, and he wrote: "The botan ia large and beautiful to see; but it has a disagreeable smell. This should make us remember that what is only outwardly beautiful in human society should not attract us. To be attracted by beauty only may lead ns into fearful and fatal misfortune."—Chicago Inter Ocean. All ot Nothine- The driver of the stage, which was rolling down the mountains as fast as six mules on tho gallop could keep ahead of it, may have noticed that I was a little nervous, for after a bit h& soothingly said: "No use to grip that railing so mighty hard, stranger. We shan't come to the danger p'int fur half an hour yit." "Then it's ahead?" I queried. "Yes, three miles ahead, and I may eay fur your benefit that hangin' on won't do any partickler good." •'But I don't wont to slide oft." "And you won't. If anythin' goes it'll be mewls and coach and the- hull ca- bocdlo altogcthw, and as the drop is plump SOO feet you won't hev no use fur toica or Etlckin' salve artenvards."— Chicago Tribune. So Poetical* .Poet (to farmer)—See what a beautiful prospect is -unfolded in yond«r Jjir- lo-wy fields, and hark! the voice of the plowman 1 Fanner—Yes, he's been cussing that mule since daylight, and It's one of them German mules that used to pull n beer . wngon, so ho can't understand a word ot it.—American Planter. - -'.'... )• • • A QUEER OUTFIT. JTnthor nnd Two Sons Travel Knur from • Dakota In u Wagon. Kochester, X. Y., Aug. 21.— A large tent rigged upon a wagon, after the style ot a prairie schooner, with a team of" horses attached, attracted a large crowd of people on the streets Friday morning. Inside the tent was considerable household furniture; and John Stevens, 50 years old, nnd his two sons, who have traveled all the way from Dakota. They have been on route several mouths, .and with very little money have been obliged to get their meals the best wax they conic 1 ., Stevens said that he weift to .Dakota two years ago, and not being prosperous there had decided to return to'Counecticut. On'ono side of the wagon wasthc inscription in large yellow letters: "In God we trusted: In Dakota we busted." _ _____ _ Bice Crop Will Bo Lar_o, : Washington, Aug. 21.— A report received at the department of state from Consul General Polk, stationed at Calcutta, shows tliat 1 the India rice crop for this year will be large, the returns now in showing an increase of 40;SOC tons aver the corresponding months of last year. Last year was the biggest on record, with the exception of 1SOO-91, fl?t quantises shippej^beingrespeclive- l;f l',GSG,000 and 1,723,700 tons, as compared with an average annual export during the ten years ended 13U5 of 1,423,550 tons. ' •• • __ ; Fatally Shoots a SIotormBli. . Austin, Tex., Aug. 21.— Jesse Kudicil, a rnoiorman on the Austin rapid transit, had five bullets fired into him Friday morning by Will Cooper, a prominent grocer clerk, and one bullet through the spine will kill him. He was shot without warning, Cooper entering the car and firing into Eudicll's back us he was operating his car. . Cooper snys Eudicil has been too intimate with hi« wife. ' . Biff Order from China. Bridgcton, N. J., Aug. 21.— A local machine company has .received an order from the Chinese government for an outfit of mint,' machinery for making Chinese coins. The outfit consists oi five coining presses, with attachments and dies for cutting the blanks,and a lot of extra dies and some other special machinarj-. The order amounts to about $13,000. • • - . JJ'i . Baffffngo Coming. London, Aug. 21. — Upwards of 300 packages, some of them of enormous sb.c, comprising the baggage and effects of Li Hung Chang, the Chinese special ambassador, have already gone 'to Southampton for shipment on board the American line steamer St. Louis for •New York. _ ^_ • ArroHtod on Charge of Embezzlement. Toledo, 0., Aug. 21. — Kichard G. Delisle, of. the firm of Delisle & Steuvre, prominent coiamisBion merchants, was 'arrested Friday morning 1 on the charge .of ernbezzling"$G51.60 of the funds ol Xasby Council, National Union, of which he was treasurer. ' . . Will Shut Down. •: VYalUiain, Mass./' Aug.. 21..— The O'Hora WaJtharn Dial company has notified its employes that after August .29 the dial works -will be 'closed indefinitely, pending 'the advent of better times. . : ' '.'•',- It ii estimated that the Cuban IB costing Spain $300,000 daily. The largest cave in the world lias been found under the town of. Hudson, Mo. It is lined with pure onyx. The postmaster-general has issued a fraud order against the Cedirors' Beneficial association of Eockforcl.lll. Florida reports a sea serpent •!!' feet 2 inches long, which towed an excursion steamer 15 miles before it was killed. James Bisanxin, of. Perrysburg, 0,, hod his left hand blown off by the explosion of a stick of dynamite he held in his hand. Tire created u panic in the county infirmary at Van Wert, O., two of the inmates being badly burned and tlie build ing totally destroyed. The family of George Blase, a market gardener in St. Louis, nre dying of glan- ders, having contracted the disease from a horse used by Blase. The mine inspectors of Illinois met in Feoria and decided to begin a friendly suit against one o£ the operators to settle the matter of fees. Johnston county farmers in the vicinity of I.ninar, Ark., have begun whitecap operations in sin effort to rid the community of cotton thieves. Col. Willinra L. Hooper died at Cape May, K. J., aged 80 years. He was proprietor of the old Mansion house in 1S47 nnd entertained Henry Clay and other distinguished men of the day. SUES A RAILROAD. Action Brought to Test Lcftiillty of a Sunday I.HVT. lialeigh, -N. C., Aug. £1.—W. If. Denver, of Asheville, bus brought suit against the Southern railway to test the legality of hauling- express cars on Sunday; in North Carolina. The suit is bnsac! upon a- section of the code which provides that no railway company shall permit imv curs to be run on Sunday save suc-'.i as are to transport United States mails, cither with or wiihout passengurs, and those exclusively for live stock, f i-uits, vegetables and perishable freight. Sunday is construed to be between sunrise and sunset. The Southern railway will handle no ex' press matter save perishable articles on • Sundays until this question is settled, The penalty is $,iOO for each train in er.cli county through which the railway runs. It is snid that under a literal construction of the act dead bodies cannot be shipped on that day, 1 Plot Acnlnnt the Sultiin! London, Aug. 31.—-A dispatch to the Central News from Tangier says that a plot has been discovered at Marrasch aiming at the dethronement of the sultan of Morocco, Mulai-Abdei-Aziz, iu .favor of bis elder brother, Mulc-y Mahomet. Four provincial governors have .been murdered by the plotter;. Wholesale arrests have been made in connection with the conspiracy, and :. general state of terror prevails nraong the inhabitants. Swim ,Turl»r,» to Arbitrate. Eerao, Aug. 31.—At the request of 'the government of Great .Britain mid the United States of Col'imbin, the gcv- vernment of Switxer'ar.'.l hi:, 1 ? appointed three Swiss jnrisfs- to arbitrate the c'M- fieroneo? arising out. of'n disputed railroad collection hi the republic of Colombia. The uonc?ssion is claimed by a British subject, whose contention is •disputed by '.he Colombian authorities. • Ohio OH Company 'o Cot 1VB(rc«. Toledo, 0.. Aug. 2:..—A special from North Baltimore, 0., says thut it is the Intention of the Ohio Oil company, the Ohio branch of the Standard, to reduce the wages of pumpers in all the.Buckeye fields 'from $35 to $00 per month. About 5,000 men will be affected, and they are organizing to oppose the contemplated reduction. THE MAEKETS. Grain, Provision*,' Etr. Chicago. Av_. 21, WHEAT—Stronger, with more trading. September, 55V4@50%c: December, •31@59 i }lc. CORN—Weak early now flrm. No ?, 22% ©•22%c; No. 2-Yellow, 2«!',(ij>?3c; September, 22%®23c; December, '24@2W,c; May, 26=i<_i 27c. - OATS—Fair trading and easy. No. 8 cash, 17(Q>r7Vic; September, 17y@17H>c: May, 10 a iijl | 10%e. Samples steady. No Gr.-ide, 80 '1-Sc- No.-3, 12@21e; No. 3 Wnite,'18@2l%c; No. 2, 17M:©17-ytC; No. 2 White, 21'/.:@22<jic. BARLEY—There continues a good demand for old Barley, and -for this tho market Is firm at 25@.15c for fntr to choice, with thin feeding 20@22c. New Barl«y dull and weak at 17<3>23c. MESS PORK — Market 1 moderately active and prices steady at $5 90@5.9G for September; ?5.95©C.OO for October, and $C.87'/4 (5/7.00 ror January. LAUD—Trading moderate and prices ateady at $3.40@3,45 for cash: $3.-10®3,42y for September; $3.47^@>3.50 for October, and jj.77i(,@3.SO for January. BUTTER —The market Is ruling quiet, with quotations at ll@IG14c for creameries nnd ll(Sl-1c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY — Fair demand. Turkeys, SiJplOc; Chickens, THG^c; Ducks, 80 9140 per pound; Geese, per dozen, J3.M @C.60. WHISKY—Steady on the basis of fl.22 lor hlghwlnos. New York, Jlvg, 21. FIjOUR—Quiet, unchanged. WHEAT—No. 2 Red, steady, dull September, '03 3-lG@63M>c: December, 65 13-16® C6 3-lCc. CORN-No, 2 dull, steady. September. ZS&SffiSftc; October, 29Hc; December, SOfec; May, 32Vic; No. 2, 2S%029%c, OATS—No. 2 dull, easier. September, 22WiC asked; Western, 22@SOc. BEEF—Steady, quiet. Extra mess, 6<2>7c. PORK—Quiet. New mess, JS.60igS.7E; old meafl, $S.OC®8.25. LARD-Dull, steady. Steam-rendered, J3.SC. BUTTER—Fair demand and firm. Western dairy, 5@12c;. do. creamery, llv.@lCc; Elglns, Wo. CHEESE—Steady, q.uiet. ' Part' sklma, (@Gc. EOGS—Quiet, .steady. Western, 13<a-14o, r.lve Stock. Chicago, Aug. 21. " CATTLE—Market steady. Fair to best Beeves, $3.10(0)4.75; atockers and feeder%. 12.4003.80; mixed Cows and Bulls, fl.J)0 8.30; -Texas, 52.40©3.«.' HOGS— Market averaging 5c higher.. Light, 53.2,1@3.GC: raufth packing, $2.70(22.90; mixed and butchers', $3.0003.50; •heavy packing and shipping, f2.90iT3.3o;. Pigs. ?2.S9 03.CO. Sensational Case About to Be Developed In Georgia. Insurance Company Th»t Cnoarthnd th» • Grout Ilolmei My»t«ry M_kln)r the In- TOHtlKatlon — Pbyilclan Tako« Oat »5O,OOO Insurance, Thun Dies. A special teJegram from Atlanta, Ga., says: Tho.ioeurajicc vorapa.ny which unearthed the great HolniOi mystery is investigntiDg 1 a cose in Gtocgia which lias many elements of mystery aod may tiu-n up 'a- scrsadoD. Three wool;? a^o Dr. J. J. Poore, local physician at^fou- roe, Ga., died very suddenly. Ho was embalmed and buried the ne.xtuiorning- before a.uy examination conld be ma<le. The attoniling 1 physician pavo. a certifl- c.itc, .saying that he diod of rli.eimiatism of the iicaJ-t. It W:LS opo.uly suggested that he died of poison, but in. the hasty embalming all traces of poison, if there were any,' hod been removed.-"Up 1o four months before his death Tooreluid never carried auy insurance. When he died he held-policies.amounting- 1x).$.'0,- 000, although his income as a pb.ysician wats bar{»ly more than enough to pay the yearly premiums on the amount. Two Or 1 -three days after Poore's death additional insurance polities .•imoinithig to $25,000 reached Monroe, to be delivered to'Dr. I'oore, buton nceoontof hisdcatli just before, w-re not delivered. The insurance corapanjes were immediately suspicious. The Fidelity Mutual Life association of Philadelphia, carrying S-0,000 on the dead mttn, sent n. secret s<'jrice officer 1o look iuto the physicia.a'sdeat.h. The, Washing ton Life, carrying $10,000; the Mutual Ke.- r,crve LifOs ca.rrj-iDg 910,000, and the"At- larita JIntual, $10,UOO, set ou foot an investigation. They are still at work on the ease- and expect to turn, up ahogo sensation in. the case. The tiny before he died Dr. J?oore, although in perfect liealth, told his friends .thntihe would be with the a.n- R«!S Uie nextdajv Poorc had no imme- di-ate family. The befieficiaries of his policies will be his mother and brother. NEW PLAN FOR MAIL DELIVERY. It Will Likely Seriously Affect EnrnlnRi of Kallwur Portrrs. The post oilice department has just established between Washington and 'Philadelphia as an experiment an auxiliary railway mail service. A closed pouch, is sent in the baggftffc car of every train. An agent is stationed in every depot, a half-hour before every train departs to receive a.ny letters or packages intended for t.Uis pou«h. •When the train reaches Philadelphia a postiil agent there opens tiie i>ouch, tal;es out letters intended for delivery in Philadelphia, and places letters left in his charge for New York in the pouch. At Jersey City the pouch is delivered to a postal agent who remains for a half-hour at tie station to deliver letters which may be called *or. All letters uncalled for ht the expiration, of that time are delivered by ordinary mail. The purpose of this new service is to stop the practice, which had become quite general between Washing-ton and New York, of Pullman porters carrying- letters. Many people who could not wait for the regular mail sent letters by porters, telegraphing a/head to have some, one meet the train, and receive tlie letter nt Jersey City. Tho porters usually charged a dollar for carrying- letters ia this way, and they carried somany-that they almost become competitors of the United States mail. The postage is the same by this new service as. by tho ordinary mail, but the letters must be delivered in person to the agent in charge of the p'ouch'atid must be called for at destination. If this service is successful it will likely be established between Chicago and several adjacent cities, especially Milwaukee, SNAKE KILLS COWS. It Is SG F«et : Lone, ami Piirtioi) Formed to lilU It Aro rat to night. Nicholas Premier, a farmer living noar Spcchi's, Ferry, in Wisconsin, 1 some miles above Dubuque, la., was in that citv the other day and tells the most wonderful snake story ever liea-rd in that region, : Premier says a monster serpeut appeared in his'pasture and killed two of his cows by winding itself around them. He-saw one of the cows in the folds of the snake, but was afraid to appear and ran away. Uet-urning 1 later he. found the cow dead and a'lnrg-e hole ia her flank. ; The same thing was repeated next, day, and a party was organized to hunt the monster, but when they came upon.'it they were also frightened and allowed. It to escape. One man insists that he saw i'tsn-allow a large calf. . . Premier describes the snake as about 2!i feet long- and 3 feet in circumference in the middle. The folds of the reptile left deep creases in the animals killed. It is supposed the snake has escaped from some menagerie. Premier is well known in IKibuquo and his story is believed, incredible as It appeoirs. ^ gn«or Working of Freight Bates. It costs more to send a ton of goods from Ixwdon. to tho west of Ireland than- to Jopan. A ton of wioolen goods can be 'forwarded from London to New York for 20 shillings; to Chicng-o, u thousand miles inland, for 35 shillings, and to Japan for 50 shillings. Thesamo poods sent from Derry to London cost 70 shillings, and frouv Gweedore, BO niilee. iniland, 120 shillings. K;>,rll<Mt Bookplate. Tiic etirliest bookplate known is the Ilgerone, -which dates from about 1450. Only two copies ha.ve. been discovered," and" they nre valued at n-bout $10,200 apiece. ' • '• '_ Wheeln In South Afrloi. Cycles are used in lu-rg-e numbers in Jcbannesbm-jr, South Africa. It is sttid there are 4,000 in i«-r by all classes in. that place.,. •••... .; ~vcr have yourtaxk aebef Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills » v L Strong' Houllliy kidn»yw t purify tho blood by /IMeHxp from it uric acid nnd nil ' other pollen* or impuritiw. ( Pure blood mount* perfect health. By , pnrffyiBBtliebJood Dr. Hobbs Sp«rnffu« Kidney PIH« 1 rnluin, Gout, laJiQrHi *'nyhtciiujo i*«-* ••• •••» ,T,vu«. U dnil thorn. SO Conn a box. l.imonitllrt from thouRiinnn, c^ n «^i«. ft ' llolilx UruMlf Co., fhlnpi nnd SMI IrnnclKO. 1'or S.ilc in LOCAN'SVORT, 1ND--, by Ucn Fisher, 311 Fourili St. and John-1 !•', Coulson, 304 Market St. - ; ;. - J 'i POZZONFS POWDER hit.-* bccu tli« standard for forty yoaM und Is more popular to-ua;* th;m cverbofore. The COAST LINE to MACKLNAC TAKE THE«*—£— MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Thcflrentert Perfection yrt attained In Bait ConitructioB—Luxurloiu Equipment, Artl.tlc F-rnUblng, Decoration and Efficient Service, insuring the highest degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. Hjun Tnifs PO WIEK Bcrwctn Toledo, Detroit^Mackinac PETOSKT.Y, ''THE soo," MARSUETTE, AND DULUTH. tOW RATES to picture*]!!* Macktaac Md Return. Including He«li and Berthf. Froni Cleveland, $18; from Toledo, $13; Irom Detroit, *' 3 ' 8 °* EVERY EVENINQ Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Clevcl»nd with Earliest Trainf for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for ill points North and Northwest. Sundtr Trips Jun», July, August and September Wj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay /Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet Addresa A. A. 8CHANTZ. •. r. «.. PBTBOIT, HIOH. Tue Detroit and ciewlanfl steam la?. Co. fintiapo v - ^ a well ^ Man.of HimOOO REMEDY I'RODUCra THE A2OVE ^^^ RESULTS In »0 H.A.T8. Cures _.. Kcrvoui listBMOB. ^'lUllnir Hcmorj 1 , Paroil5 ElccplfRMic >*, Mghtly Emu- ~**±^^ lions, utc., cn_se<l bj past nbuMB, g'vcilTlKor ao<l lln to.lin I nkc_orpiu.f 1 ..n<lqiilc_lt>OT«>ircly.ro»tor«a d loadina drucsista DELICIOUS DESSERTS _an' be made from , , - NON g-r,0 , SUCH Mince Meat. Plant Pudding, Mince Pie, —- Fruit Cake. RMlpc on rverj- pnchN?-. Toar fwERRELUSOULECO., Syracuse, N.Y. CHICAGO MUSICAL .OUEGE Cenlral MunlcrHill, Chl«go, Or. !=. ZleBl«W. P'«»- AckwwltAord Vic Foimnwt JMt«u««ao/ Uncioolloa £ acuities lor a t-oronRh coarsi'Jn. MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. C»;!cU C.t.losMBUl.1.5 Bu.l»l Tent.- F»m.lMtftW Application!, for tlio n^*,"' wUIbc rooclvcd 10 August lift-. Pot people with eore eyes, Witk, vatery eyes, and red and inflamed eye«; caused by age, catarrh or otherwise, the {Brazilian Balm is a priceless boon. Put J5 or 20 drops of Balm into a spoonfull of warm water and bathe the eyes well niaht and uiorniag. getting some of tha pofntion into the eyes. Tta relief ^d - 8 hundred tisnea UH> ' THL-L. kittinger, a leading physidan of^Wlraington, Del., aaked the proprietor of BraiiHan Balm to send him a dol- , lar bottle. A few weeks afterwards the doctor'said: "I had a couple of cases of old Cough on h«md that completely bnfSed me. I had got : to the end of my itrinir But the Balm made >a prompt cure in both cases. : It is a remarlwbl* remedy." . ; . . '•... ' .'

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